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A lesbian couples goes on a business trip, when a co-worker sneaks into their cabin and chloroforms them with each others panties.
Chloroformed On A Business Trip

Me and my girlfriend were invited on a business trip with her company. She wasn't too happy about it, because she felt her boss was forcing her to hang out with her co-workers and do some bonding in their spare time without being paid for it, but I myself was very very enthused, we would all get a our own little holiday home, there would be a water park and a lush forest for long romantic walks and we weren't that far from the beach either.

We all had to drive there in a big bus and when we arrived it was already dark, Alina's boss gave us a key and a house number and we did little more than pulling our suitcases inside, get our toothbrush out and go to bed. I was laying in my bed and although I was very tired I couldn't sleep at all, the pillow was way flatter than my pillow at home and I was too excited about tomorrow and I was going over the things we could do, off course we had to attend some team building activities, but then we were free to go on a walk, or visit the swimming pool. I was tossing in the sheets. Alina had already fallen asleep and I could hear her softly snoring next to me.

Then I heard a soft clicking sound it was barely noticeable. It felt like somebody entered the house but I wasn't sure, after all this was a brand new place, maybe it was just the boiler making a sound, or maybe it came from outside.

Yet my heart was beating in my throat and I was getting incredibly nervous, my ears intently listening for any more sounds? Did I hear footsteps? Did I hear someone coming up the stairs? Should I wake Alina? She'd yell at me for waking her up over some tree branches banging into each other. It was probably nothing, right?

A moment later the door opened and a shadowy figure was standing at the foot end of the bed. I felt the impulse to scream but before I could do so the figure placed a hand over my mouth, the sweaty palm of his hand covering my lips. I tried scream anyway. I trashed around. I tried to lick and bite to push the hand away and although the skin was getting slippery, the hand never disappeared.

'Ssh, sweetheart, hush now, calm down.' A voice whispered, but off course I wouldn't listen. How could he think I would calm down when he was invading our room and giving me a hand gag. I fought him with everything I had, but he was stronger than me, he sat down on top of me and pressed me into the mattress, while he smothered me with the one hand, he fidgeted with a ziplock and opened the bag with his other hand and the use of his mouth.

I was still kicking my legs trying to get Alina to wake up, why wasn't she waking up? He folded the cloth over my nose and mouth and the strong chemical fumes almost immediately numbed my thoughts. I was feeling light headed and increasingly disoriented and then luckily I heard Alina moaning and stirring.

'Eev?' She asked groggily. 'Can you stopped tossing please?'

My ears were ringing and my vision was blurring yet I squirmed and fought with everything that was in my power.

'Eveline, please?' She said. She pushed herself up. 'Wait what's going on?' She yelled with a hint of panic in her voice. 'Mark? What the fuck, Mark? What are you doing here? What are you doing to Eveline?'

'Eveline is just going to take a nice nap.' Mark said.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Alina screamed upset and pulled on his arms. 'Why are you drugging her? Let go of her you freak!'

'I was glad Alina was now fighting for me, because I myself was quickly losing control over my body. My power was draining, my arms and legs were useless and heavy and I could only barely keep my eyes open.

Then Alina succeeded, at least that's what I thought for a moment. The cloth finally disappeared and the fresh air filled my lungs. Over time I did become more and more lucid and that's when I started to notice Alina's muffled screams and a moment later I realized she was now the one being drugged by this Mark guy.

My head felt like it was filled with cotton candy. My thoughts were languid and stumped, and my body was as unruly as if I'd drunken a few too many mojito's. Yet I managed to roll over and lift myself up enough to see him pushing the cloth over Alina's mouth now. There was already a glassy look on her face and her eyes kept rolling. I reached for the hand with the cloth and try to pull it away from her face.

'Oh, did you want some more chloroform?' The guy said. 'Don't worry sweetheart, once your girlfriend is out it's your turn again.'

'No.' I said groggy while pulling on his fingers.

'Now don't be an impatient brat,' he said. 'In a moment when you're both subdued I'll have a set up that'll take care of you both at the same time, but right now we'll have to make do with what we have, don't we? In a way this is your own fault, if you hadn't been awake this would've been all a lot easier.'

'What are you talking about?' I said, although my tongue didn't respond the way I wanted to and a lot of the words were slurred and almost inaudible.

'Why don't you help me?' He asked. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer and then he pressed my hands against the cloth and made it seem as if I was the one drugging Alina.

'No.' I said trying to get away, but I was still feeling quite impaired and uncoordinated and he was strong and in control of me. He kept me in place, he kept the cloth in place and he kept the quickly fading Alina in place. He forced me to watch her go cross eyed, he forced me to be a witness of her quickly fluttering eyelids and then her head slumped to the side and she was knocked out cold.

