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Kimberly's slowly taking her mothers place in the kitchen and eventually in her Father's bed.
Kimberly continued to prepare something to eat. I watched for a few moments while she moved around the kitchen gracefully. Her firm breasts swayed with each movement of her body. My cock began to swell. I knew I had to get busy or I would not get the chores completed that I had taken off of work to do.

I went back into the garage and began to work. It was very hard to concentrate with the fresh memory of my cock between my daughter’s lips. The memory kept my cock in check. It was neither hard nor soft.

After a couple hours, I was done. When I went back into the house, Kimberly had dinner ready. She had the food on the table and she was putting the final touches on setting the table. She was wearing nothing but a silky white thong. The white material was illuminated against her tanned buttocks.

When she heard me enter she turned and smiled. I could do nothing but smile back and gaze at her beautiful body. She motioned for me to sit, and I moved toward the table and took my seat at the head of the table.

She carefully placed a generous portion of each dish onto my plate and stood at my side while I sampled each. She was a great cook, a trait she did not get from her mother. Once she was satisfied that I was pleased with the meal, she sat in the chair beside me and fixed her plate.

After we were done with dinner and the dishes, I excused myself to shower. I was being very meticulous. I wanted Kimberly, but under the circumstances, I wanted her to make the move to continue what we had started earlier. As bad as I had wanted her to join me in the shower, I didn't invite her. I just hoped she would follow.

Unfortunately, she did not. As the water cascaded down my body, I anxiously waited for the shower door to open and my beautiful daughter to step in, but it didn't happen. I washed and watched until the hot water started to run out. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower and placed a towel around my waist.

Up until that day, I had always been modest around Kimberly. She had never seen me naked, or even in just my boxers. So walking into the hallway with just a towel around my waist was a big step. I walked past her room. Her door was opened. She was laying on her bed doing homework.

“Studying?” I asked as I stepped to her door.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, “I have a quiz tomorrow. Do you need anything, Daddy?”

I smiled, she was so beautiful laying in only her thong, her toned legs parted and the silky material hugging her labia. “No baby, study. I think I am going to turn in. See you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Daddy, I love you,” She said with the sweetest voice.

“I love you too baby,” I replied as I stepped from her room and headed to mine.

Once in my room, I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers. I dropped the towel that was around my waist and started to step into my shorts. Then a thought crossed my mind. Instead, I laid the boxers on top of the dresser for tomorrow. Naked, I turned back the covers and crawled into bed.

I had not slept naked in years. Once Kimberly was born, I began sleeping in shorts. I never knew when she would end up in between my ex and I during the night. I chuckled thinking about how bad I wanted her in my bed now. It was amazing how things had changed.

I opened a book and began to read. Some time during the reading, I drifted off to sleep. I felt movement on the bed and peeked one eye open to see Kimberly climbing in bed with me. I decided to continue to pretend to be asleep to see what would happen.

I felt the covers being pulled from my body. My chest was exposed, then my lower extremities. I felt her hand gently rub up my thigh. I could feel my cock coming to life under her gently touch. Her fingers softly wrapped around my shaft as she laid her head on my stomach.

She kissed my head, once and then again. I felt her tongue press against my hole. She lightly moved her tongue over it several times. Her hand gripped my cock tightly as she shifted and inhaled my cock into her mouth.

I jerked when her teeth raked across the sensitive areas of my cock. When I jerked she released my cock and looked up at me and smiled. I ran my hand through her dark hair and smiled back at her.

“I couldn’t sleep Daddy, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No baby I don't mind, at all.”

She raised herself on her arms and crawled up my body. Her hard nipples grazed my chest as she hovered over me. I moved down in the bed. My hands cupped her hips, to my surprise I felt no evidence of the thong she had been wearing earlier. My hands met at the crack of her lovely ass, and still no evidence. My baby girl was in bed with me naked.

“Daddy what are you doing?” Kimberly asked as I continued to move down in the bed.

I moved between her legs and used my hands to pull her down to my. My tongue slipped up her smooth slit. I was somewhat surprised to feel that she was bare, but it was a pleasant surprise. I had begged her mother to shave her pubic area, but she would never do it.

When my tongue made contact she giggled, “That tickles, Daddy.”

I didn't stop. I pressed my tongue inside her velvety open. Her nectar tasted heavenly. The sweet, tangy juice tickled my taste buds and left them begging for more. My hands gripped her fleshy ass, pressing her pussy against my mouth and tongue. Soon the giggles turned to moans and within a few minutes my little girl was humping my tongue.

She placed her hands on the headboard and twisted her hips. She ground her tasty pussy all over my tongue and face. I released her ass and moved my hands to her breasts.

Her breasts were more than a handful, I pinched her hard nipples between my fingers, and created an even louder moan. My tongue rubs against her engorged clitoris, my lips close and I suck it in my mouth. Her hands moved from the headboard to my head. She gripped the side of my face like a vice. Her body began trembling as her moans turned to low, deep groans.

A rush of sweet nectar flowed onto my chin. I opened my mouth to catch as much as possible. Her body continued to jerk against me. My hands fell along her side and held her hips as she orgasmed.

Her body fell limp beside me. I lay there and just looked at her pretty pussy. Her labia was plump and red, her clitoris was enlarged and was also red. She opened her legs slightly as she relaxed, her pussy opened. Her thighs glistened from her nectar. I moved up and kissed her inner thigh and she jerked her legs closed.

“No more Daddy, I have never come like that, it's all still tingly down there.”

I moved up in the bed and laid my head beside hers. She had a relaxed smile on her face.

“I think I can sleep now, can I stay with you Daddy?”

“Of course you can,” I replied, “you can stay as long as you want.”

She cuddled into my arms and was sound asleep within minutes. Again I was disappointed. My cock was as hard as granite, but I refused to force myself on her. When and if I was giving the opportunity to fuck my little girl, I wanted it to be voluntary. I pulled her close and eventually dozed off to sleep.


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