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Corey's search for the four genies begins. Is it the new headmistress hungry for cock, or the innocent Arabic girl new to the school?
Winning A Genie Harem

Chapter Two: Headmistress's Naughty Desires

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!


Main Characters

Corey Derrickson: College senior, friend of Kyle Unmei, given the chance to marry one of four genie, each from a different tribe, if he can find them at St. Maria Theodora Catholic School!

Aleah Buckley: Corey's first sex slave. College senior. He claimed her after Kyle suggested she'd be a good canidate for starting Corey's harem.

Tania Buckley: Aleah's younger sister. Corey's second sex slave. College sophomore. Seduced into the harem by Aleah.


Asra Duff: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and PE.

Bettie Black: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and History classes.

Briana Hamilton: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and PE classes.

Brenda Nevada: A senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes.

Debbie Goffe: Sophomore at St. Maria Theodora.

Franny Keighley: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Jennifer Nielson: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Hallie Hunt: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's English and Chemistry classes.

Havva Najjar: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.

In'am Alfarsi: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Lisa Comstock: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.

Megan Scrivenor: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Nadia Rivers: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's PE class.

Natiqua Osbourne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math class.

Regina Florence: Girl who moved in next door to Corey, sophomore at St. Maria Theodora. In Tania's math class.

Pita Reyes: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Philosophy and Chemistry class.

Ritsuko Takayama: A Sophomore at St. Maria Theodora.

Rita Pickle: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Sheila Thorne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's History and PE class.

Tammy Fredrick: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and PE Class

Ursula Bannister: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Chemistry class.

Vanessa Shearer: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey's Math and Chemistry classes.

Zahia Qadir: A Junior at St. Maria Theodora.


Mrs. Abigail Reynolds: A professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Ms. Allie Reid: Corey's English professor and the librarian at St. Maria Theodora.

Coach Denise Bennett: Corey's PE professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Mrs. Donna Blackwood: A philosophy professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Anna Petra: A nun and Corey's Chemistry professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Doris Suzette: A nun and professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Ester Sarah: A nun and Corey's Math professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Francis Jean: A nun and Corey's History professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Nova Victoria: A nun and new headmistress at St. Maria Theodora.

Ms. Valerie Terrence: A professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Corey Derrickson – Tuesday, September 8th

Regina walked behind us.

The new girl who had moved in next door to my house was attending St. Maria Theodora Catholic college, an all-girls college near my house. I, too, was attending the school. The only guy lucky enough to be there. It was a gift arranged by my friend Kyle.

I almost couldn't believe this was happening, yet Kyle upheld his promise to me. When shit went down last January at our college, I tried to help his wife Aaliyah from being taken against her will. I got put in the hospital for two weeks with a head injury. Turned out, Aaliyah was a genie and Kyle's harem of girls he'd collected had been because of her.

As thanks, he was hooking me up.

I would have a chance to have my own genie. I just had to figure out who my four choices were and then choose which one I wanted. They were all going to be a different flavor of genie. A submissive Jann, a slutty Si'lat, an intelligent Marid, and a feisty Ifrit. I had to be on guard for any Arab girls that showed interest in me.

I couldn't wait to figure out who they are, get to know them, and claim my own magical girl to be in my harem. I already had two in my harem, a pair of sisters. I'd claimed Aleah first, a girl my age. She had been ripe and ready to be a submissive sex slave, craving for a strong man to take her in hand. To prove her devotion to me, she brought her little sister into our bed. Tania was two years younger and despite that had bigger tits.

The two girls walked on my arms with me. They were wearing their school uniforms: red-and-green tartan skirts that swirled about their thighs, white blouses that made them look so innocent, and tartan bow ties with long ribbons that drape down their chests. Their knee-high socks and black Mary Jane flats completed their Catholic schoolgirl look.

They were sexy.

I wore my own uniform, gray pants and a shirt with a tartan tie. It was different, not what I was used to, but it was a private college. I couldn't wait to be the only guy there. Kyle implied that I could increase my harem, adding new girls to the mix.

Like Regina walking behind me.

She looked to be eighteen, a freshman and not a senior like Aleah and me. She was a slender blonde, hair in flowing pigtails, with delicate glasses. She moved with a light grace, almost floating behind me. She was shy, blushing at the sight of me.

“Mmm, you want her,” Aleah purred, her voice sultry, her auburn hair falling in pigtails around her face. Her green eyes flashed.

“Don't you?” I asked my sex slave. Since January, she'd been mine. I'd enjoyed every bit of her. I knew her. Beneath the collar of her blouse, she wore a choker that was marked: Corey's Girl.

“Yes,” she moaned. “She's so cute.” Aleah snuggled closer to me. I could feel the swell of her small breast through her tight blouse. Her nipples poked at the material.

“She's adorable,” Tania said. She had fiery hair, also in pigtails. Though two years younger than her older sister, Tania had large breasts. Round and perky. They, too, rubbed against my arm. “She's got to be a virgin. I would love to watch you pop her cherry.”

I wanted to glance behind me and leer at Regina. She was sweet, a literal girl next door. If she walked to college with us every day, she would grow more and more comfortable with us. Then we could see if something happened.

The school grounds loomed ahead. It lay at the end of a residential street, the grounds surrounded by a black, wrought iron fence put up a hundred years ago. There was a gate, open of course, that cars could drive into. Many students were doing just that, either being dropped off or driving their own cars. Other girls were walking in, spilling around us from the streets that crossed this one.

