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The following is a work of fiction. It is fantasy and intended for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone anything illegal, abusive, or unhealthy. Many topics explored herein may have intensely negative consequences if enacted in real life. No one's nut is worth ruining a life.


That said, I'd love to hear what you thought. Feel free to email me to share any thoughts you may have..
Charlie heard a car horn honk out front. He took a deep breath then rushed downstairs. "I'm leaving!" He announced to the house.

"Have fun, be home before midnight!" Charlie's mom yelled from the other room.

"I told you, we don't know when it'll end! It's D&D!" Charlie, suddenly afraid he was being too conspicuous, rushed for the door.

"Call if you're still out at midnight!" His mom's voice said just before he shut the front door.

A small hatchback sat idling in his driveway with a deep rhythmic thrum of bass reverberating the windows. Perhaps triggered by his appearance, the car horn blared one more long honk. Charlie half-ran toward it, saying "keep it down, geez" to himself. As he made it to the car, the passenger door opened and Christy gave him a smile.

"Everything ok?" She asked.

"Super, no problemo," Charlie answered, feeling stupid. Why did he say "problemo?" He never said that.

Christy leaned forward and pulled the chair's lever, flinging the seatback forward to allow Charlie entrance to the back seat. He took a moment to adjust himself - he was wearing a pair of swim trunks under his pants which made things bunch tighter than he was comfortable with - before bending over and crawling in. Christy must have been more used to wearing her suit under her jeans and t-shirt because she looked amazing and comfortable. Her smile didn't show any of the nerves currently buzzing around in his belly, almost making him tremble.

"You must be Charlie," the female driver said as he squeezed himself into the tiny car and fell back into the rear seat. Sitting up, he bonked his head against the sloping car top and had to slouch back down. Looking forward, he saw another woman sharing Christy's auburn hair and green eyes staring at him through the rear view mirror. Just a single strap on her shoulder told him that she did not wear a bra under her tank top. God, he was horny.

Christy lowered the volume on the radio then shifted in her seat and looked back at Charlie. "This is my sister, Laura."

"Hi, Laura," Charlie leaned forward to awkwardly offer his hand. "Thanks for driving us."

"Uh huh, I bet you're real glad."

"Hush!" Christy punched her sister's shoulder as Laura started to laugh.

"Ok, lovebirds. Here we go." Laura hit the volume knob and backed out of Charlie's driveway. As the car drove, Charlie gave up on hearing anything other than the booming dance music so he leaned back contented himself with his over-the-shoulder view of Christy.. The OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ of the music pushed through his body; he felt it in his chest.

The three of them rode across town. At one stop light, Laura looked back and yelled "You like the music, Charlie?"

Charlie, mostly lip-reading, nodded yes.

"It's good right? UK Import; not even out here yet." She turned back toward the road and slammed on the gas.

Maybe ten minutes later, they pulled onto a familiar street and approached Jo's house. The gates were open and Charlie saw a whole row of cars parked along the circle driveway. Laura lowered the volume and said "so this place does exist. Crazy."

"You've heard about it?" Charlie asked from the back.

"There were rumors when I was in school," Laura responded, "but I never got an invite or anything like that. You two must be quite the hepcats."

Charlie blushed. Never in his life did he consider himself popular. While he liked to think that he was his own kind of cool in an outsider against-the-stream type way, most of the time he just slunk through the halls of school trying to be a ghost and not get noticed by the jocks or bullies. He had to admit that Laura had a point however. Some of the cars parked along the drive were Mercedes and BMW, no doubt driven by some of the school's social elite. He knew of one guy on the football team, his parents gave him a brand new Lexus for his 16th birthday.

Laura pulled to a stop in front of the door. "My chauffeur duties are officially on pause" she said. "Call me when you need a pickup, k Chris?" Christy leaned over and gave Laura a casual kiss on the lips then opened the door. After she was out, she pulled the seat forward and bent over, looking into the backseat. "You ready, Charlie?"

Charlie had never seen anyone so beautiful in his whole life. Her face when she looked at him; it was like a movie star looking right at you. All of his anxiety and embarrassment washed away in that instant. "She chose me," he thought. He smiled and stepped forward.

Laura's music started to fade as she drove away. Together, the young couple turned toward the door. Charlie knocked.

The door opened and a teenage guy looked out at them. Shirtless and wearing cut-off jean shorts, the boy squinted his eyes and said "Are you guys cool?"

"Uh," Charlie stammered. "Jo invited us?"

The young man's look of suspicion became a broad smile as he said "Then come on in!"

Inside, both kids stopped to take in what they saw. A full-fledged party unfolded around them. Music played from somewhere, a popular song that Charlie had heard on the radio. Past the living room through the sliding glass doors, they could see people out in the backyard enjoying the yard and the pool. Inside, several guys sat on the couch watching naked people fucking on the television. Jo was kneeling before them, her head bobbing down on one of their cocks while her hands stroked two others. Beside the three high-schoolers being serviced, several others sat bare-chested intently watching either the screen or Jo as she worked. In the kitchen past the television along the right wall, Charlie saw another cluster of kids his age, all in bathing suits, hanging out next to a spread of snacks set out on plates and bowls.

Jo came up for air and saw the couple. "Charlie! Christy, I'm so glad you could make it!" She stood and left the three boys holding their dicks as she approached. Running a finger along the edges of her mouth, she met the two lovebirds in the entryway wearing what Charlie figured was technically still a swimsuit. Jo's bikini top consisted of white string tying behind her neck and coming down to frame her small but perky breasts, but where patches of white nylon were usually present to cover her breasts and nipples, the fabric just framed them instead. Likewise, her bottoms were nothing but a string bikini waist with a thin panel of white stretched across her mound before leaving her pussy absolutely bare, merely framed by the white edges along her inner thighs. It was as if someone had cut away all the parts that made the swimsuit functional.

"Isn't it cute?" Jo saw them both staring at her outfit. "I get them from this Australian company online. I swear by them." Jo took turns hugging both Charlie and Christy, then took their hands and pulled them toward the stairwell to the left. "Now, I know this is your first time at one of our parties. I don't want you to freak out so don't feel like you have to do anything that you're uncomfortable with. Everyone here is really nice and knows the rules."

Charlie, remembering the rules that Jo outlined before, nodded.

"I also saved Marky's room for you, since I thought you might want a little privacy. Just don't take the sign off the door and you should be alright. Can I get you guys anything?"

Charlie looked to Christy, who appeared to be as overcome as he felt. Looking back to Jo, all he could muster as a reply was "We're fine."

Jo gave both of them a gleaming smile. "Wonderful. Well, you two make yourselves at home and have a good time." With that, she turned her back to them, presenting an equally-revealing rear view as she walked back to the couch. "Now where were we?" She asked the boys on the couch.

Charlie looked to Christy. "Do you want to... stay down here or... go up now?"

Christy smiled. "Let's go upstairs, Charlie."

Walking upstairs, Charlie heard laughing voices coming from the second floor. Once at the top of the stairs, he looked back and forth between the guest room doors and the other way leading to the restroom and the master bedroom at the end of the hall. From the guest rooms, he heard bed springs squeaking and loud breathing, but from the master he heard someone say "Who's next in the hot seat? Kevin?"

"Yeah, it's Kevin's turn!" Said another voice.

Charlie looked to Christy and shrugged his shoulders.

"Let's take a look," She whispered and began walking down the hall. Charlie followed behind. When she reached the doorway, Christy came to a stop and stared. Charlie stepped up behind her and saw six, maybe seven guys all naked on or surrounding the king-sized bed. One guy was on all fours while several others were approaching with their hard cocks in their hands.

"Excuse me," An adult man - looking a good twenty years older than anyone else in the room - said. "You're free to watch, Miss but I'm afraid this room is for guys only. He's free to join, though." He eyed Charlie up and down as he stroked himself.

"Oh, sorry," Christy said. "I... sorry!" She turned and quickly stepped back from the door, drawing a few chuckles from the group. Charlie followed behind as she half-ran down the hall. They reached a door with a small sign taped to the door reading "RESERVED." Christy pointed to it and looked back at Charlie. Behind them, Charlie could hear more bedsprings from the other guest room and a guy's voice moaning "oh god" over and over again. He nodded yes and she opened the door into Mark's room. Charlie closed it behind him as he entered.

Now that they were alone in the safety of Jo's son's room, they each blew out a sigh of relief. Looking at each other once again, they broke out laughing.

"Oh my god!" Christy loudly whispered. "What was that? A gay orgy?"

"I know! What do you think the hot seat is?" Charlie responded.

