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Fiona is really enjoying dogs AND a little extra.
Fiona finds interest from a woman at work but her main interest is her time with dogs.

I had thought of faking some moaning and groaning for the crowd but immediately the Lab’s hit my pussy I wasn’t faking. “Yes boy. Lick me” I moaned and I heard Mrs Walden say something similar. I looked over and the Great Dane had him nose hard against her. “Come on you lovely dog. Come and get your reward” I said and dropped to my knees in front of the bench. He didn’t need any encouragement and quickly mounted me. I squeal as he found my pussy and began to hump me wildly. “Yes my darling. Give me your cock” I cried and moaned and grunted as he ripped into me. I felt his knot and braced myself. I heard Mrs Walden yell as the Great Dane did his work. Then my dog buried his knot in me and stopped moving. His cock was sort of twitching and he started to cum.

He laid on top of me for maybe 5 minutes, several times trying to disengage. When he finally succeeded I moaned, reached down and rubbed my clit which was covered in doggy juice. I wanted to cum but the next minute the Rottie mounted me. He had no trouble sliding into my soaked pussy. I moaned again as he began to fuck me furiously. “As you can see these dogs don’t need much encouragement” said Adrian “they see the target and go for it”. He was so right. I heard Mrs Walden yelp as the Great Dane pulled out. “Oh baby you are so big” she groaned. I heard that and wanted him but right now the Rottie was working his knot into me.

The Rottie finally pulled out and his and the Lab’s cum was oozing out of me. “Well ladies and gentlemen you have seen with your own eyes how well my dogs are trained. Please go to the office and either buy one of the dogs or put your name down for more information. Claire is there and she will take care of you. I wanted the Great Dane and I hoped he had recovered. The audience left, or I thought they had. I wiggled my bum at the Dane and he got the message. I looked at his still erect cock and gasped. He was so big. “Come and take me boy” I said “come and get this bitch”. I am not sure if he heard the urgency in my voice or just operated on instinct but whatever it was he was on top of me and thrusting away until he found his target. I squealed as his huge cock thrust into me. “Oh shit” I said as I felt his cock actually opening me up like never before.

I had thought everyone had left and this was just enjoying pleasure. The two couples had indeed left but suddenly the solo guy was kneeling in front of me with his pants pulled down and his cock inches from my face. “Suck my cock” he demanded “suck it you doggy slut”. I opened my mouth and while the Great Dane fucked me and then tied the guy face fucked me. I was passed complaining and sucked that guy until he filled my mouth with cum. While this was happening I could hear Mrs Walden moaning. I thought she was getting dog cock but I glanced over to see Adrian pleasuring her. No doubt they had done this before as Mrs Walden was moaning and yelling at him to fuck her harder. He was certainly doing his best to satisfy her.

The Great Dane finally untied with me and I pleased the guy I was sucking by swallowed all he had to give. Adrian also withdrew and Adrian led the dogs away. The guy stood up, pulled up his pants and complimented me on my oral skills. Mrs Walden and I went back in to the side room and then pleased each other under the shower. “Don’t tell my husband about what you saw” she said “he just thinks I am here to supervise. I love the Dane and Adrian certainly knows how to please. I am sure you will find out in the future”. Having enjoyed each other under the shower and on the floor of the side room we headed up to the office. “This is Claire, my wife” said Adrian “she tells me that we have sold the Lab and the Rottie. Well done both of you. Fiona, are you right for Saturdays?” I nodded and he smiled.

Adrian walked us out to the car and kissed us both. We headed back to where Mrs Walden had picked me up. “Did you enjoy your night out with Teena” she asked. I surprised she knew about it. “You know she is a lesbian, right?” she said. “I gathered that. But she is very nice” I said. “Just be careful honey” she went on to say “I don’t want any hassles in the office. I would go with her myself if she didn’t work for me. But I had you before you worked for me so that is ok”. I smiled. She was making rules to suit herself. Of course I didn’t mind as I always enjoyed our little trysts. She dropped my off and I walked around the corner and home as if I had caught the bus. “So how was it” mum said as I walked in the door. “Good mum. I got to take care of the dogs and the boss and his wife seem nice” I said. Up in my room I sat on the bed, my mind still buzzing. I was glad the Great Dane wasn’t sold. I wanted to enjoy him again.

Back at work and Teena kept chatting away. I guess because I was put off the first time she might have thought she would keep trying. It was either Wednesday or Thursday she cornered me in the lunch room. I decided to set the record straight. “I know you are gay Teena” I said “I sometimes enjoy it too but I am bisexual. Also I am worried that if we get to together it might make problems here at work. I hope you understand”. Teena apologised and said she didn’t mean to make any problems. I instantly felt sorry for her. “I am happy to join you in a drink or two though” I said “there is no reason we can’t be friends”. She smiled “I would like that” she said.

I had already committed to going to Adrian’s breeding farm on Saturdays. I would help him train the dogs and also put on a show for any client or clients who wanted to know what happened. They would usually be couples or solo women who were into bestiality. Mrs Walden had not spoken to me about it and so I assumed I was to find my own way. I caught a bus and it stopped just near his place. I only had to walk about 20 yards from the bus stop to the front gate. Adrian was all smile but Claire seemed a bit stand offish. I wondered whether she thought Adrian was going to get a piece of me. “Your wife seems down” I said, as we walked towards the barn. “Yes” he said “she had something lined up tonight and it fell though”. “Oh a party?” I asked. He laughed “something like that honey. Come into the barn and I will tell you what we will do today”.

We walked into the barn and I smiled. There was the Great Dane. “What is his name” I asked. “I don’t give the dogs names” he replied “I let the clients who buy them give them names. I don’t get attached to them that way”. I chuckled “I like being attached to them” and he laughed “I think that was very obvious last Saturday honey. You like dogs don’t you?” he said “do you like men too and maybe women. You and Lisa, Mrs Walden, certainly had fun after the show last week”. I wondered how on earth he knew. Not that I was bothered. I could hardly feign indignation after he had seen me giving myself to his three dogs.


2021-01-13 14:58:19
It is a lovely story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -


2021-01-12 20:30:25
I like the consistancy of your writing, always a pleasure to read another installment of this fine tale. How about a little incest worked in, or is that too over the top perverted for these upright citizens?


2021-01-12 16:05:10
Yet another greatly done addition. Loving it and looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing.


2021-01-12 15:53:28
Great, only waiting 4 days is a bit long, but thanks a lot.

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