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*This story has been uploaded to other sites in swedish. As that implies, I'm not a native speaker and the story takes place in Sweden during the 19:th century, which was a time when many swedes left the country for looking for better opportunities. I hope the foreign setting doesn't obstruct too much.

Lisa has settled at her new home, but something weird is going on at night between her master and the other maid, Sara. She decides to investigate.
Sara scooped up some more water and poured over the new maid's head. Her curly, sunny yellow hair straightened when it got wet, lay tightly over her shoulders and bare breasts. The new girl - Lisa - had put her arms tightly around her breasts as she sank into the bathtub, and had not yet let go.

"So how long have you worked for Mr. Karlsson?" Sara recognized Lisa's words as an awkward attempt to downplay the embarrassment of the situation. Apparently she was a little uncomfortable being naked in front someone else - girl or not.

"Oh, just a few months," said Sara, who herself felt how a familiar feeling began to build within her. It always started as a slight tickle between the thighs, almost as if someone had pulled a feather along the soft slit. Shortly after, she began to get wet.

"He seems to be a good man," Lisa said. "Not true?"

Sara smiled to herself. "He is a very good man. Especially if you are docile and do as he says."

"Of course," Lisa said.

After the tickling, it started to burn lightly, but in a pleasant way. It spread through the pussy and along Sara's arms and legs. It was now that her body began to scream for attention, and if she did not immediately remedy it, it would get worse.

"It's easier if your arms are straight," Sara said as she poured another scoop of water over Lisa's back. She put down the bucket and picked up a bath sponge. With soft strokes she began scrubbing the new girl's bare shoulders.

"I ... I might be able to wash myself ...", Lisa said uncertainly.

"Uh, it's no problem. We'll share a room, so it's just as well we get used to each other.

Lisa blushed and Sara felt how the fire between her legs became more intense. Lisa released her breasts and let her arms fall into the water. Sara stood behind her with her scrubbed back, but could see the pale, puffy forms, with small warts and slightly pink nipples. Sara closed her eyes as the fire reached her toes, and curled them on the wet floor.

Her body had always lived its own life. Boys and men, and the thought of what they were hiding under their pants, made it glow and burn between her legs. But it was only now, with this naked wonder in front of her, that a girl fused the same feelings. Sara had always seen herself as cute, even beautiful, but she knew she was fading compared to the new maid in the tub in front. A body created by the angels themselves to drive the men crazy, with nosy breasts, well-carved hips and a face so beautiful that it was hard not to stare.

Sara remembered the words Sigvard herself described her with, and could not help but feel jealous. When he took her hard from behind, was it Lisa he would dream of? When he squirted her mouth full of seed, was it the sun-yellow angel's lips he would imagine?

"Sara?" Without thinking about it, Sara's movements had changed over Lisa's back. The harsh movements of the sponge were now soft, massaging. They circled the exquisite shoulders with long strokes and went further and further over the girl's shoulders, down towards the full, waiting breasts. Lisa turned her head and Sara noticed a blush on the girl's face.

Sara had to clear her throat before answering. "Sorry, my mind was drifting..."

Lisa did not answer, but turned her face back, still red as an apple.

Sara continued with the sponge down over Lisa's shoulders. She washed the girl's neck and felt the wet curls against the skin. And then she trailed the sponge towards the beautiful, soft breasts again, with smooth, massaging movements. Lisa began to raise her arms, but stopped them halfway up.

"I can probably wash myself there," she said weakly.

"I can continue if you want?" Sara replied, slowing down, just as they were on their way over Lisa's pink, wet nipples. They looked ... stiff?

Lisa was quiet while the sponge caressed her skin by the sides of the breasts, but then Lisa held up her hand and took the damp sponge from her. Disappointed and with fire between her legs, Sara let go.

It knocked on the door. "Sorry, ladies." It was Mr Karlsson who spoke on the other side. "Can I exchange a few words with you, Sara?"

"Yes, Mr. Karlsson," Sara shouted back.

Once outside, her master stood with a wicked smile. "Well?"

"What do you mean, sir?"

"How's the new girl?"

Sara thoughts pictured the nosy breasts, wet with water and steam. "Sweet as the sun," she mumbled, perhaps a little resignedly.

Mr. Karlsson stroked her cheek. "You do not need to worry."


