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New to Sharing and new to being cuckold
Life is a box of chocolate and we wont know what it install for us till it happens. This pandemic has made us living in fear as it affected our jobs and I'm willing to do anything to survive.

I'm working in a electronic firm and things have not been easy on our company. our management has no choice but to let go of some staff to keep the company going. However, my bosses are rich and they have other businesses that could cover from some of the shortfall.

My boss Dan is a 48 year old guy from Chicago and he is married. However, he is known to be a womanizer and he has his fair share of ladies that he has fucked. We had few rumors in the past that he has fucked some of the employees. There was no official complaints and rumors were saying that the lady colleagues are more than willing to drop their panties for him as he is rich and really good looking.

I have been working in the company for the past 6 years and i got married about 2 years ago. I'm doing pretty well in my department and I'm pretty close to my boss as well. He has often told me his encounters with ladies and told me how great they are in bed. He has even hooked me up with some ladies and allowed me to fuck them too. I was enjoying a lot working for him.

with that said, we are very close as we share our sex encounters with each other. However, lately we have some dip in business and he has been very worried about the company finances and we even plan for the shrinking the business in order to continue on.

He has been drinking a lot and I've have been with him most of the time when he drinks. we were sort of buddies. But deep in me i do fear that he may close the company and I will be in big trouble.

There was one evening when we were drinking and we were talking about our family. He knows my wife Karyn as she has attended quite a few company functions with me. He was asking if Karyn is doing fine and I told him that Karyn is not working the past 1 year as she is taking some time off from working. Covid struck us and she can't seems to find anything to do at the moment.

He mentioned that I'm lucky guy to marry Karyn as he is pretty and hot. I laughed and said yes she is. I even told him that my wife is very passionate in bed. she will moan very softly and she is more of a making love person than a fucking person. He said he find it hard to believe as he feel Karyn is a lady that loves to be fuck and Bang.

I told him i do fuck her hard at times but she is more responsive when we make love. he smiles and took up his glass and sip his wine. I began to be curious and ask him why does he feel Karyn loves to be fucked hard?

He says she is just that type of ladies who has a button that needs to be turn on and she will become another person.

i said really? He nodded his head and he asked me. Do you mind if i fuck Karyn? i was bit shocked and I repeated his question. You want to have sex with Karyn? I asked. He said No! i want to fuck your wife.

I do not know how to answer but i kept quiet instead of saying no. He said, if you can arrange your with me, I will make sure you are well taken care of.

I was about to answer him but he stopped me and said. i want her in my bed tonight. and he raise his glass and ask me if I'm able to arrange it? I told him that I'm not sure if Karyn will do it.

He immediately says, I guess you are ok with it and all it takes is Karyn to submit. Go tell her this. Tell Karyn that you found out that I am always into her and I wants to BANG her very badly. Tell her that I told you when I was drunk.

I told him that I know my wife and its really hard to get her to do it. I said she is not into fucking others. he took another cup of wine and tell me to tell her that the company is chopping some guys off and its down to 2 person. Its me or another colleague of mine. Tell your wife you are worried and you have the chance to have dinner with me and hope you can convince me not to lay you off. We will see how much your wife is willing to do for you.

He got up and said, don't worry, If she is really not into it. I wont force her. I have my fair share of pussy. I will only fuck your wife if she wiling. 100% wiling. And before I could say a word, he continue saying that he will fuck my wife bare and that how he like it.

I kept quiet and I guess that is my way of saying ok. he continue asking me if my wife is natural of waxed? I answered natural. He continue asking me when did I last fucked Karyn? i said probably 2 weeks ago. He even asked me if my wife is fucking any other man? I said NO! He says good. I don't want to fuck a dirty cunt.

I kept quiet and he said. I think you better be going. go back and tell your wife that you receive this big news about the company laying off some Department Head and it will be official in 2 days time.

I said ok. I told him that I will try but he has to keep it a secret if he manage to get into her pants. he says. No worries. You will know.

