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Albert finally gets Heather.
The day after I fucked Mrs. Benson, was the weirdest day of my life. I did not know how to act. I knew I could not act any different or there would be suspicions. I had to get Heather back on my good side. It was Thursday, and whatever happened on Sunday’s, I wanted her to know that I was fond of her and very appreciative for everything she had done for me.

After gathering the eggs and milk, I walked to the farmhouse to give the products to the ladies. When I walked in, only Trudy and Heather were in the kitchen. I placed the products on the table and waited for Heather to turn around.

She finally turned her head in my direction. “Good Morning,” I said with a smile.

“Morning,” was her reply.

Trudy turned her head and smiled really big, “Good morning Albert, did you sleep well?”

“Good Morning Trudy, I did, thank you for asking.”

I turned and went back outside to help Tommy get everything ready to go to work. Mr. Benson had commented that we were going to have to work extra hard to finish the fence by Saturday or we would have to finish it Sunday. I didn’t know what exactly happened on Sunday, but I had a feeling it would be worth having to work extra hard so that we did not have to work.

We ate breakfast as quickly as we could. It was odd that Mrs. Benson was absent at breakfast, but I didn’t ponder on that much. I just figured that she was embarrassed at what had happened between the two of us and did not want to make things uncomfortable for either of us. Tommy and I were on the tractor waiting as Mr. Benson walked out of the house.

Tommy and I worked hard that day. Everytime I would show signs of slowing down, Tommy would encourage me to keep up. The work helped to keep the situation with Heather off of my mind. I did not know what her problem was. I didn’t know whether she was mad that it had taken me so long to erupt the night before, whether she had decided she didn’t like me anymore, or what it was.

What Mrs. Benson and I had done, weighed heavily on my mind as well. I felt that I had betrayed Mr. Benson’s trust. The first time he had left me alone at the farm, I fucked his wife. He had been so good to me. He had taught me so much about hard work in such a short time. Still this day, he was working side by side with Tommy and I to get the fence up in time for us to have the day off on Sunday.

Lunch came and went. Heather brought me my lunch but was not very talkative. I tried to get her to tell me what was wrong, but she insisted that it was nothing. I was glad to see Mrs. Benson got out of the truck. She smiled at me when she approached the tractor with Mr. Benson’s lunch. Half the weight on my shoulders had been lifted.

We finished the day's work happy. We had constructed 200 more feet of fence than we had completed the previous days. Mr. Benson commented that if we worked as hard the next two days, we would complete the fence early Saturday afternoon. My body felt every inch of that extra 200 feet. I could have gone to sleep without supper or a bath. I was completely spent. We arrived back at the farmhouse after dark. Tommy and I hurriedly put the tools away and feed the animals. Then headed to the house.

At supper, Mr. Benson praised Tommy and me on the hard work we had done. He bragged to the ladies that if we kept up the pace, we may be able to begin our off time Saturday afternoon instead of Sunday morning. Everyone seemed happy and that made me happy. Heather seemed to be in a better mood, however she was still very standoffish. I ate my supper and once Tommy and I were excused, we headed to the bathhouse.

The warm water felt extremely well to my aching muscles. I laid back in the tub and closed my eyes and let the water envelope me. I was startled when I felt something against my chest. I opened my eyes and it was Heather, she was beginning to bathe me.

She had removed her dress, her breasts were as beautiful as always. Her nipples seemed to be as hard as they were the night she sat down on my penis. I had a yearning to have them in my mouth. I raised up and opened my mouth, but she moved back.

“Don’t,” she quickly rebuked me.

“Heather what is wrong? And do not say it's nothing.”

She rolled her eyes, and blew a breath from her lips. “I guess I am just a little jealous,” she finally admitted.

“Jealous of what?” I asked dumbfoundedly.

She gave me a stern look. “Do not act like you don’t know.”

“I don’t know, Heather what did I do?”

She lowered her face closer to me so no one would hear her. “You fucked Mrs. B.”

I was shocked to hear those words escape her lips. How did she know? Did Mrs. Benson tell the girls about our time in the barn? I sat back in the tub and just looked into her eyes. I could see disappointment in them.

