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What more is there to say? I put this story up in 2012 if memory serves and it was very popular within the snuff genre. I would be interested to know if anyone remebers it fondly
Emily was a shy girl. Quite pretty she had just had her eighteenth Birthday and her grades for her High School Diploma were very much average.

She longed to go on to College but realizing the connection between entry and grade average doubted she would ever find a college which would take her.

Her mother ,undaunted, wrote away on her behalf to college after college trying to gain admission by way of a scholarship as Mrs Perkins, a widow, had little money of her own.

Rejection slip after rejection slip arrived at their letterbox and still Gloria persevered until one day a large envelope arrived. The letter from Fish Memorial College informed Emily that she had been provisionally awarded a place in the Nutrition Providers Course and that, as the first Semester was to start soon, she would need to complete the detailed form and provide such additional information required for a final assessment to take place without delay.

She was surprised at how much intimate information was required but with her mother's help she was able to complete the form. Photographs of various parts of her body were required and although embarressed she nevertheless posed nude for her mother to take the necessary pictures.

The post a week later had a final approval and admission for Emily. So within a few days Emily was on her way to College. She arrived on the train and entered using her Authorization Pass. This was taken from her as it could only be used once she was told.

At the College Reception the lady studied her forms briefly and directed her to a corridor on the left. She picked up her bag and walked up this corridor. Three doors along was set of Double doors with the Words NUTRITION PROVIDERS SCHOOL.

She walked over to it and saw a sign telling her to enter her acceptance code, push # and wait to be attended. Emily carefully entered her code and pushed the # key.

A few seconds later a message flashed up on the screen,"Accepted please wait."

Relieved that things were going so easily she moved away from the door and stood waiting. Several more girls joined her then a few more; all entered their code and waited after the confirmation message had flashed up.About ten minutes later an older girl who was bald and, naked except for a red plastic collar came to the door and opened it.

"Hi guys,welcome welcome, I'm Samantha, I'll be your host for the next few hours or so, I'm due to be processed at 2pm along with Natalie and Sonja. Its the Welcoming Feast and we expect everyone to be really hungry."

'Processed? Hungry? " Emily asked under her breath, not wanting to appear rude.

'That's right hon," Samantha said to her, "we are going to be spit roasted and served at the Feast. She looked so happy.

"But you're going to be killed," objected Emily.

"Well dah!" said Samantha with a big grin."Come on everyone I'll show you around and introduce you to the other girls."

They went through into a large area where about thirty girls were playing with each other;all naked and wearing collars. Emily noticed there were collars in several colors: red, orange, pink and white.

"Oh right," said Samantha. "The colors. Well, red means due to be processed within 24 hours, orange is due to go to final status- which is?" She asked them.

"Red collar," offered Marilyn, a brunette.

'Right, oh well done, yes and pink is doing courses to reach quality levels, and white is what you guys will be."

She got serious," Our role is to allow our students to focus on their studies and to be as nutritionally filling as we can. We in turn need their high protein sperm to get to optimum condition- I have had a total sperm diet the past week and I have never felt better."

The new girls were taken to the ablutions area and told to strip. Emily wore full underwear as well as her skirt, blouse, shoes and socks. The others were nude in an instant. All sported fully shaved pussies. Emily hurried as quick as she could but when ready all the other girls had collars on, which were joined in a row and had their wrists handcuffed behind their backs. Emily stood still, lifting her chin to make getting the collar on and she was last in the queue. The girl in front had a gorgeous ass and Emily stared at it feeling lustful thoughts welling up inside- or ,for the non literary buffs among you, her pussy got very wet.

"Face me," Samantha ordered and they all turned to face her.

All five had shaved pussies- Emily's had been shaved by her mom so that she could take the photos for the entry application.

'You all know you are here to be eaten, don't you?" she asked.

Emily saw all the heads nod , the smiles and heard them all say "yes Samantha."

"But I thought I was going to do a cookery class,"said Emily for whom none of this made any sense.

Samantha went to her and unclipped her collar.

'Sweetheart I'll take you to Diane to talk with, you other girls come with me and I'll show you round. Oops, ball gags! Seen and not heard, huh?"