"People are fucking all around us, Charlie!" Christy crossed the room and peeked through the curtains of the window looking out at the back yard. "Look at this!"

Charlie walked up and stood behind her, looking over her shoulder at the activity below. Several people in the pool were paired up, moving together in rhythm.

"There's like half the school here," Christy whispered. "This is crazy."

Charlie saw several people, both men and women, laying out completely naked on chaise longues. Others casually talked in small groups around the pool, some naked and others still in swimsuits. No one was fully clothed.

"Mmm I guess you like what you see," Christy whispered, pushing her ass back against Charlie's crotch.

He hadn't even noticed but his dick had swollen and, in the tight confines of double layering his swim trunks underneath his pants, his bulge had started pushing into Christy's ass. He let out a soft moan at the contact before stepping back and undoing his fly. "I guess we should get comfortable," he said.

Charlie quickly whipped his shirt off as he stepped out of his pants. His swim trunks, bahama shorts that went down to his knees, quickly spread out and gave his dick room to breath.

Christy turned away from the window and let out a small laugh.

"What, do they look stupid?" Charlie asked, looking down at the loud floral print of his trunks.

"No, it's not that," Christy said. "I guess I just had a different idea of what we'd be doing." She grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head, revealing a black sheer top. Charlie took in every tiny detail: the narrow straps that led from her shoulders down to small back cups decorated in ornate lace flowers as the top squeezed Christy's modest chest together to create cleavage. Dark sheer panels crossed her midsection and ribs, layered with baroque lace designs that accentuated her figure. The dark fabric looked amazing against her pale skin. The lingerie abruptly ended at the waist, hidden underneath her jeans.

"Wow," Charlie said.

Christy smiled and undid her jeans. As she slid them over her hips, Charlie could see the remainder of the lingerie stretching down to just past her navel, the black sheer mesh hugging her hips and ending in long curving scallops coming to points at the front of each of Christy's legs to leave taut black garters. Underneath, a small panty in matching black mesh gave a peek of Christy's bare pale mound. The jeans fell to the ground, exposing black stockings connected to the garters. Christy's pale waist and thighs, framed by the garters and panties, stood in stark contrast to the rest of her body covered in semi-transparent black lace.

"My god.' It was the sexiest thing Charlie had ever seen.

Christy smiled and gave a little turn, going up onto her toes to make her ass pop. The look on Charlie's face said everything she could hope for. His eyes were transfixed, devouring the sight of her as the rest of his body froze. His mouth, slightly open, would soon be on her. Kissing her, licking her, tasting her. She couldn't wait to see that face come up from between her legs.

Christy stepped toward Charlie, deliberately rolling her hips with each step. She reached out toward the waistband of his trunks and tugged at it, finding a drawstring tied in a bow. She pulled the knot free.

Charlie felt Christy's hand on his waist. He became aware that the mesh liner of his swim trunks were now biting into his swollen cock. As Christy pulled the waistband loose and slid them down his hips, his dick sprang free, swinging out to the side then returning to point directly at her. Christy knelt down in front of him, lowering her face under the shadow of his cock then rising up until it rested on her soft skin.

"Can I please taste it, Charlie? Will you feed me your cock?"

She felt it twitch against her face and knew the words had their intended effect. Slowly, she leaned back onto her legs, the carpet feeling unfamiliar and somehow sexy against her nyloned calves. As she pulled back, the hot skin of Charlie's cock slid down the length of her cheek before resting against her lips. Christy opened her mouth just enough to slide her tongue up against the underside of his head, sliding it against his shaft as her mouth opened wider to take him in. As soon as she was sure her teeth were clear of his sensitive head, her lips clamped down on him and she began to lean forward. His cock slid willingly into her mouth, resting its heavy weight on her undulating tongue.

Moving slowly, letting him slide into her, she tried to relax her jaw and concentrate on keeping her lips moving forward toward the base of Charlie's cock. When his head started pushing against the back of her throat, Christy looked up into his eyes, exhaled, and forced herself further onto it just like Jo had taught her. She saw his eyes widen as he slid past her tonsils down into her throat.

The day before, Christy had paid a visit to Jo on her own, asking for any pro tips that she could share regarding the subject of fellatio. Jo had welcomed her in and together they spent about an hour working on various dildos from her collection.

Christy held her breath, counting to five before releasing her hold on him. Sliding back out until Charlie's head was resting on her tongue, she took a deep breath out through her nose. She had felt her gag reflex threaten to trigger but suppressed it. Although it made her eyes water, she could feel Charlie swell up in her mouth.

This time she was ready. Christy closed her esophagus and lightly suckled on Charlie's cock until it exploded. Ever since their first encounter in Jo's pool, Charlie's first round had been quick. Christy's plan for today was to milk him like this so that his first time inside her wouldn't end before it could begin.

Sure enough, as she continued to look up into Charlie's eyes, a thick blast of semen shot into Christy's mouth. She calmly let it collect on her cupped tongue as she used her hand to stroke the rest of his load out. Soon her mouth was full of salty, slightly bitter, warm liquid. Swishing her tongue around in it, she thought it didn't feel like anything else she'd ever tasted. More viscous than milk, a few bits were so dense that they were almost chewy, yet it also slid over her tongue and collected in her mouth like water. She popped Charlie's cock from her lips so she could explore without worrying about spilling any.

"Show me," Charlie said.

"Show me." He didn't ask, he told her, she thought. She was surprised by this Dominant streak in him, and her body liked it very much. Still maintaining eye contact, she opened her mouth wide, holding her hand cupped under her chin in case any slipped out. Carefully, she stuck out her tongue to show what he'd given to her.

"Swallow it," Charlie said.

Christy closed her lips and opened her throat, trying to take his load down in one gulp. It didn't go down so easily though. It coated her throat like pepto bismol and just stuck there. Breaking eye contact for a moment to look down and muster a second loud gulp, The rest of it finally went down. Her mouth now clear, she looked back up at him with her mouth wide open, tongue stuck out and the corners of her mouth creasing into a smile.

Charlie's arms shot out in a flash. His hands gripped her under her armpits, lifting her with a strength she didn't know he had. She was barely on her feet before he rotated his hips and threw her onto the bed. She didn't protest; she was his now. He could do whatever he wanted to her.

Charlie looked down at Christy as she flopped onto the bed. Her long legs, wrapped in black nylon, flopped apart as she landed and exposed his target. Like a shark, he lowered down then slid forward onto the bed, running his arms against the bedsheet until they slid under her legs and brought his face to within inches of her sex. The stockings rubbed against his biceps as he wrapped his arms around her thighs and let his hands run their way up across her stomach toward her tits. The halter, sheathing her torso in sheer nylon mesh, felt new and unbelievably sexy.

Now that his whole world was Christy's pussy, separated by just a thin layer of see-through material, Charlie confirmed what he had glimpsed earlier."You shaved," He said to the vagina.

"I liked how Jo's looked and thought it would feel special. Do you like it?" Christy answered from above.

He answered by pushing his mouth up against it, smashing his nose against the fine mesh as he felt her warmth from behind the oddly-rough grain of the panty. His hands found her breasts hidden behind an underwire cup, padded along the bottom and contoured to push them up and together. He didn't know what he was feeling for a second, letting his fingers travel along the bottom ridge of each breast until he discerned the ridge between the edge of the padding and her soft flesh. From there, he hunted blindly for her nipples, finding them locked behind fine lace. They were rock hard, sticking out for him to squeeze onto.

Back down here, he lapped at her like a dog drinking water. The mesh felt rough on his tongue, dry at first but quickly softening as his tongue and her body made a wet spot above the gusset. He had felt her clit on the last lick, a subtle pebble in the soft mound, and was now pressing the flat of his tongue against it. Charlie's nose inhaled her scent. For as sexy as these panties looked, they needed to go.

Pulling himself up onto his elbows, Charlie grabbed at the sides of the waistband and began to slide the panties down. Christy lifted her hips to help and he saw that just a string fell from underneath, revealing a small triangle of mesh that was now half-saturated. In his rush to feast on her, he had neglected to feel her ass and hadn't even realized what kind of back the panties had.

Charlie ran into a roadblock when the waistband of the panties met the tops of Christy's thigh-high stockings. The garters, holding the stockings up, were pinning the panties down. Christy's smooth pale sex was free but Charlie couldn't get to it without choking himself against the taut line of fabric. He shifted to one of her thighs and began to puzzle out how the fuck these garters worked.

After a moment of stumbling frustration, Christy slid the garter's fastener along its track, releasing the rubber nub from the hard plastic rail. The silk lace came free and the halter's strap sprang up.