A flower garden of beauty.

“Damn,” groaned Aleah. “Look at them all, Master.”

“I know,” Tania whimpered. She rubbed her hips from side to side.

They were all different. Tall girls, short girls, busty girls, slender girls. Blondes and brunettes, redheads and black-haired beauties. Some had pale skin, or tan, or golden-brown. An African-American beauty sauntered ahead, her ebony legs flashing in her swaying skirt, her white socks looking delicious on her slender calves. Across the street, a brassy-haired girl wore black tights that vanished beneath her skirt, her hair swaying about her face. I looked for any girls who were Arabic. Black hair, maybe wrapped up in a headscarf, their skin that dusky brown like Aaliyah's.

The girls were glancing at me. They were noticing me, the only guy walking into their campus. A golden-blonde beauty pursed her plump lips, a beauty mark on her right cheek, her blue eyes with a naughty gleam. She whispered to a girl who might be Arabic or Hispanic, her hair curly and black. Her nose bold and her face round. She had large breasts swelling the front of her blouse. She giggled to her friend, eyes bright.

“They're whispering about you,” Tania said, clinging tight.

We were almost to the gate. More girls were around us. Regina wasn't the only cutie walking behind me. Before me, a pair of Black girls with great asses strolled. They held hands, one hair gathered in dreadlocks the other with her weave dyed blonde. One looked back at me and then straight ahead.

“This is going to be a lot of fun,” Aleah purred. “Ooh, I'm so juicy. Want to reach beneath my skirt and feel, Master?”

“Tempting,” I said, my cock hard in my gray slacks. “Did you notice the girl who might be Arabic with the blonde?”

“Yeah,” said Tania. “I'm looking out for all of them. We'll find the four, and you're going to have so much fun with them.”

Aleah nodded. “I think we are going to have a blast. I want to lick your cum out of a genie's cunt, Master.”

“God, yes,” whimpered Tania.

We passed through the gates. The grounds before the school were well-maintained with benches beneath shade trees and the occasional statue that looked like they were displaying a saint. The girls were all flowing to the college's main building which rose before us, its outside rising four stories with a brick exterior. It looked weathered and old, resolute. The entrance was two doors both thrown open wide. The driveway formed a round before the building. The school rose two more stories above the middle, forming a squat tower topped by a cross. There were several buildings to either side that looked newer. Paths wound around the grounds.

More and more schoolgirls filled around us. I felt their eyes on me. Staring, girls whispering. I walked back straight with my two sex slaves. I would introduce them as my girlfriends, for now. Everyone would notice that I had two of them.

A girl with short, black hair and blue eyes kept glancing behind me, her ass looking cute in her skirt. Another girl with sandy-blonde hair gathered in a braid had a blush on her dainty cheeks, her lips red and delicate. An Asian girl with blue-black hair falling down to her rump swayed nearby, willowy and delicious, while a girl with curly, burnished-brown locks flashed me smoky looks. She walked to my right, her curvy hips swaying with a fertile roll. She winked at me, her blouse tight about her round breasts.

So many beauties. So many wonderful, delicious and graceful hotties. I couldn't believe how lucky I was.

I spotted a few professors. Some were nuns in the black robes and white wimples. One stood at the doorway, her eyes blue and a friendly smile gracing her lips. She nodded at the students heading, greeting many by name despite it being the first day.

“And there's Corey,” the nun said to me. “Heard about you, young man. I hope you study well.”

“Thanks,” I said to the nun. “Glad to be here.”

“He's going to be studying intently,” said Aleah as we swept by. She had such a naughty tone to her voice.

“Yeah, the girls,” whispered Tania and then giggled.

The schoolgirls were flowing down the hallway, crowding around us. The flirty brunette kept flashing me sultry smiles as we walked, her hips swaying. She moved with the grace of a princess, a fertile blush to her cheeks.

I winked back at her. The girl's smile grew smoky.

Everyone was heading to the auditorium. I knew from orientation that there would be a welcome assembly before classes began properly. In my backpack, I had my class schedule. Aleah and I shared about half our classes while I had none with Tania. She was a tenth grader not a twelfth grader like Aleah and me. The interior had white walls broken up by darkly polished doors that led to the classrooms. The drinking fountains all looked like new additions, thrusting out in the hallway and not in recessed alcoves.

The auditorium was large, wooden chairs bolted to the floor in rows looking at a stage with a podium out front. Spotlights fell on it. There were a group of professors sitting on chairs in the back of the stage, three nuns, and four women in various dresses.

A buzz ran through the room as the girls set down. More were staring at me. I found seats at the back, sitting with my two girls. Regina took one a few down from us, the shy blonde hugging her backpack to her chest as she looked nervous. New in town and at college with no friends.

I could be her friend. And more.

The flirty brunette sat across the aisle from me, her legs crossing. They were pale and delicious. Her nipples poked at her white blouse. I swear they were pierced. She didn't look at me as she sat there with her regal bearing, but I knew she was paying attention to me, loving that I was staring at her body.

After a few minutes, the flow of girls became a trickle. They all glanced at me, some shocked, others looking eager or confused or even offended. They all noticed me, though. I loved it. Aleah and Tania had their hands rubbing my legs through my gray slacks, teasing me.

Naughty sluts.

