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Part 4 Ginger takes an unwilling Janice to a sex club where she strips on stage and the has a gangbang with seven men plus Ginger.
The music was playing loudly Janice on stage twirled around, her fingers began to unbutton her blouse. To the audience she seemed to be enjoying herself. Janice was shy about showing her body and her mind was hating this she was so embarrassed and angry what ever they had done to her she had no control of her body her mind was just a spectator to its actions. Internally she was fighting to make her fingers stop unfastening the buttons but it was no use the last button was undone and her blouse open showing her black bra to the watching crowd.

The day had started like the previous few days. Janice was quietly singing to herself totally unaware of everything that had happened to her over the last few days. She was happy someone and she could not remember who had told her that to day was going to be a big day.

David her son left the house and she was about to lock the door as she usually did but something told her to leave it unlocked. She walked through into the front room and stopped, she could not move, Janice tried to pick her feet up she could not, how ever hard she tried she was frozen still like a statue.

Suddenly memories of the previous three days came flooding back, she remembered what Ginger had made her do, he had raped her and by controlling her mind he had made her enjoy it and join in. She had walked naked down her street and he had buggered her and her sister and sister-in-law had made her have lesbian sex with her, that really made her shudder.

She tried to move desperate to get away but she really was stuck. She knew Ginger was coming and he had promised something special, she shuddered to think about what he had in mind for her today. She heard the front door open, Janice tried to scream but not a sound came out.

Ginger walked into the room, he smiled, “undress, fully.”

Janice’s body complied her hands pulled her t-shirt over her head, unclasped her bra and they both garments dropped to the floor. Her jeans came off next and then her knickers, she stood before him naked. All the time she was undressing Janice’s mind was fighting her body trying to get it to stop.

Her mind was just an audience to what her body was doing. It followed Ginger’s wishes not hers.

Ginger pulled some clothes out of a bag gave them to Janice with the order put them on.

There was a black thong with matching black bra a very short and tight black skirt white blouse, black hold up stockings and black slip on shoes.

Janice dressed squeezing into the tight skirt with difficulty.

“Come on,” said Ginger leaving the house, Janice followed him. There was a black car parked outside the house, they climbed in and Ginger drove quickly off.

They drove for a few minutes to the outskirts of Bradford. Ginger turned the car down a narrow road and stopped outside what seemed to be a dilapidated old mill.

“Follow me.”

Janice noticed there were a number of cars parked outside the building as they walked up to an old blue door with peeling paint.

Ginger took them through the door, they were in a short corridor. Janice was surprised there were three burly men stood in the corridor, they looked like bouncers. They nodded at Ginger and one of them held open a door.

Janice followed Ginger through the door and stopped, this was no dilapidated mill inside. They were in a large room, down one side of the room was a bar with a few customers stood at it. The room was very dim except for a large stage at the other end of the room. The stage was lit by a bright spotlight. On the stage two women were dancing, they were wearing sequined bikini’s.

There were tables with seating around the stage. There must be at least two hundred customers watching thought Janice and it was only 9.30 in the morning

There was a mixed audience of all ages, mainly but not entirely men. About three quarters of the audience were coloured which Janice thought was not surprising as they were in Bradford.

Janice realised she was in a strip/sex club.

Ginger did not sit down he led her through the audience to a door beside the stage. Janice received a few wolf whistles as she moved through the crowd.

She noticed the two women on stage were now naked.

Ginger stood beside her.

“You go on the stage next and strip give the audience a good time.”

Janice’s mind recoiled in terror at what she was been told to do and she knew could not stop her body doing it.

The two ladies came off stage and a voice announced her to the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen new to this club, new to stripping so give her plenty of encouragement I give you with size 36b tits Janice Goodall!”

Janice stepped out on to the stag, she was unsure for a moment as the spotlight picked her out. But there was what seemed a flash of light in her head and she knew what to do, she suspected Ginger had told her.

Janice stepped forward to the front of the stage and kicked her shoes off as music started to play.

The music was playing loudly on stage she twirled around, her fingers began to unbutton her blouse. Her mind was in turmoil and trying to stop her body but she knew Ginger had won and she was helpless. Her fingers were already unbuttoning the sleeves, her hands pulling the blouse off her shoulders and she threw it to the audience. She only had the black bra covering her breasts. Her face was flushed red in humiliation as she began to twirl around again her body moving in time to the music, hips moving back and forth. She arched her back out, humiliated as she saw how she looked, her breasts thrust out as if she was trying to show them off to anyone watching. She completed a few more gyrations and her hand went to the zip of her skirt, she turned her back to the audience so they could see her pull it down, her skirt dropped to the floor and the audience cheered as they say her buttocks in the throng.

Janice moved to the edge of the stage and beckoned the nearest man in the audience to come and roll her stockings down her legs and off. She draped the removed stockings over his shoulders and he went back to his seat a happy man.

She was moving around the stage again in her black bra and thong still moving her body to the music.

Next to a big cheer she removed her bra and stood in front of the crowd swaying her breasts from side to side.

Next she pulled her thong down and off which raised another cheer.

Janice spun round slowly so they could see all her naked body.

The spotlight went off and she moved to the side of the stage where Ginger was stood.

He nodded in approval at her, “they will have you back next week,” he said. “Come on”

“What about my clothes, I am still naked?”