Ahh. Charlie made quick work of the other one and thought he was done until he realized they were in the back as well. Now frenzied with frustration, he roughly grabbed underneath Christy's thighs and hastily undid the last two garters, all but ripping the dainty g-string as they finally slid free and passed over Christy's knees.

Throwing the damned thing over his shoulder, Charlie slid back down onto Christy's pussy and planted his lips around her clit. Without public hair to hide in, he made short work of finding the top folds of her slit and sliding up between them with the tip of his tongue. He heard her squeal from above and shiver against him but showed no mercy. Instead, he drew his tongue up onto her smooth mound and gave the freshly-shaved skin a nibble, using just a tiny amount of teeth against the sensitive skin. His fingers, holding each of her nipples hostage through the fabric of her halter, squeezed and pulled in unison.

Charlie's chin felt warm and sticky wet. Sliding his face back down, he found her pussy a swollen mess of wet and juice. Using his lips to spread hers open, his tongue then probed and ran along just inside her lips, sliding to the center to feel the rippled tissue of her hymen, testing it by slowly pushing his tongue against it before quickly moving back up to her clit. The taste had immediately rejuvenated his dick which now grinded into the bed as he laid flat.

Now aiming for keeps, Charlie released Christy's nipples and brought his hands back down to grip the tops of her stockings. Holding her thighs closed against his ears, he pushed his lips down to form a seal around Christy's clit. Alternating between skipping the tip of his tongue against it and creating suction on the whole area, Charlie concentrated on keeping his repetition exactly the same except for a slight increase in pace. Somewhere far above, beyond Charlie's muffled hearing, Christy yelled out in pleasure. Her hips began to buck and squirm against his unrelenting attack. He could feel her building. Looking up past the swell of her heaving breasts, he saw Christy's eyes lock onto his gaze.

Suddenly, long cool fingers were reaching down between her thighs, pulling at Charlie's chin. He released his kiss and let Christy pull his face out of her crotch. Looking up at her, he asked "Is it time?"

She nodded.

Charlie slid onto his hands and knees and crawled up between Christy's legs until they were spread open. His swollen cock hung down between his legs, aimed like a missle at its target. He started to lower his hips.

"Jo's rules," Christy said.

Fuck. She was right. For an instant he thought of trying to say he'd just slide in for a second, that he would make sure to pull out before things got out of hand, but who was he kidding; things were already out of hand.

He looked over at the nightstand and saw a large bowl piled high with condoms. "It's a miracle," he thought.

Pushing himself up onto his knees, Charlie reached over and grabbed a condom. He ripped it open then stared at it like it was an alien device.

Christy's hands took it from him, pulling at the reservoir tip to see how it was rolled, then pressed it against his cockhead. At first, Charlie thought there was no way that it was going to fit. It looked like the tiniest cap on the very tip of his dick. But as Christy started stroking him with both hands, rolling the condom further and further down with each stroke, he saw the rubber stretch and grow to fit him. Finally, his cock looked vaguely white and shiny. He was ready.

Looking down into Christy's eyes, he lowered himself onto her. For a moment, his cock pushed against her mound then flopped downward and poked the bed. Charlie moved his knees back, repositioning his hips just below hers, and tried to flex his cock muscle to stick it in. It jabbed against her ass cheek. He felt her hand then, taking his shaft and aiming him. He moved slowly, letting her guide him to the right spot. Now he felt her body cradling his head, her lips parted and waiting. All he had to do was push.

"Yeah?" He asked one final time, looking down at her perfect face.

"I'm ready, Charlie" She answered.

Charlie pushed forward.

After just a moment's resistance, Charlie's cock slid into Christy's body. She gave out a little yelp and took a few long slow breaths as Charlie kept pushing, slowly getting more and more in until his balls pressed up against her ass. He looked at her face, noticing the measured breathing.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Keep going, Charlie," Christy answered. "Please don't stop."

Happy to oblige, Charlie arched his ass back and slid out until just his head was still inside. Pushing in again, this time was much easier. A layer of lubrication had washed over him, making his cock cut through her like warm butter. He dared not think about how good it felt.

"That's it, fuck me, Charlie," Christy whispered. "Let me feel your cock inside me."

Fueled by her encouragement, Charlie pulled back again, this time thrusting forward more confidently. From there, he didn't wait. Bracing himself on his elbows and knees, Charlie settled into a rhythm. Plunging his cock down, he began to really fuck his girlfriend.

Sharp cries escaped Christy's mouth. She didn't mean for them to but they came involuntarily. Each time Charlie stuck it in, a wince of pain would stab into her. Each time was lessening, but the first few really did hurt. She felt herself too wet to just be pussy juice but didn't dare stop. Behind the pain - underneath it maybe - was a deeply satisfying itch being scratched for the first time. Squeezing down on Charlie's cock with her pussy muscles felt absolutely amazing; being invaded by him, made part of him by letting him inside her; it felt right.

Christy squeezed down on her pussy once more as another wave washed over her, this time equal parts pleasure and pain. It felt so different from when she used her vibrator or when Charlie went down on her. Her clit still throbbed, sending waves of intensity up her spine any time Charlie happened to bear down just right or his pubic hair scratched against it, but this other feeling - deep and part of her soul - was on another level. It was like going in the ocean for the first time after a lifetime of swimming in lakes. All she knew is that she wanted more.

As Charlie's pace quickened, the pain abated. Now it was pure pleasure, washing over her, making her legs shake, refocusing all of her nerve endings between her legs. All she wanted was more: deeper, harder, faster into her. She said things; things that might make her blush tomorrow morning. She wanted to eat Charlie alive, to consume him and every ounce of his vigor. Holy fuck this felt good.

A shock hit her, at once surprising and frustratingly slow. She may have screamed. Charlie's piston nailed into her and stayed planted deep inside. It set her mind on fire. Her body thrashed and convulsed as she came, truly came. The fact that he was also moaning, screaming, something in between, didn't even register. She felt him swell and release, swell and release. And she did too.

Then they collapsed, Charlie giving her his full weight as she heaved and shook under him. The two just breathed, chests moving in unison.

When both young lovers had caught their breath and once again become aware of their surroundings, Charlie sheepishly pulled out. A long tail of condom followed him, heavy with load. The two of them looked down at the aftermath.

"Whoa," Charlie said. "Are you sure I..."

"I'm fine," Christy said. "But maybe we should both clean up."

Charlie backed off the bed and pulled at the bloody condom until it snapped free in his hand. Just a little more blood spotted on his balls and around the base of his cock. "You first?"

Christy quickly got up and, feeling how slippery her thighs were, didn't stay to argue. She slipped out the bedroom door and hurried down the hall to the bathroom. There, once she was alone, she surveyed the damage. Her stockings were hanging down below her knees, the garters dangling against her hips on either side of the mess. Some blood had smeared against both of her thighs and run between her ass cheeks. Pulling the stockings off her feet, she then reached over and found the halter's side zipper. Once loosened and the shoulder straps pulled down, the top fell over her hips to the floor in a silent whisper.

Christy ran a quick shower, gingerly probing her new body. There was some raw tissue still but nothing too painful and once everything was washed up she didn't look any different. Just touching her pussy brought flashbacks to a few minutes before. She quickly dried off and, not finding a robe, gathered her lingerie up in a ball then quickly passed through the hall once more back into Jo's son's room.

She found Charlie, still naked, staring out the window. "I'm done if you need the bathroom," she said.

"I found another one," he responded as he turned around. She saw that his cock was flaccid and clean. The sheets had also been changed. "God you are so beautiful, do you know that?"

The look on his face was everything. She ran to his arms and kissed him deep and long.

"You won't believe what's going on down there," He said. Together, they turned to the window and Christy looked down at the pool. Four guys were standing side by side at the poolside while four women stood waist-deep in the shallow end. Each looked like they were going down on their respective guy. A small crowd stood nearby, laughing and cheering them on.

"Should we go down?" Christy asked.

"Maybe in a bit," Charlie responded. "I want a little more time with just you if that's ok."

It was definitely ok.


"Excuse me. You're free to watch, Miss but I'm afraid this room is for guys only." Kenneth eyed the young couple standing in the doorway up and down. "He's free to join, though."

The lovebirds blushed and vanished. All around him, the boys laughed. Looking back to the puppy on all fours in front of him, Kenneth said "Now back to business. Kevin's in the hot seat!" He slapped Kevin's ass before lowering onto his knees at the side of the king-sized bed.

Kevin was a Sophomore if the other boys on the swim team were to be believed. Clearly eager to make friends, he had started hanging out with Chad and Trevor a little while ago. This was his second party at the house.

