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Reproduction of 'THE OYSTER' erotic magazine published in London in 1883 VOL. 1 ch-04 for all erotica lovers. Part of the treasure I found in London containing classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

I may have mentioned in a previous epistle to this esteemed journal that Doctor Simon White was a keen horticulturalist and was often to be found during his few hours of leisure preparing learned papers upon the delights of flora and fauna. And it was just such a paper that he was working on when I called upon him in his private study. It was typical of the man that, although deeply engrossed in the preparation of his thesis (those readers interested in his works may read them in the quarterly magazine produced by the Royal Horticultural Society), he looked up and greeted me in his usual affable fashion. Every boy at Nottsgrove knew that the headmaster’s sanctum was somewhere they could go to at any time to discuss a personal matter of any de***********ion.

‘Andrew, my dear old chap, come in,’ boomed the good doctor. ‘I haven’t had a chance to speak to you for some days, and I wanted to know how Forbes-Mackenzie behaved himself during his recent initiation?’

‘Oh, very well, sir, very well indeed. He played his part to the full, showing every kindness and consideration to his partner.’

‘That is good to hear, Andrew, I am well pleased! Far too many young men partake of the joys of fucking but forget to ensure that the lady who is providing such exquisite delight is also entitled to some happiness, especially as she may be running the risk of an unwanted swollen belly! I hope that we won’t have any problems on that score.’

‘I don’t think so, sir, as Lucy and Amelia were both experienced enough to-‘

‘Amelia?’ interrupted my old mentor. ‘Surely you don’t mean that the lovely young wench Amelia Fenland partook of the delicacies of the feasts of love?’

‘Well, yes, sir. I must apologise for mentioning a lady’s name in such a context,’ I stammered.

‘Yes, to be sure, you must hold your tongue about such affairs,’ said Doctor White. ‘However, no damage is done as I shall not repeat your indiscretion. I am a little shocked to think that she would enjoy sharing with Lucy. Indeed, I did not know that she had even crossed the Rubicon, so to speak. I hope this was not the first time she was threaded?’

‘Oh, no, sir,’ I replied, somewhat relieved, that I had not compromised an extremely pleasant girl. ‘She was well versed in the arts of fucking, sucking and every facet of the noble sport.’

He nodded, pleased with the information as he had no wish to proselytise any young person to his own liberated philosophy, nor did he wish a breath of scandal to mar the glorious reputation of the old school.

I sighed with relief as the conversation had taken a turn in exactly the path I needed to bring up the ticklish problem that was bothering me.

‘Sir, there is a problem bearing some relation to such matters which brings me here,’ I said.

‘Nothing too serious, I hope?’ said my old mentor. ‘Sit down, my boy, sit down. You know as do all my scholars that you may talk to me in complete confidence about any problem, great or small.’ He motioned me to take a pew and he settled himself in the deep French armchair that the Old Nottsgrovian Society had presented to him some six years back upon the occasion of his fortieth birthday.

‘Well, Andrew,’ he said encouragingly. ‘Spit it out and let me hear what is troubling you. As you know, I take a special interest in you and other boys whose parents are often abroad, acting in loco parentis especially in personal and private matters.’

Reassured, I blurted out my thoughts-how I thought so highly of Lucy yet only that morning-I had banished her from my mind when the beautiful Louella offered me her delicious body and I had totally succumbed to her blandishments.

‘When I am with Lucy,’ I said earnestly, ‘we enjoy each other’s company tremendously. We talk, we laugh and when we are locked together in times of passion, we cling together in a stillness, lost in each other’s presence, speaking few words, scarcely moving.’

‘And yet you felt similar feelings when you were with Louella?’ prompted the headmaster.

‘Yes, sir, I must admit that I did,’ I said somewhat shamefacedly. ‘I feel that Lucy will be most hurt if she knows that I am showing favour to other girls.’

‘Your worry does you credit.’ said Doctor White gravely, although I could not help but perceive that he had a slight twinkle in his eye. ‘But have no fear, Andrew. Lucy thinks highly of you and indeed of all her lovers. She will not fuck lightly, Andrew, and there are many students and I suppose members of staff who would give their all to have their pricks inside my niece-and I don’t really blame them either! But Lucy takes her pick of the pricks that are offered to her and she has yet to find the right man to marry. When she does, I am afraid that you and all the others will have to find another mistress as she will then transfer all her favours to the lucky man who will stand beside her at the altar. But rest assured, Lucy has no thought of marriage for some time and you may enjoy your romps with a clear conscience. However, in all fairness, I think you should ask her permission before you bring another girl into your, ah, activities. She may not know the girl which could cause embarrassment or, even worse, she might not like her which could cause problems all round, not least for yourself.’

‘I believe the two girls are not unacquainted, sir,’ I said.

‘Make sure, make sure-that is my advice, Andrew,’ said Doctor White with a grin. ‘And here is some final advice. Let the two of them get together first with you in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Louella is coming to Nottsgrove tonight? You know that guests must leave by ten o’clock, you randy young puppy? I expect you to obey the rules, you know! However, if I were you I would entertain them first with refreshments in your room. Then, perhaps you could read to them. Oh, yes, that would be an excellent plan, and I have a splendid volume of classical literature you may borrow. I suggest you read a portion of the work of Mr Cleland which you will find on page three hundred and five.’

‘I should read to them, sir?’ I said, rather puzzled by this somewhat strange advice.

‘Certainly, Andrew,’ said the Doctor, rising from his chair. ‘Most certainly you should do just what I tell you. After all, think on the words of the great Virgil:

Tale tuum carmen nobis, diuinepoeta, quale soporfessis in gramine, quale per aestum dulcis aquae saliente sitim restinguere riuo.’

(For us your song, inspired poet, is like sleep on meadow grass for the fatigued, or in the heat quenching one’s thirst from a leaping stream of sweet water.-Virgil, Eclogue V.)