“Leave them you will not need clothes again today.”

Ginger led her to another door at the back of the stage.

The room she moved into was lit in red. There were about seven men in the room. They were all naked. The men turned to look at her.

Like in the audience outside most of the men were coloured and they were all shapes and sizes some looked like body builders some very overweight. There was the biggest bed she had ever seen in the middle of the room.

One of the men came up to her and kissed her, his hand straying on to her breast, she realised these men were there for her.

Her pussy was almost immediately wet at the thought of all these men having her.

Her mind was in panic seven men , never, never, I can’t Nòooooooo!

Janice knelt in front of the first man and took his erection in her mouth and gave him oral sex swallowing his cum. The men were crowded around her she turned to another man he was big and fat, she found his dick was fat as well, she struggled to get her mouth around it. She did and was soon bobbing her head up and down along the length of his dick. Several of the other men were stroking her naked body. The man came and she swallowed though some of his cum ran down her chin.

So many hands touching her at the same time was bringing her body to life it was tingling. One man stroked her pussy and she completely lost control.

All the penises were different. Thinner or wider or longer. One had a bigger head than she'd seen before. All the tummies she was staring at were different too. Some of the hands touching her had narrow fingers, and some had thick ones.

How they reacted was different, too. What they did as she knelt and sucked them. Some of them rested their hands on her head, or stroked her hair as she sucked them, or played with her breasts, or her shoulders. Some pushed into her mouth and some seemed to be trying to keep still. Some bent and kissed her for a moment, when she first got to them, and one said thank you before she started.

She breathed in the smell of them. She felt the hardness of them in her mouth, against her lips. She felt the muscle in their bodies, against her face and forehead, and she leaned forward and bumped against them, balancing.

Her jaw ached a little after she'd done four, and her knees hurt from kneeling, so she stopped for a break, one man passed her glass of water to sip.

I was watching across the room and could tell that Janice was completely aroused. I watched as one man came in face and another on her tits. They moved on to the bed:

Three of the men took it in turns to lick her pussy from her face I could tell she had her first climax of the session.

They were nice, and gentle, but she was about to let seven guys fuck her pussy

Janice grabbed a man I could tell she needed it,

“please” she moaned.

He lifted up her legs, ran his finger down her. He slid it into her. Deep into her, she opened her mouth and gasped. He started moving, watching her, we were all watching as he fucked her, she was moaning loudly her mouth wide open as he took her .

they took turns putting their cocks inside her and filling her with cum. They kept doing it, once they saw how she liked it. Seven men caressed her, like a spa massage, slowly kneading her feet, and one guy fucked her until she couldn't think. She felt new cocks, one after the other. New faces above her, new hands on her body. Her body had to stretch and fit around each new penis, and feel them spasm inside her when they were done.

She fucked seven men, one after another, and realized this was what she needed to do. This made her happy, she climaxed again.

She pulled one closer and sucked him while another man was inside her. Not very well, since she was being bounced around by the man fucking her, but enough to have tried it. She took a penis in her hands, and had one sliding up between her breasts, and one in her mouth, sucked gently, and one and inside her, aching hard, and she had all those men against her and in her, all at once.

They asked if they could try different thing, not just her on her back. She nodded, and they sat her up, and had her kneel, and fucked her in different ways.

Everyone had a rest.

They gave the opportunity to have a shower in a small room just off the main room.

She got in the shower, stood under the water and one guy got in with her massaging her back.

He started rubbing her bottom so she got breathless and tingly again, kept rubbing, and slithering his fingers down her.

"What're you doing?" she said, breathlessly, and he slithered his fingers closer.

It was just them in the shower. Everyone else was out in the room. The bathroom was steamy and intimate, no-one could see.

"Go on," Janice said, and he eased his finger into her anus.

He kissed her neck, and put another finger he slipped his cock into her anus. Unlike a couple of days ago she did not mind.

The guy behind her finished, and held onto her wrists, groaning, as he came in her anus.

She quickly towel dried herself and stepped out into the room again.

There was a man sat on the edge of the bed, she bent over and took him in her mouth. Bent over like that gave another of the men a target he took her from behind and she climaxed on him the session continued, twice more she had anal sex, they were filling her mouth and pussy with their cum. She had cum squirted in her hair on her face and buttocks, their hands and mouths were all over her. She lost count of the number of times she climaxed and was fucked.

Eventually I could tell she had had enough and called a halt to proceedings the men left the room leaving me alone with her.

She was laid on her back on the bed and looked a mess, covered in cum, flushed, hair messy. I had watched it all happen and was horny myself.

I pulled to the edge of the bed and lifted he legs up over my shoulders. Her pussy was wide open to my dick and I did not waste any time plunging my erection in to it. She moaned my name,

“Ginger fuck me.”

Her legs came up around my back and I felt the muscles of her pussy tremble and shake as she came again. I drove hard into her body pumping my cum into her, mixing it with the other men’s.

When I had finished she headed back to the shower.

“Home” I said to her when she was dry

“Like this?” she indicated her nudity.

I nodded at her.

We walked through the main room, by the bar I stopped and pointed to the big screen, they were playing the recording of Janice’s X rated performance in the backroom.

“A big day tomorrow for you” I told her “but nothing as active as today”.
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