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Gal Gadots agent contacted her to inform her of a scheduled talk he had set up with a 9th grade class. Gal pulled up outside a high school early saturday morning. Getting out of her car she observed students walking into the building entering the school she went to the auditorium. she estimated that about sixty young students were in the seats waiting for her to speak. She stepped out onto the stage and walked behind the stand. She began talking to the students about the opportunities for them in Hollywood. As she spoke four young women came up behind her they grabbed her and laid her down on the stage. They quickly stripped her until she was completely nude. Holding her down with her legs spread wide they laughed and explained that she was going to get fucked by everyone in the room. She watched as all of the student lined up and began fucking her. Somes three at a time. Males and females made love to her. After eight hours everyone had taken a turn or two. Exhausted she lay still and naked until she heard claws scratching across the floor. She looked up and saw three male dogs running towards her. She screamed as sshe was turned over and the first dog entered her asshole unmercifully fucking her. She was rolled over and lay on under her fuckking her anal passage. Then a second dog mounted her entering her vagina and fucking her. The third dog straddled her face shoving his engorged penis into her mouth and growled snapping at her until she began sucking him. They each took a turn at each position. This continued for hours with her passsing out only to come too and it continued. Gal came many times until hours later students came out and showed her they had filmed it all and informed her she belonged to them and would return for more once a month for a weekend of sex or they would post the movie to the internet. Gal returned once a month for a three day marathon sex session with students and their pets. The worst was when they forced snakes into her pussy , anus , and mouth. She knew they owned her. This continued for years and she had three children and never knew who the father was. This also led to her underground career as a sex star. Her most popular movies were her roles as wonder woman. One role she played was wonder woman being taken by a pack of wolves out in the forest. She was grabbed by a group of criminals who caught her unawares dressed her in a fake slutty wonder woman outfit that was slowly stripped from her as the trained huskies chased her through the forest. The criminals dressed her in a fake costume and released her in the forest which was set up with movie cameras throughout the woods. They filmed her running through the woods as the dogs chased after her. They grabbed at parts of her costume ripping those articles of clothing from her body. Finally stripped naked the dogs brought her down when she rose to her hands and knees each dog took a turn mounting her. The first dog mounted her and forced his large cock into her pussy. Rapidly thrusting into her he ejaculated into her vagina then the next dog took his turn. The eighth dog fnally finished with her. She was unaware since she lost consciousness as the last dog finished with her. When she woke hours later she moaned in pain from her well used pussy and her over flowing cum filled abdomen. Another popular video of her was of her laying in bed and using unusual objects to masturbate herself. The most watched of these videos was of her tied down spreadeagle on a table and an over large pair of dildos forced into her anus and pussy. This continued for hours and she had many orgasms which was lapped up by various animals like cats and dogs. Occasionally her cum was collected and sold online for hundreds of dollars. Another popular plot of her videos was of wonder woman returning to paradise island where her Amazon sister welcomed her back to the island by tying her down and using her own lasso commanded her to continuously forcefully orgasm so the Amazons could enjoy her juices. She was forced to be ravaged by three of her sisters at a time. One sexual activity involved her sisters forcing a special container filled with bees up her pussy and anus where their buzzing brought her to an orgasm and royal jelly smeared on her nipples and clit and then a minotaur was brought in to lick her clean then fucked her hard. Finally a plot by Ares the war god managed to fuck her while she was helpless and enjoyed all three of her holes. The last thing he did was turn himself into a large snake forced his way into her pussy and spent a week in her body causing her to orgasm in public much to the enjoyment of humans who saw it and tasted her cum. During one such event she was in her Diana prince identity and she was out investigating a biker bar where she was grabbed by the bikers stripped naked and fucked by the bikers held captive for a week where she was fucked by people in the bar daily and through an intervention by Ares she became pregnant and had triplets two girls and one boy. Wonder woman had to adopt them out where again through Ares manipulation the three were brought together when they were sixteen and had wild threesome sex for a weekend.

Many people watched her videos online and they were most popular especially with her wonder woman fans
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