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Longer chapter
Chapter 11 Rules to Live by

They both began to study the obsidian board written on it in what was clearly a magical text and in elven runes were a set of rules to define how they would live until the mistress returned divided into two section called ‘rules’ and ‘maintenance’


Elf Slut and Orc Cunt may communicate about current or future matters so long as they follow the correct format of speech.

Each of Orc Cunt and Elf Slut must be brought to Orgasm by the other slave once before each meal and during the sleep period. Any Orgasm’s induced by a customers command or in training sessions do not count against this.

Hands will remain bound and Elf Slut will remain leashed unless relaxation of bondage is required for training or customer service if relaxed it will be restored as soon as the task is complete.

Elf Slut is not to have its cunt penetrated and is not be allowed to service customers until it’s cunt piercings are in place.

Elf Slut is expected to improve her presentation and skills to make her more valuable as a sex slave. Orc Cunt will be held responsible for her presentation and training, appropriate supplies will be made available, Failure of Elf Slut to reach the desired standard will result in the punishment of Orc Cunt.

Customers will visit the cell, if they are not satisfied then Orc Cunt will be punished. Elf Slut will service customers as part of her training.

Slaves will keep themselves and the cell as clean as possible , failure to maintain cleanliness will result in punishment of Orc Cunt.

Leaning against each other for comfort the two slaves contemplated the board and their situation in general. The first to speak was Iliafray, she could feel the tension in Xanaphia and knew that they were reaching the difficult part of this affair over the coming days she would have to cement her relationship with Xanaphia and guide her into the desired behavior patterns.

Food bowls were delivered from a previously unseen slot in the base of the wall slid into the room by magical force presumably some form of unseen servant. The two slaves ate from the bowls in the usual manner unable as they were unable to use their hands, then as they had become used to cleaning their fellow slaves face off by licking up the surplus food. Then Xanaphia was surprised as Iliafray pushed her over resulting in her lying prone on her back with Iliafray on top. She heard Iliafray say “ As our mistresss have commanded now I think it is time for my dessert.” before she could respond Iliafray was kissing her while wriggling her body distractingly against Xanaphia’s despite her reservations Xanaphia could not stop herself responding returning the kiss and pressing up against the soft warmth of Iliafray. Apparently sensing her victory Iliafray started to slide down Xanaphia’s body kissing and licking at her breasts and then sliding a trail of kisses down into the folds of her cunt. Xanaphia could feel her juices running from her cunt as Iliafray began to lick and probe with her tongue running the hardness of the stud in her tongue against Xanaphia’s clit to push her closer to the edge , Xanaphia found herself running almost to the edge of an explosion several times before Iliafray backed away returning to licking and nibling at her labia lips until she had cooled down before returning to work on the clit and driving her tongue down into the depths of Xanaphia;s cunt. The constant stimulation was driving Xanaphia mad she could feel herself pressing her cunt against Iliafray’s face and hear herself moaning and pleading for Iliafray to let her come, part of her was amazed at how much she was enjoying the sex following lifetime of chastity but that part was lost in her need for release, Finally Iliafray relented maintaining her sucking on Xanaphia;s clit long enough for Xanaphia to explode, in a spray of ejaculate which splatterred Illiafray soaking her face and chest while Xanaphia herself lost all track of the outside world as the rush of sensation overwhelmed her.

Returning to consciousness Xanaphia found herself looking up into Iliafray’s cunt while she was out the other slave had slid herself up Xanaphia’s body and was now kneeling with her cunt above Iliafray’s face. Xanaphia heard Iliafray say “Now my turn” and lowered herself down towards Xanaphia ,She hesitated briefly experienced any of this this was not something she would normally do but then normally she would not have done any of this but if she could pleasure one of the vile mistresses then she could do this for her fellow slave and maybe even friend. Iliafray’s cunt was the first she had inspected at close quarters , she had not had the time while dealing with the mistress it was odd to see above her so close the things which stood out to her were the rings along both labia lips , the gleaming stud in the clitoris and the smooth skin surrounding it lacking even the fine down typical of elves finally although it seemed like ages had passed her hesitation and inspection was over and she raised her head and reached out her tongue for the dripping cunt above her face.Licking at the cunt above her mouth she was unsurprised by how wet it already was but was pleasantly surprised by the sweet taste of Iliafray’s nectar. She knew she lacked Iliafray;s skill but tried to remember what had just happened to her and aided by a few comments from above she soon got into a rhythm and could tell that Ilifray was approaching her climax , she tried backing off a bit but found that as she did do Iliafray was pressing down grinding her cunt against Xanaphia’s face and in the end she pressed on driving Iliafray to a climax which while less impressive than hers seemed to satisfy Iliafray who slid down to lay alongside Xanaphia , the two resting against each other and gently kissing as the light moved to the night cycle, while kissing Xanaphia was surprised by the quantity of her fluids on Ilafray’s face and more surprised that she found the taste pleasant.. She drifted into sleep with her body pressed against Iliafray’s .