He caressed her cheek, the slowly moved the hand down her dress. Her nipples were stiff through the fabric and she inhaled deeply as he pinched hard. "Are you wet?"

Sara nodded.

"Show me."

She brought her hand under the hem of the dress and pulled with a finger between her pulsating labia. Just the soft touch was enough to almost make her explode. She raised her glistening finger and held it in front of Mr. Karlsson's face. Then she slowly and sensually licked it off, a quiet moan escaping her lips. His eyes held hers and she felt his fingers curl up under her dress, reaching between her legs, and softly moving back and forth.

"Does she make you horny?" he asked.

"Yes," Sara replied with half-closed eyes as she moved her hip towards his hand.

"Do you want her to touch you like I do now?"

Sara moaned in response.

"Do you want to touch her like I do now?"

"Yes," Sara whispered.

"Tonight we will continue your training. But before you come to me, I want you to touch yourself to climax. Next to Lisa, while she sleeps."

Sara hesitated, her legs weak from his touch. "How?"

"You will share a bed. Explain that we have ordered another, but yours will not arrive for a while. Come up with any excuse you want."

Saras heart fluttered. She would share a bed with sweet, beautiful Lisa?

"When you come, I want you to feel her."


"Anywhere, but it should be bare skin."

Sara swallowed. The nervosity was palpable, but so was the fire between her legs. Even more so, even.

"After, you come to my room. Then I'll teach you a new thing."


Lisa prepared for the night as she always did - a hundred strokes with the hairbrush. She liked her hair and even the curls, but without constant attention it quickly turned into something that could best be attributed to a homeless animal.

Sara sat at the bedside table next to her, also with a hairbrush in hand. She was wearing a thin nightgown that barely reached the knees, and as she sat with her legs crossed on the chair pale skin showed up towards the hips. Her toes were painted in a deep, red color, which Lisa perceived as strange in a working class girl.

Sara had explained that they would share a bed while waiting for another to arrive. Lisa wasn't going to complain - Mr. Karlsson had given her so much. And it was only for a short time. But Lisa remembered back to the bath, and the quickening of her breath while poor Sara scrubbed her back. Lisa had forced herself to interrupt it before the other maid felt how hard her nipples were.

She had never been touched that way before. Not by girl or man. During her eighteen years, Lisa had never had time with boys. There had been too much to do on the farm and too many problems to take care of. So when Sara touched her, so softly and sensually, something had hit Lisa. It had been difficult sitting still or breathe normally. At one point, as Sara's hands approached her breasts, Lisa's hand had settled between her smooth legs, touching the forbidden slits. She wondered if Sara had heard the little squeak escaping her lips.

Damn, now it started happening again. The moisture between her legs slowly spreading...

"Are you ready?" asked Sara, who was already lying in bed.

Lisa lay down under the covers next to her. She thanked the Lord for her nightgown, which covered the moisture between her thighs. They chatted for a few minutes before quieting down. She seemed so nice, Sara did. Lisa did not want to ruin anything so quickly, before the even got to know each other. If the cute, innocent girl had any idea about the droplets running down her thighs, turning the bed wet under her...

She closed her eyes tightly and tried to fall asleep.


Is she sleeping? Sara had been waiting for almost an hour. Surely she must have fallen asleep now? Sara touched Lisa's shoulder. No reaction.

Okay. She lay down on her back, her legs slightly apart. She wished there was more room, but her foot was already touching Lisa's legs. Softly, she pulled a finger along the dark cleft between her legs, feeling the wet and sensitive skin. She took it slow, as Mr. Karlsson had taught her when he made her caress himself in front of him, on a chair, while he watched. With her legs spread wide open over the armrests, she had come, time after time while he watched and gave instructions. Sometimes he brought a thin rod, narrower than a finger, and slapped her pussy with it. It was those orgasms that made her scream and whimper through the oiled wooden ball he used to clogg her mouth with. It was necessary as to not wake up the whole house and reveal their nocturnal meetings.

It was a simple, oiled wooden ball, fastened to two leather straps, which he tied around her head. The ball was small enough it fit in her jaw, but only just. With her mouth gagged, she could at best grunt and howl dully, but her screams were dampened to manageable levels. After some time with the gag, her chin and face was covered in saliva, drippling down on pointy breasts, which she then had to wipe off herself with fingers or undergarments.

