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Sonya Blade is a character from the Mortal Kombat franchise created by Midway Games. I make no money from the story, it serves only for erotic gratification.
The Mortal Kombat tournament had reached its most interesting stage: two of the finest warriors Earth had to offer, would fight each other, and only the winner would get to fight the scheming mastermind: Shang Tsung.

It was his quickly concocted scheme that had sown a rift between the forces of Earthrealm, and since it had worked so well, the evil sorcerer decided not to kidnap Sonya Blade, and force Liu Kang into a decisive battle to save her. They would injure each other heavily, and whoever won, had no chance- or at least this was Shang Tsung’s line of thought.

What he did not know, was the scheming of Kitana, the princess of Outworld. She understood Sonya’ feelings, and liked the idea of a female destroying Shang Tsung by exploiting stereotypical male views on women. She was turned on by what the special forces operative did to Kano and afterwards, Johnny Cage.

She managed to contact the Elders, and explain to them that Shang Tsung had violated the rules by successfully manipulating Earthrealm fighters against each other- instead of sending out a representative of the Outworld, after Prince Goro was beaten.

As she notified the ethereal creatures of Shang Tsung’s breach of rules, the fight between Sonya Blade and Liu Kang was about to start. She suggested an unusual punishment- stripping Shang Tsung of his powers.

The Elder Gods were at times humorous, and thus, approved of Kitana’s idea, as Shang Tsung would suffer humiliation once his turn to fight the winner came. Her secret hopes were that Sonya would be able to deal with Shang Tsung once he was made mortal like her. First, she would have to defeat Liu Kang, though.

The Chinese male could not get out of the fight, much as he was displeased with the thought of fighting another Earthrealm warrior. However, he witnessed Sonya enjoy killing Johnny Cage in a torturous way, and this acted to remove at least some of the objections he had to the fight.

Thus, he stood, watching the movements of Sonya Blade wordlessly, ready to react to any attack of hers.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to attack first, Sonya thought he was scared of her, and confidently went forward, testing him with a rising body blow. Liu Kang deflected it with his right arm moving to push out Sonya’s left, as the punch was coming.

Seeing that they blocked each other ‘s punches, both combatants went for a kick, timing it almost simultaneously. It was a middle kick in each case, and since both connected, two bodies fell on the ground, causing Shang Tsung to chuckle, as both fighters were embarrassed briefly.

As both of them jumped back on their feet, Liu Kang noticed Shang Tsung’s amusement, and spoke sternly to Sonya:” He is laughing- as we fight each other!”

”It’s a tournament of fighters, Liu.”, she replied with minor annoyance, before launching a series of punches and kicks. Liu Kang was forced to the defensive, but successfully parried his attacks- except the last one.

Liu Kang’s leap into the air surprised her, and as he tried to vault over her in a corkscrew-like motion, the blonde pivoted to face him, but, as she swung a punch to hit him mid-air, he landed on his arms, while his feet kicked her in the chest, producing a pained groan, as the American woman fell backwards.

Soon, Liu was upon her, attempting a downward leaping punch was he unleashed a battle cry. Sonya had to roll away, and barely dodged the blow, as the Shaolin fighter hit the sand next to her head.

Desperate, she kicked at his feet, and scored a hit almost by luck, causing the monk to stumble. Taking the chance, she wrapped her legs around his left arm, quickly grabbing onto it with her arms, as well.

Liu Kang had to act quickly to get out of the hold, and so, he used his right fist to swing vicious punches at Sonya’s chest and face, while preventing her from straightening his trapped arm out.

However, in doing so, he opened herself to a counterattack by Sonya, who gritted her teeth and withstood the painful blows, before releasing one of her legs from the grapevine trapping Liu’s arm. she swung her left leg up, aiming her knee at his head.

Since Liu was focused on getting his trapped arm out, he did not put his other arm up soon enough, and so, the knee strike smashed into his chin, causing a pained groan to come from him.

Then, he blacked out, his head slumping down.

Sonya smirked, and quickly got on top of him, trapping his left arm again. Shang Tsung also seemed pleased, as he sensed the end of his greatest threat was nigh.

She applied a straight armbar, and yanked backwards. An intermittent popping sound triggered light moans from the blonde. These were soon followed by a cry of agony, as Liu Kang woke up, wracked by pain in his left arm.

Sonya was already gripping his head, even before Shang Tsung stood up, smiling evilly, and said the familiar two words: “Finish him!”

”No...he will destroy E-”, Liu Kang protested, but this was interrupted by a loud, drawn out popping of his neck, as Sonya yanked it upwards, before twisting the monk’s head to the side ended the fight, followed by audible cries of pleasure coming from her mouth.

