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*This story has been uploaded to other sites in swedish. As that implies, I'm not a native speaker and the story takes place in Sweden during the 19:th century, which was a time when many swedes left the country for looking for better opportunities. I hope the foreign setting doesn't obstruct too much.

Maja Karlsson, wife of the farmer, returns with her own secret as Lisa struggles with her new discovery, and the certain unexpected feelings.
Maja, wife of Sigvard Karlsson and stepmother of his son David, wagged her plump ass as the young, clean-shaven man stood behind her. She gasped as he took a firm grip around her hair and smacked her buttocks. She felt the usual shameful arousal when his stiff manhood pressed against her wet pussy. She embraced his shaft with muscles inside her cunt, met his hips as they began moving in a steady rhythm. His hand slid around her waist, reached to stimulate the pink pearl hidden on top of her wet folds. She spun like a cat as he firmly pulled her hair and increased the speed.

Maja saw herself gazing back from the mirror at front of the bed. Even though she was only four years from her forties, she was still hanging on the the beauty that had made her so notorious during her youth. Her looks had of course changed, but in the best possible way. A safe, shielded life had kept her skin smooth. Her discipline regarding food, alcohol and tobacco made her body well-rounded instead of thick or sinewy. And still had no major wrinkles or gray hairs had made their entrance.

She felt how the younger man, almost a boy as he was, pulled on her hair, forced her to kneel. She moaned as his lips kissed the back of her neck. One hand squeezed her stiff breasts as he drilled his cock deeper inside of her.

"Do you like when I fuck you, bitch?" he whispered in her ear.

"Mm," moaned Maja.

"What do you think your husband would say if he saw you now?" Patrik asked, grabbing her throat with a firm grip.

The shame welled at the thought of Sigvard seeing her now, being fucked by this young, pimple-faced man, but for some reason - which Patrik was well aware of - it only made her pussy drip all the more.

"He would get angry," Maja said.

"Would he punish you?" Patrik bit into her ear while he emphasized his words with even stronger thrusts against her ass.

"Maybe," Maja moaned.

"He should, because you deserve it." He pinched her hard nipples before pushing her face back onto the sheets. "This is how it goes when you are an unfaithful bitch." He pulled out his cock and parted her buttocks. Without pardon he pressed the cock against her forbidden hole, as he had done many times before. The sphincter gave way and his cock filled her tight bottom almost to the root.

It still hurt, but not like the first few times, when she hadn't even been able to walk afterwards. The pain was quickly followed by pleasyre these days, and came from more than just the feeling of his cock in her tightest, most sinful hole. It was also how forbidden it was, in both act and situation, as well as knowing that she was completely under his control.

Sigvard, her husband, was a strong man. But he had always been overly tender towards her, especially in the bedroom. A fine lover with his hands and tongue, but always in full control of himself. He had never forced her face against the sheets, hard enough to make her gasp for air, as he did what he wished with her helpless body. He had never torn off her dress, making buttons fly in all directions, while grabbing her face and pushing his cock deep into her mouth. He had never forced her to lie still on her back while jerking over her face and spraying his thick, white seed over her waiting face.

Patrik had done all these things the first night they met, and more since then.

She had spent two months at the capital, away from her husband and family. Tomorrow she would start her journey home and she had made it clear to Patrik this was their last night together. Of course, he had decided to make the best of it. He drilled his cock hard and deep between her buttocks and Maria felt an orgasm start its approach.

He filled her with his seed as she screamed in climax. She panted with her brows buried against the sheet as he playfully smacked her buttocks and pulled out his shrinking member. He lay dwon on his back next to her, resting his hands under his head. She put her cheek against his chest, as she knew he wanted.

"So you're really leaving me tomorrow?" Patrik asked.

"It's time," Maja replied.

"You can stay. No one is forcing you to go back."

Maja sighed. She had been afraid that this would happen. "No one is forcing me to go home. I just want to."

Patrik was silent and she could feel his chest getting tense. She regretfully closed her eyes as she knew what was coming.

"I love you."

"You are cute," Maja replied, kissing his cheek. "But you know I belong to someone else."

"He's not enough for you."

"It ... thats not true," Maja replied.

"Why else are you with me?"

"It's not that simple ..."

Patrik looked down at her. "Do you regret being with me?"

"No," said Maja. "And yes."

"Can you give a fucking answer at some point? Do you love me or not?"

Damn, she had known it would lead to this. From the first moment, she had known that this was the final destination. A broken heart for him, and eternal shame for her.

"No, I do not," she said as tenderly as she could. "I love my husband."

