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Keitaro takes his Alpha out for a surprise!
“Keeeeeitaroooooo, do I really have toooooo?” Yoichi moaned, sticking his tongue out at me as he fell back onto the bed, making me put my hands on my hips.

“Yoichi! We are going that’s final! I am taking you out for a surprise! Scoutmaster Yoshi is waiting for us at the entrance so let’s get going!” He groaned and rolled around on his bed like a child, my glare eventually got through to him because he huffed and sat up, grumbling about mean boyfriends and dads. I could not help but roll my eyes when he stood up and kicked at a random shirt of his on the floor. “Yoichi…” Just the tone of my voice was enough to make him frown, taking me in his arms as he kissed my lips.

“’M sorry love…” He swept a piece of my brown hair away from my forehead and kissed it gently, his warm smile made my cheeks pinken. He took my hand in his as we both went to meet Scoutmaster Yoshi, along the way I waved at a few of the newer Scoutmasters who were recruited a month and a half ago. Ms. Yuri was not going to be the only female Scoutmaster anymore heh! The puppies weren’t around for the moment as they were tuckered out from the exercise we did a few minutes ago.

I giggled when Scoutmaster Yoshi honked his horn when he spotted us, Yoichi just groaned and opened the door for me as I crawled in. A high-pitched squeak escaped my throat when Yoichi smacked my presented ass, glaring back at his mischievous smirk as I rubbed at it a bit before buckling up. He snaked his arm around my side and pulled me close as the car lurched forward, my head on his shoulder and his leaning atop mine as I started to doze off.

Not even the sound of the coughing engine or bumpy roads could keep me from lulling off in my Alpha’s embrace, his scent deep and comforting, Yoichi stiffened in both senses as I let out another cute sound in my sleep. He let out a gruff grunt as he tried to wiggle me awake but I kept clinging to him, eventually a big pothole made me slump just enough my face plopped right into his lap. A needy moan was half muffled from his shorts as his eyes widened and quickly glanced at the rear-view mirror but thankfully Scoutmaster Yoshi had not heard it. His musk was wafting from his shorts because we were late from playing sports together and had not had a chance to shower before my surprise for him.

He glared at the back of my head as I dreamily nuzzled at his growing cobra in his shorts, oblivious to what I was doing or who it was potentially in front of. His eye started to twitch as he gripped my hair and tried to hold me still before realizing that holding my hair tightly and having my head in his lap might not send the right message to Scoutmaster Yoshi if he happened to glance in the mirror. A nip made him jump up and Scoutmaster Yoshi glanced in the mirror for a brief second before paying attention to the road again, “Everything alright back there, son?” Yoichi bit his lip and let out a sigh as he collected his nerves all the while I was happily humming into his crotch.

“Y-Yeah… Just a cramped muscle… Heh…” He could not help but grin a little at his pun, before trying to extricate me from his lap. His eyes widened and a chill went down his spine as soon as he lifted me, and a pouty whine of need filled the car. He immediately let go of me as if I were made of lava and glanced up at the mirror in horror, waiting for Scoutmaster Yoshi to shake his head disapprovingly and turn the car around. Seconds went by as his heart raced, ice in his veins, all the while I went back to happily nuzzling and nibble along the now deflating but still significant bulge. He took in a ragged breath when he realized his lungs had been screaming at him as time was frozen. Nothing happened. No yelling, no disappointment, no going back to Camp Buddy. He stared down at me blissfully unaware of the danger I had put us in, his thoughts turning melancholy as he gently rubbed my cheek and brushed aside my hair. A faint smile graced his lips as he thought of what would happen if he were never able to see me again, and how he would never let that happen, no matter what.

He gently pet my head and let me nuzzle to my hearts content as he leaned back, closing his eyes and took a bit of a nap too. Scoutmaster Yoshi glanced back in his mirror and smiled, glad his boy had found someone to love and cherish. His mind drifted off to Aiden as the trees flew by, evolving into the concrete jungle. Within a few minutes we pulled up to our destination and with a few soft words we woke up. I blinked to see Scoutmaster Yoshi sideway looking down at me, what was happening? Why is it so warm? Why…wait… Am I…? My cheeks flushed pink and I sat up, face finally off Yoichi’s lap and prominent bulge as he huffed and tried to straighten it out without looking too obvious. “Keitaro? Do you still have the money your sister gave you?”

