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The following is a work of fiction. It is fantasy and intended for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone anything illegal, abusive, or unhealthy. Many topics explored herein may have intensely negative consequences if enacted in real life. No one's nut is worth ruining a life.


That said, I'd love to hear what you thought. Feel free to email me to share any thoughts you may have..
"I'm telling you man, she's ready." Charlie held up his phone as proof, displaying a text that read "I want your cock."

"Bullshit," Dan said, waving the phone out of his face and taking another bite of his square pizza. The crowded cafeteria created an insulating din of noise around them.

"No, I'm serious," Charlie said. "Look at this." He clicked buttons with practiced fury as he navigated to saved multimedia messages. A photo appeared, slightly blurry, of a pale nipple.

Serious now, Dan leaned closer and took the phone, studying the picture. It was too close to tell who the nipple belonged to, but the light pink hue and swollen puffiness seemed somehow fresher and younger than the ones that belonged to the porn stars he'd seen on the Internet. "No shit, that's her?"

"That's her," Charlie confirmed. "I told you."

"Damn..." Dan let the thought hang in the air between them. If Charlie was, in fact, not bullshitting then that slightly blurry nipple belonged to Christine McKenzie, sophomore. It was common knowledge, not just around Airy Heights but every high school anywhere, that girls as pretty as Christine did not "date down." They were always seen on some senior or junior's arm, typically with access to a car, probably with his letter jacket thrown in the messy backseat. It was not even that uncommon for a sophomore to date a college guy, such as Liz Stuckie, class of '03, who rumor had it spent three quarters of her high school career seeing someone from MACC. So for Christine McKenzie to text a picture of her tit to Dan's buddy (and fellow freshman) Charlie was indeed major news. "What now?"

Charlie shrugged his shoulders. "That's the worst part. It's not like I can take her to my house with my dad working from home all day. And I doubt I'd get very far with her on the handle bars behind the mall."

"What about her house?" Dan asked.

Charlie shook his head. "Her mom's friends with the neighbor lady. Christy says she's over there every day after school gabbing away.

The two boys concentrated in silence.

"Maybe we could go camping or something," Charlie offered. "Out back in the woods next to the golf course."

"What, dropped off by your parents? 'Ok, son, have fun fucking in the tent all night unsupervised! G'night!'"

They both shook their heads and ate in silence.

After a moment, Dan clicked his fingers. "We have to ask Drew."

Charlie immediately agreed. Andrew Diaz was a junior and played football. He'd had a steady girlfriend all last year until she moved away during the summer, so he was sure to have had sex. They could ask him how - or rather where - he did it. The only reason two relatively unpopular guys like Charlie and Dan could even talk to Drew was that he got assigned a probability and statistics course and wound up sitting by the two friends who regularly helped him with his work (and gave him the answers when needed). That got them hellos in the hallways at least, if not lunch table invitations. "Good Idea. I'll talk to him after fifth period."


"What's up, Mastermind?" Drew's nickname for Charlie came from one day in Prob & Stat where Drew noticed Charlie doodling half-formed jokes in the back of his notebook. When asked, Charlie explained that he wanted to be a stand-up comic like Jerry Seinfeld when he grew up. 'You've thought that far ahead?' Drew asked, amazed.

"I uh.. Well... I have a question. It's personal."

Drew stopped walking in the hall and stepped out of the lane of traffic. That Drew wasn't one of the idiots who would suddenly stop in the middle of the walkway in front of everybody was one of the many reasons why Charlie thought he was cool. "Shoot."

"When you were seeing Lisa last year... um... where did you go when you wanted to... you know" Charlie leaned in and whispered.

Drew let out a laugh and slapped his flat stomach. "Oh wow! Where is this coming from? You getting some, funny man?"

Charlie held up his phone. Drew's smile widened to a cheshire grin as he made sense of what he was seeing. "Alright, that's a tit, right?" He offered a high five.

Charlie felt foolish raising his hand since he hadn't actually done anything yet, but when Dew Diaz puts his hand up, you don't leave him hanging.