'Good girl.' He said to me. 'Did you like that? Do you like drugging your little girlfriend? I bet you did, didn't you?' He put his hands in between my legs and his fingers entered my panties, he was feeling up my pussy and toying around with the little bit of slime in between my pussy lips.

'Oh yes, feel how wet you are.' He said.

I wanted to tell him that it was just regular vaginal discharge and that it had nothing to do with me being horny, but he interrupted me and told me it was my turn again. He removed the cloth from Alina's face and pushed it against my nose and mouth once more. The chemical fumes hit me hard a few breaths in and I was already forgetting what was happening and I had trouble controlling my body, I was slumping in his arms and he gently guided my head back onto my pillow.

'Good girl.' He said. 'Nice and docile. Nice and compliant.'

I don't know if I actually passed out, the next thing I know was him tugging on my arms and legs he was undressing both me and Alina and then he tied us both down on the bed, alternating the chloroformed cloth between her and me. Whenever one of us would stir or cough or moan they would get the cloth for a while until we were subdued and quiet again, so I learned to keep still and to keep my mouth shut, although I was a bit worried that meant Alina was breathing in a lot more of the chloroform.

When we were both immobilized he finally removed the cloth from Alina's face, although she was still deeply unconscious and she didn't seem to notice. His hands fondling both our pussies, at least I could feel his fingers poking around mine and I assumed he was doing the same to Alina.

He slipped his entire finger inside of me and started fucking me. I was torn on the one hand I didn't want to speak up in fear of getting drugged with the cloth again, but on the other hand I couldn't just lay there and let him get on with it, could I?

'Stop it.' I said.

He laughed. 'Make me.' He said. 'Go on, do me a favor and try to struggle sweetheart.' There was a teasing and bemused undertone in his voice.

'You're disgusting.' I said.

'I am?' He asked innocently. 'Here have a little more of this. You know what, the both of you can have a little more. He grabbed our panties and he placed my panties over Alina's face with the crotch in front of her nose and mouth and then he covered my face with Alina's panties. I could smell the musky scent of my girlfriends cunt.

Then he sprinkled some of the chloroform on the crotches of the panties, soon my mind was swirling and fading. I didn't much register what was going on, there was something pleasuring my pussy and there was the lovely smell of Alina covering my face, for a moment I thought we were sixty-nineing. I stuck out my tongue to lick my girlfriend, but I only found her panties douched with a sharp chemical that stung on my tongue.

Confused I closed my mouth and pressed my lips together. I wasn't sure what was happening anymore, the world was just a random sequence of images and sounds and I couldn't turn those into a comprehensible narrative.

I was just waiting until I would pass out again, but I never did, my groggy sleepiness plateaued and then I was gradually becoming more lucid again. I realized he was now fucking me. His cock sliding in and out of my pussy, it was a weird feeling. I've never had a man inside of me before. Alina had once fucked me with a strap on dildo but that thing was made out of plastic, it was rigid and hard.

This cock was warm and seemed to form towards my pussy, it seemed to fill me up completely and to my own surprise he caused my pussy to cramp up around his cock almost as if my pussy was holding on to him and wanting more.

Next to me Alina made a little whining sound.

'Don't worry.' The guy said reaching for Alina's boob and squeezing his fingers into the flesh.

'There's plenty to go around, at the end of the night you'll both be thoroughly fucked and satisfied.'

Alina made another sound indicating she was not too pleased with that idea and then he drizzled a little bit more of the chloroform onto the panties still covering her face. Alina moaned a little but I could hear that she wasn't protesting her moans were more loud exhales as she was getting drugged once more.

'You want some too?' He asked. 'There you go.' Without waiting for my response he drenched my panties too and soon my mind was swimming in the chemical fumes. I heard him grunting and picking up pace. His thrusts were rough and deep, and the tip of his cock hit me deep inside in a way that felt mesmerizingly good. His pubic bone bumping into my clit and then I felt an orgasm bubbling up.

I tried to fight it, but as I was getting more and more aroused my breathing was getting more and more irregular. The chloroform numbed my mind and a moment later I was forgotten what I was fighting. Was I fighting the pleasures? Was I fighting the sleepiness? Why was I fighting my own body, I was helpless. Both the sleep and the pleasures were way too overpowering. I felt my pussy clenching and then I went over the edge. My hips twitching my entire body was shaking as I was gasped for air, sucking in more and more of the sleepy drug into my lungs until I was on the brink of passing out, my mind kept captive by the chloroform.

'Good girl.' He said. 'Now take a nice long nap while I look after your girlfriend.' He squeezed the bottle and the droplets of chloroform sprayed into my face and soaked the panties. I don't even remember taking another breath, everything turned black instantly.



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