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Chase gets up with a major headache, but it quickly goes away when he finds out something big.
POV: Chase

"Fuck me," I moaned, covering my face with both hands.

I rubbed it for a moment as I groaned and stretched out my legs too. Then I had to do the same for my arms also which lasted a moment as well.

After that, I calmly rose up. "Damn, I have to stop going out with Jim and Bill," I let out, closing my eyes and slanting my head back. "Every single time I do, I feel like shit the next day."

After a moment, I slowly got off the bed and stretched out a little more.

It lasted for over a minute; my hands dropped to my wood. "Hard as a rock, I must have been dreaming about fucking someone. Maybe I was just getting it sucked on, who the fuck knows?" I muttered before I glanced at the clock. "Damn it, it's 11:30 already. I wanted to be up a couple of hours ago. Oh, well," I groaned, shrugging my shoulders.

I stroked my rod for a moment.

"Oh," I said, peeking at the wall. "Do I hear the shower going now? Maybe Kate would like a little morning hanky panky in the shower. I don't even remember the last time we did it, so maybe she'd like some spontaneous sex," I theorized, prior to slowly making my way to my closet.

I rummaged and found my robe. I put it on and then I peeked at the door. I just listened to the shower water run and made my way towards my door. I opened it and looked towards the bathroom door. I licked my lips as I pictured Kate naked even with my eyes open.

I had to smile as I tiptoed towards the bathroom. I wanted to be silent so that I could surprise Kate, so I made sure to be as quiet as a mouse the whole time. I slowly grabbed onto the knob and turned it.

Then I opened the door. "What the hell, do I hear moaning already? Maybe Kate is masturbating," I chuckled, failing to look towards the shower.

"Oh, yes. Fuck yeah," I heard Kate moan.

I couldn't help, but to cheese. I failed even whisper because I didn't want to give away that I was there. Although, I couldn't resist the urge to undo my robe and grab onto my cock. I rubbed it for a moment before I did glance at the shower.

I bit my bottom lip. 'If only I could see through that curtain. I'd jack off like there was no tomorrow, Kate. You are stunning, and you sound like you are moaning even louder you horny chick.'

"Oh!" she moaned loudly. "You are wonderful, dear."

'She has got to be thinking of me.'

"Mom, be quiet, we don't want to wake up dad."

My eyes suddenly widened, my hand halted movement, and I felt like my heart escaped from my chest. "Did Rose just say that?" I whispered, breathing heavily.

"Don't worry; he is out like a light. He got home at around two in the morning; he'll be sleeping for at least a couple more hours, Rose. We can be as loud as we want and have more mother/daughter time."

I didn't hear any more words, but my right hand calmly dropped to my johnson. 'And suddenly, I think I can feel my dick vibrating. Holy shit, my wife, and daughter seem to be hooking up. I don't think it is a prank; it seems to weird. Shit, I think I hear kissing sounds now. Even over the water, I'm pretty damn sure I hear some kissing,' I thought before my feet slowly began strolling towards the shower.

As I got closer and closer, my smile became, and I listened more and more carefully. I also kept my hand on my pecker and stroked it ever so softly for the time being. I couldn't even fight the urge to moan softly, but I managed to keep it down.

Anyway, as I arrived right at the curtain, I listened. I only heard back the same sounds, but yet, I knew my suspicions still weren't confirmed. I couldn't resist the temptation to take a look as my member spoke to my likeness of the idea.

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you too, Rose. I couldn't ask for a better daughter," Kate praised Rose before I heard kissing sounds again.

My whole figure shook, and I felt a cooling sensation surge throughout my body. As if I just had a massive orgasm, I just had to contain myself. I still hadn't settled on the hot solution that might have been right behind that curtain, so I had to find out.

I quietly grabbed onto it with just two fingers. I brought my head to the end of the shower and gradually pushed the curtain just a little bit. Even with that approximate six-inch gap, I got to peek in there.

From one second to the next, my hand sped up its strokes. 'Holy mother fucking shit, my wife and daughter are making out in the shower right now, and they both have their hands on one another's butts too. It is true; they are together. Fuck, this is steaming. I can't even see Kate's face, but wow, I'm just stunned beyond belief. I never knew it until now, but seeing my daughter and wife together is unbelievably hot. My hand already feels like I have an ice pick lodged in there, but this is perfect masturbation material. It is wrong, but yet, my schlong loves the sight. And damn, Rose, I can't see most of it, but from what I can see, you have a great body. What the hell is going on between you two, are you having an affair, Kate? An incestuous affair? Could it be, or are just becoming really close?'

I had no idea, but of course, my brain, heart, and dick seemed to be quite attracted to the whole situation where they were having sex.

Then I saw Rose's hands calmly come up. "I love your knockers, Mom," she mentioned, setting her palms on them. "I can't wait to be a MILF and get big boobs like you."

"Well, you are nineteen now, so they are still growing. And, if you ever want to make your dad and me grandparents, it'll be a bonus that your melons go up at least a cup size," Kate reminded her, bringing her hands to her tits. "Although, Rose, you are dazzling even with these smaller B-cups. There is no need to want bigger ones when you can already get your mom horny as hell for you. I'm sure if your dad saw them, he'd love them too. Although, I don't think he loves you quite the way I do."