Waking she was momentarily puzzled by the warm body pressed against her before remembering where she was, then she was puzzled by the motion of Iliafray’’s body against hers she had rolled on top of her pressing their cunts against each other and was slowly sliding up and down against Xanaphia the pressure of their cunts against each other was she realised slowly exciting her despite the sometimes odd feelings of the metal piercings. Apparently noticing she was awake Iliafray leaned forward and kissed her “Remember we are supposed to have sex once per period, and it is nearly time for breakfast, lie back and enjoy the feeling it look like we are going to have time to let you learn a lot of positions” With Iliafray above her and her hands restrained Xanaphia felt she had little choice and truth be told as she felt the burning pleasure building in her cunt she had little inclination to do anything but lie back and enjoy what Xanaphia was doing , looking up she could see the same flush of pleasure she was feeling spreading across Xanaphia’s face and both of their breathings were getting faster , she felt herself give way first with a spasm of pleasure which seemed both longer and shallower than the previous experience but still pleasent and warming. Iliafray continued rubbing against her with renewed vigor until she too gasped and relaxed agan lying next to Xanaphia until the lights turned on again.

The two ate their morning meal and drank but this time Iliafray pulled away when Xanaphia tried to kiss her leaving her vaguely dissapointed they would not be having sex yet. Again the two sat in silence awaiting more events, it seemed that being a sex slave was more boring than Xanaphia had imagined. After a while Iliafray struggled to her feet and walked over to the stray in the corner put aside as a toilet and squatted down to take care of business, Xanaphia realised that her bladder was full and that the collar and chain linking her to the wall meant she could not reach the toilet so instead moving as far away from the straw they had been sleeping in she squatted down , looking over at Iliafray she said “ Sorry I.., , I mean Orc Cunt Elf Slut needs to pass water and this is the best it can do” as she released she heard Iliafray respond “No wait,, Aaaaarg’” clamping down on the flow she looked over and saw Ilifray had collapsed to the floor twitching as sparks danced around the punishment collar shie wore. A flat uninflected voice came from the walls of the Cell “”SLAVE ELF SLUT IS IN VIOLATION OF CELL CLEANLINESS RULES. FOR 1ST VIOLATION OF RULES 30 SECONDS ACTIVATION OF PUNISHMENT COLLAR OF SLAVE ORC CUNT AT LEVEL 2 SETTING AUTHORISED. FURTHER INFRINGEMENTS WILL RESULT IN FURTHER PUNISHMENT”. By the time the voice had finished it’s slow speech the punishment was over and Iliafray was starting to get to her feet again. Xanaphia was in a terrible position. She was struggling to keep her bladder under control the pain of restraining a full bladder burning in her groin but she could not cause any more suffering to Xanaphia “ Sorry Orc Cunt this slave did not know what would happen. Do y..., Does Orc Cunt know what Elf Slut can do to avoid punishment for Orc Cunt, Elf Slut cannot reach the allowed toilet” She struggled to fit the sentence into the allowed syntax for slaves but she guessed if she got it too far wrong Iliafray (she refused to think of her as Orc Cunt) would be punished again. Iliafray walked over to her “Orc Cunt does know of a way to solve Elf Sluts problem and Orc Cunt believes that Elf Slut was restrained so that this would be the only way to solve the problem. The Mistress made Elf Slut drink the urine of the Mistress yesterday and Orc Cunt believes she is meant to provide toilet services to Elf Slut, it is something Orc Cunt has done many times for the mistresses and something she would rather do for Elf Slut”. Xanaphia almost rebelled to piss into Iliafray’s mouth was just wrong and worse when she needed to shit but she had no choice she could not avoid the need to go to the toilet and she could not allow Iliafray to be electrocuted each time, it it was she who faced punishment then maybe but she could not allow another to be punished for her.. After a pause she spoke “Thank you Orc Cunt, Elf Slut regrets making you do this but is grateful that Orc Cunt is helping her , what should Elf Slut do “.

