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Keitaro listens in on one of Yoichi's classes before having a night he won't ever forget!
“GAH! WHY DO THESE NOT MAKE SENSE!? WHO CARES ABOUT CREDITS AND DEBITS!?!” I tried to hold back my giggles as Yoichi sighed in exasperation, throwing his arms up in surrender as he leaned back his chair. Scoutmaster Yoshi had converted one of the newly retired scout cabins into a makeshift school of sorts for Yoichi to attend every day. He told me that Mr. Goro had given approval only if they could find a use for it for the summer program, so with the help of Ms. Yuri it would be transformed into the official Infirmary.

Scoutmaster Aiden crossed his arms, “Look, Big Man, I don’t make the rules. Yoshi wants me to teach you, so I am. I know you think Keitaro can handle all of this stuff for you in the future but who says he is going to be around?” I stopped myself from jumping in when Yoichi let out an angry growl, Scoutmaster Aiden appeared unfazed. “Hey, I’m not trying to say he is going to ditch you but what happens if he gets sick or has to go away on a work trip huh? Are you going to go out in the woods and catch some dinner? No, you’re gonna grow up and learn how money works, alright? So you can take care of Little Man.” Yoichi huffed but lowered his chair back down on the ground, giving the homework another glance over.

I try to help as much as I can when I come over for the weekends, or as much as Yoichi lets me at least. He switches from trying to manipulate me into doing it for him, to being as stubborn as he used to be by refusing any help, with very little middle ground. Out of all the subjects, only science struck an interest after he learned that ‘little things make up big things and that you can make new things by combining things together’. Math on the other hand…? His absolute worst subject, he hates it with a passion and cannot seem to understand why it would be needed. I could kind of see his point if you lived his life, but if I want him to live an at least close to normal life, he needs some rudimentary math skills. Of course, English was a disaster in the making when he realized you could look up curse words to sound smart. That did NOT go over well with Scoutmaster Yoshi.

Speaking of, Scoutmaster Yoshi, Scoutmaster Aiden, and Ms. Yuri all got certified to teach classes! Scoutmaster Yoshi is teaching English/Writing, History, and Science. Scoutmaster Aiden is teaching Life Skills/Home Ec, Math/Personal Finance, and Physical Education of course. Lastly, Ms. Yuri comes by every Tuesday and Thursday evening to teach Art and Music. Some of the paintings Yoichi has given me would NEVER have been approved by Scoutmaster Yoshi, but for some reason Ms. Yuri does not seem to say anything! I only have so much room underneath my bed!

I kicked my feet while looking around the room, it was cute with all the school posters plastering every inch of available wall space heh. It seems that Scoutmaster Aiden got through to Yoichi because he is unusually quiet, or well at least not cursing aloud anymore. Glancing over I could not help but feel warm pride as Yoichi was hunched over writing numbers in the small boxes on his worksheet. I peered over to see that it was indeed a ledger. He gave me a bit of a side-eye but continued to work while Scoutmaster Aiden pointed a few mistakes out. Finally, he leaned back, "No more Buttcheeks! Keitaro is over and I don't want to bore him to death!"

"Heh, Yoichi, you need to study, you have some homework leftover from English right~?" If looks could kill I would be 6 feet under already hehe. I just batted my lashes at him, tongue sticking out a hair. "Don't worry, I'll help~" He got up grumbling something about traitors. I stood as well, wrapping my arms sweetly around him, pecking all over his face to calm him down.

"Alright, I am gonna head out dudes. Big Man, you need to do your homework. Little Man, make sure he does it." I nodded and gave Scoutmaster Aiden a smart salute, he just chuckled and left. Yoichi gave a dismal look at his desk before flashing me some puppy dog eyes, a shake of my head made him growl but he picked up the sheets and took them with us back to the cabin. Taiga was not here this weekend due to a family thing; he did not say much but I made sure he was okay. Yoichi sprawled out onto his bed, leg hanging off the precipice.

"Heh, not gonna leave any room for your girlyfriend~?" I had my hands on my hips, tilting my head to the side so my hair angled itself away from my face. Yoichi gave his signature wolfish smirk.

"Tch, why do you think that? You belong atop me~" I gave a little huff before crawling on him, peppering his jaw with kisses until I finally reached his lips. He rubbed my lower back as we both relaxed, eventually I leaned over and picked up one of the sheets, plopping it onto his face and started drawing. I could not exactly tell what his expression was, but he let me do it uninterrupted for about 10 seconds before attempting to playfully bite the pencil through the sheet.