Finally, a nun climbed up on the stage, her black habit rustling about her. She stepped up to the podium. She had dusky-brown skin and appeared busty, her habit unable to hide the size of her breasts. She grabbed the podium and gazed out at the student body.

Silence descended fast.

“Good morning,” she said, her voice amplified by the speakers. “Welcome, welcome to a new year at St. Maria Theodora. We are all so glad you are here to join us. Let us give thanks to the Lord.”

I blinked at the prayer. I wasn't a religious person, but I lowered my head with everyone else as the nun gave a quick benediction, her voice echoing through the room. When she finished, almost everyone said, “Amen.”

“Now, I am Sister Nova Victoria, the new headmistress for the college. Sister Ruth Mary has earned her retirement and rest, so I am here to guide you and lead you this school year.”

She was new? And she had an accent, too. It was faint, but it was possible she was Arabic. One of the genie. I was expecting a schoolgirl, but the headmistress appeared young to have the role. She spoke with passion about how she wanted us all to excel. It was clear she was fired up to educate us.

Was she the Ifrit?

“Now, I am sure you have all noticed one student who stands out from the others,” said Sister Nova. “One student who doesn't quite have the same attributes as the rest of us.”

Nervous laughter ran through the auditorium. Girls all looked at me. That curly-haired girl who might be Arabic turned around in her seat and smiled at me. Was she another genie? She smiled at me before looking forward again. The Marid? Maybe the Jann. Definitely not the Si'lat.

“Corey Derrickson is joining us this school year. He's a lucky guy.” She glanced around the auditorium. “In fact, Mr. Derrickson, would you join me on stage so all the girls can get a look at you. I know some are nervous to have a boy on campus and intruding on our feminine space.”

I groaned as I stood up. This nervous ripple shot through me. I slid past Tania and a brunette girl. I reached the aisle and headed up it. The hundreds of girls all followed my progress, their heads tracking me. The beat of my heart increased with every step. I hurried along, my fingers flexing and relaxing. My palms grew sweaty.

Sister Nova smiled as she saw me. She stepped aside from the podium as I headed up the stairs on the side of the stage. The row of professors all nodded to me. The nuns were hard to judge, wrapped up in the wimples, but I saw interested looks from the professors. I wanted to study them, but everyone was looking at me, making me self-conscious.

“Mr. Derrickson,” said Sister Nova, her smile tight. There was a hungry gleam in her dark eyes, a spark of fire. “Mmm, aren't you a handsome one?”

“Nice to meet you, uh, Headmistress,” I said.

“Or Sister Nova,” she said, smiling. She took my hand and pulled me alongside her before the podium. I faced out at the sea of girls. Sister Nova squeezed my hand. “Here he is, girls. He's pretty handsome.”

Laughs and giggles echoed through the auditorium. Sister Nova released my hand while I stared out at the girls. The four genies were out there. One might be beside me. The others were lurking in that sea of beauties.

“Now, I expect all you girls to comport yourselves with poise, modesty, and decorum around young Mr. Derrickson here,” the nun said as her hand landed on the small of my back. Then it moved lower. “I know, I know, he's a handsome man, but you are here to be educated ladies.”

Her hand reached my ass and squeezed it.

My dick throbbed as this sexy, Arabic nun groped my muscular ass, her voice full of this smoky promise. It was like she was marking me, letting me know that I was all hers. That these other girls couldn't have a bit of me.

I smiled. A genie posing as a nun? Damn, Kyle was the man. I didn't know how to thank him.

“Thank you for coming up here, Mr. Derrickson,” Sister Nova said, her eyes almost blazing with her lust. She gave my ass a final squeeze. “I'll be keeping my eye on you.”

I winked at her. I loved the smile playing on her lips. The interest dancing in her eyes. Then I broke away from her and headed down the stairs. I marched past the girls. Their interest in me seemed to have only increased.

I was forbidden flesh. Temptation.

Smoky looks, playful smiles, and dewy eyes followed me to my seat. I sank down between my girls, delight on their faces. It was clear they were looking forward to breaking all three of those recommendations. It would be hot to parade them around on leashes clipped to their nipple piercings wearing nothing but their tartan bow ties, knee-high socks, and Mary Jane shoes.

A fantasy, I knew, but it was powerful.

“Now, we have many new girls starting their first year here,” Sister Nova continued, “so I expect you older girls to be shining examples for them. St. Maria Theodora prides ourselves on producing refined and admirable women to enhance the community. You are all ambassadors of our college. We also have transfer students coming in at all grades, so help them to adjust. They are all in need of new friends.” She smiled. “And I don't mean being girlfriends to Mr. Derrickson.”

More giggling laughter.

“Now, we also have five new professors joining us.” She pointed to the group sitting on the stage. “As well as Mrs. Blackwood returning after her two-year sabbatical, please welcome, Sister Anna Petra, Sister Doris Suzette, Ms. Terrence, Ms. Reid, and Mrs. Reynolds.”

All rose at the sound of their name. The nuns were hard to judge their ages and attractiveness, only their pale faces shown around their tight wimples, but the other three professors looked beautiful. Mrs. Blackwood was Black, and the other two, Ms. Reid and Mrs. Reynolds, were White. None looked like they were the genie, but I had two candidates already.

Things were growing great.

“Okay, that's all. Let's have a great year. You are dismissed!”

Chatter burst through the auditorium. Girls were all staring at me, smiling, and giggling with their friends. Aleah and Tania held my arms and looked so pleased with themselves. I was the center of attention, and they already had ties to me. My cute sex slaves.

