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Uncle and niece give into taboo temptation when are left alone.

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Laying in his hotel bed with her in his arms, after having made love for the second time that night, Rob started reminiscing about the first time they made love three years ago. How he had been admiring her sweet ass and little breasts for some time, wondering how they would feel in his mouth while he slowly suckled on them. She loved wearing those short cotton shorts with the white trim. Those little short shorts that allowed the bottom of her butt cheeks to show while walking around his house, drove him nuts. The itsy-bistsy-teenie-weenie red bikini that she wore when swimming in his pool always caused a surplus amount of blood to surge to his penis. She was five feet tall, weighing perhaps 105 pounds with a beautiful face with full red lips that he always fantasized sucking his cock while on her knees, looking up at him.

The memory of the first time he was allowed to enter her, to take her virginity, would never be forgotten. The picture in his head of the first time he saw his big, thick cock slowly enter her while she cried out both in pain and pleasure is something he likes to recall. That first night his thick cock completely stretched her tight little cunt to its limit. She begged him not to stop, but to go harder. She was feeling her little cunt getting filled and stretched for the first time and she could not get enough of his cock in her. The repetitive in and out motion was giving her pleasure that she had never known. It was the tightest pussy he had ever had the pleasure of fucking. After he had taken her innocence, he only wanted to go slow and make sweet love to her. The memory of his thick cock sliding slowly in and out of her impossibly tight small hole, as her pussy lips stretched open to take in his cock, played over and over in his head. She was completely naked on her back on the edge of the bed, both looking into each others eyes as he moved his hips forward and backwards. Her tight cunt felt amazing on his cock, His thick cock felt like heaven in her tight little cunt.

Rob was a single dad at 6' tall with a body of a former football player that he kept in shape way past college. He was 34 and shared custody of his daughter Sarah with his ex-girlfriend. They were on very friendly terms, which, of course, benefited everyone. Sarah was also very close to Marie, her cousin. They had always been close, almost like sisters, with Marie only a month older. Marie's father, Mark, was Rob's older brother. Growing up, they had always been close, so when a house several blocks from his brother was put up for sale, Rob was quick to put in an offer. The idea was that they would continue to be close and their daughter's would grow up to be close, as well. They were family and always hung out at every opportunity.

Mark had called his brother on a Monday, asking if he was able to watch Marie that coming weekend, knowing that it was his weekend with Sarah. Rob right away agreed, explaining he was getting ready to call him because Sarah had asked if she could invite her 'sister' over for the weekend. They liked referring to each other as sisters, not cousins. Since Mark and his wife were looking to get their romantic weekend started early, they would be leaving on Friday morning. Rob would pick up Marie from summer school and bring her to his house for the weekend; certainly not the first time this sort of arrangement was coordinated. For Marie, Rob was her favorite uncle and Sarah was her 'sister'.

That Friday afternoon on the way to picking up Marie from school, he heard a text come in but did not check it until he got got to Marie's school. It was from his daughter's mother, explaining that Sarah had come down with the stomach flu and with his permission, she wanted to keep her home. He knew it was best for her to stay and so he texted back that he was in agreement. He informed Marie of the situation, telling her that it would only be the two of them for the weekend. With a big smile on her face she told him she was happy to be spending some alone time with her favorite Uncle. He told her he too was happy to be spending some alone time with his favorite niece. He told her that he had promised them pizza and so she could order whatever pizza she wanted. They would keep to the plans she and his daughter had made.

She went to her sister's room to change out of her school clothe and into something more comfortable. She had recently discovered boys and men and so she liked dressing in outfits that would grab their attention. On several visits over, she had noticed how her uncle would check her out in her tight little cotton shorts. This weekend she had made plans to dress sexy for him. He was her favorite uncle for several reason, the biggest one being that she had the biggest crush on him. He always treated her as a young lady, not a child, and she felt like her opinion mattered around him. It also did not hurt that she thought he was cute. She put on a pair of short shorts that were tight and a size too small. These were her old shorts that she found in a box in the garage and decided to bring with her to specifically to drive her uncle nuts. She decided to go swimming, so she came out of the room wearing her red bikini top with a pair of his favorite shorts.