"Tell you what," Drew pulled his own phone from his pocket and flipped it open, started scrolling through his contacts. "Meet me in the lobby after school and I'll fill you in. But yo, this is some down low shit ok? Don't be telling anyone."

"Can I bring Christy?" Charlie asked.

Drew scrunched his brow for a moment as he thought things through, then his face brightened as the pieces fell in place. "Christy McKenzie!? My man!" He raises his hand again and slapped the shit out of Charlie's hand with three successive high fives. "Yeah you can bring her along, for sure."


"I still don't understand why you had to tell him," Christy said into his ear as they walked down a chaotic hallway at the end of the day. Kids all around them were digging through lockers, rushing to their busses, or forming up little cliques to either work on school projects or hang out before heading home. Charlie didn't have the heart to tell her that he'd told not just Drew but all of his friends about the fateful text interchange from the night before. Of course, that list was still pretty small.

"I had to, babe." Saying 'babe' still didn't come naturally to him but he felt he needed some intimate shorthand now that she'd said she wanted his cock. "Not only is he one of my best friends, he also said he could help us out with somewhere private to hang out. You don't want to go home yet do you?"

"No, but it's embarrassing, Charlie. Him knowing our business." Christy blushed and broke his heart with how perfect she was.

"It'll be ok. He's cool. He won't make a big deal out of it."

Christy squeezed Charlie's hand as they walked through the school lobby out into the front courtyard. He could smell her scent, floral and feminine in a way he didn't have the words to explain. As they came to the front sidewalk, Dew pulled up in his truck and leaned on the horn, yelling through the window "Hey you lovebirds! Get a room!" Charlie felt his face burn and could only muster a pitiful smile at Christy's furrowed brow.

Charlie quickly unlocked his bike from the rack and lifted it into the bed of Drew's truck, then hopped in so he would ride bitch and give Christy the window. Drew, grinning nonstop, greeted them both.

"This will take at least an hour. You guys okay with that? Don't have to be home right away?"

Both Charlie and Christy nodded. Drew took off out of the school parking lot and headed north.

"Where are we going?" Charlie asked.

Drew looked over and smiled. "Ok guys, here's the deal. There's a house in Ridgecrest." Charlie recognized Ridgecrest as the rich-y neighborhood just a few miles north of the school. It was full of old converted mansions and historic houses, some dating back to the civil war, that were all renovated and well-maintained. "I know the owner. She's got a pool and a hot tub. The plan is, you two really want to take a swim, I had the bright idea to stop by. I keep her busy in the house, you two take a dip."

"But we don't have our swimsuits," Christy objected.

Drew looked over, his cheshire grin glowing, and asked "Do you need them?"


They pulled into a private drive where a wrought-iron gate was already opened. Inside a tall hedge-and-rose-bush fence, a well-manicured lawn surrounded a short driveway up to where it split between a circle in front of the house and a side entrance to a closed garage. Drew parked in front of the house and all three got out. "You guys ready?" He asked as they approached the front door. Charlie and Christy nodded. Drew knocked on the door.

A woman pulled the door open and smiled. "Hello! Please come in." She stood about five foot seven inches tall, slender in frame. Clearly older, perhaps in her early forties, but either through diet or exercise (probably both) kept herself slim. She wore a flowing shift dress which set lightly upon her shoulders and opened to modest cleavage. A rope belt cinched it around her waist. She flipped back her nearly-shoulder length hair and stood aside as the three high schoolers went inside.

"Now Drew I know," the woman said," but you two are fresh faces. My name is Jo. It's short for Jolene but everyone calls me Jo." She held out her hand.

"Christy," she said, shaking her host's hand and offering a smile.

"I'm Charlie," he said, also shaking her hand.

"Well welcome to my mi casa, Christy and Charlie. "Frank doesn't get home until six so it's just us for a few hours. Drew tells me you two are in the mood for a swim?"

Charlie and Christy both nodded.

