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“My partner and I are in the fashion industry and are here for the show tomorrow. After that we are free and would like you to join us before we return to Europe,” the husky voice tells me. “You have been highly recommended by the concierge. Would you like to meet us at our six-star hotel at a suitable time soon? And we do like to stretch the boundaries of sexual pleasure.”
After a wide range of experiences as a gigolo, I developed a preference for a certain type of client: elegant, sophisticated women aged around forty five years old, with bodies anywhere between size ten to fourteen and not overweight. They were often a long way from home on business. Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences. And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus.

When I arrived I was greeted by two glamorous women, both beautifully dressed. “I am Sandra and this is Celine, we are yours to pleasure and be pleasured,” the more feminine one smiles as cursory introductions are made. They are both wearing designer label dresses and killer heels. Both of them have all the buttons undone on the top of their dresses and they both have very appealing cleavage.

“The concierge speaks highly of you, she told us you have a large cock and that you have an arse fetish, if that’s true you are in right place.

“We want you to wear this outfit for us, and nothing else,” Sandra tells me as she hands me a small package and shows me into a dressing room.

The package contains a garter belt and black stockings, something I love on females and something I have long fantasised about dressing in. They do feel very nice on my naked body and are obviously very expensive ones. I am turned on by my appearance as I check in the mirrors with my arse cheeks highlighted by the garter belt and my semi-erection framed by the garter belt.

“When you are ready put this on as well and make an entrance for us,” Sandra tells me as she hands a short black silk dressing gown through the door. It does feel good on my almost naked body as I strut back into room and let it fall open, the exhibitionist in me enjoying the moment.

“Your cock looks magnificent in that garter belt and stockings and love your arse,” Sandra smiles as she rubs a finger along it as they both slide down the tops of their dresses to their waist showing their very firm tits, though Celine’s are much firmer than Sandra’s.

Sandra has a knockout feminine body I note as she undoes a zip and lets her dress fall to the floor. Her naked body and glorious arse look fabulous as she is wearing nothing apart from her heels.

“We have a surprise for you,” Celine tells me as she puts my hand on her zip so I can release her dress. I have almost full on erection by now as she lets her dress drop to the floor with her back to me and I ogle her naked arse.

“Like that?,’ Celine teases as she turns front on. She also has a good body and a huge cock pointing up at forty-five degrees. I can’t remember the last time I have been so aroused at the sight of another cock and I now have a full on erection.

“Celine is a very pretty boy, do you want her? I would love to watch.” Sandra asks as she kisses me passionately and rubs her hands over my chest and teases my nipples with her fingertips as Celine is teasing my rock hard erection with a fingertip.

One of my unrealised fantasies has always been to blow a pretty tranny, even better if her lover is watching, though today will not be the day. “Sit on the chair in front of the mirror and you can kiss my arse while Celine blows you, would you like that?,” Sandra asks.

“Fucking awesome, magnificent long thick cock,” she says as I tease both of them, and myself by running my fingertips up and down the full length of my erection.

To tease them even more I apply a smear of lube and slide my black figure-eight cock ring to the base of my cock. They both watch fascinated as I secure it under my balls. I am not sure who I am teasing more, him or her, but the exhibitionist in me is enjoying it immensely.

“Sit on that stool, close your eyes and soak up the pleasure,” Sandra tells me as she licks my nipples while Celine has my cock in her two hands.

“Is this what you wanted Celine, a hung man to blow while I watch? You know I want you to watch me fuck him later.”

“Now open your eyes and look at my naked body, especially my tits and cock while I suck your cock. Do you like them? Ever had a tranny pleasure you before?” Celine teases as he slides my erection between his tightly pursed lips.

“No,” I respond untruthfully and very turned on as I ogle his tits and very erect cock as he pleasures my erection with his lips and tongue.

“The concierge told us you have an arse fetish. Do you like mine? Is it big?,” Sandra asks as she flaunts it for me.

“Yes big, but gloriously big and and absolutely magnificent, I want it,” I reply as I ogle it.

“Kiss it for me then while Celine is sucking your cock.

“We warned you that we do like to stretch the boundaries of sexual pleasure, are you comfortable with that so far?,” Sandra asks rhetorically as I kiss her glorious arse while I watch her tranny partner sucking my cock.