She found some ball gags and secured one in each girl's mouth.

"There," she said finally,"You girls stand there and I'll take Emily to Diane."

She took Emily by the arm and lead her into a smaller room in which she found an older naked lady seated on a sofa.

"Diane, this is Emily, she still doesn't understand her role here, appears her Mom didn't explain things very well, if at all," and she rolled her eyes in exasperation.

Emily had always been a good girl doing what she was told and she found being singled out like this very embarrassing.

'Sit here dear," the lady told her as Samantha left them.

Emily sat as lady like as she could with her hands cuffed behind her.

"I have been here for two years as a Tutor for the girls," she said," now I am able to give my body for the sustenance of our wonderful students and staff. I want you to know what a thrill it is for me to know my body will be eaten by such wonderful people."

As she said this she pushed her legs wide apart and masturbated furiously.

Emily was aroused but her survival instinct had not been moved; she still didn't want to die.

"I volunteered, you have no choice. Your Mom signed your body to us and our only reason to want you is as meat. If you read the form properly- as the other girls did- you would see it is clearly stated there.

Now you have two choices; you can do the course to become the best meat you can or I'll take you through to the back and just cut your throat now."

Emily turned white.

'Well dear we can't have reluctant meat; it affects the other girls and it just puts a damper on the whole area. So, get enthusiastic or I cut your throat now. What's it to be?"

Emily didn't want to die but she certainly didn't want to die right now.

'I don't understand," she said,"Oh I understand that I have to be killed so I can be eaten I just don't understand why the girls are so keen.Perhaps if I did I would be more..." and she left the suggestion hanging.

"Oh bravo dear, well said. My word that's the ticket. You want some insight so you can understand.You are now walking meat. Understand?"

Emily nodded.

"That's all you, or I for that matter, are, just walking meat. And as meat you have no need to worry about society's morals or anything like that. You are expected to fuck everything and anything until the Senior Staff assess you as fit for consumption, at which time you will be slaughtered. Understood?"

'So I'm to act as a slut until I am killed?"

"Goodness me no. Have you not been listening.Is this all a bit hard for, oh look I might as well just cut your throat right now. Come on lets get it over with," and shaking her head Diane started to get up.

'No!" cried Emily,"I mean what you said, well it sounds like being a slut, but it isn't?"

Diane decided to give it one last try. She released Emily's handcuffs and sat down with her.

"There is nothing more exciting that the final orgasm as we are spitted- it is inserted in your pussy and travels all the way up your body and out at the base of your throat. All the girls wiggle back and forward on the spit to achieve amazing orgasms and just as they have their last final one their throat gets cut and they live a few seconds longer enjoying their orgasm as they fade away."

Diane's face glowed as she told this and Emily could feel a growing understanding.

'Oh wow," was all she could say.

Diane was pleased,'Look, we'll watch a few DVDs of some of the girls,OK?"

"Now I want you to masturbate as hard as you can while you watch these,OK? Look you're not in the clear yet, if you don't do much or I think you're pretending, well..." and she held up a very sharp knife for Emily.

But Emily now understood and waited breathlessly for the first DVD to start.

It was of Sarah ,last year and had her arriving, doing the courses, exercising, fucking and blowing countless guys and licking out female students and staff members and finally her slaughter time. She had been thrilled to go and sure enough had wriggled on the spit as her stomach cavity was removed, she orgasmed as she had her throat cut. After she was dead she had been stuffed and roasted. There were artistic shots of her body being cooked followed by her carving and everyone hamming it up for the camera as they ate their helpings of her.

Emily's pussy was dripping wet; she had masturbated harder than she had ever done before, not to impress Diane- she had a half notion that getting her throat cut now might be easier all round- but because she imagined herself in the girl's place and suddenly longed to have that spit pushed through her body and to orgasm on it and have her throat cut as she was on the massive orgasm Sarah had.

"Oh fuck me," she gasped,"that was so hot! Can I please see another?"

Diane smiled,"sure, this one is Elspeth."

She started the DVD and as she did Emily slid right down.

'Please hold the knife to my throat Diane. I want to orgasm and I don't want to know if I will live or die. Please I want to feel that sharp blade on my throat."