Sonya smirked at the sorcerer, who simply announced: „Sonya Blade wins.”

Shang Tsung applauded her, although it seemed to have a condescending tone.

“Well done. You’ve done well to reach this far. I will give you a quick death.” the sorcerer speaks, and Sonya reacts to this by getting into fighting stance.

Shang Tsung is ready to thrust his hand forward, aiming to use his magic to attack her, but he is interrupted quickly.

Kitana walks towards him with swagger, after coming out of a portal.

“What is the meaning of this?” an obviously annoyed Shang Tsung asks, realizing the beings visible in the back of the portal might be the Elders.

“The Elders aren’t happy with you interfering with the match-ups. Two representatives of Earthrealm fought, and twice this happened.”

Shang Tsung quickly tried to justify himself: “Nobody refused the fight.”

“Mortal Kombat challenges cannot be refused anyway. The punishment decided by the Elders shall be…you are entirely mortal and without any powers from now on, at least until the end of the fight, and have to fight Sonya in this state. Enjoy. I think she will.”

An eerie green glow surrounded the ruler of Outworld. Soon, it dissipated, but everyone knew the punishment had been served.

Shang Tsung hid his frustration with a loud “Hmph. I am rested, and shall triumph easily. After that, you will suffer.” His last words were full of bitterness and wrath over the stunt Kitana had pulled off.

Sonya Blade simply smirked, cracking her knuckles. Kitana smiled at her, winking out of Shang Tsung’s eyesight. It was a gesture of unspoken approval of Sonya’s actions.

Now, Shang Tsung would not be able to use his powers to make the final match a formality.

One day later, Sonya and Shang Tsung met. The fate of Earthrealm and Outworld would be decided. Shang Tsung’s attempts at scheming could now cost him his life.

Both seemed confident, and Sonya’s face showed determination, and a willingness to destroy her opponent, a willingness greater than in any previous battle.

Thus, for the first time in the tournament, she was the one to attack her opponent, rather than being on the defensive.

Leaping forward, she attempted a thrusting front kick, which Shang Tsung had to dodge by, jumping to the side.

He retaliated with an attempted chop to the back of the blonde’s head, which she avoided by ducking and swaying.

For a few seconds, the combatants paused to think and refocus, before the conflict for the control over two realms resumed.

It happened in a split-second, the charge of the sorcerer, and Sonya struggled to block every savage punch and kick that came her way. At one point, a dirty move from Shang Tsung opened her defenses up.

Since the distance between them was reduced, he stomped on her right foot, just as they were exchanging attacks and counterattacks. The pain wasn’t great, however, Sonya was distracted, and this meant the sorcerer could land a vicious body blow, followed by an uppercut that left his opponent teetering on her feet, almost ready to fall.

Wary of trying to grapple with her, Shang Tsung opted for a spinning high kick as the method of ending any chances Sonya might have had.

Very much disoriented and shaken, Sonya could only put her hands up around her head. This did not prevent her from being knocked down, but she did avoid falling into unconsciousness.

Acting with some caution even as he felt victory was near, Shang Tsung gestured for her to get up. “Stand up so I can destroy you, and then I will do the same to your world!”

Through the pain, and distorted senses, the Earthrealm warrior heard him, and she hated how drunken on victory he already sounded like.

She took her time, and this frustrated Shang Tsung enough to make him come over. His attempt at crushing her failed, but only because she rolled out of the way of his disdainful stomp.

Soon, she had to sit up, and then get up quickly by supporting herself with her hands, before the frustrated sorcerer came over to her.

She managed to parry his body blow attempts, but those, as well as the low kick that followed, were feints drawing her away from Shang Tsung’s real intent: he grabbed her by the neck, aiming to squeeze out whatever life force she had left.

The grip he got on Sonya’s neck was crushing, and she had to act fast. Attempts to kick his groin failed, but her arms were able to manoeuvre around his. Using the last reserves of oxygen, she punched at his throat with her right fist.

While not crippling, the strike did cause Shang Tsung to cough up, and recoil, releasing his foe in the process.

Following up on the move that freed her, Sonya Blade tackled him, attempting to break him from a superior position. However, due to the smart decision of the sorcerer to protect his crotch, she could onlz trade punches with him.

Things got dirty, as he flailed at her breasts, or gripped her hair, while she tried to gouge his eyes out.

The chaotic grappling lasted for a minute or so, before Shang Tsung’s attempt at a kimura arm lock forced Sonya to headbutt him, and then get up in a hurry. He was way too dangerous.