And with these words ringing in my ears, he sent me packing, clutching his book under my arm. I pondered yet again as to whether Doctor White had taken my problem seriously for there was, I was sure, the hint of a smile playing around his lips as he wished me good afternoon. But was there really any alternative, I asked myself with resignation? In truth, there was none, and I knew that I should have to screw up my courage to the sticking point and face my beloved Lucy. I would tell her quite straightforwardly and with as much candour as I could muster that I had chanced upon meeting a very pleasant young lady that morning and that I had invited her to spend the evening with us. There was no way to avoid adding that I had enjoyed a marvellous fuck with the lady, Louella Morrison, who perhaps Lucy had met before. If Lucy chose to be annoyed by the idea, I would have to inform her that I could not now break my word to Louella and that if she, Lucy, thought I was a cad, so be it. I would accept her strictures in silence and beg her forgiveness. Of course, what really concerned me was the selfish fear that Lucy might be so angry with me that she would never again enter my study at night for a mutual spending of love juices and that our liaison would terminate for ever, but this was a risk I was forced to take and there was now nothing for it but to face the music!

I was so engrossed in turning over these thoughts in my mind that I can scarce recall how I spent the next hours until I was free to meet Lucy in a favourite place of ours, behind the cricket pavilion after tea-time. This was a most handsome structure paid for by Alderman Sir Michael F-, Lord Graham G-and a wealthy group of sporting Old Nottsgrovians.

I kissed Lucy and without delay told her that something was bothering me and that we had to talk.

‘Is this a matter of importance?’ she enquired.

‘It most certainly is,’ I said heavily. How was I going to tell her?

‘Does this weighty matter concern me?’ she twinkled lightly. ‘Oh, Andrew, what can it be?’

‘Well, my dear,’ I struggled out. ‘The matter of concern, ah, it is, er, a very, how shall I say this, a most personal, ah, affair.’

‘Concerning the fact that Louella Morrison had hold of your darling prick this morning!’ she finished triumphantly with a little giggle.

Good heavens! I thought with horror. Surely Doctor White of all people would never break a confidence!

‘Oh, Andrew, you are a chump!’ she continued. ‘Why, you silly goose, did it never cross your mind just how fortunate a coincidence it was that Louella was able to follow you? That she knew that you would be taking a walk this morning? Did you never think how ready she was for that glorious fuck in the hay? Was it by mere chance that Mr Greenhalgh’s cottage was so invitingly near and empty, too? My, how convenient all the pieces in the puzzle fall so neatly into place, don’t they, my dear boy!’

I stared in shocked amazement at my darling girl. Why, she had known all the time and from her words it appeared that she had even connived in the whole affair! What a thoughtful, sweet girl she was, I thought, as she looked at me merrily with a roguish smile upon her pretty little countenance. Of course, she realised that I would enjoy nothing better than a nice fresh fuck from out of the sky, so to speak, and I swept the lovely girl into my arms and we embraced heartily, lost in that strange stillness that only lovers enjoy. Readers, I shall always remember the smell of the green grass, slightly damp still after the morning’s showers, the smell of the fresh summer air and the softness of Lucy’s firm young breasts crushed against my chest. My lips found that little hollow in her neck, my arms went right round her to hold her tightly against me. Ah, what joy, what bliss! My hands roved across her and her flesh quivered beneath the journeying hands and it was as if the earth itself came alive as at the touch of a gale or a storm of rain.

The scent of sweet Lucy was like that of the earth, the sighing of her breath like that of the wind in the trees. As I fastened my mouth upon hers and laid my hand on her breasts, I was under an enchantment, her spell and the earth’s spell. For a moment I clung to her still more closely, and then we sank to the ground and my hands went under her skirt where, to my amazement, I found that she was quite naked underneath. As we continued to kiss passionately, I threw up the skirt to expose the naked charms of her pussy to the world. My hands pressed against the inside of her thighs and she allowed me to spread them wider and she covered my face with her own hands as she felt my breath between her thighs. My mouth touched the love-lips and my hands slid under her adorable bum cheeks, lifting her to my waiting mouth. I carefully examined the soft lips of her cunny, covered with downy golden hair and then I began to lick her and I trembled with excitement as my naughty tongue sought out and found the secrets of her quim. Her juices dribbled like honey from her parted labia and her clitty turned from pale pink to deep red as I flicked it gently with my wet, darting tongue. I delighted in the taste of her flesh as I licked and sucked at the stiffening little clitty and the juices began to flow over my face as I sniffed that erotic female odour, my nose buried in her damp motte. As I sucked and sucked bringing Lucy to new peaks of delight, I moved my own body to the side so that her eager hands could unbutton my now bursting fly. My cock shot up, rampant, as she plucked it out of its covering and pulled me across her as she reached across and sucked the tip of my red-capped cock which waved in front of her. She grasped it with both hands and took it firmly in her mouth, slurping lustily on the shaft as my body went into paroxysms of delight. I could not contain my orgasm and I shot my seed right into her mouth. Lucy’s mouth was like a suction pump and she swallowed every drop of my copious emission but still my prick was ramrod stiff and then I heard her whisper: ‘Andrew, my dear, I am ready for you now.’

She held me as I lowered myself on top of her and our bodies were joined from mouths to groins as her nipples brushed against my chest and I could feel their rough hardness, even through the material of her frock. I pumped again in time with her jerking hips as she clutched my own heaving bottom, inserting her finger into my bottom hole to spur me on to push my pulsating prick even further inside her sopping wet cunny. As I drove again and again she bucked her hips urgently to meet every thrust of my jabbing pelvis and she lifted her bottom to work it round and round, her hips rotating to achieve the maximum contact.

