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Becca and her brother explore sex including golden showers.
Chapter 7

We had a lot of fun together after that. We were usually naked together in the bathroom getting ready for school. I’d be brushing my teeth while Eric pressed his hard dick into my butt and reached around and played with my tits. We took showers together that were real fun. We loved rubbing our soapy bodies against each other. I gave him soapy hand jobs in the shower and would let him cum all over my face and my tits. Many times, at night, we’d spend some time in one of our beds with our parents just across the hall. The one thing we couldn’t do was fuck. I wanted to feel his dick in my pussy but we just couldn’t do it. I needed to get on birth control. I had a plan.

The next time I got my period, I went to my mother in the morning before school doubled over as if in pain. I told my mom I had really bad cramps and begged to be able to stay home. She didn’t hesitate to call the school and let them know I wouldn’t be there. I went back upstairs and told Eric I wasn’t going to school. When he asked why I gave him a wink and said I had bad cramps from my period. He thought I really did and didn’t understand what I was doing. It wasn’t until he came home from school that I told him my plan to get on birth control. I told him that lots of girls get on birth control at our age in order to ease their periods. If I can convince our mom that I’m having really bad periods and needing to miss school because of it, she should get me on the pill.

It took me a couple of months of complaining about the cramps for my mom to take action and make an appointment for me with the doctor. I came away from there with a pre***********ion for the pill. Now, we’d only have to wait through one whole cycle to make sure they were working so that Eric and I could fuck.

Finally, the day came when I knew I was safely on the pill. I was naked in the bathroom that morning getting ready for school when Eric came in and put his hands around me as usual.

Me: “Today will be a special day, Eric.”

Eric: “Really? Why’s that?”

Me: “Today, after school, I want you to take my virginity. I want us to finally go all the way and have sex.”

Eric: “No shit? We can do that today? Damn, you should have waited to tell me after school. Now, I’ll be hard all day and someone’s bound to see it.”

Me: “That’s exactly why I told you. I want you hard all day. I want you thinking about sinking your dick into my pussy. I want you to think about pumping my pussy full of cum for the first time of many.”

Eric: “How about a quickie right now and then we can take our time later? You could go to school with my cum running down your legs.”

Me: “As good as that sounds, not today. Our first time needs to be special. I want you to make love to me the first time; not fuck me. We’ll fuck many times from now on but this first time and any other time you want, I want you to make love to me. Do you know the difference?”

Eric: “Just tell me what you want me to do or not to do. I’ll do everything I can to make it special for you, but we’ve never done this before so it’s not like we really know what to do. Help me make it good for you and I’ll do my best.”

Me: “That sounds like a good plan. I just need you to go slowly and take your time especially until you bust my hymen. I’ve heard it hurts some the first time just going in so you’ll need to take it as slow as you can. I’m not going to expect you to make me cum this first time because you’re going to be as excited as me and you’ll probably cum pretty fast. Don’t worry about that. We’ll get better together the more we do it. Just go as slowly as you can and help me get through this first time. I’ve been wanting to do this with you from that first time you came to my bed. I’m really looking forward to feeling you inside me. Think about me all day. Think about my hot, wet pussy waiting for your cock to fill it with cum. I want you hard all day.”

Eric: “You can be mean when you want to. It won’t be the first time I’ve been hard all day thinking of you, but this one will even worse. I may not be able to walk all day!”

We finished getting ready and then we walked to school together as we always do. I wished I could hold his hand walking down the street, but that would be trouble. Brothers and sisters don’t walk around holding hands, do they? Eric may have been hard all that day, but that’s nothing compared to how wet I was all day. I was sure other kids would be able to smell my arousal. I thought I could smell it all day. I had to go to the bathroom several times during the day to wipe myself but my panties were soaked all day long. I knew I’d need to take a shower as soon as we got home so I smelled good for Eric. That was the longest day in my life, to that point. I couldn’t wait to get home.

We walked home together. I so wanted to take his hand as we walked home. I was about to give this guy my virginity and I couldn’t even hold his hand. We walked in to the house and immediately went into a hug. For the first time, I looked at him and kissed him. And it wasn’t a sisterly kiss. Our tongues were in each other’s mouth immediately.

Me: “Your bedroom or mine?”

Eric: “Right here in the entry is okay with me. Let’s do it in your room. I want you to be as comfortable as possible.”

Me: “Thanks. That’s sweet. I need you.”

