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Maddies whole life is about to turn upside down.
Maddie had just finished showering after a particularly hard won college soccer game. They had won 3-1 and Maddie had scored one of the goals and she was quite proud of herself. She was toweling off her frizzy light red hair as she examined herself in the full length mirror in her bathroom. She was never quite happy with what she saw in that mirror. She was very pale and very skinny. Her perky breasts were just an a cup topped with pale pierced nipples. They weren’t very big, only a small handful, but the piercings made them her favorite quality, her dirty little secret that no one knew about except for her and her boyfriend. Her hands went flowing from her breasts, down her soft pale body from her firm and tight flat stomach down to her mound with pale light strawberry pubic hair covering her pussy. She remembered how her boyfriend had slept with her just the night before the game, he had filled her up so good she was screaming. Luckily her roommate had spent the night at her boyfriends house and had not been around for this. They had the whole night to themselves. M had been so lost in thought that she had not noticed that several notifications that had been popping up on her phone as her expert fingers that massaged around the folds of her warm and soft pussy, merely teasing her, getting her wet but not so much finger fucking herself. She had no idea how she had become so horny lately. She did not consider herself that kind of person but lately... nothing had been enough. As though her sex life was not giving herself something that she needed desperately. Her phone kept going off but she paid it no mind. As she snapped to and realized what she was about to do she suddenly stopped and finished toweling herself off. She put a sports bra and shorts on and flopped onto her bed. She was sincerely tired and she fell asleep almost immediately, never once looking at her phone.

When Maddie woke up it was completely dark out. It had to be well after midnight, there were no sounds except for the snores of her roommate. She looked over blearily at her phone and almost exclaimed in shock, she had gotten well over a hundred Instagram notifications since she had last checked her phone. She opened her phone to look and what she saw made her start to tear up and cry. She had several messages from an anonymous account. She had never seen the account before in her life, but they had certainly seen her. In the messages the person had said “having fun?” And enclosed a video of her masturbating for the camera, completely naked, full face exposed. A video she had taken for her boyfriend, that she had no idea how it was now in the hands of a stranger. There she was moaning for daddy in the camera as she fingered herself and slapped her ass, being as sexy as she could, positively degrading herself. She was moaning for cock and exposing her asshole to the screen for her boyfriend to see, and now she was learning that this stranger and countless others had now seen her at her most intimate. What was worse was that this went to her instagram account and not to her secret tumblr she thought no one knew about. Her instagram had her family on it, her full name, her college, everything. This account could ruin her life. Which it seemed like he was now doing. Several other people, mostly with blank accounts were now sending her dick pics and talking about raping her. She was horrified. How many people had seen this video? She tried to block the account. Maybe this would all blow over before anyone she knew saw the video. Now she just had to deal with all these other creepy assholes.

Maddie was going through well over a hundred dms from strangers who must have all seen her video and was getting more and more panicked by the second. Luckily her account was private so they couldn’t comment on her posts but they had certainly flooded her inbox. She had several messages saying things along the lines of “hey little cunt, I’m gonna come find you in your dorm and rape that stupid little ass until you scream and cry. Then I’ll bring all my friends to have a go at that tight asshole” She was getting truly scared now but couldn’t stop reading all the messages, all the while terrified that the next one would be from a guy down the hall. Each message more vulgar than the last. “I’m gonna force you’re tongue into my asshole and make you lick” said one who also sent a picture of his asshole and cock, hairy and unwashed. How could she have made that video? It seemed so stupid now. And how could it have gotten out... she just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide forever. That was before she found the worst message of all

“That was the wrong move blocking me. I have more. If you ever do that again I will send everything I have of you, this video and more, straight to your parents and explain what a horny little bitch their beloved daughter turned out to be. I understand your going home this week from college. Good. I live near you, reply and I’ll give you more instructions and maybe no one you know will ever see this video. You have twenty minutes.”

Maddie’s whole body was shaking. She had never been this scared as long as she could remember. Her whole life was over. That stupid video was circulating everywhere and it was only a matter of time before someone she knew recognized her. She didn’t know what to do but time was passing fast and she wanted the video gone. So she replied.

“Please take the video down. It’s my private video, you can’t send that to anyone.”

He responded quickly.

“You stupid cunt. Thinking you can tell me what to do. I hold all the cards here. I could send this video to your mother right now. She would be very concerned to know the kind of degrading shit her daughter gets up to. I already have men lined up willing to pay me thousands of dollars to give out your address. They want to rape you Maddie.”

Maddie didn’t know what to say to this. She didn’t respond. She was unsure of what was going to come next.

“God you’re a stupid whore. Strip. Stand in front of your mirror, completely naked. And call yourself a dumb whore and apologize to your mother. You have ten minutes to send the video or something bad will happen”

Maddie was shaking. She tried to read the message several times, but she couldn’t move. She wanted to throw her phone and sleep and pretend this was all a nightmare, but she knew it wasn’t. She knew she had no choice. Yet, she couldn’t move. She was rooted to her bed, her legs, with such strong muscles from soccer, suddenly couldn’t support her weight. She began to cry, a sobbing and ugly sight that blinded her eyes. She prayed her roommate wouldn’t wake up. Eleven minutes had passed since he sent the message.

