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I am not living with my daughter and her girlfriend/fiancee as a thruple. And then we end up involving her sister into our sex games.
Chapter 8

A couple of weeks later, Mel moved into our house. Having her there wasn’t a huge change since she spent so much time at our house anyway. But now the girls almost always slept in my bed with me. Only I truly can attest that these girls are not lesbians despite what others may think. The girls now freely hold hands out in public and we went to a jewelry store and bought matching engagement rings. They weren’t expensive rings with big diamonds. The girls wanted to be a little more discreet than that. They just wanted simple bands to show their commitment to each other. They did get a few nasty comments from kids at school when they found out about the engagement. Of course, this was mostly from boys who had been trying to get into their pants for ages and were always shot down. Now they knew it was because the girls were lesbians. The girls didn’t bother to acknowledge their stupid comments and decided to just mind their own business and ignore the jerks. These two will truly never let anyone else ruin their happiness.

One day, the girls informed me that Beth was going to be coming by for a visit. What worried me is that they told her to be prepared that when she got there, she’d see them both naked. They told her they enjoy being naked at home but it didn’t mean she had to join them, unless she wanted to. I didn’t think that was smart. I had told the girls not to be naked if we had any guests. What will happen if Beth tells her parents? They’ll flip out. Mel assured me Beth wouldn’t be any problem. They didn’t know if she’d get naked with them, especially with me home, but they don’t think she’ll actually mind.

An hour or so later Beth came over. She said, “Geez, I thought you two were kidding. You’re actually naked. And you do that with Julie’s dad at home?” “Beth “, Mel said, “we’ve actually been doing it for a long time now. We really like the freedom of it. It’s gotten such that we really hate to have to get dressed to leave the house. We wish we could just go out in public naked. We don’t care if people see us naked. What’s the big deal? It’s just the human body and everyone has one. Why don’t you get naked with us? It’s a lot more fun in the spa or the pool when you’re naked.” “I can’t do that, Mel. At least not with Julie’s dad here. No guy has seen me naked before.” Beth replied, “Don’t worry about Jim, or as I call him Daddy Jim, he won’t touch you unless you beg him too and even then, he might not. If you get naked, we can get him naked and you can see your first real cock. Wouldn’t you like that?” “I’d be too scared, Mel. I can’t do that.” “It’s okay, Beth you don’t have to. No one here will ever make you do something you don’t want to do, but we are very open here. You’re free to do whatever you want. Our motto is that this house is like Vegas. What happens here stays here. So, you can’t ever tell anyone, especially mom or dad, what you do here or see here. Do you promise?” “Sure, Mel, I’d never say anything. I’m actually kind of in awe that you guys are so open especially around Julie’s dad. Maybe I’ll eventually relax and just try taking off my top. After all, my tits aren’t very big so it’s not like I’d show a lot. I hope mine get as nice as yours someday, Mel. I’m not into girls but if I was, I’d want to suck on your tits all night long. I can see how guys would want to enjoy tits like yours. Mine aren’t even as big as Julie’s yet.”

“First of all, “ Mel said, “I never thought I was into girls either until Julie. And I’m not really into girls although I certainly enjoy being with Julie so I have to admit I’m bi. I’m starting to think that the only girls that aren’t bi are lesbians or girls who have never been sexual with another girl or didn’t really allow themselves to enjoy being with a girl because they’ve been taught that it’s somehow wrong. So, don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it. And, secondly, your tits are just fine for the size of your body and any time you want to kiss or suck my tits, you’re welcome to them. I love having them sucked and I don’t care if it’s my sister doing it. I don’t think Julie would mind your touch either, so if you’re ever interested, you don’t even need to ask just do what you want. That’s kind of our other motto around here. We love to touch and be touched. You wouldn’t believe what we’ve done with pizza delivery dudes. Do what you want when you’re here or don’t do what you actually want. It’s all your choice and no one will ever force you to do something you don’t want to do and no one will ever know what you actually do here. Just be free and enjoy yourself. But if we get too touchy-feely in your presence that you feel uncomfortable, just say something. We’re used to being able to touch each other whenever we want, but we don’t want to gross you out or make you uncomfortable. We want you to come over and see us whenever you want so tell us if we’re a bit too much for you and we’ll try to tame it down.”

“I had no idea you were living your lives like this. It’s actually pretty cool. I promise to never tell anyone and I want you to be free to do whatever you want around me without worrying about me. I’ll probably find it pretty hot to watch you two together so I’m sure it won’t gross me out or make me uncomfortable. If anything, it will probably make me jealous that I don’t have someone that loves me as much you two love each other. You two have always been so good to each other all these years. You’re obviously soul mates and you should be free to display your affection for each other without being concerned about what others think. Maybe just watching you will make me realize I’m actually bi, too. Although, since I haven’t even had a boyfriend, I can’t even really claim to be straight, let alone bi.” The three girls started cracking up just as I walked into the room.

“Hi, Beth. How are you? I haven’t seen you in a long time. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown up.” “Hi, Mr. C. It’s good to see you too. I was just getting a very interesting lesson here on how my two sisters are living their lives. I can’t believe they walk around naked all day. You must be loving that! And don’t worry, I’ve gotten the lecture from the girls. I promise to never say anything to anyone about what anyone does in this house. It’s no one else’s business and I’d never do anything to hurt any of you, so don’t worry about me.”