We literally ran up the stairs and into my room. We started getting undressed as soon as we got in the door. In a flash we were naked. So much for freshening up in the shower first. I grabbed him for another hug to slow us down. I wanted us to take our time, but we both were in such need, it was difficult to slow down and take a breath. I kissed him again. No, we didn’t kiss. We made out. I was making out with my own brother while naked.

I stopped making out with him long enough to pull back the bed covers. I got on the bed and tried to look as sexy as possible, not that I had any clue what looks sexy laying on a bed. I just wanted to feel sexy.

Me: “Come here, Eric. Make love to me. Please. I need to feel you inside me. I’ve wanted this for so long.”

Eric: “I’ve wanted this for a long time too. You are just so beautiful. I am the luckiest guy in the world right now. I love you, Sis.”

Me: “Then come show me. I’m going to suck you first so that you’ll last longer in my pussy. I want your cum in my mouth and in my pussy today.”

Eric got on the bed and laid next to me. We started making out again and his hands went to my tits immediately. I don’t think he can be near me when I’m naked without fondling my tits. That’s fine by me. I love his hands and his mouth on my tits. I reached down and found his dick which, of course, was already hard as a rock. I rubbed his dick and then went down further and rubbed his balls. I lightly tugged on his ball sack until he groaned in pleasure.

I moved around and got on top of him in a 69 so he could taste the pussy juice flowing out of my pussy while I took his dick into my mouth. His dick is just average in size, but average is plenty good enough to pleasure a woman. It fits perfectly in my mouth. I love sucking his dick. I knew it wouldn’t take too long before he’d shoot his cum in my mouth after being worked up all day and I wasn’t wrong. In just a few minutes he was firing his ropes of cum into my mouth and I greedily swallowed all of it. It took a few times giving him blow jobs before I really came to like the taste of cum. It’s one of those things you have to develop a taste for.

Now, I had to get him hard again so I gave him only a few seconds of rest and then went to work on his dick with my mouth and tongue again. Young guys cum to soon, but at least they get hard again quickly and several times a night. I got him hard and I was more than ready for him to take my virginity. Since I was already on top of him, I decided that I’d ride him for our first time. This way I could control how fast we went.

I switched around and laid on top of him to kiss him again and lick my pussy juice off his face. That never fails to turn him on too. I think he’s hoping that at some point he’ll get to see me with another girl. I’m not really opposed to that. I’m just not sure how we could do that if the girl knows Eric’s my brother. I started moving my body up and down on his so that his dick was rubbing against my very wet pussy. I sat upright onto his thighs and grabbed his dick and rubbed it up and down.

Me: “I’m going to start out on top so that I can control how fast we go. Just try and stay hard for me and I’ll do all the work.”

Eric: “I’m all yours. Do it.”

I rose up and rubbed the head of his dick up and down my slit. When he was covered in my cream, I guided the head to the opening of my vagina and pressed down. I felt him at the opening, but my pussy wasn’t opening up. I lifted up a little and pressed back down and I felt the head just poke in. I kept pressing and finally my vagina opened up and the head popped in. It hurt just briefly and I just stopped where I was to get used to it. After just a few seconds, I pressed down some more and a bit of his dick slipped in and then it hurt. I think we found my hymen. I lifted up to let some dick out and then pushed back down to my hymen and it hurt again. I did that a couple more times and it wasn’t getting any better and I was losing patience and worrying that Eric would cum soon if I didn’t get it going.

I rose up again and, this time, I plunged down hard and felt his dick push through my hymen and it hurt like a son of a bitch. I think I screamed. I held still for a minute or more and the pain started to lessen so I lifted back up and pushed back through it again and tried to go down a little farther. I was glad Eric’s dick wasn’t real big or I don’t think I would have gotten it all in. On the next push, I found my ass on his thighs. I had taken it all. There was a feeling of fullness I’d never felt before. I could feel Eric’s dick flexing in my pussy. I started moving up and down slowly and it felt heavenly. I think Eric was doing math tables or something to keep himself from cumming.

Me: “Oh, Eric. It feels so good. You’re all the way in. We’ve done it. Don’t hold back baby. Go ahead and cum when you’re ready. I want to feel you shoot your cum in my pussy. Cum for me, Eric. Don’t hold back. Cum in me.”

Eric: “Becca I’ve never felt anything as good as this. Your pussy is so wet and warm and soft. I can’t hold it much longer. I’m going to give you my cum. I’m so close. Here it comes. Oh, Becca, I’m cumming. I’m cumming in your pussy!”