My mouth opened up widely and drool plummeted to the floor. 'Just back up a tad, Kate, and let me see our daughter's figure. Obviously, you've seen it a million times before, so let the turned on father take a peek.'

"Do you really think so, Mom?"

"Yes, of course, angel. I've seen every single square inch of your nude body, and maybe I'm biased, but you are the most enticing woman I've ever set my eyes on, no bullshit," Kate answered, dropping her hands and backing away.

"And there it is," I moaned, leaning my head in there just a couple of inches.

I couldn't endure the idea of not looking as my newly found feelings suddenly sprung up. I started down at Rose's feet, but I very slowly made my way up her body. With each passing inch, I felt my wood becoming even a little harder, and another drop of sweat formed too.

'Son of a bitch, my daughter has a very sexy landing strip,' I thought before a gap. 'And you have perfect hooters too, babe. Your mom is right: you are one enticing woman. If anyone ever tells you that you aren't beautiful, I'll personally beat the shit out of them. You are insanely pretty, and I'd label you like that before I saw you naked. I'm ogling your body as no father should, but I feel no sense of shame, just lust, like your mom. Wow, I just feel floored right now.'

Suddenly, Kate walked behind Rose and turned her body. "When it comes to your beauty, I'm positive that you'll always be hot as hell," she moaned, prior to letting her fingers slither up onto Rose's twat from behind. "You are my sexy daughter whom I love to fuck, that's all that matters," she wrote in stone caressing her pussy lips and letting her other hand come up onto her breast. "Do you like it when I rub your lips down there while I brush your back with my bosoms, Rose?"

"Yes, Mommy, I love it," Rose moaned, closing her eyes and slanting her head back. "Make me cum all over your hand again."

"Gladly," Kate whispered before delivering a string of kisses to Rose's neck.

I watched Kate's hand move ever so slowly and enjoyed the results: Rose moaning and jiggling around. Although, of course, it was reasoning for it: her mom was pleasuring her. I still didn't know why exactly, but I loved it.

"I love it when you have your pussy all lubed up for me, Rose. It shows how much you appreciate my gratifying. Then you prove how much you love me too, so that is something to be thankful for, don't you think?"

"Yes, Mom."

I brought my other hand to my mouth. "Crap," I muttered as softly as possible.

My dick unleashed my seed as I aimed it down towards the corner just outside the shower. It felt to be one of the most potent cum shots I had ever experienced, where each passing stream seemed to be a little more riveting than the last.

I made sure to close the gap I was watching them through for the time being, but it seemed they were still rather busy. I let out five different shots which all resulted in me feeling better than I had felt in years.

'Motherfucker,' I thought, bringing my hands to my face. "I feel so alive," I whispered, breathing heavily. "I just jacked off while watching my daughter and wife together in the shower."

I nonchalantly brought my hands back down to my johnson and grabbed onto it with both hands. I didn't have anything to say, even to myself because I found myself speechless. I just got a sexual thrill entirely out of left field, and I needed to restore myself.

"Fuck, Mommy," Rose let out.

Although, I couldn't just leave. I peeked back at the curtain, but bit my bottom lip. I wasn't sure at all what the best course of action would be there out, but I decided to stay for the time being. I had no idea how long the spectacle could last or if I'd get another chance to witness it again.

Even as I couldn't see through the curtain, I had no issue envisioning what was going on in there. I grabbed onto my wood again as it never went limp and began rubbing it yet again. Not to masturbate, but to keep going with the magical spark. I closed my eyes about halfway and stayed in my trance.

"Finger fuck our daughter, Kate. Do it as the ravishing, but dirty MILF you are. Defile her, but make sure you save some for me though. I'd certainly love to get my dick wet with her saliva pussy juice if she'd let me," I whispered.

I abruptly stopped stroking and opened my eyes completely. "Crap," I moaned, bringing my left hand to my face. "Do I really want to have sex with my daughter now? I mean, with my dick actually inside her with Kate there too?"

I didn't get an answer to that either, but it seemed obvious.

'I can't wrap my head around that. Maybe I do want to fuck Rose now. She has shown herself to be quite a woman: incredibly beautiful and charming too. Now as I see her naked, she has opened that incestuous door for me. Whether I wanted it open or not, it is, and now I love what is on the other side. For reasons, I don't know, but of course, I'm not mad. I love this, seeing my daughter with my wife.'

"I love you, Mommy," Rose mentioned before she kissed Kate one more time and dropped down to her knees.

I was next to positive what she had in mind to do then, but I patiently waited to see her perform the lewd act. Whether it took her well over twenty minutes or just a matter of seconds, I was more than willing to wait.

Rose failed to make me wait long because I saw her slowly bring her fingers from her hand over to her mom's twat. I couldn't see Rose's face by then, but I certainly imagined her grinning and ready for her mom.

"Rub that wet pussy for your mommy, Rose. Do it because you love her, and cherish her too. Not for any other reason though, understand?" Kate asked.

Rose nodded and blew her a kiss with the other hand.