“That’s good to hear, Beth. I admit I was worried about you coming over and had asked the girls to get dressed, but they assured me you’d be fine with it. Obviously, we’re very open here so if you find you ever want to join them in being naked, rest assured it’s not only okay with me, but I’ll never touch you or try to touch you. No one will ever force you to do anything here you don’t want to do and at the same time you can do what you want. I just hope you don’t become uncomfortable about the situation and stop coming over to see your sisters. Know that we’re all pretty much family now and you are welcome to come over whenever you want to visit. And, you might as well call me Jim instead of Mr. C, but don’t be surprised if you hear Mel call me daddy. She likes to tease me that way like I’m her sugar daddy. The point is call me whatever you want except ‘late to dinner’”. “Geez, Dad, “ said Julie, “that’s pretty lame even for you. Maybe we should start calling you grandpa with old jokes like that.”

“Are you going to want to stay for dinner, Beth?” I asked. “Yeah,“ said Mel, “we can order pizza.” I jumped on that one. “Oh, no you don’t. I don’t think Beth is quite ready for that much of an education.” “But maybe my baby sister likes the taste of cum as much as we do. She won’t know until she tries it.” I said, “Come on Mel give her a chance to get used to your lifestyle a bit first. She just got here. Give her a break.” “Okay, you’re right. Sorry about that Beth. I told you we get a little carried away some times. I guess we can just make some dinner. Will you stay, Beth, we haven’t spent much time with you in so long I don’t want you to rush home.” “Sure, Mel, I’d love to stay, but I’ve got to hear about what happens when you get pizza. That’s the second time today you guys have mentioned it, so it must be something outrageous.” “Beth,“ I said, “I’m not sure you’re quite ready to hear about some of the things these two get up to. I think we’ll need to ease you into so you’re not shocked too much at once. I can’t even believe some of the things they do or want to do.”

“So, Beth, it’s really nice out. Do you want to lay out in the sun or go for a swim?” “I didn’t bring a suit so I guess not.” “You know you don’t need a suit here,“ said Mel. “But if you really want one you could wear one of mine or maybe one of Julie’s would fit you better. We don’t ever use our suits any more so you’re welcome to one of ours.” “Okay, I can do that. Sounds like fun.” “Let’s go find you a suit, Beth,” said Julie.

The girls found one of Julie’s little bikinis for Beth and they went out to the pool. After a while I looked outside to see how the girls were doing and was shocked to see Beth was topless. She barely has any tits. They’re lucky to be A-cups but she’s real slim and she looks really cute anyway. Personally, I prefer small tits to big ones. Mel’s C-cups are about as big as I like them. I figured I’d better stay in the house so as not to embarrass her. She’s probably only comfortable because she’s with the girls.

So, imagine my surprise when the girls came back into the house and into the living room where I was watching TV and Beth was still topless. “Wow, Beth, I didn’t expect you to get into their lifestyle so quickly. I thought you would be nervous being topless in front of me but you don’t seem to be. Just so you know, I think you’re beautiful. I’ll try not to perv on you too much and make you uncomfortable. I’ve finally gotten over doing that for the most part with Julie and Mel, but it may take me a while stop staring at you. You look lovely.” “Gee, thanks, uh Jim. I did have to work up some courage to walk in here like this so thank you for your kind words. It’ll help me relax. The girls said you’d be cool about it but I’ve never let a guy see me naked or partly naked before so this is a new thing for me.” Her tits were small but her nipples looked to be rock hard and very suckable.

“Remember Beth, do what you want not what others want you to do. Just because Mel and Julie like being naked, doesn’t mean you have to as well if you’re not comfortable with it. Take your time and just do what you want. I obviously enjoy seeing such beautiful girls naked in my home but it doesn’t mean they all need to be and they aren’t doing it for me. They’re doing it because they enjoy the freedom of being naked. Personally, I feel weird being naked outside my bedroom, but that’s probably more because girls tend to feel more uncomfortable around a naked guy than a naked girl. Girls are always afraid a naked guy will force himself on her so guys have to be extra careful about stuff like that. Even though the girls know I’d never force myself on them it still makes me uncomfortable to be naked in front of them.”

“Does that mean you have been naked in front of them?” Beth asked. Damn, now how do I answer that? This could lead to telling Beth more about our relationship than I want her to know. “Actually, yes I have, but you definitely can’t ever tell anyone that.” “I understand, Jim. I’ve never seen a naked man before. If you get naked, I will too. I’d love to just be able to see a naked man, especially one as handsome and sexy as you.”

What have I gotten myself into here? “I really don’t think that’s a good idea, Beth. It would be pretty inappropriate and you are still pretty young.” Mel chimed in, “It’s okay Daddy. Go ahead and get naked with us. Let Beth see what a total stud you are. And we’ll all get to see her little young pussy to boot. It’s a win-win. Do it Daddy.”

