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Texts of VindiK1

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Richter Part One Fantasy 6228 times. 50 % Bestiality, Cruelty, Death, Domination/submission, Horror, Male/Female, Masturbation, Monster, Non-consensual sex, Snuff, Violence
Kate's Last Day Fiction 10527 times. 60.5 % Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Death, Exhibitionism, Extreme, Necrophilia, Snuff
K1's Escape - Part 1 Science-Fiction 6066 times. 64.3 % Alien, Cruelty, Death, Female/Female, Males / Female, Monster, Rape, Snuff, Stockholm Syndrome, Violence

Favorites of VindiK1

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Planet Monster Science-Fiction 27288 times. 75 % Bestiality, Body modification, Cannibalism, Death, Extreme, Horror, Monster, Murder, Rape
Kate becoming a bitch True Story 300744 times. 95.6 % Bestiality, Domination/submission
Let's Make a Movie Fantasy 11127 times. 73.8 % Cannibalism, Necrophilia, Snuff
I have a fantasy about being raped and used by many men. Fantasy 5103 times. 57.5 %
Stacy’s Mom Fiction 282672 times. 93.8 % Incest, Male/Female, Male/Teen Female