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This is the last chapter that is still considered a commission, after this it becomes original content
Better Than Ever

Demon Dice - WannaBe

All these whiny dissin' pricks been tryna kick the record straight

Pennin' rhymes without a thought about the planet and its state

Caught up wasting precious time undermining the competition... wait.

...I need two syllables, fuck it I'll use "fuckin'" again!

These lyrical gaps easily fillable,

Unkillable バカバカしい philosophy, a real smooth talker

Lookin' fake-ass "MC Slim-Shaka-Laka"


“Guys, we can go for Ramen any time, we should be planning.” Jaune protested, pinching the bridge of his nose. In front of him two lovely teammates pulled him forward, Amber the Wolf faunus grabbing onto his pinky towards wherever they were leading him.

“We have a surprise, just be patient.” Amber promised.

The other of these two, the pink haired pop-star lookalike Harpy had suggested they go get some food, a break. Their third teammate, a beautiful giantess of a woman named Pale, offered to stay behind and clean up last evenings, that night, and this morning's messes.

Amber was a beautiful curvy dog-girl, she would be so unassuming in the baggy sweatshirt that barely hid the skin hugging spat shorts she sported. Her long black and gray hair was a tangled mess that was thick enough that the only brushes they could use had to be made from steel. Her eyes a tempered gold, so stark in its contrast with the many dark shades that made up her figure that they almost looked to glow in the dark.

Though her bright smile always made any room a little less grim. Under that Baggy sweatshirt Amber didn’t really wear much, she’d have a simple white t-shirt on but the nearly feral girl often detested wearing clothes if she had to, so chose to either wear as little as possible or so much it felt more like fur or a blanket. Besides that she didn’t wear much jewelry, earrings that were a gift from Jaune, just simple gold beads. And a hair pin of the atlas academy betraying her allegiance.

Harpy was a different story, She was bright colours, neon lights and bad attitude. Her short hair a dyed bright pink, cut down to a shoulder length bob with curt bangs. Blue green and red eyeliner with heavy shadows of black. With enough glitter on her lids and cheeks alone sparkle and twinkle like the night sky. Besides that she wore bright neon green lipstick with a black line down the center of her lower lip and green little dots of makeup, something jaune couldn’t place, under her right eye, which he had to admit brought the weird ensemble on her face together. Her shirt was some band T, cut to be a crop-top that showed off thin stomach and sunkissed skin, the shirt tented by her handfuls of wobbly tits barely held up by the pushup bra she knows is a cup size too small but she says the spillage makes them look bigger.

Besides that her shorts are cut offs too, jeans, pockets still hanging down, Though jaune did insist on the ones that cover up that heavy swaying ass of hers. Both of the women having to be informed that they might be able to dress how they want in the solitary halls of Atlas, but here in beacon walking around with their asses hanging out would get them in a lot of trouble.

It was impossible not to notice how nice their hips swaying was, Pale was gorgeous and probably had more to her curves than Amber or Harp, but the sheer size of Ambers compared to her muscular body was amazing, matched with a perfect shape and bounce. While Harpy had a nice perky round fat ass that was a perfect heart shaped tear drop, bouncing with just the right amount of elasticity at each of her steps, that you could tell just how firm her perfect fatty cheeks are.

Jaune was probably the most comfortably dressed of them, wearing a plain white t-shirt with the atlas symbol in blue printed over the shoulder and back. Besides that simple jeans with a Bunny logo on the back pocket. Which wasn’t the only bunny he had on his person, ditching the hoodie a long time ago, he instead got the logo tattooed on his bicep. Surprisingly it was at Harpy’s insistence, the normally aggressive and mean girl having instantly fallen in love with Jaune’s sisters after meeting them once and getting all starry eyed at the idea of a big family. Since the hoodie was a brand all of the girls really liked, she insisted that it would be better as a tattoo than wearing that ‘Lame hoodie’ as she put it.

Besides that the only other noticeable feature of the three would be the three rings Jaune wears on his left hand, and the two very distinct ‘chokers’ his teammates wore. Reason being it was very obvious that they were collars and neither girl wanted to hide that fact. Jaune’s rings a golden one, an obsidian purple one and a stark white one, all simple little carved stones. Meanwhile the collars were a little more distinct. Amber wore just a regular spiked dog collar, her name printed on the dog paw print tag at the front. Harpy wore a pink leather weave that looked like a mix between a spider web and the binding of a corset.

The three of them catching eyes as they walked through the halls of Beacon. Jaune’s team was getting a name for themselves as the fan favorite to win the vytal festival, not only that but this was becoming something of a political spectacle.

Something of a power struggle had formed between Ozpin and Ironwood as well as Beacon and Atlas Military, Jaune being seen as a divisive piece in this struggle. Someone tossed aside by Ozpin and picked up by Ironwood, his worth and place in this tournament an indicator of the men who had made up their minds about him.