I stood up and gather my stuff and left the place and drove him. In the car I called Karyn. I told her about the big news and I told her that i got it from his secretary and I am very worried.

She sounder really worried too and asked me if any names were mentioned. I told her that it was either me or Mark. the other colleague.

She asked me where am I and if i got the chance to speak to Dan recently and if he did mentioned anything about laying me off. I said not much. i said Dan doesn't talk much nowadays with me but i manage to get him to meet up for dinner today. She was still very anxious about it and said, it is a good thing you can meet him today. Maybe you can try telling him that you are useful to him.

I said, that's my intention too. And im hoping it will work. She console me by saying, don't worry, Dan works well with you all these years, I believe all will work out. I told her i cannot leave it to chance. She replied by saying, yes,. that's true. Hope you can convince him today.

And I told Karyn, do you mind going with me tonight to meet him? She was bit confused, she asked why? you want me to go when you got such serious topics to talk about? I said yes. I told her I got some things that I know but it just sound awful to say it out. She ask me what is that?

I said, I knew Dan is always into you and I thought maybe with your presence, he will feel happy and will give us what we want. I know this sounds like I'm using you and I even knew he has lust over you. He once told me that he wants to fuck you so badly.

She was shocked and she asked me, Dan said that to you? OMG!!! I said no. he was drunk and he just said it without him realizing. I continue by saying, I know this is lousy of me using you to lure him for my job safety but I'm just afraid.

she answered me by saying, don't worry Honey. I understand that you are very worried. if you think that by me going for the dinner and it may help. I will do it. I thanked her for being so understanding.

I continue saying, but I'm just worried if he wants more of you today. She was bit shock and said, you mean what if he wants to fuck me? are you worried about that? I said yes. She answered me, honey, don't worry I don't think he is that daring. I pretended to be cool about it and said, yeah. I don't think he will.

But I told her jokingly. Put on a dress. I want you to charmed him to death. I laughed. She was laughing too. I told her that I am really lucky to have her as my wife.

I was home and she continue to comfort me by saying that I have nothing to worry about. she put on a nice dress and we got ready for dinner. I message Dan by saying that she is coming and It is up to him if he can get her.

Dan told me to meet him in the hotel lobby. We reach the hotel shortly and everything seems to be normal as they greeted and Dan gave my wife a greeting kiss to her cheek when we met.

we went to the hotel restaurant and the staff told us that due to social distancing, the restaurant has only table for 2.

She suggested that we can have out dinner in the suite as Dan has a suite upstairs. Dan looked at me and i pretended it was ok and said I'm cool with it.

Dan told the staff to set it up and while we are waiting for the setup, we can have some drinks are the bar.

We had a few drinks and the staff came to us telling that the table is ready and food is served.

We went up to the suite and it has a big living room and a bedroom. I saw a few bottles of Wine and whisky. Dan was very smooth by getting my wife relax and we had our dinner.

We finished out dinner and Dan suggested we sit on the sofa and continue with our drinks. I agreed and my wife was very relax and comfortable with all the arrangements.

We moved to the sofa area and there was a 3 seater and a 2 seater. My wife sat on the 3 seater and I sat beside her. Dan went back to the table to gather the glasses and walk towards us. Dan being my boss, I stood up and told him to sit own while I get the ice and wine. He sat beside my wife in a very casual way and I went back to get the bottles.

I saw him sitting beside her and I went over to the 2 seater couch and sat facing him. we continue drinking for a while and we finished 2 bottles of wine. My wife is very relax. I kept walking around pretending to take ice or wine to allow him with her.

I came back and sat down and i brought the topic of him laying me off. I asked him if he considering this option. He says. he has not made up his mind but it is a extremely difficult decision to make. he explains about me and Mark being such a great help but he ahs so stream down in order to survive.

The room went quiet for a little bit and he said, Lets not talk about such lousy topics and have a good time. I look at my wife and she looked worried too. and Dan just said, Karyn, I can't stop noticing how good you smell.

