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Tegan’s second night of submission to her ex begin in earnest
Tegan had passed out quite thoroughly after her long night at the rave followed by an impromptu foursome when Jackson brought friends home, and when she did wake it was to find Jackson spooning her, one arm under her with his arm curled around to grope her tits while his other arm was slung over her waist with his hand busy at work between her legs, roughly massaging her clit. She bit her lip with a grimace as the soreness from last night’s activities hit her but relaxed into the touching as he kissed her neck, slipping her hand between them behind her back to grasp his morning wood and gently stroke him in encouragement.

“Hey there.” She mumbled, half into her pillow.

“Morning, sleepyhead.” Jackson responded, his lips still pressed against her neck.

She felt Jackson dip a couple of fingers into her entrance and, seemingly satisfied she was ready for him to enter her, began to adjust position to do so. Tegan pulled away and turned over to face him, locking eyes with him meaningfully. She placed her hands on his shoulders and bade him lie on his back, then rolled on top of him, trapping his cock between her thighs and moving down until he was nestled against her bald lips, humping him for a moment or two before bracing herself against him and shifting to an upright position, straddling him. Lifting her hips slightly she reached down between her legs to grasp him again and guided him inside her, sitting down slowly, accepting him into her tender, slick, yet still somewhat sticky hole.

Jackson in return put both hands on her small tits and idly thumbed her nipples like the sticks on a playstation controller before running his hands down to her hips and pulling her down roughly, the last couple of inches disappearing inside her making her gasp in surprise as he filled her up. She was definitely still sore after the brutal treatment Candy had given her last night, but seemed to be no worse off for it in any physical sense.

Tegan began to move her hips, slowly rolling them back and forward as if riding a horse, lifting gently off Jackson just enough to feel his swollen glans move around in the deepest part of her vagina. Experimentally she added a slight sideways swing to her hip movement and Jackson let out a guttural grunt of appreciation.

“I must look like shit.” Tegan mused a loud, suddenly self-conscious that she might look as tired as she felt, and had done nothing about her hair. She wasn’t fishing for a compliment, it had just been a long time since Jackson had seen her first thing in the morning and almost never had they simply woke up and begun fucking.

“You never look like shit.” Jackson assured her, giving his hips an upwards thrust.

Their impromptu banter resolved Tegan continued to ride him, slowly building up the pace in response to their combined urgency. It wasn’t long before Jackson reached his tipping point.

“I want to cum on your face.” He insisted and Tegan smoothly dismounted him and slid down the bed, grasping his sticky shaft in her hand and pumping furiously as he began to spurt, his hot load painting her pale skin, splattering against her cheek and lips. She extended her tongue, circling the head with the tip, coaxing one last spurt onto her chin before giving the tip a kiss, sucking the clingy remnants directly out of him as he sighed with relief. They lay there for a moment, Tegan licking some residue that had dribbles onto her thumb and forefinger, Jackson watching her for a moment before sliding off the bed and taking her by the wrist towards the bathroom en suite and into the shower.

“Kneel, slave.” He commanded. Tegan didn’t need to guess to know what was coming next. This was reminiscent of one of her encounters with Sam. She obediently knelt on the hard tiles and looked up at him, playing the part of the submissive as he aimed his cock at her and began to piss. The initial impact hit the centre of her chest hard enough to sting a little and he started to track it upwards. She squeezed her eyes shut as the smell of the stream, the distinctive pungency of the poorly hydrated; the first pee of the day, invaded her nostrils and he powerwashed away the facial he’d just given her. She felt it track back towards her mouth and – in a reflexive action that surprised even her – opened her mouth to let him urinate directly into it. She stubbornly refused to swallow despite him hitting her on the back of the tongue and her mouth quickly filled, the golden liquid cascading down her chin and running down her neck and chest. She could feel it run down through her pubes and down her thighs to pool under her on the floor.

Eventually it ended and she spat out what was left in her mouth only to have Jackson place his cock in it for her to suck clean again, which she did.

“You really will do anything, won’t you?” He asked. She wasn’t sure if that was rhetorical or not, given her mouth was full.

“Mmhmm.” She conceded. She wondered what else he had in mind, now that he’d already had her fuck a bunch of strangers, swing with his friends, and indulge in forced exhibitionism. Now he’d gone ahead and urinated on her, something she didn’t even know he was interested in. Maybe he was letting his power over her take him in new directions.

“I’m going to invite some friends over tonight.” He stepped back, letting him limp member fall from her lips. “I expect you to accommodate them fully.”

“As you wish, Master.” Tegan responded.