Iliafray moved an knelt in front of Xanaphia “”Elf Slut should stand up, Orc Cunt will place her mouth against Elf Sluts cunt and drink the flow, Elf Slut should try to control the flow to a steady flow and pause occasionally so Orc Cunt can swallow,and keep ahead of the flow” Xanaphia stood up and felt Iliafray press her mouth against her cunt sealing her lips around Xanaphia’s piss hole and then she began to let her urine flow trying to keep the flow at a slow and controlled rate and pausing she could feel Iliafray gulping down her urine, she felt even more embarrassed by this act than all of the sex acts she had seen and performed. As her bladder emptied and her flow came to a halt she backed away from Iliafray but Iliafray moved forward on her knees pressing Xanaphia back against the wall and began probing into Iliafray’s cunt with her tongue , after a moment Xanaphia relaxed and leaned back against the wall letting herself go as Iliafray found all of her sensitive spots , taking her time again bringing Xanaphia close to the brink and then backing off until she had Xanaphia thrusting her cunt forward against Iliafray trying to bring herself over the edge and when Iliafray finally pushed her over the edge her release was explosive drenching Iliafray and causing Xanaphia to slide down the wall as her muscles gave way , Iliafray met her as she slumped to the ground kissing her with the strange mingled taste of Xanaphia;s own juices and piss, then Ilifray stood and pinned Xanaphia’s head back against the wall pressing her cunt onto Xanaphia’s face until Xanaphia got to work with her tongue and managed to bring Iliafray to her own climax,

Things continued along these lines for the next several periods with Iliafray initiating sex at least once every period and Xanaphia contendely following along and even starting to encourage Iliafray, Iliafray taking care of Xanaphia’s toiletry needs. Both of them were starting to look disheveled and notably smelt of sex having received no water for washing.

Time seemed to flow together the passing of phases of light and dark along with the meals where the only way to mark the passage of time the days passed as a blur punctuated by sex and the growing affection between the two slaves.

Finally something different happened after one breakfast and before the two slaves had done more than clean each others faces the door opened and three burly orc’s walked into the cell. The largest of the Orcs , almost certainly the leader looked over at the two elves and grunted out “You Orc Cunt get over here other one watch and see what you missing” the following grunts joined in by the other Orc was some sort of laughter. Xanaphia watched Iliafray rise to her feet and walk over to the Orcs feeling anger at the Orcs for taking her companion. As she reached the Orc’s they pulled down their loin cloths revealing their large erect and swollen members, clearly the Orcs had arranged what they were going to do before coming into the cell , one of them lay down on the floor while their leader grabbed Iliafray by the shoulders, carried her over and thrust her down impaling her on his comrades phallus, the second ork came up behind her and pushed her forwards driving his member into Iliafray’s arse, drawing a pained whimper from her finally the leader let go of her moved around in front of her and grabbed her head forcing her mouth down on his rampant cock “Suck on that slut”.

Xanaphia watched in horrified fascination as the Orcs roughly fucked her friend , she could see Iliafray’s throat bulge as the Orc worked his cock down her throat driving her head backwards and forwards in a vigorous fashion, drool flowed from her mouth as the cock plunged into the depths of her throat at the same time the other two Orcs were pumping away at her cunt and arse. It was hard to tell which order the Orc’s came in it looked their leader came last pulling out of Iliafray’s mouth and shooting his vile yellowish cum across her face and breasts before pulling her off the softening cocks of his fellows and throwing her to the floor with more of the Orc cum leaking from her. The Orcs got to their feet and laughing walked out of the cell, closing the door behind them .

Xanaphia moved over to Iliafray and called upon her goddess to heal her and felt the comfortable warmth of her healing power. They then lay down to rest , it seemed almost no time had passed before the flat voice of the cell monitor sounded “WARNING END OF PERIOD APPROACHING . NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY RECORDED. UNLESS SEXUAL ACTIVITY RECORDED BEFORE MEAL DELIVERY PHASE 2 PUNISHMENT OF ORC CUNT WILL COMMENCE”.