“How did you know about that? Did she tell you?” I asked in a whisper.

By the sounds coming from the other side of the curtain, I knew Tommy and Trudy were not worried about what was happening on our side.

“No, she didn't tell us, but we both knew. She never goes to the barn, yet she did when you were in there alone. When she came back to the house, she was smiling and singing to herself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know she had been fucked.”

“I am sorry Heather….,” I began.

“It isn’t your fault. You are not mine to keep, that is how it is here. No matter what I feel, I do not have the right to be jealous. It’s just I wanted this first,” she said as she gripped my penis and began to stroke it.

I laid back and tried to relax. I felt I needed to say something but I did not want to mess anything up. She was stroking with a purpose. She began at the base and stroked the full length. She moved close and spat on my head and used her spittal as lube. It felt marvelous.

“Heather, you will always be special to me, because you were my first. I care about you and it was killing me today because I thought you were mad at me. Please do not hold anything back from me. If something is bothering you, let me know.”

She smiled and nodded. She picked up her pace with her stroking. I could feel my balls begin to tingle. I relaxed and let Heather and nature take control. In less than five minutes, I felt the pressure build in my gut. I gripped the side of the tub, and allowed my penis to erupt for Heather.

She milked out every drop, then stood up and presented to me an open towel. I stepped out of the tub and she wrapped it around me, and kissed me on the cheek. She bent down and picked her dress up from the floor and stepped back into it, and left.

I slept like a log that night. When Mr. Benson woke us up, it felt like I had just gone to sleep. We got up and did our normal morning rituals, at breakfast and was off to work. Heather was herself again, and at lunch flashed me with her hairy vagina again. I so wanted back inside her, the one time her tightness had left me wanting more. Mrs. Benson also acted normal and at lunch told me goodbye as they left.

We constructed another 200 extra feet of fence that day. We were well on pace to finish shortly after lunch Saturday, the next day. It was after dark when we arrived at the farmhouse. We put tools away, fed the animals, and ourselves, then headed to the bathhouse. In the tub I waited for Heather to arrive.

Heather walked in and dropped her dress. The more I saw her naked, the more I wanted her. It was hard before she knelt down beside the tub.

“Happy to see me?” she giggled.

“Always,” I replied with a smile.

“I am so excited about tomorrow. I am so glad you guys worked to get ahead of schedule, it doesn’t happen very often,” she added.

“What exactly happens on Sunday? I have heard all of you talking about it, but no one has told me what happens.”

She leaned close and whispered, “We both get what we have been wanting.”

Then she took my penis in her hand and began to stroke me. I released, she helped me wrap the towel around my waist, kissed me and was gone. Her answer left me wondering. I know what I wanted, and apparently she wanted the same thing, however her answer still was not clear to me.

The next day started like all others. We agreed at breakfast to work through lunch to finish even earlier in the day. We worked hard, and shortly after what would have been lunch, we nailed the last nail in the fence. The end of the fence was at the barn, so putting up the tools was pretty easy.

While we were putting up the tools, I noticed Heather and Trudy going in and out of the barn. They were doing something in the loft. In the almost a week I had been on the farm, I had not noticed the loft. I approached the bottom step that led to the loft but before I could take a step, Mr. Benson called us into the house.

The ladies had lunch sitting on the table. It was much bigger than the normal lunches of sandwiches and tea. They had grilled burgers and hot dogs, and had chips, baked beans and potato salad. The ladies were not present, so we fixed our own plates and sat at the table.

“You boys eat up, we might not get supper tonight,” Mr. Benson said as he took a big bite of his burger.

We feasted on the food. Tommy was very anxious to be finished, but ate his share. When he was done he asked to be excused so he could take a bath. Mr. Benson excused him and he almost ran out of the house. I finished up my food and asked to be excused. Mr. Benson took a long drink of tea.

“Albert, you are new, so I want to tell you what to expect.” He sat his glass on the table. “Mrs. Benson and I will be leaving in a few minutes. We go into town, mostly on Sundays, and buy groceries and supplies for the next week. Being we finished up early, we are going to have a nice dinner tonight, get a hotel room and spend the night in town.” He slid his chair back and placed his elbows on the table.

