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The following is a work of fiction. It is fantasy and intended for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone anything illegal, abusive, or unhealthy. Many topics explored herein may have intensely negative consequences if enacted in real life. No one's nut is worth ruining a life.


That said, I'd love to hear what you thought. Feel free to email me to share any thoughts you may have..
"Pass them over here," Blake said, taking the white lace thong from Ant and wrapping it around his cock.

Mark watched as Blake went to town on his mom's panties, the rest of his buds also stroking their cocks on the couch and in the chair nearby. The same porno was on the tv, this time showing two women dressed as elves sucking off two guys wearing santa hats.

"They're so soft," Blake said, stretching the lace across his head while wrapping the stringy waistband around his base.

"Yo, Mark," Ant said from the chair, his eyes locked on the TV. "I dare you to suck me a little."

Panic rushed into Mark's brain. "No way," he said out of reflex. He'd never even considered anything like that.

"I will," Stephen said from the couch. The rest of the group looked over at him. "I mean... I will if you will. No fair otherwise."

"Fuck yeah," Ant said. "Aren't you guys curious what it feels like?" He stood up, spread his legs, and put his hands on his waist like Superman.

Mark, who knew exactly what it felt like, started to understand where his friend was coming from. Maybe, if he wasn't already the luckiest guy in the world, he might be curious.

Stephen slipped off the couch and walked on his knees toward Ant. "don't be grabbing my head like these guys," he said, looking toward the tv.

Ant raised his arms in the air and shook his hips, making his hard cock swing back and forth.

Stephen took the cock in his hands and furtively put it between his lips, slipping the head into his mouth.

"Whoa," Tony said, looking over, his cock rock hard in both of his hands.

The three other boys turned their attention to Stephen and watched him take more of Ant's cock into his mouth. "What's it feel like?" Blake asked, the thong hanging from his erect cock.

"Oh... oh fuck, give me the panties!" Ant said, reaching out in desperation.

Blake slid the thong off of himself and tossed it over to Ant, who caught it just as he backed away out of Stephen's mouth.

"Fuuuuck," Ant's first spurt almost missed the narrow band of fabric as he tried to hold the panties out in front of him. Thick jizm poured into the white lace, soaking through the delicate material into the thin strip of cotton gusset.

Stephen, his face just inches away from it, watched in amazement.

"Sorry, bro," Ant said after calming down. "I can't... I'll owe you ok?"

Stephen shot to his feet, saying "hold it out for me," and positioning his cock next to Ant's hand. If they weren't all busy looking at the cum soak into the panties, someone would've seen Stephen's head arch back and his tongue dart out to lick his lips before exploding, raining drop after drop of thin watery cum into Ant's panty-covered hand.

Mark watched the thong fill up and thought about how it would look later stuck to his mom's mound. How it made her. The days he brought soaked pairs home for her to wear all night, she got almost animalistic, ravaging him and throbbing on him like she had no control. "Me next," he said, standing up to get closer to the panties.

Blake and Tony soon followed, shooting simultaneously, some of Blake's spunk overshooting and landing on Tony's thick shaft. Afterward, Mark was quick to seal them back up in his ziploc bag as everyone silently got dressed.

"This will be the last time we can do this," Ant said.

"Why's that?" Blake asked, rewinding the tape back to its previous location.

"My dad says my mom doesn't need to work anymore, so she'll be home full time. No more alone time after school."

"Damn," Tony said. "That fucking sucks, dude."

Mark was too shocked to say anything.


Later, as Mark presented the afternoon's result to his mom, he relayed the information.

After taking a deep whiff and shedding her bathrobe, Jo said "Why don't you boys come here?"

"Because you're here," Mark replied. "They'll be too afraid if they know we're not alone."

"I'll run some errands," Jo said, sliding the sticky wet thong up her legs. "Pretend I have some stuff to do so I can leave you to it."

"Will dad be ok with it?" Mark admired his mom's toned body and modest but pert breasts. He was already hard again inside his jeans.

"Oh he's fine," Jo said, pulling the panties snug against her smooth sex, the back of the thong riding up between her ass cheeks. "Are you ok with them coming here?" She retrieved her small vibe from the table and lowered to her knees.

"Yeah, I mean... of course," Mark said as he felt his mom's hands work their way up his legs toward his fly.

"So it's settled," Jo said, the vibe turning on. "Now be a good boy and feed Mommy your cock."

