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Originally published in one story, now split into three parts due to the length.

**DISCLAIMER: The plot, characters, and settings are a work of fiction and pure fantasy.



It’s been over a year since my divorce from my wife. We met each other in high school and dated throughout college. We got married the year we both graduated from our university. She went to med school and works as an Anesthesiologist at a major hospital. I studied Sports Medicine, and work full time as a professional personal trainer for men and women at multiple gym locations for a big franchise. Our schedules were hectic as I was working in three different cities in the Greater Seattle area while my wife worked in Downtown. We got along just fine together. We tried to spend time with each other on our limited days off. But as the months turned to years, we slowly began to drift apart. I was very loyal to her but she just didn’t really have the energy for sex whenever I was horny. The few times a month we would do it would be special occasions like a birthday, holiday, or date nights. The sex felt like a chore after awhile as my wife was too stressed with work and her schedule to pleasure herself, or me for that matter. After three years of marriage, our relationship took a turn for the worse when she received a job offer in Colorado to be the head of the Anesthesiologist Department at one of the major university hospitals out in Denver. She loved the idea of leaving our hometown of Seattle and starting a new chapter in life. I was proud of her for receiving the job offer. Especially at a young age, being in her mid-twenties. But I wasn’t ready to pack up my things and just go. I had my life in Seattle. My family, friends, and career. My wife did too. But she was ready for a change and the job offer was for a limited time only and she needed to make a decision to leave within two weeks of receiving the life changing news. My wife gave me an ultimatum. Leave with her to Denver or stay behind by myself.

Ultimately, I chose to stay. We tried to save our marriage at first for about 6 months. I visited her at least two weekends each month. She was thriving in Denver. She loved everything about Colorado and the lifestyle of living in the Rocky Mountains. We steadily drifted apart until I got a call one day from my wife asking me for a divorce. It hurt to admit it, but I was just as ready to move on as she was. She flew back one last time to Seattle to come grab her final belongings. It was a bittersweet time our last weekend we spent together. We spent most of it reliving our great memories and having the best sex we’ve ever had together. We signed our divorce papers and left each other on good terms. About a month after our divorce, I found out my ex wife had already moved on from me and was dating another doctor at her hospital. She moved on rather quickly.

It took a few months for me to start dating. I needed time to give myself a break after getting out of a long-term relationship. When I was ready, I started to go on dates and see other people. As a personal trainer working at several gyms, it was easy for me to ask out women at the gym on dates and see where things went. I mostly just hooked up with them and hung onto their phone numbers, hitting them up for booty calls. Several of my female clients were included in that list of booty calls. I was discreet and straight to the point with the women I hooked up with from my gyms. Plenty of them asked for discretion for the sake of professionalism and some were married, secretly hitting me up. I didn’t care as I respected their privacy and discretion. And I wasn’t looking for anything serious.

Come now to present day, I’ve enjoyed my time being single and living life freely being able to do what I please. But for quite some time, I felt like something was missing. I wasn’t feeling fully satisfied after a random hook up with a Tinder date or a booty call with a babe from work. I wanted something different and to try something new to spice up my sex life. I felt like I was living on repeat, following a similar pattern. I was watching a shit ton of porn at home, constantly going out and hooking up with people, and still sexually thirsty. I just didn’t know what I needed to do to satisfy myself. So I decided to try something new that I’ve never done before.

After a long day at work, traveling to three separate gym locations where I had several personal training sessions with clients, I got home exhausted. I was excited to get home and get searching on the internet. I grab my laptop from my desk and navigate my way to a classified ads website. I’ve never been on a website before looking for an escort or other discreet people looking for sexual favors. I decided to give it a try as I was looking for any way possible to enhance my sex life. I scroll through a couple pages of ads. Mostly escorts in sketchy motels or decent hotels near the airport. Some ads were obviously spam or fake. I almost give up when I decide to refresh my webpage and see if anyone else posted anything more recent. And sure enough, I find a fresh new classified ad, titled “Reply Back ASAP!”