I reached into my pocket, felt the $20 bill, and nodded, “Yes, Scoutmaster Yoshi!”

He smiled and handed Yoichi some as well who blinked at the extended hand and the money that came along with it. He tilted his head some, “Uh… What do you want me to do with that?”

Scoutmaster Yoshi arched a brow, “Yoichi… It’s money, you spend it on things.”

“Tch! I know that! But like… on what?” I giggled and tugged on his arm while he grumbled at the both of us.

“Yoichi, it’s okay! Just take it, you’ll need it for what we are gonna do!” He sighed and took the bills, crumbling them up like a paper ball and shoving them into his pocket. I blinked repeatedly a few times before shaking my head to clear it, reminding myself this is Yoichi’s first time back into the cities downtown since he was picked up by Scoutmaster Yoshi. Leaning in, I kissed his cheek and pulled him towards the door. “Come on! It’ll be fun! I promise!”

“Gah! Fine!” He grumbled some more as I opened the door as stepped out, a bright beaming smile on my face as I got to see the sunset on the horizon and all the neon and LED lights kick on. He snorted at my obvious excitement and looked around a little uneasy at so many people walking around. “Uh… Keitaro… What are we even doing…?” I turned my pearly whites at him and leaned up on my tiptoes to kiss his nose.

“Well! Like I said, it’s still a surprise! Come on!” I tugged him again as we merged onto the sidewalk, turning to wave Scoutmaster Yoshi goodbye who waved back with a warm smile on his face, telling Yoichi not to spend it all at once place. Yoichi’s walk got stiffer by the second as the sidewalk slowly filled with more and more people before a sudden crowd bunched around us and I grabbed at his curling fist. “Yoichi, it’s okay, no one is here to hurt us. They just want to go home or get a bite to eat.” I nuzzled under his chin and kissed his collarbone, before smiling up at him. He seemed a bit more reassured so I started walking us again towards our destination, within a minute I could see it! The Grand Sphinx Cinema. Yoichi just dumbly stared ahead at it, not saying a word as I frowned at bit to myself. “Uh… Do you not like it…?” He turned to see my pout and he cupped my cheek, rubbing it with his thumb.

“I… uh… Hmpf… Don’t judge me ‘k?” I nodded, staring up into his purple eyes, loving the way the neon pink of the sign seemed to add highlights to his hair. “I…” He sighed again so I squeezed his hand with a reassuring smile, “Alright, alright, I… I don’t know what Cinema means…” It took all my willpower to not give him a disappointed frown, not out shame but anguish that his childhood was robbed from him.

I took a slow deep breath, leaning up to peck his rough lips. “It means that this place shows movies, Alpha.” A large grin appeared on his face, showing off his canines.

“Wha! Really?! Cool! Are they gonna show Battle for Fravis or The Monsters of Swamp Creek?” I giggled softly at the names of the movies he was talking it before it hit me that those were movies popular about 8 and 9 years ago. Shaking my head slowly, I kissed his cheek which made him a bit confused, but he shrugged. “I always wanted to watch those; I saw lots of posters of them when I was out on the streets.”

“Heh, well, we are gonna watch,” I put my hands out in front of me and staggered into him, biting at his shirt. “Brain Invaders!” He chortled and smacked my ass, I glared up at him before nipping his bottom lip. We went inside and the familiar scent of over buttered popcorn and sugary soda washed over us. I let out a contented sigh and his tummy growled. I giggled at him, and we stood in line to get out tickets and snacks. I ordered a large root beer, a large popcorn, and a salted pretzel while Yoichi glanced over at the menu. He chose to get an extra-large popcorn, two hotdogs, a bag of Twizzlers, a box of Smarties, and an extra-large coke.

Thankfully, our tickets were matinee or else Yoichi might not have had enough money. He reached into his pocket and threw the balled-up cash onto the counter and started to walk away with his stuff when I caught him. “Yoichi, you don’t even know if you have enough or need change.” He shrugged and took a swig of his soda. I resisted the urge to facepalm, turning to the nice lady behind the counter. “Sorry, he’s… new…” She just gave me a forced smile and handed back a dollar and change. I reached over and put it in his pocket, tugging on his dormant cobra which caused him to snort soda out of his nose. Batting my lashes at him in innocence, I picked up my stuff and pocketed my change while he was glaring at me, rubbing his stinging nose.