Diane smiled, yes her mentoring skills had worked again, she held the knife firmly on Emily's throat as Emily watched Elspeth's DVD and masturbated even harder than before. She gushed several times in the lead up and massively as Elspeth was spitted, gutted and had her throat cut.

When she opened her eyes the knife was still at her throat.

"Oh cut me Diane, slice me. Please!"

Diane cut into her throat but just a shallow cut. Emily wasn't to know this and orgasmed as she felt the knife cutting into her. Diane pulled the knife away leving a thin bloody line on Emily's white throat. Emily had closed her eyes, she opened them and pulled Diane down to her for a passionate kiss. She was on fire and gushed again as they were kissing.

Diane sat up and clapped.

"Oh good girl, that's what we wanted."

She got up and went out then came back in again .

"Samantha has taken the other girls so I'll take you and we can go over for the three girl's preparation ,OK?"

Emily clung to her arm and nodded happily.

While Diane had been working with Emily Samantha had lead the girls on a tour of the school.

She chatted and waved to people she knew and took the girls into classes to say her good byes and suggest which part of her the students should go for.

"Any last minute sperm donations." she asked innocently.

A line formed of students with their cocks out and Samantha went to each one, sucked him off and swallowed his sperm.

"Oh, yum, Thanks guys, don't forget to go for my meat. Will you? Table Three." and she held up three fingers.

Back at the NP Hall as it was known Emily met the two other bald girls due to be cooked today both wearing their red collars. They were excited and buzzing as they discussed what it would feel like to have the spit pushed right through them, how big a final orgasm they would get and the ultimate experience of having their throats sliced open. Samantha arrived back with Emily's fellow newbies in tow. She excused herself and engaged in lesbian sex with her two friends.

At one thirty the three led the way over to the slaughter area going to their places while Emily and the other new girls sat on the floor at the front of the NP Group. Behind them the student body and most of the staff, those not on essential duties, sat in theater type chairs.

The three stood with arms out so the cookery class could baste their entire bodies then lay on the platform- stainless steel for easy cleaning- while their legs were pulled up to their chests and bound across the rib cage and under the knee. They had asked for their arms to be free so they could hold hands as they had their final moments.(This was considered wonderfully romantic and approval was given without delay.)

It was time. Three cookery students carefully inserted a spit in each pussy and pushed it in. The girls screamed as the spits were pushed all the way through their bodies and out their throats.They wriggled on the spits as the students carefully sliced them open to remove their stomachs and intestines. The meat could watch what was being done to them on a widescreen TV and Emily saw they were studying it intently as they moved up and down on the spit. They were clearly highly excited despite the pain they were in and the loss of blood.Their insides were filled with stuffing and sewn up. Emily heard Samantha screaming with her orgasm.

'its time girls," the Instuctor told them. The girls looked lovingly up at her as she came to each one and cut her throat. Now all three lay with their heads dropped back and a wide slash deep in their throats. Their hands dropped a few seconds after their throats were cut indicating to Emily that they had just a bit longer to be in their orgasm and that they must have faded while at their height of arousal. She gushed again and looking across saw that some of the others had too and everyone was furiously rubbing their pussies.

Emily and the other mew girls were still hand cuffed and gagged. They were made to stand in a line off to the side. Meantime the othe NP Girls readied themselves for the gang bang that was to follow.

Under the rules of the College academic female students must dress modestly and were forbidden from having sexual contact with boys or girls of any kind. The boys were allowed and encouraged to fuck any of the NP girls, and as with Diane, their Instructor if she too was nude. The entire assembly had been there and had found these pretty girls going to their deaths and now cooking over the pits hugely arousing. The guys could and were expected to do something about it; the girls couldn't- they could only watch.

Emily noted Diane was on her back with her legs wide apart and her arms folded behind her neck. She reached behind herself and frigged her pussy from behind as she watched Diane. The first guys had stripped off, this took seconds, and were heading forthe prettiest girls first. All the girls wanted to be fucked and all those not with a partner positioned themselves to show off their pussies to best advantage.

A young guy stood over Diane. he reached down and slapped her on the face . She moaned in pleasure.