Desperately she clutched at me as I felt the boiling sperm gather in my shaft as my balls banged against her rounded bottom. She threw back her head in abandon and then a primordial sound came from deep within her as her climax spilled and coursed through her body. Her clitty rubbed against my own thatch and I groaned as I could hold back no longer and, with a crash, I pumped spurt after spurt of hot jism into her womb as wave upon wave of ecstasy thrilled through every fibre of my being. I pulled out my soaking tool, which was glistening with its coat of love-juice and was still dribbling out spunk, as Lucy swooped down and sucked the very last morsels of come from me as my cock slipped down into its natural state and the red-capped dome slithered back inside its covering of foreskin.

‘Oh, I would love another fuck, Andrew, but make haste, button your fly as some people might be walking by,’ she giggled.

‘I would love to fuck you again, my love,’ I replied gallantly, ‘but you are right. However, you could suck me off if we go inside the pavilion.’

‘No, my darling boy, I want you in peak condition for tonight’s little frolic. Tell me, will Pelham be joining us?’

‘I think not, unless you want him to be there.’

‘Oh, no, although a good thick cock like his is always welcome. But let tonight be just for us alone.’

‘And Louella,’ I added. ‘We must not forget her.’

‘No, I won’t forget her,’ sighed Lucy. ‘I suppose I must share your gorgeous prick with her but as they say, half a loaf is better than no bread.’ And after a final little kiss of farewell we parted, as she had to correct some French papers for Doctor White and I had to bone up on some German verse that I was to be tested on in a lesson the next day.

I tried very hard to force the lewd images of the two girls from my mind as I studied, holding the book with both hands, and ignored as best I could the continual pressure of the erection that pushed up from between my legs. But after an hour I could bear it no longer and sat down on my bed, opened my trousers and let my stiff cock spring out from my trousers. I grasped the throbbing shaft, rubbing it furiously as the red-capped dome slipped its bulbous head out of the top as I played with myself until my seed shot forth in a fountain of frothy sperm. It was not an unpleasant sensation but what a difference there was between tossing myself off and enjoying a glorious fuck!

After a light meal of cold roast meats and salad (thanks to Doctor White’s interest in horticulture we grew much of our fruit and vegetables in the school grounds and everyone will know how delicious home-grown produce can be), I decided to take a short walk around the quadrangle before retiring to my study for a short rest. After all, I would shortly have the honour of pleasuring two lovely, lusty girls and I would need all my vital health and strength if I were to give full satisfaction, especially as I had been hard at work during the day!

But as I was about to open the door to my study I heard my name being called. I turned round and saw a good friend and fellow sixth former, Paul Hill-Wallace, striding towards me. Paul was spending his last days at Nottsgrove as he had already gained a place at B-College, Oxford, to study philosophy. He was a brilliant chap and was still working hard at his studies when most ordinary mortals like myself would have used the spare time purely for leisure pursuits.

‘I say, Andrew,’ he said. ‘Could you spare me a minute or two?’

‘What is it, Paul?’ I enquired somewhat crossly. ‘I am rather busy just now.’

‘This won’t take long and I would appreciate five minutes, old boy. Doctor White has set me a fascinating paper to prepare for next Thursday and I would like to hear your views upon the subject.’

‘I am honoured,’ I said rather sarcastically. ‘What can I say about any matter of substance to such a distinguished scholar as yourself?’

This was a most unkind and unwarranted remark and Paul looked a trifle hurt.

‘Don’t be a rotter, Andrew,’ he said. ‘This will take only a few minutes. Come, let me in and we’ll jaw about it and then I will promise to leave you alone.’

He was such a charming fellow and I felt so ashamed at my lapse of manners that I nodded and welcomed him into my room. Paul was my age, just seventeen and a half, and he was blessed with a lean yet powerful frame. His lustrous brown hair was set upon a fresh and handsome face. I am no expert in such matters but Lucy’s cool judgement may be safely relied upon here, and he was of a generous spirit. Paul was always top of the class in all subjects yet he would willingly share his store of knowledge with his friends when it came to homework and he helped make our studies far less of a chore through his good nature. I must confess that I was flattered to be asked my opinion upon a matter of scholarship by so able and clever a chap!

‘Please excuse my rudeness,’ I said as we settled into our chairs. ‘May I offer you some refreshment? No? Well, then now, I am delighted that you should ask me to assist you. How may I help?’

‘Well, the essay I must prepare deals with the role of the novelist in society. I must discuss the importance of the novelist and of fiction in the continual changing pattern of the politics of the modem nation state.’

I gulped and quickly decided upon a course of action. ‘What is your opinion?’ I asked, throwing back the question to him.

‘I am somewhat undecided which is why I would welcome another opinion. I am sure that you will agree that it is hardly surprising for a philosopher to use the novel as one of his modes of expression. However, we must of course distinguish the novel proper, such as the works of Jane Austen or of Proust, from the novel of ideas such as Candide or the plain tale such as Moll Flanders and the modern metaphysical tale of which there are innumerable examples. The novelist proper is in his way a kind of phenomenologist for he has always implicitly understood, what the philosopher has grasped perhaps less clearly, that human reason is not a single, unitary tool, the nature of which could be discovered once and for all. The novelist has had his eye fixed upon what we do and not upon what we ought to do or must be presumed to do. He has the natural gift of a precious freedom from rationalism which the academic thinker achieves, if at all, only by a precarious discipline. The writer of fiction has always been a describer rather than an explainer. Would you not agree, Andrew, with such a hypothesis?’

I struggled for words for, truthfully, the only word I fully understood was ‘tool’ and in his context I knew that Paul was not using the word in its vulgar form. ‘I’m sure you are right, old fellow. Do continue,’ I said, settling myself down in my chair for a nap. Even during the early years of my life I had learned a simple yet important rule which was that when people asked you for advice they desired not your true opinion but, in reality, a confirmation of their own views and dear old Paul (who is now, incidentally, a distinguished don with several learned tomes to his credit which to my shame I have never perused) carried on and on until I felt my eyes drooping and within a short time I was deep in the arms of Morpheus.