Everything was going fine on the way to our theater until a bunch of what seemed to be drunk college kids bumped into us, laughing as they spilled some soda on the back of Yoichi’s shirt. I barely caught his arm in time as he took a swing at one of them and they stumbled backwards, two of them even landing on their behinds. Miraculously, Yoichi’s food survived even if it was a little smooshed. My Alpha sure has an insane love for food. I tugged him away as they started to get back up as we rounded the corner and disappeared into one of the theater doors. Thankfully, it was the right one. A lot of the seats were taken but there was a spot in the top left corner that I urged him to take.

We settled down and started to munch away on our snacks while the trailers rolled. There were quite a few funny ones and one that was a horror flick! Yoichi just chuckled as I clinged to his arm and dug my head into his chest after a jump scare. Finally, the movie started to play so I sat back to watch. I knew it was going to be a cornier movie than usual which is what I wanted, after all this was our ‘first real date’ out and about in public. The acting was dorky, the dialogue was atrocious, heck even the ‘teenage’ girl was in her 20s, but Yoichi kept loudly laughing which made me smile. I slide my hand under the armrest and squeezed his hand, he moved over to kiss the top of my head and returned to watching the movie.

The movie featured a mother and daughter who lived in regular suburbia-ville, a meteor crashed into the woods a few miles away and when the camera panned on the smoking crater a split second of something squirming out could be seen before it jumped to the next morning and the teen girl waking up and deciding to go out and play. It was not until about half an hour later when the movie took a sudden turn, during one of the ‘shocking’ scenes, that things went wrong. The mother had trapped the daughter in her room, holding a brain worm.

“That’s right! I did it! I did it because I couldn’t stand you anymore!”

“Mother no! You couldn’t have! Not to me, your only daughter!”

“Yes! Yes, I could daughter of mine! He promised me a better life and I all I had to do was get rid of you! So I am! Say hello to our little friends!”


I snorted as the mother put a brain worm up against her daughters’ nose and the squirmy thing started to make its way up into her head. I decided that that was the proper time to check out for a soda break. Reaching over and looking away from the screen, I loudly slurped the last bits of root beer left to drown out the screaming and gross sound effects, before smiling over at Yoichi. No one heard my mostly empty cup fall onto the floor as I stared in horror as Yoichi had his eyes closed, tears running down his cheeks, hands over his ears as his body wracked with silent sobs. The music crescendoed and even I winced, wanting to cover my ears but I grabbed at Yoichi’s arm to get his attention.

A blank white field filled my vision and ringing buzzed in my ears as I tried to blink away the fuzz, I reached up to my mouth and could not feel it. A few seconds later, I could finally see shapes again, this time it was Yoichi who was staring at horror at my split lip tickling drops of blood onto my shirt. He looked at his balled fist and then back at me, his face crestfallen and tears flowing even faster. He mouthed or yelled the word ‘sorry’ and took off, I tried to stand but all I managed to do was fall onto the floor, scuffing my knees. I took a few deep breaths to process what just happened and calm my stomach from the urge to vomit. I powered through it and got back unsteadily onto my feet, grabbing a handful of buttery napkins to put them to my lip where I thought the split was. Reaching out for the railing to guide me down the stairs, tripping more than once but managing to catch myself each time.

I rounded the corner into the lobby, glancing around while leaning against the wall as I caught my breath. I could not see Yoichi anywhere and the lady at the counter looked baffled, I took a deep breath and straightened up walking over to her. “Excuse me, did you see where my boy- er friend went?” She blinked as she just noticed me, and her eyes widened as she caught my slip up. Most people weren’t very nice to gay couples so I figured she would help me if he was just my friend but oh well…

“U-Umm yeah… He took off outside somewhere, I think he went left?” I sighed and nodded in thanks before going outside. The crisp September air felt good against my heated face, I shook my head of the cobwebs again as I looked to the left. I let out a large sigh of relief as it seemed the left was a dead end with an alleyway. I walked over, glancing down at the napkins, stomach rolling at the sight of the deep crimson staining them, folding them to get the best coverage before putting them back with a slight hiss. Well at least I could feel my lip again heh…

“Y-Yoichi, it’s o-okay… I know you didn’t mean t-too…” I heard crying behind the dumpster and my heart fell even further than I thought it could, it brought back the horrid memory of seeing Yoichi holding Yuki’s dead body and his screaming and yelling as I ran back with the pups through the storm. My heart skipped a beat as I saw Yoichi slamming his fists into the concrete, cursing himself out.