Kevin positioned himself on his hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Kenneth sat down and pushed his back against the side of the bed, sliding in between Kevin's knees to where his magnificent cock hung down toward Kenneth's face. The light dimmed as other boys crawled onto the bed all around him, approaching from every side. Kenneth felt someone's thighs against his chest as another boy took position standing behind Kevin.

"You ready, Kevin?" Kenneth asked, staring up at his perfect young cock.

"Always," Kevin said.


The room erupted in a cheer.

Kenneth lifted his neck and took Kevin's cock into his mouth. The swollen head slid easily onto the old pro's tongue. Kenneth wrapped his lips around it and sucked it to keep it in his mouth as the other boys moved in.

Bedsprings creaked as one of the boys knelt in front of Kevin. Kenneth felt Kevin's cock twitch as his mouth was filled. The boy standing behind Kevin stepped forward, leaning against the side of the bed on either side of Kenneth's shoulders. He felt Kevin's cock try to withdraw and knew his ass was being penetrated.

Three other boys were now on their knees huddled around Kevin's face. Kenneth felt the rhythmic movement on the bed of all of them stroking themselves as close as they could get. Almost all of his boys' only club was now on the bed in some way, pointing their cocks toward Kevin.

Kevin's cock shrivelled to soft in Kenneth's mouth. He lifted up and took him all into his mouth. He loved the feel of a soft penis in his mouth; loved to feel it grow and swell against his tongue. Since it was Kevin's first time in the hot seat however, he wasn't sure if the boy would swell or stay soft. For some, the intensity was too much and they're unable to focus. For most though, once things got rocking and rolling, the body took over.

Someone got a little excited and Kevin lurched back, coughing and sputtering. A moan escaped his lips before being filled once again. Kenneth could see a shaved pair of balls sidling up to Kevin's ass and knew Kevin was full to the hilt. He lifted a hand to fondle them a bit. He couldn't help it; how could you not?

Both boys spit-roasting Kevin started to establish a rhythm. Kenneth could also feel Kevin start to relax. Maybe he was realizing how good this actually felt, who knows. All Kenneth knew was that life was returning to the little worm in his mouth, slowly growing and gaining some rigidity at the heart of the spongy soft skin he was slathering with his tongue.

Whoever was fucking him put his hands on Kevin's hips. Likewise, the boy entering Kevin's face hooked his arms under his pits. Kenneth reached up and planted his hands on Kevin's chest. Together, they took on Kevin's body weight and slightly lifted him until his arms no longer touched the bed.

Pairs of legs shuffled over and Kenneth saw each of Kevin's hands go to a hanging cock. He started to stroke each one, relying on the others to keep him aloft.

Now the room was quiet. Small moans and grunts were all that disrupted the steady slap of skin against skin and slurping noises coming from both Kevin and Kenneth. Below decks, Kenneth got a whiff of that amazing scent of musk now clouding the room. He could tell Kevin liked it from the fact he had to relax his throat to take him all in now. What was just a baby carrot a few minutes ago now felt like a cucumber in Kenneth's mouth. He lived for this.

Kenneth felt his cock plunge into soft warmth. Some good boy had taken it upon himself to start blowing him while everyone else focused on Kevin. God, everyone was so horny today. He responded by moaning onto Kevin's dick and pushing his hips upward, helping to feed the hungry young man, whoever he was.

Now Kenneth could relax his neck and lay with his head on the edge of the bed. Kevin's cock was hard enough and the boy behind him had his legs spread wide so that his cock could slide in and out of Kenneth's mouth on its own. Plus, the way both cocks were swaying Kevin's body, his cock was jabbing into his throat automatically. Kenneth tried to look up and see how everybody else was doing.

A long line of spittle ran from Kevin's chin down to the bed. The cock that was using his mouth moved rapidly in and out. Kenneth saw balls swing against Kevin's wet chin with each thrust. Each of Kevin's hands was also being controlled, gripped by horny boys and held still while they thrusted into each of his closed fists.Kenneth saw fat cockheads poking in toward him as if he was inside a womb watching Daddy fuck Mommy. He wondered if either one of them could shoot far enough to hit his face.

But then he felt Kevin tense and knew the end was near. The boy had done well, surviving almost five minutes in the hot seat. He heard the boy groan onto the cock filling in his mouth and felt a spurt of cum shoot against Kenneth's tongue.

Everything immediately slowed down as every boy could tell that Kevin was climaxing. The cocks in his ass and mouth slid in and stayed there, feeling every clench and squeeze as Kevin unloaded into Kenneth's mouth.The cocks in his hands withdrew to allow him to steady himself.

Kenneth secretly swallowed a little. How could he not? And besides, no one would know. The virile young man was squirting more than enough to finish the game.

As Kevin's contractions eased, the boys at either end of him slid out and gave him some space. When he was sure he had every drop, Kenneth also let go and slid off the bed. Standing up, he saw Kevin roll over onto his back and take several deep relaxing breaths.

The boys surrounding the bed all cheered, then started chanting "Hot! Seat! Hot! Seed! Hot! Seat! Hot Seed!"

Kevin, knowing the drill, sat up and looked up at Kenneth.

Kenneth, now standing beside the bed, bent over and gave Kevin a deep full kiss. As he retracted, he stuck his tongue out to show that his mouth was now empty.

The chanting continued, everyone looking toward Kevin, every cock in the room rock hard except for the one that had just popped. Kevin smiled then swallowed, opening his mouth wide and sticking out his tongue to show everyone.

The room broke out in applause and cheers.

Kevin's cum had been thick and creamy and the flavor lingered on Kenneth's tongue. He relished the taste as he rolled it against the top of his mouth. FInally, looking around the room, he said. "Ok, who's next?"


Downstairs, Jo was riding one of the boys on the couch reverse cowgirl when an older man approached her. Being one of the few adults at the party, the man couldn't help but stand out. His slight frame, accentuated by his fair freckled skin and red hair, cut a miniscule figure as he stood in the living room. A leather studded cockring was all that he wore.

"Have a minute Jo?" The man asked.

Jo, halfway to a cum and riding the boy hard, took a second to catch her breath before answering. "What is it, Miles?"

"Well, It's just that... Sorry to interrupt but it's-"

"I'm gonna shoot," the boy behind Jo said, his voice husky with strain. The other boys, both absently stroking themselves as they watched the porn on the television, did not react.

Jo sat down on him hard and looked back over her shoulder, pushing two fingers into the boy's mouth. The boy sucked on them as he closed his eyes and shuddered. "That's it, baby boy. Fill Mommy up," Jo cooed. She slowly moved her hips in a circle, grinding and milking the boy's seed out with her kegels.

When he opened his eyes, Jo favored him with a smile. "Was it good?" She asked.

"You're the best, Jo. You know that." He answered.

"Thanks, baby. I'll see you later, ok?" Jo turned back toward Miles and dismounted. As she stood, a stream of opalescent white poured down her thigh and glopped onto the floor. "Oh my, you really filled Mommy up didn't you! Were you saving up?"

Miles followed as Jo walked to the kitchen to retrieve some paper towels. "Ok, Miles. What's on your mind?" She asked.

"It's Nadya's birthday next week," Miles said. "I was hoping we could maybe do something special."

Returning to the living room, Jo squatted and wiped the mess off her floor, not bothering with what was still on her thighs. "What did you have in mind?"

"Fill the Cup?" Miles said in a half whisper.

"Really?" She asked.

"It's what she wants. She asked for it specifically last night."

"Well," Jo hesitated for a moment, taking a sigh before giving a hesitant smile. "We can't deny the birthday girl, can we?" Jo returned to the kitchen, searching through upper cabinets until she found a large glass that usually served frozen margaritas. Holding it up, Miles nodded. "We better do this now before they empty their tanks. Is she ready?"

"More than ready. She's already outside," MIles said.

With that, Jo crossed the open space to a desk in the back corner of the living room and bent over an open laptop computer. Her micro-mini peekaboo bikini still framed her sex in white outlines. After a few clicks, the music playing throughout the house and backyard stopped.

Jo walked through the open sliding-glass door to the backyard patio and called out to the crowd hanging out in and around the pool. "Everyone? Attention here just a moment!" She raised her hand and rocked onto her tiptoes, making her perky breasts jiggle.

