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I set out to fulfill my wife's fantasies.
I take my wife to have a massage. A very special massage. She didn’t know what I had lined up but she found out very quickly it was not a normal one.

We got home and was barely in the front door when she grabbed me. She kissed me passionately. “You are so evil” she said “you showed me those videos to get me going didn’t you?” I decided now was the time to put my cards on the table. “Yes honey I did. But it wasn’t as if you hadn’t seen porn before”. “What do you mean?” she asked, feigning ignorance. “I know you look at videos when I am not here. I found them in the computer history” I said. She looked shocked. “Don’t worry darling. I look at porn too. I often jerk off when I am alone. I know you do and you use the vibrator too”.

Cathy stood there looking like a school boy caught with a nudist magazine. “Please don’t be mad” she said begging “I promise I will stop”. “Don’t be silly” I replied “it is ok to have fantasies. You had a lesbian fantasy didn’t you? Didn’t you enjoy today?” She looked at me. “How long have you known about the porn?” she said. “Oh maybe weeks, no months” I said “I never said anything before. Today seemed like the right time. I watched you enjoy time with Janice and it was so sexy”. “You are not upset?” she asked. I laughed “honey I would like all your fantasies to come true. Every one. Just tell me what you would like to do”. She grinned “right now I want to fuck you honey. I want that so much”. She did indeed want it. Her pussy was like a glue pot she was so wet. She was moaning and I was doing my best not to cum too fast. I did last long enough for her to get off before me.

We laid on the bed totally out of breath and we clung to each other. Nothing was said for several minutes. I broke the silence “what video gets you going honey?” I asked “what video makes you cum so strongly that you want to cum again and again?” She hesitated. “Come on darling” I said “I know what you look at. Tell me”. She said one where the husband watches his wife with another man” she said. “You mean cuckold” I said. “Yes and one where a husband and wife swap with another couple” she added. “You would like me to watch another man fuck you while you watch me fuck another woman?” I asked her. I could tell by the look on her face that I had hit the nail on the head. All this talk had gotten me hard again and after a repeat we had a shower. “Let’s see what videos we find” I said and we went into the office.

I loaded one of her foursome videos. Two couples sitting around having coffee then one wife sits with another man while the second wife does the same. They begin undressing each other. Cathy was sitting on my lap and my hand was resting on her thigh. She gave a little moan and said “this is one of my favourites” she said “watch what happens”. “I am watching honey. Look at that’s woman’s boobs?” I remarked “they are huge”. “You like big tits baby?” she asked and slapped me. I laughed “I just like boobs honey” I said, trying not to upset her. However she kissed me and said “Well perhaps you can find a couple. She with big tits and he with a big cock”. I moved my hand up her thigh to find she hadn’t put knickers on. Obviously she was prepared. “Rub my pussy darling. I want to cum while we watch” she whispered. It didn’t take long as this video really had her excited. I guess my task was to find a couple which measured up. That was a tough ask for sure.

Each night that next week we would click through her videos. Sometimes couples and sometimes cockold videos. Each time she would get turned on and we would have wild furious sex. Finally I asked if she was really into the idea of a couple swap. She went quiet. “I am not sure honey” she said showing concern “what do you think?” I told her if she was worried we could put the idea on hold. But in the end it was like her and Janice. It was only sex. It hadn’t affected us negatively. She thought about it and said “well maybe you could check that classified site again. That is how you found Janice isn’t it?” I promised to do it with her present so she had some say in who got ***********ed.

Sunday we sat side by side and I went online. There was a section of the site “couples looking for couples”. I started to scroll through the posts. I would stop and we would check out ones that sounded promising. Some definitely didn’t hold back with nude photos and quite explicit de***********ions of themselves and watch they were looking for from another couple. “My God these are so rude” she said, the excitement in her voice quite obvious. We found two couples which seemed promising. 1. They were in another town to us and 2. Both couples were around our age and obviously experienced. Of course we weren’t. “They can train us” I said jokingly. “Yes I am sure they could darling” Cathy said. She was serious “tag them and then let’s go to bed and talk about it. I am not sure we came to any conclusions but the sex was great. Cathy was really turned on.

We still hadn’t decided which couple to call. In the end I suggested we could try one and if that went well we could try the other couple another time. Cathy was hesitating. While she had been keen to think about it, even masturbate watching it, she was unsure about that final step. I promised that if she wasn’t ready we would put things on hold. A couple of days later nature put it on hold as she had her period. But that over I asked her again. “Maybe ring them and put the phone on speaker honey” she said. The posts had phone numbers and email numbers. I rang the first couple, Jake and Angela, and we talked. They were indeed experienced, having done it several times. When I said we had never done it the guy got very excited. I could see Cathy was turned on. “Yes let’s do it” she whispered. Jake must have heard her. “OK Cathy I look forward to meeting you honey” he said and I know Angela will enjoy you Neil. We made a date, explaining it had to be a Sunday and why. “That’s fine Neil” was the reply “your place or ours?” “We will come to you” I said and got their address.

I hung up and looked at Cathy. Her eyes were sparkling. “My God we are really going to do it” she exclaimed. “Yes honey we are” I replied “don’t worry. The first time will be a shock but the next times will be easier and easier”. She suddenly fell silent. “Don’t worry darling. You have thought about this, seen it on video and got off on it. Now your fantasy will be real” I said and hugged her. For my part the sight of Angela’s boobs had my juices flowing. Jake didn’t look like he was hung like a horse. I really didn’t want her to get used to cocks bigger than mine. Jealous? Absolutely. If she wanted a huge cock I had a plan for that too.

The rest of the week was a blur. I think Cathy changed her mind back and forth several times but I always got her favourite video up, we would watch and she would get all excited and babble on about how she was going to enjoy it. Of course the sex after all was special too. Sunday morning arrived and she couldn’t wait to get going. Her eyes were wide, her nipples erect and she was already wet and ready to turn fantasy into reality. I was more than ready too.
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