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Beth finds she loves cum and she also loves pussy. Her goal is to deep-throat her dad's enormous cock.
Chapter 13

About 5:30pm I heard my mother come home. I went into the kitchen to find her sitting at the table going through the day’s mail. “Hey, Mom, how was work today,” I asked. “It was okay, Honey. Did you have a good day today,” she responded? “Yeah, actually, Mom, something pretty special happened today. I now have a boyfriend!”

“Oh my gosh,” cried my mom. “Who is he? How did this happen all of a sudden?” So, now I had to decide just how much to tell my mom. “His name is Larry. I had seen him at school many times, but I had ignored him and his friends like most everyone else in school. You see, he’s part of a group the kids call the geek squad. You know, the really smart guys that are members of the math, science, and chess clubs. About three weeks ago, I happened to just say hi to him once and I got a surprised smile. So, for the next several days, I said hi but he never said anything back. He was really shy. I don’t think too many girls talk to these guys and yet, he’s kinda cute. I eventually told him my name and he told me his and we just started talking now and then. Yesterday he asked if he could walk me home and he asked if I’d be his girlfriend. I was pretty floored and, at first, told him that I wasn’t interested in having a boyfriend. But he was persistent and I had to give him props for having the guts to ask me. I thought about it last night and decided to give him a try. We’re a real pair, you know. Neither one of us have ever been in a relationship. We’ve both been ignored by most other people in school for years. So, we have a fair amount in common.”

“Well,” my mom said, “I think that’s great. I hope it works out for you guys. Although, it seems a bit strange to me that you no sooner get on birth control and you suddenly find a boyfriend.” “I know, Mom,” I replied, “it’s just a coincidence. But it’s a happy coincidence because we’re both virgins so maybe we can learn some things together.” “Just because you’re on birth control, doesn’t mean you need to jump in bed with the first guy that comes around, you know,” Mom said. “I know that, Mom. I just don’t want you to freak out if you come home and find a naked boy in my bedroom between my legs.”

“Elizabeth Ann,” Mom exclaimed. “I can’t believe you just said that!” When she says my full first name and my middle name, I know I really got to her. “It’s okay, Mom. I’ll be careful, I promise. He is a good guy, though. Not like most other boys I know. At least now I won’t be sitting here naked by myself like I do most days.” “What do you mean sitting here naked,” Mom asked? “Oops, I probably shouldn’t have said that. Well, you see, when no one’s home I like to roam around the house naked. It just feels comfortable for some reason. You don’t want to know how many times I’ve sat on our couch and played with myself wishing someone else was doing it.”

“I guess you come by it naturally,” Mom said. “Wait,” I asked, “what do you mean by that?” “I guess you’re old enough to know some things now,” Mom replied. “When your dad and I were young we never wore clothes around the house. We loved lounging around naked and having sex anywhere in the house we wanted. When you were born, your sister was two and starting to be toddler and your dad and I thought we had to start acting like responsible parents and so we started wearing clothes. So, you see, the apple apparently doesn’t fall far from the tree.” “Well how about now, Mom,” I asked? Mel is out of the house and I’m not a kid anymore. Why don’t you guys get naked. I think it would be fun if we lived together naked.”

“Oh, I don’t think your dad would be too comfortable doing that in front of you, Beth. Not only are you his little girl, and always will be, but he’d feel conflicted being naked in front of you. Remember, I told you about his quite large member. I think guys that have really big dicks like him are actually more reluctant to let themselves be seen naked. I know that he had a few girlfriends before me that hit the hills as soon as they saw the size of his cock. I bet they regret it now, but when you’re young and see something like that, it is quite intimidating. He’d be so embarrassed if you saw him get an erection. I really hadn’t thought about this stuff in years. It would be fun to relive our youth, so to speak, but it’s probably not practical. As long as I’m spilling secrets, I can tell you that before you guys were born, we used to be swingers. We had a few couples we would get together with and the women were really intimidated by dad’s big dick. Me, on the other hand, was okay with the other guys, but they didn’t really do much for me. You see, once you’ve had a cock like your father’s in you, anything smaller just is a disappointment. But getting that in the first few times isn’t easy either. I think at least one of the couples might have actually divorced because the woman was no longer satisfied with her husband after having sex with your father. Another couple spent a long time going to couple’s therapy over it. We stopped doing it because we didn’t want to ruin any more relationships. The reason I’m telling you that is because if you started seeing your dad naked, you couldn’t help but want to feel that monster inside you and if you ever did, he’d ruin you for other men for the rest of your life.”

“Uh, Mom, let me get this straight. You guys used to swap partners. You used to screw other guys and dad got to screw other women. I’m surprised you’d be willing to share that great cock of his, if it’s so great.” “Well,” Mom replied, “we were young and adventurous. It’s not something we’d ever do again. We have been very happy together for a long time and your dad still satisfies me sexually like no one else ever could.”

