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Bobby is a virgin when the school holiday break starts. Then things change when Rachel invites him in.
It was sophomore year, 1975 I was an regular guy with all the urges, none of the confidence and certainly no experience. Since freshman year I'd gone from a 5'3" skinny kid to a 5'10" young man. Growing in proportion all around. I'd also noticed some of the young ladies developing very nicely too. One was a neighbor, Rachel London who lived in a house on the street across from our apartment building. We'd known each other in school for years but suddenly she wasn't flat-chested and giggly. Just as I'd sprouted up, she'd, well, damn she had tits. Big ones too. Now I was tongue-tied in her presence. She'd noticed too and would tease me when I collected on my newspaper route.

"Hi Bobby. Don't be afraid, I won't bite..." Oh god.

She had a friend from school, Abby Wilson, built much the same way. Abby also knew how to tease. She sat in my row in the auditorium for study hall, one empty seat between us. She had a habit when leaving to need to go in the opposite direction from me. So she'd squeeze by in front of me, letting her tight ass rub across the front of my pants. Then I'd have to hide the hardon during my next class. One day an upper classman in the row in front of us was messing with her daring her to open a button on her blouse. So she did. I tried just looking at my notebook. Then she undid a second. The guy looks at me and asks,

"Think she'll keep going?"

Me, "Um, uh no." So she did another. Now I tried not to stare. But there was a hell of a lot of cleavage on display. Abby claimed she'd keep going, but he let her off the hook. That day as Abby slid by me, slowly, she casually reached back and touched my bulge. Saying nothing she went on her way. That day I barely made it through English without cumming in my pants.

This leads to the beginning of the best holiday break ever. It was now late December. The days would be dark early and of course it was cold outside. So when I knocked on Rachel's door to collect for the paper I was cold and it was dreary outside. When she opened the door the warmth from the house hit me. Then I got flush when I saw Rachel. A form fitting sweater, tight jeans. Did I mention the form fitting sweater? Her breasts stood out like two of the largest tree ornaments imaginable. She pulled me inside.

"Come in, it's freezing." I found myself in her hallway.

"Oh, ok thanks."

"Oh don't be shy. Don't you like me?"

"Ya, yeah, I'm a..." And that was the last thing I said for a minute. Rachel stepped towards me and I was backed against the hallway wall. She pressed her body against mine, I could feel her breasts squashed between us. She put her hand behind my head and pulled me to her, pressing her lips on mine, then opening her mouth, I could feel her tongue probing. My lips parted, her tongue searching, reaching for mine. I stood wide eyed reacting slowly, then getting the idea I allowed my tongue to meet hers and fumbled my way through. Rachel broke the kiss and took a step back.

"Haven't kissed a girl before?" I looked down, shook my head. "Don't worry, I was kind of hoping that was the case. Come on, I have a friend who wants to meet you." She took my hand and led me down the hall to the living room. Sitting on the sofa was Abby, wearing the same blouse from school, with three buttons undone.

"Abby, you were right, he likes girls." I looked from one to the other, confused. "You never talk to us, we thought maybe you, you know, didn't like girls."

"I like girls. I'm just.."

"Shy?", Abby smiled, "I told Rachel that was it. When I checked you that day at school. Undoing a couple buttons gave you a hardon." Abby stood and joined Rachel and me. "Remember?"

"Yeah, of course." Then Abby opened a fourth button.

"Want me to keep going today?" I nodded my head, looking from her eyes to her chest. She continued, slowly opening buttons until her blouse was undone. Then she slid it off her shoulders. Her large tits, encased in a lacy white bra stood firm. Abby took my right hand and placed it on her left breast. I was entranced by the soft but firm handful. To my left Rachel was pulling her sweater over her head. She stepped in front of me so that I could see her matching white bra and if possible, even larger breasts. Both moved closer to me. I felt them pressed against me as they undid my shirt, touching my chest as they went. They led me to the sofa. Abby leaned to me and offered herself for a kiss. I was more ready and quickly locked lips and tongues with her, using my free hand to fondle her still covered tits. Rachel on my other side was nibbling at my ear while her hand caressed my bare chest. When Abby and I came up for air I leaned my head back and sighed. Rachel broke the silence,

"You know why you're here?"

"Well, yes. Kind of. Why me. I'm not complaining." Rachel smiled at me.

"You may have heard talk at school. People assume girls with big boobs are easy or whatever. We're not. But we want to get some practice. With a nice guy who won't spread rumors and who wants to learn too. I told Abby I knew you from the neighborhood. She was surprised and said you sit by her in study hall. We talked and she said she'd test you."

"If and I believe you, if you haven't been with guys, how did you learn to kiss like that?"