"Hey! Stop it Alpha!" He huffed but obeyed, another 10 seconds went by before I pulled it away and slid off him until I was cuddled into his side, holding up the paper. On the corner near his name was a heart with the letters K & Y inside. He just snorted and kissed my forehead. We lingered there for a while, enjoying each other’s warmth, listening to the pup’s growl and play with each other outside before I sat up. “Okie, it’s time to finish up!” He snorted some and tried to resist but a prompt tickling ended up with us rolling off the bed onto the floor. Yoichi’s triumphant grin glinted with a mischievous air as he scooted forward until his bulge was resting on my face.

“Ah there it is~! I was wondering where that paper went! Hmm, it seems to be missing a page! I wonder how long it would take to find~!” I glared up at him, or at least tried to with his big fat bulge smooshing my face. With a giggle I just nuzzled it which deflated him some that I was not resisting or pouting. In the end he got off and we finished up his homework he had for the day before heading off to the Mess Hall. Scoutmaster Aiden was waiting for us there along with Scoutmaster Yoshi, and… Ms. Yuri?

“Hey Scouts!” Scoutmaster Yoshi waved at us as we got closer, a big beaming smile on his face while Ms. Yuri gave a small wave as well. I smiled and waved back. Yoichi immediately heading over to the food that was set out on the table, soon enough having a ginormous pile that I had no doubt he would eat heh. We all sat down and talked about some of the things happening in our lives, how Scoutmaster Yoshi was going to get his car fixed soon because of the increase in pay, how Ms. Yuri met this cute guy at a bar who, uh… anyway! Scoutmaster Aiden decided that in the spring he was going to go back to college to finish his business degree, Mr. Goro even hinted at letting him do ‘extensions’ to Camp Buddy whatever that meant, if he completed it.

“Well boys, we normally head out Saturday evenings, but it seems, Missy over here,” Scoutmaster Aiden nudged Ms. Yuri who blushed and giggled, “has a date tomorrow night so we will be heading out tonight instead. I hope that’s fine?” Yoichi seemed ready to protest but I quickly interrupted him.

“Yeah! That’s fine Scoutmaster Aiden!”

“Little Man, you realize you can just call me Aiden, right?”

“Tch! Or Buttcheeks heh!”

I shot a glare at Yoichi before turning back to Scoutmaster Aiden, “Yes! Of course, Scoutmaster Aiden!” My beaming grin made all of them laugh, Yoichi put his arm around my waist as I leaned onto his shoulder. I knew he did not think I caught it, but I saw how Scoutmaster Aiden looked at Scoutmaster Yoshi. I really hope that one of them gets brave enough to make the first move. We have heard them after all heh. I helped put away the dishes to soak before waving at them as they left. Yoichi seemed eager to do something as he kept glancing at them to see where they were as we made out way back to our cabin. He grabbed my hand and tugged me along away from our cabin when he thought the coast was clear. Where was he taking us?

We trudged along the forest path before diverging into the brush, my head tilting but he did not say a word just tugged me harder causing me to stumble along. After another five or so minutes he paused, glancing this way and that before bringing his finger over his lips in the universal sign to shhh. I rolled my eyes but nodded, he gave a great big grin before stepping past the bushes and gestured to the small clearing. I blinked a few times trying to understand what in the heck he was pointing at. It was a weird ramshackle amalgamation of metal with a few tubes sticking out surrounded by a ring of rocks and a taped over bucket. As we got closer I could smell some woodsmoke and what seemed to be corn. Wait…


Somehow his smirk got even wider, hands on his hips as he posed triumphantly. “Tch! You bet your pretty pink pussy it is!” I did not know whether to blush or hit him upside the head as the still burbled a little and the sounds of droplets hitting liquid in the bucket filled the air.

“YOU DO REALIZE THAT CAN BLOW UP AT ANY MINUTE?!” He blinked and looked at it for a minute before huffing, glancing back at me.

“U-Uh… No, it can’t!” I facepalmed, hard. Taking a deep breath before staring at him.

“Yoichi put it out right now. You could kill us or catch the forest on fire, hurting the pups and Camp Buddy.” He looked rather hurt, a crestfallen frown on his face as he nodded once.