'You two definitely have undeniable chemistry. With the perfect relationship set as your foundation, nothing and no one could take it away from you two. You love each other in ways that a mother and daughter just shouldn't, but yet you do. I can't commend you enough for that, but now, Rose, bring that slick tongue out of your mouth and let it come onto your mommy's snatch for me. Let me see it at least from the backside there. I'd certainly love to see it more than anything right at this moment because you are you and she is her. You are the two people I love most in this world and now I know, I want you, Rose. I want to stick my cock inside you and cum. Maybe not get you knocked up, but to feel the sensation. I know it has got to be quite mind-blowing,' I thought before a gap. 'And there you go, I see you are finally doing it, your tongue is inside your mom's slit.'

To no surprise, my hand began moving on my dick again. No matter how bad my member felt already, I had to jack off yet again. It was like a never-ending sexual adventure, but I knew it would sooner or later.

No matter how long I thought it might last, I feared that I might not get to see this event again. Whether I saw it one more time after that, a million more or not at all, I just had to keep going as if it was the last thing I did.

Although, I didn't stroke it very quickly, just enough so I could get it more than willing to shoot out more of my seed in due time. I indeed didn't have a timetable to work with, but I knew that the two sexy ladies would stop sooner or later.

Rose's tongue thrilled Kate to no end it seemed, but she'd have to give up sooner or later. I certainly loved her for going like there was no tomorrow. Even just from the angle I had, it couldn't have been more evident that she had the gift and loved working it on her mom.

"Yes, just like that, my loving daughter. Gratify this MILF like no one else, because you love me so much, Rose. You love me in such a way that you look past my bullshit and just see the sexy woman before you. I'll talk as much as I want, and you don't like, well, it isn't like you are going to stop because you love me, right?" Kate pondered, caressing Rose's head.

Rose nodded, but she failed to halt her thrilling. The best part of everything was the intimacy they had. Kate could go on forever just spouting off endless things whether they were good or not, and it wouldn't seem to break Rose's concentration.

I still couldn't see either of their faces, but I couldn't have been more positive that they were looking at each other lustfully and lovingly like lovers, rather than mother and daughter. I couldn't understand where they were coming from, but I had an idea.

"Yes, Rose, I can see the juice on your chin now. You like that, don't you, sexy daughter?" I muttered, stroking my wood a little faster. "My cock is hurting now, but say the word, and I'll jump right in there with you two. Whether you wanted to take turns blowing me or I could fuck you doggie style, Rose as you eat out your mom. Wouldn't you like that? You know, your dad is quite the horny individual too, it isn't just you two. There is one more member of the family that is always DTF."

I made sure they didn't hear me, but I wasn't even sure if that would have been the best outcome considering just how much to get involved with them. With every passing minute, I seemed to come to terms with my feelings more and more.

I rubbed my shlong with them as the attraction, so even at that, the incest bug seemed to find me. It attached itself to me, and that was that. When I thought of going at it down the line with Kate and I actually both getting involved with her, I loved the outcome.

'It just can't be cheating, because that would mean that they were doing something wrong. This can't be wrong; it is just the opposite of wrong. Well, I can't say this is completely right though, considering that you two should have told me about this. Kate, if you want your daughter between your legs, you can tell me. I'd give you some privacy, but you'd certainly have to let me watch from time to time. This is a million times hotter than any porn I've ever seen in my life. Well, because of you two."

"Don't tease me, Rose. We both know that you can make me feel even better than this. You've eaten me out a thousand times before, and you've used better force than this, so don't make me beg. Just get me off so I can blow my juice all over your beautiful face. I'm gonna ask even though I already know the answer: you want me to cum all over your face, correct?"

Rose nodded again, prior to letting her tongue out. "Mom I love you to death, and it will never change, but shut up. The incest sex is amazingly hot, but when you keep going, it tends to fuck me up after a while," Rose alerted Kate, rubbing her pussy lips with the tips of her fingers. "A MILF like you doesn't come around every day, so yes, I cherish you, but you have to work with me. Can you do that?"

"Yes, whiny-ass. You are just dynamite of a daughter, Rose, that's all. I can't get over how sexy you are, and when we have sex, my praise is going to come out whether you like it or not."

"Fine, Mommy," Rose mentioned, standing up with her. "I'll forgive you," she said before grabbing her arms gently and kissing her. "Now splatter my face, Mom," she ordered Kate before she dropped back down to her knees.

She wasted no time getting her tongue back between Kate's pussy lips, but this time as I watched them, I had a couple of tears flowing down my face. I couldn't get over how close they seemed to be all of a sudden as if they went through ten years worth of bonding overnight.

"Take your time if you must, Rose, but get that g-spot for me before I go insane. You can at least do that for me, right?" she pondered, peeking at her daughter.

Rose shook her head once again, but then Kate slanted her head back and closed her eyes. I couldn't resist the urge then as I knew the time was right. I calmly let go of the curtain and quietly made my way over to the other side.

I opened it up just a little bit on that side too. 'Oh, wow, Kate, now that I can see our wonderful daughter right between your legs, I can't deny that your bosoms and the rest of your body have" become just more elegant. You are most certainly a mother I'd like to fuck. I'd fuck you all night long if you'd like. Invite our sexy daughter in with us if you want, I don't mind at all, she'd just be another pretty lady to spread my seed to, and we'd love that. Yes, caress her head ever so softly and moan even softer than that, let her know just how much you love it, just not with words. Do it with those actions, you loving chick,' I thought, slowly stroking my rod.