When the crowd quieted down, Jo spoke: "I hope everyone is having fun and I'm so happy that you all could make it out today. Just one quick announcement then I'll let you get back to it. For those who haven't met them, our good friends Miles and Nadya are here," pointing first to Miles then to an Olive-skinned woman with angular black hair tanning herself in one of the chaise longues, "They're responsible for all the soft drinks and snacks today. So Everyone please say thanks if you see them around the party. Also, It's Nadya's birthday this week! Yay!" Jo waited while the crowd cheered. "So... So as a special birthday wish, Nadya wants the boys to play a round of Fill The Cup! Now, I can't force everyone to play but as you know it's eight years of bad sex if you deny a girl's birthday wish so I hope that you will help her out. We'll be setting up over there where she's laying out and I will be offering fluffing services to anyone who asks nicely. Ok, that's all, everyone keep having fun!"

Jo turned the music back up then presented Nadya with the margarita glass.

"Thanks, Jo." Nadya said as she looked up past her sunglasses. "I didn't know if anyone would be interested..."

"Are you kidding?" Jo said. "There are thirty horny teenage boys here. You'll be drowning, honey. Now come on, let's get you set up.

Jo offered Nadya a towel to lay on which she accepted. As she stood to position the towel, Jo took Nadya's body in. She was already nude as there were no tan lines on her darkened skin and she could see that Nadya sported a diamond-shaped tuft of public hair coming to a point just above her clit. She'd always been jealous of her full, firm breasts. Nadya's areolas were large and dark, with thick nipples that poked up like turkey thermometers when she was turned on. Her deep-black hair shimmered in waves as it absorbed the sun, falling in clean-cut lines that framed her jaw as she lay back down.

"Am I first?" a voice asked.

Jo looked around and saw Drew Diaz standing off to the side, holding his dick in one hand.

"You sure are, honey," Jo answered. "Can I help you first?"

Drew nodded and stepped forward. Jo sat at Nadya's hip on the chaise lonuge and bent over toward the boy's cock. She took it into her mouth and started pushing her head down onto it. When she pulled back, his cock was shiny and a thick rope of spit connecting the tip of him to Jo's lips before she engulfed him once again.

A few minutes later, Drew said "I'm ready" and Jo pulled back. Drew's cock glistened in the sunlight. He stepped to the side and looked down at Nadya who was holding the glass under her chin and smiling up at him. "Happy birthday," he said.

"Thank you," Nadya said. "Do you have a nice present for me?"

Drew quickly jacked his cock for a few seconds then stopped and squeezed the base of it. For a second, Nadya stared intently at the young man's cock as it stood motionless, then it spurted out a thick glob of cum that hit the rim of the glass and spilled over onto Nadya's lips.

She immediately smiled, holding the glass up to collect the next spurt, then the next, then the next. Finally, as Drew trickled down to just a drop hanging from his slit, Nadya lowered the glass and licked her lips clean. Leaning up, she licked the underside of his head, taking his last drop, then smiled and said "Thank you, baby. Your cock is fantastic."

Drew smiled.

"Do you mind if my husband kisses it?"

"Huh?" Drew asked.

"Nadya..." Miles started.

"Just a quick kiss, You don't mind, do you?" Nadya stared into Drew's eyes.

"I guess not," he said.

"Do you really want me to-"

"Do it," Nadya told her husband in a tone that didn't beg discussion.

Miles stood next to her for a moment, speechless, then quickly bent over and kissed the kid's cockhead.

"Thanks, again." Nadya gave Drew one last smile as he walked off to recuperate. Looking past him, Nadya saw that a line had already formed with Jo busy prepping the next one. She settled back onto the towel and examined the margarita glass. The load didn't look like much, just a few milky drops pale and murky in the direct sunlight, but it was a start.

When the glass was about half full, a shadow fell on Jo as she got another cock ready to shoot. A falsetto voice asked "Mind if I help?"

Jo looked up and saw Tim, although she preferred to go by Tina when she was here, standing over her. Wearing a hot pink bikini with a slight bulge in the front of her bottoms, Tina stood with full make-up and a wig that must be hot out here in the sun. Her legs and body were shaved smooth and she looked cute in the bikini. "You're a lifesaver, Tia! Have a seat."

Tina sat down next to Jo and smiled."I need some practice," she said with a girlish chuckle.

Her jaw welcoming the opportunity for a break, Jo leaned back and said "Take this one. Let me see your technique."

She watched as the sissy girl took a cock into her mouth. Except for the wig and the flat chest, she could almost pass. Jo wondered if any of these boys realized that Tina was actually that bookish boy sitting next to them in math class every day. "You're a natural," she said and she wasn't lying. In her experience, most guys knew how to suck cock, it was just a question of whether they wanted to or not.

"Oh, there is one thing," Jo said.

Tina popped the cock out and asked "What is it?"

"You're holding it too lightly." Tina had been gripping the base with her thumb and index finger like a set of tweezers. "Unless they're small enough to need the room, guys like it when you show some passion. And you're not gonna break it, they do much worse to it when they're home alone. Is that how you...?"

Tina blushed and said "I've always used a vibrator."

Huh. Jo reached out and took a firm grip of the guy. "See? This way, you control where he is, how deep he goes. Plus you can use it to stroke him like this, or to squeeze if you think he's about to cum."

Tina placed her delicate hand on top of Jo's and took hold as Jo slipped hers away.

"Do you like that more?" Jo looked up and asked the young man.

"Oh yeah," he said.

Tina put her head down once more, slobbering on it as she squeezed and stroked him more forcefully.

"Whoa ok ok, i'm ready," the boy said.

Tina let go and smiled at Jo, her lipstick already smearing off. "Thanks, Jo! You know everything, don't you?"

"That's sweet." Jo patted Tia's knee. "You ok to take over for a bit?" Tina nodded.

Jo stood and stretched, then bent toward Nadya's ear. "Can I get you anything?"

Nadya, while catching most of it in the glass, had still taken some wild shots to the face. Both eyes were closed and pooled with cum, her cheeks glassy shiny. Her bangs, lustrous dark a little while ago, were now soaked and stuck to her forehead. "More," she panted. "More cum."

"It's coming," Jo replied.

Nadya shuddered. Miles, who had been burying his face between her legs when not kissing each cock after it made its contribution to the glass, came up for air. "Don't stop," Nadya commanded.

"Yes, Mistress." Miles went back down.

By the time the glass was full, pretty much everyone had given up a load. In addition to Tia's help, Jo had caught a lucky break in that many of the guys who'd come with girlfriends got them to help out. At one point, there was even a contest as a group of varsity football players stood in a line at the edge of the pool while the cheerleading team, standing cock-height in the shallow end, competed for bragging rights. The winning girl, too good for the occasion, wound up with a facial. After the other guys added to the cup, her friends made her a makeshift crown out of inflated condoms tied together. She was on someone's shoulders now in the pool, splashing and trying to pull her friend into the water.

"We're ready," Jo whispered to Nadya. Her face was now plastered with half-dried semen, caking her cheeks and eyes and forehead. Some had run down between her breasts already but the margarita glass was now full of milky off-white load.

"Can you take pictures for us, Jo? I can't see a damn thing," Nadya said.

After fetching a camera, Nadya sat up and let Miles stop eating her out. Gingerly feeling the weight of the glass, she dipped a few fingers in to feel how full it was. "Oh my god, it's like, all the way full!" Hooking her fingers, she lifted a heavy string of it and let it drip back down into the glass. "Ready, Jo?"

"Ready," Jo raised the camera to her eye.

Nadya slowly brought the glass to her lips. "It smells so strong," she said. She tentatively tipped the glass forward. Just as her lips felt the liquid, she slurped some into her mouth.


"Oh god. Oh fuck." She gulped hard. "Miles, where are you?"

"I'm right here," he said, kneeling at her side.

"I can't. My hands are shaking. You have to do it."

Miles took the glass in both his hands then said "Ok. Here we go." He held it to Nadya's lips, letting her find the rim on her own, then tilted it forward. Cum poured into Nadya's mouth until she abruptly closed it, making some run down the sides of her face before Miles could stop pouring.


Nadya's hands went to her breasts, rubbing the sticky cum into her skin and nipples. Her cheeks swollen out, she took a deep breath then gulped. Her cheeks shrank then she opened her mouth to moan, letting a river of leftover cum pour down her chin. "More! Feed me! Feed me, daddy!"

Miles leaned in again, this time pouring the contents of the glass from above Nadya's wide open mouth until the viscous white liquid flowed over her bottom lip. Nadya blew bubbles, frothing the mixture into a cream, then tried to swallow as much as she could. WIth her head back, she choked and a glut of semen shot down onto her chest.


"Pour the rest over me," She said. "All over my face."