Jaune felt weird about the eyes, unused to so much public attention. Still he didn’t care much for the grander ideas of men with motives greater than him. He promised a win to his girls and wouldn’t disappoint them.

But that was thoughts for other days, instead they had ramen to eat apparently. Seeing the red flaps of it’s stall like building come into view.

Memories flooding back of different times, Pyrrha, Nora and Ren took him here the first day they became a team, he remembered it so vividly. Feeling the imposter syndrome cling to his bones, like he was separate than the people around him. Ruby, Yang, Weiss and Blake had all tagged along, for them it was a gathering of good times and friends, however for Jaune it felt like he was surrounded by the failures of his own morals. There was a bitter swell in his gut, only a small spike of jealousy. It faded.

“Jaune?” It was Amber, of course she’d pick up on his feelings, with her hand on his everything about him was laid bare.

“I had bad memories here.” He shrugged. “Lots of places here have ghosts haunting them.” Deciding being honest was better than avoiding the question.

His mind filtered back to the moment he stepped out for air, having Pyrrha follow after him, the way she looked him over with curious eyes, they hadn’t talked but they stood next to each other, shoulders touching looking at the stars. It was the only time Jaune had felt like he belonged.

As long as Pyrrha was beside him, he had a place.

“Let’s make some better memories.” Harpy urged, tugging on his sleeve and pulling him into the small noodle shop.

“JAUNE!!” An unmistakable shrill voice brought him back to the first night here. Seeing this old team waving at him in his mind’s eye, like he was back in that shop, still a fearful little cheat. It wasn’t reality though, sitting at the usual place wasn’t his old team and team rwby but rather only members of it. Nora and Ren.

Nora looks exactly like she did every other given day, short pulled back orange hair, chipper smile, the only thing about her was that she was wearing a fairly plain white hoodie with the zipper down the front pulled most of the way down to reveal the pink t-shirt under. Jaune could see her fake denim jeans stretching around her thick thighs and wide plush ass that was squished down against the stool she was sitting on.

Lia Ren looked just as adorable as the day Jaune last saw her, her sleek features and long black hair making her look almost princessly, if it wasn’t for the angular line of her jaw making her look almost boyish she would be a delicate flower so unbecoming the huntress she was training to be. Her lithe frame was accented by the wide hips and perfect bubble butt she often hid under layers of cloth and robe. And a little known fact is that her nearly flat chest is actually a facsimile. Actually a quite large bust rivaling her partner, Ren bound it down to make herself look almost flat.

“Jaune, Amber, Harpy! It’s so good to see you guys again!” Nora’s chipper voice pierces the fog of melancholy around seeing them here again. Jaune didn’t really feel one way or the other about his old team, but some places were tainted by their memory. He felt good seeing them happy, it made being here easier.

“Nora! It’s so good to see you!!!” Amber called out and rushed to hug her new friend. Jaune wasn’t sure when the two met, he thought he had introduced them yesterday. Blinking he kept his face neutral, had they met prior? No Amber was just affectionate, he tried to tell himself but there was an edge of something else, some plan, it reeked of Harpy.

The girl in question looking away and covering her lips with the tips of her fingers as though jaune was reading her very mind through her eyes.

“It’s good to see you all again, we didn’t get to properly talk yesterday.” Ren agreed, her voice a sweet melody, she could have been a singer, jaune had heard her only a couple times, when she thought no one was listening.


“Amber look at you! You look so pretty!” Nora roared and lifted the not easy to lift (Jaune could attest) muscley wolf girl off the ground like it was nothing.

“So loud.” Ren mused.

“I know right? They were made for each other.” Harpy groaned, the two sharing a quick smile.

Jaune’s heart instantly at ease with how friendly they all seemed to be getting along. Though still having half a foot on the edge, waiting for Harpy’s no doubt devious little scheme to spring like a mousetrap.

As it turns out, Harpy had invited Ren and Nora to have dinner with them, ramen at a place she ‘saw on her way in’ Like jaune hadn’t told her the story of his first day here. Like she didn’t know exactly the weird ghosts that haunted this place. Still the conversation seemed light hearted and fun, Nora asked about Harpy but didn’t get too much, Harpy didn’t have a lot to tell, even though Nora was convinced the pink haired girl had more story to tell.

Meanwhile amber did the exact same thing but to Ren who equally insisted “Really I just came from a small village, I’m just not that interesting.”

“Nonsense! You’re just being modest, Ren and I were from a village that got attacked by Grimm, Ren was so cool and helped me escape.” She leaned over and covered her mouth the back of her hand regardless of the fact she didn’t lower her voice at all, “Between you and me I coulda’ taken it.”