“I… Alright, Keitaro, just wanted to surprise you is all…” As he went to put it out, I could not help but feel bad, it was nice he was trying to give me a present but exploding the forest was not a price I was willing to pay. I gently gave him a hug as he put out the smoldering embers with a bucket of water he had off to the side.

“Yoichi, thank you for trying to surprise me but you do KNOW this is illegal right?”

He arched a brow and shrugged making me sigh. “Yeah, but I wanted to make my pretty little Luna something special~” He winked and licked my cheek which pinked as I puffed them out at him. “Well can we at least drink what I made so far, so we can try it for Hiro’s birthday party on Sunday~?” I immediately started to protest but he quieted me down by sticking his tongue down my throat, licking around and I instinctively submitted. After a few moments he pulled back with his signature wolfish smirk, “It’s settled then, I won’t make any more but we get to test out what I have made!”

“F-Fine! Hmpf! B-But only if we mix it in something!” I struggled to regain my composure and I could tell he was debating on whether to dominate me again but in the end, he decided that was a healthy compromise.

“Sounds good to me lil’ one, you go ahead and take the bucket back to the cabin and I will take this apart, okay?” I hesitated for a second, but he reassured me on his honor as an Alpha that he would, in fact, take it apart. Grumbling to myself as he untapped the tube from the bucket and I carried it back to the cabin, thankfully all the time I spent here with Yoichi wandering the woods had me going in the right direction. Glancing around to make sure that no one was watching, I went to Taiga’s old cabin that was mirrored to ours, but I forgot Scoutmaster Yoshi locked all of them up except ours and the schools! I snuck around the side and dashed inside, almost tripping and falling in my hurry. Finally inside I took a few deep breaths and relaxed against the wall. “Yoichi! You better not make me do this again!” I huffed, knowing deep down that he will, it is just in his nature.

A few minutes later Yoichi showed up with a bright smile, eagerly taking the bucket and my hand to the… bathroom? He stopped by the linen closet, opening it up and moving some towels to show 3 full mason jars and another 2 empty ones! “Heh, yeah it took a while, but I managed to take ‘em when Buttcheeks wasn’t lookin’!” I shot him a glare and he just kissed my cheek, “Hey, don’t blame me! Dad was the one who gave me the idea talking about chemical reactions! I asked him what sort of things happen when you boil different foods, and it wasn’t my fault I only listened when he talked about efanolics!”


“Tch! Samie-schmamie! Whatever!” He pulled out the two empty jars and unsealed them before pouring in the liquid from the bucket. He coughed some at the fumes, a large smile on his face, “Yup! That’s the right stuff!” I was starting to feel uneasy about the whole thing, but he surprised me by taking the two jars and heading back towards the front. “Gotta set these pups on the stove and let them boil for a few minutes on low to sterilize them!” I have to admit that that DID make sense, but I guess as long as it did not boil over everything was going to be fine… At least the fact that boiling it helps reduce the potency made me feel better, hopefully he does not realize that… I followed him to the Mess Hall and then inside of the kitchen where he placed the two glass jars on the electric stove and turned it on low, he sat back and smirked, “So, I was plannin’ on testin’ ‘em tomorrow night, but guess we can tonight, hmmm~?”

I rolled my eyes, “Yoichi, you do realize we could die right?” He huffed, crossing his arms.

“Keitaro, I did my research! I boiled ‘em on low to kill the germs, I didn’t use a lot of mash! I even cleaned out the jars! Besides, don’t you know boiling reduces the alcohol content?” I honestly was surprised; my Alpha not only did his research but apparently learned in the process!

“W-Well… Fine, but no more making alcohol! And we have to mix it!” He just nodded; he can be so damn agreeable sometimes! I wanted him to argue so I could throw it all out! I let out a few grumbles as I browsed the refrigerator for something to mix it with. There were not that many great options until I remembered that Scoutmaster Aiden had saved a spot just for me! Raspberry lemonade~ I caught myself before I could start drooling, the sourer the better heh! Well, if anything Yoichi can have some pink girly drinks! I took it out, searching the cabinets until finally finding what I was looking for but quickly hid it behind my back for a flourishing finish in a bit.