My wife was bit stunned but she took it very well by saying, Aaaww.. you are just being sweet. He leaned over to my wife neck and smell her and she moved back a bit to avoid him. My wife asked him in a very sweet voice if he is ok. Are you drunk?

he says NO. I'm just love that smell on you. I'm sorry if for Smelling you. Dan said. She laughed off and said it is ok. And she was facing him again and asking him again if he is ok.

He told Karyn, I want to you a secret. Do you want to know? My wife kept quiet and she ask my wife to lean over as he whisper in her ear..

I couldn't hear what he said to her but my wife was blushing.

after he whisper to her.. He told me that he told her that he can give her the best shoulder massage. he turn my wife over and her back was facing him. He look at me and blink to me,

He began messaging Karyn on her shoulder and she was looking at me. She wanted to tell me something but i pretend not to understand her.

he Unhook her bra from the back of her blouse and i notice that when my wife suddenly move her hands to cup her breast to prevent the bra from falling.

he continue to whisper in her ear softly and I couldn't hear it. my wife was very quest as he was whispering into her ear while his hands were messaging her shoulders.

my wife closed her eyes as if she is getting the worst news. and he began to whisper louder and louder and i hear it clearly saying.. LET ME FUCK YOU. LET ME FUCK YOU.

my wife was looking straight at me when he said that and I kept quiet. he continue telling my wife from behind that . Your husband job is secured.

My wife was looking at me. and Dan asked me .. Let me satisfy your wife today.

I looked at my wife and she kept her eyes closed when he said that. he lowered his hands to the front of my wife and cup her breast from outside her blouse and massage it. He started kissing her neck and smell her from behind. my wife was trying to push his hands away and he told me wife.

Don't worry. Relax. Your husband is willing to share you with me. she kept her eyes closed and kept quiet. He moved his hands under her skirt and my wife quickly squeeze her legs and he keep telling her to relax.

He told her.. if your husband doesn't allow me to fuck you. he will stop me now. If he doesn't, it means he is hoping you will fuck me and he will be happy.

she looked at me and i looked back at her but said nothing. she knew why i wanted it. She moved her body and held Dan's hand which is under her skirt and squeeze her leg tight to prevent access. Dan seeing her resisting and signal me to move away. I woke up and told them that i need to use the restroom. My wife didn't answer or looked at me as her eyes was closed and both her hands was holding on the Dan's hands which is under her skirt.

Dan whisper to Karyn asking her to let her hands go and told her that I am not in the room now. she can relax. Karyn told him to stop and she cannot do this. He continue to kiss her neck from behind and I can her him saying, YES ! Good girl!! relax yourself. Your husband wants you to fuck me too. He continue saying to my wife.. YES.. look at your pussy.. it is wet !!! I immediately knew his hands is in her pussy by now. He ask her if its better for them to move to the room so I wont be watching them as she is shy. she didn't say much and Dan woke up and held her hand and lead her to the bed room. She stood up and turn around and saw me sitting at the bar stool behind them. She looked at me with a guilty and lost look and all I could say to her with my lips was I'm Sorry.

She followed him in the room and stood there like not knowing what to do. Dan hug her from behind and lower her to the bed. As she lay on the bed. Dan took the pillows and put it on the other edge of the bed facing the headboard instead of the room door. With that way, I can watch and my wife wont see me looking at them. He lay my wife head onto the pillows and told her she is very pretty.

I saw him lowering his head to kiss her but she turn away to avoid kissing on the lips. he kissed her neck and her ear lope. She moan a bit and he place his hands under her skirt and rub her pussy again.

Dan look at me and smiled while he insert his hands in her pussy and she let out a moan. He smiled at me and signalled to me that he finally had her now.