I had to part from both my slaves, though. They had different classes than mine. I was off to math class taught by a Sister Ester Sarah. I glanced at the map of the building I was provided as part of my enrollment papers. I used it to navigate through the halls, passing girls. I nodded at them and grinned. I loved the attention. This was incredible. The only guy amid all these nubile beauties. Young, teenage girls bursting with hormones and needing an outlet.

I found my class. Sister Ester Sarah turned out to be a slender nun with a tan face and brown eyes. She nodded to me as I entered and found a seat in the back. All the girls were looking at me. One of the Black girls I saw on the walk in, the one with dreadlocks, sat before me, while a girl with dark-brown hair sat beside me, a winsome smile on her face. One of the last girls to arrive was an Arabic cutie with her black hair gathered in a braided plait that fell down her back. She had dusky-brown skin and a delicate face. She had a petite build and a nervous cast, hugging her math textbook to her stomach.

“And here's my other transfer student,” Sister Ester Sarah said. “You're Havva, right?”

The girl nodded. Her eyes glanced to me and then she looked away, her cheeks blushing. I smiled. Was this the Jann? Sweet and innocent, shy and submissive? Another transfer student. Kyle wanted me to have fun sussing out the genies, but at a Catholic school, Arab girls were going to stand out.

“You can sit where you want,” the nun said to the new girl. “I'm going to go over the primer and our lesson plan, the level of math we're going to cover this semester.” She smiled at us, her wimple wrapped about her face. Nuns were hot. They hid their bodies, but they were women beneath.

Sister Nova proved that.

Sister Ester Sarah passed out the primers and started talking about her expectations of us. She walked up and down the room between our rows of desks. She wasn't fierce and stern like I expected from a nun. She was pleasant. Sweet, even. She seemed to know many names already, having taught these girls for the last three years.

About ten minutes in, a knock came at the door and a girl popped her head in. “Sister Ester Sarah, the Headmistress would like to talk to the new students.” She glanced at me and grinned, her short, brown hair swaying about her face. “Right away.”

“Oh, sure,” said Sister Ester Sarah. “Corey and Havva, please, follow Jennifer.”

I wondered what this was about. Havva looked even more nervous about this than I did. She bit her lip as she rose. As I headed past the Black girl with dreadlocks, she thrust her hand out and pressed something into my palm.

A pair of panties.

I could see a number written in lipstick on the edge. Her phone number? Damn, really? She gave me a smoky look as I headed past. I shoved the panties into my pocket, my dick throbbing hard.

Aaliyah had definitely worked her magic on this school.

The pair of us followed Jennifer out of the room. The younger girl, maybe twenty, sauntered ahead. She kept throwing looks over her shoulder then snapping her head to face forward. Havva walked beside me, her head bowed.

We reached the office and Jennifer led us to a little waiting room off the lobby. It had a group of chairs around a coffee table. There were several religious pamphlets, one on abstinence, scattered across it.

“She'll just be ten or fifteen minutes,” said Jennifer before she walked out. “Maybe longer. She wasn't sure how long it'll take, but she's looking forward to talking to you.”

“So are you working in the office?” I asked.

“Everyone will rotate through over the year,” she said. “Spending a week working as the office assistant for a period. Gets you out of class.” She grinned at me. “We could talk about it. I would be glad to explain how this school works to you. Maybe after school. I know this great cafe.”

“Maybe,” I said, grinning at her. Bold.

Jennifer smiled and closed the door.

I glanced over at the new girl while pulling out the panties the Black girl gave me. I couldn't help studying them. There it was, her phone number written in red lipstick across her light-blue panties. She was good to take those off without me noticing them. There was a faint musk about them. Sweet and delicious. She also wrote her name.



“Are those...?” Havva said and then blushed.

“Just a token from my admirer,” I said and folded them back up.

“One of our classmates?” Havva asked. She stared down at her hands. She rubbed them together, her thighs pressed tight. I stared at her legs above her knees. Smooth and dusky brown. She looked so beautiful.

“Yeah,” I said. If she was one of the genies, the Jann, then I needed to be bold. She would be here to win my affection. To be chosen by me. I placed my hand above her knee. “She wants me to call her.”

“By giving you her panties?” she asked. “Not a note.”

“Well, she's letting me know why she wants me to call her.” I stroked my hand up and down her thigh, feeling the warmth of her. The silky smoothness of her skin. She swallowed, her cheeks blushing darker. “She's bold. Some girls are like that.”

“Oh.” Havva shifted.

“Other girls like the guy to be bold,” I said. My hand reached the hem of her skirt. I pressed just beneath it. “What do you prefer in a guy?”

She shifted. “I'm not sure. I don't know that many.” She rubbed her hands together. “My parents kept me away. That's why I'm here.”

“All girls college?” I said, my hand creeping a little higher. “They didn't expect there to be a boy, huh?”

She nodded.

“What do you think about me being here?” I asked, my hand vanishing beneath her skirt. Her leg felt even warmer beneath my hand. Her breathing quickened. She looked so adorable. I just wanted to lean in and kiss her.

“I don't know,” she said. “This is... I mean... You're touching me... At school.”

“And?” I pressed higher. My fingers brushed the edges of her panties. “What's wrong with me touching you at school.”

“The headmistress said we should be modest.” She bit her lip. “This isn't modest. You have your hand up my skirt.”