Yoichi and I waited a few minutes for it to boil before waiting AGAIN on low for a whole 5 minutes! I really was getting antsy about someone catching us here but a healthy make out session helped a little heh. He capped it, sealing it tight, after waiting for it to cool. Taking one of the older jars he poured about half a shot worth in each cup I had prepared. With a mischievous giggle and my tongue sticking out, I plonked two small paper umbrellas into the cups. I could swear I almost saw him factory reset from how hard his eye was twitching heh!

I lifted my cup and held it out in toast, he snorted and clinked before downing the whole thing in one go! I gingerly sipped mine and was surprised that it did not taste that bad, the sourness helped! We gathered the cups and jars, I grabbed a few snacks on the way out back to our cabin to relax for the night. I leaned back on Yoichi, head on his shoulder, smiling up at him as he pecked my lips. I stared up at him for a while before I started to feel a bit funny, it was like the room spun slowly around and then it was back to normal in an instant. I could feel Yoichi’s heartbeat steady against me, “Do you ever wonder when we are going to settle the moon?”

His violent snort made me giggle, reaching up to paw at his face, “Whaaaaaaaa? Don’t you think it would be cool to live on Mars? We could meet Martians! Why is it never Marsenesse?” I stroked at my chin, wishing I had a long beard like Saruman the White. “Would I look good with an old man beard?” I could not help but giggle again as Yoichi gave me another look, shaking his head and peppering me with kisses.

“No, nice and smooth for my girl, alllll the way down~” My cheeks flushed as a shiver went down my spine, biting my bottom lip as his fingers trailed down my chest to my tummy. A little huff as I sat up.

“Another! For the Horde! Blood for the Blood God!”

“You’re such a fuckin’ dork…” His smirk made me flush with warmth, tummy fluttering. He poured us another and mixed them with the little toothpick umbrellas. A gasp escaping me as I started at such pretty colours! Wow! Who knew blue and pink could make a masterpiece!

I gulped mine down as fast as Yoichi did this time, purring at the deep warm burn on the way down until it finally settled in my belly. Yoichi and I chatted a bit more about various games I was playing back at home and how I keep forgetting to bring my laptop! Camp Buddy rules are hard to forget heh! Stretching as I stood up, I glanced over to the setting sun spilling in through the window, “HAVE YOU FED THE PUPS YET?” Yoichi could not help but be startled at my outburst, my hands on my hips as I kept staring at him for an answer, “WELL!?”

“YES! Yes! Calm your tits Keitaro, I fed them earlier and won’t need for another hour or so.” I huffed, crossing my arms with a pout, looking out the window. He looked around the room baffled by the change of pace, looking down at himself to see if he had inadvertently done anything sexual to trigger me. Nothing was amiss. “Are you okay lil’ one?” He got up, inching closer, ready for a tirade.

WHA!? YES! I AM FINE! I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW I REALLY LOVE YOU IS ALL! DO YOU PROMISE YOU LOVE ME TOO?” He blinked as I practically yelled in his face, cupping my cheeks as he made me look up at him.

“Yes, I do love you, goofball. Now stop yelling!”

I’M NOT YELLING! YOU ARE!” My bottom lip pouted out, quivering as my Alpha was too loud, ears hurting. He snorted and held me close, rubbing at my lower back to soothe me as we made our way over to the bed again, he mixed us another drink and I sipped on this one. Relaxing in his strong comforting embrace as a yawn slipped past. I dozed for only a minute before jumping out of his grip. “We need music!” I grabbed at my phone, glancing at the albums before picking one and putting it on full volume as the wonderful voice of the Spice Girls filled the air. Sticking my rear out and shimmying over. “Yo! I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want! So tell me what you want, what you really, really want!”

Yoichi was absolutely mortified as I danced around in front of him, eyes closed, singing away for all to hear. He protested as I kept tugging on him to get him to join me, but he staunchly refused every time. It was only until my dances slowed and then fully stopped, tears in my eyes, did he relent. I chirped back up in an instant, happily swaying my hips and gesturing at him as he awkwardly moved side to side. Skipping around him, pecking him on the cheek, then lips, then ear. As the song progressed, I stripped off my clothing bit by bit which piqued his interest. When the climax came, I was totally nude, flawless in my presentation, adding in a few highlights here and there as my small cock bounced to the rhythm. We both heard some distant talking but paid it no mind, apparently Scoutmaster Yoshi’s outing ended early.