“Of course you could, Nora.” Ren rolled her eyes, taking in a mouthful of pork and noodles.

“I gotta say if there’s anyone I believe killed a big bad grimm it would be you two, to be fair.” Jaune smiled and raised his glass, the sloshing yellow beer evident.

“See Jaune thinks I can take it!” Nora boasted, putting a hand to the flat of her chest, a mess on her lower lip that she probably didn’t even realize was there. “I’m pretty OP Ren, if you hadn’t heard.”

“Pfft, we’ll see about that when it’s you and me in the ring, baby cakes.” Amber scoffed.

Nora put on her best randy savage deep gruff wrestler voice “Monday! Monday! Monday! Watch my hammer knock the light out of this little lost puppy! This is my kitchen and it looks like I’m serving up poodles tonight!”

“Who are you calling a Poodle!?” Amber feigned offence to the comment, smirking like an idiot. “I hope your smack is better than it’s talk, else I might just fall asleep.” She stuck her tongue out “Besides you know you could never hit me with that big clunky hammer.”

“CLUNKY?!” Nora roared.

“Oh boy.” Ren sighed. Watching as Nora went off on a tirad about how her hammer was the best weapon a hunter or huntress could ever ask for. Ending with a line about it exploding when she swung it.

Amber looked on in awe. “That’s so cool! I never used a weapon, maybe I should get a hammer.” Looking over at Jaune. “Master, can I get one? Can I? Cani? Canicanicanicanicanicanicani?”

Jaune joined his rekindled friend in her sigh. Pinching the bridge of his nose. “You don’t like using weapons, we tried it, remember?”

Amber got a long, distant stare, everyone just watching as no doubt a very detailed flashback with oddly fitting piano music played, everything has a grainy filter over it, for some reason everyone is wearing a monocle. “Riiiight, I hope that instructor figured out where his fingers went.”

Everyone stopped and looked over at the wolf girl who just had a passive and thoughtful but evidently not remorseful look on her face. Jaune just took another mouthful of his drink, having lived the story and did not want to bring it up further.

“Harpy you should tell them about your staff!” Amber elbowed her friend.

“I shouldn’t. I’ll be fighting tomorrow just like you, dumbass.”

“Okay but consider, It’s really cool, and a lot cooler than that hammer.” Amber insisted.

“What’s so cool about a stick?” Nora grumbled.

That got Harpy’s attention “Stick?”

“Oh no.” Jaune mimicked Ren’s earlier sentiment.

“My segmented carbon-steel weave, 6 foot, retractable hook, blade and net, with compact weighted bolas, tracking darts, Bo-Staff, is not a stick. It’s taser butt and flash band snapping point, faux leather binding with detailed Atleasian engraving,crafted by our finest engineers and gifted to me by Ironwood himself, is not ‘a stick.’ Pity the thought.” Harpy huffed, turning up her nose, indignant to the idea of any part of her being made mockery.

“So a very fancy stick?” Nora shrugged with a tilted head.

“That’s what I said!” Amber agreed. Jaune snorting into his almost downed beer at that, he couldn’t wait to see Harpy’s face.

Harpy meanwhile was straining to keep a smile past the annoyance and desperate need to correct them. See it wasn’t enough she thinks she's better, others needed to think it too. The idea they didn’t set this deep seeded need for superiority that, although they were working it, was very hard for the pink haired girl to hide.

“Yeah…” She finally relented, through comically gritted teeth. “A. Really. Fancy. Stick.”

The conversation switching as the bowls slowly started to empty, laughter filled the ramen bar, stories, jokes. Jaune talking about the ace operatives, Atlas Military school. Harpy talking about Argos, which they’d only heard little snippets about from Pyrrha. Nora and Ren talking about life in Beacon. A conversation Jaune found pleasantly surprising he was comfortable with.

Then Nora looked over at Amber. “So where do you come from Am?”

Amber got a little red in the cheeks at that, ears flicking with the nervousness that she so rarely felt, let alone showed visibly. Jaune also got a look about him, despite his attempts to keep it hidden. “Well I don’t really know.”

“You don’t know?” Ren asked.

“Amber…” Harpy sounded a little worried for her partner.

“Oh no, guys it's fine, it’s just a pretty sad story, it hasn’t been a touchy subject in a long time.” She took in a breath and let it out slowly. “I was abandoned by my mother when I was eight, in the woods of some village outside argos. My dad passed away and my mother didn’t want the reminder, I guess.” She shrugged.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.” Nora got quiet for maybe the first time since Jaune had known her.

“Don’t be, It’s the only reason I met Jaune. I was living out in the woods and someone had to take his nearly dead ass to Argos.” She snickered and elbowed him in the ribs.

“I feel like they need context.” Harpy offered.