“Mmm, I do,” I said, my finger pressing beneath the leg hole of her panties. She was such a submissive creature. I could see it in her posture. In the way she shifted on the chair. Her small breasts rose and fell against her blouse. I felt the heat of her as my finger pressed into the soft down of her pubic hair. “And? Do you want me to stop?”

“I don't know,” she said. Her voice was so soft.

I leaned in and my other hand cupped her cheek. She looked so confused as I lifted her gaze to meet mine. Her brown eyes brimmed with confused passion. She licked her lips as I leaned in towards her. My fingers slid through her pubic hair.

I found her juicy pussy slit. I rubbed at her hot flesh. As she gasped in shocked pleasure, I kissed her. I pressed my mouth on hers. She quivered as I fingered her pussy. She had to be the Jann. So submissive. So innocent. Just how Kyle described a Jann.

Havva closed her eyes and surrendered her lips to me. She kissed me back with gentle passion. My finger stroked up and down her pussy folds. Her juices flowed, soaking me. I brushed her hard clit, her entire body twitching, and slid lower. She whimpered into my kiss. My finger pressed into her folds and immediately felt her hymen.

A virgin. Perfect.

My dick twitched harder. I had taken Aleah and Tania's virginity. Both were exquisite pleasures to experience. I kissed Havva harder. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She groaned as my tongue danced around in her mouth. She whimpered. She worked her delicate lips against me.

It was incredible.


I rubbed my finger up and down her cunt. She moaned louder into the kiss. She trembled against me. Her hands grabbed the front of my shirt. She gripped me as I loved her. I savored the taste of her. The feel of her against my lips.

I loved the taste of her.

I broke the kiss and she panted, “Corey! You're... you're...”

“Mmm, I know just what you need, Havva,” I said. I grinned at her. “You're the type of girl that needs a bold guy, don't you?”

She looked down, her dusky cheeks blushed so dark. She panted, her small breasts rising and falling, shifting the tails of her tartan bow tie.

“I can feel it. Your virgin pussy is dripping with juices. You're just aching for someone to come along and claim you.” I pressed my finger against her clit. He gasped and her eyes widened. “For someone to do this.”

I slipped to my knees before her while sliding my fingers out of her panties. Her juices coated my digits. I shoved my other hand beneath her skirt, bulging the tartan material. I found the waistband of her cotton panties.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“What are you doing, Sir,” I corrected her as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties, feeling her soft skin. I tugged. “Now lift your rump.”

She bit her lip and then did it. She raised her ass up, just as submissive as I believed. I worked her panties out from beneath her tartan skirt. They were white against her dusky thighs. I loved the sight of them. I groaned as I pulled them over her knees and then slid them down her legs. I drew them over her dainty ankles and then whipped them off.

She shuddered, her breasts rising and falling. She squirmed on the chair as I brought her panties to my nose and inhaled her musk. I breathed in deeply. She stared at me in awe as I enjoyed the sweet aroma of her pussy.

“What are you doing, sir?” she asked, her voice soft. A whisper of silk.

“Enjoying your passion,” I said. I put her panties in my pocket. “I'm keeping those, Havva. A memento.”

I thrust up her skirt. She gasped but didn't stop me. She still clutched her hands tight. I revealed her black bush peeking out from between her closed thighs. Her sweet aroma swelled in my nose. She trembled as I grabbed her knees.

I pressed her legs apart.

She didn't resist me. She bit her lower lip and let out a whimpering moan. I exposed her pussy adorned by her black bush. Through those dark strands, I could make out her virginal slit. I pulled her to the edge of her chair. She leaned back, her hands grabbing the front of her blouse.

“Sir?” she groaned.

“I'm going to eat you out,” I said. “I'm going to show you what I can do for a girl who's obedient, Havva.”

Before she could say anything, I drove my head forward, pressed my lips into her silky bush, and took my first lick of her virgin pussy. Her pubic hair tickled my cheeks and lips as my tongue slid upwards. I dragged up her hot flesh, gathering her sweet juices.

“Oh, Sir!” she gasped, her back arching. Her little breasts pressed against her blouse. Her nipples dimpled the fabric. “Oh, oh, oh! That's.. You're... No one's ever, Sir!”

I licked again, savoring the virginal flavor of her pussy. She tasted incredible. Felt incredible against my mouth. I couldn't have stopped if I had wanted. She tasted delicious. Her cunt melted against my mouth. Her head shook. Her breasts rose and fell. She gripped her blouse tight, pulling it across her breasts, the impression of her bra appearing.

I loved the pleasure crossing her face. I delivered it to her the way I did to my sex slaves. Havva would make a delicious addition, but so would Sister Nova. She had that fire. I groaned, spoiled for choices already, and I hadn't even found the other two.

“Sir!” squeaked Havva, her thighs squeezing about my face now. “Oh, sir! That's... You're... I mean...”

“It feels good, doesn't it?” I asked. “Makes you feel naughty.”

“Yes, Sir,” she moaned and nodded. She shuddered, her chair creaking. “We shouldn't be doing this here, though.”

“I decide where we do this, don't I?” I flicked my tongue up her pussy again. “Right?”

“Yes, Sir,” she panted, surrendering to me. She was like Aleah. No, Havva was even easier to claim.

Her virginal pussy juices melted against my tongue. I licked up and down her slit, devouring her. The feel of her silky pubic hair and hot labia against my mouth drove me to lick harder. My dick begged for release, but I liked to give my women pleasure before taking mine.