“Fucking stupid! I always mess things up! I fucking hate myself!”

“Y-YOICHI! STOP!” He ignored me and I could tell his knuckles were bleeding, I moved in front of him and knelt, he partially looked up at me with bloodshot eyes and snot dribbling out of his nose. “A-Alpha… it’s okay… Please stop hurting yourself…” He glanced down at his hands dispassionately, scoffing and spitting some mucus onto the ground next to him, refusing to look into my eyes. I gingerly reached out to touch his shoulder and he flinched but did not do anything. “I’m s-sorry Yoichi, I didn’t realize the movie was going to be that dumb, I should have chec-“

“No! Just… No Keitaro… You shouldn’t be with me, I’m a loose cannon… A rabid wolf… I need to be put down…” A sob choked its way out of me as tears started to blur my vision, I fell into him and started to cry on his chest. He froze wanting me away from him so he could not hurt me again, but his instincts took over. His Luna was hurt and needed his embrace. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head, nuzzling down into my hair as his tears fell as well. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you! I swear it! So fucking stupid…” A small whine made him stop his self-loathing as he made eye contact with me, my green eyes watery and bloody lip pouted as the napkin had been forgotten. “I’m so sorry Keitaro…” He gently kissed my forehead, holding me tight to him.

“A-Alpha, it’s okay, I forgive you…” He sighed deeply and rested his chin atop my head, holding me close as we both contemplated what happened. After a few minutes, I piped up, “Heh, do you think we should move? It’s kinda stinky over here.” Yoichi just snorted and continued to hold me. I internally shrugged and let him have more time to think. “Yoichi, you know I don’t think you are a rabbid dog… You are a great person, I am sorry for taking you out in public, I know I shouldn’t have done that without your permission. Can you forgive me?” He continued to stare at the brick wall of the theater before he looks down with his eyes closed.

“Keitaro, I swore I would never hurt you and I did. I don’t deserve to be your Alpha, all I do is cause problems for everyone… I should just go back to the stree-“

“YOICHI! STOP IT!” He started at my sudden outburst, unprepared for the anger on my face. “YOU ARE NOT A WORTHLESS PERSON!”

“Keitaro, no, just let me g-“

“Yoichi, I will NEVER let you go. You need to stop acting like no one cares for you. I love you. I have always loved you. From the moment I first saw you, my heart fluttered, even though you were bullying Hunter into giving you that pizza… heh… That’s why I always hung around and pestered you. Why when everyone else was having fun, I stayed back so I could be with you. I love you Yoichi. I am so proud of what you have accomplished these past few weeks. Scoutmaster Yoshi even told me he was so proud of you for stepping up and becoming a man.”

Yoichi blinked as he processed my words. I gently rubbed his fingers, careful to avoid his bloody knuckles. I pulled his head down for a kiss, our lips meeting. I could taste the salt from his tears. My bottom lip stung but I did not care, my Alpha needed my love and support. I whimpered as he pulled me tighter against him, pressing down against my lips in a show of his desperation. His nails dug into my back as he held me, I could feel his silent tears wet my cheeks as our kiss lasted for over a minute. He pulled back and gently grazed his thumb over my split lip, looking at it with concern and regret. I had only seen Yoichi this sad and defeated only once, when Yuki died, but I think this time knowing he had a direct impact on what happened sent him spiraling. “You are too good for me Keitaro, I hope one day I can be worthy of you…”

I pressed against his hand, nuzzling it, “Yoichi, you already are. Besides, do you think old Yoichi would have said something so mushy and romantic~?” He snorted softly but smiled, kissing my forehead again. Rubbing at my lower back, glancing at his hand with a frown, knowing the other one would be just as bad. “Come on Alpha, lets go get cleaned up okay…?” He nodded and we both stood back up, we debated on calling Scoutmaster Yoshi on my cellphone or going back inside as we did not want to ruin Scoutmaster Yoshi’s night with Aiden and Ms. Yuri. The cashier gave us a look, one of concern for me and a dirty one at Yoichi.

“M-Ma’am? Can we use your first aid kit if you have one?” She glared at Yoichi as she internally debated on calling the cops or not before finally glancing at me.