Jaune picked up the note here. “I couldn’t afford tickets for the train, so when I was heading north I went through the woods.” He jabbed his thumb at Amber. “I saw this crazy person literally surrounded by Grimm, beowulf's actually. I thought she was being attacked.”

“My semblance is Empathy, so I can control the emotions of animals or at least tell what they’re thinking, mostly it's just good getting them to not attack me, but when It first awoke, I used it to make a group of Grimm think I was one of their own. I’ve only been able to do it very sparingly since, It’s very very difficult and inconsistent.” Amber clarified.

“But I was still shit at fighting back then, so she of course had to rescue me, I was kind of injured.”

“He was bleeding really bad.”

“It was a scratch.” He insisted. “So she went with me to Argos. It took a lot longer than expected, we ran into a lot of Grimm, bandits, wild animals. We became really good friends and she asked to join me when I went to Atlas, the rest is history.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “He’s making it sound less amazing than it was, Jaune saved my life more than once, then managed to convince Ironwood to let me join his team.” Leaning over and kissing his cheek. “He convinced me people were worth a second chance.”

Her finally musing seemed to leave an impact, both Nora and Ren looking down at the ground, trying to process that.

Jaune couldn’t help but feel this was really Harpy's plan all along, but to what end he wondered.

Conversations moved slowly, not trailing or dragging but just letting everyone well in the foundational growth. Each little laugh, smile, jab or joke was so fluid, so second nature. It felt good to see everyone smiling, Jaune tried to memorize the moment, memorize the way Harpy and Amber looked, Ren and Nora. All... Happy.

Of course it couldn’t last though, not for him at least. See he was mostly indifferent to the other teams, his old friends. But seeing them walk into the room put a mellow on the mood that was hard to ignore. He didn’t feel animosity towards them, but there was a shrugged distance he kept from them, a certain survivor's instinct that kept him from neither forgiving them nor embracing who they are now.

Team RWBY joined by Pyrrha entered into the noodle shop, stopping dead in their tracks upon seeing Jaune sitting with the women he found in his company.

“Jaune.” Pyrrha stated flatly, like she hadn’t even considered he’d be here, then her eyes focused on the other people across from him and her tone turned inquisitive. “Nora? Ren?”

If this was part of Harpy’s plan Jaune didn’t like it, his eyes darting towards the pink haired girl but finding her just as confused, a furrowed brow, as he was.

“Oh… Uh.. Heeeeey.” Nora tried to buy time to explain herself.

Jaune realized that the other didn’t know Nora and Ren were here.

They didn’t, or couldn’t tell them. They couldn’t say they were out having dinner with him.

Jaune might have had a half bowl left but he pushed it in front of him, a distaste ruining his appetite. “This is perfect, I’m actually full. You guys can take my seat.” He flashed his best smile but there was a certain forced nature to it. “I wish I could stay and talk but I need to prep for tomorrow and I’m well overdue.”

“But, We just got here.” Yang scoffed “We didn’t even get to say hi.”

“Jaune..” Ruby started but didn’t know how to continue.

“I just don’t want to overstay my welcome.” Jaune tried to play it like a joke but there was a tense silence at that.

“You’re not, jaune, please.” Nora stood up. “This was so nice, come on we can try to be friends again.”

Harpy stood up now, glaring at the redhead across from her. “You called them? I can’t believe you.” And judging from the way Nora couldn’t meet her gaze it was true.

“She just wanted to bring up here so we could all be together again.” Ruby chimed in, trying to ease the growing tension. But there was little to be done, between Pyrrha and Weiss already feeling guilty, especially after the events of last night, and now everyone else being put in a very awkward situation it was clear no one really wanted to be here right now even if everyone wanted to try and make amends.

Well almost everyone.

“It seems I already have.” Jaune muttered, pinching that sensitive bridge of his nose, all too familiar with the texture of his fingertips. “I’m going, you two can stay if you like.”

“I’m going too, this isn’t fun anymore.” Amber agreed.

“Please Jaune, we just want to apologise.” Blake spoke up. Weiss and Pyrrha both avoid eye contact and refuse to contribute.

That got the three atlas hunters to stop, Jaune looking at Harpy and then Amber before over at Blake. “You don’t even have a clue what you’re apologising for.” There wasn’t malice in his tone, but rather an exhausted sad understanding. Blake really didn’t know the extent of her team’s failings. “Listen, I’m happy, you guys are happy, we can be happy separately, it’s fine.”

“Why though? What do you mean?” Yang folded her arms under her chest, trying to understand even though there was no way she possibly could.

“Because you guys have bigger issues than just being shitty friends.” Harpy spat. Though that got her a glare from Jaune.

“What do you mean?” Ruby asked with some hesitation.

“She means some of us didn’t just turn our backs on Jaune.” Pyrrha finally spoke up. Everyone turned to look at her. “I was the one who told Ozpin about his tran***********s.”