Shocked out of their complacent daze the two elves looked at each other, Xanaphia started to move towards Iliafray , then paused briefly looking at Iliafray’s cunt which was still oozing Orc cum then she remembered the pain the last punishment had brought for Iliafray and continued forward. Xanaphia rolled onto her back with her arms pinned beneath her back leaving Iliafray to move forward straddling Xanaphia’s face pressing her oozing cunt against Xanaphia’s face before leaning forward to place her own mouth against Xanaphia’s cunt. Xanaphia began to lick and suck at Iliafray’s cunt feeling the other elf’s skilled mouth working against her own. She found that the Orc cum tasted almost as bad as she imagined as she scooped the seemingly endless flow out of Iliafray’s cunt indeed she was still finding more of the noxious stuff as she brought Iliafray to a climax seconds before Iliafray returned the favor. Judging by the lack of punishment they had met the schedule and food was delivered, Life continued with a visit by Orc’s every few ‘mornings’ each time it happened Xanaphia could feel guilt that she was leaving Iliafray to face the ravages of the Orc’s and finally on the ‘occasion of the sixth visit things came to a climax.

Instead of the normal three Orcs a group of five entered the cell, Iliafray moved to meet them and was promptly impaled on three fat Orc cocks , this time as an Orc pulled out of one of her holes another one would take his place, soon Iliafray was semi-conscious a rag doll being fucked in all three holes and with Orc cum leaking from all of them, it was more than an extra couple of Orc’s each of these Orcs was taking the opportunity to rest and then resume their assault. To the horrified Xanaphia watching it seemed the Orc’s would never stop finally as by her count each orc was taking Iliafray for the third time they came to a stop. As Iliafray collapsed to the floor with the last Orc pulling out of her abused and gaping asshole the Orc leader grunted something in their guttural tongue and all five of them ended by pissing on her slumped form. As always Xanaphia went over to heal her hurt friend seeing her close up as she healed her injuries she realised she could not continue to let Iliafray take this abuse on her behalf , looking up at the ceiling she spoke “This slave requests that she be prepared to assist Orc Cunt”.


A flat black box slid out of a hole in the wall at the same time Iliafray’s wrist bracers unfastened from each other leaving her hands free for the first time in a long time. Moving forward her body still in pain from the abuse she had suffered , Iliafray reached for the box and opened it, it contained a series of studs and rings for body piercings and a pair of pliers for making the piercings. Looking over at Xanaphia, Iliafray said “Orc Cunt will prepare Elf Slut in the morning” until then the two rested as much as they could while following the humiliating rituals of toilet duty and sex, amidst the growing stink of Orc piss.

Xanaphia awoke in the morning to feel Iliafray leaning over her and licking and stroking her nipples, she could feel her nipples hardening as she grew aroused she heard Iliafray whisper “Sorry this is going to hurt” then she felt something cold touch her right nipple then a stabbing pain , Iliafray above her held her down and the sensation repeated on her left nipple , then Iliafray moved her mouth away and her hands returned pressing at Xanaphia’s painful nipples looking down Xanaphia feeding a gold ring into the hole just behind each of her nipples before rubbing an ointment into her breasts which seemed to numb the pain and stop the bleeding, Moving around into a sixty nine position Iliafray forced her cunt down over Xanaphia’s mouth and brought her own mouth and fingers to bear on Xanaphia’s cunt. She could feel Xanaphia instinctively licking away at her cunt as she went to work in Iliafray bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then letting her slide away before bringing her back, distracted by this torment Xanaphia had yet to manage to bring Iliafray to Orgasm as her tongue still lacked the skill of Iliafray or Sophia. Soon Ilaifray could hear moaning and attempts to beg for release being smothered by the pressure of her cunt onto Xanaphia’s face. When she judged that Xanaphia had reached the right degree of desperation she pulled her fingers and tongue back from the soaking cunt in front of her, took the pliers and pierced Xanaphia’s clit the sudden pain drew a shriek of pain from Xanaphia at the same time, it triggered a massive orgasm spraying Iliafray’s face with her fluids , the effects of the scream on her cunt and the old drow pleasure in inflicting pain brought Iliafray to her own orgasm although unlike Xanaphia she did not lose consciousness, taking advantage of Xanaphia;s unconsciousness Iliafray quickly made the other piercings , four in each labia lip, one in her belly button ,one which would have been the most painful through the septum of her nose and finally a stud in her tongue, then quickly put in the piercings and applied the healing salve. Then took Xanaphia in her arms and lay down besides her as she waited for Xanaphia to come around.

