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I picked you up at your house at about 1:pm on Friday afternoon.

Themes we tried everything we could in two Days
We had gone to the park and had started talking about what we like and disliked about each other and then and it wasn't very long till we got to talking about sex and then about each other's fantasies. We had walked all over the park and then found this park bench was and started feeding the geese. We soon lost track of time with both of us talking so much and learning about each other & what we liked & disliked, then we got started on each other's fantasies. WOW. They were hot.

We decided we had better go for dinner before it got too late. I had told you we were going to the best restaurant in town. You were worried about what you had on, but I assured you it would be fine. As we walked into the restaurant, our host started to ask for my name. But then he recognized me and asked, your usual Ser? I said yes.

He then showed us to a lovely little table in the corner, kind of out of the way. With music, the way it should be, too, makes it hard for others to hear our conversation, but not in a way that we could not hear what we were saying.

Our host got us seated and gave us our menu. And walked away. About that, you laid your hand on my menu. Why don't you want me to look inside? Something you don't want me to see? It's not that, so he let me open the menu. First, all I saw was a jumble of letters, and then I saw the word French at the top of the menu.

How am I too read this? then I noticed there were no prices eather. What! Yes, the menu is in French, and if you're coming to a place like this. Your not worried about prices eather and besides that when prices change we don't have to change menus. I said if you come to a place like this, all you want is Great Food. Ok, but I still don't know what to order. Do you trust me enough to let me order for you? for a second, you thought about it and said yes when the waiter came back to take our orders.

I spoke in French, which really surprised your jaw dropped wide open. Then a big smile on your face. You're trying to impress me, art you? Then I smiled but said nothing. Very quickly our orders came, you asked how come they came so fast? I said because they were the(house special). They keep so much made up ahead of time. You looked at yours then at myen, and they were both the same. So I tasted my food, and to my surprise it was great. I asked what it is? I said I would tell you late, but you never did.

We talked and talked and talked, and then all of a sudden. You looked up, and everyone else in the restaurant had gone home. It would help if you had told me it was time to go home, and they might kick us out. I said they never kick us out. I own part of the restaurant, you what!. I own part of the restaurant. On the way back to your house, you asked why & how you became part owner. I was eating there one time, and the host came over and said, if you have time, we would like you to talk to the manager. I asked, do you need me to come back now!

He said no after you get done eating. I got done eating and went to see the host. He took me back to the office. The manager said that this completely voluntary. If you don't want to or can't, nothing will change with how things are now. You will not be thought any less of because of this. But we are offering you this chance to buy in the restaurant as a shareholder. Why are you offing this too me? Your a long-time friend and outstanding customer and have never caused a problem.

He said that some stuff in the kitchen needed to be replaced and that it would be better to sell some shares rather than borrow money, and with interest rates being so high. I asked how much do you need? If you can about $25.000 for 1/5 of the restaurant.

You must be loaded if you can do that much. I don't consider myself loaded, but when my dad died, he left me some money. I was lucky and found an outstanding business manager/investor.

part 2

About that time, We were pulling into your driveway and unsure of what was next. I got out of the car and went around and opened your car door. As you got out, we exchanged a few nices kisses, then I said I have a rule, when I bring a date home, I walk her up to the door, open it and look inside from the doorway. I said I would wait here. You go in and check to make sure everything is ok, then come back, and if everything ok I will leave.

So you went in, but you were taking longer than I expected, so I call out. Again nothing, I called out and again still nothing. I was starting to get worried about what was going on why you had not answered. With that, I went into your house and closed and locked the door behind me.

If something was wrong, I did not want anyone else coming in.

Know I was terrified, and YELLING WHERE ARE YOU. Again I hear nothing. What could have happened? Then the lights went out.

Now I don't know what to think.

A voice and a bright light were shining in my eyes. I was being told what to do.


I never gave it a thought and didn't want her to be put in any danger. So I did as I was told to do and went into the bedroom, then I laid on the bed with my arms & legs spread. I was tied up in bed with a blindfold on. I was not too fond of this. I did as I was told for a little while longer. Hoping I could figure out what was going on. The lights came back on. I heard voices but could not tell who it was or what was being said. But only for a few minutes and then back off. But before they did, I able to see it was you and was so relieved.

The rest of the night was filled with unbelievably great sex.

If someone had told me that sex could be that good and be tied up and & blindfolded at the same time, I would have called them a liar.

All four spread eagle and could not move. As I went down on your pussy it was like there was no was tomorrow. Eating pussy. It's the only thing I am good at. You had no control at all. As I lay, Looking down at your pubic area, I see a light patch of brunette hair above your vulva, and if I move my head a little different, I see your ass hole all puckered up.

As I went down on your pussy it was like there was no was tomorrow. I started with my tongue moving in & out of your vulva, and then a few fingers. Gradually using more and more, and let's not forget your ass too. It might be the best part, you know? Has she ever had anything in there? A finger or two or More & more fingers slid inside & now three.

Part 2, I had forgotten this part.

I was finger fucking so fast you never knew I had a finger in your ass too. Then it was two fingers, and then three fingers were in your ass.

Your breathing was in the same tempo as my fingers, went faster & faster & deeper & fingers in your ass. You were going wild; you went from Orgasm to Orgasm, then the big one hit, your body contorted every which way it could. Then again, it happened, again, but this time you squirted in my face. I was shocked. I had never had that happen to me before; you had never done that either. I was soaked; you were soaked; the bed was soaked, then your body fell to the bed and didn't move. I looked up; you were still breathing. So I looked at your face and saw a huge smile, and your eyes were closed. You passed out from too much pleasure.

It was time. I untied you and then crawled up beside you in bed and pulled you up close to me, with my arms around you, your naked body against myen, and next to me, that's a feeling you want to cherish for a long time. For some men, it may be a long time till your next chance. I don't know about you, but it was one of the best nights of my life.

I would start with my tongue, then a few fingers. Gradually using more and more, let's not forget her ass too. It might be the best part. You don't know? Has she ever had anything in there? A finger or two? More & more fingers slid inside & now three. Then I grabbed the lube. But is she ready? IS it enough? Don't want to try too soon and ruin things? I pulled my fingers out and slid my huge cock in. WOW? She went wild on me. I could barely hold on to her hips. As I slid my

(Can! I climb in there & stay a while, maybe even live there. A great place to be. O, if I could only be there now). cock in all the way! Again and again. A huge Orgasm hit her body, twisting this way and that

I was in her ass. Don't know if it was the time. But she loved it and wanted more. In more ways than just one, With the two of us at that time, the sex was great, and we wanted more.

I am thinking about something that can't be beaten WOW, a woman there was never another made like her. She's The Very BEST of Them ALL. There will never be another like because she was too beautiful when she was born. The mold broke yes to be too beautiful, something no other woman will ever be.

You were tied up and blindfolded one time, and then we were both blindfolded at the same time. As much as we could for the time, we had lived out each other's fantasies. For the first time, you tried anal sex that you had always been afraid to try, and you loved it and could not get enough of it. Both of us masturbated in front of each other without touching each other.

We tried everything we could think of and loved it. And we already have plans to meet again only this time is for TWO WEEKS. I bought a book. We will try every sex position in your bedroom game with the sex & Kamasutra book and see if we can develop some new ones?
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