"Well we've done SOME stuff with guys, me more than Abby, but.." Rachel looked at Abby who shrugged. Then they both got on their knees and leaned over me. Abby looked at me,

"Swear you never tell anyone?"

"Promise." Then Rachel and Abby locked in a kiss that was the most amazingly hot thing I'd ever seen. Holding each other, their breasts pressed against the other's, their tongues dancing and swirling together, then both reaching behind the other to release their bras, allowing two sets of large round breasts to swing free. Rachel's were rounder, with large light colored areola's and flatter nipples. Abby's hung a little tilting upward with darker areola and more prominent nipples. I reached up and held one of each in my hands. Feeling their weight, lifting and squeezing until they broke from each other. Abby looked as though she might go for more from her friend. Rachel had turned to me,

"That's about all we've done together, but we have practiced a lot." She smiled at Abby. "But now we want a strong..." She ran her hand over my chest. ", to touch us...." She kissed from my face down to my chest. "...have fun with us..." She let her hand stray to my pants. She felt the hardness within. "...lots of fun with us." Rachel stroked my cock straining in my pants. Abby offered a breast to my mouth. I took her thick nipple in my mouth then turned and repeated the same when Rachel offered herself to me. "But no bragging to the guys about this. Understand?" I hummed my agreement on her nipple causing her to sigh. This was overload. I'd gone from never touching a live breast to being smothered by four of the finest teen boobs I could imagine. My hands roamed, their hands did the same. Robin started working at my belt. Oh damn this was going further. Abby stopped her,

"Hold on. Something I want to do first. Bobby, stand up." I stood. Abby stood in front of me facing away. Then she leaned back and rubbed her tight ass against my crotch as she had several times at school. I put my hands on her hips to hold her in place. She took my hands and place them on her bouncing tits. I squeezed them as she continued grinding her ass into me. Then Rachel reached between us and loosened my belt and pants. As they fell only my whites underpants were between my rock hard cock and Abby's jeans. Abby noted the difference and reached back as she had at school, letting her hand run the length of my cock. She smiled at Rachel. "I feel something I like."

"OOh let me." Rachel added her hand stroking me through my shorts. She was now kneeling beside me running her nails up and down my leg, then she slid my shorts down. "Nice Bobby." Her compliment made me feel more confident, then pleasure as she grasped my cock, letting her hand feel the length. Abby turned and joined her friend. I now had two topless teen babes touching and inspecting my cock. Rachel pointed my cock at Abby who let her rub it against her tits. I groaned. "I don't think he's going to last long this time Ab." THIS time? Rachel pushed me back on the sofa. They took turns stroking me, watching as it twitched and bounced. Abby picked up some fluid from the tip rubbing it between her fingers.

"It's slippery."

"Let me see." Rachel stroked upwards and squeezed a bit more from my cock. "Oh cool." She looked at me, breathing heavily, staring at their sexy tits. Trying to hold on. "Let's get some more." Then Rachel began stroking me firmly. It only took a few then I exploded. Thick ropes of cum shot in the air. Abby and Rachel celebrated as it landed on me and them.

"Holy shit Rachel. I had no idea it would be so much. Have you ever, you know, tasted?"

"Yeah Ab. It's ok. I bet his is pretty good." Rachel scooped up a bit and sucked her finger into her mouth. "mm, hmm, good." Abby followed her friend, tentatively licking at a finger, then taking more. They looked at each other, smiled and nodded. Then they began licking my cum from me, from each other. Finally there was only my cock left. Abby looked uncertain.

"I wasn't planning to."

"Come on Ab. Try now when it's not so hard, it'll be easier." Rachel held my half flaccid cock up to her friend. I watched, not believing what was about to happen. I waited, hoping, praying, then, Abby put out her tongue and licked cum from my cock. Then deciding to go for it she sucked my cock into her mouth. In no time I was hardening and she moved to sucking at the tip. Meantime Rachel was cupping my balls and rolling them lightly in her hand. I was soon fully hard again and lost in the sensation of Abby's lips and tongue on my cock. I almost didn't notice Rachel stand and remove her pants. She caught my eye and did a turn, giving me a slow look at her wide hips and full ass. Her panties matched the bra she'd lost awhile go. Between groans I assured her that she looked amazing. She joined me on the sofa and quickly had her tongue in my mouth, almost distracting me from Abby bobbing her head on my cock as she stroked me. With Rachel fully engaged with my mouth I couldn't warn Abby, my body tensed, I tried to reach for her but Rachel had me pinned. With a grunt I let loose another load straight into Abby's mouth. She took the first blast but in surprise pulled back causing the second and third to hit her square in the face. Rachel turned to look and tried covering her laugh as we took in the sight of Abby with cum across her face and running from her mouth. I started apologizing but Rachel took the blame,

"Sorry Ab. I had him busy. But you're supposed to swallow it!" Abby had swallowed some, but looked at us, then laughed,

"I tried, but he cums buckets and I had no warning. Next time I'll get it all." Next time? Rachel pulled her over to us and licked cum from her friend's face. Then she led Abby to the bathroom to wash up. I was exhausted, thrilled, shocked and highly entertained as I watched them walk from the room. They may have thought they were far enough away but I could hear them,

Rachel, "I told you he's a good choice. He hasn't been with a bunch of sluts."