Curious to see what the urgent ad is, I click the link. Just from clicking the ad, I could tell it’s different from all the others I’ve seen so far. There are no pictures, as the person who posted the ad remains anonymous, and it’s not a typical ad requesting sex for money. The ad reads:

“Private location in Tacoma. Looking for a well-endowed male willing to get sucked and milked clean in a glory-hole setting I have set up. This Saturday only, between the hours of 11PM-1AM. Must be clean, DDF, and respect my guidelines for anonymity I have in place. Send me an email if interested with an alias, picture of your cock, and Cik username. I’ll send a confirmation with location, time, and details on Cik if I’m interested. Must reply by tonight at midnight. Donations are gladly appreciated.”

I was immediately intrigued by the ad. Something about the whole experience turned me on as I thought about the scenario where I stuck my cock through a hole in the wall while a complete anonymous stranger sucked me off to an orgasm. Maybe this is exactly what I need for my sexual desires. I immediately replied back to the time sensitive ad hoping I’d get a reply back from this stranger. I follow the instructions listed on the ad sending a fairly recent picture of my dick and my Cik username. I used an alias of “Smitty” to go along with my reply. It was the first alias I could think of as I wanted to be one of the first people to reply back in time, hoping whoever wrote the ad would give me a chance.

I end up making a late dinner and taking a quick shower to get my mind off the ad, hoping that I’d get a reply back. About an hour before midnight, my phone vibrates with a Cik notification. My heart skips a beat in excitement as I read the message.

“Hello Smitty! This is K.

9786 NW Ave Tacoma

Saturday @11:55PM

Park your vehicle in the driveway if you have one. The front door will be unlocked. Please drop your donation on the sideboard by the entrance when you come in. Walk straight up the stairs to the master bedroom. I’ll have the hole set up on the door. It will be locked so you can’t come in. Knock 3x when you’re ready. It will be a completely anonymous situation. I’ll give you further instructions once you arrive but the talking will be limited. Please no questions. Simply reply back with a “I will be there on time.”

I reread the message from “K” three times before I reply back with

“I will be there on time.”

I’m curious as to who this “K” person is. Something about this whole anonymous persona was a turn on. I wasn’t even concerned about whether this “K” was a man or woman. I’m hoping it’s a woman, but I refuse to let the not knowing of who it is ruin my experience to try something new and broaden my sexual horizons. The whole point of a glory hole is the anonymity and getting sexual satisfaction from a complete stranger. And that’s what I plan on doing. I could not wait for Saturday night to cum! The weekend is only two days away.


CHAPTER 2: The Glory Hole & Invitation


The weekend came by surprisingly fast. I finished my last day of work yesterday before my days off. I spent time relaxing all Saturday afternoon before I head over to Tacoma late at night for my first glory hole experience. About an hour before I’m supposed to arrive at “K’s” private location, I take a warm shower and shave my cock to make it nice and presentable for my stranger. I don’t like to brag but I must say I’m satisfied with my size. I’m a solid eight inches with thick girth and a nice tip that gets me plenty of compliments from the ladies. My ex wife used to always tell me she enjoyed licking my helmet as it was big, bright pink, and perfect sized for her to swirl her tongue around.

I leave my house about 30 minutes before I’m supposed to arrive at K’s private location in Tacoma. It’s a 25 minute drive and I wanted to give myself a few extra minutes just in case. I pull up to the location at 11:51PM. It’s a 3-story townhouse in a relatively quiet neighborhood. Following the instructions, I park my car in the drive way. There is no other car in the driveway. I assume K’s car is in the garage. Just before I step out of my vehicle to make my way to the front door, I receive a Cik message on my phone from K.

“Welcome Smitty! Please walk right inside and leave your donation on the sideboard next to the stairs. Head straight upstairs and down the hall to the master bedroom. You’ll see a nice sized hole in the wall that’ll indicate you arrived ;)

Remember to knock 3x

See ya in a little bit!”

With a bright smile on my face and a twitch in my pants from my semi-erection, I make my way to the front entrance of the townhouse. It’s a beautiful home on the outside with modern exterior designs. I make my way up the cobblestone steps and open the front door. I close it behind me as I hear a security alarm indicate the front door has opened. I’m greeted by the sight of a lit candle with an Autumn scent on top of a sideboard. I reach into my pocket and grab a $50 Bill placing my donation on the sideboard before taking my shoes off. I head up the stairs and turn down a dark hallway that’s lit by a few more candles upstairs on another sideboard. At the end of the hall, I see the master bedroom door with a circle around the bottom center. I get to the door and take a deep breath. I knock three times and wait. Almost immediately, the circle on the door where I’ll momentarily shove my shaft into opens up. It’s impressive seeing this customized door with a secret cover. Instead of a peephole, it’s a glory hole.