As the song was fading Yoichi pounced onto the bed and clicked off my phone, I glared at him. He offered another drink in consolation, I caught the feral look in his eyes as I downed the cup, still challenging him. He leaned over, gesturing me to come sit in his lap when-

My anaconda don't

My anaconda don't

My anaconda don't want none

Unless you got buns, hun

I blinked, a wide grin forming as I slinked over, swaying my hips. I could not tell if he was aroused or appalled as the song continued to play, running my hands over my chest down to my thighs. I stopped in front of him with a twist, bending over and touching my toes as I wiggled my rear in his face, “He keep telling me it's real, that he love my sex appeal. He say he don't like em boney, he want something he can grab~” Peaking between my legs I noticed a bit of drool on the side of his mouth heh. He grabbed at one of my cheeks and pushed a little to sneak a peek at rosebud hiding inside.

His smirk finally came back as he started to get into what was happening, “Oh my gosh, look at her butt. Oh my gosh, look at her butt. Oh my gosh, look at her butt (Imma fuck her butt-). Look at, look at, look at, look, at her butt.” I giggled at his little word change, heart beating fast as he nipped at one of my porcelain cheeks, hissing at sharp pain turning into warming pleasuring. My voice faltered, cracking as he spread them both this time and dived in with that magnificent tongue. I would have fallen if it were not for his strong grip on my waist. I do not know how long we were there, but the music had moved on to some sort of sad song and he properly turned it off this time. I needily rubbed at his anaconda still trapped in his shorts. “Calm down lil’ bitch, Alpha is gonna rut you right~” Whining with need as I pressed against him, biting his lip as well fell back onto the bed. Somehow with one hand he managed to pour our drinks while he fingered me with the other. I was a drooling mess when he put my drink to my lips, after a few moments of trying to suck and find the head, I pouted and drank.

When it was all gone, I pressed back against his hand and with a chuckle he went back to work prepping his bitch for his big fat wolfmeat. I pawed at it, struggling to unbutton and unzip it, whining louder as I grew desperate, hungry, for my Alpha. He finally managed to push my hands away for long enough to do it himself, surprised to feel the back of my throat so quick as I practically inhaled him. He gripped my hair tight, rutting into my mouth as my drool coated his cock and pooled onto his fat nuts. I floated there as I was finally used, basking in the feel of being a proper little bitch for my Alpha. Only the groans and slapping of flesh could be heard as he used my mouth for what it was meant for.

Desperate in my need to be filled, I sucked harder, gentle tugs on his prodigious cum filled balls. I could tell with how deep his growls had gotten that he was getting close, all the teasing from earlier must have helped prime him heh. I felt his fingers intertwine with my hair, yanking on it hard as I whined out, pressing my face firm against his hips as he let out a loud howl. Hot thick cum flooded my throat and went straight down to my tummy, I could not help but shudder at the feel as my own soft dick let loose onto the sheets below. I suckled so hard it would not surprise me if he ended up getting a hickey heh, but I was too greedy to stop myself as more and more spurts filled me. Pulling back up to swirl my tongue around his foreskin, savoring the taste of his pupmix before plunging back down as his mighty orgasm finished.

A sudden choke broke his trance as I pushed against his hips, falling off onto my butt as I spluttered, cum drooling down my chin, “I-! I-I need to talk to Scoutmaster Yoshi! H-He deserves to be happy too! He needs to tell Scoutmaster Aiden!”

WHAT THE FUCK KEITARO!?” Yoichi shook his head, wondering if I had gone loopy as I staggered, trying to stand up as the room swirled around. I lurched towards the door, hand missing the handle and ramming into the door making me hiss but I got it open a second later. Thankfully, it was almost a full moon so I could see my way as I stumbled towards the Scoutmasters cabin. The cool night air nipped at me, but I ignored it as the cabin had gotten too stuffy and hot anyway! I had just made it to his door, knocking it on twice before putting my hands on my hips, “HEY! Scoutmaster Yoshi! I need to- UGH!” I was suddenly tackled, and my assailant and I fell into the bushes.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?” Yoichi hissed into my ear, clamping his hand over my mouth as he heard the doorknob start to rattle and then open. We both laid there quietly as Scoutmaster Yoshi poked his head out, looking around.