Abby, "Wait until he gets comfortable. He's still so nervous."

"Well shit, we threw our tits at him and you sucked his cock."

"Think we should show him, the rest?"

"You kidding Ab, I may just fuck him."

"What? Really?"

"Not tonight. Too soon. But yeah. He's nice. And I like his cock."

"You've seen more than me. How's it compare."

"Not too big. But it'll feel good. How about you? Want to lose yours?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

Shit, Holy shit, they were discussing who wanted to fuck me. It was getting my nervous. At least they didn't expect me to know what I'm doing. And I was getting hard again, wondering what would happen.

"OK Ab, that's for another day. But I'm going to show you how to properly suck a cock. But let's get naked and go out there.

"I will if you do." I guess Rachel did first because the next thing I knew two nude teens were rejoining me. Both had a full bush, as was common then, Rachel's a bit lighter in color. Abby's hips weren't quite as wide as Rachel but when she did a turn I got to see that fine ass that had been grinding on me.

"Oh look Abby, the stud is hard again already!" They both began rubbing their naked bodies on me. Now I had new places to explore, touching wet pussies for the first time. They sat on either side and let me explore, sliding my fingers up and down their slits, then they directed me to where their clits waited, protruding, needing attention. As I pushed and prodded and squeezed, Rachel slowly stroked me. Abby began to moan and push her hips first. Rachel leaned to my ear, "Give her all your attention, keep rubbing at her." So I turned towards Abby, kissing her on the mouth as my hand began vigorously rubbing her clit, teasing it, over, along the sides, then placing my palm on her and pressing it, then two fingers on either side, when she clenched and thrust at that I continued. She raked her nails on my back sucking hard on my tongue as she tensed then bucked over and over. Letting go of my mouth she cried in pleasure, then calmed. She took my face between her hands and kissed me hard,

"Oh Bobby, I want to fuck you so bad. Bring rubbers next time." I was stunned. Not only that I'd gotten this babe off successfully, but that she wanted more and wanted to fuck me.

Rachel looked at us. "Well I'm inspired." With that Rachel straddled me and rubbed my cock against her pussy. She looked me in the eye. "Fuck me Bobby." I merely nodded as she lowered herself onto me.

Abby looked on, absently rubbing her wet pussy as she watched us fucking alongside her. "Fuck Rachel, I didn't think you'd do it right here."

"You guys made me too horny." As she slowly rode my cock she lifted a tit to my mouth. I sucked hard on her nipple as I experienced the pleasure of her tight wet pussy gripping at my cock as she rose and fell. From the corner of my eye I watch Abby pinch her own nipple with one hand and the other moved feverishly up and down her slit, dipping into her own pussy then up to her clit. Rachel moaned as I devoured her big full breasts while my hard cock filled her, just touching bottom each time she sat on me, just wide enough to fill her tight young pussy. I moved my hands to her ass and held on tight as I began thrusting up into her. Our mouths came together, our tongues dancing, her hands around my neck holding on as I pumped my cock faster. I'd cum twice already so even though this was a first I was able to hold on. Abby came first, bringing herself to another orgasm, then settling back to watch. Rachel's boobs bounced in front of me as she leaned back letting me reached her deepest parts. Abby broke the stretch of moaning and grunting,

"Damn he's going all the way in."

"So fucking good, Ab, perfect....hitting...OH, oh yes." Next Rachel came in a series of "ooohs" and uuuuhs" and "fucks", but she kept riding me. Finally I could feel it building.

"I'm gonna cum Rachel."

"You better. You better fill me. FUCK me." I fucked her some more. And a bit more, then my body tensed, I held Rachel's ass tight, I held her to me, and came. And oh it was magic. Pumping my cum into her, her tits pressed to me, her arms holding my head to her, releasing myself. Feeling it work it's way out. Abby commented,

"He still cums a lot. Good thing you're on the pill. You are, aren't you?"

Rachel was lost in another world, "mmm hmm", her head rested on my shoulder. She leaned back to look at me, "how was your first time?"

"Amazing. Tonight's been amazing. Both of you."

Rachel smiled, "You've been pretty amazing too, right Ab?"

