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After riding for 5 hours, Tyler and his cousin pulled up to a house they were gonna raid when Tyler spots someone he likes!
"Here it is, cus! The house I was telling you about. Now, we just gotta get in there. There should be an opening around the house." Dennis said to his cousin as he looks around the place for the hidden entrance. Tyler watched from a distance as he could not believe what he was gonna do. Or the fact that his cousin is a thief.

He and his cousin drove five hours to Haven-city. And why, because Dennis heard that the people who were once living in the house, buried millions of dollars inside it. I guess the rich people, just wanted a normal life. So they abandoned it inside as they disappeared, never to be seen again. And no one knows for sure if that is true or not.

Which is why he went out to find out! After 3 minutes of looking, Dennis found the hole on the left side of the house. To Tyler … it was hard to believe anything would be in there. The house looks run down … dead. Maybe it's been there for years. "Alright … come on cuz." He says before going through. That was when Tyler realized he couldn't do it.

"Sorry … I can't do it … I'll wait here!" His cousin understood why he didn't wanna go with it. After all, he could get in a lot of trouble from breaking into homes. Dennis disappeared like a light. Tyler looks over at the other house next to this one. It looks better than than the house Dennis is raiding.

Thinking it was a nice house to look at, he went in for a closer view. What happened next … shocked him. The door opened to a white woman walking outside. She was standing at 5-4 feet, short compared to him. That's when he noticed her very big rack. Her nipples were also exposed, big and pink, so sexy! "Hi, I'm Emily, nice to meet you!" The woman is so friendly. This is because most people in the city were like that. Emily also has metal rings on her ears; a black jacket as well. She placed her hand out to shake Tyler's hand.

Based on how she acted, Tyler learns that she doesn't realize that her womanhood is visible to him. And maybe even others as well. He couldn't help but leer at her. That bust was turning him on! He could grab them at any given moment. But to do so would be sexual assault! So, he fought the urge. He then shakes her hand back. "I'm Tyler! Nice to meet you as well! Also, nice rack!" He couldn't help but say it. The look on his face said it all. That she was exposed! Emily blushes as she quickly concealed her rack behind that bra and shirt. "Oh, dear, I'm sorry! I forgot I had them out!" Emily turns and locks her house door; still embarrassed by what just transpired. Though, she did like the compliment.

Emily looks back at him, trying to come up with something to break the awkward feelings she was experiencing. "Um, you see, Tyler, I live alone. And … I often sleep and walk around naked in my house … sometimes I forget to put on all my clothes. That's why this happened. . .I am such an idiot!" Beating herself over it, he grabs her … hugging her.

"It's alright … we all make mistakes. Just try not to let it happen anymore." He would be lying if that didn't turn him on. The thought of Emily sleeping naked. . .sounds so sexy! "To be blunt, you shouldn't feel bad … not with a sexy rack and nipples like that!" Emily blushes even more before pulling back. Today was her workday, and she had to get to work before she is late. Tyler had saved her from further embarrassment … even imprisonment for public nudity.

This city was known for having low crime … that doesn't mean they will put up with certain things. Ever since Emily was a child, she enjoyed walking around without any on. Often unaware that it can be wrong at times. Her mother worried about her ending up in jail because of an accident. And she had gone to work like that, most likely, she would be in jail. She could consider herself lucky someone was there to stop her. Speaking of which, what is Dennis doing? He would have to go check. But he couldn't leave her yet.

He was drawn to her voluptuous rack. That image stuck in as clear as day. Without a word, he stares at her in desire. Emily watched as she pulled out her car keys. "Hey, I would love to chit chat with you, but I gotta get to work! We can talk later, tho."

Emily walked past him to her car — feeling mortified with herself. But this is only a short feeling. She'll get over it. He watched from a distance as he notices her nice ass. It was calling out to him, begging to be fucked. Emily vanished out of the neighborhood, gone to work. Then Dennis walked up with a disappointed look. "Nothing … cousin … this was a waste of time! I knew it was too good to be true! Fuck! Well, we can either hit the road tonight or leave in the morning. It's your choice."

Dennis was never great at things. He always struggled to find the smallest things like a remote. Even his phones. He brought his Cousin because he wanted to go with him. But something good did happen. His cousin met a gorgeous woman he would like to lay with. Emily was gone to work, and wouldn't be back for hours. "We'll get a hotel for the night!" Suddenly, Dennis changes his mind. The thought of being in a room with his Cousin did not fly right with him. Plus, they would be charged extra for that. "Cousin, I'm gonna go. I just remembered I have work in the morning. Sorry."