Walking into the living room, Rob was stunned at the beauty standing before him. She had worn that same bikini many times before, the cause for many of his wet dreams, but she felt it necessary to ask him how she looked, while spinning, giving him the opportunity to really appreciate her outfit.

“Wow, honey. With your dad out of town, it'll be my job to keep the shotgun ready.”

“Do I really look that good?” she asked, knowing full well that half her ass was hanging out.

“Oh yeah, honey. If you weren't my niece, I might even......”

“Even what?”

“Nothing honey. I shouldn't have said that. Go jump in the pool, I'll be right out myself”

She walked out to the backyard, happy knowing that she had caught his attention. She slowly took her shorts off, sliding them down without bending her knees and spreading the sunblock all over her body. Even though she could not see into the house, she was hoping he was checking her out.

She could not be more right. He was spying out his bedroom window that gave him a view out to the pool. As she was pulling down her shorts, he stood completely naked in his room looking out the window while slowly masturbating, like he had done many times before. The way she pulled down her shorts was new and it caused him to pick up speed. He ended up making a mess on the carpet by the window with his cum. With the intense pleasure he received from cumming while spying on his niece, he was happy to clean it before heading out the door to be with her.

Things were innocent at first, They started by playing races, which of course he would allow her to win. There was the obligatory game of Marco Polo, which is not a lot fun with only two players. They also played to see who could hold their breath under water the longest, along with other games. After a while in the pool, they got hungry and decided to order the pizza.

When the pizza arrived, Rob decided to open a bottle of wine for himself. When they were sitting at the table, Marie decided to take a chance and see what he would say and asked if she could taste his wine. Surprisingly, he said yes, but only a sip. Even though it wasn't the best tasting beverage she had ever had, she made it a point not to make any faces reflecting her dislike.

“So, what do you think? Yucky, huh?”

“No. It actually taste pretty good.” She was trying to sound like an adult. She had tasted her mother's wine before but did not like it, asking her mom how she could drink that stuff. Her mother told her that her taste buds would change when she got older.


“Yeah. Do you mind if I take another sip?”

“Do you want your own glass?”

“If you don't mind.”

“You just have to promise me you won't tell your parents. They'll kill me and then they'll kill you. Do you promise?”

“Yes, I promise. I would never rat out my favorite uncle.”

Rob got up and grabbed her a glass and served her her very own first glass of wine. With that, she started fantasizing that they were on a date. Alone, having diner with a glass of wine, with Andrea Bocelli playing in the background, how could she not? Her glass was half empty, his empty, when he excused himself. When he returned from the restroom, both glasses were full. He noticed, but said nothing. He too was feeling the romantic ambiance and was enjoying sitting at table, alone, with his beautiful sexy niece. The same one that drove him nuts and that he had masturbated to earlier that afternoon. After dinner, they decided to lounge by the pool while they waited for their food to go down.

It was the long hot days of summer and there was still sun out. Not enough to need sunscreen, but that didn't stop Marie. With the liquid courage from the wine and feeling horny around her uncle, she explained to him that normally Sarah would've helped her putting on the sunscreen. “Uncle, do you mind?” she asked while holding it out.

Looking up at the sun, Rob was about to tell her it really wasn't necessary. He bit his tongue when he realized it was an opportunity to get his hands on her sexy body with her little waist and nice tight little ass. He agreed to it, while reaching out for her to give him the lotion. She quickly laid on her tummy and untied the strings to her bikini top to get an even tan. When she did that, Rob was happy that her head was turned the other way. If not she would've easily have seen the tent in his trunks. Her shoulders, back and legs felt soft and amazing in his trembling hands. He went slow, savoring every part of her backside. She was enjoying the attention he was giving her, remembering that they were alone for the weekend. She got brave once more, not wanting his hands to leave her body.

“Uncle Robbie?” she asked in her sweetest little girl voice.