“There is only two things I ask of you boys. One, make sure the animals are fed. No matter how much fun you are having, the animals have to be fed, and in the morning the eggs and milk gathered.”

“Yes sir, no problem,” I replied, waiting on the second thing.

“The second thing is to use protection. The last thing we need is one of those girls getting pregnant, do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

He nodded his head, and left the kitchen.

I went from the kitchen to the bathhouse. I bathed without Heather for the first time since I had arrived. Once I was done, I went into our bunk house and saw Tommy pacing. I put on my jeans and t-shirt and sat on my bed.

“What now?” I asked.

“We wait for the Benson’s to leave. Then we can go to the barn,” he answered.

“Is that where the girls are?”

“Yeah, we can’t do anything until they leave. It is a respectful thing.”

“I understand,” I replied.

I sat on my bed and stared out of the window at the barn. What awaited me? My curiosity was killing me.

Finally, I saw Mr. Benson pulled his truck to the back door. He got out of the truck and walked to the porch and picked up a couple of bags and placed them in the back bed. He opened the passenger side door and Mrs. Benson climbed in. He hurried around to the driver side and they drove off. Before I could turn my head back toward Tommy, I heard the door slam, and Tommy was nowhere to be seen.

I got up and made my way to the barn. I slowly climbed the stairs up to the loft of the barn. When I got to the top, the loft was divided into two rooms, with a hallway dividing them. At the door of one of the rooms, Heather was waiting. She was dressed much differently than I had ever seen her before.

She was dressed in a pair of white lacy panties with a matching bra. On her full thighs she had on white thigh high stockings. The stockings were held up by straps that come from a white lacy belt around her waist. Over her shoulders was a sheer robe. For the first time since I had been on the farm, she had on make up.

She smiled as I approached her. She held the door open as I walked in. Then she shut the door and locked it.

The room was simple. It had a few candles flickering the only light in the room. It had a full sized bed, a table on one side of the bed, and a table with two chairs. I looked around the room and when I turned around, Heather was standing in front of me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. It was a long, passionate kiss. Her tongue slipped between my lips and I gently sucked on it, as my hands cupped her full buttocks.

When our kiss broke, my body tingled all over. She took my hand and led me to the bed. She pulled the covers back and I sat on the edge. She knelt in front of me and untied my boots and pulled them off. Then she removed my socks. She reached for my hand and I took hers. She pulled me up to my feet.

She lowered her hands and unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down my waist. Then she pushed my boxers down to meet the jeans at my knees. Again she told me to sit. She knelt, again, and pulled my jeans and boxers off my feet. She stood back up and took the sheer robe off her shoulders. I sat up and removed my shirt, then layed back on the bed and watched her.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She held the bra to her chest with one hand. Slowly she let the bra fall away from her breasts. Her breasts look magnificent. Her nipples were red and erect. She rubbed her hands over her bare breasts and let a soft moan escape her lips.

Her hands traveled down her body. She unhooked her stocking from the straps and removed the belt from around her waist. Then she turned her back to me. Her hands moved to her waist, she ran her fingers between her panties and her milky skin and she slowly peeled her panties slowly down her hips. Her buttocks looked delicious as they came into view. She pushed her panties down her thighs and bent to the floor. She looked back at me, I could not take my eyes off of her beauty.

She stood back up and turned to me. She was naked except for her stockings. I had never seen something so beautiful, so sexy. She placed a hand on the bed and climbed in, beside me. She placed her arm across my chest and lay her head beside me.

“Can we take this slow? I want to enjoy this without rushing,” she softly said as she kissed my cheek.

“Of course,” I replied.

We kissed again. It was just as passionate as the first. My hands roamed her body. I cupped her buttocks, and moved my hands up her ribs and ran my thumbs across her erect nipples. She moaned softly. She broke our kiss and began kissing down my body.

She kissed my neck, chest and ran her tongue over my nipples. She kissed down my stomach, over my belly button. As she neared my penis, my belly jumped with anticipation. She moved her body between my spread legs. She took my shaft in her hands and lowered her mouth onto my balls. She slowly stroked me while she sucked one of my balls into her mouth. It felt so good. She pulled her head back and my ball fell out with a pop of her lips. She lowered and sucked it back in. The whole time her hand slowly went from the bottom to the tip of my penis. The feeling was so amazing.