“Do you want me to call the police? You don’t have to stay with him if you don’t want to.” I shook my head firmly and gave her an even stare, she waited for a few moments before sighing. “Alright, go get cleaned up and I’ll get the kit…”

We both went to the boy’s bathroom, my knees almost buckled at seeing the dried blood all over my lips, chin, and shirt. I was never good with blood, I do not like hunting or fishing, so this was a bit much. I was thankful for the fact that most of mine was just cosmetic, dabbing the split and swiping away the dried blood everywhere else. Yoichi on the other hand had scrapped up his knuckles badly, and there were even some rock chips in there as well… He wordlessly washed them off under warm water, almost mechanical if it was not for the occasional grimace before he caught himself and went straight back to his stony face.

The nice lady called out before entering, dropping the first aid kid on the counter before leaning away and staring at me. I knew what she was asking and shook me head, she sighed and left. Luckily, I had earned my first aid badge over the summer, so I knew what to do mostly. I got some cotton pads and put some rubbing alcohol on it before dabbing at my split. Pain radiated from my lip and I could not help but hiss. Yoichi surprised me by grabbing my wrist firmly, taking the cotton pad away from me and gently doing it himself. He held my other hand as he lightly applied it around, cleaning it up when I had been more afraid of the pain. He threw it onto the counter when he was done. I took one of his hands and examined it, frowning that I could see some rocks here and there. I silently reached for the tweezers and he just stood there staring as I went to work, occasionally his hand would tense but he didn’t utter a single hiss or groan.

“Yoichi, you know it’s okay to show you’re hurt right…?” He just shook his head, so I continued to pick them out, cleaning his hand up with a different cotton pad and rubbing alcohol when I could not find anymore. He switched hands and the processes repeated itself until it was finally over. All that was left was applying some Neosporin and some gauze wrappings which he refused until my glare put him in his place.

I was putting away the supplies when his voice surprised me, “Do you want to finish the movie with me…?” I barely could hold back the tears as the kit loudly slammed shut, I turned around to see him looking down, having assumed the loud noise meant no. I tackled him, arms wrapped around his neck as I kissed him with all the passion I could muster. He was clearly taken aback but returned it tenfold.

“Of course, I would Alpha, but only if you promise you’re okay. We can go home and cuddle if you want to instead…?” I gave him a genuine warm smile, letting him know I meant it, we did not have to finish it or stay out in public if he did not want to. He shook his head and looked down at me with determination.

“No, I want to stay, I want my sweet girl to have the best first date ever!” I could not help but blush, my tummy tying itself into knots as I let out a shy giggle. For the first time in a while his signature wolfish smirk came back, squeezing my buns before kissing me again. “Alright, lets go return the kit and go back. I hope no one stole our snacks~” Giggling softly, I just rolled my eyes as he pulled away before getting down on one knee, holding my hand. “Keitaro…? Will you be mine?” It felt like I had a frog in my throat as my heart suddenly pounded ten times as loud. Was… W-Was Yoichi asking me to marry him…? I could feel my hand get clammy as he looked up at me with hope and pure adoration, his violet eyes sparking with such a ferocity I had not ever seen before. Surely, he did not mean marriage, right? I do not mean to speak ill of my Alpha, but he does not know a lot of culture or references with all his time stuck at Camp Buddy with no electronics, not going to school or out in public. I took a deep breath before smiling down at him.

“Yes, Yoichi. I will be yours…” My cheeks felt like they were on fire, knees weak. He gave me the widest grin before kissing my hand like one does for a lady. I giggled and rolled my eyes at his playfulness as he got back up, pulling me in close for a kiss. I got the kit and we walked back out to the lobby where the lady was waiting for us, holding a phone. She visibly calmed at seeming me leaning my head on his shoulder and out hands entwined. She accepted the kit and gave us both a weak smile before handing us both a small bag of ice which we graciously accepted. We made our way back to our seats and luckily none of our stuff was stolen or smooshed from my fall. Yoichi immediately starts to wolf down on some popcorn, shaking my head with a grin. He refused to let go of my hand at all which I thought was sweet, I did not mind even if it meant I had to dig around for popcorn onehanded with it between my legs.