That night at the hotel, Tyler laid on the bed in a daydream about Emily's gorgeous rack! He wants to fuck it … to fuck her. He knew where she lives. . .he could visit her. Perhaps. . .get some pussy! At 10:30 Pm. . .he walked up to her place. It was dark in there. . .someone was home, though. He went up to the door … he knocks on it, but not too hard! Just enough that she would hear it.

Emily unlocks and opens the door. . .she see's Tyler lustfully eying her. . .she blushes and turns her head slightly. "What are you doing here, Tyler? Do you know what time it is? Not that it matters. . .or that I'm not happy to see you or anything. Just let me know ahead of time when you come!" He quickly gets behind her … places his hands around her waist. . .then sucks on her neck. It makes her moan softly. She was not expecting that. "You know baby. . .that sexy rack got me rock hard. . .and it's because of you! Been a while since I. . .had a white girl."

She moans a little more when she feels him touching her womanhood. It feels good. . .she hasn't gotten laid in a year. This all happened due to her showing off that hot bust. . .to him.

"Mmm, you know it was an accident, Tyler. I didn't mean to. . .it just occurred. . .I can't change that. . .oh, fuck. . .stop!" Tyler whispers in her ear. Something to turn her on.

"I'm attracted to you, Emily, I wanna fuck your brains out!" Emily blushes more, her moans increase slightly. Her pussy starts to get hot and wet, her lust starts kicking in as well.

Truth be told, Emily also likes Tyler. She's fucked a lot of guys, but never a black man. That was always on her agenda. Maybe he is the one. She moans more before kissing him. "And I am also attracted to you, baby." He smirks and pins her against the wall, feeling on her ass. He then pulls her pants down to see spot her large puffy pussy, it arouses him. He then starts to finger it to begin. "You even have a fat pussy, I can't let you go, now! You're mine, now!" Emily feels his finger entering her hole. And her gap feels so hot inside. Tyler couldn't wait to enter it. He laughs excitedly, looks at her with a smug stare. "You are made to take a black dick!" He utters before pulling out his hung cock, it's about 10 to 11 inches long. He then plunges it into her heated hole of pleasure, penetrating her. "Oh, this bitch is so tight!" Emily cries out in joy, screaming loud.

"Oh, fuck, so big! You're gonna rip me in half, baby!! And yet, it's turning me on!!" Tyler roughly humps her as her head rested on the wall. Was this rape? Well, she seems to love it, so no! Her sexy white feet almost curl on the floor, but can't. The next thing she says shocked him. "Yes!! Fuck!! Fuck me, daddy!!" He keeps going as it kicks in his head. "What is it with you white girls in daddy kinks? Either way, it's hot!" He keeps on banging as he slaps her ass! Emily was breathing hard, her pussy heating up more. His dick slides in and out her pink pussy with ease. She may never let him go after this.

"Fuck me like the dumb bitch I am! Yes, daddy!" She shouts as her vag is pounded by this big black cock. Soon enough, Emily yells squirting all over Tyler's body. Emily looks over at him, blushing. He let's go as she stood up sexually smirking at him. "Sorry, daddy. . .it just feels so good! Wanna go to the bedroom?" She asked. He nodded going with her to the bedroom. Talk about easy pussy.

The bedroom was very elegant. Made for two people fucking! And it appears clean and classy. Tyler walks over to the bed when Emily pushes him onto the bed. She aggressively grabs his cock. . .about to suck on that meaty cock. "Now, it's my turn daddy. . .don't move. . .just let me do the work!" She takes it in her mouth and begins to suck it slowly. And it feels so good … so wonderful. He moans out as she sucks and licks the head of his penis. . .winking as she does so. "I'm gonna milk your sack … daddy!"

"Keep on doing it like that, baby. I love how you suck dick, mm." This woman had to have been slutty—what else could she be? He watched her suck his dick—he couldn't wait to see her rack in action!

She sucks more—getting turned on by his naughty expression. "Mmm, daddy loves how you suck dick baby girl—daddy wants to see that sexy rack of yours! Let me see it!" He commanded—she pulls back and stood up before him. Taking out her lovely rack with her exposed nipples—the thing he loves the most. "Now what, daddy?" She asked him, "you know what to do." He stood up to kiss her for a bit. He lays back down as he stares at her, the look in his eyes told her what he wants.