Mark leaned back and let Jo undo his belt and zipper, feeling her warm hands on his meat. Her smooth lips kissed the still-sensitive skin on his head. Her hot wet mouth surrounded him, enveloped him. The truth was that Mark would never want to quit this. Every soiled pair of panties meant a blowjob (point free) as she enjoyed their work. These blowjobs were especially nice because he loved when she got so worked up from her fingers and the vibe that she stopped sucking in order to moan and cum. This, in turn, always made him pop which just fueled the fire because she would make half choking slurping noises as she swallowed what he was giving her in the midst of her orgasms. He could never imagine feeling anything better, except for his mom's pussy of course. Certainly none of his buddies could make him feel this good.

He looked down, watching his mother go to work, and tried to save as much of the sensation in his brain for later.


Later that night, after saying hello to his son doing homework at the dinnette table, Frank peeled his wife's thong down and entered her in the kitchen. Although she had made him wait the first few weeks that he came home to find her panties swamped with teenaged cum, his persuasive nature soon won her over as he insisted on fucking her first thing, before even saying hello with his work clothes still on, and contributing another load to the collection. Plus he liked to think of it seeping out of her, adding to her wet, as she fed him and the boy dinner. He always treated her right afterward in the bedroom, when he could think again.

Tonight, as he pulled out and pulled the thong back up into place, Jo mentioned the change in location. "I also have an idea," she told him. "Something naughty," whispered into his ear.

"Tell me," he said.

"Later," she answered.


The next week, Jo heard the door open and boys' voices echo up from the floor below. "Here we go," she said to herself. After hitting record on the bedroom VCR, she took one last look around to make sure everything was set then went downstairs to greet her guests.

As she descended the stairs, the boys' voices grew quiet. She found all five of them staring silently from the sectional couch as her head cleared the stairs and they came into view. The tv, already on and tuned to MTV, showed some guy in flannel playing a guitar and singing words she couldn't understand.

"Ok boys, I'm going for groceries and stopping off at the video store. Do you want me to look for anything in particular, Marky?"

She stood there as the boys tried to comprehend her words. She supposed her outfit might've been a little too much - a tight top and the shortest skirt she could get away with in public - but hey, at least she wore a bra. These boys were just horny.

"Uh... no, mom. I'm fine," Mark said.

"Ok then. I'll probably be gone a good two hours, you boys don't burn the house down."

"Yes, Mrs. Capshaw," they said, slightly out of unison.

Jo gave one last smile then left through the garage.


By the time she got to the video store, Jo was beginning to have doubts. Her choice to forgo panties - she figured it would be fun to build up to whatever present would be waiting for her when she got back - was already starting to show. The leather of her seat, bare and warm against her, came away slick when she got out of the car. Checking her outfit quickly in the side mirror, she saw a wet spot on the back of her skirt. Shit.

She'd have to do something about this.

After searching her purse and the glove compartment for a pocket vibe, buttplug, anything soft and cylindrical, all she could find was a half roll of old Mentos. For just a moment, she considered them. The idea of that much sugar up there brought her mind back down to earth so she left them in the car.

Inside the video store, she perused the new releases for something that might attract the whole family. Something funny but with a pretty actress to keep the boys interested. Soon though, she caught her eyes drifting over to the flimsy curtain separating the main room from a space in the back. A cardboard sign reading "Adults only!" was taped above the doorway.

Struggling to keep her mind on anything else, she found herself meandering toward the curtain, picking up and putting down random titles along the way. "Ah, what the hell," she said to herself and walked through.

Rows upon rows of brightly colored boxes with pink bodies greeted her on the other side. The rows were separated by a sort of genre, some of them seemingly racial ("Blacks," "Latinas," "Asians"), others by act ("Anal," "Group," "Lesbian"). She nonchalantly walked down each aisle, taking in the bevy of fake tits and hair on the covers.

In the very back of the room she found a shelf labelled "Taboo." Here there were titles like "Moms and Daughters," and "Daddy Dearest" where the women on the cover were dressed and made up to look very young. She picked up a box and looked at the back cover, finding images of bald pussies being stretched by hairy dicks.

Jo bent over to look at the bottom row of videos and became aware of herself. Her skirt, not leaving much to the imagination to begin with, was now airing all of her laundry. Furthermore, she felt the building's air conditioner blowing against the wet along her slit. Standing straight and closing her thighs, she found that a stream of grool had also made its way down to mid-thigh. It slid between her legs as she took another step.

Having a hard time believing that she was that wet, she put her hand down and felt along her thigh under her skirt. Sure enough, her fingers came back shiny. She quickly licked them clean, then heard a slight cough from her side.