'Turn over Meat." he commanded and she turned over onto her hands and knees. he had lubed his dick and pushed it in her hole. it slid straight in (not very big thought Diane as his cock went its full length inside her.)

"Oh Master, oh fuck your Meat, please Master, I love your cock pushing deep inside me. Ah, ooh Master it hurts, ooh Master." she had to remember to put some feeling into the words as she had been saying them and teaching the girls for over two years. He fucked her as best he could them moved on to the next girl ,wanting to fuck as many as he could until he came.

The next dick in Diane's asshole was that of the Dean. He had reviewed the CCTV footage just prior to the Girls Processing and had been appalled that Diane, firstly had a knife and secondly that she had threatened to use it on Emily. Once she had volunteered to offer her meat she had no right to carry a knife and she was only there to mentor not threaten.

"I watched you today," he whispered in her ear. She shuddered, she knew what was coming.

"What are the rules about meat having weapons?"

"Instant execution Master," she replied without hesitation. She felt his arm at her throat and as a last gesture tilted her head back. He pressed his knife to her throat and slowly drew it across and through. She felt the blade cutting through her windpipe and severing her arteries. Her vision faded to gray and she collapsed in a heap under him, blood spurting from the gaping wound in her throat. She twitched a few times and then lay still.

Next to her knelt the Staff member, Lillian, who had not followed through on taking Diane's staff items, namely Knife: One, slitting girls throats for the use of.

Her punishment was to be the same as her dear friend Diane. The Assistant Dean pushed his well lubed cock deep in her asshole and wrapped his arm round her throat, as Diane had done she tilted her head back as far as she could and he drew the knife slowly across her throat severing the wind pipe and arteries. She too collapsed in a heap under the Assistant Dean who had continued to fuck her as she lay dying. The two pools of blood had spread and now merged.

Emily and the other newcomers watched this double execution in amazement. They were not, as you might expect, appalled at the events which had unfolded before their eyes but rather were hugely excited by them; Emily was frigging herself from behind and noticed all the other girls were too.

Dana, the girl next to Emily was lusting after the blood and imagining her own throat being cut. She came so heavily the clear liquid gushed from her pussy.

Dean Roberts looked up at the five new girls. Man they had done well with this lot. And that stupid bitch had threatened to top the prettiest of the lot, what was her name, Em, some thing, Emma? No, Emily, that was it Emily.

"Release these girls, so the boys can fuck them, after me," he commanded.

NP staff rushed to remove the ball gags and unlock the hand cuffs. Once freed the girls remained in position waiting for their next order.

"Girls, welcome, I'm Dean Roberts, I hope you enjoy being here as much as I intend enjoying eating you. You haven't had the formal training in how to fuck correctly yet but I fancy sticking my cock in all of you so I want you to turn around and bend over."

The girls turned and bent over. One by one he shoved his big cock in their pussies and assholes. When he got to Emily, who he had saved for last, he went from standing and thrusting to reaching over ang hugging her groping her tits as he did so.

Emily could sense the interest and thrust back with her pussy trying to get him deep into her and again when he fucked her ass she pushed her butt back as far as she could craving every fraction of an inch more he could get inside her. He pulled out and, pulled on her shoulder. She turned quickly and placed her mouth just infront of the throbbing coc he was now masturbating furiously. Just before he came he pushed his cock in her mouth. She sucked hard a few times and he came. His cum spurted deep in her mouth and she had a job not swallowing it.

When he had finished he stood up and pulled his cock from her mouth. She opened her mouth to show him the cum.

"Good girl," he told her, smiling.

"Now, I want you to share the cum with the other new girls. On your backs girls," he ordered. The girls lay on their backs and opened their mouths. Emily bent over and dribbled a little into each mouth.

"kneel, you too," he added for Emily. No all five girls were kneeling with some of the Dean's cum on their tongue.


As one the five swallowed then opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues for inspection; all were clean.

"Well done girls.Boys," he called to the crowd of students who had gathered round ", all yours."

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Well, bugger. This was supposed to be in Snuff and Cannibalism where ir would be very much at home. But it's not: its in the open one horrifying all you decent folk instead.

Never mind it will be gone soon.


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