“Yes?” he answered, trying hard to control his breathing.

“Can I pull down my bikini bottom so you can do my butt cheeks?”

“Uh, uh. I'm not sure I should be doing that.”

“Pleeeeease. Sarah always does that for me, but she's not here. I don't want to burn. You don't want me to burn, do you, uncle?” again, using her sweet voice when she said the word uncle.

“Quickly. We're doing this quickly. You have to promise you won't tell your parents. They'll kill me. Do you promise?”

“I promise.” she assured him.

He couldn't believe what he was agreeing to. She had grabbed the waistband of the bikini and was slowly pushing them down. She lifter her pelvic slightly to give her room to slide them down, which only made her ass that much nicer. 'Holy fuck, this girl will be the cause of my death' he thought to himself as she continued lowering them. He thought she would stop when they reached her thighs, but she continued, bending her knees up and pulling the up and over her feet until they were completely off, saying she wanted to get an even tan before he said anything. She just laid there waiting for him, completely nude like the day she was born. to start. He was not sure how to even start. His cock was as stiff as a baseball bat, admiring all of her, including her sweet looking ass. She looked over her shoulder and told him he could start anytime.

Her sweet angelic voice broke the trance he was in. He squirted some lotion in his palm and started spreading it into both his hand before making contact with her ass. Oh that prime ass that he had spent so much time ogling and desiring. He was now actually massaging, with her permission. What should've taken a minute to do took close to ten minutes. He started slow, at first, trying to do a sincere job of covering every square inch of her tush with sunscreen. Before long, he felt himself starting to grope and squeeze her cheeks. Because she said nothing, he continued pushing them up and out, which gave him a clear view of her extremely tight pussy lips. As he he continued, he noticed that her nether lips were completely smooth and starting to glisten every time he went back to push up and out. He knew exactly why they were getting wet, but even that did not prompt him to stop. Before long, his hands started massaging her whole tight body.

She was a member of the cross country team at school and her body was in perfect shape. His hands moved from her shoulders down to her slim waist, over her tight ass that he now had free reign over, down to her smooth beautiful legs. He slowly ran his hands down the outside of her legs, one hand on each leg and then brought them up on the inside. She spread her legs to accommodate him. She wanted him to see and want all of her. When he reached her thighs, her breathing got heavy, but so did his that he did not notice. As his big hands once again pushed up her cheeks, he was not careful with his thumbs as they came up slowly caressing her tight little slit. He realized what he had done!

When she said nothing, he felt the need to test the waters. He kept massaging her ass while his thumbs kept 'accidentally' bumping up against her wet slit. They were both breathing hard. Her enjoying his touch, thinking that she never thought this would feel as good as it did and him wondering how long before she said anything. She had opened her legs even wider, giving him more room. He continued and she felt like she was about to come. She had masturbated plenty of times thinking of her favorite uncle. She knew what would happen, she would start quivering and start uncontrollably humping the chaise lounge. It was her sexy uncle that was causing the pleasure she was receiving. She was not about to stop him.

He felt braver when she did not protest. He actually heard a soft moan come from her. He started rubbing his finger harder and faster against her slit. There was not pretending, one has was pushing both her cheeks up and his other hand was pleasuring her. She started moaning louder and she started humping and he felt when she orgasmed. His finger became extremely wet and she came to an abrupt stop unable to catch her breath. He removed his hand and they both stayed quiet, neither one daring to say anything.

He was startled when she abruptly got up and started quickly walking towards the house. He couldn't help but stare at his niece walking completely naked in his backyard towards the house. When she was out of sight, he laid back on the chaise lounge thinking how he had gone too far and he was now going to have to explain to his brother without getting knocked on his ass for taking advantage of his little girl. His other thought was how he had lost her trust after she had told him he was her favorite uncle. A million other thoughts were going through his head.

Marie ran to her sister's room, closed the door and jumped on the bed. It gave her the time she needed to processes what had just happened to her. Her gorgeous uncle, the man that she had masturbated to when was alone in bed, has just made her cum. Never before had she felt such intensity.

