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I really wanted to fuck you, but I knew there was only one way for me to get into your pants, but all the men around you were so very handsome, not like me.
Part 2

I could feel your passion building, and your vagina was squeezing my cock as if to hold him in place. I knew I was not going to be able to last much longer. But I wanted so much to get you to climax again. I still had a hold of your hair, so I pulled and pulled hard; you screamed, but it was not a scream of pain. It was you reaching another orgasm; at that instant, you took both of your legs, wrapped them around me, and pulled me in deeper into you. Finally, I could last no longer. I shot my load deep into your pussy.

Then it happened again, and you started squirting and squirting and squirting. I was soaked, you were soaked, the bed was soaked. Finally, when I withdraw my cock it looked like a raisin, a shriveled up piece of meat. I was so embarrassed, I felt like looking for a hole to climb into. I looked in your face expecting to see one of pity. A man with such a small dick, all I wanted was to hide, all I saw was that sexy smile of yours that seemed to go from ear to ear. Still, I tried to get up, you said no, and pushed me back down on the bed, you said this time, it's your turn, not understanding what you meant, I just laid there, half scared, half excited, not knowing what to expect, you bent down.

You started blowing on my shriveled up dick, I felt a tingle, it began to feel good, I closed my eyes, trying to enjoy this new sensation, all of a sudden I felt the most incredible feeling, it was worm wet and a very snug fit, then you started to suck on my dick.

I had a feeling that I had not had since I was a teenager. I swear my dick was inside a vacuum cleaner again. I opened my eyes to look and see what was going on, and all I saw was the top of your head. I had never had a women give me a feeling that was this good before, and you started going up and down on my growing huge hard cock. Within a couple of minutes, my cock was rock hard again. Every time you deepthroated me, you gagged, but you kept going. I took your hands from my cock and placed them on the sides of my hips. And put my hands in your hair and started face fucking you.

But you did not resist, I would pull you all the way down on to my cock till your nose was touching my belly then pull it out again it looked like it was 9" long, so I pulled your head back down on my cock again, I thought you would start choking and try to push me away, but to my surprise, you didn't, you just started breathing around my cock, feeling of the air going past my cock in your warm wet mouth was almost too good, it was getting too be too much to handle, but I had to hold out a little longer. I told you to stick your tongue out and lick my balls while my cock was still in your mouth, and you did as I asked; the feeling was tremendous; ok, playtime is over, it's time to start fucking.

I gently laid you back on the bed, and I positioned myself above you. Between your legs, I started kissing you on the neck and your ear lobe and moved to your lovely sexy, sensual lips, kissing as I go.

I raised myself off of you and looked down your body. The sight of your exquisite body was almost too much to handle, your very firm natural breasts, I was like a newborn wanting to try and get milk from them, below that is your flat, and firm stomach, and last but the most critical part, was your shaved vagina.

I am back to kissing your lips, your neck, your breasts. I am sucking on one, and squeezing, pulling, and twisting the other. I move further down your body, but all the time, keeping both hands on your breasts. When I start getting near your pussy, the sweet smell is intoxicating. As soon I reached your vagina, I find you are still drenched. Your juices are running down your ass, and there is already a wet spot on the bed. I buried my face in your pussy, pushing my tongue deep in your vagina; after a few minutes, I slowly pushed two fingers in your vagina and one in your ass. After a few more minutes, I moved my fingers to have three fingers in your vagina and two fingers in your ass.

Your juices are really flowing now, your breathing is heavy, and you are begging me to fucking you; I stop working on your vagina and ass and move up to your face, but first I wanted you to taste your pussy juice on my face, I said you must french kiss then lick all of your juices from my face, with that you just looked at me with that sexy smile of your that seems to go from ear to ear. Then you did as I asked, after that we started fucking, slowly at first, then faster and faster, at one point you said you wanted to be fucked from behind, with that I flipped you over put a pillow under you and I pushed your legs apart, and all I saw was an ass hole, begging to be fucked. So without warning, I climbed on you and stopped. I had a better idea, face down, ass up, I had a good feel of that exquisite ass of yours, I took my cock and rubbed it up and down your crack getting it all nice and wet, I paused at your vagina to make you think you were going was to get fucked there.

But suddenly, I moved my cock to your asshole and pushed. I was looking into your face at the same time. I wanted to see your reaction. Your eyes went from a sleepy halfway open to wide open, almost popping out of your head, a large gasp of air, I was in balls deep, YOU TRICKED ME. Don't you like being fucked in the ass? I love it, but I would have liked to know a little in advance. Do you want me to pull out? No, hold still a moment, till I get used to you?

After a minute or two, you started moving your ass up and down on my cock, then you stopped and said you were ready. I said I was ready for what, you said, do your best. With that, I started slowly and kept increasing the speed of my huge cock going into your ass. Faster and faster and faster I went. I am pounding your ass now. But you are also pushing back at me. Again your pussy exploded with a gusher, but because I am behind you and up higher when you began to squirt, it went flying across the room and hit the wall, then I pump a full load of cum deep into your tight little ass. We spend the rest of the night fucking and sucking in every way possible.

In the morning I woke up and she was gone, and the bed was a mess, I began to think it was all a dream, but I found a note on the bed saying she knew about my friends, tell them to thank you for not letting them join in and maybe next she would give all of them a chance to fuck her.

I could still smell the sweet smell of her pussy all over my face and in my mouth. My cock felt like it had been turned inside out and looked like a giant raisin. With that, I just smiled, rolled over, and tried to go back to sleep, but then my buddies soon came in and jumped on the bed and wanted to know what the note said and was already planning about next time.

Ps, I don't think I washed my face for a week, trying to keep your sweet smell on my face for as long as I could. I tried to find her at that club, but I never did. I fixed some of the mistakes that had not been fixed from last time.

The End


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