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Fantasy. As told by myself and how we met in a night club, and what I did to get her in bed with me for a wild night of great sex.
Part 1

I walked to this nightclub one night and stood there, letting my eyes adjust to the light. When I saw you on the other side of the room, I really wanted to fuck you, but I knew there was only one way for me to get into your pants, but all the men around you were so very handsome, not like me.

I knew I did not have any chance of meeting you. But I decided the worst you could do is say no. I started walking toward you, the closer I got, the more nervous I got. I was just a few feet away, when I felt like turning to leave, you looked up at me, and asked, if I wanted something, I froze, finally I was able to say something.

My name is Dennis, and I wanted to take you out on a date. At the niced restaurant in town, there was a long pause in your silence. I was just about ready to turn and leave; of course, I would.

All the other guys' mouths dropped wide open; they had been trying to get a chance to fuck you. With that, you picked up your purse, and we walked out the door with you in my arm. We got into my car, it wasn't much, but I don't remember you saying a word.

We stopped at an ATM to withdraw $200; I had told you I hated credit cards, then we went to the restaurant. I wanted to make a good impression on you. We went in, and the Host asked me for the name. I told him I was trying to impress the lady and handed him a 20 dollar bill, and he showed us to a lovely table in the corner. Then I moved your chair for you and got you seated and told you to order whatever you wanted.

We were sitting side by side during our meal, and I was getting very horny because you were so beautiful and a porn star. I kept trying to touch your legs, but you kept pushing my hand away, and finally, I gave up. Then I asked if you enjoyed everything? You said yes, I paid for our meals, and I shoved the rest of the money in the Host's hand. I had given up. Once we got out into the car, I asked if there was anything else you wanted; you said NO. I knew I was not going to have any chance of ever getting you in bed now!.

I asked if you wanted me to take you home or take you back to you're friends. I waited for your response; it seemed like you're taking forever making your decision; you asked if I had anything else I wanted us to do. The money was all gone, and I couldn't take you back out on the town. I had given up any chance of getting in bed.

I asked you if you wanted to go back to my house, I said, I would like to give you a very nice full body massage, you asked if I lived by myself, I said I yes, we will be entirely by ourselves, you said ok, but I lied to you.

When we got back to my house, she said, will go in and check it before I go in? I did, but before I came back outside, I told my two buddies to hid quickly; you can watch, but be very quiet and make sure she doesn't see you and don't interfere.

A few minutes later, when I said to you that the house was empty. I told you, if you would like, you can inspect my home for yourself, I would wait outside, you said that would be fine, you came back and said everything was ok. I led you back to my bedroom, where I laid down two huge towels on the bed and handed you the third one, and told you to call me when you were ready. I left the room, but we looked around the corner as you started undressing, WOW that body of yours could stop a train! You looked so fucking good that I just had to get my cock into you. Then you called me to come back into the room as you were lying on the bed, but still not covered up.

I asked if I could put a blindfold on you. You asked why; I told you it would help you enjoy the massage better, but I lied.

It was only so you couldn't see my friends watching us as I put the blindfold on you. I looked up at my buddies, and they had stepped into the doorway, making all sorts of motions with their hands. I looked back down at you, I had too put a towel on your ass to help control my still growing cock, but I still had trouble. You had such a beautiful ass.

I had just started working the massage oil into your skin on your back, and you asked what kind of massage oil I was using. You said that you liked the scent. I told you it was Bulgarian Lavender essential oil. You were so beautiful. I was having trouble concentrating on what I was doing. Massaging your back, after about 10 minutes, I move down and start working on your thighs and legs. My cock was getting harder and harder, and I must not let you know that yet.

I was afraid if she found out too soon, you would force me to stop everything, but each time I get my hands near your pussy, your breathing changed,

As I finished working on your back and your legs, I started working on your ass. As I removed the towel on your ass and looked down, I decided it was time. I poured more oil on your ass and started working it in as I grabbed a handful of your ass and squeezed. You reached for the blindfold and removed it, and looked at me. I was caught, I could do nothing to hide my huge cock, I was so fucking horny, you jumped up, as my buddies run from the doorway. You slapped my face, grabbed your clothes, and left the room; I felt so bad, I should have never done what I did, suddenly you burst back into the room. I said to myself; you're going it give it to me now.

You kept getting closer and closer. Now I decided it's all or nothing. You were still naked, but holding your clothes up in front of you, covering your breasts, but leaving your shaved pussy wide open for everyone to see. I stepped toward you, put my arm around you, and pulled you to me. You opened your mouth as if to say something. I planted a big kiss on your mouth, shoving my tongue deep inside. At the same time, I took my other hand, ripped the clothes out of your hands, and threw them aside. I reached behind you, grabbed a big hand full of your beautiful ass. I had you entirely off guard now.

You were like putty in my hands and ready to do anything I wanted.

I laid you down on my bed and stepped back. I gazed at your beautiful body. Spreading your legs, I moved in and lowered myself between your legs. I took a big whiff of your sweet pussy; it was so intoxicating.

I couldn't believe that your pussy was already so wet at this point, so I took my thumb and started rubbing your protruding swollen client. At this point, I couldn't resist you any longer. I started moving closer and closer. I am about six inches from your pussy now. Your pelves began jerking up and down, wanting more, I started kissing on the inside of your legs. I couldn't let you wait a little longer. With my face buried deep in your pussy, my tongue moving in and out of your vagina, you screamed. With a huge orgasm, your hips were jumping up and down. You had both your hands around my head, pulling me deeper and deeper into your pussy.

I was having trouble breathing. Finally, I got some air and exhaled fast. It sounded like it would be for a baby, blowing air into its skin, you loved it, and wanted more, all of a sudden you started squirting in my face, I didn't know what to do, I had never had this happen before. I couldn't pull away, so I decided to keep doing what I had been doing. Finally, your passion subsided, and you let go of my head. I raised my face towards yours, and put my arms under yours, and grabbed two handfuls of hair. I had not started to pull yet, just wanted to hold you in place. You looked at my face, and it was like I had just got of the shower; you said you were so fucking horny. At that instant, I shoved my huge cock deep into your pussy in one fast stroke, balls deep.

You make a sudden gasp for air. I ground my cock deep inside you, again and again, side to side, then I withdrew it and shoved it back in again, then I started fucking you fast and hard. I could hear my balls slapping against your wet ass hole; I kept it up for what seemed like an eternity, your hips bouncing up and down to meet me, your breathing very heavily.

End of Part 1


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