-Hello there Smitty.

-Uh, Hi K. How are you?

I ask the mysterious voice behind the door.

-I’m feeling great! Hopefully you are too. Now, drop your pants and shove your cock through the hole for me dear.

I do as I’m told and unbuckle my belt and then let my pants slide down. I was relieved to hear K’s soft, husky voice revealing to me that my stranger waiting to suck me off is a woman. When I pull my underwear down, my cock springs out completely erect ready for what’s ahead. I hear some shifting behind the door as I hear what I think is K getting down on her knees and putting her mouth close to the hole.

-Ok Smitty, whenever you’re ready dear.

Without a verbal response, I take a deep breath staring at my cock and shove myself into the glory hole. It’s a little tight at first and I have to wiggle myself a bit to finally shove my entire shaft and my balls right into the hole set up on the master bedroom door. I hear K gasp from behind the door.


She says just as I feel a pair of juicy lips close in on my tip.

My entire body shakes with lust and from the heat of the moment when I feel her tongue swirl around my tip, just like my ex wife used to do. I feel her soft, warm hand grab my ball sack as my shaft sinks deeper into her mouth. I hold myself with both hands against the door to keep myself afoot. I feel her hold my balls with one hand as she stretches her mouth, trying to accept all eight inches of my thick member. I hear her gag when my shaft slips further down into her throat as she nudges her head side to side. K then slips my entire cock out of her mouth gasping for air. She strokes me up and down from my tip down to my sack as she begins to swirl her tongue underneath my scrotum. I feel her wet tongue salivate all over my sack as she licks my shaft up and down. All I can do is stand and lean against the door for balance as K makes my toes curl. My body shakes with ecstatic excitement.

I hear the sounds behind the door of K gurgling, choking, spitting, and gasping for air. The feeling of my balls beginning to boil with my loads of semen is ever so present. I know K’s skills are too good for me to last much longer. I feel her head bob back and forth as her mouth extends graciously accepting every inch of my shaft down her warm, tight throat. I sense her long nails softly caress my balls as she chokes on my rod spitting out lots of saliva which I feel drip down onto the tip of my penis. K takes a breather while she strokes my cock up and down. I hear her moaning softly. I envision her staring at my eyes through the door as she strokes me, begging for my milk for her to swallow. K then starts to slap my thick member on her face. I listen to the audible slaps as my shaft smacks her face. She then slides my rod down her face, over her nose, and slowly to her thick juicy lips as I feel them make out slowly with my helmet. I wasn’t kidding when I said that the tip of my cock seems to be the favorite feature of the many ladies I’ve been with. K continues to kiss my tip and perform her fantastic fellatio for me, slowly kissing her way down my shaft to the bottom of my sack where she flicks her tongue underneath with swift momentum. It’s an incredible feeling with lots of sensitivity as I feel her tongue entertain my scrotum area. I grunt softly as she does this while I press tighter against the door. K seems to take that as a sign of me absolutely enjoying the sensation as she then licks her way from the bottom of my sack to the tip of my penis. I feel the tip of her tongue penetrate my pee hole as she slowly leans her head back and forth making sure she sticks her wet, salivating member in and out of my urethra.

I know at this point, I’m not going to last much longer. I take deep breaths as I feel K shoving my entire shaft back down into her throat and use both hands to hold my sack and push her mouth as deep as she can into my crotch. I feel her head shake as she holds herself in this position with my cock in her throat for a good twelve to fifteen seconds. She gasps aloud as she releases my cock from her mouth showering my cock in her spit and my pre-cum. I feel my balls twitch as the feeling of an orgasm approaches me.

-Hey uh, K? I’m just letting you know I’m about to cum. You’re driving me fucking crazy!

She replies back by kissing my cock and letting me know to fuck her mouth.

-I’m going to press my mouth against the hole Smitty. I want you to fuck my mouth. Shove that fat cock of yours down my throat, in and out until you cum. I want to taste and swallow you.

She tells me with a sexy tone to her voice.