“Pyrrha?” Nora looked so hurt, so shocked, Ren mimicked the expression, both of them seeing Pyrrha in a whole new light, they still clung to some hope, a little twinkle in their eyes. “You didn’t know right? You thought it was a mistake, right?”

“No. I knew what I was doing.” The whole room was silent, it felt like the world wasn’t moving anymore. Her voice started to crack with the emotion welling up inside it. “I didn’t know what to do, I thought if Jaune was found out it would reflect on the whole team. I didn’t think they would expel him.”

Her admission didn’t make Jaune feel any better. Honestly it felt so hollow, a woe is me to the months of depression and anxiety she’d given him. If he hadn’t found Amber…

“I’m sorry.” Pyrrha finally said, it was heartfelt, genuine, but felt so empty.

“Pyrrha I had no idea.” Yang murmured. “I can’t believe you kept that from us.”

That was what Jaune hated about this group, he didn’t hate very much, but they never seemed to look past themselves. Jaune had his life ripped apart but they are more concerned with Pyrrha not telling them. This was almost a real apology but he could tell what it was turning into.

“I’m sorry too..” Weiss this time. “I convinced everyone not to message Jaune, that we would get in trouble if we did. Not only that.. But.. I blocked his number from reaching ours. At the tower. We never got his messages, if he sent any.”

“Weiss, that’s…” Blake stepped up now. “That so cruel, how could you do something like that?”

“Now they’re getting it.” Harpy muttered smugly.

Conversation went like this for a minute or two, everyone getting all the sickly details of the lengths each of them had gone to, to avoid Jaune and the black stain he was on their lives… Until now at least.

“I can’t believe you all!” Nora shouted. “He was our friend, and you all just… just-”

“You aren’t any better.” Now it was amber.

“What, I didn’t do anything to Jaune.” Nora for the first time in her life sounded meek.

“Yeah! You let them all do horrible things to him and didn’t say a word, he was gone, alone and none of you did anything for him. You might not have been wearing the boot but all of you sat and watched while he got kicked out! Then you didn’t even try to be his friend, not until you see how good he is, see the worth Ironwood saw!” Amber glared daggers at them “We invited you two here because we wanted Jaune to have a piece of home, because we knew he has ghosts here, It seems the ghosts were real though, not just specters in the mist.”

Everyone looked over at Jaune who was just covering his eyes with the palm of his hand, avoiding all of them.

“But all of you are so concerned with yourselves, how this affects you!”

“I-... we..” Nora stuttered.

“We didn’t realize… We should have been better.” Ren summarized. “We.. I’m... sorry.”

The sentiment was shared by just about everyone in the group, all agreeing to some degree what they did was wrong. Jaune looked them all over and though there was some smug satisfaction with it all, he still felt empty. Well they felt empty, he knew he was full of love, looking over and Amber and then Harpy, It was clear he was better off.

But not faced with the redemption he’d dreamt about those first few months…

“Maybe before I unlocked my Semblance.. Or before I met my… or Amber… Maybe. I know there must have been some point when an apology was all I wanted.” A small smile grew across his lips, contented, sure of himself. “I’m just not interested in half assed words.” He shrugged, which got a weird look from everyone before him, besides his team. “Suddenly everyone is sorry after I show up with Atlas’s best and Ironwood’s training? Gotta understand how hollow that feels right? I get it you mean it, sure. I just think it’s too little too late.”

Letting a long satisfied sigh, gods that felt good, he put down a card. “Ramens on me, eat up.” turning and walking away, finally, finally getting the chance to turn his back, not out of pettiness, not out of pride but out of a self assuredness in himself and the friends around him.

Jaune walked out of there, feeling like the sexiest, strongest man in the world.


“You know, I appreciate the thought.” Jaune finally said, as they were just about back at their dorm. “Getting Ren and Nora to come out for dinner, making friends. It was sweet.”

“Harpy was trying to fuck ‘em.” Amber said like a child tattling on their sibling.

“Wha-” Harpy tried to sound offended. “I-, you- Well then if you’re going to Lie about me.”

“I believe it with every fiber of my being” Jaune assured her with a cheeky grin. “Was it Ren or Nora that caught your eye?” He teased. Amber, catching on to Jaune’s intentions, got behind her teammate, keeping pace with each of her quick foot falls.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.” Harpy tried to grumble.

Amber just reached out with both hands, squeezing Harpy on her sides and getting a small squeak out of the punky woman. “Was it Nora’s big boobs? Her fat jiggling ass?” Her hands roaming up the curve of the bust pop-stars lithe frame. Sneaking their way under her shirt. “Maybe her wide, grabbable hips? Just enough fat to sink your fingers in?”

Harpy got a bright pink glow to her cheeks, Her eyes avoiding her teammates “The idea might have crossed my mind.”