Her chin hit the bed as Patrik got up and began to dress. "Thanks for the answer," he said just before leaving her alone in the hotel room. Maja did nothing to stop him. Instead she sank deeper between the sheets while staring up at the ceiling. She was not a stupid woman. She had known this was going to happen. And how the shame would strike at her. She closed her eyes. There was no taking back what was already done. It was time to face the consequences.


A few days later, the Mr. Sigvard Karlsson sat behind his desk with a newly opened letter in his hand. The letter was from a certain Patrik Stark. Judging from the tone and handwriting, the sender was a young well-off man, probably living in the more dainty parts of Stockholm.

Anger made Sigvard shake as the contents hit him, further spurred by the arrogant wording troughout the letter. He wanted to crumble it and throw it away, followed by a chair and possibly his most expensive table, into the wall. But through all the anger an inner voice managed to make itself heard: "And how innocent are you, Mr Karlsson?".

Images of a girl with fair skin and curly hair, kneeling with his cock deep in her mouth, appeared. Another of him "punishing" her with both palms and a thin rod, and later fucking her as a reward when she's proven her obedience. For two months Sigvard had enjoyed his very own slave, a young not-so-innocent lamb to do what he wanted with. And if he was honest with himself he would'nt have given up on this new found pleasure when Mary returned.

Alas, he had no right to be angry. Any sin she might have committed, he was equally guilty of.

But still he was angry.

Someone knocked on the door. "Mrs. Karlsson is here, sir," said Lisa and curtsied. Sigvard dropped the letter on the table and perused his new maid. He thought Sara was a wonderful young girl, with all that entailed. In any village or lesser town, she would be hailed as the great beauty. But Lisa was more than just beautiful or cute. She dazzled every room she stepped into. She had a doll-sweet face with smooth, porcelain-like features, sun-golden hair and bright eyes. Her body was well turned, the hips just wide enough to described as curvy, and she had started to fill out those dresses a bit more during her time here – slowly making up for what previously been missing as a child growing up in a poor family. And her breasts ... even through the fabric of her dress, he could still make out the beautiful forms – firm and as made to be fondled and squeezed.

In ancient times, a great war had been fought between the united city-states of Greece and Troy, just for one woman. Sigvard imagined that Helene might have approached Lisa's beauty. To have such a revelation in front of him ... lying on her back, naked, with the legs parted, hunger burning in those innocent eyes of her...

Sigvard realized he was not only staring, but also building an erection while so doing. He forced his thoughts back to the present. His plans for Lisa was in motion, but now he had to focus on the present.

"Tell her to meet me up here, if you would my dear."

"Yes, Mr. Karlsson." The girl curtsied again – slightly overcompensating - and left. Sigvard reached for the letter and read the words one last time before Maja walked in the room. She could most likely feel something in the air, because she stopped at the doorstep and looked at the letter still in his hand. "I suppose that must have just arrived?"

"Hello, darling."

He's voice must have been cold, despite his attempts of light-hearted flippancy, as she just lowered her gaze and sighed. "Patrik?"

"Yes." He stared at his wife, waiting for an answer. She truly was beautiful. He was almost surprised at how much her betrayal hurt him. Once you had lived with one person long enough, it was easy to forget what those feelings you've taken for granted truly meant. Easy to forget what love really was. But when he pictured her with another mans cock in her mouth... his gorgeous wife satisfying some spoiled city brat with that beautiful, mellow body of hers... that's when he remembered how much she truly meant for him. And the shame towards his own recent decisions multiplied.

"I was ... confused," Maja said. "He ... I was not strong enough." Her voice was colored by shame and she fiddled with a curly lock as she spoke, her eyes lowered to the floor.

"So you fucked him?"

She seemed shocked by his language, but nodded.

"Come here," said Sigvard.

Hesitantly she crossed the distance between them, until she stood just a few feet from him. He looked at her. She was not old, but her youth was behind her. And the journey had made her blossom. The curly hair framed a mature but wrinkle-free face, with full lips and usually playful eyes, like a kitten sneaking up on its master, intent on slaying his wicked fingers. He touched her cheek. "Do you love Patrik?"

She opened her eyes. "No. Never. You're my one love. Truly."

"But yet you let him fuck you? Several times?"

She nodded with a lowered gaze.

"How many times?"

She drew in her breath. "Every night for a month."

Sigvard felt himself stiffen. Every night? How long had it been since they used to fuck every night??