Miles obeyed, holding the glass high over her head and up-ending it. The last of the collection dumped down onto Nadya's head, saturating her black hair and running in thick rivulets down her face onto her tits and stomach and even down to her diamond tuft of pubic hair.


"Fuck me, now, daddy! Fuck! Me!" Nadya's hands were running all over her body, stirring and pushing the loads around on her skin, kneading the protein into her pores. Miles halfway fell on top of her, jabbing his cock into her frantically.


Nadya pulled him close, smothering him in her drenched chest then kissing him, shoving her tongue into his mouth as he bucked and jammed into her.

*snap* *snap* *snap*

Miles began to let out high-pitched grunts with every thrust into his wife. His face and chest now equally slick as it rubbed up against her, he arched his back and threw his head up to the sky.

After letting him jerk and spasm for a moment, Nadya pushed him off her and frantically stuck her fingers inside her pussy, scooping out whatever Miles put in her and sucking her fingers clean two, three at a time. Jo could see that her climax was still building but had not yet arrived.

Jo kneeled to one side of her and took one of Nadya's nipples in her mouth. The taste was almost unbearingly potent but she forced herself to run her tongue across the hard pencil eraser nipple. She felt someone nudge her head and saw that Tina had also knelt, suckling Nadya's other nipple while kneading her breast with a cum-coated hand.

Jo ran her hand down Nadya's stomach toward her mound, feeling the stickiness but not stopping until she felt wet lips. Gathering as much stuff as she could on her fingers, Jo then held her hand up toward Nadya's mouth. As her fingers went into Nadya's mouth, Jo lightly bit down on her nipple.

Nadya screamed in sudden eruption. Shaking and bucking both girls off her body, she let out a roar as her entire body contracted and convulsed. Her abs stood up defined under her olive skin, legs tightened and toned. Miles watched from the side.

Nadya ran out of breath and her scream went silent. Finally, she inhaled and let her body collapse. Descending moans diminished with each breath as she came back down to Earth. When she was ready, she cleared her eyes and looked around. "Thank you all so much."

The party cheered.


A cheer came from outside; neither Charlie nor Christy noticed. They lay together on Mark's bed, Christy cuddled up next to her man as he lay on his back.

"Where did you get that stuff anyway?" Charlie asked.

"Laura lent it to me. Did you like it?"

"Are you kidding? I couldn't believe how hot you looked. I almost came right then in my stupid swimming trunks."

"The matching bra and panties from last time is also hers. She has a lot of cute stuff," Christy slowly traced her fingers along Charlie's chest. Her left leg lay over his so she could feel his body heat against hers.

"It's cool that she lets you borrow them," Charlie said. "Where'd she find that stuff anyway?"

"Online. She told me as soon as she started dating a boy in the dorms she started ordering stuff and having it shipped there so our parents wouldn't find out."

"Smart. I bet he didn't mind either."

"Yeah she has a whole drawer full of cute stuff. Sometimes we just hang out and try different things on."

"Wow," Charlie said, trying not to think too much of the mental image that had just appeared. His cock twitched out of reflex, making Christy chuckle.

"I guess you like that," she said, feeling him pulse against her leg.

"I mean..." Charlie searched for a politic way to say it. "Yeah! Are you kidding? Of course I like it! What guy wouldn't?"

Christy laughed and slapped his chest. "Don't make me jealous of my own sister! Say that you're all mine right now, mister."

"I'm a thousand percent yours." The words spilled out of his mouth. Even in this scenario, Charlie was thinking mostly of how beautiful Christy would look standing before a mirror showing off her body. Her sister was out of focus in the background of his mind. "You're all I ever want."

The words made Christy melt. She cooed and nuzzled her face into the side of his neck, inhaling his scent and feeling close to him

Charlie wrapped his arm around her shoulder and held her close. The smell of her hair intoxicated him. Thoughts of a while ago were already creeping back in: how it felt to push inside her, the warmth and tightness of her around him, the way she told him not to stop. He shifted his hips to the side, adjusting himself under the weight of her leg flopped over him.

Clearly noticing, Christy slid her leg back, exposing Charlie's cock. No longer completely soft, his dick lolled against his flat stomach. "What did I do?" she asked, wondering what caused the sudden stir.

"Nothing. Everything. Just thinking about earlier," Charlie said, using his hand to point himself down toward his toes.

She moved her hand there and pointed it back up at her, rolling and softly massaging it between her thumb and fingers. "Were you thinking about when I put you in my mouth? Or when you fucked me?"

"B-both," Charlie said, his breathing hitched as her hand did its thing. God this was so fucking hot.

"Do you masturbate to me, Charlie?" Christy whispered in his ear.

Charlie nodded and looked at her. "All the time," he whispered back.

Christy smiled, letting go. "Show me."

Charlie moved his hand down and took his cock with practiced ease. After stroking for a second he stopped and whispered "I will if you will."

Sliding over, Christy propped herself up on a pillow and spread her legs. Sliding her own hand down, she found her clit and gently said hello.

"Mmm jesus you're so fucking hot," Charlie started stroking with unconscious technique, working his own cock with the years of experience behind him. Letting go of any pretense of acting or looking cool, his vision focused entirely on Christy's face and body as he worked himself up.

Playing the game fairly, Christy also pretended she was at home in her bed with her eyes closed and this whole thing happening in her head. Careful to avoid the tenderness between her lips, she concentrated on her clit while also tweaking and squeezing a nipple for good measure. She couldn't believe how sexy Charlie was... how much sexuality was contained behind that mild demeanor of his. God, his cock looked so good in his hand like that. She could hardly believe that he was getting hard again, so soon after cumming twice already. Sure, part of it was that he was a teenager with raging hormones, but she could feel his eyes on her, devouring her. She felt how much he wanted her. She slid her finger between her lips. She was still tender but the hunger was there too, deep and throbbing, yearning to be fulfilled.

"Do you..." She whispered.

Charlie looked from her pussy up to Christy's eyes. "You're not too... it doesn't still hurt?"

Christy smiled. "Maybe if we..." She slid her body across his chest and reached for the bedside table behind him. As she found the bowl of condoms and grabbed one, she felt Charlie's mouth find her nipple and suck it into his mouth. She shivered. She hadn't realized until this moment that Charlie had been so preoccupied with what was between her legs last time that he had ignored her top half. It felt as though he was trying to remediate that mistake now as his tongue darted across her sensitive skin then roughly lapped at it while the suction alternated between weak and strong. Looking down to find Charlie latched on like a baby, she savored the sight and felt another tingle. She tore the condom open and found the top side.

Pulling her nipple free of Charlie's embrace, she slid over and started wrapping his rigid cock with the rubber. "Here, let me..." she said as she straddled him, pushing him down against the pillows as she planted her knee next to his hip. Lifting herself and reaching down for him, she guided his head to her gate and slowly lowered herself down. His blunt hammer made her feel tight and sore but she negotiated and scooted her way around until she found an angle where he didn't push too much against any sensitive spots. Satisfied with the result, Christy sat down on Charlie's cock and felt him fill her up to the hilt.

The sudden plummet made him shudder. She could feel it from his hips up to his shoulders. But god did it feel good. Giving herself a moment to adjust, feeling him pulse and throb inside her, Christy put her hands on Charlie's chest and exhaled. "Your cock feels so good inside me, Charlie," she heard herself say. "You want this pussy?"

"Yeah I want that pussy," Charlie said. "Fuck me, babe. Ride my cock."

Christy picked herself up and sat down once more, wincing as her sore slit gripped his cock and pulled in on itself. She shifted her hips forward then back, letting her lips slide back to their normal position, and felt a tremor as Charlie's cock glanced against her G-spot. "Oooh, baby." She tried it again, rocking her hips forward and back rather than lifting herself up. Charlie's cock pivoted inside her, pushing toward the back of her pussy when she rocked forward, then slamming forward against her G-spot when she rocked back.

"That feels so good," Charlie moaned, rocking his head back into the pillow in rhythm with her movements. He put his hands on her hips and squeezed, grinding against her with each motion in an effort to push his cock further in.

The pressure became too much as he forced his pelvis against her sensitive pussy. She whimpered and took his hands, moving them from her hips to her tits. She then put her hands down on his chest for stability and began rocking back and forth, exerting enough pressure to ride that wave without pushing it over into pain.

"Ooh Charlie right there Baby you're getting it so good," Christy slammed her hips back, chasing that itch against her spot. For his part, Charlie held onto her breasts for dear life, squeezing and kneading them in his hands while tugging and pinching her nipples.