I liked to make them explode.

I wanted Havva to explode on my cock. I wanted her gasping and moaning and crying out in rapture. Her head tossed from side to side. She squeezed her thighs tight about my face. She whimpered and groaned, her moans echoing through the waiting room.

I licked up to her clit and sucked on it. She gasped, eyes widening. Her entire body bucked. She arched her back as I nursed on her bud. Her moans grew throatier. Her excitement built and built. I savored the delight of delivering pleasure to this virgin for the first time. Her little nose quivered.

The Arabic beauty scrunched up her face and then cried out in ecstasy. “Sir!”

Her pussy juices flooded my mouth.

She spasmed as she came. I licked and lapped up the sweet flood, thrilled she was so responsive. To have an orgasm that fast. She had all the hallmarks of a loving and submissive slave. She had a slut beneath her demure exterior. A little whore waiting for a bold guy to come along and claim her.

Like me.

“Sir! Sir!” she moaned, her head tossing from side to side. Her juices soaked my mouth. I loved the flavor of them. She shuddered through her first orgasm while my hand lowered down to my crotch.

I was ready to claim her. To rise up and—

The door creaked open.

I bolted to my feet and whirled around. Havva squeaked behind me. Her skirt rustled while I faced Jennifer walking in. She froze at the sight of me standing up, my lips gleaming with pussy juices. Her eyes widened.

“Did you...?” She glanced past me to Havva.

I winked at Jennifer.

“Anyways, uh, Sister Nova's ready to see you Corey and, um, Havva, she actually only wanted to see Corey. I guess I misunderstood her.” The blushing brunette squirmed. “Sorry, you can return to class.”

“Okay,” panted Havva. “I... I...”

“Go to class,” I said. “We'll speak later.”

“Yes... Sir.”

Jennifer quivered and stared at me in awe. Then she pulled a lacy handkerchief out of her pocket and handed it to me. It was pink with white ruffles on the edges. I smiled at her and wiped my mouth clean before handing it back. I sauntered past her and went to my right to a door marked “Headmistress” at the end of a hallway with several other offices.

I knocked on the door and said, “You wanted to see me?”

“Come in, Mr. Derrickson,” that sultry voice said.

I boldly yanked the door open and sauntered in. Her office wasn't large. There was a crucifix on the wall by her window, the shades were drawn shut. She had a computer screen on her desk and a keyboard shoved out of the way as she wrote on a legal pad. She looked up, her wimple framing her round face. Hunger burned in her eyes.

“I am sorry to keep you waiting,” she said as she rose. Her black habit fell down her figure. It was belted at her waist and had a rosary hanging down her right thigh. “I could not get off the phone with the archdiocese office. I had to keep assuring them that all the girls are fine with your presence. I know I am.” She smiled. “I was a big proponent of letting you attend.”

“Oh?” I asked. I had no idea how the details of Aaliyah's magic worked. Kyle made his wish, I guessed, and she'd done something to the world.

“When I saw your picture, that you were such a strapping, young man, I just knew I wanted to educate you.” She rubbed her hands up and down her habit as she reached me. She stood before me, my height. She was tall for a woman. Her dusky features were delicious. “Mmm, yes, I just knew you would be perfect.”

“I bet you did,” I said. “You want me all to yourself. That's why I'm here, huh? You're a dirty nun that needs her sinful lusts satiated.”

“My, you are a bold one,” she purred.

“You're the one who grabbed my ass.”

A wicked smile crossed her lips. Then her hand shot out. She seized my cock through my pants and let out a whimpering moan. “I haven't enjoyed one of these in fifteen years. Not since I took my vows.” She massaged me. “Oh, yes, that's what I've been missing. When I saw your picture, I just melted with lust. My sinful passions had consumed me this summer. I haven't been able to focus on anything, just counting down my days for me to do this.”

She fell to her knees right before me. The veil on her head swayed about her shoulders. She deftly worked open my black belt and unzipped my gray slacks. I groaned as my fly rasped. Her hands shoved my pants and boxers down in a single go.

She let out a moan of molten passion. Lust crossed her dusky face. She looked so sexy as her darker fingers grabbed my pale cock. She stroked me. I loved the sight of a nun on her knees lusting for my dick.

She opened her mouth wide and engulfed my cock.

“Sister Nova Victoria,” I groaned, savoring the pleasure of her mouth working up and down my dick. She sucked with hunger, her lips swelled tight. Her warm tongue teased my crown. “Damn.”

Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Her black veil rustled around her head as she bobbed. She worked her lips up and down my shaft, her tongue caressing me. Teasing me. I was primed from devouring Havva, my balls full of cum.

Her hand stroked my cock. She fisted the base, massaging me and adding a little more delight to the bliss her sucking mouth delivered. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. The rapture of her mouth had my balls aching. I was coming closer and closer to spurting in her mouth.

“I'm going to flood your mouth with cum, Sister,” I panted. “Damn, you're just a slutty nun. A little whore looking so pure and innocent. You're a harlot, aren't you?”

She moaned in agreement, her brown eyes blazing with her passion. Her mouth grew hotter. She sucked with such hunger, eager for my cum to spurt down her throat. I could tell how bad she wanted it. I was more than willing to enjoy it.

To let her satiate her carnal, sinful lusts for my cock.