It took a minute or two for Xanaphia to come around and when she did she looked down on her body in surprise she could see her new piercings, they felt odd, not painful just odd it seemed the salve smeared over them was preventing any pain and healing the wounds rapidly already the skin around the piercings was looking normal but as she stirred and moved she could feel the rings moving and the sensation was not one she had felt before. She had the urge to run her hands over the piercing but was rapidly reminded that her hands were still bound behind her back. She could run her tongue stud over the inside of her mouth and feeling the sensation both in her tongue and in her cheek. After a few moments of contemplation she rolled over and looked at Xanaphia “Elf Slut thanks Orc Cunt for getting these piercings in with so little pain “ . The rest of the day and night cycle passed without any further excitement and in the morning a box containing a strap on phallus had been delivered with a note saying ‘for Elf Bitch’s training’. Iliafray examined the strap on Phallus seeing it was one designed to bring little pleasure to its wearer and being both fairly long and wide though less so than that of an Orc and carved from a hard Ivory like substance it would not be a lot of fun for Xanaphia to have her first anal experience with it, although not as bad as an Orc cock.

Xanaphia looked nervously at the strap on and then at Iliafray who smiled reassuringly back at her “Don’t worry Elf Slut, Orc Cunt will take this easy with you.Elf Slut should kneel down and spread its knees apart then Elf Slut should bend over and place her forehead on the ground. Orc Cunt will take care of everything else.” , Xanaphia took up the position as instructed as she did so she could not help but think how much her life had changed that she was taking up such a compromising position and worse finding it arousing.

Xanaphia felt Iliafray moving behind her , she felt the false cock rub against her ass cheeks and then Iliafray’ nudging her legs further apart with her knees and she braced for the shock of the cock pressing into her instead she felt Iliafray’s warm breath blowing across her asshole and then jumped as Iliafray’s fingers tweaked her clit and started to rub across her cunt and even sliding slightly into her before being blocked by the magic of her labial piercings, Xanaphia moaned as Iliafray’s skillful fingers played with her, Then she felt something soft pushing at her anal sphincter , and realised it was Iliafray’s tongue pushing its way into her . Despite her initial startlement Xanaphia began to relax and even start to enjoy what was happening, then she felt Iliafray’s other hand start playing with her cunt and the fingers of the other hand now slippery with her juices move to replace the tongue in her relaxed state first one then two fingers slid into her ass and flexed around liberally spreading the combination of saliva and her own juices around, finally the combination of the stimulation of her ass hole and cunt had her on the verge of coming.

Iliafray carefully noted Xanaphia reaching the edge of an orgasm and the relaxation of her anal sphincter and decided this was the best moment to enter her with the strap on. Without moving her hand from Xanaphia’s cunt she carefully shifted her hips and placed the phallus against Xanaphia’s ass hole and firmly but slowly pushed in.

Xanaphia gasped as the phallus slid into he , it stretched her ass uncomfortably and she could feel herself trying to clamp down but it was too late to keep it out and the distraction of the sensations in her cunt made it much more bearable than she had expected, she felt the length starting to slide in and out of her as Iliafray started to thrust in and out and even felt some pleasure as it rubbed against her cunt from inside, finally as Iliafray rubbed firmly against he clit she began a long slow orgasm until Iliafray finally pulled out of her ass.

As Xanaphia recovered she saw Iliafray had moved around in front of her and she moved back to an upright kneeling position. Iliafray spoke to her “Elf Slut would be expected to clean a cock which had been in Elf Sluts ass , and should practice now to avoid offending a mistress then Orc Cunt will give Elf Slut her reward”. Xanaphia looked in disgust at the brown streaks on the strap on but realised Iliafray was right she would be expected to so such a demeaning task and better to practice now, reluctantly she opened her mouth and started to lick and suck at the disgusting object , nearly retching at the bitter taste but eventually she managed to get is adequately clean, “ Well done Elf slut , now remain kneeling like that”. As she said that Ilaifray slipped the strap on, off and lay down on her back in front of Iliafray before sliding her head between the elf’s thighs . Xanaphia continued to kneel as she felt a tongue and fingers start to work away at her cunt, it felt so good, it made her wonder why she had,been so determinedly celibate all her life, then the time for thought passed as she felt on of Iliafray’s fingers slide into her asshole and combine with her efforts on Xanaphia’s cunt. She gave into it and leant forward pressing her breasts against Iliafray’s torso and bringing her own mouth to Iliafray’s cunt returning the favor, as she tired to bring Iliafray to orgasm she felt Iliafray slow her attempts to bring her to orgasm maintaining her on the edge until they both came in near simultaneous orgasms.

