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The most lovely act of Ass Fucking; the glue between the love birds.
Lovemaking And Anal Fucking


Janice and Nelson had been going steady for over 5 years and they had been living together all this time. Being youthful ages of hardly 20, their sex life had been very active. They had been working in the same office also. Lately, there had been a boost and the employer had been asking them to put extra time every week. This extra time spent at work, the bills had been usual and normal but they both felt they needed some time for themselves to talk about their lives and make sure nothing goes wrong.

They had to attend a birthday party Friday evening and had taken off at regular time around 5:00PM. They knew to be stuck there until late and by the time they came home after the party was over, it was already almost midnight.

Janice suggested to stay home all day Saturday and Sunday too. Nell agreed without any other suggestions or thoughts. Saturday, noon time, the lunch was being cooked, there was a lot of touching, feeling, looks and teasing each other going on. The Rum bottle was open and being enjoyed together. Only two of them, no distraction at all. After lunch, Nell began the cleaning up and Janice ran upstairs. After getting done, he brought the bottle and glasses to the family room. Nice warm day of June, sun shining through the curtains. He sat down, watching the TV in a very relaxing mood.

She stepped down into the family room and pulled the double curtains making it relatively darker inside and walked towards him. She removed the robe off her shoulders and Nell could see her wearing the white Silky lace thong, he had bought for her about a week ago on her birthday and the matching see through bra. Her short dark black hair contrast with the white thong, the bra was filled with her beautiful, hard breasts, showing the protruding nipples and the large areolas. Nelson got an instant hard on.

“Time for us alone”. Janice said.

“Sure, my love”. Nell immediately answered.

Janice took a position on the floor between his knees in front of him and started stroking at his long stretched cock in the jeans while Nell helped her to unbutton his fly and slide them off his body. He wore no underwear, while being at home, usually. Slowly she leaned over and slipped her mouth on his swollen shaft. Nelson in took a sharp breath and relaxed into heaven. Janice knew all the amazing moves at this exactly like he preferred. Slow, deliberate and careful. Almost 10 minutes of constant sucking and balls playing and she knew, Nell was on the edge. He asked her to stop and she released his cock, leaning back onto the carpet. Nelson spread the cushions out for her to lay on them comfortably. Slowly he undressed, bended over her for kissing deep and slow. His hand got down her back and up between her legs feeling her flimsy underwear completely soaked. He rubbed her there for a while as she pulled her thong to aside providing him a better excess to her pussy. While stroking, he pushed a finger inside her. She was completely drenched and Nell stopped kissing and with his hands on her big bulging nipples and breasts, his nose came at level with her pussy. “Oh my God”, the whiff of her cunt was so strong and surely intoxicating and addicting. He dipped his tongue touching her clitoris and she pushed back almost telling him that she wanted to cum soon. His tongue strokes became firmer as he moved two fingers inside her and her hips rose from the cushion to meet them half way. Nell pushed deeper and continued to lick her engorged clitoris.

“More” she whispered for him and he introduced another finger in her pussy but he knew, what she meant. After lubing his finger with her cunt lube, he slipped a finger deep in her ass, while the other 2 fingers rubbed inside her pussy and the thin layer of the skin separating the two holes. She brought her own fingers to her clitoris to speed the process while Nell licked with fervor. He could feel her climax cascading and her actions became much more urgent while she ejaculated riding his hand. Her pussy and ass clenched his fingers as she enjoyed her orgasm until the rush was over.

She lay on the carpet, face flushed, her thong pulled to a side exposing her sex to him. She really looked lovely to Nell and of course, he loved her. “I love you dear”, he said quietly in her ear and she also said that she loved him. Rising up to her knees, she asked him, what he needed as if he was a paying customer visiting a whore. He returned the same question back to her. “Well, I am in the mood and it shall be a shame and a sin, not to fuck me in my ass”. Janice spilled the magic words and Nell smiled, “Oh babe, how surprising! You are getting into the anal sex, finally”. After those long 5 years, it was hardly the last 5—6 months, she allowed Nell to fulfill his fantasy of fucking her in the ass and now they were doing it little more often as a routine of their sex play. He had not imposed or pushed over, all those years to demand the anal sex but only a bit teasing occasionally because, he knew; he shall not enjoy it, if she did not enjoy it and thankfully they both loved it but she always asked for it.

Nell, rushed to the bathroom to get KY warming gel and by the time he returned, she was already on her knees and elbows, stroking herself. Nell knelt behind her, squeezing the KY tube on his hard erect cock and then some more on his fingers. He slid his fingers into her, making her ready and then she leaned back towards him, took his lubed sex tower in her hand and guided it into her, helped by him. Nell pushed gently and it popped in her. Usually she preferred a slow penetration keeping it shallow without hitting the deep depth but not today. She thrusted her hips back towards him to take all of his 8’’ length in her.

“Oh Lord”! He was not expecting it and almost busted his nuts right then and there. He knew, he could not endure many more of such thrusts making a record for the shortest time fucking in her ass. He quickly got control of himself and by pushing his groin hard in her, he leaned his upper body backwards to watch himself sliding his cock in and out of her, giving him a thrill to watch the show. Janice looked over her shoulder to know, if he was enjoying this and he did confirm it in reply. She asked for a harder and rougher fucking and he obliged with the thrusts of zeal and gusto. Her ass muscles gripping and groping his dong, massaging it, sending deeper sensations until he could not hold out any longer. His seed welling in his balls and his cock swelling in her asshole. He really loved to breed her ass. Pulsing started and he squirted wave after wave of his thick juice deep in her ass in the tight space around his shaft. Awesome anal sex session to strengthen their love for each other.

They thanked each other for the lovely ass fucking, knowing well the all night and the Sunday tomorrow was still there for lovemaking and more ass fucking for sure.

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