“Mom, since you’ve been very open with some of your secrets, I suppose it’s only fair that I come completely clean with you. The way I met Larry isn’t exactly as I said earlier. It actually started with another boy named Bobby in a couple of my classes. He broke up with one of the hottest girls in the school who made it a point of telling all of us that she broke up with him because he kept asking her for a blow job instead of the hand jobs she’d been giving him. She thought blow jobs were gross and wouldn’t do it. I thought about it and stopped the boy one day and asked him about it. He told me it was true. I, then, offered to give him a blow job. I thought that guys just look through me but if I started giving guys blow jobs, maybe they’d start paying attention to me. I went home with Bobby the next day and gave him a blow job and I really liked it. His dick wasn’t very big so it fit in my mouth pretty easily, but what I really liked is when he came. I love the fact that I made him cum and I loved the taste of cum. I decided I wanted to become the school’s cum slut. I told Mel and Julie about that and they cautioned me that I could really piss off some of the girls if I did that. They said it would put pressure on them to give their boyfriends blow jobs or possibly lose the boyfriend and the girls would be pissed at me. Then I saw Larry and his squad one day and thought they might be the perfect subjects for me. No one talks to them so they wouldn’t spread the word and since they never had girlfriends, they would be thrilled to get the blow jobs. I did meet Larry as I said, but I asked him to come here and help me with some issues with math. You know how good I am at math; I didn’t need any help. I got him here to try to give him a blow job. Sure enough, within 30 minutes of him getting here his pants were at his ankles and I was blowing him. His dick is really pretty nice. A lot bigger than Bobby’s but probably an average size for a guy. I then offered to give his squad blow jobs and they all loved the idea. I’ve been giving the group blow jobs at one of the guys’ house for about two weeks now. After finishing with the guys yesterday, Larry did walk me home and ask to be my boyfriend.”

“So, you see, Mom, I love giving blow jobs and I love the taste of cum. I want to ask you a question and, obviously, you can say no but I have to ask. Since you liked to be naked around the house, and you guys used to be swingers, and you don’t like giving dad blow jobs for some reason, would you give me permission to give dad blow jobs, if he’s willing? I would bet that he would consider that it’s incest and may have a problem with that, which I don’t. What we do in the privacy in our own home is no one else’s business. The next issue is that I’m only fifteen, which also makes it illegal. Once again, if no one outside this house knows about it, that’s not an issue. I think his biggest issue, then, is he wouldn’t want to cheat on you. But if you give him permission, it wouldn’t be cheating. Think about it, Mom, it would be a win-win-win. I get to give blow jobs to a big beautiful cock, dad gets blow jobs he’d love to have, and you get to please him without having to blow him yourself.”

“Oh, Beth. What a thing to ask your mother. First of all, thanks for being honest about Larry and the guys. I’m glad your sister gave you that good advice as I agree with her and you solved that in a very intelligent way. I bet those guys are always on cloud nine getting blow jobs from a cute girl like you. But about your dad, I just don’t know. I have to admit it would be hypocritical of me to play the incest card. Because in my youth your Aunt Sue and I used to have some fun together.” “You mean your sister, Sue,” I screamed? “Yeah, when we were young, we shared a bedroom. For a long time, it was no big deal. But as we got older, we found ourselves trying to quietly masturbate in bed at night without waking the other one. When we found out neither one of us was being that quiet, we decided to try masturbating together. One day, Sue climbed into my bed while I masturbated and watched me for a bit and then touched my tit and then started sucking on it. I came like instantly. And that started us in pleasuring each other for the next couple of years until Sue went off to college. We’ve never done anything together since, but we had fun back then.”

“So, you liked having sex with another girl,” I asked. “Yeah,” said Mom, “it was really great”. “Okay, then, Mom, since this is our day to be totally open and honest with each other, I should tell you that I’ve had sex with a couple of girls, too. And I loved it. In fact, I love pussy just as much as I love sucking cock. But here’s the kicker. You know who my first was? It was Mel. I went over to her and Julie’s house once and they met me at the door totally naked. I was shocked they were naked and they said they don’t like wearing clothes around the house. And, Mom, Mel’s tits are just gorgeous. They are so perfect; I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I’d never thought about a girl sexually and certainly never about Mel, but I finally just grabbed her and started sucking on those beautiful tits. I never wanted to stop and finally figured out why boys like tits so much. The next time I went over there I sucked both of their tits and licked their pussies and found out how much I love the taste of pussy. I’ve got to tell you, Mom, with all of this, you know the Holy Grail for me would be to be able to lick Dad’s cum out of your pussy. Actually, I’d love to watch the two of you make love and then lick you both clean afterwards. Most people cringe when they think of seeing their parents having sex. I think being able to watch you two would be one of the most special things I could ever see. After all, it would kind of be a reenactment of the two of you making love which resulted in my creation. I think it would be beautiful to watch. But even if I’m not there, if you make love to dad and he rolls over to go to sleep. Come to my room and straddle my face and I’ll love licking his cum out of you. It would be so hot. God, Mom, my pussy is soaking wet right now."

“Think about it, Mom. Think how much fun we could have. The three of us can lounge around naked together. I could suck dad’s big cock and swallow his cum and lick your pussy. And you guys could have sex anywhere in the house whenever you want. And as far as I’m concerned, you both would have carte blanche with my body. Please, Mom. It would be great.”