She repeated letting my ball slip from her lips. Then she rose up and removed her hand from my very hard penis. She lowered her lips. Her tongue slipped from her lips and licked the head then she lowered her lips over it. Her tongue cupped the underside of my penis as her mouth lowered. I felt the tip hit the back of her throat and she coughed, which sent a sensation throughout my body.

She pulled her mouth backup and swirled her tongue around my head, then engulfed my penis again. She placed her hand at the base and worked her hand up as she moved her mouth up. Her hand and mouth worked back down, she started to catch a rhythm and her pace quickened. Eventually her hand fell away and she placed a hand on each side of my hips and sucked harder. Her head was bobbing up and down like nothing I had ever seen before.

“Heather, I am about to erupt,” I exclaimed.

Either she didn’t hear me or she ignored my warning because she continues her oral assault on my penis. She sucked harder and picked her pace up. I moved my hands to her head. My hips began to thrust upward to meet her lips, I felt the back of her throat again, she did not choke that time. My head tossed back and forth on the pillow. I gripped her head and my penis erupted in her hot mouth.

She continued to suck until every drop had escaped and the sensitivity grew so strong that I could no longer stand her to suck on me. I gently pushed her off. She smiled at me and licked her lips. She moved back over my body and we kissed again. There was a tangy taste to her kiss, but it was not bad enough to stop kissing her lips and caressing her body. As we kissed I rolled over on top of her. My soft penis was pinned between us.

I repeated what she had down to me. I kissed her neck and down her chest. I moved my kisses over her meaty breasts and gave special attention to each of her hard nipples. I licked then and sucked them between my lips. She moaned as I nursed on her breasts, and she pressed her crotch against my upper thigh. I released her nipples and kissed down her stomach. I licked her belly button and she giggled.

I kissed past her belly button and into the patch of hair between her legs. She stopped me. She held my head and pulled it up so I could look at her.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I am doing to you what you did for me,” I replied.

She just looked at me for a moment. It was like she was giving me time to rethink what I was doing. She finally relaxed her grip on my head and I proceeded. I positioned myself between her legs. The aroma from her vagina was strong and arousing. I had never done what I was about to do, but something in me was telling me to do it.

Her vagina lips were full and red. I lowered my face and kissed it. The hair tickled my nose, but I overcame the urge to laugh. I slipped my tongue out and licked up the split between her lips. She moaned and opened her legs wider. I was on to something, so I licked it again. The taste was tangy, sweet. The more I tasted, the more I wanted.

“Lick a little higher,” she instructed.

So I did as I was told. I slipped my tongue up her slit and when I hit the spot, she closed her legs around my head. I worked my tongue up and down that spot. Her hand moved to my head and pushed it tighter against her. The spot I was licking became more and more engorged and began swelling. I concentrated on that spot. Until I felt her body begin to tremble.

I remembered the way her body trembled the night she had placed my penis inside her. This time it seemed more violent. Her legs let go of my head but her hands pushed me down even tighter. Something in my head told me to suck the swollen area, and I did. I no longer placed it into my mouth than her body jerked so hard it almost threw me off the bed. I held on, sucking and licking until her body released. She pushed my head down to the entrance of her vagina, and I sucked the fluid seeping out until she pushed my head away.

In all the commotion, I had not realized that my penis was hard again. I moved up her body and kissed her lips, my penis easily slipped between her wet vagina lips and her eyes opened wide. She immediately moved from under me. I did not understand what was going on.

“Not yet, you need to put a condom on,” she rolled out of the bed and knelt at the table beside the bed.

She pulled out a box and placed it on top of the table. She placed her hand inside and pulled out a small package. She tore the wrapper open and pulled out what looked like a rolled up balloon. She placed the rubber over the tip of my penis and rolled it down. She then returned to the bed and opened her arms and legs.

The rubber felt weird but I didn't protest. I remembered what Mr. Benson had said about no one getting pregnant. Although I had never experienced sex, until coming to the farm, I had been in school and knew about the human reproduction system.