"Oh hell yes. Who knew, the shy guy in study hall, whew." Rachel moved to one side, I could see my cum leaking from her. Holy shit, I'd really fucked someone. I now had one on either side, tucked in against me, my arms around them.

Rachel looked at us, "You know, it's a long winter break. This house will be empty most days."

"Thanks Rachel. And rubbers Bobby, bring them next time." I looked at Abby, cute face, large breasts sitting softly on her chest, large nipples pointing up, flat belly, thick dark bush, nice legs stretched out.

"How could I forget?"

The walk home was short, but the thoughts whirling around my head lasted for hours. Just a few hours ago Rachel was the buxom teen up the block who I was afraid to talk to. Abby was the girl in my row at study hall who I was too shy to speak to. Somehow they had decided that made me the perfect solution to their need for sexual experimentation. Rachel seemed to know what she was doing, Abby, despite her flirtatious appearance was much less experienced. But what did it all mean? They wanted me to keep this between us. We'd meet again when Rachel's house was free. They wanted me for fun. They offered their bodies to me. I suppose I'd go along for the ride, pun intended. Early the next week I saw the sign. Rachel had placed a certain blanket over the porch railing. I was nervous, still, but I knocked on the door and waited. I'd purchased condoms, I was ready, maybe. Rachel answered the door in a robe and let me in. No sooner had the door closed than she tested whether I had remembered our kissing lessons of the previous week. I did my best to assure her I was a quick study. My hands found their way down to her butt. From what I could tell she likely had nothing on under the robe. Then she stepped back, pulled the belt and proved it. Fucking hell, there they were again. I stepped in again, taking a breast in my hand as our mouths met again. My other hand searched her curves, lifting her ass, then around to the front, cupping her mound. She moaned in my mouth, then breathlessly,

"Let's go inside." Rachel took my hand and led me down the hall. Instead of the living room we detoured into her bedroom. She let the robe slip from her and laid back on the bed. "What are you waiting for?"

"Isn't Abby here?"

"No, you're all mine today. First I'm gonna suck that cock of yours, then you're going to eat my pussy. Then...."

"I've never..."

"Yeah, so I guessed, but you have to learn sometime. Now get naked and let's get started." That answered one question. This was all about sex. No sitting around, how ya doing, and all that. I suppose I was ok with that. I stood at the end of Rachel's bed and quickly stripped down. Then Rachel crawled on hands and knees to the end of the bed. If I was already hard the sight of her, big tits swinging, eyes hungrily staring at my cock, made me almost painfully hard. She reached out, grabbed my cock and pulled me to the bed. Looking up at me she took my cock into her mouth, sucking and licking until it was well moistened. Then reaching behind me, hands on my ass, she pulled me into her, letting my cock deeper into her mouth, then into her throat. All this while she gazed up at me. She let me ease off then out of her mouth. Rolling over, leaning her head back I entered her mouth again, now with a perfect view of her naked body, her large firm breasts, the swell of her stomach, the hair on her mound. I slowly moved forward, deeper, her tongue working on me, then back so she could suck on the head, flicking her tongue all around. I reached out and pinched her nipples as I slowly worked my cock into and out of Rachel's mouth. Next she crawled from the bed, knelt before me and worked over my cock until I tensed and released my load into her throat. Rachel took all I had and sucked and squeezed for every last drop. Satisfied, she led me weak kneed to the bed.

"How was that?"

"Fucking great", was all I could say.

"Well this time you get to give me oral too. Get down there and I'll let you know what to do. Just be eager and go for it."

Rachel scooted up on the bed and rested against some pillows. I settled in for my first up close and personal with a pussy. Rachel's inner lips were visible, her slit was wet and slippery, her clit was showing and wanting, so I dove in. The taste was better than I imagined and the instant reaction to my inexperienced slobbering over her needy pussy encouraged me to lick frantically and energetically. Rachel instructed me, held me in place, moaned her pleasure and told me not to ever fucking stop. Just as she was revving up to a full throated scream we heard the front door slam and her brother yell to see if anyone was home. Expecting to be alone we hadn't bothered to close the bedroom door and as Rachel tried to decide between getting her orgasm or finding cover, her brother James appeared in her doorway.

"Hey sis, I...what the fuck? Holy shit!" James is a year younger than us, shorter than me by a few inches and kind of skinny. He was supposed to be spending the holiday week at his Dad's, but someone hadn't told Rachel about a change of plans. He wasn't nearly as shy as me. "Well, well Rachel. Wow, fucking Billy Conway? I thought you were..."

"No, he's not. He's all man and get the fuck out."

"I've always wondered what you'd look like since you got tits. Nice."

"GET OUT!" By now Rachel had pulled some covers over, I was left uncovered next to her with a wilted cock.

"Nah, I think I'll stay. Were you fucking yet? Wait until this gets out. And Mom is gonna be piiiiiissed."