“I don’t know, Beth. While I agree it sounds like fun, we’d be at risk if anyone found out and I’m not so sure your dad would be up for this. Let me talk it over with dad and we’ll go from there. No promises, but I’m not categorically saying no either.”

“Oh, yeah, there’s another thing I wanted to tell you about Larry,” I said. “When Larry asked me to be his girlfriend, I told him I wouldn’t make good girlfriend material because I love giving blow jobs and don’t intend to stop. He told me he didn’t care and didn’t want me to stop. He said he obviously knew I was blowing his friends and still liked me so he said he could handle it. I decided last night to give him a try but I made him work for it today. I saw him in the cafeteria and asked if he still wanted to be my boyfriend and he said he did. I said then hug me and kiss me. He was scared to do it in front of everyone but I told him to do and give me a kiss like he meant it. And you know what? He did. I bet it’s the first real kiss he’s ever given a girl and it was a darn good kiss. Of course, everyone in the cafeteria was hooting and hollering about us kissing, but I wanted to take him out of his comfort zone to see what he’d do and he came through with shining colors. I’ve got another idea to take him out of his comfort zone from something I said to you earlier about you meeting him.” With that, I outlined my plan to my mom and after some talk back and forth she agreed to give it a try. This should be fun.

Chapter 14

The next day, I made sure when I got to school to meet up with Larry and gave him a big kiss. I wanted everyone to see him acting like a regular guy having a real relationship with a girl. We ate lunch together and I kissed him each time we parted. After school he walked me home. When we got to my house, I took him into my bedroom and we got naked. He knows we can’t have intercourse yet, but we can do everything else. I gave him one of my patented blow jobs and he filled my mouth with his delicious cream. I then spread my legs for him to lick and play with my pussy. He is getting better at that every time. He’s really figured out my clit and I think he might have been studying over the internet because he found my g-spot and did a great job of rubbing that as he licked and sucked my clit. I had a really good orgasm. We rested for a bit and then I took him down to the kitchen to get some drinks. After we got the drinks we sat on the couch and started making out. I played with his dick after a while and he started to get hard again. I just played with it lightly, not actually trying to making him cum again. I just wanted to keep him hard. After a while, I heard my mom’s car pull into the garage. Larry didn’t hear it until the garage door closed and he started to panic. I told him to just stay there, it would be okay. I was stroking his dick when my mother came into the room and saw us. She acted shocked. “Hey, Mom,” I said cool as ever. “This is my boyfriend, Larry.” Larry tried to cover up my hand and his cock with his hands to hide it from my mom. “Well, hello, Larry. It looks like you two are having fun. Relax, Larry, it’s okay. Take your hands away, I haven’t seen a young man’s dick in a long time. You know, a woman never gets tired of seeing dicks. Come on now, Larry, let me see it,” Mom prompted.

I could feel Larry shaking next to me. This definitely took him out of his comfort zone, but he slowly removed his hands from covering mine and I started stoking him again. He had lost some of his erection, but it came back pretty quickly with my stroking him and my mom watching. I started jacking him faster. I wanted him to cum. I wanted my mother to see him cum. I wanted Larry to cum for my mom. “Oh, Beth, please stop. I’m gonna cummm.” And he did. He shot a big spurt into the air and it plopped down onto his stomach and I immediately bent over and took his cock in my mouth to get the rest of his cum. I sucked and licked his cock to get every drop of his delicious cum and my mom watched the whole thing. I’m sure Larry was totally embarrassed on the one hand, but on the other, an adult woman had just watched him cum. That had to be a turn on and something he’d never forget. “That was beautiful,” my mom told us. “You have a really nice cock, Larry. I’ll go get you a towel, Beth.” “That’s okay, Mom, I don’t need one.” I bent back over Larry and started licking up all the cum on his stomach. I’m glad he doesn’t have much hair yet. With that, my mom left the room and went to her bedroom to change out of her work clothes.

“I can’t believe you did that, Beth,” Larry exclaimed as soon as my mom was out of the room. “How could you do that? Your mom just watched you give me hand job.” “I know,” I said. “Wasn’t that fun? My mom liked it. She’s pretty cool, isn’t she? I think she’d be okay with us fucking right here on the couch. Remember how I told you it would be cool if you bent me over the end of the couch and fucked me with my parents in the room? That might not be as far-fetched as we thought. This made me so wet, I think I’ve soaked the couch cushion. Larry, I told you ‘no limits’ and I meant it. You just, albeit reluctantly, proved to me that you’re all in, too. I wanted my mom to catch us. I wanted to see if you’d be all in. I think we’re going to be real good together, Larry. We’re going to have so much fun. I can’t wait for us to be able to really make love. I really want to do it with you Larry.”

After Larry went home, I looked for my mom. I was still naked. “How come you’re still naked, Beth,” Mom asked? “After yesterday’s discussion and then you catching Larry and I naked, it seemed like I might as well keep it going. I’d rather not have to get dressed unless you tell me I have to. Even if you and dad don’t join me, I’d like to stay naked. What did you think of Larry,” I asked my mom?

