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this is a continuing story about a mother figure with plans for a young friend of her's
Lee surprised me in chapter 8

After dinner with the girls I was in the shower recovering and getting myself ready for bed. Three times with Emily today was fun, but I was hoping I could muster enough stamina to please Lee. I heard the door open and a few seconds later Lee stepped into the shower”can I share this with you “she said . She wrapped her arms around me as we kissed, feeling the water run around and down our body’s.

As we washed and ran our hands over each other's body I thanked her for sharing Emily with me.”She needs you more than I do “Lee said giving me a kiss “I just don’t feel like I am in the holiday spirit. It is a bad time of year for me, I hope you understand”she said “I never told you about my daughter”.

She turned the water off and while getting dried off she held me tight “thank you for being the only man that has loved me. We walked naked hand in hand back to her bedroom where she sat down on the bed and I got on my knees. “I will always love you”I said parting her legs “and I love this too.

Lee’s pussy has always been the best I have ever had .The lips protruded inches from within her, stretched from the amount of cock’s she has between them. She seemed to be always ready for sex and keeps herself trimmed or in this case shaved. She doesn’t like it that her pubic hair has turned grey but I think it is sexy and it goes with her long grey hair.

Now she is taking deep breaths and holding her hand on my head as my tongue dipping deep inside her.I didn’t get to eat Emily today so having Lee to enjoy is just as good if not better.I know Lee enjoys what I do and how make her cum with my tongue and can eat her for quite a while. Tonight I need to take my time after Emily and I screwed for four hours earlier, I needed to recharge.

After several orgasms Lee pried my face away and slid up on the bed, I followed on my knees. I kissed from her navel to her breasts taking a few minutes to get her nipples hard. “Why do you love this old body “she said, “Emily has to have a better one than I” . I moved up over her and gave her a kiss ,”I love everything about you” I said.

I could sense Lee wasn’t as interested in me pleasing her any more as she held me and started talking. “I didn’t tell you when I lost my daughter,she was my world”she said “I wanted her to have a better life than me. I wanted and hoped she would find a man , have children and make me a grandmother. Emily helped me through my sorrow and I began to think of her as my daughter,so much I have been wishing the same things for her.

“You do know Emily really wants you”she said “and that makes me happy”. She gave me a kiss, what also makes me happy is to see you two happy together.We have had more sex in the last couple of weeks than I have had in years”she said “you need to start sleeping with Em more now.We will still get together from time to time”she said then was urging me to go to Em’s room.After making sure that sleeping with Emily was okay with her I kissed her “I still love you”I said and walked quietly to Em’s room.

When I slipped under the covers ,Emily didn’t seem surprised then turned and put her arm around me. She was naked, “were you wanting me “I asked, giving her a kiss,the way she kissed me gave me her answer. “Lee told me that she wanted you to sleep with me more,I love that woman,”she said .

I have to admit I was really starting to like everything about Emily,not just her body, we seemed to have a lot of the same interests.While we were kissing I moved my hand down to her hard breasts causing her to push her tongue deeper in my mouth.She moved placing a leg over mine now moving her breasts closer to my face.Her hand went to my head when my lips touched her nipple and held it there.

“Do I get this every night now”she asked “there will be more “I said ,”but Lee will still want me from time to time'' .Em had now moved up over me leaning down to let me continue sucking on her nipples.Her breasts were firm and had no sag to them,her nipples although small were sensitive. The more she let me suck on them the deeper her breaths became until she lifted them up away from me.

“Damn you are getting me aroused” she said then ran her hands through my hair .”I want to eat your sweet little pussy “I said looking up into her eyes seeing her smile. “You can eat me but your going to fuck me again”she said moving herself up with her fingers rubbing on her clit.

I was happy to feel she had trimmed her pubic hair as now I could see her thin lips shining in her juices. I also found that after fucking her so much today her pussy was getting looser allowing my tongue to dip farther inside her.The more I sucked and licked I could feel her lips filling up and becoming puffier in my mouth. They still didn’t protrude out like Lee’s but in time I am sure they will,as her pussy will get looser as well.

Emily had removed her hand from her clit to bracing herself on the head board and sitting down firmly on my face. Her moans became longer while she moved her slit up and down while my tongue slipped along her slit.

Finally I felt her cumming and could taste her warm juices seeping out of her and she sat back.She was holding my head while she struggled to overcome the pleasure she had just received.We were looking at each other and she was smiling down at me while I continued sucking out her cum. Unlike Lee it didn’t gush out but rather seeped out slowly which was fine I enjoyed it just as much.

Finally after regaining her composure she started moving her body down giving me a kiss. I assumed she was going to slip her tight pussy on my hard cock but instead continued to kiss her way down .Soon her hand was holding my cock still looking up at me when she licked and slipped the head in her mouth.

”You’re beautiful” I said moving my hand down against her cheek ,seeing she didn’t flinch I rubbed her ear.When my other hand moved her hair that was hanging down she seemed to be at ease ,soon allowing me to run both hands through her hair.She was only taking about three inches of me in her mouth but her tonging techniques were improving.

She was moving her head from side to side while putting a twist to my shaft several times going too far and gagged.”Wow “I said several times, “you're really improving ,what a change in just a couple of weeks”I said taking a deep breath. She smiled removing her mouth then squeezed my cock”practice make perfect” she said”now cum for me”.

She then started bobbing her head up and down sucking even harder ,she was surely wanting me to cum.It didn’t take long for me to start cumming and when I did start she kept stroking me while swallowing . She was milking every last drop of cum acting like she didn’t want it to end. Even when I started shaking from her tongue dancing around on the tip she continued until I had to tell her to stop.

She was looking up at me rubbing my softening cock against her cheek then opened her mouth “I got it all”she said and smacked her lips .”That was wonderful “I said as she moved up and laid her chin on my chest “it was”she said.

She moved up face to face surprised when I gave her a kiss, “my old boyfriend never kissed me after I gave him a blow job”she said. I gave her another kiss “your old boyfriend didn’t realize just how terrific you are”.When she laid her head on my shoulder I ran my hand through her hair and kissed her forehead “will you marry me “I said but this time I wasn’t joking.”Lets sleep on it “Emil said then rolled over and pulled the blankets up.

The next day Emily had to work but Lee and I came up with some new ideas . But some ideas kept us closer together and included Emily as well. Of course you have to read chapter 9 to see what we came up with


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It is a lovely story! Look at the photos and videos of sexy girls -

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