Looking over, Jo saw a man she had not noticed before. Middle-aged and heavyset, the man had a video box in his hand and was trying very hard to look like he wasn't staring at her. After a moment of embarrassment, she noticed his pants, bulging below the slope of his belly. Jo quickly made a deal with herself.

She walked over, facing the opposite row of videos as to not frighten him, and quietly asked "Have any recommendations?"

The man's breath came in sudden ragged gasps, his cheeks red and flustered.

Jo turned around and saw the section he was browsing, labelled "imports."

"What do you have there?" she asked, taking the box from his hands. The front of the box had some Japanese lettering above a close-up picture of a woman's smiling face. Surrounding her face were a dozen phalluses all blurred out and pixelated. Jo flipped the box over and saw the back cover: the same woman with the same smile but this time absolutely plastered with semen.

"Oh my, I've never seen anything like this before," she said. "Is that what you like?" Handing the box back to him, "Cumming on women's faces?"

"Uhhh... uh huh," the man said.

"Really?" Jo asked. "More than anything else?"

The man shrugged and looked around, maybe thinking this was some sort of setup.

"Let's say you could choose," Jo said."You can cum on me here," framing her face with her hands, "or here." She lowered her hands and raised up her skirt, feeling the whoosh of air on her exposed sex.

"Uhh," the guy, unable to speak. "Fa... the face.. Your face..."

"You're sure?" Putting some tease into her voice now, "Not even like this?" Jo used her fingers to spread her lips open, staring at his face as his eyes fixated on her pink. Bringing her fingers up wet, his eyes followed as she brought them to her mouth and tasted herself. "Jerk off for me," she whispered.

The man dropped the video box and went at his fly, quickly pulling a cock that would look nice if it weren't dwarfed by his belly out of his pants.

It'd been a while since Jo had seen an uncircumcised penis. She quietly lowered onto her knees and looked up at him while smiling.

His cock now looking like a bishop, the man stroked furiously, revealing a peek of paler pink skin through the shrivelled hole at the end of his foreskin.

Jo's hands found her clit, falling into pace with the guy's hand on his cock. Already, his breathing was increasing. She opened her mouth and put out her tongue, looking up into his face.

"He sees me," she thought as they maintained eye contact for a moment, then he closed his eyes and Jo felt a shot of warm liquid cross her nose and hit her forehead. She then closed her eyes as well and felt a surprising amount of cum - maybe seven, eight shots - land all over her. Several went onto her tongue, allowing her to taste his mild, almost sweet, flavor. She swallowed without hesitation.

Jo felt the orgasm rise within her, but then the liquid hot drops had stopped and she opened her eyes to see the man quickly zipping up his fly, leaving without a word. She was now alone, kneeling on a video store carpet. She stood as well, feeling the flood of juices ooze from her and catch on her slick thighs. Trying to steady herself, she walked back through the carpet.

"Can i help you with finding any... whoa," a teenaged boy with acne stopped as he made sense of what he was seeing. Cheeks now burning, Jo rushed from the store, her low heels clacking on the parking lot pavement until she was safely back in her car.

Putting the sunshade down to get a look at herself, Jo was shocked by what she saw. Something about the tawdry sight of herself coated in cum in the harsh afternoon light of a public parking lot made everything seem that much dirtier. She stared at her own cumslut face as two fingers buried themselves up to the second knuckles in her hole. Soon the wet sounds of fingers slamming into herself filled the car, then mixed with her moans as she stuck her tongue out to try and lick some cum off her lip.

The wave rose then crested, washing her in warmth as her body clenched and released, tensed and relaxed, climaxed, then withdrew. She laughed with relief.

After calming down, she found some kleenex in the glove and used them to wipe the cum from her face and grool from her cunt. Satiated for the moment, her head felt clear enough to pick up some groceries.


"I'm home," Jo called out as she opened the door from the garage. As much as she wanted to catch them all with their pants down, she thought it might be too soon for them to not be embarrassed by it.

"It's just me," Mark called from the dining room.

Walking through to the kitchen, Jo found her son surrounded by textbooks sitting at the dining room table. "Did you boys have fun?" She asked.

Mark nodded. "It kind of got... intense."

Thrilled by the news, Jo took her son's hand and pulled him off his seat, guiding him toward the stairs. "Let's take a look at Mommy's special present."

"Um, " Mark started, following behind her "It's not what you think."

"What do you mean, honey?" Jo asked as she led them down the upstairs hall toward the master bedroom. Walking in, she did not see a pair of panties waiting for her on the bed where she asked Mark to leave them. Confused, she turned around and asked "Did you not get a chance to play?"