As she got up, he wrapped his legs around her left calf, pulling her off balance, which resulted in her falling on her back. With both of the fighters on the ground, a series of kicks happened, as both tried to avoid being entangled.

Here, the sorcerer left an opening for the special forces operative to exploit. She noticed her left leg was in-between his own, pointing roughly at his groin. Seizing the chance, she slid on the ground, foot-first towards his genitals. Due to his movement in the last second, the hit was not direct.

“ bitch!”

Still, he felt great pain, immediately curling up and rolling around, unused to the unpleasant side-effects of mortality.

Sonya was at first surprised how well her improvised attack worked, but soon pulled back, jumping to her feet. With a smile on her face, she set out to break Shang Tsung.

Gripping his right leg by the ankle, she fought off his left kicks, finally trapping that limb as well. She then turned around, flipping her enemy onto his stomach. The Boston crab was locked in.

With a satisfied smile, Sonya Blade turned to look at Kitana, who seemed to be enjoying herself, judging by her moans. As the fighter found herself getting wetter, too, she instantly pulled back on Shang Tsung’s legs, stressing his body past the breaking point.

The crunching of Shang Tsung’s spine coincides with a loud moan of Sonya’s. Her fluids dripped through the black shorts she was wearing. Kitana cried out a “Yes!”, while Sonya yanked on the floppy legs of her broken foe, verifying that he was now paralyzed from the waist down.

She then stood up, and began to hurriedly pull her shorts off, now aware she can finish Shang Tsung off while having a lot of fun. Beckoning Kitana over with a seductive smile, she stripped herself naked.

As Kitana walked over elegantly, Sonya Blade turned around and trapped the groaning mess that was once an immortal sorcerer ruling over multiple realms between her toned legs. Just like Kano, Johnny Cage and Liu Kang, Shang Tsung would end up with a broken neck.

With his face locked in between her thighs, Sonya could start enjoying the attention of Kitana. The princess quickly began to make out with the blonde, moaning into her mouth, as they groped each other, enjoying in an explosion of sexual passion.

The exciting lesbian sex before Shang Tsung’s eyes tortured him in a way physical pain couldn’t, and he ended up licking at Sonya’s gushing folds. This had the effect of triggering her orgasm, and indirectly, it set off a twist of her hips which left his neck broken, but not enough to kill him.

The soft pop in his neck made Kitana cum, as both she and her blonde lover watched his body twitch, in amazement at the damage done to his nervous system. He wheezed, and his tongue flapped around Sonya’s folds.

“I could leave him alive, and it would be sexy...”, Sonya spoke, however, Kitana had to reply:” Sadly...the tournament has to end with a fatality... Kill him and you’re the queen of Earthrealm, Sonya.”

The blonde sighed, but then simply said: ”Okay.”

The next kiss turned very loud, because each twist and snap of Shang Tsung’s neck was followed by deep female moans.

After some time, a scared warrior wearing only a loin cloth came up, and in a timid tone, announced: “S-sonya B-blade w-wins! F-fatality!”

Kitana heard this, and smiled, standing up to beckon him to come forward. Her finger pointed to her pussy. Soon, she had him eating her out, making her scream into Sonya’s mouth, as the women shared orgasmic bliss.

This lasted for a couple of minutes until Kitana snapped the male’s neck, squirting all over his face.

Now, Sonya Blade would proclaim the winner.

”Kitana wins. Sexuality.”

A smile on the blonde’s lips gave way to a loving kiss.

They proceeded to scissor each other, and then eat each other out. The conclusion of the tournament meant Sonya was immortal now, and thus, her sexual stamina was limitless.

Kitana would rule Outworld, while Sonya would be free to crush men on Earth...

In a dark place illuminated by torches alone, Liu Kang was on his knees, beaten and bruised. Kitana’s cunt was on his mouth. And he was swallowing...her piss. She cried out in pleasure, spasming as this once proud warrior was doomed to be a sex toy for her and Sonya. It wasn’t all agony for Liu, as he had an erection the whole time.

”Yeah...lick me...and I will finish you off...again. Sonya can’t wait her turn...”, the Eedenian said huskily, even sas her golden shower came to a stop, eventually.

And, the Chinese monk did as told, licking and kissing his tormentor’s pussy. The build-up of pleasure in Kitana turned her thighs to something like steel. The pressure on Liu’s skull skyrocketed, until... exploded in a gory mess, with Kitana collapsing on the floor in a massive orgasm which was extended by Sonya suckling on her nipples.

Liu’s world had gone dark before the gory fatality, but soon, he would wake up, again. Sonya indeed wanted her turn. She came over to the broken man, sitting on his face.

“Oh, yeah… It’s toilet time…”
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