She was more determined than ever before to continue seducing her gorgeous uncle, the man that made her come so hard.

On the way back out, she made a quick stop at the bathroom to relieve her bladder. Getting her senses back, she realized she was completely nude and was getting ready to walk back out. She chose to continue, taking a big gulp from the wine bottle she found on the dining table. Her uncle was still laying on his back with his hand on his forehead dealing with all his thoughts. She started running towards the pool and yelled out to him “LAST ONE IN IS A ROTTEN EGG!”

He caught sight of her naked figure as she dove into the pool. Confused, he stared at her as she made her way over to the other end of the pool. When she came out, she had her back against the pool facing him, with her arms stretched out holding onto to the edge of the pool. She asked him if he was going to join her. He asked where she ran off to. She told him that her bladder was bursting and she had to use the restroom, telling him that she assumed he did not want her peeing in his pool. He laughed it off, saying her instincts were correct. Again, she asked if he was going to join her.

Relieved, he got up and started walking towards the pool, still in his trunks. She asked if he wasn't going to go skinny dipping with her. He showed some restraint, for now, telling her he didn't think it was a good idea before diving in. They were once again in the pool together, only now she was completely naked and he was swimming around with an erection. There was definitely sexual tension between them. She came up to him, pushed him back yelling out “Tag” and started swimming away. She knew he would chase her and catch up to her. He very easily reached out to grab her feet and pulled her back to him. She turned and hugged him with her hands around his neck, pressing her stiff nipple against his chest. He also felt her smooth hot vagina against his stomach as she wrapped her short legs around his body. They stared at each other for what felt like forever, able to feel each other's heartbeat. As they stood there in the middle of the pool in waist high water in the dark,she slowly brought her lips to his and felt a jolt the moment their lips touched.

They both knew what they wanted and they started passionately kissing, exploring each other's mouth with their tongues. She loved the feel of his tongue in her mouth. She had kissed two other boys before tonight, neither had made her feel as horny as she was feeling now.

Her little tongue felt incredible in his mouth. How many times had he fantasized about kissing these beautiful lips? How many times had he dreamed of holding her in his arms? Only in his dreams they were both completely naked laying on his bed, with him on top of her.

As they continued kissing he moved his hands down, caressing her body, similar to what he had done earlier while applying the unnecessary sunscreen. His hands moved from her back, down to her waist and held onto her ass, to help hold her up. He left one hand on there for support, while he continued caressing her legs wrapped around him. He brought that hand back to her butt cheek and continued caressing her other legs with his other hand. The whole time, neither dared to stop the kissing, with fear that everything would stop if they separated their mouths. Afterwards, he brought the same hand up to touch her little breast and gently pinch her nipple. She burst out with a “Fuck, that feels good.” She looked at him in the eyes and asked him to touch her other nipple and went back to kissing him. He did as she asked and brought up his other hand to cup her other little breast prior to gently pinching it. She moaned hard into his mouth.

She slowly dropped her hands and reached into his waistband, searching for the string that kept his trunks from falling. She undid the knot and pushed them down with her little feet. As they dropped down to the pool floor, she reached down and held in her hands her first penis. Her uncle's penis. Her new lover's cock! She did what she had heard girls were supposed to do for their boyfriends, she started stroking him up and down very aggressively. Enjoying her small hands, he asked her to slow down and do it gently. Meanwhile, his hands continued to roam all over her body. They were both so horny, he knew he was in trouble, but just couldn't stop. It was like standing on the tracks with the train's light shining directly in your face and you refusing to move. You know the consequences, yet you choose not to move. That's what it felt like for him. The taboo of standing there in the middle of the pool completely naked holding his naked niece in his arms with her stroking his cock was too good to let go.

“Take me to bed. I want you inside me” she whispered in his ear. They stared at each other for a minute before she continued. “I want my first time to be with you. I love you and I know you'll be gentle. When you told me that Sarah couldn't join us, I decided that tonight I wanted to give myself to you.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, knowing that the real answer should be 'No, I can't.'