I awoke when I felt my shoulder being gently shaken and a voice coming through the mists of semi-consciousness saying: ‘Andrew, Andrew, wake up. Oh my, oh my!’ Then I heard giggling and I woke up with a start. There in front of me were Lucy and Louella, both heartily laughing, and Paul was also standing there with a smile upon his face.

‘Ladies, you must forgive me,’ I blurted out. ‘Paul was giving me a dissertation upon the role of the novelist when ‘I, er, I…’

‘Went to sleep on me!’ Paul grinned and it was typical of the fellow that he had not taken offence at my rudeness. ‘Now, don’t worry, Andrew, Lucy has introduced me to this charming young lady and indeed has invited me to take tea with her guest. You too of course are invited and I can continue my argument if you so wish.’

I smiled weakly and stood up. I saw the volumes that Doctor White had loaned me on the table and I took hold of it. ‘Lead the way,’ I said. ‘And it will be my turn to entertain the company with a reading from a great novelist.’

‘That sounds extremely interesting,’ said Lucy and I thought I detected a note of irony in her voice but I refrained from comment as we walked towards her rooms which were on the other side of the building.

After we had made ourselves comfortable, Lucy said: ‘Did you really mean what you said about giving us a reading?’

‘I always mean what I say,’ I replied loftily and picked up the book I had taken with me.

‘Who is the author?’ asked Louella.

‘His name is John Cleland,’ I said, looking at the cover.

‘He was the composer of an erotic novel called Fanny Hill but this extract is from a piece extremely appropriate for Paul as he will soon be an undergraduate at Oxford University and this is entitled Memoirs of an Oxford Scholar!’

Lucy, Louella and Paul settled down whilst I began to read:

‘I released her, kissing her again, allowing my hungry lips to travel down to the warm spot in her throat where the twin pulses race in uneven tempo.

‘My impatience to possess the one who had occupied my dreams impelled me to lift the dear girl, my lips still pressed upon hers, to the waiting bed. Gently, so as not to distress the tender sentiments I saw reflected in her eyes, I unloosed my Chloe’s gown and, her passions keeping pace with my own, she unfastened the stays and lay back, her lovely body but barely concealed by the near-transparent shift. I made haste to remove my own shirt and breeches, and seeing Chloe’s hand move towards the fastening at the bodice of her shift, I helped her to undo them and to remove the last hindrance to my first sight of that body for which I had so long suffered in denial.

‘Her bosom, now bare, was rising in the warmest throbs and presented to my eyes the firm swell of young breasts, such as must be imagined on the most beautiful of goddesses. Their whiteness, their delicate fashioning, were all that man had ever dreamed of in his most fantastical imaginings. Their rosy nipples, surmounting the pale mounds of taut flesh, added to the final ravishment to my eye and the most exquisite of pleasures to my roaming hands. She lay there, silent, unresisting of the examination of her body by my lovefilled eyes and my pleasure-ravished hands. Her tender acquiescence to my probings encouraged me to pursue to completion my long-held goal. Taking her small hand in mine, I guided it down to my rod which had by now stretched himself to a fair tallness. The head was extended and blushed a fiery crimson showing the hot rush of blood to its tip. Chloe gasped, pulled away for an instant, then sighed as I placed her sweet hand firmly around the erect shaft, then springing up straight from the wreath of curls that lay at its base. She held her hand still, then by my tender encouragement began to stroke the member softly. Anon, with great fearfulness, she reached her hand down to its base, lingered there in the curly thicket and thence strayed between my thighs. I knew the softness of her fingers as she felt with wonder that globe of wrinkled flesh that held the honey of passion’s flowering. Her hand clung to the root of my first instrument, that part in which Nature contained the stores of pleasure and I made her feel distinctly, through the soft outer cover, the pair of round balls that seemed to float within.

‘The visit of her warm hands to those impassionable parts had raised my desires to a boiling heat and I, near to overflowing with ungovernable passions, set upon the attainment of my goal.

‘Her thighs were already open to my love assaults in obedience to the irreversible laws of Nature. I lowered myself between them, and for the first time did the hard bone of my instrument feel the wiry curls that hid Chloe’s full-pouted lips. Pressing on, that instrument drove at her breech, conformed to the dictates of Nature, yet shielded over with Nature’s own device. I pushed vigorously, yet came against a wall which would not open to admit me.

‘I begged my Chloe to bear with patience as I reached for a pillow to put beneath her buttocks, thus to make a pointblank aim at the most favourable elevation. Again, I lowered myself between Chloe’s spread thighs, and rested the tip of my machine against that tiny cleft. So small was the slit that I could scarcely count upon the accuracy of my aim. But assuring myself, I stroked forward with violent energy. My rod’s immense stiffness surged forth with implacable fury, wedged against, then rent, the seal that had denied me access. This furious stroke gained me entrance to the tip alone but following well the initial insertion I at once stroked again vigorously and aggressively, increasing the advantage just gained. Inch by inch, achieved with violent thrusts, I was at last in possession of that treasured prize.

‘At last freed from the demands of my own throbbing loins, I looked into my Chloe’s face and saw that she had pushed the sheet into her mouth to prevent her disturbing the house with her cries of pain. I gently removed the cloth from her hands and kissed her lips. Now deep inside her, the fury of my passion drove me to complete the journey on which I had started forth with such difficulty. I thrust and stroked heedless of the pain it caused the darling virgin. With an immense shudder, my liquids burst forth from me. As I withdrew my slackening member, I saw that the love-froth was tinged with blood and that Chloe had fainted with the anguish of the tremendous onslaught.

‘When she returned to her senses, she caressed and kissed me tenderly, explaining that I need not regret the pain that I had caused her.