“I thought he was going to bolt out the door when I walked into the room. He was clearly embarrassed. He does have a nice dick for a boy his age. It’ll probably still grow some but it is about an average size for a grown man so not bad at all for his age. It’s certainly big enough to give a woman plenty of pleasure. Does he still want to be your boyfriend after that?”

“Yeah, Mom,” I replied. “I told him it was kind of a test to see if he was all in for our relationship and he passed the test. I told him I wanted him to bend me over the arm of the couch and fuck me while you and dad watch television.” “Oh my God, Beth,” Mom laughed. “I can’t believe some of the stuff that comes out of your mouth. Somehow, I don’t even think you’re kidding. And just to let you know, I did talk to your dad a bit last night about what we talked about. As I suspected, he wasn’t real keen on all of it. Although, I also suspected he wasn’t being quite honest with me about not wanting to have you sucking his dick. I think he didn’t want me to know that he actually likes the idea. He said he’d have to give it some thought and we’ll talk about it some more. So, don’t say anything to dad about it. Let it percolate in his head for a bit and we’ll see what happens. Maybe I should just join you in getting naked and see what he says or does when he sees us. I think he doesn’t want to admit out loud that he’d love to see his cock in your mouth.”

“I know what we could do, Mom. We’ll be naked when he gets home and just act normal. But after dinner, let’s get into a 69 and lick each other’s pussy and let dad watch. If he doesn’t end up with his dick in his hand stroking it watching us, it’s probably not going to happen.” Mom laughed, “You are so bad Beth Ann. That does sound like fun though. I have to admit after yesterday’s conversation, I’ve kind of been salivating thinking of licking a pussy again. I never thought I would think of doing that with my daughter, but, frankly, there’s no girl in the world I’d rather be with than you or your sister.” “Oh yeah, Mom,” I gushed, “you’ve got to latch onto Mel’s incredible tits. Of course, yours are every bit as nice as hers, but you probably can’t enjoy yours that way. I can’t wait to nurse on your tits like I did as a baby. Too bad you don’t have any milk to give me. Then again, if you did, you’d never get me off your tits.” We both laughed at that. “I just wish I had tits like you guys. Look at these little things. They’re just nipples on top of a couple of bumps. They don’t even qualify as A-cups. I can’t even fill out a training bra. I gotta tell you, I’m not going to college like this. If my tits haven’t grown by then, dad better give me a boob job for graduation.”

“Oh, Beth,” Mom said. “I think your titties are very cute. Yes, they’re small, but a lot of guys prefer small tits. I think they look perfectly suckable right now. They might not be a handful, but they’re a mouthful and that’s really all you need.” “You know, Mom,” I said, “the doctor said the same thing about lots of guys preferring small tits. I think that’s one of the things I like about Larry. He seems to like my little tits. That’s not to say he might not wish they were bigger, but he’s happy being able to suck on any tits since no girl had ever paid attention to him before. I found a guy who’s happy with my itty-bitty titties and likes my straight twiggy body. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he knows I’ll suck his dick whenever he wants. Mom, it’s so great to be able to talk about these things with you now. I’ve kept it all in for a long time because I was embarrassed about my own body and didn’t know how to talk to you about my sexual curiosity. And just when that was happening for me, Mel was never around to talk to. I kind of feel like you’re another sister I can talk to and it’s really nice. I love you, Mom.”

“Oh, Beth, I love you too, Honey. I want you to be able to talk to me about anything. I’ll try my best not to be judgmental but just give you good advice. You may not legally be an adult yet, but you’ve always been more mature than your years and I’ll do my best to treat you accordingly. And I want you to know, I don’t mind you bringing Larry or any future boyfriend home and having sex. I’d rather you do it in the safety of our house than in the backseat of a car, or under the school bleachers or something. I promise I’ll be cool about it. Just be careful and don’t forget to take your pill every day.”

“Mom, dad’s going to be home soon. Are you going to get naked with me? Should we try it tonight?” “Do you really think we should, Beth,” asked Mom? “I don’t want to push him too hard, although I bet he’ll get real hard and I’ll be in for the fucking of my life tonight.” We cracked up at that. “Come on, Mom,” I urged. “Go put your clothes away. Let’s be sitting watching TV naked when he walks in.” Mom decided to do it and went into her bedroom to get naked. When she came out, I was gob smacked.

“My gosh, Mom, you’re beautiful. I guess I haven’t seen you naked in a long time. I can’t believe what a great body you have.” My mom has tits a little bigger than Mel’s but with just a slight sag. After all, mom’s got 20+ years on Mel and has had two kids. But they are perfect for her. She has just a slight pouch to her belly which is actually quite sexy. Her legs are slim and toned. Her pussy is completely bare; not even a landing strip. I don’t know if she shaves or gets waxed, but I can’t wait to taste that smooth pussy. She is the very definition of MILF. I had her turn around so I could see her ass and I wish mine looked as good as hers. Unfortunately, it’s Mel who takes after my mom and is destined to continue to look smoking hot for life. I have no idea what my body is going to do. “Mom, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.” “Why not, Honey, what’s wrong,” Mom asked. “Mom, you’re so beautiful I don’t know if I can sit with you and not want to touch and kiss and lick every square inch of your incredible body.” “Oh, Beth, that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. Do you think you could hold out until after dinner and then we can enjoy each other and let your father watch us explore each other’s body?” “I’ll try Mom, but I’ve got to tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on before. My juices are running down my thighs. I’m going to have to sit on a towel or I’ll make a mess of the couch just waiting until I can touch you.”