I could feel his dick swell a bit and then felt pulses as he shot his cum in me. My first load of cum in my pussy. I felt a warmth spreading inside me. I loved it. I leaned forward to kiss him again trying to keep his dick in me as long as possible, but it didn’t take too long for his dick to shrink and slip out. I started to roll off of him, but he grabbed me and held me in place on top of him. We kissed and he grabbed my butt and squeezed my cheeks. It was perfect.

I got off of him and his dick was coated in cum, pussy juice and some blood. Luckily, the blood didn’t drip down to get my sheets. I didn’t even think about putting a towel down first. My mom would have wondered why I was washing my sheets in the middle of the week. We got up and took a long shower together. We soaped each other up. We made out. I turned around and leaned against the wall and wiggled my butt.

Me: “Eric, put it in again. Take me from behind. I want to try every position with you.”

Eric: “That sounds great to me. Just tell me if you get too sore. I want to do it as much as you, but I don’t want you to end up in pain for a few days.”

Me: “I’ll be okay. Take it nice and slow and fill me with your cum whenever you’re ready. Don’t worry about my orgasm. I don’t need one today. What we’ve done is so great. Feeling you inside me and feeling you pump your cum in me is so cool. Do it again. Fill me up. I want to drain your balls today.”

He pressed his dick to my pussy and slipped right in. My pussy felt like it was made for his dick. He pumped me gently and we just enjoyed the feeling of his dick going in and out of me. He’d already cum twice so this time he was able to last quite a bit longer. I was starting to get sore, but I didn’t want him to stop. Luckily, he started filling me with his cum just before the water started turning cold. We got out and toweled off. I told him that I wasn’t going to wipe his cum out of me. I wanted it to drain out on its own. I wanted to feel it run down my legs. We went back to my room and laid down and just kissed and touched each other and told each other how great it was and that we loved each other. It was the best afternoon of my life, even to this day.

Chapter 8

To keep up appearances, Eric still had Steve come over sometimes after school to suck dick. Several times I was able to watch them suck each other off as long as I took my shirt off. Showing Steve my tits was the admission charge, but I didn’t mind. Eric wasn’t too keen about blowing Steve with me watching but I assured him I wanted to see him do it and it wouldn’t change my feelings towards him.

Usually, if we had time after Steve left and before our parents got home, I’d get naked with Eric and he’d lick my pussy to a nice orgasm. I don’t think Steve ever suspected that Eric and I were having any sexual contact.

There had been several times over the weeks that Eric had watched me pee. For some reason, it fascinated him. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I actually liked watching him pee as well. One time while we were in the shower, I told him I needed to get out because I needed to pee. If I’d been in by myself, I would have just let it go in the shower, but I felt I needed to do it in the toilet with Eric in the shower with me. But Eric didn’t want me to get out. Instead, he knelt on the shower floor right in front of my pussy and asked me to go ahead and pee so he could watch it up close. I found it hard to start peeing with his face just a couple of inches from my pussy.

Finally, my pee started to come out and then I got a good stream going. I looked down and Eric almost had his nose on my clit while I was peeing. And then I felt his tongue on my pussy. He was licking my pussy while I was peeing. I couldn’t believe it. When I finished peeing, he got up and rinsed off his face.

Eric: “That was really cool. That was close to being a real golden shower.”

Me: “I can’t believe you did that. You were almost drinking my pee. What’s a golden shower?”

Eric: “A golden shower is when your partner pees directly on you. On your face or on your body or even in your mouth. Some people actually drink their partner’s pee. I’ve seen videos of people doing it. I can’t believe you’ve never even heard of it.”

Me: “They actually drink pee? Isn’t that kind of gross? I don’t think I’d mind you peeing on my body, but I’m not so sure I would want it in my face or my mouth.”

Eric: “Do you want to try it? I can pee on you, if you want. But don’t do it if you don’t want to. If you think it’s gross, don’t do it. I don’t need you to do it just because I did it.”

Me: “No, I think I’d like to try it. I’ve told you I want to explore everything with you. I mean, we’re here in the shower so it’ll rinse right off so it’s no big deal. Go ahead and pee on me, if you can.”

With that, I got down on my knees in front of Eric and he lifted his dick towards me. He seemed to have an even harder time peeing, but then I was the one that really needed to go at the time. He was just trying to pee on me while not particularly needing to pee. Eventually, a small stream came out. It was funny watching the mouth of his dick open up to let out the piss. It looked like a little fish mouth. But, then, his stream got going pretty good and he was waving his dick back and forth to wash my tits with his piss. It felt warm and wasn’t really gross in any way. I had a sudden urge to put my face in his stream, but I thought that was weird so I didn’t do it. I always seem to want to try anything and everything with Eric. I thought we’d probably end up doing anal pretty soon at that rate. To help make it good for Eric, I brought my hands up and rubbed my tits with his piss while he kept pissing on them. It was actually quite fun.