‘Immediately my member, responding to impulses deep within me, begins to transform himself into the stiff gristle of amour. I kissed Chloe again, she responding the more ardently. She wraps her arms around my neck, thus allowing me the freedom to undo the laces that close my shirt and, at length, to remove my breeches.

‘I slip into the bed, already warmed by her pulsing body. Slowly I begin to make advances toward my adored wife, when she takes me by surprise, moving abruptly and lowering herself upon my member, by now extended to his fullest proportion. Following her impulse, she runs the slit of her Venus-mound directly upon the flaming point of my sword, thus piercing herself through the centre and infixing herself upon it to the very extremest degree. Thus, she sets upon me, straddling me with her open thighs.

‘I, in delight, pulled her down to receive the token of my kisses, at the same time increasing the rising sting of pleasure. I toyed with her pert breasts thus arousing her to a sweet storm of wriggles which apace aroused my own sensations.

Up and down she moved, in the inverted position of mortar and pestle. And then she swayed herself from side to side thus extending even further the arena of our mutual enjoyments. The volleys of heaves and counterthrusts increased to a violent rhythm over which neither of us had any more control. In anticipation of the ultimate moment, I pulled my Chloe down over me with a fevered emotion and, in an instant, we both discharged, flowing mightily from within, the one on the other.

‘I lay back, so overcome was I with the ecstasy of the moment, and Chloe, inflamed to an intolerable point, lifted herself off my still semi-erect weapon and sank down on to the bed, stretching her love-moist body against my own, also wet with the exudations of passion.

‘We remained thus, silent, for sometime.

‘Chloe’s thighs, by now obedient to the inclinations of both Nature and passion, happily opened again and with now a glad submission, offered up that tender, ruby gateway to the portal of pleasure. The velvet tip of my aroused organ met the deliciousness of her secret haven. I entered her, inch by inch, to the utmost of my length and, for some sweet moments, remained there, my sword impaling her.

‘She embraced love’s arrow in eager, dear suction around it, compressing it inwardly. Every fibre of her love-bowl strained too to be conjoined with my weapon of love. We gave pause, the better to delight in the sweetness afforded in that most intimate point of union. But the impatience inevitable to such a position soon made itself felt, and drove us to the mightiest action.

‘I drove into her with a fierce tumult and she responded with the most violent rejoinders. The more insistent, the more furious became my action, the more heartfelt and frenzied her reactions.

‘Oh happiest of mortals! We were joined in that most intimate of all positions. The rhythm increased to a superhuman intensity; and my body, suffused with the boiling blood of passion, convulsed with the agitation of my ultimate rapture. My discharge, which I thought would be diminished by the previous exertions, seemed only to be redoubled. And Chloe’s discharge similarly seemed to be amplified by such previous encounter and we were near drowned in the waves of liquid sweets which emanated with the immensest force from our bliss-parts.

‘We lay back, she in a pallor of faint and I, almost beyond the reaches of my mind in delight.’

It is not a false modesty but a true regard to the fact of the matter when I say that it was not my rendition but the beauty of Mr Cleland’s imagery that thrilled my listeners. I noticed that Lucy and Paul were sitting closely together and that Paul’s right arm was around Lucy’s bosoms and his hand was squeezing her left breast passionately while she had her right hand placed strategically upon the bulge between his thighs which she was almost abstractedly rubbing gently as she said: ‘That was quite wonderful, Andrew. Why, this has made me feel quite randy.’

‘I would rather like a fuck too, Andy,’ chimed Louella, climbing to her feet to nuzzle against me.

‘I am sure we would all enjoy some relief,’ said Paul. ‘Did you notice that he stirred our sexual emotions so greatly without once using an improper word?’

‘He is, or rather was, quite a special novelist,’ I said, smiling, as Louella began to unbutton my shirt. I turned to kiss her passionately and she slipped her hand inside my open shirt to run her hand deliciously up and down my chest and stomach. Our mouths were glued to each other as we staggered across to the bed, still engaged in the most passionate of embraces and then, almost before I knew what was happening, Louella was unbuttoning my trousers and taking my rigid prick in her hands. ‘Take off your clothes!’ she whispered urgently and she undressed even more quickly than me. We lay naked on the bed and my cock was now ramrod-stiff as the darling girl knelt in front of me. When her tongue touched its end and her fingers toyed with my heavy balls I knew that already she was accepting the taste of semen. She could hardly get her mouth over the uncapped redheaded dome but she licked ecstatically until I could bear it no longer. Gently I pushed Louella’s head away from my cock and lustfully grasped her to me, smothering her, throbbing lips with burning kisses. As her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, a thrill of lust came over me and I pulled my face away to bury it in the silky brown motte that covered her juicy Mons Veneris. It was delicious, divine. My heartbeat quickened with erotic excitement as my tongue raked her clitty then slipped down to probe deep into her cunt. Almost of their own volition, her legs splayed wider, bent at the knees, as she sought to open herself still more to me. I slurped lustily as I drew the lips of her cunny into my mouth, delighting in the taste of her flesh, licking eagerly to suck more and more of the thin fluid that was flowing from the depths of her cunt. I was in the seventh heaven of delight as I sniffed the unique female odour, my nose buried in her cunt hair. She gasped, jerking her hips upward as her stiff little clitoris was drawn further and further forward between my lips and her hands went down to clasp my head, holding my mouth tightly against her. Her legs, folded across my shoulders, twitched convulsively with joy.