His hand moved downwards while the battle between jealousy and anger raged in his mind. Was he not guilty of that exact same crime? Had he not fucked another girl practically every night during this same month? And just "fucking" wouldn't be enough to describe it.

"Something is wrong between us," he whispered. "It's been for a long time now."

She raised her eyes hesitantly "What do you mean?"

"What you've done ... and what I've done ... it's symptoms."

"What have you done?"

"We have both sinned ... against God and one another."

She frowned in confusion for a second before her face shifted. "Oh." She was silent for a moment. "Who?"

Sigvard thought. Their infidelity was a symptom of something ... But maybe it did not have to be a disease ... Maybe it could be something good? He decided to put all the cards on the table.

"Sara!" he called.

Maja turned confusedly towards the door when the young maid cautiously stepped in and curtsied. "Yes, sir?"

With her hair braided in two cute pigtails, the feet bare on the cold floor, and that slim dress she looked ridicously cute.

"Her?" Maja asked.

Sigvard took his wife by the hand and whispered softly. "We can turn this around. Let me show you." He kissed her cheek and neck before raising his voice towards his yound slave. "Sara, explain to my wife what we have done in her absence."

Sara blushed and nervously clasped her hands in front of dress. She stammered, "Everything, sir?"

"All of it."

"Mr. Karlsson has taught me to be an obedient girl. He has taught me to suck his cock and take it deep in my throat. He has taught me how to best satisfy him when we fuck. If I am obedient, he rewards me with his warm seed, and if I disobey, he will punish me."

Maja looked with wide eyes at the girl who spoke so frankly. Sara's face turned redder.

"How did he punish you?" Maja whispered.

"By whipping my ass or pussy."

"He whipped you ... between the legs?"

Sara nodded, her face red as wine.

"Do you want me to show you?" whispered Sigvard in Maja's ear. His wife stood still for a moment and while staring at the girl, but her breathing was heavy and a cute blush was spreading on her cheeks.

"Yes," she croaked silently.

"Sara, sit down at the table."

The girl obediently walked over to the desk and sat on its edge. "Like this, sir?"

"Good. Now, pull up your skirt."

The girl blushed deeper, but parted her legs as she pulled up the hem of her dress. Her smooth, wet pussy exposed itself to Maria and Sigvard. Sigvard heard Maja catch her breath. Her gaze was fixed on the glistening, hairless pussy.

"Caress yourself, Sara."

The young, fair-haired girl ran her fingers between her legs. With gentle movements she moved a finger up and down the slightly parted slit.

"Do you want to feel?" he asked. Maja stretched out a hand as if in a trance and touched gently on the wet surface of the young pussy. She moved a finger along the pink lips, widening her eyes as Sara let out a soft moan. The tip of her finger became wet as the girls eyes turned glassy, squirming in pleasure as a woman touched her most sacred part for the first time.

"What are we doing?" Maja whispered as she raised her finger to Sigvard, who took it in his mouth and licked the juices.

"We are discovering what we have been missing before, darling," he said. His hand slid down over his wife's back, toward her waist and hips. He squeezed her ass through the dress fabric. "Touch her again."

Maja's hand returned to Sara, who raised the pussy to meet her. Sigvard slid around his wife and slowly pulled up the hem of the dress as she stood leaning between the girls thighs. He bared her legs and lace covered buttocks. He pulled her underwear down her waist and dropped them to the floor while unbuttoning his pants, freeing the screaming cock from its prison.

"You've shaved," he said.

"Patrik forced me," Maja mumbled as her hand played with Sara's labia.

"Keep it up," said Sigvard, putting his throbbing tip against her swelling mouse. She was as horny as the girl on the table, which the juices down her thighs tattled. "I'm going to fuck you now, honey."

"Yes, please", she whispered and moaned as Sigvard buried himself to the root inside her with a single deep thrust. She anchored her hands against Sara's slender thighs as Sigvard began to fuck her hard. He detached one of her breasts from the tight-fitting dress and massaged it while thrusting harder and harder into his wife's hot pussy. Sara watched with wide eyes as they fucked just inches from her face.

"Caress yourself, slut," Sigvard ordered and Sara began to rub her pussy with legs spread wide and Maria's face rocking inches from the parted, glittering folds.

"Spank your pussy!"

Sara obeyed immediately. A splashing *SLAP* sounded as her palm slammed between her legs.

Maja had her eyes fixed on the young creature in front of her. Their eyes locked as Sara punished her pussy again with her hand and Maja moaned from horniness and pleasure. She wanted to take it to the next step, as Patrik had done with her.