“Huh… I swore I heard Keitaro… I might want to go chec-“ He paused when a muffled voice shouted something from inside the cabin, probably Scoutmaster Aiden judging by the pitch. He huffed and shut the door; I could feel how fast Yoichi’s heart was beating. I wonder why? Scoutmaster Yoshi was a great guy! A few moments later he relaxed some, tightening his grip on my mouth.

“If I let go, promise to be silent?” I nodded and looked up at him confused. He let out a low growl, sitting us both up before hauling me to my feet with a simple tug. He glanced at the red scratches on me skin, muttering something about only he gets to do that. “Let’s get back to the cabin alright?” I nodded again with a shrug, leaning close to nip at his cheek before running back towards our cabin. I could hear him cursing behind as I ducked and weaved his tackles, running around the side of our cabin towards the pup’s house. “Keitaro! What has gotten into you!?” I slowed down as the world suddenly got a lot more swirly, feeling sick as I wobbled unsteadily.

He ushered me inside, letting me rest on the bed while he mixed another drink, “Hey, it’s okay, just… have another and let’s forget what happened alright?” My stomach was not feeling the greatest but hopefully this one would make things better. I ate some of the crackers I had brought to see if it would help, sharing some with Yoichi after he gave them a ravenous stare. I sipped on this one slower, yawning every now and then.

“Y-Yoichi…” I sniffled some, rubbing at my runny nose, eyes starting to tear up. “I-I am sorry about last w-week with the m-movie…”

“Why are you bringing that up Keitaro? It was my fault and we worked it out…” I shook my head, a hiccup escaping as I started to sob. He moved close and held me to him, rubbing my back. “Baby, it’s okay. I’m fine, I promise!” Another sob wracked through my body, tears and snot getting on his shoulder.

“I-I miss m-my parents…” I could feel him stiffen; we never really had talked about what happened to my parents. He just knew they had died a few years ago in an accident and that whenever it was brought up, I became a lot less bubbly and happy.

“Oh… I… Uh… I’m sure they would be uh… proud of you…” He pet my hair, unsure of how to conquer this lurking beast. I clung to him tighter, squeezing him with all the might I could. In the end, it did not amount to much considering his muscular frame, but it made me feel better that he was my anchor. After a few minutes of silence my stomach suddenly made itself known as I yanked free from his grasp and puked over the side of the bed.

Pouting after another heave, I pressed against Yoichi. He gently rubbed my back, looking around at a loss trying to decide the best thing to do. I was swept off the bed and carried into the bathroom bridal style. He turned on the water heater and held me close to him while I silently wept. He gently rocked me back and forth, kissing my forehead, “It’s going to be okay my precious little Luna, I uh, never met them before but I know they are really proud of you, that they love you very much.” A weak smile greeted me when I opened my eyes, rubbing at my nose before we went under the warm spray.

We both stood there, letting the water warm us up as I hiccupped a few more times. He gently lowered me back to my feet, rubbing my body and cleaning bits of dirt and leaves. I closed my eyes and relaxed, letting him mold me to whatever he wanted to do. Shampooing my hair was fun, we had never really done that with each other. Usually just fucked or had a quick dash of cleaning so we could do something else. I could not help but shiver when his fingertips grazed over my skin, tracing the fresh scratches. I leaned forward, spreading my legs some, waiting for the inevitable. It never came.

My brows scrunched together as I opened my eyes, glancing over my shoulder to see him looking at me with a serious expression. Tilting my head some to let him know it was okay, he shook his head once and pulled me back under the spray, washing to soap out of my hair. I was still expecting him to grab at me or pin me against the wall at any moment, instead he continued to care for me. When it was my turn to wash him, he was rather austere, grabbing my hand when I cupped his sizable nuts. When his rough lips met my soft ones, I melted. We stayed there, locked in a loving embrace, my tears washed away until the water ran cold.

I felt a LOT better after that, glancing at him with a sheepish smile, “S-Sorry Alpha…” He chuckled softly and kissed the top of my wet head, grabbing a towel and drying me off.

“Tis okay lil’ one, I didn’t realize you were that wild when you get drunk…” I shrugged at him, not really remembering that much as my head was starting to pound. He noticed my wince and got us both some aspirin to take with a glass of water. After we both were dry, I crawled back onto his bed. He cleaned up my puke as best as he could, disappearing back into the bathroom before snuggling close as I tried to will away the growing headache. Sleep came mercifully quick.
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