‘Andrew,’ she gasped. ‘I… I… I’m ready for you now.’ My head jerked up from between her thighs, my eyes alight with eagerness and love for this tender young creature, and gently I stretched myself on top of her. She reached down between our bodies to guide my raging prick to the slippery entrance that was to welcome it. My whole being tingled with excitement as the swollen head of my tool teased the love-lips of her juicy, wet love furrow. Slowly I edged my prick deeper and deeper into the pubic mound as wave upon wave of exquisite pleasure enveloped us both. I let my hands rove across her heavy breasts, arousing the nipples until they too stood proudly erect as I began to fuck Louella, first slowly but then increasing the speed until my prick was hammering like a piston, my balls beating a tattoo against her bottom. All too soon I felt myself approaching the ultimate pleasure stroke and, though I tried to postpone the ultimate moment, my body was being wound up tighter and tighter until finally it exploded into one climactic release as I shot my hot, sticky juice deep into the sweet girl who was writhing beneath me as she rotated her hips wildly, lifting her generous bottom to obtain the maximum contact. I groaned as I felt her fingernails digging into my back and the tiny throbs in her cunny as my seed spurted jet after jet of love juice inside her. Desperately she clutched at me, her mouth seeking mine, arching her body towards me and somehow her clitoris rubbed against my own luxuriant growth of pubic hair. ‘Ooooooh, ooooooh, Andrew, my love that was the best fuck ever!’ she cried, her eyes closed in her own private ecstasy.

My lusty cock had fired the sweet girl’s sensuality to such an extent that she wanted me in her again. She took hold of my now shrunken prick but it would only spring to a semierection in her hand. ‘Give me a minute to recover, my dear,’ I panted.

‘You may have half that time,’ she teased, tweaking her nipples until they stood up like little soldiers ready to do battle. She then slid her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing herself gently as I watched with fascination. She parted the lips of her cunt with two fingers and massaged her clitty with the middle finger, her head thrown back and the other hand massaging her magnificent breasts. Shortly, her bottom started to wriggle in rhythm, her eyes closed and she was in her own private world. Her head started to roll from side to side and she moaned with bliss as she began to come to climax. Her rubbing went in jerks, her bottom cheeks tightened and slackened and by now my prick had perked up and Louella fondled my now rampant cock as we kissed passionately. She pulled my shaft beautifully as my forefinger tickled the crisp pubic hair of the lovely girl, tenderly moulding the soft, yielding lips, and then my finger slid into the dainty quim that was already moistened to a delicious wetness. Her hands roamed all over my torso as I frigged her with now one, two then with three fingers as she clutched my bum cheeks to bring me across her. Our bodies touched from head to toe as she guided the huge purple head of my tool to her dripping love hole and the silky stiff prick eased inside its natural home. Her teeth sank into my shoulder as my first strokes jerked her body to new peaks of ecstasy. I pounded home the strokes faster and faster as we rocked together, climbing to unbearable heights as our spendings mingled, and again and again my raging cock slid uncontrollably in and out of that juicy cunt. Our orgasms crashed through almost simultaneously as she milked my cock of spurt after spurt of hot, sticky spunk.

Yet my rod was still hard and the shaft throbbed with energy as Louella squeezed it gently. She lowered her pouting mouth and slid her lips across the dome, with one hand massaging the inside of my thighs and the other cupping my hairy balls. My cock was again rock hard and slowly she sucked on her sugar-sweet until her mouth was full and I began to move slowly forwards and backwards with my hips as she noisily slurped on the huge rod that engorged her mouth. I screamed inwardly as she engulfed me, taking almost all my length sheathed deep in her throat, sucking so sweetly that I was soon forced to whisper that I could no longer hold back. Faster and faster I pumped my prick until she gently squeezed my balls and I exploded inside her mouth, filling it with salty white cream which she licked greedily before swallowing, lapping up my juices, wallowing in the sweet taste of sperm as I moaned out my ecstasy, bathed in that wonderful glow of release that flowed all over every fibre of my body.

This was the most wonderful fucking session but after coming three times in a very short space of time I was quite ready for other players to take the stage! Paul and Lucy had already stripped for action and Lucy was bending over the bed, thrusting her superbly rounded bum cheeks upwards and parting her legs so that we had a marvellous view of her vermilion cunny through which dribblings of love juice were already coursing down her thighs. Paul stood behind her and paused only to give a gentle rub to his long prick which, although not of the thickness of Pelham’s or mine, was perhaps an inch or even two longer and it stood stiff as steel with its uncapped red dome reaching his belly-button.

Now he began in earnest. With one hand Paul manipulated Lucy’s sensitive cunt lips and clitoris and with the other he moved his long stiff pronger in a gentle in-and-out movement in the little wrinkled arse-hole that beckoned him so invitingly. He increased the tempo and pushed deeper so that soon he was driving full in and Louella and I watched with great enjoyment the long shaft of Paul’s tool whizz in and out of Lucy’s wriggling bum. She responded with wild, rising cries of joy and it occurred to me that a girl who is well and frequently fucked may be seen by her bright complexion and general merriness to be so.

Paul’s cock pistoned in and out and the long thick shaft of my own prick began to swell yet again and Louella rubbed the great rod fervently as at last Lucy reached the zenith of her pleasure and the bubble of passion burst. Paul shot powerful jets of jism into Lucy’s bottom-hole as he worked that long prick all round its tight little sheath. His strong young prick spurted with such vigour that Lucy’s thighs palpitated like moth wings as she reached the crest of a tremendous orgasm, her bum cheeks rhythmically swelling and tensing.

This had roused Louella to such a state that she could not bear to be bereft of the comfort of a prick in her cunt. She lay back and I moved on top of her and inserted my cock deep into the cunny that wetly enclosed its entire length. Louella gurgled with delight and her heels drummed upon the small of my back as her legs scissored round me.

‘Get your cunt right on the shaft, Louella!’ I cried, oblivious to the fact that Paul and Lucy were watching with renewed interest-and of even more import-the door of the room had opened and a young servant girl, Elaine, had entered. What a surprise for that sixteen-year-old beauty who had come merely to turn down the sheets of Lucy’s bed! The pretty girl stood transfixed as she watched me fuck Louella who writhed around on the floor as I shafted her with long, hard driving strokes of my thick stiff prick.