About twenty minutes into re-watching the movie, I was getting the last bit of my popcorn out when I realized we did not have napkins anymore to wipe away the butter. I tried to lick at it, but it still would not go away. I huffed and leaned back, thinking of how I could get Yoichi to let go so I could go get some more napkins when it hit me! I pouted out my bottom lip and used my girly ‘bitch’ voice, “A-Alpha…?” Holding back my giggles from watching his head whip around so fast, eyes wide as he was staring at my like I was crazy. “Hehe, let go of my hand for a minute pretty please with kissies on your ballies~?” He snorted and nudged me, looking around to see if anyone had heard us, which was when I managed to free my hand. He looked rather hurt but did not say anything. Do not worry Alpha! I have a plan!

He jumped when my hand slid across his shorts to his bulge, rubbing the monster that lie sleeping for the moment. I flashed him a coy smile before unzipping him and slipping my hand into his boxers opening, feeling the heat radiating off his already huge flaccid cock. Spreading the sticky smooth butter all over as I felt him stiffen up with each heartbeat. I wont lie and say that I did not feel a smug satisfaction at getting revenge on him for all the times he is a blatant exhibitionist back at Camp. Seeing how his eyes bugged out and how he gripped the arm rest was so darn cute~! I fished out the one-eyed monster who was currently still hiding behind his hood, letting him go for a moment to let younger twin brothers join him.

I let out what was almost a purr as I smelled his musk, ripe from the workout we did earlier, and without a shower it was more potent then ever. Usually, he has me lick it off when we get in the showers but this time it had time to stew on his hot junk for the past two and a half hours. I sat back and leisurely stroked him off, thinking back to our first time where he had me jerk him as his prize for winning his competition. Smiling as I employed his ‘advice’ on how to please a man hehe. He grunted when my other buttered hand reached over to cup his balls, feeling how hot and heavy they were even though he had cum three times today. Twice in the morning, blowjob and fucking respectively, and then a third time after lunch when I blew him for a ‘snack’ at my behest.

In my daydreaming I was not paying attention to Yoichi and what sounds he was making or at least trying to hold back, or how he must have been hurting his knuckles with how hard he gripped the arm rests. Time passed as I half paid attention to the movie and half to my daydreaming, his pre mixing with the butter and of course I went back to the bucket when I thought I was ‘running low’ heh.

Yoichi suddenly gripped my arm and I looked over at him as he growled, “Unless you want me to cum all over this damn room, be a good bitch and drink your Alpha’s pupmix.” I huffed in shyness at his dominant tone, a little shiver going down my spine as I pushed up the arm rest between us and bent down, taking him to his balls in one go. Tasting the delicious mix of sweet pre and salty butter, I happily hummed around the fat wolfmeat in my mouth which made him grip my hair tightly as he humped up into my mouth. One of my hands kneading at his balls, rolling them in my palm, while the other slipped under his shirt and rested over his rapidly beating heart. I felt his balls rise and his cock clench repeatedly as I was washed away both in a tidal wave of cum and peaceful bliss knowing I got my Alpha off like a good bitch should. I pulled up after the first two spurts and let them fill my mouth before swallowing, having to do that twice before letting the third pool as he slumped back after his twelfth and final shot.

Greedily still suckling on his cock, I swirled my tongue under his foreskin, tasting the salty sweat which mixed with his sweeter cum. If he had let me, I would have stayed there gently rubbing out the last dregs of his cum and swirling the flavours around his cock, but he firmly tugged on my hair once which let me know Alpha said off. I gave the best pout I could manage as I pulled out and snuck in a quick kiss on his ‘lips’ and give him a bit of a stink eye. He just rolled his eyes and awkwardly tucked his still half hard and very sensitive cock back into his boxers, huffing at the tingles of the soft fabric against it. I wait til he was looking back at me to stick my tongue out at him, a dribble of his cum leaking out the side of my mouth in a pre-planned attempt to tease him, do not worry, I planned to save it for where it belonged hehe. His eye twitched as I tilted my head back, letting it run down my neck as I left my lips partially open, with a low needy whine coming from them. Heh, I thought with the way he stiffened he came again~

I collected the wayward puppybatter and greedily sucked it off my buttered hands, finally making a very audible gulp as I swallowed the rest of his delicious gift to me. My tummy felt very warm and he gave it a few rubs which he knows I like, he probably does too thinking about how he marked me on the inside too heh. Soon enough, the movie finished, and we cleaned up what we could, I even went over and picked up some popcorn bags that people had left behind. I know he did not think I caught him, but he picked up one too near him and tossed it in, such a good Alpha~

As we made our way out, I checked my phone and Scoutmaster Yoshi had texted about 15 minutes ago to say he was on his way which meant that he should be here by the time we walked to the parking space a few blocks down. Bumping into Yoichi on every other step until he finally grinned at me as I stopped and kissed him. “I love you Alpha~!”