“Yes. I want you to use this” she shook his penis when emphasizing the word 'this' “to make love to me”

He easily carried her out of the pool. He walked towards the house, kissing her, thinking of all the reasons this was wrong, yet ignoring them all. This was an example where the little devil on his shoulder kicked the angel's ass on the other shoulder. He focused on the fact that this was his ultimate fantasy and he was going to make her his. Carrying his prize in his arms, he kicked his bedroom door open and laid her down on his bed. She scooted back until her head reached the pillow. He climbed into bed and she instinctively open her legs for her lover, her uncle, to take his place between her legs. It felt nice being under him, having his body over her. They spent some time kissing, enjoying the skin on skin contact. Her breast touching his chest and his cock touching her legs. He laid next to her on her left side, offering him the opportunity to once again touch all of her.

His hand started by gently caressing the side of her face while they kissed. His hand moved down to her neck and then to her shoulders. When he reached her soft breast she gasped out loud, showing him how sensitive her nipples were. He spent some time teasing her breast and pinching her nipples with her moaning as he played with them. He took her little breasts into his mouth, sucking on them like a baby would on his mother.

Finally, they were in his mouth! He was actually sucking on them!

He took his time, living out the fantasy that had played out so many times in his head. He easily fit each one completely in his mouth, flicking her nipples. Her moans with her fidgeting body let him know how much she was enjoying his actions. She had her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her by having her breast sucked on for the very first time.

He continued his downward motion, feeling her smooth flat tummy before reaching her smooth hairless sweet treasure. He teased her a bit at first, by gently running his hands up and down her soft inner thighs. He could obviously hear her breathing hard and see her stomach move as she breathed deep, in and out. By now, she had her head back, enjoying his hands as they touched her all over, telling him how good his hands felt on her body. He slowly moved his hand over her vagina and started stroking her tight little wet slit again with only one finger. She gave out a loud moan. He slowly started inserting a finger, feeling how tight her pussy really was. He wondered if his cock would fit when the time came to claim his prize.

He started finger fucking her hard, adding another finger. “Do you like that baby? Huh, do you like uncle Rob's finger in your pussy?” “MMMM...MMMM...Uh huh” That was too much for her, she started crying out in pleasure as she started trembling. She knew she was coming and did not bother holding back her loud moans and groans, begging her lover not to stop and telling him to suck on her breasts. This only intensified her orgasm. She was completely overwhelmed with the second orgasm that uncle Robbie had given her. She continued moaning and groaning, telling her uncle how good he was making her fell. After a while, she begged him to stop, to give her a chance to recover. She had never known such intense pleasure. She also had no idea how much more pleasure she would be experiencing before the night was over.

“Are you ok?” he asked. Not so much concerned for her well being, one could easily assume that based on the look of exhaustion and total satisfaction on her face. The real question being was she ready to continue. She nodded and weakly gave an “Uh huh” while nodding her head. The moment had come. Her pussy was next. He could smell her sweet innocent scent and he was ready taste her, he was ready shove his tongue deep into her virgin cunt and give her the kind of pleasure she had never experienced before.

He neared his face to her completely smooth pussy, stuck out his tongue and ever so slowly licked her from the bottom of her slit to the very top. She gave out a deafening squeal, squeezing his head between her thighs, letting him know he was driving her crazy. He continued his slow licking, enjoying the sweet taste of her virgin pussy. The taste was similar to a sweet juicy peach, he was loving it and she was producing plenty to lick up. The sheet directly under her little cunt was drenched with her juices. He stiffened his tongue and started fucking her with it, making sure she experienced a good tongue fucking. He continued his assault, making sure he licked up and down the middle and sucked on each labia. The feeling was intense for her and he knew she would soon be coming hard. As he felt her trembling, with her telling him she was about loose it once more, he started finger-fucking her and started flicking her little clit as fast and hard as possible. Never had his tongue worked so hard. She lost all senses and went into a sexual high she never knew possible. Her toes curled, she yelled out 'oh fuck' multiple times. She came hard, not know what hit her, not that she cared. She now knew why sex was so addicting.