I feel her mouth extend as she shoves my shaft down her warm throat. With one hand behind me and my other leaning onto the door, I begin my assault in and out of K’s warm inviting mouth. I hear her gag behind the door each time I thrust my shaft deep into her throat. She squeezes my balls tightly each time I do, which hurts so good. I push myself deep down her throat and push my hips against the door as close as I can. There’s no turning back now. I pick up my pace as K’s gags get louder and louder until orgasmic bliss floods my entire body, sending feelings of absolute relief all over me. K takes over for me as I stop my thrusts, trying not to fall backwards from the intensity of my arrival. My legs shake tremendously trying to keep balance. My heart beats rapidly as I take deep breaths. K uses her hands to twist and pull my shaft as she physically milks my cock trying to swallow each drip of my warm seed. I feel my cock throb as wave after wave of my semen spurts into her mouth, down her throat, and into her belly. It’s only after K is completely confident that she milked and swallowed every drip of my cum, she releases my rod from her warm mouth. I feel her thick lips kiss my tip one more time as she smacks her lips with a big sigh of relief.

-Now, THAT was tasty Smitty! When you pull yourself out of the hole and step back, you’ll find a small side table next to you on your left. I have a bottle of water and wipes for you to clean yourself up,

She informs me.

I slowly pull myself away from the glory hole in the master bedroom door. Sure enough, to my left I see a table with a small bottle of water and wipes to clean myself. I drink the water quickly and wipe my cock before pulling my pants back up and buckling them. I turn to the door and see that K already shut the glory-peep hole as I like to call it. I don’t know if she’s still behind the door or not, but I figured I’d try and speak up to thank her for the amazing experience.

-Thank you K for your hospitality and inviting me over. This was a fantastic experience, and you’re incredibly talented,

I say out loud.

-I enjoyed sucking you off. You have a lovely cock. Would you like to play a game next Friday?

She asks me in reply.

I was not expecting her reply back to be an invite to play a game but I quickly figured, why not?

-Uh...I’m down! What kind of game?

-It’s a surprise Smitty. You must come with an open mind and a high sex drive. No questions please. You’re either in or out.

-I’m in!

I tell her with not a moment to waste.

Whatever this game turns out to be, I’m absolutely in all the way! I feel like this is exactly what I need to make me feel that my sex life is back on track in an exciting and unique way!

-Great! I’ll send you the invite shortly after you leave with the details. The game will be held at another private location and as I said before, come open-minded and with a high sex drive. All you need to know is that you’re going to love it and have the experience of a lifetime!

-Sounds exciting! Send me the details and I’m there!

I tell her as I make my way down the stairs and out the door.

This has been an incredible night for me thus far. And I feel pumped with the fact that I know things are only going to get better next weekend. As I’m driving home, my phone vibrates with a Cik notification.

“You’re Invited to Join My Secret Game!”

416 Lakefront Ave Bellevue

Friday @11PM


See you there ;)”

I don’t know what to expect next Friday night, but I look forward to this upcoming weekend and getting to play this “secret” game.


CHAPTER 3: The Participants


After a slow week at work, the weekend finally arrives. I had several new clients this week and traveled to gym locations in three different cities each day. It’s exhausting! Nonetheless, I’ve been anxious all week looking forward to this evening at 11PM when I get to partake in a secret sex game. It’s all I could think about this week. It was mostly the not knowing what to expect. My curiosity got the best of me as I kept repeating the same questions in my head over and over. What is this game? Who’s going to be there? Who am I going to hook up with? Is K going to be there? But most of all, who is this K person? What does she look like? All these questions were bombarding me as I found it difficult to focus at work with several of my clients. I just know that whatever happens this evening, I’m going to show up open-minded and with a high sex drive just like K asked me to do.

After finishing my personal training session with my final client of the week, I try to rush home to get ready. Of course, I hit rush hour on the freeway and it takes an extra half hour for me to pull into my driveway. I make a quick and easy dinner for me to eat and then head up to my bathroom to take a nice warm shower. I take a good look at myself in the mirror when I’m done. I’m impressed with my progress so far this year as I’ve been focused on bulking up. I have a nice athletic build with broad shoulders, and strong arms. My back is wide, and my chest is defined with two big pecks. My abs have been better before but as I’ve been bulking, they aren’t my best feature right now. My legs are built with big quads and strong calves. I work out every morning at my local gym before I start work training other clients at multiple gyms. I always need to make sure that my body is healthy and I look good. I do want to practice what I preach and be a good influence to my clients that I train. I snap out of my self-admiration trance and continue to get ready. K never gave instructions on what to wear, so I throw on a pair of jeans and a fresh polo with a comfortable pair of loafers.