At that, my mom couldn’t wait either and we went into a hug which turned into kissing and caressing each other. I never thought I’d be putting my tongue in my own mother’s mouth, but it suddenly felt so right. We were making out like a couple of kids. I held her perfect breasts in my hands and they felt firm and full and womanly, unlike my little tits. I suddenly felt like a little girl again. My mom is such a beautiful woman and my body is that of a little girl. But Mom didn’t seem to mind. She was pinching and pulling on my nipples which felt really good and when her hand went down to my pussy, I thought I would cum immediately. She found out I wasn’t lying about being soaking wet. Her hand slipped up and down my pussy slit and then went after my clit and started rubbing it. I almost immediately exploded into the biggest orgasm of my life. This whole thing happened with us standing up and after I came down from the orgasm, I pretty much just collapsed onto the floor. I was curled up in the fetal position still shaking from my orgasm. My mom got down on the floor with me and just held me like the little girl I was feeling like. She rained kisses on me until I recovered and started kissing her back. It was undoubtedly the best sexual experience of my life and it had only taken a few minutes. She went from my mother, to another sister, to an incredible lover in the space of a couple of hours. I vowed to myself that later, when I get my chance, I’m going to give her the best pussy licking of her life. I’m going to eat that smooth pussy until she begs me to stop. I can’t wait.

Chapter 15

Dad came home and came to an abrupt stop when he saw us sitting naked watching TV. “Uh, what do we have here,” he asked? My mom said, “I came home to find Beth naked with her new boyfriend and she stayed naked after he left. I decided to join her and see if you wanted to join us. We’ve tried very hard to keep our hands to ourselves waiting for you to either watch us or join in, but we’re not going to be able to hold out much longer. You interested?”

“What about dinner,” Dad asked? “Shit,” said my mom, “we were so involved in each other I completely forgot to put a dinner together. Let me see what I can whip up.” I suggested, “Why don’t we just call in for a pizza?” Dad looked at us with a smile and said, “And which one of you is going to open the door?” Mom and I looked at each other and turned to my dad and said at the same time, “Both of us!”

Dad called in the order and about a half hour later the doorbell rang. I got up but my mom kind of lingered. “Maybe you should do this, Beth,” she said. I grabbed her hand and said, “No, Mom, we’re doing this together. If I go to the door with you, once the pizza guy sees you, he won’t even know I’m there.” We got to the door and I whipped it open so that the guy could see both of us standing there gloriously naked. As I predicted, the guy just stared at my mom and his mouth hung open. It was probably the same look I gave her when I first saw her naked. “How much is it,” I asked. It took him a minute to figure out I asked and he finally checked the tab and told me it was $16.50. I went back to my dad to get some money and left mom standing in front of this guy showing those fabulous tits and smooth, bare pussy. I took a $20 from dad and went back to the door. I had to practically wave the money in his face to get his attention away from my mom and take it. He gave us the pizza and we closed the door and I heard my mom let out a breath. “I can’t believe I did that,” she said. I told her, “Well, I’m not sure what Mel and Julie do with pizza guys, but I have a feeling they do more than just stand there naked. So, it could have been worse – or better, depending upon how you look at it. Did you notice that he never even looked at me? I told you he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you, Mom. You’re always beautiful, but naked you are simply stunning. It should be a crime to make you ever wear clothes.”

My dad overheard our conversation and agreed, “You’re right, Beth. I’ve been telling your mother for years how gorgeous she is and smoking hot her body is but she never believes me. She thinks I’m just saying that because I’m her husband. Personally, I love it when guys look at her and admire her beauty. I know we’ll be together for life so I’m never worried about her. Even if she fucks another guy, I know it’d just be for fun and she’ll always come back to me.”

We ate our pizza. Dad still didn’t get naked and we didn’t actually talk about it. He did ask about my boyfriend being naked when mom came home and we told him the story and we all had a good laugh over what I put Larry through. I told my mom, “You know, Mom, after what Dad said earlier, I just want you to know that if you are ever interested, I will gladly share any boyfriend I have with you. I know they won’t have a cock anything near what dad apparently has, but, like he said, you can always just fuck for fun. I’d love to see you fuck Larry. It would be the thrill of his life and I bet he’d learn a thing or two from you and I’d probably learn something watching you. Just know it’s an offer to you forever. I’m not the jealous type and apparently, I got that from you or you wouldn’t have swapped with other couples in the past.

“That’s sweet of you, Beth, but I think you should be able to take care of your boyfriends yourself. I don’t need anyone but your dad.” She started laughing, “I have the feeling Larry would pass out if I made a play for him and he’d never even know I fucked him. So, Bill, have you decided yet whether you will join us being naked and let your horny daughter try to suck that big cock of yours? I’d kind of like to see if she can actually do it.”