The bedsprings were now singing as Christy rode Charlie for all he was worth. The boy, his vision full of bouncing tits and Christy's hair, was back to math problems in his head to maintain control. He aligned his breathing with her rhythm, exhaling every time she thrust forward on him then inhaling every time she pulled back. His cock felt like a joystick in the hands of some expert Pac Man player. He could feel her building though and knew he had to hold on long enough for her to get there. Once that happened, he could let his mind pay attention and shoot.

For Christy, the pain faded as she got rougher and rougher, slamming her mound forward against Charlie's pubes then grinding her pussy on his cock as she rocked back. She felt him swell inside her, willed him to hold on just a tiny bit longer until his cockhead could mash against her G-spot just a few more times and...

Christy let out a throaty scream as she came, every muscle in her body tightening as Charlie's cock finally triggered her. Clamping down on him, her pussy milked the shaft inside it with shimmering ribbons of muscle. As the rest of her body shook and quivered, Charlie exploded into the condom, wave after wave of whatever was left in his balls travelling up the length of his shaft before spurting into the thin sheath of latex. He clamped down on her hips and lifted his ass off the bed, putting all of her weight on their connection.

The two kids rode out their orgasms then toppled limp on one another laughing with giddy energy. Slowly dismounting and surveying her battered pussy, Christy languished in the afterglow of a good cum and lay on her back staring up at the bedroom ceiling. Likewise, Charlie also laid there, letting the wet on his condom-covered cock cool in the air. His wilting dick covered in cum, he let it sit for a few minutes while he caught his breath and came to terms with his new world.


Downstairs, the door to the basement opened and a petite girl came out. Dressed in a bikini top covering small bumps of breasts and a gray pair of gym shorts, the girl looked younger than her high school peers. Jo, who had been stirring up a pitcher of lemonade at the kitchen island counter, saw her and smiled. "Hi, Candy. I think your dad is still upstairs. Want some lemonade?"

"Yes, please," Candy answered and crossed the living room to the open kitchen. She paid the porn playing on the living room television no mind.

"Having fun?" Jo asked as she poured out a glass.

"Uh huh," Candy said, staring out the large windows to the other kids having fun out by the pool.

"That's good. Here you go, honey."

Candy took the glass and went outside to find an empty chair. Looking back at the basement door, Jo saw her husband come out next wearing a hat, open Hawaiian shirt, and board shorts. Frank saw his wife and walked to the kitchen.

"Did you stir up a thirst?" She asked him, pulling another glass from the cabinet.

Frank nodded and gulped the sweet drink down. "How about you? Everything going alright?"

"Perfect timing, really. I was thinking we might play with The Bull. Could you be a dear and bring it up?"

Frank nodded again, saying "of course" before giving her a peck on the cheek and heading back downstairs.

A round of cheers broke in the living room. Jo walked around the kitchen island to see a group of kids sitting in a circle. Everyone was cheering and laughing, some pointing down toward one of the boys' crotches.

"What happened?" Jo asked as she approached. The white strings and panels of her bikini looked neon bright against her tanned skin.

"We just dared Tommy to kiss Bobby and Tommy's got a boner!" one girl shouted above the cheers.

"It's from the porno, I swear!" Tommy shouted, his face burning red.

Indeed, Jo leaned over and saw Tommy's cock swollen and half-rigid in his lap.

"Only one way to be sure," Jo said with a smile. "Next time, dare them to kiss with tongue!"

This drew laughter and more cheers from the group. Jo gave Tommy a reassuring touch on his shoulder and turned as she saw Frank re-appear in the basement doorway carrying something heavy. Leaving the kids to continue their game, she crossed the room and helped take hold of the object Frank had lugged up from below.

"Where do you want it?" He asked, trying to hide that he was short of breath.

"Let's put it out on the patio in the sun," Jo answered, pointing to a clear spot past the open sliding-glass door.

Together, the two of them carried the object over and set it down. Standing back, Frank tested it for stability and gave a nod of approval. He then told his wife that he would be back in a minute with an extension cord.

Jo stepped out toward the pool and raised her hands to get everyone's attention. After a moment, the laughter and splashing from the pool died down and everyone looked to their host.

"Is everyone having fun?" Jo shouted out.

"Yeah!" a collective cacophony answered.

"Gals, Are you having fun?" Jo shouted.

"Yeah!" A higher-pitched response filled the meandering back yard.

"That's good because it's about to get better. Does anyone want to ride The Bull!?"

Jo stepped to the side and pointed toward the object Frank had brought up from the basement: a sturdy wooden sawhorse with a saddle mounted to the top, leather stirrups hanging at either side. A half-cylinder-shaped object sat recessed in a hole cut into the saddle to accommodate it.A strip of pink silicone lay along the top of a half-cylindrical object; the word "Sybian" was printed along the side. A small set of ridges building to a blunted nub ran along the center of the strip.

Several girls in the cloud clapped and cheered while others looked at it with curiosity. Frank appeared once more at the sliding glass door holding a cardboard box of accoutrement. As he set the box down and began running a yellow extension cord from the back of the saddle to an outlet in the exterior wall, the group that had been playing Truth or Dare in the living room came out to join the rest of the crowd around the curious contraption.

"What's the record, Frank?" Jo asked.

"Longest or shortest?" He asked back as he plugged it in and positioned a smaller black box outfitted with knobs and switches on a patio table.

"Both!" Jo said.

"Longest is about five minutes, shortest is fifteen seconds," Frank said, taking a seat at the table next to the stool.

"You heard the man. Who thinks they can outlast five minutes or beat fifteen seconds? Winners get a special prize!"

By now, almost all of the party's participants had gathered around on the patio: A wall of teenaged flesh either scantily clad in swimwear or outright naked. Jo looked around in a wide arc, seeing all her happy partygoers and smiling. "Who's first?"

"You should go first!" someone from the crowd shouted.

Jo smiled even wider. "But I have to run the timer!"

"Jo! Jo! Jo! Jo!" The crowd chanted in unison.

"Ok, OK!" Jo put her hands up in surrender. "Real quick. Just to get things started."

Jo stepped up next to the sawhorse and picked her leg up, stepping over the top of the Sybian until her thighs slid against the saddle and her feet went up on her toes to maintain balance. Next, she picked one foot up at a time and fit them into the stirrups. Now fully sitting with her feet off the ground, she positioned herself so that her sex pushed against the silicone. Jo put her clit against the biggest nub and looked over to Frank.

"Ok I'm ready."

"You sure?" Frank looked up from the control box at her.

"Do your worst, daddy," Jo said with a sly smile.

Frank slowly turned a knob on the box and a loud hum emanated from the Sybian like a low-gear jet engine. Immediately, Jo felt the intense vibrations against her kitty. She didn't know the specific number of cocks that had been in her today but her lips and clit were already terribly sensitive, coated in several applications of cum left to drip and dry throughout the day. She felt herself lubricate in a matter of seconds, slicking the silicone and letting it rumble herself open as her full weight pressed down upon it.

The sensations were not only intense but relentless. Frank's finger moved slowly, bringing the pitch of the loud buzz up in a slow ramp. Jo's body reacted accordingly, shuddering as the battering soft rubber pounded against her clit. Her breathing hitched; she reached forward for balance but found nothing to help her. Leaning back instead, she inadvertently mashed her clit even harder against that innocent little nub and felt something give way. Her eyes rolled back, her hips bucked, and she began to climax.

Now riding the industrial vibrator like a cowboy, she slammed her crotch down on the pink silicone repeatedly as her legs spasmed and pushed off the stirrups then released and brought her back down on her seat. She let out a gasping scream and wasn't sure what else.

The buzzing slowed back down to a low hum then turned silent altogether. In the warm bath of darkness behind her eyelids, Jo heard thunderous applause. She opened them to see the whole crowd of kids giving her a standing ovation.

Now blushing, Jo stood up on the stirrups then dismounted to the side. Frank was right there with a towel to wipe down the seat as she walked on shaky legs to the chair next to his.

"How long did I last?" Jo asked.

"Forty six seconds," Frank answered with a grin.

"God damn." Jo took a deep breath. Her legs were still shaking. "Now... " clearing her throat "now then. Who's next?"


Charlie felt Christy's face nuzzle into the side of his neck. The weight and heat of her breast pushed into his arm. He looked down at his soft dick laying out in the open, obscured only by Christy's arm laid across his chest, and wondered how he got so lucky as to wind up here.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Christy whispered into his ear.

Charlie looked down toward her face. The curve of her hip leading down into her thigh ran the length of the bed beside him. "I was thinking about how lucky I am to be with you."