“Please Jim, “ Beth begged. I would really like to see you naked. If I’m willing to do it when no one has ever seen me naked, then you should too. I’ll tell you what. If you do it, I’ll not only get naked but I’ll suck on Mel’s tits for you to see.” That really perked Mel up. “Damn, Sis, I guess you weren’t kidding when you said you liked my tits. You don’t need to wait to see Jim naked to suck my tits. They’re yours to suck whenever you like. That would be sooo hot.” “Don’t say that Mel, I’m trying to give Jim a reason to get naked for me. If he thinks I’ll suck your tits whether he gets naked or not he won’t do it.”

Julie finally chimed in. “Go ahead Daddy, get naked. Beth would really like to see you naked and I would like to see her suck on Mel’s perfect tits. You gotta love this family of ours. We may be a bunch of perverts, but we sure know how to have fun.”

“Are you sure about this, Beth,” I asked? “Oh yes, please will your dick get hard for me, too? I really want to see that.” “Don’t worry Beth, “ said Julie, “Mel and I never have a problem getting Daddy hard. He’ll probably get hard just from seeing your virgin pussy anyway. If you want to guarantee he gets hard, let me or Mel lick that virgin pussy of yours and Daddy will get hard as a rock. He always does when he watches Mel and I together.” “Oh, wow. I finally get it,” said Beth. “You all have sex together don’t you? That is so hot. You guys are so lucky to be together like that. I can’t believe how wet I am right now hearing this.”

“Beth, “ Julie said, “we don’t just have sex. We make love. Sometimes it’s just sex for fun but mostly we are truly making love with each other. Mel and I love my dad so much. We can’t get enough of him.” “That’s right Sis,” Mel stated. “As I told Jim when we announced that Julie and I were going to get married, I love them both so much if Jim had asked me to marry him first, I would have said yes. I don’t care which of them I marry, as long as I have both of them in my life forever. The three of us make love all the time and we have for a while now. You can’t ever tell anyone because Jim would get in trouble. We love each other and intend to live as a thruple. Beth and I getting married is really just so people don’t ask us questions about our relationship. As far as we’re concerned, we are each committed to each other.”

“That’s hot and beautiful. You have my word I’ll never tell anyone. I’m so happy and jealous of all of you for enjoying such love. Come on, Jim. Let’s get naked.” With that Beth pulled down her bikini bottoms and stood in front of us total naked. She has the cutest little pussy with a light down of hair. It took me a minute to stop staring long enough to start taking off my clothes. In no time, I was standing naked in front of a 15-year-old girl. It was her first time being naked in front of a guy. Julie immediately came over to me and started stroking my cock to get it hard. Beth, true to her word turned to Mel and starting kissing and sucking her perfect tits. Right on cue my cock got hard as a rock watching these sisters being intimate for the first time.

“Yes Beth, kiss and suck on my tits. You said you’d do it all night and I’d love for you to. It feels so good, don’t stop. But look over to Jim. Just as Julie said, he’s hard as a rock for you. When you’re ready, and I’m talking sometime in the future, believe me, Jim is the guy you want to take your virginity and teach you what it’s like to make love as opposed to just fucking. You might have to beg him some, but I have a feeling it won’t take too much begging. It’ll be the best thing you’ve ever done. Remember, you can still keep your virginity intact and have oral sex. When you’re ready, take your pick here. I think all three of us would love to bury our tongue in your cute pussy. Obviously, incest is not a problem in this house. I’ll be glad to pleasure you whenever you want and I’m sure Julie and Jim would too. But remember, there’s no pressure. I’m just telling your future self what you can do if you want in the future. You can also learn how to give good blow jobs by practicing on Jim. That’s how Julie and I learned. He’s a great teacher and we love the taste of his cum. We’re his cum sluts. He can cum in us or on us whenever he wants. We want every drop of his cum we can get, but we’ll be happy to share with you, if you want. Look at Julie now, she’s sucking her dad’s cock. Isn’t that the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. I love to watch them together. And watch after Julie gets a mouthful of cum. Julie and I will snowball his cum back and forth between our mouths and share his baby batter. If you want to taste his cum, just kiss one of us after we’re done sharing it and you’ll still be able to taste it on our tongue. Again, that’s only if you want to. It doesn’t matter if you’re not ready for something like that yet. I was older than you the first time I tasted cum, so there’s no pressure. You really like my tits don’t you, Beth. I can’t believe you’re still working on them. It feels so good. I love you baby sister.”

Just as Mel finished saying that I started cumming into Julie’s mouth like a firehose. Watching little Beth sucking on her sister’s tits was so hot. Julie then turned to Mel and they started snowballing my cum as usual. Beth stopped sucking Mel’s tits to watch the girls share my cum back and forth. When they were done, Beth grabbed Mel and stuck her tongue right into her mouth to taste my cum. I guess we have another cum slut on our hands. I can’t believe that a couple of hours ago the virginal Beth walked into our house and now she’s stark naked, sucking her sister’s tits, and licking my cum out of her sister’s mouth. Unbelievable. I think watching two sisters together is for Julie and me what it’s like for Mel to watch Julie and me together. There’s just something so hot about incest. I wish it wasn’t such a big deal in society. It doesn’t hurt anyone as long as it’s consensual. I’ve got a feeling it won’t be too long before Beth ends up either in the girls’ bed or mine. She’s so young though, I actually kind of hope she waits for a while. Ah, who am I kidding. I’d fuck her right now. I think she’s a true virgin. Julie was a virgin but had busted her hymen long before we made love with a vibrator and Mel wasn’t a virgin our first time. Every guy loves to be the first one in. I’m no different. I never claimed to be less of a pig than other men. I just try to be nice and smooth about it.