"Well let me give you a quick tour so you know your way around, then I'll leave you to it. Drew, honey, would you mind pouring me an iced tea? There's a pitcher in the fridge." Jo took Christy's hand and led her inside where she started a short tour of the house. The first floor had an open floor plan with high ceilings. The living room consisted of a large sectional couch and several lay-z-boys oriented toward a rear-projection tv screen against a center wall section, connecting to a dining room to the right and the kitchen via a small dinette area and open bar counter toward the back of the house. Off to the left was a winding staircase leading upstairs with a hallway leading along the front of the house. Charlie saw a half-bath underneath the stairs and another door leading to the garage at the end.

"Your house is so lovely," Christy said and Charlie followed behind. "How long have you lived here?"

"Frank and I have been here for ages. A lot of this stuff," Jo pointed to the staircase and new flooring in the entry, " we did over the years. We always liked the neighborhood so instead of moving around we just brought what we needed here."

Jo led the kids upstairs to a hallway splitting off into two guest rooms. "This was my son's room but he's away at college now," Jo leaned into the first guest room to show off a queen bed and older television. They followed her down the hallway to the master bedroom where they got a glimpse of a california king from the doorway right next to another bathroom. "And that's it for up here. Now let's go outside."

Jo walked through the master and out a sliding glass door that opened up onto a balcony looking out over the back yard. Cypress trees lined the back fence affording them complete privacy. Charlie looked down and saw a gigantic pool surrounded by a patio below. A circular jacuzzi adjoined the pool via a waterfall, creating a pleasant gurgling sound. It looked amazing.

The balcony had an iron spiral staircase that wound down to a small cabana and outdoor shower on the poured concrete below. The three of them stepped down. "There should be some spare swimsuits in there," Jo pointed to a standing closet next to the outdoor shower stall. "We entertain a lot so we try to keep the bare necessities on hand at all times. You never know when a party will pop up out of nowhere."

"This is amazing, Jo," Christy said more to herself than Jo.

"Thanks, honey. Now please make yourselves at home. Why have all this stuff if no one uses it, am I right?" She smiled and stepped through a sliding glass door back to the living room area where Charlie saw her meet Drew in the kitchen.

Turning his attention back toward Christy, he nodded toward the closet and said "Shall we?"

Christy smiled. "We shall."


A few minutes later, Charlie stepped out from the outdoor shower wearing someone else's swimming trunks. He was surprised to find quite a few pairs in a wicker basket on one shelf of the closet. There was a wide enough range of sizes that he found a pair that weren't ridiculously oversized. Christy plucked something out of a second wicker basket full of womens' suits and hid behind the wood privacy partition. Charlie looked back inside and saw Drew and Jo both sitting on the large sectional couch talking.

When he turned back, Charlie saw Christy step out from the partition wearing a pink and white bikini. In a glance he took her body in for the first time semi-exposed, unhindered by the loose t-shirts she wore at school that always hid her figure. Her long brown hair was tucked behind one ear and over her right shoulder, exposing the right side of her neck and the string from her bikini top wrapping behind her neck. The soft cup of her breasts filled out a slight curve in the graphic pink material of her bikini top; he could see small bumps behind the hot pink panels where her nipples were hiding. Her flat stomach took in short rapid breaths as his eyes wandered down, noting her navel and the delicious flat smooth curve between it and the top of her bikini bottoms. She stood with her legs closed but Charlie could still see the rounded mound of Christy's sex and guessed that she either shaved or trimmed her pubic hair because he could see faint outlines of her labia through the white panels.

"What? Is it too small? There were so many I just picked one at random..."

Christy's insecurity crushed him. "No, not at all... you're so... gorgeous"

"Really?" she asked quietly, lifting her heel and swivelling her leg on the ball of her foot.

"God yes," Charlie stammered. He could not take his eyes off her mound. It was right there in front of him, only separated by a thin piece of nylon, or rayon or whatever they made swimsuits out of. A panel of hot pink formed a triangle down her front, but along the edges... those glorious edges, he could actually see pussy!

Her laughter brought him out of his hypnosis. He looked up at her face and saw her blushing and laughing at the same time. Now it was his turn to feel insecure. "What is it?" he asked.

Christy pointed toward his crotch. Charlie looked down and saw his full erection tenting his swim trunks. There was no hiding it, no playing it off. His dick. Was hard. He tried to cover it with his hands.