As they both recovered from their orgasm’s Xanaphia heard a voice from Iliafray muffled by being trapped between her thighs “Orc Cunt needs to Piss, Elf Slut should move so that Orc Cunt can stand up”. Xanaphia started to move but then a strange thought came to her, Iliafray performed this service for her everyday and somehow at that moment it seemed like a way of displaying her affection “Orc Cunt will stay where she is and take care of Elf Sluts needs and Elf Slut will take care of Orc Cunts” then she put her mouth back over Iliafray’s cunt placed her lips around it and started to probe at the piss hole with her tongue. Then Xanaphia felt Iliafray start to slowly release her bladder and started gulping down her urine at the same time she started to piss into Iliafray;s mouth. She still did not like the taste but it felt much less demeaning than when the drow mistress had forced her to drink. As the flow stopped she licked Ilaifray’s slit clean feeling her doing the same. Finished she backed way releasing Iliafray;s head from between her legs and moving to lie alongside her and the two lay down affectionately pressing their bodies against each other.

Things continued like this for several day and night cycles with Iliafray introducing Xanaphia further to anal sex and the deepening affection forming more of a bond between the two slaves. Until finally one morning cycle the Orcs returned.

Interlude 11 Sophia’s new home

Sophia awoke she still felt sore and from the smell and feel of her body she had not been washed since her time in the cell as she could still feel the dried cum sticking to her face and body. Taking stock of her situation she realised that she still had a collar on but was otherwise free of restraints and she could hear heavy breathing of something or someone nearby. Opening her eyes she saw that she was in some sort of Kennel, a force field blocked off one wall and through it she could see a kennel on the other side of the corridor it seemed that the kennel cells were about four feet high and just over twice that wide and deep in the cell opposite was another young human girl wearing a gold collar and a large and vicious looking hound. Turning her head she could tell she was wearing a very similar collar and there was a similar large dog sleeping behind her. Otherwise at each side of the cell were two bowls resting against the force field one containing some sort of vile food and the other water. At the back of the cell resting against the wall were what looked to be large litter trays presumably for her and the hound.

Sophia opened her mouth to try and speak to the other girl but found that she could not speak , it did not seem to be a physical impediment just she could not make herself speak. She realised her mouth tasted foul and so rose to all fours and crawled over to the bowls and tried to use her hands to scoop up some water but they would not obey her , instead she had to lower her head and lap up the water. From the limits on her actions she concluded the collar she was wearing must a slave collar to control her actions. Things did not look good for her again indeed it seemed like things had been getting progressively worse for her ever since leaving Iliafray in the underdark but it was always possible things would get better , somehow.

Behind her she heard a low growl and looked round to see the hound had woken up and got to its feet it was looking at her as it growled and slobbered saliva from it’s maw. The hound moved over towards her and growled when she seated herself on the ground exposing a mouth full of teeth, Sophia sighed it was clear what the dog wanted and she was not going to risk being bitten just to protect her none existent dignity or virtue. Leaning forward she raised herself to a crawling position and relaxed, letting her mind drift back to times with Iliafray allowing herself to grow wet and lubricated for the impending coupling. She felt the weight of the hound on her back and it’s forelegs clamped around her torso to hold her in place, she felt the hound’s cock sliding and probing around her back before it finally managed to drive itself home. The hound thrust deep into her warm wet sheath with a single powerful thrust before starting to hammer away at her like a furry jackhammer. It’s cock was very large stretching her , and pressing against her cervix with each thrust. Letting herself go she was soon thrusting back against the hound;s thrusts and came to a first orgasm while the hound was still pounding away , her second orgasm came as the hound came flooding hercunt with it’s sticky sperm. She felt it’s knot form in her and let herself be dragged by the hound as it pulled her over to it’s side of the kennel , waiting until the know shrank back down before she pulled herself free and crawled over to rest by her food and water. Looking across the corridor she saw the girl across the corridor looking shocked at her apparent enjoyment of being fucked by a large dog. She shrugged , she may as well get physical pleasure were she found it , it’s not like she had any choice in the matter.

She dozed and day dreamed as the hound did, and woke up a few hours later when the hound had woken up and started sniffing at her, apparently something about her scent displeased it as it started growling at her before lifting one of it’s hind legs and urinating over her, then sniffing at her again apparently satisfied by her smell now. Then it began to growl again and she saw it’s cock becoming erect again so she raised herself into position to be fucked again. Again she came twice as the hound had it’s way with her ,

She was unsure how long she spent in the kennel as the lights never changed and the only way to tell the passage of time were the number of times the litter tray at the back of the kennel was magically cleaned, the number of times the bowls of food and water were changed or the number of times she or the girl opposite were fucked by the hound sharing the kennel with them. She had been fucked a dozen times before anything changed although fortunately once she smelled right the hound had felt no need to urinate on her again.
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