I couldn't resist the desire to lick my lips as I was confident that I was never going to see a sexier sight. Rose even unknowingly did me a small favor by slanting her head down a bit so I could even see her tongue moving around on her mom's pussy lips.

They had hot water running, but I still felt like I was in the middle of an intense workout that was wearing me out. Of course cumming did that to me, so my daughter and wife did that to me, but in a much bigger way. It affected my entire body, inside and out.

Seeing Kate also scrub Rose's head and enjoying her pleasuring beyond belief certainly mindfucked me. I couldn't fully understand what went through both of their minds, and I just loved and hated that.

The sexual aroma of them was intoxicating, so they did, in fact, suck my mind out. I didn't even know how long I had been watching; I just knew I'd keep my eyes on them for as long as they wanted to go.

My tongue made hundreds of revolutions around my mouth, but it never got tired. I seemed to be fueled endlessly by them to do whatever I wanted. I probably could jack off numerous times, and feel bad afterward just for a minute, just to start doing it again because of them.

"What a smart, and clever daughter you are, Rose. I have to praise you for knowing just what to do. Sometimes, I don't even seem to know what I want, but you already know. I guess that does make you the perfect daughter and lover. I can only imagine that it really is me, right? You just know me as your mom, and not so much because you like fucking me, you what I mean?"

Rose nodded yet again, and I was sure that they were eyeballing each other as both lovers and the mother/daughter combination they were. Regardless of why they had their feelings, they were connected, and I loved it.

Rose let her tongue out, and her fingers from both hands arrived on Kate's pussy lips. She just rubbed them hard for a moment which only made Kate shake a bit and break eye contact with Rose too.

"Yes, yes, yes, Rose. Slowly progress so you can get that tongue back on my clit, tease it more and more for me and then make me cum all over your face. I will personally wash your face just as the great mother I am. I'll make damn sure I get every single drop, so don't you care to let the water get your face at all. I want the privilege to cleanse it for you."

"Okay, Mommy," Rose muttered before she let her tongue back into her mom's snatch.

"Oh, you sexy woman, now you are even sucking on her lips down there too. I just never knew about this side of you, but words can't express just how much I love you now. Call it bullshit if you want, but it is true now," I moaned before I stood up, but keeping a hole open for myself.

"Oh, shit, Rose, you are making me cum now. You loving young woman, I going to cum all over your face now. I love you, I love you, and I love you, Rose. Don't forget that."

"I won't, Mom, now I just want to hear moaning coming out of your mouth," Rose told her, keeping her face close, but lowering it slightly, so Kate's slit was completely visible to me.

Fron one second to the next, they unknowingly allowed me to see what I would call, 'a spectacle,' solely because it was them. I saw Kate dispense out her lady juice like a fire hydrant to her flesh and blood daughter's face.

Needless to say, my hand went as quickly as possible, and my cock felt as wonderful as I could ever possibly imagine. Hot, but feeling pleasured as I just never felt before. I couldn't describe the feeling better than just an emotional fuck mixed with the perfect masturbation session.

"I love you both. Douse our daughter face as much as you can, Kate, and make her love it."

She did just that, but of course Rose had to close her eyes.

"Shit!" Kate screamed during her great orgasm. "I'm squirting for my daughter now!"

As my eyes seemed to have their own orgasm, my cock just reached the breaking point.

"Damn, here it comes again," I groaned through my teeth while keeping my eyes on them.

My hand stopped moving, and then my dick rereleased my white stuff, but this time to another wall. I also wasn't watching it; I just felt my wood let out at least six shots that time, which made me jiggle quite a bit six different times in less than thirty seconds.

Amazingly, Kate still managed to go longer than me, even though she started before me. Even as I felt out of it by then, I noticed and she had featured an embarrassed face also as they didn't see me.

I let go of the curtain and brought my hands to my face. 'Wow, I'm just mindblown now, and I'm feeling deflated again,' I thought before a gap. 'On the other hand, I could just peek in there again,' I thought before I glanced in there yet again. 'Oh, now they are kissing. How touching, yet sexual at the same time. They are even grazing one another's butts too. What a sight.'

They went on for ten minutes, and of course, I had to rub my rod yet again. Only this time, they went in another direction that still made me horny as hell. Their boobs also pressed together and added even more fuel to the fire.

After all those minutes, their lips parted, and Kate brought her left palm to pushed a little hair out of her eyes. "Damn, you are one stunning woman, inside and out. Ever since our date, I can't get enough of you."

"Date? What date?" I whispered, raising my eyebrows.

"You are only saying that because of the sex, Mom."

"So what?" Kate asked, pulling Rose towards her. "A woman is allowed to connect to her daughter in any way she wants. Whether sexual things motivate it or not, and I will practice that in the future as much as I deem fit, understand?"

"Yes, Mommy, but you have to give credit to Maria and Lil though."

'What, do they have something to do with this? They are mother and daughter too, are they hooking up as well?'

"Billshit, they aren't taking any credit from me. If anything, they owe us credit. You know it, and I know it, woman. Maria caught Lil masturbating after that whole ordeal. Their love might have made them do it together, but we were the ones that laid the groundwork to get them to that stage, simple as that. Face it; they caught our mother/daughter love because it is contagious. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but at least give the credit where it is due though, babe."

"Okay, Mom," Rose responded before kissing her.