She could not seem to catch her breath as she laid on her lover's bed. He gave her time to recover. He wanted her to be completely coherent for the next part. His cock was stiff as a lead pipe and it was ready to serve its purpose. To penetrate her.

He reached out to his nightstand to pull out a condom from his drawer. As much as he wanted his first time in her to be completely natural, he was worried about the consequences. He need not worry. She looked up at him with a completely satisfied look and said “You don't need that. I have been preparing myself for this moment for some time now. I begged my mom to put me on the pill six months ago and pretending it was you, I already broke it with my hairbrush. I just need you to you go slow. I know it's still gonna hurt a little bit.” We had both been waiting for this moment and it was finally here.

He went down to kiss her, asking her if she knew how much he loved her and assuring her that he would go slow and not hurt her. Looking down, she grabbed his cock, bringing it to her nether lips, she started rubbing it up and down against her drenched pussy. She again started panting while he made sure she got it as wet as possible before going in. Everything he was doing, he kept having to remind himself to slow down. His adrenaline was running high and he had to be careful not to hurt her. It was sufficiently wet and it was time to make her his woman. She had givien him her virginity and he was ready to take what was rightfully his.

He aligned his cock up to her tightly shut glistening pussy lips and started pushing in. It was fucking amazing to see her cunt starting to stretch as he very slowly started pushing his hips forward, forcing his long thick cock into her. They looked into each other's eyes, her opening her mouth with a look pain on her face. He asked if she was ok. She nodded her head and asked him not to stop, telling him it was a good kind of pain. It was weird for her to feel that way, something she had never experienced before. It was hard for her to describe it. The feeling of his cock continuing to penetrate her was intensifying and her moans were of both pleasure and pain. He continued going slow, enjoying her incredibly tight cunt contract around his cock. He continued until he was completely in, with his testicles touching her ass. He was completely sheathed by her pussy. She had produced enough lubrication that made it possible. They had both been dreaming of this exact moment for quite awhile.

He stopped for moment to allow her to adjust to his girth, to take in the moment her uncle took her innocence. They never lost eye contact, they were totally in lust with each other and wanted to see what each other was feeling. He started withdrawing and entering with short strokes, at first, but soon he was stroking his cock all the way in and pulling out to the point where only the head of his cock was in her. The nasty thought that he was actually fucking his gorgeous niece never left him. An uncle wasn't supposed to enjoy his niece's body, yet here they were, partaking in this sexual taboo with no guilt nor hesitation.

This little cunt had been teasing him long enough, it was time to give her the fucking she had been begging for. He pulled her over to where her pussy was now at the edge of the bed. Now standing, he kept stroking in and out of her, looking down at the point where they were connected, amazed that such a tiny cunt could accommodate his cock. It turned him on simply watching his cock fuck her pussy. He started going faster and faster, harder and harder, with her begging for more. “Fuck me uncle Robbie, fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can. This feels so fucking good!!” she shouted between her moans and groans. He kept pounding her hard, with their pelvises continuously crashing against each other.

She started feeling an orgasm coming on. She knew it would be a big one, but no idea that it would be the biggest one she would have up to that point. He also felt his nuts tightening up, with his cum soon coming to a boil. He was determined not to cum before her. With her legs up against his chest, he grabbed onto her thighs and started punishing her cunt, pounding her as hard as possible. Never before had he been so set on his sexual partner getting so thoroughly fucked as hard as he was fucking her.

“OH FUCK!! I'M CUMMING...I'M FUCKING CUMMING!” That was all he needed to hear. He pushed forward and his cock exploded, filling up her pussy for the first time with gallons of his cum, making her completely his. That pussy was now his. She would always do as he asked so long as he gave her what she needed. She cried out in pleasure, humping her uncle back as she tightly held on to him.

His cock was now her addiction.


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Nowhereman is the best! This is yet another great story that I cant get enough of. I listened to "nothingman" by Pearl Jam while reading it.


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Very hot!


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A well written & arousing story. Thank you!

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