After Tegan had cleaned herself up with a shower to cleanse her tainted skin and soothe her muscles, she dried off and joined Jackson for a late breakfast. It was nearing 11 and Jackson indicated his guests would begin to arrive around 3. Tegan wondered what he had planned – for her to get ploughed by a bunch of his friends, obviously. Taking on multiple – even a prodigious – number of partners was no nothing new to her, but it certainly remained a challenge. Last night she’d taken on six strangers before the four-way, but of course Jackson hadn’t witnessed most of her activity whereas this time he would be present. She again pondered why Jackson was so intent on her having sex with others – was it some kind of cuckold or hotwife fetish? Did he just enjoy subjugating her? She didn’t bother to raise this in conversation with him, as that was not her place at this time. If he wanted her to know, she imagined he’d tell her. It occurred to her that though she’d had a lot of sex: six strangers, James, Candy; her and Jackson only actually fucked twice so far, and she’d been here less than a day. A lot had happened in the last 18 hours, and she’d lost track of time.

After breakfast they just lounged around. Jackson put a movie on Netflix and he reclined sat on the couch while she sprawled across him. Occasionally he’d grope her tits or ass or play with her slit but never escalated it to anything else, just possessively playing with her body life a human doll. She could feel his erection pressing into her through his shorts but he didn’t get her to do anything about it.

Just before 3pm he received a text and had her get up, taking her to the bedroom wordlessly where he lay her down and began to bind her. She didn’t resist or question him, just lay there. He tied her down at the bottom of the bed with a soft rope across her hips which he tied to the legs of the bed, pinning her down. Then a rope behind each knee, drawing her thighs back as far as they could go, tethering her to the top of the bedframe keeping her legs bent back, leaving her holes vulnerable. Then he cuffed her wrists and tied the cuffs to the bedframe as well, before gagging her with folded bandana, knotted tightly behind her head.

Finally, when she was trussed up and immobile he finally addressed her verbally.

“Tonight you are just a hole. My friends will come in from time to time, maybe one at a time, maybe in groups, to use you. Do you understand?”

Tegan nodded yes.

Jackson ran his finger up her slit, between her slightly parted pussy lips, and licked his finger thoughtfully before going over to the corner of the room and adjusting the positioning of his camcorder on its tripod before turning it on, an LED indicating to her that she was now being recorded.

“Because you’re gagged you won’t be able to use a safeword. If you need to quit, shake your head three times and say ‘unh unh unh’.. Let’s test that now.”

“Unh unh unh.” Tegan repeated, shaking her head like Jackson instructed.

“Good slut.” Finally he took a sleep mask and fitted it over her eyes, blindfolding her, and she took a deep calming breath as she could now only wait. Jackson sat by her on the bed and stroked her hair.

“Most of our visitors will know you from our time together. So in the future you might be walking down the street, and pass by an old friend. Maybe he’ll be one of the people who fucked you. Maybe he won’t. You can guess, but you won’t know.”

With that, she heard Jackson leave the room as the intercom buzzed, presumably the first of their guests to arrive. Tegan couldn’t help but shiver at the revelation by Jackson – while she had been happy for him to take pictures and videos to show to whomever he wanted, anonymously getting to actually have her and her never know was another thing entirely. The prospect was thrilling, and she inwardly felt ashamed by how much more it made her want this, but the shame only made her hornier. She was ready.

A short time later she heard muffled voices and could sense a person or persons entering the room. She didn’t know if they had been directed to stay silent so she wouldn’t recognise their voices, but the talking stopped as soon as they entered the room. She cocked her head curiously, trying to figure out what was going on with her limited senses. Presently someone stood at the end of the bed, she could feel their legs pressed against her exposed and vulnerable butt, and they leaned over to grope her small chest and caress her flat stomach, running his hands down towards her crotch. A finger, then a second entered her, exploring her entrance and spreading her lips. She heard the shutter noise of a phone camera, realising the person was going to keep a souvenir for later, before the sound of the person undressing.

Without much further ado, obviously able to tell she was ready, she felt a cock push into her tight hole, gliding almost effortlessly from her wetness. After a few ‘practice strokes’ the person grabbed her thighs to hold her in place as he built up a rhythm and began to steadily pound her. His cock filled her nicely and she began to moan, panting through her cloth gag. Between the anticipation, the constant fondling and touching all day and not getting to climax from her morning session with Jackson she was pretty pent up. With nothing to focus on but the cock inside her she was fixated on reaching orgasm and her toes curled as her body tensed, digging deep for a release.

It was not to be. It wasn’t long, maybe a couple of minutes before the stranger – or was it an old friend? – let out a grunt that signalled he was close to finishing and he pulled out. She felt a warm jet of liquid hit her stomach just below her ribs, leaving a trail behind it down across her belly as the man relieved his need onto her skin.

The next man replaced him instantly and she almost laughed, imagining a queue of men out the door waiting to fuck her, but quickly her mind was on other things as the man gripped her tits with large, rough hands, pressing down with his bodyweight as he fucked her, his balls slapping heavily against her asshole as he rapidly jackhammered her, each impact against her pubis making her grunt.