Her hand had now picked up speed and the mattress rocked lightly with her movements. She pushed two fingers up inside her pussy while a moan escaped her lips. Her foot hit Lisa's legs and she angled over to the side, forming a spoon against Lisa, who was lying on her stomach with her face turned to the other side. Sara was about to cum, but as was she would fail Mr Karlsson's assignment.

All or nothing.

With her free hand, she began to pull up Lisa's nightgown, hoping the girl was deeply asleep.


Something woke Lisa from her slumber. A splashing sound next to her where Sara lay. The mattress rocked slightly, in time with the sound. A warm foot caressed her leg. Suddenly she felt a hand pull on her nightgown, exposing her skin to air. Lisa held her breath. Her brain had a hard time putting together the clues. She felt Sara's movements – restrained, but easy feel pushed against eachother as they were. The girl was touching herself! Under their shared cover! While... also touching Lisa?

Lisa was unsure of what she should do. She should feel disgusted, but... she felt ... warm. The nightgown was pulled up over her behind and without thinking about it, she moved so that the fabric could be released more easily.

A hand was placed over her bare buttocks and squeezed lightly. Lisa could not help it. Slowly, slowly, she brought her hand down between her legs. Sara's hand squeezed harder over her bare ass and she held back a gasp. Lisa pulled her fingers like a feather over her slit, feeling how the moisture stained her fingertips. There was something forbidden about touching oneself - seldom pronounced, but still well known. It was an insult to God, a submission to your basic carnal impulses. Humans were more than that, more than animals. God had given them the will and strength to resist such temptations!

But... it felt so good. And ... Lisa had to admit it to herself – but sweet little Sara next to her, squeezing Lisa's buttocks, made it even hotter.

"Oh!" Sara panted and Lisa felt something wet over squirt over her buttocks. The hand let go of her butt and Lisa tried to lie still, still with her fingers buried between her legs. Sara sighed loudly and the mattress shifted as she got up. Lisa heard her step out of bed, open the door and sneak out in the hallway outside.

Lisa felt the heat from her pussy, felt it pulsate under her fingers. She just wanted to start rubbing, giving in to her sinful desire. But she held back, forcing herself to be the docile christian she was raised as.

She lay on her back and stared up at the ceiling, feeling how the mattress got wetter under her ass, where Sara had sprayed something on her. What had it been? And also... what had just happened? Lisa thought of the bath earlier during the day, when Sara had started massaging her breasts. Had it been more than something innocent? Had Sara ... had a desire for her?

And where had she gone?

Lisa waited a few minutes, her eyes closed in pretend sleep, in case Sara would return. When she did not do so, she got out of bed and snuck out, barefoot, after Sara. She did not really know what the plan was. Finding her and ... what? She just knew she could not sleep with her pussy itching the way it did.

Mr. Karlsson owned a large farm, with a large house, but not large enough to get lost. Her and Sara's rooms were upstairs, on the same level as Mr Karlsson's, and it was a short walk from one end to the other. Therefore, the sounds from Mr. Karlsson's room reached her almost immediately.

The door was slightly open, as if it been carelessly closed without really shutting in place. A dull voice spoke from the inside but Lisa could not really make out the words. She snuck closer, her heart in her throat, until she was standing right by the doorway.

"And when you touched her, did it make you horny?"

A gasping, affirmative sound answered, and was immediately followed by a whipping sound and a squeeking, feminine howl.

"Did she wake up?"

Sara, who for some reason did not seem to be able to speak, replied with a negative muffled noise.

Mr. Karlsson, and Lisa recognized the voice as his, continued, "Do you wish she had touched you?"

It took a few seconds before another whipping noise broke the silence, followed by a muffled howl. Sara moaned submissively in response.

"Do you wish her head was between your legs now?"

Lisa could not stop herself. She took a step closer to the door and gently moved it open, just so she could peek inside. She gasped at the sight.

With her buttocks protruding and her legs wide apart, Sara sat on a chair, naked as the day she was born. She had arms wrapped around her legs, keeping her feet high in the air, with her bare toes curled and the soles of her feet wrinkled. Her body shone with sweat, the hair was a tangled mess, and something seemed to be tied to her mouth.

Was that a wooden ball? Fastened with leather straps? Was that what made her unable to speak? Did that explain why her chin and breasts were covered in spit?