We made and ate dinner later with all of us staying naked. Beth hugged me a couple of times and feeling her slight, naked body against me gave me a thrill. It’s different with Julie or Mel. I know I truly love them. I don’t know Beth that well so it’s purely lasciviousness with her. I told you I was a pig. If you saw her naked in front of you, you’d feel the same way, believe me.

After dinner, we sat on the couch for a while and watched some TV. Beth sat next to me. Close to me. Julie and Mel cuddled next to each other and started making out. Beth turned to me and whispered, “Jim can I touch your cock. I’ve never felt one before. I want to stroke it and feel it get hard. Please?” “Sure Beth, “ I replied. “I think we’ve established that you can feel free to touch any of us whenever you want. You don’t have to ask. Just go ahead and do it. We just won’t touch you unless you ask us to or tell us you’re comfortable with it. And don’t ever feel pressure to let us reciprocate and touch you. It has to be something you really want to do. So, if you want to stroke my cock go right ahead. I’m sure I’ll enjoy your touch.” With that Beth reached out and tentatively touched my cock. When she did, my cock reacted and twitched and she pulled her hand back like she was shocked. I assured her it was okay, that my cock was just excited to be touched by her. She then grabbed my cock and squeezed it and pulled and stroked it and in no time, I was hard in her hand. “Wow, that is so cool. I can’t believe I’m touching a real cock and I made it hard. I guess I better stop before we make a mess that the girls will have to clean up. As if they wouldn’t be delighted to lick up your cum. I can’t say as I blame them. The bit I got to taste in Mel’s mouth tasted really good. You might have to teach me how to give a good blow job someday. I’d love to swallow your whole load and learn to be a cum slut like my sisters. It sounds like great fun. I’m afraid it’s too late tonight as I need to get home, but sitting here naked stroking your cock is really exciting. I want to do it again sometime real soon.”

When Beth was about ready to get dressed and go home, I took her aside to talk to her. “Beth, thank you for coming over today and for losing some of your inhibitions. I want you to understand that one of the things I’ve always insisted on here is that we can talk to each other about absolutely anything. There’s no reason for embarrassment or judgements. And that extends to you. I want you to know you can always come and talk to me about anything, no matter how personal it may seem. I know there are things you can’t really talk to your parents about without being embarrassed or without fearing their reaction. That’s why the girls had me talk to your parents about their wanting to get married and live together here rather than Mel talking to your parents first. I am a good listener and I’ll always just give you my best advice without any judgements. The other thing we insist on is being completely open and honest with each other. You’ve certainly seen today how open we are, but being honest with each other is just as important. In fact, I bet the two of them wouldn’t be engaged right now if it hadn’t been for your sister being open and honest with us. One day, she just opened up and told us how much she loved both of us and was scared of losing one of us in the future. That admission helped Julie realize just how much she loved Mel. She didn’t just love her; she’s in love with her. But it was Mel’s opening up that gave Julie the confidence to express her love to Mel. My hope is that you will also feel the ability to be open and honest with all three of us here. I don’t really know you well enough to tell you I love you. I absolutely care about you and I can certainly see you are every bit as loveable as your sister. The girls do love you and obviously care about you as well. So, I just want you to understand that we are all here for you in any way. And even though you got naked with us today, if you end up regretting it later then don’t do it again. Be honest and tell us how you feel. Whether you want to stop what we’ve done or go further in the future. Don’t be afraid to tell us how you feel. The lifestyle we’re living is far from what people consider normal. We aren’t trying to push you into participating in our lifestyle. Be true to yourself. Just because your sisters are wild childs, doesn’t mean you have to be too. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.”

“I do, Jim. Thank you for your concern. I can sure see why Mel adores you so much. I would love to come over more often and spend time with all of you. And believe me, today was really fun. I sure would not have thought this morning I would have spent the day naked with my sisters and an adult sexy man, but it was really cool. I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable wanting to see you naked. The possibility was just so exciting I couldn’t stop myself. I loved everything that happened today. Not only seeing you naked, but sucking on my sister’s tits is not anything I had ever thought of doing before but once I started, I couldn’t stop. I sure know now why boys love tits so much. I just might try Julie’s tits next time and maybe even try licking a pussy. Mel might be right. Girls may all be bi and just not know it. I can see how being with a girl is fun and at the same time seeing and touching your cock, especially when it got hard, was very exciting and made me really wet. So, I know I’m not a lesbian. And I sure know for sure now that Julie and Mel aren’t either. You’ve given them the best of both worlds. I’m definitely jealous. Today’s experience makes me feel older as I leave here. And now I know why Mel never wanted to leave here. I’m already starting to feel the same way. There is just so much love in this house it’s contagious. I wish I didn’t have to leave, but I should get home before my parents think they’ve lost another daughter to you. Can I ask one last favor before I go?”

