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I meet someone at Stone Mountain Park and go back to his house.
This is a true story about growing up in Gwinnett County, Georgia. I was 16 at the time. I had gone to the back side of the mountain at Stone Mountain Park and was drinking contraband beers with a bunch pf guys and girls. Eventually I left the group and drove to the restroom at the train depot.

The men's room had four wooden stalls with gloryholes in several of the walls. By this time, the stall doors had all be removed. I went in and was by myself. No sooner had I sat in one of the stalls, this guy can in the men's room and walked into my stall. I remember he said excuse me, but he was staring between my legs as he backed up.

It's funny the things you can remember; the guy's name was Mark (the same as my best friend at the time). I guess he was 40 or so. He was taller than me and slim. He was very straight looking. I spread my legs so he could see my dick. He went into the stall next to me and pulled out his dick and stood close to the gloryhole. With just a few tugs he was hard. I stuck my finger thru the hole wanting him to stick his cock through, but he zipped up. I remember he did it really quick and stepped out, and stood in front of me again. Shit, I thought I was about to be arrested. But he whispered, "Do you want to follow me to my house?" I could see his hard cock in his pants, and all fear of being arrested was gone. He actually lived in a neighborhood that backed up to Stone Mountain Park, so we were at his house in 10 minutes.

When we got to Mark's house, he took me back to his bedroom. Mark told me he had a roommate but he was gone for the afternoon. Mark then asked me if I liked porn and of course, I replied yes. Remember this was before the Internet, so my access to porn was an occasional magazine like hustler or playboy. Mark put a VHS tape in and I was amazed to see two male teenagers kissing. The guys proceeded to strip and start sucking each other.

Mark starting rubbing me and pulled my shirt off. I unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I started to lick it and then I started to suck him. He stood up and took all his clothes off. He had really nice balls that hung low. I remember they were really big too. I took my clothes off and he pushed me back and started to kiss me. I hugged him and I lifted my legs unto his back while we kissed. I guess that was an obvious sign I liked being fucked, because he reached for some vaseline and smeared it on my hole, and then on his cock.

He rubbed his cockhead on my hole, up and down, and then slightly pushed it against my hole. Then up and down again, and then back to poking my hole.The whole time we were kissing and I was getting so horny for his cock.Finally, he pushed enough that the head slipped in. It felt so good. Mark began a gentle rocking back and forth. His cock was rock hard and it was beginning to slide in and out of me. I felt him slide it almost all the way out, leaving in just the head. I was reaching under him to play with his balls. He then plunged in, all in one movement. That hurt but felt fucking good at the same time. He could tell from the sound I made that I liked it. He gently fucked back and forth and every few strokes, he pulled out to just his head.

I remember I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. He stopped and repositioned himself. He was up on his feet, knees bent and his cock driving down into me. I had never been fucked like that before. He started to fuck me fast, drilling me with his cock.

My hole was tight around his cock and I could feel every ridge on it as it slid in and out of me. He went back on his knees and fucked me with long, slow strokes. I thought, his guy really knows what he is doing. My cock was oozing so much precum that I had a puddle on my stomach. He started getting faster and harder. I felt his cock tense in me and I knew I was going to get his juice. He pulled his cock out, I felt his cum hit my hole, and then I felt him slip the head in and another shot then he pushed all the way in and another shot. He slowly finished fucking as his cock emptied into me.

I felt his cock going soft and slip out. Then I felt his tongue at my hole licking up his cum and darting into my hole and licking it out. I thought, "Damn, what a horny fucker". It was kinda cool and kinda gross at the same time.

Mark cleaned me up with a washcloth and wiped his cock off. We laid in his bed talking, I hadn't gotten off yet and he was slowly stroking my dick. I asked him to suck me but He said he didn't enjoy sucking dick, only getting sucked and fucking (i thought, you just licked your cum off my ass and you won't suck my dick?). He greased up my cock and he started jacking me off.

He told me to lie back and knelt over me jacking my cock. Mark's cock was hanging half-suspended in a semi-erect condition. I slid over to his dick, and licked his cock head with my tongue. Slowly, he grew erect. And with each lick of my tongue, my own desire grow stronger. I want to suck his beautiful cock.

I asked Mark to slow down as I tried to swallow his cock but I gagged from the angle. I bobbed on his cock and pulled with his balls, and all I could think of was being fucked again. Soon he was really hard. I grabbed the vaseline and I spread some on Mark's hard cock and spread the some between my own cheeks and in my hole. As Mark laid back, and I mounted him with my back to his face. I felt the slight pressure of the head against my hole, but that soon gave way to my ass is swallowing his hot cock. Mark worked up his rhythm and stride. With my feet planted on each side of Mark, I held myself above him as he went in and out of me.

We fucked like this for a while. Then I got on my back and Mark lifted my legs onto his shoulders. He started the same routine of going slow, then fast; going long and deep and then shorter strokes. I remember holding his ass with both hands and moaning. I was moaning like crazy and Mark mentioned that I must really liked being fucked. Soon he sped up his pace and emptied his second load into me. I quickly grabbed my cock and came.

We cleaned up and I left. I don't know if his roommate was gay, bi or straight. I never saw he again, but as a teen I often jacked off thinking about being fucked by Mark twice.
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