"Stop James, please? We're just having some fun. And no one can know, please?"


"What do you want? I'll do your chores, clean your gross room, anything."


"Anyth...OH, oh fuck no. No way."

"James, give your sister a break. We hadn't even done anything yet."

"Sure smells like something in here."

"James, just go."

"I won't tell anyone, if.."


"If I can see you and your bitchy friend Abby naked."

"Eww, she won't."

"Make her. She does whatever you say."

"And that's it?"

"And..." Rachel covered her face afraid of what he'd say. "And I'm real horny looking at you like this so take care of it."

"Oh gross. You're my brother."

"Worse than Mom knowing you're in here fucking while she's at work. And let me see you." James started unbuckling his belt. "Come down here on the bed sis." He dropped his pants and underwear to show a hard but still small cock. Rachel did her best not to laugh.

"You're threatening me with that?"

"Fuck you."

"I'd die first."

"Then suck it."

"No way."

"Yep, I want you to suck it. Blow me, now." Rachel reached out and held his cock in her hand. She looked back,

"Billy fuck me with your grown up cock so I don't have to think about what I'm doing?" I was still in shock from the conversation. But here was a chance to show James that I was more grown up than him. I got up on my knees behind Rachel, my cock growing and hardening.

"See James, that's what I like." As Rachel took her brother into her mouth I rubbed my cock on her slit and found her open pussy. I slid my length inside and held her hips as I fucked her hard. After all she wanted to be distracted. She held her brothers balls and easily sucked his full length into her mouth, doing her best to finish him quickly. My goal was to last longer than James. That wasn't all that difficult as the situation had him ready to blow in no time. With a grunt he shot his load into Rachel's mouth. She swallowed quickly and lowered her head as I pounded her from behind. Her tight pussy worked my cock and I soon felt myself ready to fill her.

"Not yet Billy, go slower, I need to..." She'd reached underneath and was working her clit as I slowed my pace, then as she started moaning out loud, tightening her grip on my cock I couldn't take any more and exploded deep into her pussy. She gripped the bedsheets tight as her orgasm rolled over her and my cum filled her. When I was done I sat back and Rachel leaned back against me. She looked to the end of the bed where James stood eyes and mouth wide open.

"You still here James?"

"That was cool. You just fucked my sister and came in her cunt?"

"Crude way of saying it, but yeah."

"See James? That's how a man satisfies a woman. Billy's quite the man." Rachel was leaning on me, her hand cupping my balls and teasing my soft cock. James left the room. Rachel looked at me. " At least if he starts telling stories, you'll be properly represented. Then I'll kill him."

"How about Abby? You really think she'd let him see her?"

"That's a different problem. How about you?"

"I don't know what's going on really. If you were my girlfriend, I guess this would bother me." My hand had wandered over and was resting on her stomach. She rested her head on my shoulder. "But I don't know what we are. Not that I'm complaining. You make me feel better than I ever have."

"You still want to fuck Abby?"

"Would you be mad if I said yes? I mean, why wouldn't I?"

"You're right. You should. But then I'm gonna fuck you better."

"Promise?" She looked over at me. Our lips met. Her hand went to my cock. My hand slid down between her legs. It wasn't long before she threw a log over me and had me balls deep in her pussy. She rolled her hips, rocked on her knees, let her tits swing above me, then she kissed me and held me there as her vaginal muscles worked my cock, her hips rolling and pulling at me. She smiled as she worked herself to another orgasm, then sighed as I came again. We cleaned up.

Rachel let me out saying, "I better talk to James. He better not be expecting anything else from me."

Not so simple. The next day I was heading out to play football with friends when I saw Rachel on her porch.

"Can I talk to you a minute, Bobby? Just talk."

"Sure, what's up." Just talking, but I have to admit, just walking through the gate and up the steps my cock was stirring. We sat on a bench. Rachel sighed,

"James came into my bedroom last night."

'Didn't you talk to him earlier?"

"I did but he sees it that he has all the power. I pretended I was asleep. I thought maybe he'd leave. I don't think he cared if I was asleep. Maybe it was better for him. His pushed up my t shirt and messed around with my breasts. Licking them and stuff. Then...then he took off his PJs and his prick was hard and...and he put it between my legs."

"He fucked you when he thought you were sleeping."

"He was saying, 'I know you're awake', and I was of course. I kept my legs together and I had underwear on so he wasn't, you know, inside, but he was between my legs. I could feel his hard cock rubbing on me and he kept rubbing. Then he came. I had my brother's cum between my legs. I pushed him off and made him leave."

"Want me to talk to him?"

"Yes please. It's not like I can tell my mother."