The pleasure rippled through me with her every suck. The pressure in my balls swelled towards my breaking point. I couldn't hold off much longer. I would spurt my cum down her throat. I would flood her mouth with all my jizz.

She would drown in it.

Her suckling grew louder and louder. Her tongue darted around my cock. She teased me as she loved my dick. She reveled in this, satiating her lusts. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest. My hands balled into tight fists.

“Sister!” I groaned. “Get ready! I'm going to flood your mouth.”

She whimpered in delight and sucked with all her might.


My cock erupted.

Hot cum fired into her mouth. Pleasure slammed through my body. She squeezed her eyes shut and moaned in abject delight. She gulped down my cum. My dick spurted again and again. Powerful blasts of jizz that jolted rapture up my flesh to my mind.

Stars burst across my vision. I growled my pleasure. She sucked hard, drawing out my cum. She drained the load from my balls and swallowed it with relish. Her eyes fluttered. I groaned as she sucked out the last of my jizz.

“Fuck, you're a naughty nun!” I groaned, my chest rising and falling. My tie felt tight about my neck, almost choking me. “Damn.”

She ripped her mouth off my cock and opened wide, showing me she'd swallowed every drop. “I'm such a harlot!” She rose. “Such a wicked slut. I can't help it. I've missed being a naughty girl. Before my vows, I was wild. I reveled in carnal pleasure.” She seized my tie, pulling tight. “You better keep up. I need you in me.”

“I'm young,” I said, leaving out that Aaliyah had given me stamina no guy ever had. I could cum over and over. Fuck for hours.

“Good!” she moaned and then pushed me back. I settled on her desk. Her breasts rose and fell in her habit, large and heavy. She grabbed her dark skirts and drew them up. I shuddered at the sight of high heels and black stockings cladding lithe legs. “Mmm, I'm going to ride that cock so hard. You're bigger than any I remember.”

I leaned back on my elbows, twisting her computer monitor to the side. It squeaked as its base rotated. “I want your sinful cunt on my dick, Sister.”

She shuddered, exposing her thighs now. Her skirts rustled as she drew them higher and higher. I groaned when I realized she was wearing thigh-high stockings attacked to garter belts. Her skirt rose and unveiled a shaved pussy, her lips gleaming with her excitement.

“No panties and wearing thigh-highs,” I groaned. “You wanted to be ready to impress me.”

“Mmm, I did,” she moaned. “Are you?”

I winked at her.

She shuddered and then she mounted me, kneeling on the desk, holding up her habit. She stared down at me, her veil swaying about her shoulders. Her wimple clung tight about her head and neck, surrounding her flushed face in authoritarian white. She had such a smoky look in her eyes.

I grabbed my cock and held it upright as she lowered herself. She brought her pussy closer and closer to my dick. She pressed her shaved lips right against my aching tip. I shuddered at the feel of Sister Nova's pussy, the one she swore to keep pure to God.

She soiled it on my cock.

“Fuck!” I groaned as her pussy lips engulfed my spongy crown. The pleasure shot down my dick, delivering far more bliss than her mouth had given me. “Sister Nova! Let me feel every inch of that hot cunt on my dick.”

“Yes!” she moaned. “I am such a wicked nun. I can't help it. You're such a hunk.”

More and more of her cunt engulfed my cock. My shaft vanished into the heaven of her cunt. Her nylon stockings whisked against my clothing. Her breasts rose and fell in her black habit. I shot my hands up and squeezed them through her clothes, felt the bra cradling those large, soft mounds.

Then she bottomed out on me. She'd taken my entire cock. Her holy pussy gripped my dick. She whimpered and wiggled her hips from side to side. She stirred her cunt around my cock. It felt incredible. I loved every moment of it. Then she rose up my length. She gripped me with her tight twat. She massaged me.

“Fuck!” I groaned.

“Yes, yes!” she gasped. “Oh, fuck, that's good. Your cock, Mr. Derrickson, is delicious.”

“So's your twat.” I grinned at her as she slid back down my shaft. “We're going to have so many meetings, aren't we? You'll want me all to yourself.”

“Yes!” she moaned.

She'd have to learn to share.

My hands squeezed her tits as her pussy clenched on my cock. Her habit rustled as she rode me. Her black veil swayed about her face. My cock drank in the stimulation. Every moment that she rode me was heaven. It was a blissful eternity of delights. I loved it. Savored it. She slammed her cunt down my cock. She took me again and again.

I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. My balls tightened with a fresh load of cum for her sanctified pussy to enjoy. The wanton nun moaned. Her dusky face twisted with delight. Her fiery cunt worked up and down my cock, so hot and juicy and delicious.

It was the passion of hell I felt around my cock. The sinful delights of a nun violating her oaths. Or of an Ifrit reveling in surrendering her lust to me. I loved it. My hands massaged her tits through her habit as she worked her cunt up and down my cock.

Every stroke brought me closer to erupting.

Every inch of her cunt working up and down my cock brought me nearer to exploding. My balls throbbed. My dick drank in the friction of her juicy cunt. She squeezed around me, working that impure twat up and down my shaft.

I loved every moment of it. I groaned as she slid her cunt up and down my dick. Her pussy worked from side to side on me. She danced her hips back and forth, teasing me. Driving me wild. I would erupt in her. I would fire so much jizz into the depths of her cunt. I would baste her again and again with my passion.

It would be incredible.

“Mr. Derrickson!” she moaned.