Again, the second man didn’t last long. She’d gotten accustomed to a broad range of stamina from her partners. Some men could last for a long time – especially when they were getting laid regularly – a few lasted barely a minute. But this seemed more like they were less interested in lasting a long time and deliberately cumming as soon as possible. Probably saving their energy for a second round. Maybe more. Who knew? In any case the man pulled out and she felt his balls rubbing against her pubes, jiggling back and forth as he finished himself off with his hand, shooting another load onto her belly to mingle with the first. She thought she detected a flash of light and associated it with a camera flash, though there was no shutter sound this time. It was almost a shame she wouldn’t ever see the pictures, or the video of her having a train run on her, because she wondered how she looked, all trussed up and smeared with jizz.

The third man did not enter her nicely warmed up pussy. Instead she felt a cool touch on her asshole and she’d certainly had enough experience by this point to recognise when someone was lubing her up. Of course her ass was going to on the menu for this fuck buffet. What man could resist? The only surprise was that it had taken until the third guy before it happened.

He pushed a finger in, massaging some of the slippery gel into the tight ring of her sphincter and working his finger around a bit to ensure she was relaxed enough, and perhaps to gauge her response. If he expected Tegan to tap out from a little assplay, he was woefully mistaken.

The finger withdrew and she swore she could hear a slimy noise, presumably the man lubing himself up before presenting his cockhead to her backdoor and with a little pressure, working his cockhead inside her.

“Ahhh.” Tegan moaned, squirming a bit out of reflex. Experience at this or not, that first penetration of the day always caught her off guard. She was sure, as the man continued to feed more of his shaft into her soft, yielding colon, that he would be far from the last.

The man, to his credit, took it nice and easy on her. He used long, slow strokes, letting her grip every inch of him as he moved in and out. It was almost soothing, once the initial discomfort wore off. When he was pressed all the way inside it felt like he was reaching deep. She was so used to guys only using the first few inches, the tightest part, to get off quickly that this man was giving her a real workover in comparison and her stomach fluttered as she realised she was about to come. It wasn’t the first time she had had an orgasm during anal and she’d certainly had one building up all day, but it still seemed to come out of left field. Her asshole clenched tightly around the base of the man’s shaft and her thighs trembled as she screamed into her gag.

“Nnh grrrd!” was what came out when she tried to yell ‘oh god’, and her jaw went slack as she writhed back and forth as one of the most intense orgasms of her life swept over her, leaving her dizzy and confused. She felt the man twitching and she could feel a heat that told her he’d just cum deep inside of her ass.

“Fuck.” He said appreciatively, presumably by accident. She didn’t recognise his voice from the single utterance but was also finding it hard to concentrate. She felt him pull out of her, and a chill as the cool air hit her slimy, lubricated skin.

She was still quivering when the fourth guy entered her pussy and began to pump. Maybe it was just because this was the third dick to enter her cunt in the last fifteen minutes but he felt a bit smaller than the others, and didn’t take long to finish, rubbing his shaft along the top of her slit before his load squirted onto her belly with the others.

Guy number five took her ass. She let out another groan as he entered her with a fresh coat of lube on his cock and began to drill her hard. She bit down on the gag, whimpering as he rotated his hips, his meat levering around inside her anal cavity as if he was deliberately trying to stir up her guts. After a minute or so he went back to straight thrusting, accompanying every few thrusts with a cupped palm smack on one or the other of her buttcheeks, eliciting loud smacking noises and leaving a stinging flush on her skin.

At some point a second person sat on the bed next to her to play with her tits, presumably as a warmup for taking his turn. The guy fucking her ass grunted a satisfied “yeeeahhh” as he added a second load to the one already coating her insides and a sixth quickly replaced him, opting for her pussy. It was all happening so quickly, so many different cocks in quick succession, that she was already feeling quite worn out. Her aching pussy muscles clenched feebly as the man used them, her wet, well-used hole making obscene squishing noises. Maybe because of this, number six lasted longer than the others and began to get quite rough, making the most of his stamina to really give it to her. When he finally finished, he knelt on the bed by her head and pressed his tip to her gagged mouth, cumming on and past it. She couldn’t swallow properly with the gag keeping her mouth open, plus the cloth itself was soaked with the musky goo, leaving her unable to smell or taste anything else.

“Looks like we’ve softened her up enough.” A male voice quipped as he exited the room. He sounded familiar but Tegan couldn’t place it.

“I have something in mind.” Jackson responded from next to her, apparently the man who’d joined her on the bed.

He left her and for a minute she seemed to be alone. She heard some muffled discussion outside and some faint laughter and clinking glasses. She wondered if she the guys were just taking a break, leaving her here while they recharged and would come back later, rallying for a second round.


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