“I would have figured Ren was more your type.” Jaune waved offhandedly, letting a sly little smirk play across his lips. He appreciated the distraction, the girl trying to get his mind off things, even if he was happy to finally be free from the ghosts of his past, there was still a sad little edge to that, like the opposite of a silver lining. The little black line off of something good.

“Ooo, Ren is so cute, I bet she looks so sexy when she feels good!” Amber looked so starry eyed at the idea.

That was one of the perks that Amber got from her semblance, Her empathy let her feel every bit of pleasure someone else felt, every ounce of love or lust. That’s why she couldn’t have many people around her when she started, it was overwhelming, especially when she was connected to jaune who just made the experience ten times better, or worse depending on how ‘good’ it felt.

“I wouldn’t get your hopes up.” Harpy muttered, bringing them both back to reality.

“I hope you’re not thinking of replacing me with someone cuter.” Jaune teased. “I’m getting jealous with you talking about them” A little chuckle passing with the harmless joke.

“No never!” Amber yowled defensively.

“I don’t know with Ren around I might finally have someone to talk to.” Harpy put a finger to her chin like she was giving it some serious thought.

“You wound me.” Jaune winked at her. “If you think Ren can leave you red like I can, by all means.” That made Harp turn an even brighter shade of red. Her mouth about to open and say something but it being cut off by the doors to their dorm opening. Seeing the subjects of their conversation come through the threshold.

“Ren, Nora?” Jaune thought maybe he was confusing other people around, not because they looked different but because he couldn’t fathom a world in which anyone would want to talk to him after the ramen shop scene.

“Hey, Jaune…” Nora still sounded a little sad. Her eyes trailing towards Harpy and then Amber. “Can we talk to you for a minute?”

Harpy and Amber both looked back towards him, neither seeming to judge him for the momentary pause he took.. He should say no, every part of him wanted to, Harpy and Amber both probably wanted him to say it but…

“You two go on ahead, I’ll be up soon.” Then his gaze drifted towards his old team. “One minute.” He reminded them and let them usher him into an empty classroom.

He vaguely remembered it as Goodwitch’s fourth year history room, it smelt like it did back then, dust clinging to the walls, both the crystal kind and from the lack of upkeep on the old smelly books locked in these dingy halls.

His hand trailed over the desk at the front, it was where he sat, well not literally. He hadn’t made it to fourth year, but it was the space he took up in their other classes. The same place he sat for Ironwood’s great leaders' lectures. A smile just curling at the edges of his lips, remember the first time he sat down in either. He felt so out of place either time. He didn’t feel out of place now though.

“So?” He asked, to no one in particular.

“We wanted to apologise” Ren started, raising her hands to show she had no ill intentions and posed no threat to him.

“You already did.”

“We didn’t know.” Nora tried to reason.

“Of course you didn’t, but you never thought to find out, I was out of sight out of mind.”

There was a long pause after that.

“We want to try and be better, make it up to you.” Nora stepped forward. “I can’t live with myself knowing what we did, what we all did, Ren and I talked about it, we want to forfeit the match.” Her face was stern, she intended to do it too.

Jaune looked at them for a moment. They really were going to throw their chance, slim as it was, at winning this tournament away just to get back into his good graces weren’t they? His lips turned upwards into a smirk, then a smile, then he started laughing. It was a full belly laugh, tears welling up at the corners of his eyes. “Oh gods, fuck!”

“W-we’re serious Jaune!” Nora shouted over his laughter.

“I know, I know hahah, holy shit my sides.” After his laughter subsided enough, the two stunned women could finally get their answer. “Harpy would murder me in my sleep if I asked you to throw the match. Honestly fighting the hardest you can would be the best way to get on my goodside.”

Ren just shook her head, at a loss. “Then what can we do? How can we prove that we’re serious?”

Jaune shrugged but before his shoulders came down Nora was already on her knees at his feet, looking up at him with a very serious face. Both other people in the room looking at her perplexed expressions. Nora had to admit she hadn’t really thought this out herself, but she was sure of two things. She pulled down on the hem of her shirt, pulling it to reveal the line of pretty creamy cleavage that spilled out over the impression of her fingers.

“Words aren’t going to get to you, words are empty. Let me show you how I feel.” Her breath was catching, she was so nervous, but honest.

Jaune looked up from Nora, a growing bulge in his pants, looking at Ren. Her face flush with a little arousal, a little shame. “I would be remiss to say I hadn’t also had that thought. I’ve been thinking about it… you since you came back.”

“I wanted to try this before you left.” Nora admitted, reaching out with the flat of her hand to touch his thigh. Looking intently at the growing bulge in his pants. “D-do you want ‘it’?” Her gaze tilted, curious.