“Yes, yes, Sister Nova!” I growled. My fingers dug into her tits, squeezing the black fabric around those lush breasts. “Let me feel that pussy convulsing around my cock. Fifteen years... Such a long time to go without this pleasure.”

“Yes!” she moaned as she slammed down me. “Oh, yes, yes, you're going to be mine. Ooh, yes, yes, I need you. Mr. Derrickson!”

She slammed her cunt down my cock and that best moment happened: a pussy cumming on my dick.

Her pussy convulsed and writhed around my shaft. Her twat went wild. The pressure shot to the tip of mine. Her cunt massaged me. I groaned while she moaned. Her passion spilled from her lips. Her dusky face twisted in bliss.

“Cum in me!” she moaned as she rose up my cock, her convulsing snatch sucking at my dick. “Please, please! Give me your seed!”

Her snatch slammed down my cock.

“Yes!” I howled and erupted.

She threw back her head and moaned out in rapture as I flooded her. Her veil rustled from her head tossing back and forth. My jizz slammed into her cunt. Her pussy writhed around my erupting dick, milking me.

“Sister!” I moaned, the pleasure burning through my body.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped, her pussy spasming and convulsing around me. “That's it. Ooh, you're giving it to me! Yes, yes, you delicious boy! You're a stud! You're just what I needed!”

“Good!” I groaned, the pleasure slamming into my mind.

Stars burst across my vision. The pleasure slammed into my mind. I panted and shuddered. My cock spurted over and over into her twat. I spilled my cum into her. I basted this Arabic nun with my jizz.

She had to be the Ifrit. Her passion blazed through her. Havva and Sister Nova, both such wonderful and delicious creatures. I thrust my hips upward and fired the last of my cum into the nun's cunt. Her pussy milked me dry.

“Fuck,” I panted. “Damn, Sister Nova.”

“Mmm, yes, you are just what I need, Mr. Derrickson.”

I smiled at her. “Corey. If I'm going to fuck you, let's be on a first-name basis.”

“Mmm, fine. But you will still address me as Sister Nova.”

“It's kinkier that way,” I said.

She laughed, her pussy clenching around my cock. “Oh, I wish I could keep you in here all day, but I have work to do, and you have an education to complete. I better not hear you causing problems.”

“Then you'll have excuses to speak to me in private,” I said.

“Naughty boy.” she shuddered. “Mmm, this is going to be a great year.”


She climbed off my cock, her habit falling down her thighs. She would have my cum leaking out of her all day. I slipped off the desk and drew up my boxers and slacks. I was feeling amazing as I marched to the door.

“I think we'll do anal next time,” she said as I reached the door.

“I'll pound your ass hard,” I promised before I left.

I marched through the halls feeling like a million bucks. I just arrived back to my math class when the bell rang, announcing the hour's end. I snagged up my clothes. Natiqua gave me smoldering looks. I winked at her. Havva hovered nearby.

I'd be in touch with her, soon. I'd have her cherry before the day was out. I squeezed her ass on the way out. She gasped and blushed, her smile beautiful. Other girls were eyeing me, a few “accidentally” bumping into me. I felt a brunette girl's large breasts rub into my arm and her hand sliding across my crotch, giving my cock a squeeze.

“I'm Vanessa,” she said. “Maybe we can study sometime. I'm not the best at math.”

“Maybe,” I said. “I'm good at adding one plus one.”

She giggled and broke away from me.

Yes, this would be a great school year.

I glanced at my map and headed to my next class, English taught by Ms. Reid. I strolled through the girls, feeling like the one wolf amid the sheep. Only these sheep were all dewy eyed and just begging to be feasted upon.


I rounded a corner and ran smack into a girl. She gasped, reeling back in a burst of papers that spilled around us. She landed on her back, her tartan skirt flaring up to reveal a red thong hugging the folds of a shaved pussy.

I grinned at the delicious sight. “Sorry,” I said, bending down to get a better look. “Let me help you.”


Tania Buckley

My first class was over, and I was heading through the halls to the next. I glanced at the map and made my way towards it. Luckily, it wasn't far. I wasn't the best with maps. I was heading to it when I noticed the blonde girl coming from another direction also heading towards my destination.

“Hi, Regina,” I said to the cutie who lived next door. Aleah and I had moved in with Corey over the summer. It was so hot living with our Master, sharing his bedroom, his bed, all the time. My sister and I had such a wild time with him. We did such wicked and naughty things.

“Oh, hi,” said the girl. She shifted. “You're one of Corey's girlfriends, right? Tonya?”

“Tania,” I said, smiling. I guess she was in my grade or just smart for her age. “And yep. So, we both have math together, huh? Want to sit by each other?”

“Sure,” Regina said. She swallowed. “Um, so you and that other girl are both his girlfriends.”

“Yep, and she's also my sister. It's fun sharing him with her. And we're not just his girlfriends.” I leaned in as we moved to our seats. “We're his sex slaves. I'm wearing his collar. It's hidden by my blouse.” I could feel it pressing tight about my neck.

“That's different,” said Regina, her cheeks blushing bright. She floated down into her seat with the grace of dandelion fluff dancing on the breeze. “I mean...”

I shrugged. “He's hot, right?”

Regina nodded, her cheeks scarlet.

“It's fun sharing a hot guy,” I said as I sat down. I wanted to seduce this girl and make her a gift to the best guy in the world. She was adorable. Becoming her friend was the first step.

To be continued...


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