"No, we did," Mark said. "It's just... Ant had this idea." He kept his eyes on the carpet, betraying the guilt that he was feeling. "He thought it would be hot if we each took a pair from your drawer then... used it... and put it back so you wouldn't notice."

Jo crossed the room and slid her top drawer open. At first glance, her underwear appeared untouched. She rooted through them with her hand, feeling moisture in several pairs.

"I couldn't say anything... I had to go along. I'm sorry, Mom. I know how much you like it when we all... use... the same pair."

Jo slid the drawer closed and regarded her son, picking his face up with her hand to look her in the eye. "It's ok, Marky. This is even better. Now I can feel you boys all week." She smiled warmly.

"You're not upset?" Mark asked.

"Do I feel upset?" Jo took Mark's hand and slid it between her legs, feeling his warm fingers slide between her thighs and glance against her clit.

"Oh.... wow," Mark said.

Pulling the shirt over her head and undoing her bra, Jo said "How would you like to earn twenty points?"

"That would put me above fifty," he immediately replied.

"Oh would it?" Jo asked with a smile. She always knew exactly what her son's running tally of points were, and by now could guess exactly how he would want to spend them.

"Fifty five," Mark said. "What do I have to do?"

Jo sat on her bed then leaned back, using her elbows to slide back against the headboard. "Mommy really needs her clit sucked. You wouldn't believe how worked up today's made me. If you make mommy cum then you can redeem your points right afterward."

"Really?" Mark's pants swelling.

"On one condition."

"Anything," he said, crawling onto the bed toward her spread legs.

"You have to cum in me. Is that ok, honey?"

It was.


Jo traded the skirt for a robe, going downstairs to get dinner going while Mark finished his homework. When she heard the garage door open, she put the red sauce on simmer and asked Mark to stir it occasionally until she got back.

Meeting Frank at the door, she greeted her husband with a deep open kiss, waiting until she felt his tongue slither into his mouth before disengaging. Frank's hand found the front of her robe and went exploring. "No panties today?" He asked.

"I have something to show you," she whispered, then led him upstairs.

In their bedroom, Jo turned on the tv and hit rewind on the VCR.

"Have you watched it yet?" Frank asked.

"I haven't had time. The boys each filled their own pair today then hid them back in my drawer. I've been so crazy that I let some stranger jerk off on my face."

"Stranger?" Frank asked.

"Some guy in the porn section of the video store. I was dripping, Frank. You know how I get."

Frank grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up against him. "I know exactly how you get," whispering into his ear. "Did he shoot a lot? Was it thick?" He slid a finger into her as his other hand squeezed her left nipple, the robe wide open now.

The tape in the VCR chunked to a stop. Jo aimed the remote and hit play. A silent grainy black and white image of the living room downstairs appeared. She could see the boys hanging out on the sectional , all staring toward the screen. The camera, hidden in the entertainment console just above the top of the TV, provided a poor but serviceable picture. She felt Frank's hands pick up the shoulders of her robe and slide it off.

On the TV, Jo saw a distorted version of herself enter the fisheyed edge of the screen. She hit the fast forward until her likeness walked off toward the garage and left the frame. The boys sat there a little longer before Blake and Mark stood up. Jo hit play to return the video to normal playback speed.

"Which one is that?" Frank's voice in her ear, his hands running up and down her stomach, cradling her tits and rubbing her mound on either end of the journey.

"I think that's Blake. He's putting his porno in the VCR." Jo grinded her ass back onto Frank while she watched.

On the screen, Mark stands up and starts to head toward the stairs before stopping and looking back at the couch. A moment later, all five boys stand up and follow him. Soon they all disappear. "This must be when they were up here, looking for my panties."

The sounds of Frank disrobing could not bring her to tear her eyes away from the TV. Jo fast forwarded once more until the boys returned, each with a dark splotch of something in their hands. Blake points a remote at the screen then the boys all settle into the couch and start staring.

"I wish i could hear what they're saying," Jo said.

"Is this Mark's load?" Frank asks from behind.

"Uh huh. They're starting." She pointed to a grainy spot on screen where one of the boys - she guessed Ant - pulls his cock out and starts stroking. Soon the others follow suit.

Jo felt Frank's face press up against her ass, his tongue finding her hole and wetting it down. "Jesus, that one is hung. He's almost as big as you."

Frank's tongue slithered into her asshole. Jo widened her stance to accommodate him.

"Look at them all jerking off together... coaxing their throbbing cocks," Jo's breathing quickened, her hand instinctively falling toward her clit.

Frank stood up, grabbing her hips and turning her around, intent on bending her over the bed.