But it was the sight of her pussy that really cought Lisa of guard. It was smooth as the surrounding skin, but reddish and moist. The girl jerked when a rod, narrow as a finger, hit the blushing pussy with a wheezing sound and she screamed with both pleasure and pain.

It was clear, both in how she wriggled sensually in the chair, and how moist her sex was, that Sara enjoyed the treatment. And it was just as clear that Mr. Karlsson, who was holding the rod, enjoyed having her stuck in the chair.

The rod hit the plump breasts, leaving a blushing stripe over the soft skin. Sara twisted in the chair and her nails dug deep in her thighs.

"You were a good girl tonight, Sara. So your punishment will not be harsh this evening. Twenty on the buttocks and ten on the lips. Get ready."

The girl immediately pulled her legs down and turned around on the chair, so she kneeled on the cushion with her ass pushing high against the air.

Lisa tensed up when she saw the big farmer take charge with his arm. When the rod hit the bare skin she slapped her hand in front of her mouth to quiet the involuntary gasp. Sara's howl was dampened by the ball in her mouth, but still loud enough. The next hit made Sara jerk spasmodically as she pressed her head down in front of her, pushing her forehead towards the seat of the chair.

Lisa watched the spectacle with wide eyes. She had a hard time understanding what she was seeing. Part of her was worried about being caught and she knew the smartest thing was to turn around, go back to her bed and pretend that she never never saw anything. But another part of her, the part that slowly took control of her body, felt something warm and itching build inside her. Without thinking about it, she started fiddling with the hem of her nightgown, pulling it halfway up her bare thighs before she realized what she was doing. With trembling fingers she released the thin fabric.

*WHIP* Sara moaned again. A dozen red stripes was now covering her buttocks and her bare toes curled tight as the whip hit her again. Despite the obvious pain, her ass rose higher in the air, inviting him to continue with the punishment.

The last lash hit its target and without catching her breath, the girl turned around, pulled her legs up and spread them wide, resting her feet on the armrests. Her clean-shaven, red pussy was now open to the world and it glistened wet with juices of the same kind Lisa felt running down her thigs.

"Good," grumbled the big farmer. "If you're a good girl now, you'll get a reward later. Can you be a good girl?"

Sara nodded obediently, sank deeper down over the chair and grabbed her legs with her hands so her feet dangled at head height, and wiggled with her open pussy towards Sigvard. When the rod hit her sensitive slit, she screamed loudly, but her legs stayed in the air. The next las made her jerk and saliva ran down through the gag and down her chin. She sprawled her legs, but sat obediently on the chair, ready to take the next lash.

Lisa abandoned all attempts at decency and pulled the dress fabric over her waist. She sank to her knees and let her fingers caress the hot gap between her thighs. She touched the little pearl that so often poked for attention, and a quiet, desperate moan escaped her lips. She sinned, and she hoped that God would forgive her, but right now it wouldn't matter. The only important thing was the scene that unfolded in front of her, and sparks of pleasure that ran along her body every time her fingers reached the right points.

The next lash made Sara hit her head and squeek through the saliva-covered ball. Lisa pretended that it was she was lying there in the chair, with her legs apart, her feet high above her head while her master whipped her pussy with a rod. Would she enjoy it as much as Sara? Or would the pain be too much? The sinful part of her, who now got a hold of both mind and body wanted to test. It wanted to open the door, go in and ask the patron to punish her as he punished the girl inside. But she held on, shaking, on the other side of the door, fingers buried in the blonde bush between her thighs.

The big man gave Sara's pussy one last lash. The whipping sound was overshadowed by Sara's long howl as she writhed in the chair of pain-mixed pleasure. The farmer put down the rod and freed the girl from the mouthball. Sara sobbed dully while the farmer caressed her saliva-covered cheek and playfully pinched her puffy nipples.

"Are you ready?"

Sara nodded and smiled through her tears. "I'm ready, sir. I've been practicing."

"Good." The farmer stood in front of Sara, with his crotch just in front of her face. Sara slid down the chair and knelt. With slightly trembling hands she laced up his pants and pulled out his semi-rigid limb. Lisa gasped over the size. By right, it should belong to a larger animal, but certainly not a human.

It swelled in the maid's hand as she pulled back the foreskin and playfully licked the dark glans. With parted lips, she took the cock in her mouth. The farmer stroke her hair gently while she held it inside her mouth.