“Of course, Beth, what is it?” “Can I kiss you? I mean a real kiss not a father/daughter type of kiss.” With that, I pulled her into my arms and gave her my best non-fatherly kiss including putting my tongue in her mouth. We played tongue tag for a bit and then I ended the kiss. “Wow, I just knew you’d be a great kisser. I’ve never been kissed like that before. Thank you. I’ll remember my first real kiss forever. Goodnight, Jim. Thanks again.” With that she was out the door. Quite a remarkable young lady. Bill and Emily must have done something right to raise two such loving and lovely daughters. Beth is going to break a lot of hearts before she’s done.

Chapter 9

This morning after our usual morning romp and the girls had taken care of my morning wood, the girls got dressed and left for school. As usual, neither one was wearing a bra or panties. The boys at school must be extremely frustrated to see two babes with swaying breasts walking down the school’s halls that aren’t interested in any of them.

Julie loves to wear the shortest skirts she can find, or is allowed to wear at school, and then flash her smooth, bare pussy to a couple of her male teachers. So far, she hasn’t gotten into trouble for it so the teachers must be appreciating the view.

When I got home from work, my two, nude cum sluts were just finishing their homework. When she was done, Julie came to me and said, “You know Daddy, you’ve owned my pussy for months now and not done anything with it. Well, I mean, you’ve used it and used it very well, but you haven’t had to make any decisions on sharing your pussy. You know, I might just encourage some guy I don’t really like to get him to ask you for permission to fuck my brains out just to see what you say. You won’t be able to assume that just because I told someone to come to you about it, that he’s someone I’d like to fuck. You know that Mel and I are committed to each other, but we are allowing each other the freedom to use someone’s cock for our pleasure, if we want. Obviously, we’re very satisfied with you and haven’t felt the need or desire for anyone else, but I can’t help wondering how you would have handled your pussy if Mel and I weren’t together and I was actually shopping for a husband. Remember that I told you I’d fuck anyone you wanted me to including allowing you to prostitute me. The only reason I’m bringing this up is that I want you indulge in any fantasies you might have but never acted on. We could also get into some kinky things here at home as well. You now Mel and I will do anything you want. We could, for example, explore water sports. I assume you know that that is peeing on each other. It’s actually fun. Mel and I have done a little of that once in a while in the shower. We have even drunk each other’s pee. If that interests you, you can pee on us or in us if you want. There’s also tying each other up and possibly blindfolding the person as well. That can be a lot of fun. You can also spank us. Well, I guess I should speak for myself because I don’t actually know if Mel would like that, but you’ve never spanked me for doing something wrong. Maybe you should spank me for doing something right. From what I’ve read, most women end up getting really wet from a spanking. I’m not sure why, but I’m game if you want to try it. And then there is anal. I’m surprised you haven’t tried to take our anal virginities yet. Mel and I have put a finger in each other and we have a small bullet vibrator we’ve used on each other’s butts, but that’s all we’ve done. As long as you promise to go slow and use a lot of lube, our asses are yours just like the rest of us. So, all I’m saying is that while what we’ve been doing is great fun, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in some kink sometime and see how it goes. Do you have any thoughts on this?”

I gave it some thought and then responded, “Well, Jules, I hadn’t really thought about those types of things. I guess I’ve never been that kinky. I don’t think your mother was ever into that stuff so we never did any of that, but I’m game to try some of it if you guys want to. I didn’t know you two were into water sports. I’m surprised you never told me before or did it in the shower when I was in there with you. You know I love to watch you two together. I can’t believe you’d actually drink pee, though. Isn’t that kind of gross?”

“It’s a little strange at first, but it doesn’t really taste that bad and it’s not harmful to drink it. It’s best if the person hasn’t been holding it for a long time. I guess the lighter yellow the pee, the milder the taste. Daddy you can pee in my mouth whenever you want. I keep telling you I’ll do anything for you and I mean it. And I think being tied down and then having the two of you touching and licking me would be awesome. Being blindfolded would make it even better by not knowing where the next touch will be coming from. Maybe we should go to the porn store and buy some bondage stuff and see what else looks fun. I think the next time Beth comes over we should just tie her down, blindfold her, and the three of us have our way with her. Now that’s a way to lose one’s virginity!”

“We’d probably end up traumatizing her so badly she’d have to tell her parents what we did and we’d all be up shit creek. We need to take it slow with her and let her make her own decisions. We’ve already told her several times we’d never force her to do anything and we need to always stick by that.”

“I know,” Julie replied, “I was just kidding but it’s a hot thought! I can’t believe I’ve even been thinking about being with her. Maybe my lesbian tendencies are stronger than I thought. She is a cute little thing, though. I remember when we tried to hard to get away from her because she always wanted to hang around us and now that she’s matured, we’re thinking of her sexually. I’m willing to bet that she’s going to want you to take her virginity at some point. She was definitely thrilled to see your cock, especially when it got hard. Mel doesn’t think Beth is on the pill yet, though, so you’ll probably have to wait to increase your harem until she’s on it.”

I laughed at her comment. “So, three of us is a thruple, but four of us denotes a harem? Is that how that works? Let’s not think about Beth that way. She’s a real cute kid and she was pretty fun to have over the other night, but she’s still awfully young. You two started this when you were 16, Beth is 15, will we start looking for a 14-year-old next? I think you just want her to join us so that you won’t have the smallest tits in the room.”

