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Sue is left on her own with a dog
After a good nights sleep I went down to the lab and realised shep was still asleep.

When I saw him laid there I knew I was going to get him to fuck me sooner or later. I woke him up and removed his chip patch. Then I fed him.

I checked that both chips and wrist bands were fully charged. and Put sheps patch on and then mine. It was a nice warm day so I removed all my clothes rather than get them messed up and sat on the sofa. I checked all my settings. I turned my inhibitor up to a point where I was comfortable thinking about having sex with a dog then added another ten percent. I set my submission at sixty percent. Pleasure and sensitivity I set to seventy. I set pain very low I didnt want shep to do me damage because I couldnt feel pain. I set my lust to fifty. And I checked my endorphins were set fairly low. I didnt need to be orgasming every two minutes.

A few weeks ago we had altered the wristbands. There was no transmit button now as if we both tried to transmit at the same time we got feed back. So whoever wore the wristband transmitted. I took my wrist band off once I had completed my settings and put sheps on to check his settings. I left sheps settings where they were from yesterday. I put sheps wrist ban on the sofa and re fitted mine.

I signalled shep to lick me. He was straight in between my legs in seconds. Not sure if he remembered from yesterday or if he was becoming conditioned. After I had orgasmed twice I plucked up the courage to signal to shep to mount me. He placed his feet either side of me and started ramming his dick against me. Then all of a sudden he was in me. It felt amazing. Then he started pumping away in me I very quickly orgasmed this made shep quicken the pace. He started licking my breasts this really made me tingle it seemed to excite him more. Just when I was about to orgasm again something weird happened. I had the buzz in my head the same as when ben had control of me. I looked round and there was bens strap wrapped round his leg. The Velcro must have caught in his fur. I pressed the reset slider but nothing happened. I think the feedback loop in the electronics was overriding the controls. Shep started going crazy we were both connected and transmitting and my orgasm was feeding back to him. I could feel him orgasming. The more he enjoyed it the more I did. I had to get the strap of him before I lost control of him and myself.

I grabbed the strap and started to tug at it. All of a sudden I felt a severe pain. The strap was tangled in his hair and as I caused him pain it amplified back to me. The more I tugged the more tangled it got and the worse the pain was. All I could do was stop pulling and press the strap down till it was comfortable for both of us. Shep had gripped me tight round the chest and as he pulled me to him he was catching the sliders on my side. Every time he rammed in me he would push the sliders to one hundred percent and as he pulled back he would pull them to zero. My head was bursting. As he rammed into me I would get a quick shot of endorphins. II realised I had wrapped my legs round his back legs and every time he rammed in I would pull him in as far as it would go.

Then we both started to orgasm. Sheps Knot rammed into me I didnt know what that was. All I new was that I was stretched to bursting. the pain was terrible. At least he had pulled the sliders to zero.

Then I felt his semen squirting inside me. My sensitivity was set fairly high and I could feel every squirt. We lay locked together for some time.

Why did I set myself as submissive and him as dominant. We would probably be linked for four or five hours before the chips went flat.

Then shep pulled me off the sofa with his knot trying to pull out of me until we were both laid on the floor. He eventually pulled out and lay at the side of me. Shep decided he needed to lick his sore cock. I couldnt stop myself. It was as if I was him .I crawled over and took his sloppy cock in my mouth. The damp conection between my chip a couple of inches from my mouth and the chip on the back of his neck seemed to amplify our conection. The more that shep thought this felt nice the more I did as well and I tried to ram as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. It felt amazing.. I eventually took all his cock and the furry sheath in my mouth. I couldnt get enough of it.. I dont know how long we lay like that but his cock started to grow in my mouth until it was nearly choking me. I think the self preservation instinct in my brain overrode the pleasure centre and I pulled myself off him and back on the sofa. I tried to clear my head to try to think what to do. If I could get to the computer I could reset both chips. I could barely stand. I crawled over to the computer but I only got halfway before shep mounted me again. As soon as he touched me I wanted him inside me. I turned back to the sofa and lay over it while he mounted me. Oh my god I was orgasming again. and then again. Each time making shep pump faster. I was exhausted and I think I passed out. I think the endorphins must have kicked in while I was out. As I woke as high as a kite to shep still pumping away. eventually we both orgasmed and lay there locked. He eventually pulled out. I lay there for a while trying not to think of licking his cock as this would have signalled to him.