Jaune didn’t waste much time, waving for Ren to join her friend at his feet, kneeling her down. He eased the hem of his pants lower, hooked his thumb down to apply some pressure while his other hand slowly opened his zipper. “Last chance to back out.” He warned.

“Not a chance, blondie.” Nora teased.

Her demeanor changed when his pants finally popped open, cock springing upwards and hitting her chin, causing her to flinch back in surprise. It was massive! Nora blinked a few times at it, looking over at Ren who had an even more concerned face. Nora knew neither of them were virgins but boys at Beacon hardly counted compared to this thick, meaty, monstrous cock.

It was the length of her face, maybe longer, it was thick around as her wrist. Her insides cringed at the thought of that being inside her. But for some reason it still begged her to jump on it, to drive it into her folds.

Ren was having a similar thought, but she wanted to see it lodged in her ass, cum all over her pretty features, the pink in her hair. She wanted to finger herself while she sucked on that massive fuckmeat between her once teammates legs.

“Oh wow.” Ren murmured. Hand coming up to touch the pallid surface of it’s rigid length. Jaune took a measure of pride in that, letting both beautiful women run their finger tips over his length, trailing their nails down towards the heavy, already swollen again sack below him.

Nora wasn’t shy, they all knew that, but the dirty look in her eyes tingling with lust and desire made a needy little shiver run up Jaune’s spine. Watching her look up at him with his own cock between their gazes, like she was peering around a wall, as she opened her maw to plant a heavy, set kiss against his pelvis. Kissing the shaven mound where his sack met his thigh, then down closer to those churching orbs. Each smacking of her lips, dripping with audible desire.

To her right, the black and pink haired beauty was still intently dragging her fingers over each inch of his length, like she was counting every centimeter. Moving it’s girth closer to herself so she can move up to plant heavy soft kisses with the plush pillowy masses of her lips, letting him feel the lick slicked surface of their cushiony flesh. They pressed flat against his length, dragging a little along his length before pulling back, tongue rolling over the now smeared lipstick to gather up his taste. Admiring the perfectly shaped black kiss mark against the side of his cock.

She leaned forward to kiss again, creating mark after mark of her affection on the slick, intimidating mass of man meat before her. Leaning back to admire the messy prints overlapping each inch.

With both of them kissing every section of skin they could find, Jaune really could tell the kind of connection they wanted to make with him. Couldn’t say he didn’t want it too. “Alright, enough teasing, time for the main course.”

Threading his fingers through Nora’s hair, curling it back to angle her head up towards him, lining her lips up with the head of his length, parting their pillowy surface so she could feel their plush spreading around him. Feeling her tongue reach out to slither past them further down his cock. Her eyes only sparingly darted over to Ren, her own eyes glued to her friend, but tried to glue her vision to the man at the other end of the cock in her mouth. Pushing herself further until it pushed against the back of her throat, threatening to push deeper than most boys ever managed to reach. Her lidded gaze so intently locked on his, portraying her deep satisfaction with him.

When she pulled back she hollowed out her cheeks, sucking hard against the backwards motion. Jaune flinching at the sudden rush of pleasure, loving the slow methodical pace of her hard and heavy blowjob. Not to mention how sloppy she was, tendrils of thick sloppy spit spilling out around her lips each time she pulled forward, making an utter mess of a puddle at her knees. Then streaming wires of gunk connecting her lips to his cock every time she pulled back, just so she could press forward and give him the sensation of spread her lips all over again.

She twisted her head, like she was trying to twist the cap off a water bottle, screwing her way down his shaft with the flicking of her tongue working the head inside her sloppy wet maw. All the while her lips inch wormed themselves all the way down until he could feel his cock start to bend down her throat. A few painful inches of his shaft left untouched, her hands planted firmly on his thighs unwilling to give him the satisfaction of touch, just yet at least.

Not about to rest on her friend’s laurels, Ren got to her feet, moving up beside jaune and pressing her body flat to his. Feeling the muscle of her toned stomach meeting the heavy wrapping of bandages, feeling her soft hands on his body. Her soft arms wrap around to hold onto his shoulders. Planting her smeared lips against his neck, making a faded lip print of black against his skin.

Leaning in deeper, pressing her teeth against the sensitive nape of skin. Pinching it between her teeth before letting go, licking up its reddened surface, pursing her lips to blow soft cool air over its now tender surface.

Her mouth opened up, latching onto the mass of her throat and sucking hard on the flesh she could. Letting go with an audible pop, she kissed the area making sure to give it one last little peck of affection.

Nuzzled into the crux of her shoulder, bringing her lips to plant and soft little peck against his collarbone, Ren licked up from the protruding flat of it up towards his jawline, leaving a nice long wet trail with the flat of her soft velvety tongue. Nipping at the line of his cheek when she got there. “You taste so good Jaune~”

Though he was hardly idle either, with one hand still clinging to locks of Nora’s hair, he bounced her head back and forth, guiding her with a steady hand along her slow methodic pace. His other hand coming behind the woman at his side, sliding along the curve of her hip and around to the plump jiggling weight of her perfect tight ass. Fingers sinking into its bubbly mass.