"No, don't do that," Christy stepped forward. "I like it." She stepped forward again.

Charlie took a step forward to meet her. Now the tip of his cock was mere inches away from her.He watched in slow motion as she raised her hand toward it. This was it. It was happening. He looked up at her face to burn it into his mind forever.

Christy looked past Charlie into the house and saw Jo and Drew on the couch. Her hand swung out and grabbed his wrist. "Let's get in." She then pulled him toward the shallow end of the pool.

Charlie, deciding that hiding his boner would be both foolish and a step in the wrong direction, followed behind her hoping that no neighbors could see.

Christy stepped down into the water and was surprised to feel it heated. "Oh wow, this is wonderful." She took a few more steps in up to her waist. "Charlie, come in!"

Charlie all but ran into the pool. Bringing a big splashing wave with him, he charged in and crouched down, feeling the warm water rush over his back and keeping just his head above the surface. He was now very close to Christy and could see the tiny hairs on her stomach play in the afternoon light as she lowered herself down. He watched the water curve up to take in her breasts as her bikini top submerged and her face came down to meet his.

"Isn't this wonderful?" she asked in a whisper, crazy close to him now. Her hand glanced against his hardness. He couldn't help but moan. "Over here," she whispered to him and started hopping on her toes back toward the deep end.

Charlie followed her back to where the raised jacuzzi overflowed into a waterfall that poured into the pool proper. Christy ducked her head under the downpour and popped into the shaded nook of molded gunnite behind the waterfall. Charlie followed suit, closing his eyes as he passed under the push of hot water. When he opened them again, Christy was right there waiting for him.

She leaned forward and kissed him. Lips together but loose. She held them against his like she was trying to emulate some movie star. Charlie moved closer and put his hands on the side of the pool behind her. He kissed back mostly just feeling his lips against hers. He really wanted to hold her, to feel her all over, but desperately did not want to ruin the moment.

Christy took her arms and put them on Charlie's shoulders, then took her feet and locked them around his right leg to steady herself in the water. Charlie took that as permission and put his hands on her hips, caressing her skin and taking her into an embrace around her back. Like this, they kissed for real; felt each other's pulse, tasted each other, smiled into one another.

Charlie couldn't help but push his hips forward and rub his cock against her belly through his trunks. Now that they were wet, they felt pretty loose and flowy and every little movement played against his sensitive head. He felt her moan into his mouth and squeeze her legs tighter together, bringing her further up his leg and their bodies closer together. His cock now pointed up between them, He squeezed her into a hug and bucked his hips.

Christy put a hand on his hip and pushed away, breaking the kiss.

"Did I do something wrong?" Charlie asked.

"No, I just..." whatever Christy was saying faded to noise when Charlie looked down and saw that the pink and white of her bikini had become semi- if not completely transparent in the water. He could plainly see her hard nipples pushing against the fabric through the warping prism of the pool. Further down, distorted more through the water, he thought he could see a dark patch in the center of the pink triangle of her bikini bottoms.

"Is that ok?" She asked.

"Sorry, what?" Charlie snapped out of it and came back to reality.

"Can I see it?" Christy asked again.

Charlie swallowed but his throat had instantly dried up. A small click is all that came out.

Christy's hands came down to his waistband, working at the double knot that he had to tie to keep the trunks on. As she fumbled he wondered if he should take over or if she was enjoying the challenge or what. "Do you want me to..." He asked.

"I've got it," she answered, looking through the water to try and see the knot.

"What if I..." he said, reaching for the knot and feeling her fingers working frantically.

"Is it like sewn shut or something?" She let out a sigh of frustration as she yanked the knot toward her, then smiled as she saw that the waistband had loosened enough to...

Christy reached her hand down into Charlie's waistband and grabbed a hold of his cock. They both gave uncontrolled moans at the contact. Charlie's eyes lost focused as every brain cell focused on feeling her touch. Christy tried to move her hand but was pinned by the trunks. She slipped back out and took hold at both of his hips, yanking down and bringing his swimsuit halfway off.