"Bring your back legs more. Show me your tightest hole," she ordered gruffly. Sara's eyes widened even more as she pulled her legs up further and fully exposed herself to her master and mistress. "Did you fuck her there?" Maja asked her husband as he thrust into her from behind.

"No," he grumbled. "Not yet."

"Tonight you will do it." She kept her voice steady, despite the cock pumping in and out of her pussy. "And you have to be ready, Sara. Put one finger in. No, the other hand. Keep stroking yourself at the same time." It was almost exactly the same words that Patrik had used against her. He had also made her caress herself for him, on a chair in front of the bed. When he had told her that he was going to fuck her ass, she had been both nervous and a little excited.

Sara's eyes were locked to hers as the maid put her finger to the tight, wrinkly hole below the pussy. Slowly, with a gasp, her fingertip pushed through the resistance, entering her own asshole for the first time, all while rubbing her pussy with the other hand. She exhaled as she leaned further back.

"Good. Good," Maja whispered. "Now, deeper. Push past the nail."

Sara forced the finger deeper in her ass while rubbing her clit faster and faster.

"I'll show you," Maja said, bending forward, down between the girl's legs. She gently pulled out the girl's finger and moistened her own with a little saliva. She touched on the wrinkled skin covering the small, tight opening. "Relax, try not to tense." Slowly she penetrated the girl's asshole with her index finger.

Sara drew in a deep breath and her ass closed tight around Maja's finger as she slid deeper into the girl's rear hole. Centimeter by centimeter, she stretched the girl's ass while Sara herself rubbed the hard, moist clit. Sara pulled her legs up, raising her bare feet towards the air. Maja began to fuck her tight hole in rhythm with the splashing from Saras pussy.

"Keep going," grumbled Sigvard, who already felt himself closing on climax. Maja moaned, eyes fixed on the maid's swollen pussy. She slapped on it with her free hand, first gently but then harder. Sara responded with loud moans. After a few minutes, her body began to shake in orgasm and Maria buried her face between the girl's legs, feeling the ecstasy run through the young girl.

That was enough to drag Sigvard over the finish line. He pulled out and let his semen squirt over Maja's buttocks. Maja raised her face as she leaned on the girl's slender thighs.

"My God," she mumbled.

"Slut, clean us," ordered Sigvard. Sara stepped down from the table and knelt in front of Sigvard. She took his cock in her mouth, cleaning it with tongue and lips. Then she turned to Maja's ass, and without further ado she slowly licked the semen from her buttocks. Maja stood still, leaning over the table and catching her breath as the young maid cleaned her.

"You are a very good maid," Maja said at last.

"Very good," Sigvard confirmed, stroking the girl's cheek. He kissed her lips. Maja pulled down the hem of the dress from her buttocks and stood up. She joined her husband, caressed the maid's cheek. Sara looked shyly at her, but parted her lips as Maja leaned forward for a kiss. Their tongues met and Maja felt the taste of Sigvard's semen. She wrapped a hand around the girl's throat, a tender yet firm grip. "Tonight, Sigvard will fuck you in the ass."

Sara nodded obediently, albeit with some hesitation.

"But before I do that, you should get an assignment," said the farmer.

"What, sir?"

Sigvard smiled at his wife.


It was night. Lisa lay dozing in bed with Sara's warm body close to her side. It had been weeks since she arrived at the farm, and the two girls was still sharing a matress. Lisa had started to suspect that the delay wasn't accidental. A week had passed since she spied on her master and Sara's nocturnal adventures but the memory was still clear, ingrained in her mind every time she closed her eyes. She pictured Sara's pussy and ass being spanked with the thin rod. She saw the maid willingly parting her legs in anticipation for another lash. She saw Mr. Karlsson getting ready in front of Sara's cute, tear covered face as he started to push his cock deep in her throat. Her face getting red and covered in saliva while Mr. Karlsson fucked it without any sign of gentleness.

Lisa could not help but curl up in the bed and press her moist crotch against the mattress. A whole week had passed since she touched herself to orgasm while peeking at their sinful act. Since then, every night had been torture. With Sara next to her, it was difficult to access her pussy without drawing suspicion. And it didn't get any better when Sara insisted on squirming close to her back, often with one arm over her hip. Sometimes she felt fingers massaging her thighs or playing with the hem of her nightgown. But nothing more. And when they woke up in the morning, no words about it were spoken. Maybe Sara was only doing it in her sleep, and thus unaware of how it affected Lisa? Did she dream about the big farmer and did not know what her hands were doing?