“Celine is good isn’t he? Watching him blowing a man I am going to fuck later is very exciting foreplay for me, especially while that man is kissing my arse. And your cock really is magnificent, much bigger than Celine’s.

“Do you like him sucking your balls?,” Sandra asks before he resumes sucking my erection. “Tell me about it.”

“Yes, he really is very good,” I moan. I love the way he is sucking me with you watching, soft, hard, lick, then release and stroke with a finger.”

Celine obviously enjoyed my compliments and is spurred on by them as he has my balls in his hand with his tightly pursed lips wrapped around my rock hard erection as he swirls his strong tongue around it at the same time.

“I told you he was good,” Sandra smiles as I tense, groan and hit the back of his throat.

“I want your cock rock hard so you can fuck me with it,” Sandra told me as she watched me shower. In order to help me become fully erect again she laid me flat on my back and licked and kissed my nipples with Celine watching.

Then she turned over so she could suck the tip of my cock while she teased my balls with her fingernails. With her man watching and obviously enjoying she had me very erect in no time!

“Celine still has an erection, he is hanging out for sexual relief. Can I blow him while you fuck me? Would you like to watch me do that? I know Celine would like that.”

“Yes I would. How would you like me to fuck you?“

“Long and hard in my arse, are you comfortable with that?,” Sandra tells me as she coats my now full on erection with lube. “Now smear oil all over my arse for me.”

I do like a good arse and Sandra’s really is exceptional I muse as the three of us position ourselves. Celine sits in a chair with arms and teases his very erect cock with a fingertip as Sandra places her hands on the arms and bends so she can manage to suck his cock.

“You are a very exciting couple,” I tell them as Celine and I ogle each other’s erections. “So very exciting,” I repeat as I grasp Sandra’s glorious and oil smeared creamy white arse cheeks and slowly, ever so slowly, feed my rock hard cock into her arse as I enjoy watching her take Celine’s cock between her pursed lips.

She gasps and groans as I slowly work all my eight-inches between her glorious arse cheeks while grasping them, at the same time thrusting her arse in sync to receive my strokes.

After a short while I am sliding the full length of my cock right up to my balls in her and slapping into her arse cheeks while she is blowing Celine.

She is making incomprehensible noises I have never heard before as I drive and pound into her. Or is it Celine I muse? Or both of them?

“That looks magic Sandra, fucking magic, love the way your arse muscles are moving for him, you always told me size is important for you,” Celine tells us in an agitated voice.

“Come on, use me, fuck me harder, really hard, I love it. I love you giving me eight-inches up my arse. My man Celine loves watching and I love him watching.

“That is so good, so fucking good, I am going to cum, watch me, watch me cum,” Celine is moaning as I enjoy watching Sandra finishing him with her hand.

Celine is watching us very closely as Sandra repeats, “Come on, use me, fuck me harder, really hard, I love it,” as I withdraw my erection for Celine’s benefit and slowly slide it back into her ass all the way up to my balls.

The exhibitionist in me me is enjoying a trannie watching me flaunting my erection for him while I am fucking his lady. Then I can feel two soft oily hands pushing on my ass cheeks as I increase my tempo. “Harder honey, harder,” Sandra is almost screaming as I am enjoying Celine’s hands grasping my ass.

As Sandra keeps chanting, “Harder honey, harder,” Celine responds by digging his nails into my ass cheeks and repeating, “Harder, fuck her harder.”. I love it and respond by increasing my tempo further. The noise as I slap into her ass is an extra turn on for me with two oily hand on my ass.

I have never had an orgasm while fucking a woman’s ass with two oily hands on my ass. The same two oily hands of the the trannie who gave me a mind blowing blow earlier while his lady watched. I am right on the edge, can’t hold out much longer.

Then Sandra’s whole body is trembling with sexual excitement as she orgasms and squirts in huge gushes while I continue driving my eight-inch erection into her. “That is so good, so fucking good, I am going to squirt, watch me, watch me squirt,” she moans as I have my first orgasm fucking a woman’s ass with two oily hands on my ass.

“That was so good, so fucking good,” Sandra and I smile in unison.
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