Zoku Seven 20 Year Old Tofu
Amateur TV of tofu that began hitting the highest sales ever in a short period of time Nana-chan is re-appearance. People you have not seen I would like you to come check the “amateur individual shooting, post .503”. The amateur TV background which became in a rare second appearance, of course, such of it, but because there was a hot demand and popularity from the user, most of the reason I want more earning for the tofu of home! It is because of Nana-chan himself strong intention. I was worried that the person is put away rushed to the Bale to locals and become popular home of tofu shop up here, so that it’s a long-cherished ambition for if Nana-chan Kurere swells is tofu. Why can act for the home to sell himself to so brave, probably there is a readiness that can not be measure in my mediocrity. I tried a little question about the reason. Then this answer has been returned. Time “yourself from childhood is to love has been arbitrarily alive. Wish bought me all, I want to place in the made me go all. That go” small, had thought it was normal.And I was wondering also he lot there is money to home. However, as will around that know the home of economic conditions, and … that my house has become aware that it poor. At that time Nana-chan was asked to parents “did you hear me why all my selfish it?” Said. Then parents told only as “because I love you.” … She was the wanted give you something for parents in the word. Rich isoflavone in my cock was Tagi~tsu hot to hear such a story. Accumulate does! ! Wate of reason somewhere is ridiculous to Sauter! ! Akan! Akkan! !Story up to now delusion that do burns of Wate, Hen Coarsely such the relationship! ! To help someone Honma! The Hen is come back again is sucked Wate! I’ll ask of it after! Hona and if again!