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Comments from missyoujayne

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2019-07-16 07:39:37 A Really Tricky Abduction_(1) The concept of abduction is .. > you don't have a choice. The format may not be one you like, but the content might be. A woman being coerced to orgasm by someone she thinks is a disgusting bully, and when the circumstances are wholly inappropriate, is a turn on for some people, but obviously not for Charmbrights.
2019-11-04 07:31:57 How i became a sissy fuckslave pt3 Great 3 stories. Tried to pm u but not allowed. I urge you to read my story "Crossdresser's Rush" by missyoujayne. Maybe it's to your liking... let me know :-)
2020-02-02 01:30:26 The Teenage Lesbian Bitch Part 2 now published .... access through my user-name ... just click it as a link