Laughing, Julie said, “You got me. She’s got cute little titties and they make mine look big and make Mel’s look gigantic. It was obvious that Beth was just as taken by Mel’s beautiful tits as I am. I love sucking on those babies. I wish she had milk in there. I can’t wait until we have babies together so that each of us can feed both babies and each other. And you, of course. God, I’d love for you to drink milk out of my tits. Then we can have milk sports! Mel and I will be able to spray you with our milk and then lick it off of you. Geez, I’m so wet now. Daddy, please take care of your pussy right now.”

With that she spread her long legs to show me her dripping pussy. I can never refuse that pussy, or Mel’s either for that matter. I dove between Julie’s legs and started licking up her juices before she got the couch all wet. She wasn’t just wet; she was ready to cum within seconds. My tongue no sooner hit her clit and she was starting to tense up getting ready to explode into orgasm. Her sweet nectar was pouring out of her pussy and I started lapping it up as fast as I could. Suddenly she cried out and clamped her thighs tightly against my head as she shook in orgasm. I thought she was going to crush my skull, she pressed so tightly. I just kept my tongue pressed firmly against her clit and tried to ride out her shaking. Finally, as her orgasm passed, she let up on her thighs and gasped, “Oh, Daddy, that was one of the best orgasms ever! Thinking about you sucking milk out of my tits really set me off. Just wait until we actually do that. I wish we could start making babies now. I don’t care about school. I don’t care about getting married first. I want to get pregnant with Mel and rub each other’s bellies. I want to hold your babies in my arms and see the look of love on your face. Daddy, I love the life the three of us are building together. I love you both so much.”

By now, Julie was so emotional she was actually crying; hopefully happy tears. She’s right, you know. What we have is a very special relationship. It may be looked down upon by some and misunderstood by many, but it works for us.

Mel finally showed up wanting to know what all the commotion was about. She heard Julie screaming in orgasm a bit ago. Julie told her about her dreams of the future and Mel just hugged Julie and the two started making out. I’ll never get tired of seeing them together. There’s nothing hotter than two beautiful naked women enjoying each other.

Julie finally filled Mel in on our conversation about getting a little kinky, leaving out the parts about wanting to attack Beth. Mel was quick to agree with most of it, but wasn’t too sure about the spanking part. We decided that we’d go to the smut shop and see what fun stuff we could find. Maybe I need to convert our spare room into a dungeon. Then we’ll see just how kinky those two want to be.

On Saturday, we were barely out of bed (because the girls were working on my morning wood) and the doorbell rang. Julie opened the door to find Beth on the doorstep. “Is it all right that I came over without calling first? I didn’t come too early, did I,” she asked. Julie assured her it was fine to come over whenever she wants without calling first. We’ll always be glad to see her.

Once Mel and I came downstairs Beth wanted to tell us something. “I’ve been thinking about last weekend all week. Every time I do, I get so wet; it was just awesome to be naked with you guys. I’ve decided, if you’ll have me, that I’d like to take it further. A lot further. I had never thought about kissing another girl, much less sucking on her tits. And especially not with my own sister, but I really, really loved what we did last week. I think you’re right, Mel. Most all girls probably are bi. I must be because I can’t stop thinking about and wanting to kiss and lick both of you. Not just your nice tits, but your pussies, too. I know mine tastes pretty good so I’m sure I’d love yours. And at the same time, seeing and touching Jim’s beautiful cock really makes me wet to think about. Jim, I want you to teach me to give good blow jobs. I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum. I want to be a cum slut like my sisters. I want to practice on you as often as possible. And, of course, I’ll always share your cum with my sisters. Ultimately, Jim, I want you to take my virginity, or should I say I want to give you my virginity. Not right away, though. I’m not quite ready, but when the time is right, I know I want you to be the one to teach me about making love like you did for Julie. What I’m trying to say is I loved what we did so much that I want more. I want it all. I don’t expect to become a fourth member of your immediate family, not that that doesn’t sound wonderful, but I want to give you my love and feel your love whenever I can come around to visit. Can we do that, or do you think I’m too young?”

Mel and Julie immediately grabbed Beth and started hugging and kissing her. It was Julie who said, “Beth, of course you can do that. We told you that you can do whatever you want here. We’d love to include you in our playtimes. You’re still young but not a little kid. Even thought the law doesn’t agree, we think you have the right and the ability to make your own decisions on how you use your body. You know, it’s only been in the last few generations that the law added the age of consent. As if when you turn 18 you magically have the ability to reason for yourself, but you didn’t a week before or a year before. I think the only reason the age of consent is 18 is to make sure girls have the chance to finish high school before getting pregnant. It’s all about educating women and letting them get good jobs rather than being housewives, not about a woman’s mental capacity. It was only a few generations ago that a girl of 15 was close to being considered an old maid. The old saying is ‘old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.’ Speaking of breeding, are you on the pill yet?”

“No, and I haven’t really talked to my mom about it. How do I do that without her assuming I want it so I can go right out and start having sex? Not that she’d be wrong, hee, hee.”