“Heh, I love you too my lil Luna,” he rubbed my back before we went back to trying to find Scoutmaster Yoshi, especially now that the crowds were coming out for a Saturday night. Eventually, we spotted him a few rows down from where he had let us out earlier. He honked and waved at us, we waved back, his demeanor changed as he noticed Yoichi’s gauze wrappings. “Fuck… Forgot ‘bout that…” I squeezed his hand lightly in morale support.

Scoutmaster Yoishi got out of his car and waited for us at the hood of his car with his arms crossed, I rarely saw Scoutmaster Yoshi look so stern, I could only imagine what Yoichi was feeling as we finally stood in front of him. I could tell he noticed my split lip as he quickly glanced between it and Yoichi’s bandaged hands. “Son, you better tell me what’s going on right now…” For the first time in my life, I heard Yoichi genuinely pout as he refused to meet his dad’s eyes. Silence went on and I attempted to speak up, but Scoutmaster Yoshi just held up his hand to stop me. More time went on and I could feel how uncomfortable it got before finally Yoichi spoke up.

“I am sorry dad… I… It’s no excuse but you know I hate the city and being in public, and I…” He sighed softly and finally looked up at Scoutmaster Yoshi, “I was stupid. I had a breakdown and Keitaro tried to help me and I hurt him. I never meant to! He is the love of my life, my Luna…” I blushed as he said the last bit, glancing at Scoutmaster Yoshi who did not seem phased, or even really showed any emotion. “I ran away and hurt myself for being worthless… Keitaro… Keitaro came back for me and told me everything was fine… everything will be fine. I know nothing can change what happened, but I regret it with every fiber of my being, and I will for the rest of my life. I hit Keitaro, nothing can excuse that…”

Scoutmaster Yoshi, looked from Yoichi to me and I just nodded at him, letting him know Yoichi spoke the truth. He just let out a sigh and closed his eyes for a few moments before walking up to Yoichi. “Son, I need you to understand what you did was wrong. I know you said you had a breakdown, things happen, but they are never an excuse for hitting someone.” Yoichi started to speak up, but a quick shake of the head dismissed that. “I am not saying you are using that as an excuse. If you need help, all of us are here for you. I love you with all my heart, you are my son no matter what blood says. I have things I regret that I didn’t do for you, I was so scared of having you taken away I didn’t care for you properly. That is going to change, I know we are already doing homeschooling, but you are going to see a therapist too. I don’t want any ifs, ands, or buts about it. I failed you when you needed it the most, can you please let me make it up?”

Yoichi sniffled and nodded, hugging Scoutmaster Yoshi tightly who returned it with as much love. I smiled warmly at them as they had their moment together, Yoichi was finally learning that he really DOES matter, that he really IS special. We all got back into the car and drove home, my head on my Alpha’s shoulder and his leaning atop mine. We stopped by the admin cabin for a quick check up on our injuries and Scoutmaster Yoshi told me how impressed he was with me, which made me quite proud, especially after Yoichi claimed I was the cutest nurse he ever had heh.

Yoichi and I made it back to his cabin after checking up on our pups, giving them their dinner and going inside to finally have a nice shower. It was rather uneventful except for the romantic hug Yoichi gave me under the warm rain. Scoutmaster Yoshi brought us dinner. Yoichi as unabashed as ever started munching away without even a towel on! Apparently, Scoutmaster Yoshi was used to seeing Yoichi naked which made perfect sense. I shyly took mine with my towel halfway falling off as I shimmied over to the bed.

The evening passed relatively quietly as we cuddled on the bed, enjoying each other companies as he held me close and gently rubbed at my tummy. “Keitaro? I love you.”

I could not help but blush at the unprompted proclamation, usually I was the one who initiated it. “I love you too, Yoichi.” I do not know how but I could tell he was smiling, his rough calloused hand slipping under my shirt to rub me directly.

“Hmm… I wonder why the pup bump hasn’t shown up yet…?”
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