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Part 5 of the meetings between Janice and Ginger. He completes the mind control over her, sends her out naked into her street where she meets Paul the son of a plasterer who loses his virginity to her.
It had been a warm and sunny week but today, Friday, it was dull and breezy. I had completed GCSE exams so I had no reason to be in school. My plan for the day was to wander down Farsley to meet up with a couple of mates. I reached the end of my drive and paused, across the road and a few houses up from my parents house Mrs Goodall was coming out of her house and turning to walk down the road.

What caught my eye was the very short yellow dress she was wearing. The dress buttoned down the front, she had it unbuttoned right down to her waist. She walked down the road the top of her dress gaping I could see she had no bra on.

I decided to follow her, secretly I was hoping to get a photo of her on my phone.

Earlier that morning Janice had heard a knock at her front door, she opened the door to a tall broad man.

“Janice,” He spoke her name in a low tone.

She froze on the spot, Janice tried to move she could not, how ever hard she tried she was frozen still like a statue. She tried to speak but even her lips could not move.

The man smiled and stepped into her hallway.

Suddenly memories of her previous four days came flooding back, she remembered what the man, Ginger, had made her do, he had raped her and by controlling her mind he had made her enjoy it and join in. She had walked naked down her street and he had buggered her and her sister and sister-in-law had made her have lesbian sex with her, that really made her shudder, stripping on stage an a gangbang.

Janice remember she was powerless against him. He managed to take control of her by hypnosis or some other mind control means.

He had control of her mind and body, her body obeyed his commands not those of her mind.

With his large hand he pushed out of the doorway and into her hallway.

“Undress,” he ordered.

She fought with every bit of her willpower, but only managed the briefest hesitation, her body was not obeying her mind it was obeying his, she pulled her shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. She reached behind her back unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor. She felt shame and embarrassment at standing there topless in front of a strange man and she felt fury at him.

She watched her hands unzip and unbutton her jeans, she pulled them off. Next her knickers came down.

She was standing frozen and naked in front of him.

He very quickly undressed and laid on his back.

“Straddle me and lower yourself on to my cock.”

She tried to fight it. Her knees bent as she lowered herself down towards his erection.

She felt Gingers erection penetrating her. She could not stop herself as the full length of his member slid into her.

Janice’s mind was in a whirl all the actions of the week pressed on her mind, the big cock inside her was the final straw. Her mind blanked out but her body continued to move up and down on his cock.

Ginger could tell her mind had gone. She was slowly moving up and down her pussy was getting wetter, juices running down erection. Her boody whiched enclosed him was warm and smooth. With a grunt Ginger shot his load, filling her body.

He laid Janice on the floor, bent over her and whispered commands in her ear.

“When we give a command, you will carry it out, no more fear in your mind, you will enjoy yourself having sex at our command, when not under our commands you will forget about us and everything we have made you do.” To be certain he repeated the instructions twice and then gave her further instructions.

A short time later Janice opened her eyes and saw Ginger stood over her

"My, you're a tall one," she said, her eyes wide with wonder.

She looked at his naked muscular body and smiled at him.

He smiled back, Oh wow she thought I would like to get him between the sheets.

Ginger handed her a plastic carrier bag, it contained a light weight yellow cotton dress.

At his prompting she slipped it on over her naked body, and walked out of the house knowing what Ginger wanted her to do.

As Janice stepped out on to the footpath she unfastened the top few buttons of the dress exposing her breasts.

“Watch this everyone," she purred to herself and continued walking down the path.

I crossed over the road so I was walking a few steps behind her.

After a moment, the whole of her dress billowed out behind her, the breeze catching it, and I knew that she had undone the rest of the buttons, opening the dress all the way, exposing her entire naked body to the people passing by.

The breeze floated the whole of her dress wide open. She paused, watching a car drive past its male occupant staring at her.

Her dress slipped down around her shoulders, and she let it fall to the ground, completing her nakedness. A woman stopped to pick it up and handed it to her, smiling at her and saying something to her, rather than wear the dress she carried it in her hand. She paused outside one house and talked briefly to a middle-aged couple.

I did not want to get too close to her, I did not want her to see I was following.

At the end of the street she turned to cross the road and I managed to snap my first picture of her tits as she stood side ways on to me. I hoped she had not seen me taking the picture. She crossed the road and turned to walk back on the other side of the road.

I was practically erupting out of my pants with my erection I was a hot-blooded teen virgin and this was the first time I had seen a nude woman in the flesh.

With her turning around she was now walking directly towards me. I paused confused not certain whether to turn back or carry on. Two cars drove passed one a police car, they did not stop even though they must have seen her.

I paused, indecisive and she was up to me. I stared at her breasts they looked so squeezable I wanted to touch her pussy covered in hair.

“Trying to take pictures of me?”

I stammered and flushed.

“Try this!”

she posed with one hand on her hip and the other behind her head. I very quickly took two quick snaps.

She smiled walked on only pausing to talk to the lady at number 21. I was surprised no one seemed to mind her nudity. She walked on until she reached my house.

“Do you want a few more pictures?” I nodded speechless. We walked on to my driveway squeezing past my fathers van.

She posed and I must have taken about twenty pictures of her.

She stopped posing to press herself against me. She trailed her hand down my chest to rub my aching cock through my shorts. I wrapped my hands around her and grabbed the twin halves of her ass, and squeezed, and pulled her hips in against me I knew she could feel my hard on as she rubbed against me. She laughed and kissed me.

“My name is Janice what’s yours?”


She looked right at me, then grabbed my hand and had me take her to my bedroom.

She pushed me onto the bed and took my 7" curved cock in her mouth. I was having trouble believing that this woman was sucking my cock, she was naked right there in front of me, like a dream. I did not know what to do. I reached for her tits, her nipples were rock hard.

She then removed her mouth from my cock and got up close to me and placed my hand on her pussy. It was wet, and felt really good. She leaned back so that I could see it and then showed me where to play with her so that she could get off. She said that this would work for most women. After playing with her pussy for a few minutes, she said she wanted to feel me inside her.

She climbed on top of me and lowered herself down, I watched as her cunt swallowed my cock. When she had me all the way inside her, Janice looked at me and told me that I felt amazing inside her. I told her she felt amazing also. She told me to play with her clit as she rode me. Which I did. After about two minutes, she started to thrash about, her pussy clamping onto my cock. She said she was cumming. This caused me to push as far into her as I could and I exploded inside her. I thought I was going to black out I was cumming so hard.

She left the house still naked, I noticed she did not go straight home but went into Jane’s house. I went to my bedroom to download my pictures of Janice and to think about losing my virginity and the invite from her to go see her the next week.
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