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Comments from Deadeye_76

Date Story title Comment
2009-10-16 16:00:29 Out-fucking-standing. I loved the story. Only wish I could get a lap dance from a hot redhead like you and see you get fucked by your beautiful sister with a strapon. I get hard any time I just think about that! Keep writing for us and keep a little humor in there. I love all your stories.
2009-10-23 20:47:15 Sarah - always a laugh and a hard dick a minute in your stories. I love the Daddy stories. Keep 'em coming, gorgeous!
2010-07-22 19:57:58 Life Changes, Chapter 2 To first reviewer with the guidance for the story. I've already written the next few parts, but I could always come back to that. There's always room for more sex!
2010-08-08 20:25:24 ROOM SERVICE_(6) Loved this story. I thnk many of us have a young school girl fantasy. Great work.
2013-04-22 16:25:44 Finding my way back home, Parts 5 and6 of 6 Thanks, everyone for the comments. It took me a couple of months of work and editing to get this one done. I posted it somewhere else first, but I wanted to share it with this other community. I only wish I could write a book. I need a new job!