I saw at the table and i could see them through the room door which was not closed. My wife couldn’t see me as she is laying down facing the headboard. He glance at me once me and he move both his hands under her skirt and start to remove her panties. She didn't move much and i saw him taking her white panties off her legs and threw it onto to floor. I can’t believe my boss is now in bed with my wife. He kissed her neck again and i can see his hands moving onto her body and cupping her breast from outside her blouse. He continue kissing her till he position his head between her legs and started licking my wife pussy.

To my surprise, my wife legs are spreading wider and her left hand is caressing his hair while he lick her. She start to arch her back and let out bit of moan. I could see her body moving bit more as he licks her. I'm not sure if he was fingering her as well but my wife seems to be accepting it. His hands starts to unbutton her blouse while licking her and he finally found his way into her breast. He was caressing her breast while licking her and my wife body seems to move in rhythm. He lick her for few mins. Maybe 3 mins and he woke back up and he move down from the bed leaving my wife laying there with her blouse unbutton and her skirt all pushed up to her waist.

He started to undress himself and it was the first time i saw his cock. Much thicker than mine n probably longer. And it was hard. He climb back onto the bed and position himself between her legs. He looked at me and ask me. Hey!! Do u want me to fuck your wife? I kept quiet. He look at her and again he asked me. Do u allow me to fuck your wife? If u keep quiet, i will take it as a YES! He turn to my wife and ask her in a more gentle way, can i fuck you? He continued saying that he didn't want to force my wife but he wants my wife to be willing to let him fuck her. She kept quiet. He smile at her and he lower his head and kiss her cheeks and slide his cock into her. I can see my wife's body shock and she let out a big moan which consist of pain and surprise. He move a little more and he ask my wife to let him know if she cannot take it or if she feel any pain. My wife didn't give any respond n he continue sliding into her and out but very slowly.

He looked at me and said, your wife is very tight. Don't worry. I wont hurt her. I stood up and walk silently towards the door and stood there to watch him. He was in a missionary position and he look at me and continue fucking her very slowly.

I can see my wife eyes is closed but she has the expression on her face which shows some pain. She was biting her lips trying to hold on to the pain. My wife is still almost fully clothed. He unbutton another 2 button and push her bra upwards to expose her breast. He lean down and used his tongue and tickle her nipple while he was sliding in and put of her..

He then went back up and kiss my wife on the lips and my wife finally give in and kissed him back. He broke off the kiss and told my wife that he wanted to fuck her the minute he met her and he told her if she could totally give him her body. He was saying.. darling.. relax and let me fuck you totally today. I want u so badly. Please let me fuck you totally tonight. My wife kept quiet and he raise his body again and started fucking her in a quicker action. I can hear my wife letting out bit more moan!! He place his hands below her right leg and lift it up to gain more access. I can see my wife asking him to go slow. And he was asking her.. is this ok? Her nodded. Is this ok? He was going deeper and deeper.

He ask my wife again if she can let him take his time to fuck her all night. My wife was being penetrated nodded her head. He looked at me and said. Your wife is really tight. She is finally able to take in.

My wife give a little sound which indicate she felt pain and he stop. He took his cock out and she kind of started to relax. He open the side drawer and took out a lubricant. He told my wife that he will use some lubricant and she may feel some cold sensation and asked her if she is ok with that. She said ok. He applied the lubricant into his cock and start to stoke it a little bit.

When it was all over his shaft, he went back to position. He adjusted his cock to her vagina lips and slide it again. He ask her if she feel ok. She replied. Yes. Much better.

He lean over and kiss my wife and she return his kiss. And I can see him fucking her quicker and quicker and he is going deep. My wife broke the kiss and moan out .. argh aargh aargh.. he woke up and took the lube again and applied more to his cock n her cunt. Once finished applying. He took my wife's left leg up and started fucking her harder.

And I can now hear body slapping sounds!! My wife was moaning louder and louder. He went on fucking her deep and fast... I can see my wife moaning become real loud and she suddenly went quiet out of a sudden. I realized she actually had an orgasm! He went on fucking but she is bit quiet and just allowing him to fuck her. He went on for few more minutes and I can see him fucking her real hard and his body start to tighten up and he cum inside her!!