When Heather was back in place, I positioned myself between her legs. She guided my penis to her vagina, when in place, I pushed it inside. She moaned loudly as my penis entered her. Unlike the first time, I slipped right in without any resistance. I pushed it all the way in and stopped and looked down at her.

Her eyes were closed, and a smile was on her face. She opened her eyes and looked directly into mine and nodded. I took that as my signal. I lifted my hips a bit and pushed it back in. I repeated this over and over. It was then, that I was thankful for my afternoon fuck with Mrs. Benson, because I knew what to do.

Heather lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist as I continued to rock my penis in and out of her. The rubber was causing me not to feel the same sensations that I had felt with Mrs. Benson. I could feel the tightness of Heather’s vagina, but the wetness was being missed. I felt her body erupt after only a few minutes of fucking. I stopped and let her regain her composure.

She suggested we change positions, so I laid on the bed and she climbed on top of me and placed my hard penis back inside her. She placed her hands on my chest and moved her bottom back and forth on my penis. I liked that and soon began feeling the pressure begin to build in my balls. She must have felt something different because she began moving faster. She tossed her head back and moaned as her body tensed up again. When she relaxed, she was like a woman on a mission.

Her buttocks slammed against my thighs as she rode my penis like a bucking bronco. Her breasts bounced as she continued to thrust her vagina over my penis. The pressure in my balls grew stronger and I knew my release was close. Heather continued. I gripped her hips and pushed my penis as deep into her as I could and let out a loud groan as my penis erupted inside the condom.

Heather continued to ride me, even as the sensitivity against my penis was almost unbearable. Her body tensed again, I felt her vagina tighten around my condom covered penis, her body convulsed three or four times and then she collapsed on top of me.

We must have both fell asleep after our first official fuck, because we were startled by a knock on the door. Heather rolled off of me and I stood up, remembering the condom was still on my penis. I hollered at the door to see who was there, knowing it had to be either Trudy or Tommy.

It was Tommy, “Hey Romeo, we need to feed up.”

I turned to look at Heather, she reached over and rolled the filled condom from my penis. She took a towel, wiped the gunk off my penis and got up and slipped her robe on. I put on my clothes and kissed her as I left.

I followed Tommy down the stairs and we began to feed the animals.

“So did you enjoy Heather?” Tommy asked as he dumped feed into the cow’s trough.

“Yeah, she is something else,” I replied.

“There is a difference between Heather and Trudy. Heather is a girl who a man could see marrying and having kids with. She is very sensual and likes thing slow and easy. Trudy on the other hand is a slut. She likes it hard and fast and in all different positions,” Tommy opened up for the first time since I had been on the Farm.

“ I guess it is because Trudy has been here so long. She is accustomed to having different guys. Rumor has it that Mr. Benson gets a piece of her when Mrs. B isn’t able to service him, but she denies that it's ever happened,” he added.

I ponder on what Tommy had said. If Mr. Benson was fucking Trudy, it would justify him fucking Mrs. Benson. Tommy just looked at him as if waiting for a response.

“Well, I would not put it past him. Any man would want a piece of a girl who looks as good as Trudy, I just wished I didn’t have to wear a condom,” I quickly responded.

Tommy acknowledged his dislike of condoms as well, and that was all that was said. We finished up feeding the animals. We put the buckets up and shut the door to the feed room. Then we both proceeded up the stairs.

I entered the room where Heather was and was surprised to see she and Trudy sitting on the bed. I smiled and sat in one of the chairs at the table. I observed Trudy. She was wearing an oversized shirt that was not buttoned up and a pair of panties that were like Heathers, only black. I chuckled to myself about the contrast between the two girls and the color of their panties.

Soon after I arrived, Trudy got up to leave. I noticed her toned legs and flat stomach. The swells of her breasts were barely contained in the shirt and as she walked toward me, they swayed with her movements. She walked past me and ran her hand over my covered chest.

“See you guys later, Heather think about what I said,” and she was out of the door. I followed her and shut the door, watching her prance her butt toward the door to the other room.