Then I thought Food. If I could get him to want food. I could probably get to the laptop on the way past.

Then he thought Food. I felt the taste of food. I was suddenly starving. He got up and headed for the kitchen and I followed him on hands and Knees, I could hardly stand from the fucking and the endorphins. When I stopped to get the laptop he signalled me to come. I couldnt resist. I got to the kitchen the only thing I could reach was a packet of biscuits on the counter. I rammed two in my mouth but shep knocked the packet away and pushed me to his bowl. I couldnt think straight I was starving. OH dog food. I got a tin from the cupboard and opened it I spooned some into the bowl.

Then shep started eating, I got the feeling that this is favourite, all of a sudden it was my favourite too and I started spooning the dog meat into my mouth. I started cleaning the tin out then I licked the bowl. I opened another tin and we ate that between us. Then he started licking my mouth and I started licking his. He wanted his tongue in me. I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue in licking round my mouth to get the taste of the meat. The conection between my chip and sheps must have only been a couple of inches and the conection was off the charts. Shep seemed to be forcing his tongue as far as possible in my mouth t try to get to the source of the signal. Then he lay on the floor and slept. Thank heaven for that. by the time we wake up the batteries may be flat. Then I slept as well.

Sheps endorphins must have kicked in when he fell asleep as quickly woke up again. When he woke up I started to come round too. I got the feeling I needed to shit and there was shep crouching in the dog litter. I went and knelt at the side of him and did the same. When we had done I realised there was no toilet paper and I had a dirty bum. Shep must have felt this and started licking me. I got the signal that shep wanted to lick his bum. Oh god no. I couldnt stop myself I crawled down between his legs and until we were in a 69 position and started licking him and he continued licking me. Shep was enjoying the taste of me then all of a sudden I was enjoying the taste of him. we fed back on each other and were licking each other for about fifteen minutes. We were both spotless by the time we finished. Then shep turned round to me and stuck his tongue in my mouth again trying to reach the pleasure signal. and I was doing the same to him. I couldnt think of anything else to think about to distract him .He had slept , had food and water.

I didnt really want another fucking I was exhausted. Looking at the time we probably had another hour left. He lay back down head to toe next to me. I got this urge to put his penis in my mouth again. Not sure if this was me thinking this was better than fucking or if it was shep. But before I knew it I had all his penis in my mouth again. Pretty soon he was hard. Then he started licking me. oh my god he was making me orgasm again and pretty soon he started knotting in my mouth. I thought it would break my jaw. His dick was wedged in my throat I could barely breath. Then I was coming again. this made him start bucking in my mouth then his semen started squirting down my throat. I thought if I could keep him in my mouth another fifteen minutes it would be over. Then I heard a little buzz, I looked up and the light on sheps chip was off. I thought mine would go off shortly. I pulled away from him. The connection between us was gone. I crawled over to the computer and managed switch off the patches then I collapsed half on the sofa. I removed my chip and I think I passed out. As soon as I started to fall asleep the endorphins kicked in and I was wide awake. NO I need to rest. Three times I tried to sleep and three times they kicked in. Oh my god I’m going to end up addicted to the stuff. I went to the computer to turn them off but my chip was flat. I would not be able to reset my base line settings until it had charged. after another half hour it was charged enough to use. I stuck it on the back of my neck and for the time being set everything to normal. I then removed the chip and put it on charge.

Then I finally collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep. Shortly after I was woken by shep mounting me from behind. Oh my god I should have reset him when I did mine. He must have pulled my legs off the sofa and mounted me. He was still set to dominant and he was going to dominate me. He pumped away for nearly an hour. It felt nice but it was just sex. He made me orgasm a couple of times. I think I was too exhausted to do more. When he had done I reset his chip and removed the control strap and locked him in the yard and went to bed.

To be continued


2021-01-13 19:53:03
Thanks for posting the second chapter, now I can read Chapter 3! Thanks for sharing, too.


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