“Do you really think we should be doing that Em,” dad asked? I admit it sounds like fun, but she’s our daughter and she’s only 15.” “Bill,” said mom, “you always thought it was hot when I told you about me and Sue when we were younger. So why is this any different? And you know she’s more mature than her years. We all love each other and apparently are sexually attracted to each other. That’s nothing new in this world. It happens all the time, just usually in private like this. Look at Beth, Bill. Don’t you just want to kiss and lick that little body for hours? We’re not asking you to have intercourse with her. I’ve actually advised Beth against it because I think you ruin women for other men. Face it, you are blessed with the perfect cock. Let her suck your cock. We both know you want her to. And I’m sure she’d love for you to finger and lick that tight virgin pussy of hers, too. I’d love to watch and help. We’ve done the respectable parent thing for years. It’s time we go back to having some good sexy fun in our lives. Come on, Bill. Get those clothes off and show your little girl that beautiful cock of yours.”

Obviously, mom doesn’t know I’ve already seen that big cock, but I loved her impassioned speech. And that speech did the trick. Dad could allow it to happen without making it look like it was something he really wanted to do. He basically put the onus on mom to start our debauchery. He stood up and started taking off his clothes. First his shirt and then his shoes, socks, pants and finally his briefs. And there it was and it was hard and throbbing. I was afraid to just go and grab it and start licking it so I looked to mom. She realized my hesitation and gave me a nod and then grabbed that hard cock and started stoking it. She probably thought I was scared of it seeing it for the first time. “Look at this incredible cock, Beth. He’s so hard right now. He wants you to suck his cock. He’s afraid to say it out loud, but he does want you to do it. Go ahead and try, honey, take your time. It will probably take a bit of work to get that down your throat, but go ahead and try. I want you both to know, that I am totally okay with you two getting together to do whatever you want to do whether I’m here or not. I love and trust you both. Beth, if you can successfully suck that monster, I want you to freely go for it whenever you want, or at least whenever dad will let you. And Bill, if you guys like it go for it whenever you want, especially if I’m here because I’ll love watching you two. But also, when you guys are alone. Enjoy each other. Love each other. Believe me, Bill, I’ll be enjoying that tight pussy and those cute tits myself whenever possible. Let’s freely love each other in whatever combination we want, whenever we want.”

“You’re the best, mom,” I said. I grabbed her and started kissing her sticking my tongue in her mouth. I think she still had a hold of dad’s cock and was stroking it while we made out. I’m sure dad loved the view. Mom finally pulled away from me and said, “Do it, Beth. Taste your dad’s big cock. And if you’re willing to share his cum with me, I’d love it, too.” I walked over to my dad and got on my knees in front of him, took his cock in my hand, and looked at that big cock. I looked at him, smiled and said, “Tell me, Dad. Tell me you want me to suck your cock. Tell me you want to fuck my face.” He paused and looked at mom. I assume she gave him a nod of encouragement. He looked down at me and said, “Yes, Beth, please suck my cock. Try to take it as deep as you can. I want to fuck your face and fill your mouth with my cum.” That was all I needed to hear and had been wanting to hear for weeks.

I put his cock to my lips and kissed it. I kissed down one side of his cock and back up the other side. I lifted it up and licked and kissed his massive balls. I flattened my tongue against the base of his cock and gave him a long, slow lick all the way up to the tip. I, finally, put the head of his cock in my mouth. It was an incredibly tight fit. I was starting to worry if I could really deep throat this monster. I wasn’t worried about my throat, but whether my lips would stretch enough to get around this thing. I licked the head around and around and heard my dad let out a sexy moan. Mom came over to help and cupped dad’s balls in her hand and started massaging them. I actually wanted to tell her to stop because I didn’t want dad to cum before I got more of him in my mouth, but I didn’t. I got the head of his cock as wet as I could with my spit and tried to take him a little deeper. I kept working as much saliva around his cock as I could to get it ready to slide down my throat. It took several minutes of bobbing my head up and down taking more and more of his cock in my mouth before I felt it press at the end of my mouth and the opening of my throat. As I’d trained myself to do, I started to push forward and swallow at the same time to open my throat and I felt the head start to enter my throat.

“Oh my God,” dad uttered to mom. “Em, she’s actually got me into her throat. I can’t believe it.” I pulled him back up out of my throat and then went back down again to take him a little further. He was in my throat, but he still had several inches of cock outside of my mouth and I was getting to the really thick part. I was still working it when I felt his cock get a little bigger and firmer and knew he was about to blow. I wasn’t going to get him all the way down this time, but it would be because he couldn’t last, not because I couldn’t do it. I was running out of breath waiting for him to cum and, at last, felt a jet of cum splash down my throat. I immediately pulled back to bring his cock head back into my mouth so I could capture and taste his cum. His cock pulsed jet after jet of cum into my mouth. I had trouble trying to hold it all in because his cock was using up most of the volume of my mouth. Cum was starting to drip out the sides of my mouth and I gave a little swallow to let some of it down my throat. When he finally stopped cumming, he pulled out and I tried to use my lips to squeegee as much cum off his cock as possible. No sooner was he out of my mouth and my mother’s mouth was on mine. Her tongue was in my mouth immediately searching for my dad’s cum. We had fun snowballing his cum back and forth until we finally both pulled back looked at each other, swallowed, and turned to my dad who was now slumped on the couch and opened our mouths to show him they were empty of his cum.