Julie told her, “Daddy got me on the pill because I was having really bad cramping from my period. But I was only 14 so there were not thoughts about me getting sexually active. At 15, it’s probably too late to start complaining about cramps if they really haven’t been that bad all these years. I think you just need to have an honest conversation with your mom. Tell her that you aren’t thinking of getting sexually active yet, but you’ll soon start dating and sometimes it just happens when doing a lot of kissing and fondling. Tell her that you just want to make sure you’re always safe. If you really want to set her off, tell her if you don’t go on the pill you might have to start dating girls like Mel did. Then we’ll see how fast you get on the pill and how she really feels about Mel and me getting married. That would be really interesting?”

“That would be interesting,” agreed Mel. “I think Julie’s right, Beth. Just talk to mom and say it’s just to start protecting for the future. She didn’t have a problem putting me on the pill. Maybe she knew I was more of a hussy than you so she expected me to show up pregnant. After all, mom and dad did right by me in letting me move in here with Julie and was kind of unhappy with me that I didn’t come to them directly instead of having Jim run interference for me. I should have trusted them more, so I think you should too.”

“You’re probably right, sis. But right now, there’s something more important to do – get naked!” With that, Beth started stripping off her clothes and in no time was in her birthday suit. “I feel better all ready. I don’t really know what to do now, but, Julie, I didn’t get a chance last time to suck on your nice tits. Can I do it now? You’ve got such great nipples; I’ve been thinking about them all week.”

Julie said, “Sure you can, but I want a kiss first.” The two girls started kissing and sucking on each other’s tongues. I think Julie was right, I’m about to start a harem. In fact, she was right on everything about Beth. She’s not on the pill, she wants to learn to give blow jobs, and she wants me to deflower her. Julie sure had Beth pegged. The girls broke the kiss and Beth immediately bent down and starting licking and sucking on Julie’s tits. Beth was right, too. Julie’s tits aren’t that big, but she’s got great nipples that just seem to beg to be sucked. Mel has great tits, but her nipples don’t stand out much from the areola; they’re just little tips. But Julies nipples stand out like erasers at least a quarter of an inch. They look like they’re perpetually hard. Of the three of them, I definitely like Julie’s tits the most. They’re the perfect size for her body with the perfect nipples. But all three girls, regardless of size or nipples have nice tits that I love to suck. Well, I assume I’ll love to suck Beth’s. We haven’t gone there yet. I expect that will happen real soon. Now Mel is joining in and rubbing her self against Beth’s back while reaching around and playing with Beth’s tits and running a finger down to Beth’s pussy. That’s a first for them so this will be fun to watch. Of course, I’m watching with a tremendous hardon.

“Oh, Mel you’re touching my pussy. No one’s done that before,“ Beth said while pausing her tit sucking. “Don’t stop, Mel. Make me cum, sis.” Mel and Julie steered Beth over to the couch and laid her down. Mel parted Beth’s legs, bent down and started licking Beth’s pussy. I realized that Beth’s pussy looked different than last week. In preparation for today, it’s evident that Beth shaved her pussy. She wanted it soft and smooth for any tongues she hoped to get between her legs. Her sister was the first one there. While Mel did her thing sucking Beth’s clit and fingering her pussy, Julie worked her way to Beth’s little tits. It was clear that Beth’s tits may be small, but her nipples seem to be really sensitive, or else it could be from Mel’s pussy licking. Either way, Beth was being worked over by the girls and getting closer and closer to her first sapphic orgasm. I’d never seen three girls going at each other; not even in porn videos. Talk about hot.

I settled down in a chair to watch the three of them. Beth wanted to go further and boy did she in a hurry. In just a few minutes she’s kissed Julie, sucked on Julie’s tits, and had her pussy fingered and licked by her sister. Oh, wow, now Julie has climbed up on the couch and straddled Beth’s face with her pussy to let Beth get her first taste of pussy. Beth is licking Julie’s pussy like she’s been starving for weeks. At the rate I’m stroking my cock, I’ll probably cum before they do. Of course, always mindful of the girls’ wish to consume all my cum, I need to get up and get ready to cum on them. I think I’ll aim for Beth’s pussy and I’ll probably get some on Mel’s face at the same time. That did it. Just thinking of splashing my cum on this young kid while she’s getting her first orgasm from another person was enough to have me shooting rope after rope of cum all over Beth’s stomach and pussy, with some landing on Mel’s face. So now, of course, Julie is bending over to lick up my cum off of Beth while still grinding her pussy on Beth’s face.

Finally, Beth started shaking in orgasm and had to stop licking Julie’s pussy to concentrate on her own pussy. While Beth comes down, Mel lifted off of Beth’s pussy to let Julie lick the cum off her face and now they are laying over Beth kissing each other and swapping my cum back and forth. I can’t wait to start Beth’s BJ lessons. I think she’s going to need quite a bit of instruction and practice.

By the time Beth left that afternoon, she’d sucked me off twice and done everything with the girls until they were all exhausted. We were all too wiped out to go out to the local porn shop, so that’ll have to wait for another day.

The girls had a really interesting discussion today during rest times. Julie had suggested to Beth that maybe she should try to seduce her dad to let her suck him off. She wasn’t too sure about that. Beth said that while her dad is a real good guy, she’s never thought of him that way. He’s not a particularly attractive man. Mel had a different take on it. She told Beth that she thinks their dad has a big cock and that was part of their mom’s attraction to him. She told Beth that she used to hear her parents fucking fairly often and her mother was pretty vocal and seemed to really enjoy it. She also said her mother once confided in her that she doesn’t particularly like giving blow jobs. It was Mel’s opinion that the reason might be because their dad has too big a dick. That got Julie thinking. “What about trying to get your mother to agree to let you suck your dad’s dick. It would be a win-win-win. Your mother wouldn’t have to do it, you’d get to suck his dick whenever you want, and your dad would get his dick sucked.”