The bare honesty washed over Christy and she felt another stir inside her chest. The day had gone perfectly, she thought, and now every word out of this boy's mouth made her eyes want to well up with joyful tears. She couldn't think of a single thing that would make this moment better.

A chant rose up from below their window. "Jo! Jo! Jo! Jo!" broken by a round of applause.

"I wonder what's going on down there?" Christy said. She pulled herself out of the comfy cocoon of warmth at Charlie's side and crossed to the window. The pool was now empty and she could only see a bit of the crowd gathered directly below her. "Looks like something's happening."

Charlie raised himself up onto his shoulders. "Want to check it out?"

Christy looked down and surveyed the pile of clothes on the floor. She didn't really feel like messing with the halter or stockings but her jeans would chafe without panties. She slid the thong back on then after a moment's hesitation grabbed Charlie's t-shirt and put it on. It hung down to her thigh. She made a mental note to sleep in this tonight so she could smell his scent when she woke up.

Charlie also got up off the bed, pulled up his swim trunks and gathered the rest of the clothes into a shopping back hanging from the closet door handle. He couldn't help but linger on the lingerie, feeling the halter's delicate lace and the sheer material of the stockings. When they were ready, Charlie opened the door, taking the "reserved" sign off, and together they went downstairs.

Charlie found the living room mostly deserted. One kid was still rooted in the couch staring at the porn on the TV but nearly everyone else was huddled out back. As they approached, Charlie saw blonde hair shaking amidst the topless bodies. Finding a spot with a view, he pulled Christy in front of him so she could watch and he could look over her shoulder.

There, riding the bull, was Bethany DeVane. Charlie knew Bethany as the varsity head cheerleader and this year's valedictorian. Charlie's mouth fell agape as he watched her tanned body shake and shudder while a jet turbine roared between her legs. Her petite breasts, topped with perky pink nipples that somehow pointed up, jiggled in place. Bethany's blonde hair was kept back by what looked like a crown made of inflated condoms. She moaned and screamed freely as she rode this odd mechanical bull that didn't move. Going up on his toes, he saw that her thighs were bucking back and forward like she was riding a horse. Her body glistened with sweat.

"Wow," Christy whispered. "She's really going for it."

The loud buzzing pitched up and started stuttering, injecting half-seconds of silence between each barrage. Charlie couldn't quite make out what she was sitting on but figured it was some sort of vibrator..

Bethany arched her back and went silent. The whole crowd watched her chest heave, defining her ribs with each suppressed exhale. Charlie couldn't help but hold his breath too. After what seemed like an eternity, Bethany released a high-pitched squeal as her body violently shook on the wooden saddle thing. In the silence, Charlie could hear liquid splat down onto the patio in a quick glut beneath her feet. He let his breath out and the crowd erupted in clapping.

When Bethany got off the saddle, she left several ropes of wet stretching from between her legs to the peculiar seat of the saddle. There was a strip of pink rubber that rose up into what looked kind of like a crab claw. A modest dildo faced upward right next to a second curving scallop shape that Charlie guessed was meant for her clit. The whole seat of the saddle was wet with sweat and grool.

"What's her time?" An older man sitting beside Jo asked. Jo looked at her watch. "Three minutes, fourteen seconds!"

Jo's husband got up and gave the saddle a cursory wipe with a hand towel. "Next?" He called out.

Claire Ferris, fellow cheerleader and Bethany's best friend, hopped forward and did a little bow before climbing onto the wooden sawhorse.

"Do you want a go?" Charlie asked into Christy's ear.

Christy, who had been watching with a mixture of astonishment and embarrassment as Bethany shared her most vulnerable state in front of dozens of boys, could not imagine getting up there. Not only did she love knowing that Charlie was the only one to see her climax (well, only boy anyway), but just the thought of that level of intense vibration made her poor battered kitty cry out in pain. It would take several days of baths and healing before she was ready to have sex again, much less torture herself on that... monstrosity.

She shook her head no and turned around to face Charlie. "I think I want to go. This is crazy. I want to remember today as our day, not the day I saw... this."

Charlie immediately understood and nodded in agreement. "Let's call your sister to come get us."

The couple retreated back into the living room then Charlie fished Christy's phone out of the sack of clothes, finding it buried in her jeans pocket. As she dialed Laura's number, Charlie looked through the window and waved at Jo. It took a few moments for her to look up from her watch but when she did, she got up and came inside.

"I wasn't sure if you two had left already," Jo said. "We haven't seen much of you today. Did you have fun?"

"Oh, yeah for sure," Charlie said. Christy cupped her mouth to the phone to speak. "We spent all day, uh, upstairs."

Jo gave them a warm smile and said "I'm so happy for you two. Young love is so special. There's really nothing like it."

Finishing her phone call, Christy entered the conversation and said "Thanks for inviting us, Jo. It really means a lot."

"Think nothing of it!. I'm just glad the two of you could make it out and enjoy yourselves. That's really what this house is for. Are you heading home?"

Charlie nodded. "I think so. We both need to be back."

"Ok, well remember that if you ever want to come back, our door is open to both of you. Just call first during the week. Will you be able to make it next weekend?"

"Next weekend?" Christy asked.

"Oh we have these parties every saturday. It's an open invitation, just drop by whenever you want. They usually last until midnight or so."

"You have parties like this every weekend?" Charlie asked, unable to mask his amazement.

Jo smiled and bent down for quick kisses on the lips with both of them. "See you both soon," she said, turning back toward the orgasmic cheerleader.


Laura pulled up to the fancy house and laid on the horn. Not long after, her sister came out wearing just a shirt and her new man followed in some dorky swim shorts. Neither had thought to put on enough clothes to gain service at a McDonalds. She laughed as they fell into her car.

"Jesus you two reek! Don't they have showers in that big mansion? I can smell the sex from here!"

Embarrassed silence greeted her.

"Relax, I'm happy for you, but just remember," she flashed around and pointed a finger at the nerdy guy in the back seat. "You hurt my sister, I'll cut off your balls while you sleep."

"Jesus!" Christy yelled and pushed her sister.

Laura's stern look turned to a smile and she faced back toward the road. "Shall we?" With that, she turned up the music and pulled out of the driveway, heading home.


Later that night, Jo walked into the bedroom wearing a terry cloth robe and a towel in her wet hair. "It's so musky in here," she said.

"You're the one that let Kenneth and his boys in here," Frank said from where he was sitting in bed. "There's probably two gallons of jizz and lube soaked into the mattress."

She smiled and walked to him, bending over for a kiss.

"Did you have fun today?" Frank asked.

"Yeah..." Jo's answer trailed off, letting Frank that the answer was really more complicated.

"What is it?" He asked.

"It's just Nadya."

"Here we go," Frank leaned against the headboard, the covers collected at his waist. "What did she do this time?"

"Fill the cup," Jo said. "Miles said it was her birthday."

"But you wanted all that cum to yourself?" Frank reached out to pinch her nipple, playing.

Jo leaned out of Frank's reach. "These parties are for the kids. Giving them somewhere safe to play They can't do that if all the guys are jacking off on one old hag. What are the girls to do?"

Frank nodded in understanding. "That's why you had me lug The Bull out? To even the playing field?"

Jo shrugged. "She's exploiting us."

Frank slid forward onto his knees, letting the blankets fall and exposing his flaccid penis. "Come here," he said.

Jo, obeying, walked across the bed on her knees to let Frank take her into an embrace.

After a long hug, Frank said "Miles told me that Julie's still not talking to them. They're going through some shit right now. The least we can do is let them have a little fun."

Jo softened into Frank's arms. "You're right. I can't even imagine if Marky cut us off like that. I don't even want to think it."

Leaning back, Frank said "Come to bed."

Shedding her robe, Jo laid the damp towel from her head on her pillow and climbed under the covers. Frank shut off the light and scooted close to his wife in the moonlit bedroom. Putting his arm around her, inhaling the scent of her shampoo, he held her tight.

"Five more weeks," Jo said. "I need to book the hotel rooms this week. Do you think they'll want to stay with us?"

"They might be busy with their friends," Frank said into the darkness. "All we can do is let them know the door's open, let them make up their own minds."

"I miss him, both of them," Jo said softly.

"I do too." Frank pulled her chin up into a kiss that kept going, eventually growing more passionate.

Retracting her tongue, Jo put her hand on Frank's cock. "What do you think? Does daddy have one more load for me? Or did he spend it all on Candy?"

Frank pulled Jo up onto him. "I've always got a load for you, baby girl."

As the couple started to move together, pleasing each other in ways that only a thirty year marriage affords, the rest of the house sat silent. Outside, the neighborhood slept quietly. The town around them went on; another Saturday night.


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