Truth be told, that didn't get us anywhere. James was too immature to understand the trouble he could get in. All he wanted was to see, touch and be touched by naked women. Whoever they were. Later in the week I was sitting outside my apartment when I saw Rachel come out on her porch and hang a blanket over the railing. She looked over and noticed me sitting there, waiting. Hoping? She shrugged a shoulder and went inside. As I jumped down to the sidewalk I saw Abby walking from the other direction. I timed it so that we'd reach Rachel's at the same time.

"Hey Ab."

"Hi Bobby. Fancy meeting you here."

"Oh, I was just stopping for a visit." We laughed at the silly chit chat for the benefit of nosy neighbors. I was certainly hoping I was going to do more than visit. Especially as I watched Abby's fine ass precede me up the stairs. I waited until we were inside the door before I tentatively placed a hand on that fine ass.

"Oooh, not so shy anymore." Abby turned and placed a firm kiss on my lips while placing both her hands on my ass.

"No, I guess not." Rachel watched us doing our little mating dance with a smile. Abby looked up at me,

"Rumor has it Rachel here has been sampling the goods without me."

"And the goods are pretty good Ab."

"Way to make a guy feel confident."

"So, are you two doing the deed today?"

"Up to Abby", I said hopefully. Abby leaned against me, wrapped her arms around me. Looked up into my eyes,

"Will you be gentle?"

"Of course." A hug.

"Mmm, I think so."

"Sorry to put a damper on all this, but my brother's home." I looked at Abby. I wasn't sure how much she knew. We walked down to the living room.

"Has he.done anything, since?"

"No Ab. Bobby and I spoke to him. But he, wants to be in on this."

"I don't know Rachel. I mean, I went along when you suggested Bobby, and it was fun", she gripped my arm, "but James?"

Rachel, "Maybe we can get him to agree to hang out with us once?"

"You really think that would work?" Abby replied, then looked at me. I wasn't so sure,

"It's really up to you two. I was lucky enough you decided to invite me. I hate to say this, but maybe if we waited a while he might, not forget, but not be expecting us to be here?"

Rachel made a face, "But I'm so horny now that we started and", she put her lips to my ear, "I want your cock." Her hand had strayed to my crotch where it almost met Abby's hand rubbing my thigh. We all looked up as James walked into the room.

"I'm still having trouble getting used to the idea of Bobby Conway getting both of you." Abby sat up, but Rachel continued rubbing me through my pants.

"James, we're still discussing everything."

"OK sis, but it involves me so, here I am. Can I squeeze in next to Abby?"

"NO!" Then Abby looked over at Rachel and rolled her eyes. "OK. But hands to yourself."

James hopped down on the end next to Abby. I was amazed at how easily he did all this. I was the one getting laid yet I was still cautious and afraid of doing something wrong. He looked at Abby,

"Feel free to do that to me." As he pointed to Rachel stroking my hard cock through my pants. "Come on Abby. One time then I'll never bother you three again." He was disappointed when Abby turned and started making out with me. And further annoyed when his sister got my cock out of my pants and began bobbing her head on it. And the final straw was when I reached my hand under Abby's sweater and began massaging her big firm tits. At that point James took out his own cock and began stroking it. "Have to do everything yourself." Abby look over and scrunched in closer to me when she saw James' cock in his hand. He offered it to her.

"No, I don't think so. But I told your sister I'd do this." Then to James amazement Abby lifted her sweater off and released her bra letting James have a close up look at the objects of many a masturbation session.

"Holy shit. Even better than I imagined." He'd reached out and held one before she could say anything.

"Hey, don't, oh fuck it." Abby turned back to me and became deeply engaged in tying up my tongue with hers. Rachel had missed most of this as she worked hard at extracting my first load of the day. Easily pressing her lips against me and letting my cock into her throat. She'd hold there a moment then suck on me as she lifted to the tip. Then repeat. When I'd sent a good amount down her throat she sat up to find Abby and me locked in place while James sucked at Abby's prominent nipples. Abby broke our kiss and breathlessly, "Oh, between the two of you, I need you now Bobby. She lightly slapped James from her tit, as she and led me out of the room.

"What a body. But how come he gets. What about me?"

"You've behaved, will these do?" Rachel removed her shirt and bra and sat back as her brother happily went to work on her own large round breasts. We left them to their business and moved to Rachel's bedroom.

"That's kinda weird", Abby said as she turned to me, "but I have other things on my mind right now." She'd begun unbuttoning my shirt. Since hers was already gone I went right to holding one breast in each hand a thumb circling each nipple. "Mmm, I'm getting hot again." My shirt was gone and Abby was kissing my chest, her hands holding me close to her. Then we separated a moment and quickly lost our pants, my hard cock pointing to her. I stepped closer and let my hand cup her mound as she gripped my cock and let her hand slide gradually up and down its length. I led her to Rachel's bed, then turned back to retrieve the condom packet from my jeans. "Just in case?"