Emily smirks and grabs his cock, pushing them between her bust, which makes them look bigger! She starts to move her rack up and down repeatedly. It's so good, Tyler utters a soft moan. "Wonderful! You're doing great, baby girl! Mmm, just like that!" He utters in bliss as she keeps up the pace. Emily starts to also suck his penis while moving her rack, doing both motions. She did her best to make him happy. "I'm gonna milk you. Cum whenever, daddy!" And it wouldn't be too much longer till that happens.

She then speeds up, sucking on the head of his penis. And boy, her sucking is so good! "Damn, you white bitches are good! You always show a brotha love!" He shouts as she pulls out to retort something back to him. "We love our coffee like we like our men!"

She exclaimed, sucking his cock and looking into his eyes. "Hope you like it, daddy! I'm your little white slut, aren't I?" She asks knowing the answer. He growls getting closer to releasing his sexual discharge on her. "Of course, baby girl!" His cock starts to rock softy as it shoots hot jizz all over her breasts.

It even shot some on her face. She licks her lips like a good slut, making him more turned on. "Hehe, not bad, but your bed will have to get dirty!" He stood up looking at her, Emily did not know what he meant by that. Not till he pushed her this time, holding her down on the bed with her ass facing up to him. He smirks as she looked at him before slamming his cock balls deep inside her pussy. The sudden penetration makes Emily cry out. It feels so good. Her pussy heats up as he starts to screw her yet again.

Her growling was high pitched yelling combined with pleasure. One would assume he is killing her! But that is not the case. Her feet stick up slightly. Her toes start to curl as well. "I love how you moan. But I have to make a slut outta you." He keeps going as he reaches over to his bag, grabbing a gag-ball. He then smirks and places it around her mouth. Which she didn't mind. Her moaning now sounded muted. He fucks harder, smirking as he looked at her pussy hole!

"With that slutty ball, you look like a true slut. Moan you bitch! You dirty white whore!" He yells out. His cock getting closer to the edge.

Ready to burst at any moment—he feels it coming. He growls—cuming deep inside her hole of joy. Emily cries out—his cum feels her pussy with delight and heated passion!

"My goodness—it feels so wonderful, daddy!" She says—giggling—wanting to kiss him. Tyler sure did enjoy dominating her—it was a lot of fun too!

He pulls out of her pussy. His cum leaks from her vag. She blushes when she sees how full of cum her cunt is. Could it be—is she pregnant! After taking such a pounding—she couldn't take any more of it—she will break if he does more! "Fuck! So much, daddy. I wanna ride that dick, daddy. My turn … so don't move a muscle!" Tyler lays on the bed, spreading his legs for her. His cock still firm and ready for more passionate loving. Emily position herself, placing the head of his prick against her hole. She smirks before pushing it inside—the pleasure makes her stick out her tongue. The perfect look for a slut. An expression of joy can be seen on her face.

He loved how submissive this bitch is. Emily starts to gradually move her hips. She humps him. She was so small in comparison to his stature. He gazes as his dick slides in and out of her womanhood. And man, her cunt is so wet! Emily picks up the pace and bounces harder. Giving off that bingo—I hit my G-spot expression. She starts to rapidly bounce up and down on his black dick. His cock is balls deep inside her. Hopefully; she doesn't get pregnant! But if it happens, he will have to take responsibility for it.

Emily can feel the head hitting her orb roughly, and accurately. She feels so good, it's like she's high right now. The house was starting to smell like sex. Damn, this lady's pussy is good. He doesn't even know her, and already he's fucking her. What a pro! At this point, Emily does not care about getting pregnant. She bounces harder … trying to get him to cum deep inside her.

Not long after, he growls and starts to shoot his load into her warm walls. "K-boom! That feels so good! I am shooting so much sperm into your pussy, you white bitch!" Her body rocks a bit. . .due to the pleasure. She falls on top of him. . .going to sleep. A week later. . .the front door opened as Tyler walked in. "Honey. . .I am home now!" He smiles when he sees Emily breastfeeding their son. They had gotten married after they fucked each other…life couldn't be better. "Welcome home, dear … the food is almost done! Hope you're hungry!"


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Thanks! This one was based on a dream I had.


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