“My two beautiful ladies,” dad said, “I’m not sure what was hotter, watching Beth suck my cock into her mouth and suck on it or watching the two of you sharing my cum afterwards. Beth, that was, hands down, the best blow job I’ve ever had in my life. It was so good I couldn’t hold out long enough to see if you could get it all in, but I don’t care if you ever can. That was simply and incredible blow job, young lady. And you can do that for me whenever you want.”

“I loved it, Dad,” I responded. “I so wanted to get it all the way down. I think I might be able to do it but it might take some practice that I’m very willing to put in. And, actually, I have to agree with you. As much as I love sucking your incredible cock, sharing your cum with mom was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done in my life. For the first time today, I put my tongue in mom’s mouth and now we’ve shared your cum; two things I never dreamed could happen. But I’m just over the moon happy right now. This has been the best evening of my life.”

Mom turned to me, “Beth, don’t think our evening has ended. We’ve just gotten started. I’m not calling it a night until I lick you to a great orgasm and I’m hoping you’ll do the same for me. I think we can get your dad hard again in a little while and then we can try for that Holy Grail you talked about. You can watch your dad make passionate love to me and fill my pussy with cum and then you can lick it out of me.” Almost before mom was finished talking, I was all over her. I pretty much knocked her to the floor and started kissing her and making my way down her body. When I got to her tits, I was in heaven. I could suck on those forever. I pinched and pulled on one nipple while licking and sucking the other and then I’d switch. We were now rubbing our pussies together at the same time. The insides of my thighs were soaking wet with my pussy juices.

Eventually, I reluctantly let go of her tits and made my way down to her smooth pussy. I licked and kissed her pussy. I licked up and down each labium and then nibbled down her thighs and back up. I could smell her arousal. I tried to lick everywhere except right across her pussy until she was nearly begging me and I finally gave one giant, slow lick almost from her asshole up her slit and buried my tongue as deep in the crevice as possible and licked up to her clit. I swiped my tongue across her clit and then circled it a couple of times. I lowered again and got my tongue to her vagina and stiffened up my tongue as much as possible and tried to push it into her vagina as far as I could. I moved my head back and forth to try to fuck her pussy with my tongue. God, she tasted so good. I used both hands to pull her labia apart so that I could get as deep inside her as possible. At some point, I glanced over to dad and he was stroking his already hard cock and watching us with glazed over eyes.

I brought my tongue back up to mom’s clit. I used my tongue to move the hood out of the way as much as possible to get at her pearl. As I started to lick her clit, I put two fingers as deep into her vagina as I could. I didn’t need to start with one finger. I knew she was wet enough to take my dad’s cock right now. Two fingers was nothing for her. I licked her clit back and forth, up and down, around and around while fingering her the whole time. I turned my hand so my fingers were pointing upwards and felt along the inside of her pussy until I found the rough patch of skin I knew to be her g-spot. As I got to that, I put my lips completely around her clit and started to lightly suck while rubbing her g-spot with my fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion. My mother was moaning and starting to shake and I just kept going. I wanted to make my mom cum hard. My mom suddenly took in a breath and it seemed like she was holding it. I felt her whole body start to tense up and then she just exploded. I pressed my tongue against her clit firmly and tried to just ride her convulsions while I continued to rub her g-spot. It was a good thirty seconds before she started to relax and just had twinges of pleasure while she came down. I slowed down my rubbing in her vagina and started lightly licking up and down her labia while she continued to return to consciousness. Every new thing I experience seems to be the most incredible thing ever. Bringing my mom to that huge orgasm was even better than bringing my dad to orgasm. Especially because I know it’s harder to bring a woman to orgasm than a man. Therefore, it’s more satisfying to do it for a woman. And while I absolutely love sucking cock, licking pussy is actually way better. You get to feel the heat, the softness, and the moisture. You get to taste the delicious pussy juice the whole time, not just at the end. And you get to smell that great pussy smell. It works all of your senses. I understand why my sister is marrying Julie and using Jim as a fill in cock when she needs it. I think every woman needs both in her life to be totally fulfilled.

Once my mom returned to earth, with a big smile on her face I should add, she pretty much flipped me over and attacked me in much the same way that I’d taken her. It was quite something to have my own mother licking and sucking on my little tits. The role reversal was certainly not lost on me. She actually seemed to be enjoying my tits and it felt wonderful. Looking down at her and having her looking in my eyes with love while sucking on my titties was simply mind-blowing. I’ve always loved my parents, but I couldn’t possibly love them more than I did at that moment. Why anyone thinks incest is wrong is beyond me. You can’t love someone more than your own family. Why not be able to express that love physically? At that moment, I never wanted to ever leave home. I knew I’d never feel as loved by anyone in my life as I did at that moment. It was truly transcendent. And that was even before my mom left my tits to trail her tongue down my stomach, tickle my belly button with her tongue and then drop down and put her face fully between my legs and started licking my virgin pussy. Oh. My. God. Just like earlier before dad came home, I knew I wouldn’t last more than a minute. Just looking down my body and seeing mom look up at me with her tongue in my vagina, my juices came gushing out.