“I made myself perfectly clear. You are a supremely stupid cunt. You now have a choice to make. Your punishment is exposure. I will use my account I am exposing you with to follow four of your followers OR I will send the video to your mom OR your dad OR your coach OR your brother. I’m nice enough to to give you a choice. Don’t fuck this up too. You have fifteen minutes to make a choice, wait any longer and I’m sending the video to everyone.”

Maddie was in a full panic as she sat up and ran to the bathroom, still sobbing. Her face was blood red, her eyes bright red and bloodshot with tears falling freely over her rather chubby cheeks. She quickly stripped her t shirt, sports bra, and panties off and stood in front of the mirror. She knew she didn’t have that much time, and yet she stood still feeling like she was going to vomit at the same time. She turned on her phone camera and stared in horror at herself in the picture. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. But what choice did she have?

“I- sob am a- sob- dumb-“ she stopped. She was sobbing uncontrollably now and it took her another minute to get control of herself. She then talked very fast “I am a dumb whore” more crying into the camera, this lasted half a minute, one minute, longer. She couldn’t say the next part. It was killing her inside. “I’m sorry mom.” She shut the camera off as fast as she could and sank down onto the floor. The cold tile against her bare ass, her face in her hands, dying of shame, an inexplicable heat in her bare cunt that she was fighting to ignore. She was disgusted in her cunt for even suggesting arousal right now. She sent the video after eleven minutes had passed. His reply was immediate.

“Nice try dummy. Now I can send both videos. Pick your fucking punishment pig. You did gain yourself another two minutes. Let’s go.”

“Please. I’ll do anything.”

“Then fucking pick dumbass. I haven’t got all night to argue with you. I’ll just do all of them and you can fucking suffer.”

“No! Follow four friends...”

There was still a chance maybe they wouldn’t notice. And she couldn’t let any member of your family know.

“Done. Stupid cunt. I bet they never talk to you again after seeing those two disgusting videos.”

She thought she would die of shame.

“The rest of your punishment comes in thirty minutes. Put a summer dress on and meet me at this address at 10:30. If you’re late I’ll send the video to your brother. Who knows, maybe he’ll want to come over and fuck you too. I bet he would.”

She wanted to die. Every second on the road she wanted to just drive the car right off a cliff somewhere. But she kept going. She was cold. So very cold. She had the heat cranked up but her dress wasn’t giving her much warmth. What was worse was how her skin seemed to be covered in chills as she sobbed thinking about what was going to happen to her. He heart was pounding against her chest and her stomach was in knots. She looked a real mess. She had almost no makeup left and her hair was frizzy and a pale red. She had thrown on a bra to go with her sundress after finding one. She didn’t want to disappoint him so she had tried to make herself look as pretty as possible as she turned deep into some woods. At the end of the road she found a large house. This was the address. She was shaking so badly. There was nothing else around for miles. She was trapped. Her heart was beating, her stomach twisting and a fluttery sensation passing through her cunt that made her want to throw up. She turned off her car and exited. The second her feet touched the leafy ground a large hand wrapped around her and covered her mouth with a cloth. She felt very sleepy and then suddenly everything went black. Maddie woke up confused. She wasn’t exactly sure where she was. She tried to move her arms but they were tied together. She tried to move her legs but they appeared to be spread apart and locked. She was completely naked. She couldn’t see anything. She wanted to scream but a large ball gag was blocking all sound and making g it difficult to breathe. She was terrified. Her clothes gone, exposed on a strange bed. Suddenly some whirring came to life and Maddie felt herself being pushed up wards until she was no longer facing the ceiling but facing the wall. A large tv was hanging on that wall. She could sense a man in the shadows there too but she couldn’t see him. Something clicked on. A vibrator was nestled into the folds of her pussy and was now sending vibrations all over her folds. She felt herself get wet against her will. Her cunt was clenching in an attempt to stop her mess from seeping down her thighs making her very slick. The television turned on and on it she found herself being dragged over to a bed by the hair. Pulled by a heavier man in a ski mask. She then saw all her clothes being cut off by a rough pair of scissors. Maddie began to feel sick. She knew what was coming, she knew from the second she woke up and felt and ache in her cunt. The man mounted her unconscious body and began fucking her in earnest. Maddie didn’t want to know what would happen next and tried to close her eyes. Unable to bear the realization that this stranger might cum in her unprotected cunt. The second her eyes closed she felt a hard blow to her cheek and her eyes snapped open. A harsh voice spoke.

“Close your eyes again and I’ll have my dog come rape you next. Watch your fucking porno you disgusting piggy porn star.”

She was crying harder than ever but she was so scared she forced her eyes open in time to see the strange man unload his cum in her unprotected cunt. She tried to ignore the humming in her pussy as the vibrator did it’s work but she could feel an orgasm build as another man entered the screen to use her unconscious body.

So many men had been inside her Maddie had lost count. She could hardly recognize herself on the screen as she was slowly covered in more and more cum and bruises from the more hostile men. She sobbed when the first men started cumming on her face. She looked like such a whore with strangers cum pooling on her cheeks. She was also painfully aware of the pool forming below her of her own juices. This did not comfort her.


2021-01-14 01:46:52
Oh that poor girl! Suicide is really her only option, neh?

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