“That’s all well and good, Julie, but exactly how would I get my mom to agree to that? How would I even bring that up,” mused Beth. Julie responded with, “Let me think about it some. I bet I can come up with something. After all, I seduced my Dad even though he resisted a lot.” If anyone can figure out how to turn their family into another incestual family, Julie can.

We had so much fun with Beth, we were all sad to see her go home. Beth didn’t want to leave and couldn’t stop gushing about how much she enjoyed the day with us. To think how far she’s come in a week compared to last week’s virgin, is amazing. She’s still technically a virgin, but she’s not a sapphic virgin and she’s already pretty good at giving head so she’s had a hell of a start. We are such bad influences on her. She was this shy, sweet virgin and week ago and now she’s a sex maniac. We should be ashamed of ourselves – but we’re not. Beth really added some excitement to our lives even though we didn’t really need any. I can’t wait to sink my dick into her tight snatch.

Chapter 10

Sunday, I decided to take Julie up on one of her kink requests. We hadn’t been to the porn shop yet so I thought we try something that didn’t take any products – anal. I was licking My pussy with Julie’s legs over my shoulders so I then dropped lower and started rimming her pink, puckered star. “Oh yeah, Daddy. There you go. Keep doing that. It kind of tickles, but in a good way,” moaned Julie. After I worked my tongue up her shit chute for a bit, I put my index finger to her hole and pushed in to the first knuckle while licking her clit which took her mind of the invasion of her butt. My finger went in pretty easily so I pushed it in further until I was all the way in and then started sawing my finger in and out. I had Julie really squirming now.

I took my finger out and then tried to go back in with two fingers. “Ow, go slow Daddy. Don’t stop, but go slow. It hurts so good.” I stroked a bit more and then pulled out. I leaned over the side of the bed to open the drawer of the nightstand to get a tube of KY. I squeezed some onto my fingers and put them back in to her ass. “That’s way better, Daddy. That feels funny but it’s feeling pretty good,” she cooed. Once she relaxed, I was stroking in and out of her pretty easily. I pulled my fingers out, added more KY to my fingers and started to work three fingers in. With the girth of my dick, if she can’t take three fingers, she’ll never take my dick in there. Eventually, I was sliding the three fingers in pretty easily and she was moaning. While still stroking her with my fingers, I used my other hand to squeeze out some KY onto my cock. Once I got my cock covered with KY, I removed my fingers and aimed my cock to her ass. She was still open somewhat from my fingers having been in there so I at least got the tip in and then started to push.

“Oh, God, Daddy it’s so big. Go slow. No, don’t stop pushing, just go slow.” Just then the head of my dick popped in past her ring and it clamped down tight. And I thought her pussy was tight our first time. Her ass was like a vise on my dick. I pushed in about an inch and slowly withdrew it and then pushed in some more. I kept doing that and finally after several minutes I got all the way in and held it there. “Oh, Daddy, I feel so full. It’s like I have the biggest turd wanting to come out. It’s starting to feel really good now, Daddy. Go ahead and fuck my ass. Uh, uh, uh. Yes, Daddy go harder now. Give it to me. I can’t wait to feel you cum in my ass. I wonder if Mel will want to lick your cum out of my ass.”

Julie no sooner uttered that and Mel was at the door, “Someone say there’s cum to lick up?” “Oh, Mel, Daddy’s in my butt. He’s fucking my butt and it feels so good. Well, at least it does now. It hurt at first, but it’s sooo worth it! I was just wondering if you wanted to lick his cum out of my butt after he unloads. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that was gross, especially since I didn’t know Daddy was going to go for my butt so I didn’t wash out my butt with an enema first. I guess that’s going to have to be a standard ritual now to be ready for this big cock in my ass.” I couldn’t believe she was basically carrying on a conversation with Mel while I was pounding her ass and about to cum. Before Mel could respond, I felt my balls pull up tight and I could feel by cock about to explode my load. “I’m cumming,” I screamed out while pumping stream after stream of cum into my daughter’s bowels.

I started to pull out and Julie told me to stay in. “Not yet, Daddy. I love feeling you inside me, whichever hole you want to use. That was really fun. Now if you would have just spanked me beforehand …,” she said with a smile on her face. Mel climbed up on the bed and started cuddling with us. She started kissing her way down Julie’s body. “You can release the plug now, Daddy,” she said. “I’m going to try it, Julie, and see if it’s gross or not.” Julie replied, “You might have to wait a while for it to come out. Daddy was all the way in when he shot his load. Oh, yes. I’ve always liked your tongue on my ass. Hell, I love your tongue anywhere on my body. Go for it, Mel. I love you so much.”

Watching Mel lick my cum out of Julie’s ass certainly left no question as to how much they love each other. Wouldn’t you really have to love someone to do that? But Mel didn’t care. She’s a cum slut and will do whatever it takes to lick up my cum. I love my girls and I love my life.


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