Charlie got the idea and wiggled, helping the shorts down until they started freely floating around his ankles. He stepped out of them then kicked backward, flinging them away forever.

Now completely naked, Christy could see Charlie's shimmering water-distorted penis. She grabbed hold and started jerking fast like she'd seen on a video her friend had sent her as a gag email once.

"Whoa whoaa..." Charlie managed. He squinted his eyes closed as every nerve ending burned bright. Sl...slow... oohhhh... whuh"

"Are you liking it?" Christy asked, tugging away, mesmerized both by the feel of it in her hand and the control she had over the funny guy whom she found cute.

Charlie grabbed her by her wrist and stopped her cold. "Don't... ohhhh.... Shit" He flung his head back into the waterfall.

Christy looked down through the water as a thick white plume of cum shot out of him, floating there and blossoming like a jellyfish. "Oh wow," she said to herself as another jet, this one bigger, shot out and washed against her belly. She could feel the pulse both in her hand but also from the small hairs on her skin. A third jet spurted out, joining the other drifting nebula swirling around like a cloud in the water.

Charlie brought his head back up as the orgasm passed and his pulses petered out. He opened his eyes to see Christy looking down into the water, transfixed by the site.

After the last pulse passed through her hand, this one bringing just a tiny white dollop that stuck to Charlie's tip wavering like a flag in the swirling current, she looked up at his face and saw complete awe. She quickly pushed her feet off the back wall and drove into his arms, sending them both back through the jacuzzi's waterfall out into open water. "That was amazing," she whispered into his ear, then turned into a deep full kiss where their tongues met for the first time. She broke the kiss off to whisper "thank you so much" then attacked his mouth once more.

Charlie, bewildered and drained by his first hand job, wondered to himself "Why is she thanking me? I should be thanking her! I'm the luckiest guy in the world."


After fishing the swim trunks from the shallow end of the pool, Christy hopped out and found two large towels in the outdoor closet above the wicker baskets of spare suits.. Dripping wet and shivering in the chilly air, they both dried off enough not to leave tracks in the house then slid through the sliding glass door back into the living room. Finding it empty, Christy fast-walked to the bathroom to finish drying off and changing back into her school clothes. Charlie softly climbed the stairs toward the upstairs bathroom to do the same.

As he walked down the hallway, he could hear rhythmic sounds coming from the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Now tiptoe-ing to avoid interrupting anything, Charlie arrived at the bathroom door and listened closer. He could hear bedsprings and panting: clear sounds of someone going at it.

Dropping his towel on the bathroom floor, Charlie leaned around the corner just past the master doorway. He could now make out a woman's voice saying "...say it... you know i love it... i'm so close... say it...say it..."

Charlie couldn't help it, he dropped to his hands and knees and crawled into the room enough to peek around the corner and get a good look at the bed.

There, he saw Drew lying naked on his back on the bed. Jo, also naked with her back to Charlie, straddling Drew, bucking her hips forcefully and shaking the whole bed as she pounded down onto his cock. She looked like a cowgirl riding an electric bull, except Drew looked more like he was the one hanging on for dear life. Jo let out a deep guttural moan as her ass cheeks tightened and she rose up above Drew's crotch then slammed down again, making the bedsprings squeal.

"Say it, baby... say it" she kept panting, riding on Drew harder and harder. Her hand went to Drew's mouth, pulling it open before trailing her hands down to his chest. Charlie could hear the sound of skin slapping against skin very loud in the room.

"Fuck me, Mommy," Drew said, half out of breath.

At the sound of his voice, Jo started riding faster and faster.moaning louder and louder.

"Fuck me, Mommy, fuck me, Mommy," Drew repeated, Reaching up to squeeze her nipples as she ground her pelvis down on him. "Fuck me Mommy fuck me Mommy fuck meee!"

Jo let out a sharp scream and waves of clenched muscles rippled up her arching lithe back. Charlie watched as she climaxed on top of Drew, her whole body shuddering in a way that he could deeply relate to, having just felt it himself. A few crucial moments later, Jo collapsed into a heap on top of his friend.


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