Around 10:15PM, I head out the door and to my car to make my way to K’s new private location out in Bellevue. I bring with me two bottles of red wine that I bought during the week. K’s invite specified “BYOB” so that’s exactly what I do. Traffic is light, crossing Lake Washington on the bridge that takes me into Bellevue. I end up arriving at the address K gave me ten minutes early. There are multiple cars in the driveway where I park. This private location is a giant two-story lake house. It has a great view of the lake from the backyard, a long driveway, and a boat ramp. The house looks like a log cabin from the outside with the wood exteriors and big windows. It’s in a secluded area with no neighbors on this side of the lake. I can only imagine how beautiful the views are during the day. About five minutes before 11PM, I get a message from K.

“Welcome Smitty! Please make your way inside to the living room. Feel free to meet the other guests and chat! Please use your alias to respect the guidelines of anonymity I have in place. Help yourself to the refreshments set up for you on the island in the kitchen before we get the game started at midnight. See ya soon;)”

I’m genuinely impressed with the set up K has going on and how organized this event already seems to be. Just following along with these simple set of instructions that K has for me already feels like a game in itself. I love it!

I make my way to the main entrance of the house as I hear footsteps behind me. I see another guy walking up with a bottle of liquor in his hand. I open the door and hold it open for him as he makes his way inside, greeting me.

-Hey, there.

-How are you?

I ask.

We make our way over to the living room and hear the sounds of guests chatting away. The living room is completely open and spacious with a giant kitchen. There is an island in the center dividing the kitchen from the living room. The open space gives the feeling of a much bigger room. There are two leather sofas next to each other by the lit fireplace as the rest of the living room have tall cocktail tables where we find guests that have already arrived socializing. From the looks of it, it’s a diverse group of people. I see two other guys here, including the one I held the door for before. The rest are all women of all ages, colors, and sizes. I make my way over to the island and place my drinks down. I grab an empty wine glass and pour myself a glass, making my way into the living room area.

I meet the two other guys that are with me. It seems like it’s only going to be three of us men here at this game as we’re outnumbered by the women. I meet “Bob”, the guy that walked into the house behind me. He’s a good looking Black guy in his early thirties. He has short Afro hair with with a clean fade on the sides and a goatee. Bob has an athletic build and wears similar clothes to me with jeans and a collared shirt. I then introduce myself to the other guy. His name is “Ted.” He’s a White, average looking guy in his early forties with a clean shaven face and short brown hair. The three of us talk for a while while we look around and see who else is here participating in this game. Two women catch my eye as they’re completely different in every way possible. I look at a young redhead who looks like a teenager having a glass of wine talking to an older Muslim woman in her traditional garments and a hijab on her head. This is definitely a diverse turn out.

I make my way over to the two ladies enjoying their time talking. They both see me approaching them and stop their conversation to get a better look at me.

The young redhead smiles and extends her hand to me.

-Pleasure to meet you. You can call me Cutie.

And a “Cutie” she is. I shake her hand and take a good look at her. She has shoulder length ginger hair, pale skin, and hazel colored eyes. She’s just a bit over five feet tall with small perky breasts and wears a tight pair of dark pants that hug her plump butt with a thin pink t-shirt dressed very causally. She has a natural beauty to her and only wears lipstick for make up.

-Pleasure to meet you Cutie. You can call me Smitty. And who might you be?

I ask turning to the conservative-looking Muslim woman.

-Please call me Aries, Smitty. Nice to meet you,

She tells me as I take her hand and kiss it.

She’s drop dead gorgeous! Even with her entire body hidden under her dark colored garments, she has a curvy physique with large breasts and a big ass. Aries wears light make up with beautiful brown eyes that shine bright. Her lips are lush with bright red lipstick. I talk to Aries and Cutie for a little while as all the other participants walk around the room drinking cocktails and chat away. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to see an elegant mature woman.

-Hello handsome. You can call me Nancy. Who might you be?