When he was done, I rinsed off and turned and hugged and kissed him.

Me: “I thought that would be gross, but it was actually pretty fun. I’ve got to tell you, I almost put my whole face in front of your dick because I had a sudden urge for you to cover my face in your piss. Is that weird? I kind of thought it was, so I didn’t do it.”

Eric: “That would have been cool, if you’d done it. I was very close to putting my whole mouth over your pussy to let you pee in my mouth, but I thought you’d be grossed out. I don’t know why I felt that way either. I just want every part of you I can get. I’d like to try drinking your pee next time, if it won’t gross you out.”

Me: “No, it won’t gross me out. I think it was fun. I’m not so sure I’d swallow your pee, but I might take some in my mouth and spit it out to see what it’s like. Let’s do it next time.”

Eric: “Becca, you are just the perfect woman. I would never even dare try such a thing with anyone else. And then for you to embrace it is just incredible. How am I not going to fall in love with you? I’m not so sure I’m not in love with you now. I don’t really know how that feels, but I know I want to spend every minute of every day with you. I don’t know if being in love feels any different than that.”

Me: “Oh, Eric, please don’t say that. I’m trying not to fall in love with you too. We just can’t. We’ll both end up unhappy because we can’t be together.”

Eric: “I know. If you weren’t so fucking perfect and beautiful and sexy and smart and everything, I could just enjoy you for the sex. It’s really all your fault, little Miss Perfect.”

I knew he was kidding while expressing his true feelings. This wasn’t going to end well but I’m wasn’t about to stop this relationship. I couldn’t wait for the next time we’d try to go further with our golden showers.

Chapter 9

We planned our next shower time. Well, we planned to be full of pee for our next shower time. We each downed a couple of bottles of water as soon as we got home from school. Then we went up to my room and got naked and had sex. We were getting better and better at it as we learned what we each liked. Eric was over the initial incredible feeling of a first fuck such that he was lasting longer and longer. He’d learned to work me up real good with his hands and tongue before entering me with his dick so that I quite often was able to work to a climax. Only once did we orgasm together. That was really cool. But if he got me far enough along before putting his dick in me, I could usually cum before he did and then he’d usually cum soon after I did. It was very satisfying sex.

We got into the shower with full bladders and soaped each other up trying to hold off as long as possible to get a full pee. Eric wanted to go first and got down on his knees in front of me. This time I did it smarter by sitting on the little seat in the corner of the shower and just spread my legs. This gave Eric complete access to my pussy. His face was only a couple of inches away when I started to pee. He let it splash all over his face, moving it back and forth in my pee stream. Then he opened his mouth and took my pee into his mouth. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him swallowing my pee. He was gulping it down because I was peeing a lot. As my stream started to weaken, he put his whole mouth over my pussy so that every drop would go in his mouth.

When I was done, he got up off the floor and bent over and kissed me full on the mouth without rinsing his face first. I tasted my own pee on his face. It wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be and I found it to be kind of hot to do that. To let him know I was okay with it, I even licked my piss off of his face.

We switched places and Eric sat on the seat and I got between his legs. I told him to feel free to aim his dick anywhere he wanted to pee on me including my face and my hair. Unfortunately, his dick was rock hard making it difficult for him to pee. I wanted to suck on it, but that wouldn’t help him pee so we just waited for his dick to start to go down. Once it started to soften, he picked it up and aimed it at my chest. Of course, the tits had to be hosed down first. He had a good stream going as he covered me in his piss. He finally aimed it higher and got my face and my hair. I opened my mouth and let some in but didn’t swallow it. I just let it run back out. It wasn’t that bad. When I saw his stream was starting to slow down, I bent down and took his still peeing dick into my mouth and let him pee directly into my mouth. Most of it I let run back out of my mouth, but I did end up swallowing some of it. It doesn’t taste great by any means, but it wasn’t disgusting. I couldn’t believe I was swallowing my brother’s pee. I realized that I’d do anything he wanted me to do. If he wanted to fuck me in the middle of our front yard, I would have done it.

I decided to be a bit naughty though and left some of his pee in my mouth. And when he was done, I got up and kissed him and snowballed his piss. He didn’t push me away or anything but went ahead and swallowed his own piss. We’re two peas in a pod. We’d do anything for each other.
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