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Grace and Anna are two fun-loving girls of the early 20th century who can't resist a lithesome young man or a wealthy older one. Soon they have dropped their frocks and are capering like young Venuses rising from the sea. Love and lust offer temptations at every hand. What's a girl of the Edwardian age to do? Find out in The Adventures of Grace and Anna.
Rare Lascivious English Classic. this is a book written by an English gentleman of considerable wit, command of the language, and imagination of Rabelaisian order. Erotic as are the tales, they are far from being filthy, while a plot of thrilling interest runs throughout the work, binding all the stories together..The book 'The Adventures of Grace and Anna' has been subtitled 'The thrilling experiences of two girls looking for love and lust.' Two fun-loving girls of the 1910s discover love and lust among the idle rich and the well-proportioned poor in this insightful excursion into the erotic mores and morals of an earlier era. Enjoy..

In part 1 to 11 of Chapter 1,. you have read that the author meets a girl named Anna and he Invites her in his car for a ride. In-car he kissed her and boldly squeezed and manipulated her breasts and erect nipples. Then he molded and caressed her bare and electric thighs and felt the bare lips of her sex and the crinkly pubic hair and have sex in Car. and then he meets her again next time and takes her to an apartment that was maintained for just such incidents. Anna proposes to introduce him to her friend Grace.

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'I suppose that we were not a whit different from thousands of other girls of our age, and I assure you that at that age there was no sensual urge in me, merely an all-impelling curiosity to see these “things", and Doris being as curious as I, we made the most of our opportunities whenever we could.

'Well, nothing of particular interest transpired then for a while. I guess it must have been when I was about elxxxn or txxxxe that I began to attend the usual parties where we played postman's knock, spin the platter and other kissing games, and although some of the older boys would hold me rather tight when they “delivered a letter", etc., I never noticed anything out of the way, and was too young and silly to look for any especial difference in the sexes.

'Then came the age of change. When my little fanny began to show its little shadow-like hairs, and my breasts began to swell and my legs to fill out, I unconsciously avoided (I knew not why) the rougher of the boys and wished to be by myself.

'During this time I was not fortunate in having Doris as a counsellor, she having been sent to boarding school, and had to think for myself. My mother, of course, told me of what was about to happen, and I naturally was extremely curious to see how it would manifest itself; when, for the first time, I had a monthly bandage pinned tightly between my thighs, I felt heated and quite moved, but up to then knew not the least thing in regard to the sexual act.

'At last, the unpleasant period being over, I thought that my viewpoint seemed a bit different and I instinctively shied away from some of the boys that I knew and acted in a more discreet and retiring manner.

'At this time, some of the girls in my class at school had, in some way, secured a number of those common smutty pictures, and these, of course, being circulated about, came into my hands and you may be sure that I went over them minutely, and the acts portrayed there were indeed a surprise to me and served to arouse my curiosity to such an extent that I appealed to a girl friend for further instruction in these strange matters.

'She, of course, knowing no more about it than I did, gave me a luridly coloured recital of the sexual act in all of its phases, and I was now determined to find out for myself just how it all happened and kept my eyes peeled for the purpose.

'It so happened that we had a cook, a buxom young Irish lass, who seemed to be on good terms with the man who delivered our ice, and I noticed, now that my eyes were opened in regard to these things, that they would wander out on the back porch which was an enclosed one, and that Joe-that was the ice-man-would sometimes stay there for probably twenty minutes on some days and I thought to myself that something might transpire that might further my education, and made up my mind that on the next day I would be on hand and would see what really did happen.

'It so happened that circumstances favoured me in that respect, for in one corner of the porch was an old box, quite large and never locked, in which a lot of old brooms and mops were stored, and this, I thought to myself, would give me my place of concealment.

'Joe came early in the morning, and this particular day being a Saturday, I had no school and was up betimes and before his arrival was snugly ensconced in the box, my eye applied to a hole in the side so that I could observe everything that went on.

'I waited for what seemed years, the rough wood of the box scratching my legs, and at times I was forced to lift the lid in order to gain a supply of air, the openings not being sufficient, and I thought he would never appear, but finally I heard the tramp of his rough boots ascending the stairs and a huge piece of ice was dumped on the porch, the ice-box thrown open, and the ice was flung in.

'You may be sure that by this time my eye was glued closely to the peephole and I was tickled to see that Norah, the cook, opened the kitchen door and stepped out on the porch and in an instant she was tightly hugged in the brawny Joe's arms.

'This convinced me that my suspicions were fully justified, and my eye being just on the level with Joe's trousers front I saw his pecker leap up and swell and strain fiercely against the confining clothing.

'I could hear their voices distinctly, and Norah was whispering to him to keep quiet and not say a word as the folks about might hear, and he, being of a rather direct type, as some ice-men are, soon had his hand up under her dresses, exposing to my eyes her well-formed and unclothed thighs, and I sensed that his hand sought out her sexual spot and he pressed her close and rubbed against her with his standing cock.

'Then I saw her hand go down to the front of his pants and she unbuttoned his fly and out leaped his standing rod. Well, for myself, unversed as I was in the actual sight of these terrible “dodgers", I almost cried in amazement at the sight of his gigantic flaming weapon, so large and hard it was, but Norah seemed not the least afraid of it but moulded and squeezed it in her palm like a magic lodestone of love and even seemed to drag on it as if she wished it inside her.

'All this, of course, happened in a much shorter space of time than it takes me to tell it, and you may imagine that I was now ablaze with curiosity and mayhaps desire, not knowing the meaning of the word at that stage, and to my gratification and delight I saw him lean Norah back on a long swing that stood on the porch and throwing her dresses high so that all of her uncovered sexual parts stood out in bold relief for my excited view, he allowed her to guide the head of his torrid and raging tool to the entrance of her pinken and pouting slit and she soon engulfed it within her, writhing about on it like a fish on a hook!

'The regular pumping motions of the strong man's loins as he pushed in and out of her his erect and standing prick, the sighs, the moans, as they both spent on each other's parts, all these conspired together to make me break into a perfect fit of frenzy and were it not for their actions which held the attention of both, I was sure that I must be discovered.

'Finally it was over. He let fall her dresses, buttoned up his pants and giving her a parting kiss picked up his ice-tongs and clumped away down the stairs.

'I lay back, half fainting in a swoon inside the hot box, and dared not breathe until Norah had retired to the kitchen. After waiting a while, I cautiously made my escape, and stealing to my room threw myself on the bed and lay there, staring at the ceiling and re-living in my mind the lustful scene that I just witnessed between the cook and the ice-man.

To be Continued in Chapter-2 part 2


1. During my visit to London for studies where we had an Old Ancestral Home, I stumbled on a family treasure. Apart from other things I also found a hump of books, diaries, and notes in the treasure which contained classic, Age-old, Erotic books, Novels, and Magazines probably collected by my Ancestors. They are all timeless and precious. They are a must-read for all erotica lovers.

2. The Original Authors of these Stories/Letters or Articles are long dead or Anonymous.

3. Out of the aforesaid collection, presenting an amazing account which was first published in 1910 , titled 'The Adventures of Grace and Anna' by anonymous.

4 All characters be read as of more than age of 18 years.

5. My sincere apologies to the author of the Novel and readers for editing, or modifying the underage content, if any, to make it suitable for publishing in Modern times.


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