My eyes widened, and I looked away. 'So, your partner in crime is, in fact, doing it with her daughter too? Both of you older ladies are committing felonies with your daughters? How is it I've never ever thought about incest before, but now I love it? Maria and Lil are doing too, and Kate wants responsibility for it? Why though, what could have actually transpired to make that happen? I have no idea, but I'm going to find out sooner or later. I don't even know how long they've been hiding this from me, but they certainly go on forever.'

After another five minutes, Rose's lips came off Kate's, but her fingers went down to her mom's pussy lips. "You aren't getting sick of me though?"

"Hell no, you are a sexual ninja, Rose. I couldn't get sick of you or our sex life if my life depended on it. I've never had to fake an orgasm with you because you are just perfect. You know what you are doing whether we are in bed or not."

"Well, give yourself some credit too, Mom. When you finger fucked me when we watched 27 Dresses, you certainly knew what you were doing too. Making me feel good, but not good enough to give us away to dad. It was certainly gutsy too."

"I know, my sexy daughter makes me do weird things. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, but I did it to make both of us feel good. I did it once, and I'll tell you this," Kate explained before leaning in close to Rose's left ear. "I'll do it again."

"What about dad though, Mom? Don't you feel guilty about cheating?"

They both stayed quiet, and I had to look away. I failed to walk away, but I at least stopped looking at my daughter and wife's nude bodies for the moment.

"I don't know, Rose. Right now, you are just my entire world. Even to my other friends, when I invite them out, I always say 'Rose and I' at the beginning. We're just a packaged deal now, like your father and I was. I'm not saying your dad, and I aren't happy, but maybe you've stolen his thunder somewhat."

"So, wait, if you get divorced, is it my fault then?"

"No, of course not, sweetheart. I can't see your dad wanting to cut the cord, even if he did find out about us. He loves both of us too much. He gave into your movie idea because he loves you. Maybe it sounded he was unhappy, but he was joking. We have nothing to be ashamed of, Rose. You are the rose, and I'm just a gardener making you bloom more than ever. I do that for you, but you return the favor when we switch roles. You have to admit; we've both been happier lately. We can take the bad news better and just be happier in general. I'll even make sure I keep you happy: are you good with my hair down there."

"It is actually getting a little long, so I wouldn't mind if you trimmed it."

"Wow," I mouthed.

"So, you are sure this is alright because I don't want to stop seeing you, Mom?"

"It is alright, babe. We will tell him in due time, but let's just continue to have fun for a little while longer. We both know having sex under his nose makes it so much hotter."

"Well, when you are right, you are right."

"Damn right," Kate said before I heard kissing sounds again.

"So, they both know what they are doing, but Kate isn't showing much shame. Rose seems to have issues with it, but is willing to look the other way with a little convincing? Already then, I am going to have to say something to Kate though. She can't keep this from me like this. I understand why, but still, she can't do it. I'm her wife and Rose's father. If they do love each other like that, then I deserve to know. I won't say Kate is in fact she cheating, even if they think she is. This is a gray area, but after a while, they are probably going to get into the darker side, and eventually onto the black side. Once you are there, you know it is wrong."

I listened for another few minutes, but eventually, I heard the water turn off. As soon as I did, I just quickly made my way out as I heard slight chattering.  I went right to my room and tried to comprehend everything.

I lied down and covered my face. "I would say 'Holy shit' again, but it would be redundant by now. I have to break the silence now, how can I not? I can't think of a single thing more I'd rather have than both of them in this bed. I can't say this enough: they opened the incestuous door for me. I don't think I could close it to save my life now. Even as I only watched them for a little while in the shower, I can't get them out of my mind now. They are going to be trapped in there like a rat in a maze," I explained before a pause. "Damn it!" I whined, quickly yanking my hands away. "I know I want it, but how the fuck do I even bring this up?"

I didn't get my answer, but my boner never went away. As if I took a viagra pill, it just wouldn't just go down. I didn't dispute it, but of course, my state of mind of them should have made my dick go limp.

I just lay there for at least twenty minutes with them on my mind. I wasn't even sure if they were even still in the bathroom or not. Either way, I had the room to myself so that I could think about them.

I felt to be quite out of it, to say the least, as if I just came out of a coma. That was only the physical part of the issue. The emotional side also took a profound toll on me like never before. So, I couldn't even bring myself to jack off without them there.

Without them, I couldn't be revived so to speak. I just stayed there as the stiff near corpse I seemed to be. I also couldn't close my eyes either, so I felt even weirder by then. Although, I knew by the time the emotional toll reached its peak, I'd have a lot of masturbation material.

After those twenty minutes or so, I suddenly heard the door open. "Oh, you are awake now?" Kate pondered, walking in there.

"Yes, did you just get out of the shower?"

"Yes," she answered, breaking eye contact.

I slowly rose up and kept my eyes on her. "What, are you going out now?"

"Yes," she responded, going to her closet. "Rose and I are going to the mall for some mother/daughter time. We just thought you'd still be out of it by now, so we didn't invite you," she mentioned, failing to peek back at me.

'Haven't, you had enough mother/daughter time by now? You know, when Rose was right between your legs, Kate? It wasn't too long ago right in the bathroom where you were showering, remember?' I thought, getting up from the bed. "What, are you going to make a Victoria's Secret run with Rose? Is that why I didn't get an invite?"