The dark part of Lisa, the forbidden part, wanted Sara's fingers to wander deeper. Up the thighs and under the thin fabric of the nightgown. She knew it was forbidden, but her pussy roared for attention.

Just as she thought of Sara's fingers, she felt an arm slide over her side. A hand was placed against her thigh, just where the nightgown ended. Lisa drew in her breath as her fingers began massaging her sensitive skin. She lay as still as she could, pretending to sleep, while the fingers walked further up her thighs, playing with the hem.

Her heart beating against her chest, but otherwise still, Lisa pretended to sleep. Without thinking about it, she moved her leg, causing the linen to slide higher up along her thighs. Sara's fingers followed. They caressed the inside of her legs, approaching the laced fabric over her warm and moist sex. Slowly, still as if asleep, Lisa slightly parted her legs. Then she lay still, waiting for Sara to take the next step.

Three fingers slid over her crotch, feeling the wetness. The soft touch sent a shock through Lisa's body. She held her breath, forcing back the moan. For a long, painful minute, the fingers lay still. But then they began to gently caress her above the underwear. Lisa felt Sara's breath against her neck and it took all her strength not to gasp loudly while the fingers danced and played between her legs. The young, cute maid must feel the moisture through the fabric and it was no hiding how horny Lisa was.

It did not take long before the intruding fingers slid under the lace, caressing her pubic hair before sliding between her parted, wet folds. The top of a finger touched her pink pearl, the knot of sensitive skin that always made Lisas toes curl. For the first time, another person touched Lisa's sex and she could no longer hold back the moan.

"Ah", she gasped with eyes closed.

Sara shifted behind her. A warm leg slid over her thigh and she felt the young maid move her hip closer against her as Lisa lay still, feeling the invading hand against her slit. Another hand slid inside her neckline and Lisa gasped once more when two fingers started to play with her stiff nipples and firm breasts.

"Are you awake?" Sara whispered.

"Yes," Lisa finally whispered back.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No," Lisa replied.

"Good," Sara breathed in her ear. "Because I don't know if I can." The girl's fingers pushed deeper against the wet folds of her pussy while also pinching her nipples. Lisas body responded accordingly, and a slowburning fire was building inside her, spreading from the crotch to her muzzled breathing and curling toes.

"Are you close?"

"Yes," Lisa gasped.

"If I let you explode, will you follow me later?" Her fingers slowed down, stroking gently over her pubic hair. The orgasm poked, but stayed teasingly at the doorstop as Sara teasingly stroked her labia with smooth, circling motions. "Will you do as I say? Without question?"

"Yes," Lisa replied desperately. So close, yet so far away. Right now Lisa would agree to anything. With her body shaking, bare toes grasping around the sheets, she was completely under Saras control. If she was denied the erupting fire spreading through her young, virgin body, she would surely die.

"So you will do what I want, no matter what?"

"Yes, anything", Lisa moaned and tried to force her pussy towards the girl's fingers. It was not enough.

"Good little girl," Sara said, pinching her nipple harder. Then she returned to caressing Lisa's pussy, harder and faster than before. A finger slid into the pulsating opening, penetrating the narrow, unexplored hole. Then another finger. Sara pressed her body harder against her back, grinding her hips against Lisas buttocks while gently biting her earlobes and kissing her neck.

It brought her past the finish line.

"AHHH", Lisa shouted as her body spasmed. She bounced up and down on the bed, the young girl suddenly over her with fingers buried between her legs. Squirty sounds echoed in quick rythm as Sara fucked her with two fingers, dragging her to another orgasm. And a third.

Finally, Lisa's body relaxed and she rested her forehead against the sweat soaked mattress.

"Very good little girl," Sara said, kissing her neck and cheeks. She slid her leg over Lisas hips and sat up straight, her thighs on each side of Lisa while she rested her bodyweight on her loins. Their eyes met for the first time and a small smile played over Sara's lips. She leaned forward and put her soft, warm lips against Lisas.

It was Lisas first true kiss and she greedily accepted the heat from the other girl's breath while meeting the tongue with her own.

"Now it's your turn to obey, my little slut," Sara suddenly said.

Lisa blushed, but at the same time she felt a strange warmth spread within her. She had longed for this, ever since that night watching Mr. Karlsson spank the other Saras naked buttocks. It had haunted her thoughts and dreams for days and the time was long gone when she could deny her inner desires.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Wash yourseld and brush your hair. Then come with me. Your new master is waiting for you." She brought forward two fingers, wet from Lisa's pussy, and put them against her lips. The taste was more than pleasant. "He's been waiting a long time for you."


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