My wife was laying there motionless. He looked at me and said. Your wife is good in bed. She like making love but she will enjoy fucking very soon. He lean over and give my wife a kiss and asked her if she is ok. She nodded. He ask her if she feel any pain in her vagina. She said a bit.

He lay down on the side of the bed beside my wife and pull my wife on top of him. I thought he had fucked her and ended but he got my wife sitting on top of him and he was caressing my wife face and hair while she was looking at him. He push her head down and kissed her. She was kissing him back and he had his hands on her blouse and totally unbutton it. He started to remove her blouse and i could see my wife hands assisting him to remove the blouse. He followed by removing her bra.

She is now totally topless and sitting on his body while her skirt is all up on he waist. He caress my wife breast and she totally allowing it now. She whisper something to her. Then i saw my wife turning over to face me and allowing him to lick her pussy! She was facing me and looked at me for a bit and she leaned down and took his cock into her mouth. They were doing the 69. My wife is bad in BJ and she is trying her best to do it for him. She gagged a few times as he was long.

They remain in 69 for about 5 mins and he was hard. He ask her to turn over and he kissed her. He tried to get his cock into her cunt again and i saw my wife’s hands helping him. And slowly i could see his cock disappear into her.

This time my wife was on top. He start to fuck her and I can see her body moving according to the strokes. He fucked her slow but almost the entire shaft was in. And he stop moving while my wife was doing the fucking. She started really slow and as it goes on. She lowered herself rather fast and deep till I could hear the body slapping sound. He was playing with her breast and she tilt her head back closing her eyes and fucked him.

He looked at me and smiled and told me to leave them alone. Told me that he will send her home after breakfast. That means he wants her all night!! And it was just about 11pm. He stop her from fucking and ask her if she can stay here with him. My wife looked at me and i saw a mix feeling in her face. I can sense she is into him but she wont want to admit. So i ask her if it's ok for her to be with Dan tonight? She was bit hesitant and she looked at me looking lost. Looking at her being so lost, I ask Dan if he is ok for me to be around and I will be at the living room.

Dan replied me by saying, don't be silly. I'm ok with your around and I suggested that because I didn't want your wife to feel shy and reserve with you being around us. And of course I would love you to watch me fuck your wife.

He continued by putting his hands on my wife's waist and guiding her to move up and down. she started the rhythm of rocking him again.

He continue to play with her breast and he pull her head down and kissed her. I could see his cock partially inside her pussy from behind in this angle. He turned her over and again fuck her in missionary. My wife is more relax now and she was opening her legs wide for him and accommodating to his cock.

after few minutes, he position her into doggie. she went on all four but maybe due to her exhaustion, she lean her head down on the pillow and allow her ass and pussy to be fucked by him from behind. My boss pull her over to the edge of the bed and he stood up and started to fuck her doggie style. He was holding her hips and telling me .. Let me show you how your wife like to be fuck. he start to glide in deep but slow and he increase the speed and start to bang her .. each strokes were deep and fast and the slapping sound was loud. My wife starts to moan loud. I wasn't sure it was pain or pleasure but she didn't resist or stop him.

And he started to move quicker and tell my wife that he was cumming. my wife kept quiet and he cum a full load again into her.

he role over and he was smiling at her and told her that he loves fucking her. She asked if she can get herself clean up. He nodded and she took her blouse, bra and panties into the toilet.

Dan quickly told me that my wife cum a few times and she did enjoy the fucking. Karyn came back out and she was all dressed and I told Dan that we will make a move. we left ad Karyn was all quiet in the entire journey home and I did apologized to her for allow my boss to fuck her. but she didn't say much but just held my hand and smiled.

I was hard watching my boss fucking her. Maybe I'm weird. Hope there is another time. I'm not sure myself.


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