I begin taking my shirt off as I walk toward the bed. I sit on the bed and remove my shoes and then take off my jeans, leaving my boxers on, and lay down beside Heather. She smiles and moves in the bed to lay down and places her head on my chest. Her fingers rub up and down my chest and stomach which awakens my penis.

“So,” she begins, “Trudy wants us to swap.”

“What do you mean?” I respond.

“She wants to fuck you now.”

I sit up a bit. “I am figuring all this out. This week you were assigned to me, and she to Tommy, right?”

“Yes, that is the way it works. The Benson’s want us to swap every week so there will be no developing of feelings, or jealousy.”

“Well the way I see it, it is only Saturday night. I have a day and a few hours with you, and I want to make the best of it. Trudy can wait until next week.”

Heather looks at me and smiles. “She isn’t used to people telling her no, she isn’t going to be happy.”

“Rules are rules, and for once they work into my advantage.”

I kissed her. She reached for the box and retrieved another condom. She placed it on my penis and I rolled over and slipped inside her. We fucked the rest of the night. I used three condoms that night, and erupted another time inside her mouth. I don’t know what time we finally went to sleep but when I woke up she was on top of me and my full condom was still on my penis.

This time it was me who woke up Tommy. I banged on his door to wake him up. I turned to leave when the door opened. Instead of Tommy, Trudy was at the door.

She was naked. Her oversized breasts looked amazing. They were full with dark brown nipples that were hard. Between her legs was trimmed and I could see the lips of her vagina. I could not help but stare at her. As beautiful as Heather was, Trudy was sexier. Her body was made for fucking, just like Tommy had said.

Tommy broke me out of my trance as he passed by me. “Pick you tongue off the floor Romeo,” he chuckled as he passed by me.

He and I gathered the eggs and milk and placed them inside the house. Heather and Trudy entered the kitchen and prepared breakfast. The breakfast was not as big as our weekday breakfasts, but it was filling and good. Once we were done eating, Tommy and I returned to the barn as the girls cleaned the kitchen.

I was laying on the bed in my boxers when Heather returned. She walked in the room with her dress on but by the time she got to the bed she was naked and I was hard. She placed another condom on my penis and climbed onto the bed and straddled me. She slipped my penis inside of her with ease, but made a grimace as her buttocks landed on my thighs.

“Are you okay?” I asked

“Just a little sore. Tommy is not as big as you, and can not keep it up as long as you can, so my little cunny is not used to all this,” she replied.

“We don’t have to. If you are sore we can just lay here.”

“Oh no, it's going to be two weeks before I get you again, I am getting it as much as I can.”

“Two weeks? Why so long? It will just be a week, unless I am missing something,” I reply, not understanding.

As she slowly begins to rock her cunny on my penis she responds. “Starting tomorrow, you get Trudy for a week. The following week, we will both be on our period, so there will be none of this. That week you and Tommy only get our hands and mouths, but I will get to service you for two weeks, because of the week without my cunny.”

I tried to figure it all out as her pace quickened. It didn't take me long to decide not to try to figure it out, but just enjoy my situation. I sat up and kissed her lips, pulled her close and without withdrawing my penis, changed positions.

With her on her back I lifted her legs to my shoulders and fucked her like a man possessed. I filled that condom rather quickly. She removed it and placed another. I filled two more before we heard the Benson’s truck pull up early that afternoon.

Tommy and I exited our respective rooms at almost the same time. The girls stayed and cleaned the rooms while we helped Mr. Benson carry in the supplies. We emptied the trucks as the girls walked passed us heading to the kitchen to assist Mrs. Benson.

We had supper, and Tommy and I went to take a bath. Neither of the girls came to assist us that night. We dressed for bed and headed to the bunkhouse. I laid there replaying the last couple days. I had developed feelings for Heather, and I was not sure if I could, or if I even wanted to be with Trudy. Then the image of her body flashed my memory and then all of a sudden I was anxious to have the slut of the farm.

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Sure.soinds like Heather is in love. Damn the rules


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good story!


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Heather is in love with him too. That's why she was jealous. Wonder what the rules are about that? Xtians are a weird bunch!


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Heather is in love with him too. That's why she was jealous. Wonder what the rules are about that? Xtians are a weird bunch!

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