‘Now, Andrew, now!’ Louella cried. ‘Oh, my sweet love, fill me!’

My teeth were set with the coming of a lust that I could not restrain. I would not have cared if fifty young servant girls had been viewing us. I gripped Louella’s hips like a maniac, forcing her even closer to me, Smoothing out every little wrinkle inside her sopping cunny, my cock drove to her soft depths, and the great gusts of love pulsed and shot deep into her womb and she too climaxed in a glorious mutual spend. How we panted and thrashed around as I pumped spunk into her with Louella’s own effusion drenching my pubic hairs.

‘Yes, oh, yes, very, very much-and now!’ she assented and we fell together on the floor, though I took care to lay her gently upon her back, so that she would not hurt herself. I knelt before her and firmly thrust her legs apart, raising myself above her whilst I placed my lips against her soft white breasts, washing my tongue over a tiny little titty and settling full down to a lick-flick mouthing until both stood hard and erect as she arched her torso up as if to offer them for further urgent attention. My tongue licked and licked eagerly and moved in swathes over the resilient youthfulness of her breasts. No girl’s bosom was ever so thoroughly or lovingly licked and her nipples were now as hard as unripe berries to the touch. My cock was now bursting and I guided the huge uncovered knob to the pouting cunny lips that were ready to receive it. For a split second our hot eyes locked together and then, with an ineffable groan, I inserted some two inches of the meaty shaft and was full on top of her. Our lips collided and meshed together. She wriggled and worked her bottom to obtain a further length of cock inside her and this enabled me to embed more of my throbbing shaft as her cunny magically expanded to receive it. With a passionate jolt of my loins my prick was fully inserted and she cried out in glee as our bottoms began to work together in unison. How tightly her cunt enclasped and sucked upon my prick! We gloried in each giant thrust as her spendings dripped onto my balls as they banged against her arse. She implored me to drive deeper by twirling her tongue in my mouth, and cupped now in my broad palms, her tight bottom-cheeks rotated almost savagely as my tool rammed in and out lustily and she withdrew her mouth from mine, gasping and panting for air. Her kisses now rained upon my neck and I felt the throbbing of her pussy increase apace as she cried out aloud with joy at the stinging excitement of my thick prick driving furiously into her soft depths.

I plunged my face between her breasts and began to suck furiously at her left nipple whilst the friction in her cunt reached new heights as my prick began to move even faster, making us breathless with excitement. All the time she wriggled lasciviously and my tongue now lifted itself from the erect titty and shot into her mouth as she automatically flexed her vaginal muscles to milk the full length of my pulsating cock that was pumping in and out as my balls swished down, banging gently against her bum. Elaine was really finding out what the pleasures of a good fucking could be as her fingers now dug into the flesh of my back and her bucking torso wildly sought more and more of my prick as our pubic hairs crashed together. Alas, I could not contain myself much longer and she screamed with joy as, arching my body upwards, I plunged down hard, crushing her soft body beneath me as her legs flexed and she gurgled with pleasure as my frothy seed poured into her with a spurting gush. Elaine too had spent copiously and I hoped that our love juices would not stain the carpet. I said as much but Elaine quickly reassured me that she could remove any stains with a patent medicine!

‘A patent medicine? That is very odd,’ said Lucy. ‘What on earth is it called?’

‘Doctor Hopkins’ cough medicine, Miss Lucy,’ said Elaine, sitting herself down on the bed and showing no inclination to cover up her naked charms. ‘Why, we buy it especially to take the stains out of the sheets in the dormitories when the boys soil them after playing with themselves.’ ‘Good heavens! I must remember not to buy the mixture for any other reason,’ said Paul.

‘Doctor White uses it too,’ laughed Elaine. ‘He says it makes his roses grow!’

We all laughed merrily and cuddled up to one another on Lucy’s large bed. ‘There is just one matter bothering me,’ I said to Elaine. ‘I really should have shot my load over your tummy, for the last thing we want is to put you in the family way. This was most thoughtless of me and I do hope that all will be well.’

‘Oh, yes, Master Andrew,’ she replied gaily. ‘I have only just finished my curse days and I am certain that no harm will come to me.’

‘We are not foolish,’ chimed in Louella. ‘We have to take the risks so we are always as careful as possible, aren’t we, ladies? I personally sponge myself afterwards with vinegar and lemon juice, but choosing the safe days is perhaps the best way.’

‘I wish there was a medicine we could take to make us completely certain that no harm will come to us.’ said Lucy thoughtfully. ‘Whoever discovers such a potion will make his fortune.’

‘Or perhaps her fortune!’ corrected Louella. ‘I believe there should be female doctors. We are quite capable of learning the art of medicine.’

‘I agree with you,’ said Paul. ‘But don’t let us begin a discussion on the rights of women just now. Instead, who knows what Samuel Pepys said about a course of action to take if a man got a swollen belly up.’ None of us knew the answer. ‘Why,’ said Paul triumphantly, ‘he said, and I quote: “He that do get a wench with child and marry her afterwards is as if a man should shit in his hat and then clap it on his head!”’

‘That’s all very well,’ said Lucy. ‘But hopefully there will be easy, cheap ways made available soon so that society can adopt a more responsible attitude about bringing unwanted children into the world. It is a grave problem and most unfair as women take all the blame and shame of such a situation as Pepys describes, whereas it takes two to make a belly swell.’

We all agreed with her observation but were in no mood for serious talking and soon we were entangled in one heap of bodies rolling around on the bed. Unfortunately, Paul and I have only one prick each so whilst we lay on our backs with Lucy on top of Paul and Louella wriggling her pert bum in front of my face as she lowered her dripping wet pussy on my rampant pole, poor Elaine had to be content with the role of spectator. However, I placed her down between Paul and myself and frigged her hairy little slit with two fingers whilst Paul diddled her titties to an upright stance.