She pulled out a dress and turned to me. "I guess, I'm just gonna go get dressed," she informed me, slowly heading towards the door.

"What's wrong? You are allowed to get naked in front of your husband. I don't think it was in our vows, but we were both nude when we conceived Rose, don't you recall? Plus, I'm already naked."

"I know, but I'm just a little late. I think Rose is already waiting for me," she told me, peeking back at me.

My eyebrows rose and then I made my way to the door as she didn't move. I wasn't sure what I'd say, or even if I'd blow the whistle right then. Either way, I stopped on her right side and smooched her head.

"I'm pretty sure I'd be a shitty husband if I didn't ask what was wrong right now? I'd have to check the 'Excellent Husband' handbook, but I'm still next to positive that I'm supposed to ask: Kate, what's wrong? By the way, you are still quite stunning in that robe."

"Thank you, Chase, I want to spend some time with Rose. That's all; it is nothing against you."

"Well, may I come with you two? I don't have to be there when you are panty shopping, but we could still get lunch together. Sound good?"

"No," she answered, turning to me, but peeking at the floor. "Lil and Maria are meeting us, and we're going to get lunch afterward. You'd be the fifth wheel there."

"Okay," I groaned, backing away. "I guess I won't be intruding on your plans with them. The other mother/daughter combo already has you booked, and I'll respect that. Maybe you two would be happy without me."

"What does that mean, Chase?" she questioned, dropping the dress. "Is it not okay to spend time with my daughter, best friend, and her daughter too? I do have a life, and just because you want to be out partying with your friends, doesn't mean I have to stay here and do nothing. I'm allowed to go out if I want, and with whoever I want too. Do you have a problem with that?" she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"No, not at all, Kate," I let her know, closing the gap. "Although, dare I ask: why are you getting so defensive? Time and time again you two have been doing this or that, and I'm just out of the picture. Maybe this isn't quite like the movie thing, but now you don't even want to get undressed in front of me? It is almost like we're roommates now, rather than husband and wife. Why is that?"

She stayed quiet for a few seconds and breathed heavily. "I don't know; it is just the way it is. Are you confirming that you are unhappy?"

"Why the hell did you just word it like that though? As if I did imply that I'm unhappy, you'd be open to admit too. Now, as you've been near unreachable in the past few months and you've been spending endless hours with Rose, it is almost like you are more interested in her than me. Sometimes I feel neglected. I admit that I feel like crap every time I go out with my friends from getting too hammered, but now it seems like it is just another chance for you two to spend some more quality time together. Don't get me wrong, I love that you two are so close, but how about throwing me a bone now and then," I whined before a pause. "Do you even remember the last time we had sex?"

She suddenly angled her head down and covered her face with her left hand.

'I think I just struck a chord; maybe she feels guilty.'

"You're right, I have been neglectful," she confessed, peeking back at me. "I'm a bad wife."

I slowly encased my arms around her, but didn't say anything. I just held her for a moment as I couldn't help, but to think about her being with Rose. I smiled somewhat, but she didn't see me doing it.

Although, after a moment, I felt her calmly grab onto my dick with both hands. "Do you want to have sex now?"

"No, go spend time with our daughter," I replied, slowly letting go of her. "I'll be waiting here for you when you get back."

"Are you sure, Chase?" she cried. "I can make time for you if you want me to, I swear."

"What's wrong, Kate?" I inquired, taking her hands in mine.

She failed to let anything out, but tears.

'Could it solely be because of Rose?'

"It is okay," I assured her before kissing her. "I'll always love you, Kate. Now and forever."

"Why are you saying that?"

I calmly brought my hands to her butt and caressed it for her. I didn't utter a word, but I did smooch her cheek and head a few times though.

"I know about you two now, Kate."

"What?" she groaned, backing away.  

"I know that you are having sex with Rose, Kate. Please don't deny it, because I just saw it with my own eyes. She gave you oral sex, you finger fucked her and you two kissed each other as lovers and as a mother and daughter. I promise I'm not mad, just please don't try to tell me I'm wrong. You can be honest with me now."

She put her hands up, turned them into fists and clenched them tightly without making eye contact with me. I wasn't sure what was going through her mind.

Although, I lazily came back to her and wrapped my arms around her again. "I love you both more than life itself, Kate."

Neither of us said a word, but she enveloped her arms around me as well. I didn't know what to speak again, but I allowed us to have our moment. It seemed weird, but I just looked the other way and waited for her.

"You aren't mad then, you promise?"

"No, you were technically having an affair, but it isn't cheating if you keep it in the family though, Kate. It isn't like you were looking to get some action; you just did it for some other reason. I don't know why, but it doesn't matter. I love you, and you love me."

"Fuck, it just started because she confessed something to me."

"What?" I wondered, backing away somewhat.

 She took a deep breath and hit her right palm with her left fist. "She just told me she'd like to have a threesome," she told me before a pause. "Now you are cheesing, so you must love the idea."

"I do, trust me, I jacked off at least a couple of times as I saw you two together."

"You masturbated to us, Chase?"