"You mean we're not?"

"You've got me naked in a bed and you're still not sure?"

"I WANT to sure, but only if you do too."

"Yes, yes. But first kiss me. Touch me. Don't just fuck me." So I pulled Abby's firm young body over against mine. Her nude body showing the benefits of exercise as a cheerleader, plus her natural gifts. She slid her top leg between mine, pressing her body against me as we made out, passionately, frantically, enthusiastically, while my hand traced lines up and down her back, down to cup her tight ass, then up along the side to squeeze and caress her soft breasts. When we broke our kiss I moved my lips to her neck and across her shoulders, then down until I reached the swell of her chest. I spend ages lost in the pleasures of her amazing breasts, kissing every inch and nibbling at the nipples standing hard and erect. With some reluctance I moved down to her taught stomach, taking my time, finally reaching the tight curly hairs that led me to her puffy lips. Now with Abby on her back I placed my face against her, using my tongue to separate her lips, exposing her virgin pussy. I licked at her opening and up to her clit. She was wet, and ready. I teased her longer, her hands on the back of my head holding me gently to her. "Now Bobby. I'm ready." I scooted up straddling Abby. I reached for the condom packet, opened it and expertly rolled it down my hard cock (OK I'd practiced at home). Separating Abby's legs I settled in between them and place my tip at her opening. Leaning down close I asked again,

"Ready? Sure?"

"Yes, yes Bobby."

I pressed forward. Oh god, the tip of my cock was actually in Abby. Meeting resistance I paused, look at her again and thrust. She cried out as I broke through. I stopped.

"Go ahead Bobby. It hurt but it's ok." I pushed forward slowly. Oh god, I was completely inside Abby. Amazing Abby who I lusted for, who made me hard as she brushed by me in study hall, who in my wildest dreams I never thought I'd have a chance with, but here I was. I'd taken her cherry. I'd always be her first. "Ok, easy, go easy." So I withdrew, then pushed forward again. She winced, but wrapped her legs behind mine encouraging me to continue. I moved forward and back, slow and easy. Finally she put her arms around my neck and pulled my in for a kiss. "MMm, that's nice. Still a little sore." I leaned on her feeling her breasts against me, rocking my hips, holy shit I was fucking Abby Wilson. This thought made me even harder if possible. He pussy feeling incredibly tight around my cock, the condom a minor inconvenience. Slowly in, then back, in and back. She was moaning now, holding me. Then I felt my cock tighten, my balls contract, and I was filling the tip of the condom. When I could cum no more I sat back withdrawing from Abby. With my cock and cum filled condom safely outside her no longer virgin pussy I lay down beside her and held her to me.

"Was it ok, Ab?"

"Uh huh. I've heard the first time can be bad. But that's with guys who are only in it to score, I think. You made it nice. Thanks." I kissed her for the compliment and for everything else. We held each other for awhile, she cautioned me about touching her pussy, "It's a little sore down there." Then we got up, partially dressed. At least underwear, and my shirt for Abby. We wandered down the hall then stopped short in the living room doorway. Abby's hand came up to cover her mouth. My arms went around her just below her boobs. I put my head alongside hers.

"Holy shit", I whispered.

"I know." What we were looking at was James' skinny white ass pumping furiously, his head latched on to Rachel's left tit, her head back, eyes closed, his cock no doubt doing its best in her pussy. They didn't know we were watching. Abby made a noise, James looked backed, smiled, then with his usual attitude,

"Hey, I didn't watch you two fuck. Not that I wouldn't have."

"Oh fuck, you're done!", Rachel looked like she wanted to jump up, but James never slowed down, "we uh, I ah, needed to keep him busy so you could...", then she closed her eyes again as James began pounding into her full speed. Her mouth opened as it hit her, "oooooooooh, FUCK, oh FUCK, aaaah." Then James' ass clenched and he filled his sister's pussy. When he'd finished he pulled out and whooped in celebration.

"Damn, fucking damn that was so good." He stood there unembarrassed with his glistening cock shrinking. He was happy and proud. Abby and I looked at Rachel, her brother's cum now leaking from her.

"I was so horny knowing you guys were fucking in there and James was begging and well yeah."

"Hey Bobby, how was Abby? Abby, you ready for more?"

Abby frowned at him, "No James, not a chance. And Bobby better not be talking about what we did."

"If it wasn't that good, maybe I can do better", I'd liked to have slapped the grin off his face.

"James, Bobby was just what I needed, thanks. So get thoughts of you and me out of your head."