"Good girl," he whispered, barely audible to Lisa, who was still slowly caressing her now splash-wet pussy. The farmer pulled out his cock, which had grown to its proper size, and slapped the girls cheeks with it. Sara giggled and tried to catch it with her mouth, hands clasped behind her back. The farmer pulled his cock over her lips before slowly inserting it into her mouth. "Now let's see how much you've really practiced, my little slave." With his hands around her head, he pushed his cock deeper and deeper, inching closer to her throat. Sara quivered with her lips around his cock, but made no movements to push him away. The farmer relieved the pressure a little, let her breathe for a few seconds before again forcing his cock deeper into her mouth.

Lisa smacked her fingers against her pussy and tasted herself. It was not an unpleasant taste, and it spurred her excitement, feeling her own juices against her tongue. She wondered what flavors Sara tasted, with the cock deep in her mouth. What was it that made the maid submit to her master to such a level as to letting him whip her, not only on the ass but also her bare cunt? And now he was pushing his cock pump deeper and deeper into her mouth, as her face turned red. She started to gag. One time. Two times. Three. Saliva hung in thick strings from his cock and her lips when the broadshouldered farmer once again let her breathe.

"Now it's going down," the he announced, fixing his eyes on Sara's. She nodded with puppy-like obedience through her salivated face and gaped wide.

Lisa stuck a finger as deep as she reached in her warm sex as the cock penetrated Sara's mouth and slid down her throat. She could see how it bulged when the throat gave way to the cock, and suddenly Sara's chin was pressed against the farmer's balls.

"Oh yes... good girl," groaned the farmer, holding her head with both hands. Lisa could see Sara trembling from the effort to hold the cock in her throat, gagging and whimpering, and when the big farmer finally pulled out his cock, she croaked loudly and gasped for air. Her master smacked playfully his cock against her cheek while he let her breathe for a few seconds. But the young maid did not need long. After a short minute, she raised her gaze again and parted her lips. Mr Karlsson did not hold back this time. With one single thrust, the entire length of his cock penetrated the petite maid's mouth. With the power of a man who spent his life doing heavy farm work, he started pumping his cock in and out of the girl's throat, fucking her face without restraint.

Lisa felt herself approaching something. How her body began to react more and more strongly to the finger buried in her pussy. The feelings of shame that previously haunted her was long gone, as she pulled up her nightgown and began to caress her full bosom intensely. She twisted a nipple while watching the big farmer pull out his cock after an extra long pass in Sara's throat. A moan escaped Lisa as the pain became a little too much, but she did not let go of the dark bud until the big farmer started fucking the girl's face again.

Lisa, at this moment, longed to change places with the girl. To feel the older man's cock in her. To be completely in his control. She pretended she was sitting on her knees, drenched in both sweat and saliva, while her master pumped his cock to the root of her mouth. Feel his hands on her scalp and cheeks against his short pubic hair as he held his cock deep in her throat until she began to run out of air. And then a little longer. She pretended it was her making the gagging sounds echoing through the room and out the hallway.

"Are you ready, slut?" the farmer asked harshly and pulled out his cock. The girl, the little, innocent maid Sara, nodded with tears along her cheeks. The master farmer started jerking his cock in front of her face and Sara opened her mouth wide, showing her tongue. With a loud grunt, he sprayed his semen over her face and as it connected with the cute mouth and nose, it started to flash in front of Lisa's eyes. She came in the first real orgasm of her life.

As she shook in the middle of her climax, she saw the strings of semen hit Sara on the back of her nose, hair and cheeks. Only the last spurts hit the mouth and the waiting tongue. But the girl still smiled and stuck out her cum drenched tongue so the farmer had something to clean his wet cock on. "Good girl," he whispered, patting her tenderly on the cheek as she swallowed his load.

"Was I as good a girl as you hoped, sir?"

"And much more."

Lisa, not just a little ashamed and surprised at herself, quietly withdrew. She dropped the nightgown back down over her thighs and walked on unsteady legs back to bed. Once there, she lay down and stared at the ceiling. What had happened to her? How had she lost control of herself so completely?

About an hour before sunrise, Sara returned to the room. Lisa pretended to sleep when the girl slid down under the blanket next to her. A few minutes later she felt an arm close around her waist and a hand cupping her breasts over the nightgown. Another few minutes later, it pinched the hard nipple through the fabric and Lisa suspected that Sara had received new assignments from her master.

Lisa didn't remove the hand.


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