-Pleased to meet you Nancy. You can call me Smitty,

I tell her as she leans into me and kisses both of my cheeks.

-You’re so handsome Smitty! A hunk, I must say!

“Nancy” tells me with a giggle sipping on her wine.

Nancy is definitely the oldest woman here, looking to be in her late sixties. She’s a grandma! She’s a large, plus-sized mature woman with a British accent. She has shorter length, silver hair. She wears a black and white dress that hugs her large breasts, wide hips, and her fat ass. Her large legs are wrapped in panty hose as she stands before me with heels on. What a woman!

-I’m flattered you think so Nancy!

I tell her taking a sip of my wine with a chuckle.

We talk for a few minutes as we discuss what we think is going to happen. The one thing I’ve talked about with everyone I’ve met thus far is who this “K” person is. The stranger who invited us to play this game in the first place. Is she sexy? Is she going to play with us? How did we even go about meeting K? The two other guys here with me, Bob and Ted, both had K’s glory hole experience just like I did in Tacoma. As for the females, most of them never even met K in person. From what Cutie and Nancy have told me, K reached out to them on a forum online inviting them to play a sex game. I make my way around and meet the other ladies participating in the game. Everyone is here except K. There are six ladies and three guys, including me. The last three ladies I meet are Lola, Amy, and Nikki.

“Lola” is a short beautiful dark skin Pacific Islander with short light brown hair and blonde highlights just above her shoulders. She wears a short sleeve pink crop top with tight shorts on that are low enough for her ass cheeks to show. Her right arm is completely tatted in a sleeve with all kinds of designs and flowers. She has a bright smile on her face and a cute nose ring. Her breasts are fairly large, and her crop top does a splendid job of lifting her globes and showing plenty of cleavage. She has a fit body, toned abs with a belly ring and stomach revealing. I briefly talk to Lola drinking my wine and smiling as she talks to me admiring my looks. She’s very flirtatious, touching my muscular arms when I make her laugh at times and always smiling looking up and down at my body.

I then meet “Amy.” She’s a beautiful Asian MILF with small breasts and a thick ass. She clearly works out as I can tell she has tight glutes. Amy has dark, curly hair. She wears a short black skirt that exposes her long beautiful legs and a white top that shows plenty of cleavage. She’s very friendly and easy to talk to. Besides her physical attractiveness, I find it very attractive how attentive she is when listening to me speak. She’s intrigued by what I talk to her about as we sip our cocktails. We kept the conversations simple about what we do for our careers without giving too much information, and of course about K.

The last person I meet is very interesting to me as K reached out to her about tonight’s game just hours ago on Tinder. Her name is “Nikki.” Nikki is a sexy Latina babe in her late twenties. She has long black hair with bangs, big rounded breasts, and a curvy ass. She wears tight ripped jeans that do a great job of showing her gorgeous thick legs. She has a cream colored top on with a dark green thin cardigan that extends to her lower knees. She’s dressed very comfortably. From the small talk we make, I discover that she’s a Flight Attendant. She’s here on a 24 hour layover in Seattle. She found K on Tinder who happened to not have any pictures but matched with her anyway as the only picture on the bio was a post that said:

“Looking for a fun open-minded lady to play a secret game. This weekend only. Swipe Right to find out more if we match.”

Nikki ended up matching with K as the stranger clearly liked Nikki’s pictures and bio on Tinder. K gave her all the necessary details for tonight’s game and told her to come open-minded and with a high sex drive. I thought it was interesting how Nikki is the only girl here that got invited to this game at the very last minute, as K reached out to her just earlier today in the afternoon.

I stand continuing to talk to everyone attending the game tonight. I still don’t know what to expect but I’m excited to see what’s in store this evening. I’m sure each of the participants are too. After finishing my third glass of wine, everyone stops talking when the lights in the large living room dim down. We turn toward the main entrance to the house to find a tall woman standing with a cocktail in her hand.

-Good Evening Ladies, and Gentlemen. So nice to see you all getting to know each other and enjoying the refreshments.

I instantly recognized that lovely voice from last weekend in Tacoma.

-You can all call me K! Now let’s get tonight’s game started shall we?

Everyone around me starts to cheer and applaud. I do the same. I’m absolutely thrilled to begin tonight’s festivities.



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