Now Paul professed to be a Socialist and I was (and still am) a staunch Liberal but we agreed upon the unfairness of the distribution of the good things in life. Why should Elaine be deprived of a good fuck whilst Lucy and Louella had almost as many pricks as they could comfortably manage? So to make up for this unhealthy situation, Paul and I spread the lovely sixteen-year-old on the bed and I lay down on her right, lying on my left side, and moved her firm young body to face my own.

‘I am now going to fuck you, Elaine,’ I declared. ‘And at the same time Paul will prod your tight little bum-hole with his prick, thus enabling you to enjoy a double dose of sheer bliss.’

‘Will it hurt?’ she enquired anxiously. ‘I have never had a cock stuffed up my backside before.’

‘Not at all, Elaine,’ I reassured the trembling girl. ‘Just relax completely and Paul will first wet his instrument to allow it free passage.’

‘I will help him,’ chimed in Lucy, and taking his great tool in her mouth, liberally coated it with spittle.

Without further ado, I reached for Elaine’s shoulders and glued my lips to hers, holding my hands firmly upon her shoulders. She reached for my rock-hard cock and I pushed my knob inside those juicy portals, feeling myself buried to the hilt in her throbbing sheath. We began the old heaving and shoving motions and as she thrust her luscious bum cheeks backwards as I plunged into her, I grasped them and opened wide the crack in between, parting the rounded globes so that the tiny, wrinkled little brown bum-hole was fully nosed to the attack of Paul’s long cock. Fortunately, the spittle and the fact that his tool was long rather than thick enabled him to push hard from the start. With only a short cry of discomfort he was well placed as Elaine began to wriggle and twist as we jointly rammed in and out. At one stage we both pushed in together so that I could feel my own prick rubbing against Paul’s with only the thin divisional membrane running between us. This was simply too much for me to bear and I pumped jet after jet of frothy white jism as Elaine and Paul continued to writhe in new paroxysyms of pleasure until, screaming with excitement, they reached the summit of the mountain of love and we three sank back quite sated from this novel experience.

Lucy and Louella were so fired up by our little threesome that they frigged themselves throughout the proceedings. But what a surprise was in store as, calmly as you please, young Elaine suddenly dived down and buried her head in Lucy’s blonde muff, licking frantically all over the golden forest until she came to the lovely wet crack, revelling in the depths of Lucy’s pussy and licking lasciviously inside her cunny-lips as far as her tongue would go, whilst one of her hands slipped under Lucy’s bum and her forefinger invaded her bottomhole, working in and out in a most exciting way.

Elaine’s own bottom wriggled up and down and I jumped behind her and, passing my hand round her narrow waist, handled her luxuriously covered mount quite freely, slipping two fingers inside her juicy quim. Her bottom cheeks wriggled again, so with my free hand, I guided my already stiff cock between them. Paul’s spendings had lubricated her arse-hole so my rigid prick slipped in quite easily, deeper and deeper as she rolled around, still keeping her head firmly between Lucy’s legs, nibbling away at the swollen clitty as, with a series of sighs, Lucy tried desperately to rub herself off against Elaine’s mouth. I had spent so much that day that it was several minutes before the hot squirts of cream shot off into Elaine’s bum-hole, in such quantities that I felt completely drained as I withdrew my still extended prick, now red and a tiny bit raw from the little wrinkled home it had found. A final spatter of love juice dribbled down from my dome onto the floor. I adjusted my foreskin and Louella giggled. ‘We’ll need an extra bottle of Doctor Hopkins’ medicine to clean the carpet!’ she gasped, and we all burst out laughing merrily.

I was now too exhausted for even one more cockstand, but Louella managed to suck Paul up to a final full erection and Lucy and Elaine took turns to have his long cock in their bum-holes until he shot a full load of sperm into Louella’s furry little cunt.

We exchanged our good-nights and crept back to our beds, Louella having arranged to stay the night with Lucy, and we none of us needed any potion to drug our senses. As soon as my head touched the pillow I knew nothing more until the morning alarm bell awakened me.

All that fucking must have been refreshing for my brain, even though physically I was quite exhausted, for I remember distinctly that an essay I composed that next morning on the foreign policy of Pitt the Younger was awarded an alpha minus by Doctor White-a rare honour rarely bestowed!




1. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, diaries, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

2. The Original Authors of most of these Stories/Letters or Articles are long dead or Anonymous.

3. The "Other" Classic Victorian Magazine of Erotica. No one wrote erotica better than the Victorians. Classic celebrations of the senses like Fanny Hill, My Secret Life, and Venus in Furs just flowed from their pens. The most celebrated erotic journal of the Victorian era was the justly famous, The Pearl, whose once banned pages introduced many an erotic masterpiece to the world. The Pearl's fame is rivaled only by that of its successor. For, according to the apparently authoritative and comprehensive Introduction by Antoinette Hillman-Straus, when The Pearl went out of business, a new publication rose to fill the gap, The Oyster. Displaying a totally uninhibited and delightfully erotic style, the Oyster was written anonymously and privately distributed. The Oyster was largely forgotten until an obscure edition was rediscovered in the 1980s, in the wake of the success of revived editions of The Pearl. Like its predecessor, the revive Oyster went on to become a bestseller in our time, a classic work whose style and de***********ions are so frank they still have the power to shock and compel 21st-century readers.

4. Out of the aforesaid collection, presenting 'The Oyster: The Scandalous Victorian Magazine of Erotica Volume 1.'

5. The Oyster was an erotic magazine published in London in 1883 by William Lazenby, a continuation of The Pearl Unlike its predecessor the emphasis was mainly on heterosexual pornography
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