"Yes, as odd as it is, you two together turns me on. I thought it was just you showering in there, so I wanted to come in there with you. Although, you completely surprised me when I heard her talking in there with you. I didn't know how to react, but I abruptly had this idea come into the light, and I liked what I saw. Now, I find out that you were getting together because she wants to get ready for a threesome with all of us? Oh, this is like Christmas morning. She is really into that?"

"Yes," she answered, smiling back, but breaking eye contact. "She has just been embarrassed, that's all. She just confessed that she watched me give you head last year and has been interested in it ever since then."

"So, you've been having sex with her for a year?"

"No, that was just when she saw us. She told me a few months ago, and I'm guessing you heard about Maria and Lil?"


"Well, they found out about us, and now they started doing it."

"So, since you started, you've been getting ready for me, just having sex with each other to prep yourselves?"

"Well, yes, but as I'm sure you've figured out, it has gone past that. We kind of love each other more than a mother and daughter now," she cried. "Please don't break up our family, Chase," she pleaded, bringing her hands together.

"No, no, of course not, sweetheart," I guaranteed her, hugging her again. "I will never do that, Kate. I love you and Rose too much to do that."

We both stayed silent for a moment, but I knew that she felt better because I knew her. The jury was out, but I couldn't be positive. After a few minutes, she broke free from my arms and lowered herself down to her knees. She peeked at me, but didn't speak a word. She managed to grab my rod and stroke it for me slowly blindly.

"I love you, Kate."

"I love you too, Chase, please don't ever hate me."

"I won't, but don't cheat with someone outside the family."

"I won't," she let me know before she took my cock into her mouth.

"Oh, I've missed this a bit, Kate," I moaned, plopping my hands atop her head. "I definitely saved some cum for you, babe. You'll just have to suck it all out yourself. Are you up for the challenge?"

She nodded, and I began caressing her head. I kept eye contact for a moment as I already found myself having trouble to deal with the pleasure. I knew she'd indeed have no problem getting that seed from my schlong, and it would be a thrilling ride.

"Oh, fuck yes, have sex with Rose all you want, Kate. Dare I ask: have you become more frisky now?"

I got one more head shake from her before I calmly leaned my head back. Even as I had her giving me one hell of a blow job, I just envisioned her giving it to me flawlessly. I felt her soft lips moving as effortlessly as possible, but in slow movements though.

'All of the sudden, I feel drops of sweat flowing down my forehead, and my heart rate is skyrocketing again. If only I could bust her again on this, I wouldn't mind having this happen again. Maybe Rose will singlehandedly reignite our sex life, who knows?'

"Yes, thrust those damn lips. Those magnificent mushy lips that feel great anywhere. I'm sure you've eaten her out too, haven't you?"

I didn't notice any different movements, but I had no problem imagining Kate making our daughter feel good too. 'Yes, Kate, get your tongue right in between our daughter's pussy lips and return the favor to her too. She certainly deserves to feel good also.'

I had taken for granted the luxury of feeling my wife suck my cock, but as she allowed me to explore the intense pleasure again, nothing else mattered. I knew deep down there would be a lot of things to talk about, but at the moment, I just focused on her.

The whole time, I maintained my sexual fantasy in my head of them just fucking each other. Whether or not it was as mother and daughter or lovers, I didn't care; I just loved the sight to no end. Incest was best, and there seemed to be no toping it then.

Although, after a thrilling four minutes, I felt her poke my chest softly. I peeked back down at her, and we made eye contact again. I watched her head slowly move back and forth on my wood, and then my eyes closed partially.

She calmly let her lips go all the back, so she took my entire member into her mouth. I immediately shimmered a bit and moaned. I had to slather my lips and scrub her head a little harder too.

"Are you toying with me now, babe? The first BJ I get from you in months, and you deep throat me?"

She nodded yet again, but let out a couple of tears before letting my schlong out. "Do you forgive me, Chase?" she fretted, stroking my pecker.

"Yes, I do. If I get both of you, I'll forgive you, Kate."

"Just don't get her pregnant. My oven better be the only one you stick a bun into."

"I understand."

She suddenly stood up with me and brought her lips within a couple of inches of mine. "Where would you like to cum, Chase?"

I kept my eyes on hers for a few seconds, but after that, they dropped down to her rocking tits.

"Good enough for me," she announced before dropping down to her knees. "Do you want to do the same to Rose?"

"Well, she is your girlfriend, Kate, so I don't want to ask for too much, but I'd love to, yes."

"I'll work something out for you, Chase, don't worry, I'll make sure you get to unload a shit ton of your seed to her melons. I know you'll love it," she assured me before taking my dick back into her mouth.

"Holy shit, Kate," I moaned, placing my hands on her head again. "I think I just might be falling in love with you again. You two have amazing chemistry, and I'd love to see it over and over again. You are, and I love more than the day is long at work, I swear, I'll never leave you. Fuck our daughter all you want, just don't forget about me though. Fair enough?"

She nodded yet again and angled her head up somewhat. She still managed to thrust her lips and look right into my eyes. I did, in fact, find her to be flawless, but I didn't know how to spell it all out for her.

In the meantime, I just caressed her head and watched her. As much as I didn't want to, I also found myself sparking a tear as well. Everything was magical it seemed, but almost too good to be true.

I didn't even need to think about it because with passing thrust of her lips; she reminded me of the undeniable pleasure. Each time those delicate lips made it back towards the end of my wood, I felt the cooling sensation, and she made me twitch.