Unlike what I did to her, though, when I started to cum, mom didn’t hold back and let me calm down. She kept licking and sucking. Even when I wanted her to stop because it was too much she kept going and I immediately went from one orgasm to another. I absolutely drenched her face in my juices and then I started squirting. One. Two. And then a third squirt. Mom tried to catch as much of it in her mouth and on her face as possible. She started giggling uncontrollably while I was squirting. I was literally seeing stars and felt like I was about to pass out. But it finally stopped and I kept shuddering for a while. Mom got out from between my legs and came up to kiss me and let me lick my juices off her face and share it with her. She loved me squirting on her. It’s pretty embarrassing while it’s happening but it feels so fucking good that you also don’t want it to ever stop. I have to assume it’s kind of what guys feel when they cum. But only some girls squirt and even then, it’s only once in a while, whereas guys get to squirt out their cum every time.

Mom and I were kind of wiped out, but dad was hard as a rock and raring to go. Mom got us up and we all went into their bedroom. Mom and I peeled back the covers and we got on the bed. Dad immediately got on top of mom and started kissing and fondling her. I watched in awe as my parents made love to each other as if I wasn’t even there. Nothing else mattered in the world while they made love to each other. I can only hope to find that kind of love for myself someday. Like I’d told my mom, most people think it would be gross to see their parents make love. As I’d expected, it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. It was like I was watching them 16 years ago making love and having my dad’s cum go racing through my mother’s womb to find the egg to impregnate her with me in her belly. It was mesmerizing. And seeing dad’s giant, rock hard cock moving in and out of mom’s pussy was amazing. With every inward stroke, my mom made kind of a grunt as his cock hit bottom. He was probably hitting her cervix each time. She was moaning and begging him to fuck her harder and deeper. Deeper? How could he get any deeper? But if he had another couple of inches, she would have tried to take it. I could see, though, why she says it is the perfect cock. There are certainly guys who have longer cocks than my dad’s. You see them all the time in porn with mostly black guys with gigantic cocks. But at some point, the length starts to hurt. It’s the combination of length and the really nice girth of his cock that makes it perfect. If I could barely get my lips around it, how would my pussy get around it? How full would I feel having that monster stroking in and out of my pussy? Of course, I’m still a virgin so I don’t even really know what Jim’s nice cock is going to feel like. But as nice as his is, and it really is, my dad’s cock is a bit longer and definitely fatter than Jim’s. Mom’s right. Dad’s cock should ruin any woman for other men. Who could compete with a perfect cock like that?

I continued to watch them make love. They didn’t fuck. They weren’t in any hurry. It wasn’t frantic pumping it was pure pleasure for both of them on each stroke. He could feel every inch go into mom’s hot, wet, soft pussy and she could feel every inch and every vein as he pushed that monster cock into and out of her pussy. As I said, it was simply beautiful to watch. It’s not often you can actually see love and these two have been married almost 20 years! Finally, I could see that dad was getting close. Having cum earlier, this allowed him to make love to her for a long time but he was starting to up the tempo and mom was right there with him. I saw him make one final plunge into her and he held it there. His butt clenched and he moved just millimeters at a time as he pumped his load into her pussy. He finally started to relax and he tried to roll off of her, but she wasn’t ready for that. Mom held him in place for a while savoring the feeling of his cock slowing retracting out of her vagina. Eventually, she let him go and he rolled off of her and in between us. I immediately rolled over to him and got between his legs and started licking his cock and balls clean of his cum and mom’s sweet juices. Once I had taken care of dad, I moved over to mom who immediately opened her legs for me. She knew what I wanted. I dove into her cunt just as dad’s seed started to drip out of her hole. I love cum and I love pussy juice. But, combine the two and you have nirvana. I licked and slurped up mom’s pussy. I opened her lips and dug my tongue as far in as I could. Mom used her kegels to try to force out as much cum onto my face as she could. It was so much fun and so tasty.

When I got all I could, I got up to mom and kissed her on the lips. I hadn’t saved any cum for her, but she could taste herself on my lips and tongue and she made sure to clean off my chin. She held me tight and I started to cry. It had been such an emotional, wonderful evening I finally just lost it. I didn’t need to say anything. Mom knew they were happy tears. She just held me tight and stroked my hair. I finally stopped crying like a baby and started to get up out of the bed. “Where are you going,” mom asked? “I thought I would give you guys some alone time and I’d head to bed,” I replied. “You’re not going anywhere,” she said, “stay with us tonight, please?”

I settled back down in between them and they both rolled towards me and started stroking my body. One of them would kiss me and then the other would. This wasn’t about any more sex; it was simply love. When they both started rubbing my tits it felt incredible. They may be small, but they are pretty sensitive. Having both of my parents playing with my tits at the same time was a real trip. It didn’t take long for any of us to fall asleep though. I’m not sure about them, but I slept like the dead, never having felt as satisfied and loved in my life.
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