"No,wait," Jo said. She quickly hopped on the bed and got on her hands and knees so she could face the foot of the bed and the tv beyond. "Can you fuck me like this so I can keep watching?"

Frank grunted his assent, climbing onto the bed behind her and kneeling down with his cock in his hand.

Jo had to let out a moan as Frank's cock started to slide into her ass. It wasn't that this was her first time or she couldn't handle him or anything like that. She was just so transfixed with the young cock on screen that the rest of the world faded away. The instantly full sensation however brought her back to reality. She immediately felt a wave rising within her. She locked her elbows and bared down on it, staring as the five boys almost synchronised their jacking.

"You want their young cocks, don't you, slut." Frank's voice, gruff and husky, floated into her ear.

"Yes, daddy. I want that... boy cock." Jo's voice interrupted as Frank's cock sank deeper into her ass.

"What would you do for it?"



"I'd do anything for that dripping hard boy cock, daddy."

Frank settled into a rhythm as Jo's ass stretched to accommodate him. Soon the sound of his hips hitting her ass cheeks filled the room.

"Jesus, oh... Frank, look at that," Jo almost screamed, her breath now pitched and heaving.

On the screen, one of the boys just leaned over and took his neighbor's cock into his mouth. After watching for a bit, one of the other boys bent over and started sucking as well, leaving Mark alone to stroke his own cock using a pair of her pilfered clean panties.

The sight was too much for Jo. Her pussy took full control, rearing back, bucking her hips as Frank jammed into her tightness. Clenching him and releasing, gripping and almost suckling it with her body, Jo's being ached for release.

"Ffffffuck me, daddy fuck me daddy fuck me daddy" Jo thought she heard herself say.

On the TV, the boys switched positions, trading off between sucker and suckee. Mark, left alone, continued to stroke. In the grainy image, his hand was too much of a blur to be seen.

"Fill me up... split me open.. Use me... tear me... do it, daddy... do it!" Jo's elbows gave out and she collapsed lower onto the bed, the springs in full effect as Frank's body pounded into her. The TV became a blur as the barrage from behind triggered her cum. Eyes rolling back, screaming into the blankets, Jo rode the crest of her wave then crashed loose as it hit the shore. For a moment the world was no more and there was only pleasure.

When she came too, Jo felt Frank's cock lift up out of her, leaving a liquid trail of heat along the cheek of her ass as he rolled off her. On the screen, all five boys were standing in a circle, obscuring what was going on between them. She could guess.

Jo gave her body a few more minutes to recover, loving the feeling as Frank's cum cooled and began to dry on her ass while the rest of his load still seeped freely from her gaping hole.

Frank appeared at the foot of the bed, pulling his robe on but leaving it open in the front for his softening member to dry off. "So they're playing with each other a bit."

Jo rolled over so she could sit up. "Mark didn't do anything."

"I should probably still talk with him about it," Frank said. "Just to make sure he's ok with everything. For all the stuff that we've been open with him about, this hasn't really come up yet, has it."

"It hasn't," Jo agreed. "Jesus," She reached back to feel herself. "You really went to town on me."

"I love you, Jo," Frank answered. "Give me a few minutes to talk with Mark. We'll be downstairs when you're ready."


Later that night, as Jo and Frank lay together in bed listening to music and enjoying the warmth of their bodies together, Jo asked how the talk went.

"Pretty good," Frank replied. "He asked a few questions but seemed pretty nervous about it. I think we should tell him about the camera so he knows where all of this is coming from."

"Good idea," Jo said. "I would've told him sooner but I didn't want him to be nervous or give anything away."


"So he asked a few questions? That's a good sign."

"Just the basic stuff. Do guys fuck each other, will he get AIDS, that sort of thing."

Jo thought about this for a moment. "So what's the next step? Give him some time?"

"I thought I might take him by Kenneth's," Frank said.

Jo propped herself up on her shoulder. "Really?"

Frank adjusted so he could share eye contact. "If he's open. It might help him get some perspective."

Jo gave a coy smile. "I think you're just in the mood for some Candy."

Frank's chuckle betrayed him. "Are you telling me you wouldn't have those boys lined up given the chance?"

"Fair enough," Jo said. "Maybe you can take him next week... after they're already here?"

Frank stared at her as he thought about it. "That sounds good. Good for everyone."

A few moments of silence stretched between them in the darkness.

"You're ok with it right?" Jo asked as she rested her head on Frank's chest.

"Of course, baby girl. And You're ok with the Candy, right?" Fank asks.

Jo looked up into Frank's eyes and slid her hand onto the log of his resting penis.

"I know what daddy likes."


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