James got the hint and left the living room, but not before giving Abby a good look up an down. When he'd left Rachel jumped up and gave Abby a hug,

"Woo, welcome to the club. How was it?" Abby managed to blush a bit. Then she looked from me to Rachel. She squeezed my hand,

"Despite all the stories you hear, it was good. Hardly hurt and it felt so nice to have him inside me. A little sore now."

Rachel game me a hug, "Thanks for treating my girl nice. I knew you were a good choice."

"Believe me, you girls have given me the best week ever." Rachel's hand rested on my crotch,

"Any left for me? If you don't mind seconds." I paused at that, then looked at Abby,

"Go ahead, I don't own you." We quickly made our way back to the bedroom. Rachel got me situated, stretched out on her bed. When she straddled me and let my cock find her opening I only thought for a moment that I'd be sliding up through James' cum as I entered her tight pussy, but then I thought of her tight pussy enveloping my cock and all those thoughts went away. Rachel told Abby to straddle my head and let me soothe her pussy with my tongue. Her puffy lips settled on me and I wriggled my tongue along her slit. I couldn't see just what was going on but it sounded as though in addition to riding me they were heavily engaged with each other. Rachel sat on my cock and forced me deep into her enjoying the way my thinker cock stretched her more than her brother had. Both girls used me for their own pleasure and I couldn't be happier about it. I caressed Abby's ass as she began grinding her clit against me. I slid my tongue into her. At first she gasped, then sighed, then rocked her pussy on me. By this time Rachel was bouncing on my cock trying for every bit of me. I held on to Abby as she came on my face, her juices bathing me, before she rolled off, sated. Rachel continued rocking hard on me pressing her clit into me, rocking her tits over me, her head rolling from side to side, then gasping, rocking her head, slapping my chest, squeezing my cock with her pussy, cumming in waves, then riding me until my load burst free, coating her insides. She collapsed onto me, looked over at Abby, pinched her nipple and stayed there until finally my softening cock fell from her.



"You need to get on birth control. You need to feel him cum."

"I was wondering about that. Good huh?"

"Yeah." Then they both rested with one leg over mine, their arms across my chest. It seemed to me this may not be a short term situation. It seemed like a holiday miracle to me.

I saw Rachel outside her house just before Christmas. She told me that her brother and mother were going to visit family the day after Christmas and would be gone over night. I was to be at her house at 7 to open my 'gifts' from her an Abby. I told her I wasn't expecting to exchange presents and didn't have time to go shopping. She kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear,

"Don't worry, you've got everything we want right here." Then "accidentally" tapped my crotch with her hand. "Merry Christmas. I'm sure you'll get everything you want. You've been very very good." I stood a moment to watch her swing her hips as she walked up to her house. Happy holidays, wow.

After what seemed a never ending Christmas, the day after arrived. Well groomed and with small gifts I knocked at Rachel's door. She answered and looked me over,

"Someone's a little over dressed." She was wearing a silky robe, tied at the waist. She led me to her bedroom where Abby waited in a similar robe. Rachel's red and Abby's blue. "Go ahead, open your gifts." Taking her hint I reached out and took the end of a belt in each hand. I pulled and their robes fell away. Each stood on display in silky lingerie colored to match their robes. Rachel and Abby gathered alongside me, their hands slowly sliding over my chest and stomach, one hand each squeezing my ass, then the the other hand moving to my pants. Abby kissed me,

"Merry Christmas, Bobby."

"Merry, uh, Christmas, mmm, Abby." I turned to Rachel, "You too, oh god." Rachel's hand was gripping my hard cock, Abby knelt before me and loosened my belt, then the button, followed by the zipper. She let my pants fall, then stroked the firm outline in my underwear. She grabbed the top of my shorts and pulled them down, my cock springing out towards her.

"Ooh, I like this present," Abby exclaimed before sticking out her tongue and flicking the tip of my cock. As she took the head into her mouth Rachel turned my face to her and offered her mouth to me. Even Rachel's expert kisses couldn't distract from the feeling of Abby bobbing on my cock, her tongue licking from bottom to top and around the head. With my hands free I took the opportunity to feel the silky material barely covering Rachel's sexy body. With one hand I cupped her ass as the other massaged her bountiful tits. I squeezed suddenly as Abby fondled my balls while tonguing the length of my cock. As I felt my balls tightened I moved a hand to the back of Abby's head and held her in place as I flooded her mouth with cum. With the warning she greedily swallowed the full load and looked up at me for approval. I slid my hand around to caress her cheek and smiled in appreciation. She then stood and the girls led me to Rachel's bed where I had a sexy silky body either side of mine.

A true Christmas miracle.


2021-01-12 06:07:32
A beautiful story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -

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2021-01-06 18:46:41
I enjoyed that - not as much as Bobby, I guess? Fun story - thanks!

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