"Wouldn't it be so hot if she did peek in here now and watched you suck the life out of my cock, watching her parents have sex? Maybe before I would have taken it the wrong way, but now I'm sure I'd make sure she was comfortable watching. Whether she masturbated or not, she'd be craving for more."

Then she placed both of her hands at the base of my cock and held it tight as she began thrusting her lips just a little faster.

"Oh, you sly devil," I moaned, slanting my body forward. "Move your head back and forth too, Kate, and show this handsome guy just how much you love him. Make him feel so good that has to shoot his a bathtub's worth of seed all over your face," I let out, reaching for her butt.

I grabbed both cheeks and caught them hard. I had to close my eyes to deal with the gratification. My mind took on a life of its own as my sexual thoughts collided, and I felt the ultimate sexual fantasy: having Kate blow me while Rose had some fun with us.

Nothing and no one could surpass that, and I was all, but confident that it would happen sooner or later. It was the least she could do for me, considering how much Kate loved having sex with Rose and that I was her hubby.

After a couple more minutes, I calmly came back up. I didn't place my hands on her head, and I just let them down at my sides as I tried to contain myself. I knew it was just a matter of time, but I fought tooth and nail to last as long as possible.

Although, her soft lips made it no easy task, but I found myself to be quite strong-willed. No matter how good it felt, I made damn sure to hold back for as long as I possibly could. She definitely knew what she was doing to make me love it too.

"I love you, Kate. You are a devil intertwined with an angel, but I love you to no end."

She slowly let my rod out again, but didn't say anything. She did give it a full lick going from bottom to top, and then I grabbed onto it from the bottom. She let her tongue out, and I placed the head of my member right onto it.

She massaged it with her tongue lazily for a moment. "Your horny husband loves his hot wife, so please, don't cut yourself off from him, pretty please?"

"Well, could you at least not talk about yourself in the third person?"


She smiled and slowly came up with me and rubbed my rod again. "Did you really jack off when you watched me with our daughter?"

"Yes, I already divulged that to you. I fought the urge to cum so often; I thought my dick would blow up. I couldn't help, but to keep watching, I wasn't sure if I'd ever get to see you two together again."

"I wasn't sure how you'd react honestly, Chase. Obviously, was more sure you wouldn't like it, but I'm happy that you do like it. What would you like to do with both of us?"

"I'd certainly to see you two sharing my schlong, or maybe I'd like to fuck her doggie style while she eats you out. Maybe she should get on the pill."

"Are you going to want to have sex with her that much?"

"Maybe, but I was referring to the fact that I wouldn't be able to hold it once my pecker made inside my flesh and blood daughter's pussy. I'd absolutely get her knocked up if she asked, but I don't think she'd like it."

"Let's talk about that later," she muttered before she kissed me.

She continued to stroke my dick, and then I placed my hands on her butt as we made out. I squeezed those cheeks hard, and she applied some pressure to my cock as well. Needless to say, I was right, our daughter did seem to light the spark for our sexual flame.

'Oh, I'm feeling those boobs on my chest again. I've missed them so much, that it just an unreal feeling all over again. It takes me back to when we were dating.'

After a three minute make out session, her lips lazily drifted off mine. We just looked at each other with loving and lusty eyes. Nothing needed to be said, so I saw her calmly lower herself back to her knees.

Although, then she wrapped her entire right hand around it and looked back up at me. "Would you like to be one on one with you at least once?" she pondered, rubbing it.

"Oh, hell yes," I replied grinning.

"And do you want to spray her face with your cum too?"

"Yes, hun, along with a million other things."

"Well, think about it later, and keep those eyes on mine," she ordered me before took my pecker back into her mouth.

I immediately angled my head back and covered my face. I just thought of her and dealt with the pleasure: feeling the softest lips I could imagine rubbing ever so slowly on my johnson.

"Holy shit, babe, it feels so good that it hurts just a little bit. I'm almost ready to cum, dear sexy wife, so keep going for another minute. Not even that, you have to a few seconds here. I'm sorry, but you are pulling shit out of me now," I moaned, prior to looking back at her. "And your eyes, Kate. Your breasts are quite lovely, but they are no match for your beautiful eyes. They are brown, but undeniably splendid."

She smirked as much as possible as we stared at each other for another moment. We both knew it, but I was, in fact, falling back in love with her again. No one could deny it, and I could foresee our loving future.

I opened my mouth completely, and she let my cock out of her mouth. I nonchalantly grabbed onto the end of it and aimed it right at her face. She failed to utter a word and turned her head, so her left cheek was towards my member.

I shot my load directly onto her cheek and wasted no time to splatter her face wholly. She helped as she angled her face all around, even when I kept cumming repeatedly. Even with all the cum I unloaded before; I still managed to let out six more streams to her face.

With each one, I twitched and felt a little cooler inside too, as if I was boiling on the outside, and freezing on the inside. I loved the sensation and even managed to keep looking at her the whole too.

"Did you like that, Chase?" she pondered, rising up with me and taking my hands in hers.

"Yes, I loved that, even if it wasn't on your boobs."

"I know you surely want to get Rose in here, but could we have some more one on one time first?"

"I'd love that," I responded, enveloping my arms around her. "I can't believe that Rose would be into being with both of us, it is awesome."
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