Jaune turned his head, catching Ren off guard who still had their tongue out from licking along his jawline. Their noses touching just at the tip, a momentary pause of breath between them before they dove towards each other, greedy lips pressing together in a haught depraved kiss, all tongue and teeth, deep and driven by lust. Her teeth dug into his lip, his fingers dug harder into her rear, making the normally so chaste woman moan like a beast in heat against his open mouth.

Nora seemed to not like the lack of attention on her, deciding that she was done teasing him. She forced her face forward, showing her lack of gag reflex and forcing his cock to bend down her throat, a visible bulge in her throat forming, looking up at her new found lover, once teammate, with an annoyed glare. She pulled along his length causing him to groan in unearthly pleasure.

Fuck! Jaune groaned in his head, she could give any of his girls a run for their money with that kind of cock sucking talent. There was something about how easily she worked with his cock that betrayed her ease with its size. Jaune wondered if there was a guy at beacon who rivaled him but figured there was another, easier option.

“Your mouth feels so fucking good, damn Nora.” His hand kept hard on the back of her head, keeping her nose pressed against this pelvis, chin nestled between his hanging ballsack. He watched her eyes start to get foggy from lack of air, still trained on his with a grin plastered on her cock drunk dumb, slut face. She loved it, loved the way a cock blocked off her airway, kept her choking on its vascular, meaty girth. “Got a lot of practice throating your toys?”

Ren looked down at her friend, a little confused. Nora’s vision focusing with a startled surprise and embarrassment, for the first time she choked on his cock, her composure faltering. Jaune called it, his knowing, dark smirk showed he loved watching her cute, nervous reactions.

Letting her pull back, slowly, inch by agonisingly pleasurable inch. The slick tendrils of spittle and throat gunk clinging to every inch of his length, dripping off him into a mess at her knees. “Gaaa~h fuck~” Nora moaned the second his length was out of her gaping maw.

She didn’t have the jaw strength to close it, just gasping in throaty spit covered mouthfuls of air. “Holy.. Jaune, please fuck my throat~” Her eyes practically turning to hearts, glued to the gleaming spit shined pole in front of her. “ I want you to ruin me, fuck me raw~!”

Ren had never seen this side of her friend, sure they had experimented, kissing, teasing, Ren wanted to know what eating another girl out was like. But this fearsome, power bottom, super slut energy might not be out of character for the energetic girl but was still a whole new face she’d never worn before.

“Mmm, want me to shape your throat, fuck it until the only thing you can taste is my thick, heavy load?” Jaune teased, Nora nodding eagerly, hands moving up to stroke his thick cock, not caring about the mess of slick spit on her hands or what she scooped off falling to the floor. She jerked him off fast and hard, like she was trying to push him over the edge, but really she just wanted him to get so horny he couldn’t help but fuck her throat. “Then how about you tell me and Ren about that toy of yours, how does it compare to my cock, what do you do with it?” Then a devilish smirk “Tell me the truth or bend Ren over you and show you how I stretch her out first.”

Ren stiffened at that, her body quivering with a lust she hadn’t realized was there. Hell she was practically dripping through her leggings at the thought.

“Oh- gods, hnnngh” She bit into her lower lip, toying with the idea of lying or not telling them, but when Jaune pulled his cock away and turned it even a fraction of the way back towards Ren she panicked and blurted out the truth. “I have a huge one, big as you, just as thick, it’s purple and I always think of Ren using it like a strap on!”

There was a pregnant pause. Jaune and Ren both looking down at the desperate, frantic woman, eyes darting between them. Her breathing was still a little haggard, but her body craved getting her throat rubbed raw by the haptic thrusting of the fuckmeatin front of her.

“That's…” Ren started, then in a very surprised voice “Really hot, actually.”

“Right?” Jaune agreed. He took his cock in hand and pushed it past Nero’s lips into her greedy open maw filling her mouth with the savoury flesh she wanted so dearly before forcing it down past the curve of her throat and into her wanting gullet. “Such a good little slut deserves a reward.”

Holding her head with both hands now Jaune started to buck his hips, pulling her back to the halfway point on his girth before pushing back down to the base, marveling at the utter lack of gag-reflex she had, really able to just fuck her tight, velvety throat with abandon. Besides of course her need for air, but honestly he seemed to only get wetter and more eager the longer he blocked her airway with his meaty pole.

“Nora~” Ren’s voice was sing song, kneeling down beside her friend and watching her mouth get used like a cheap toy, pure lust and adoration in both the sluts' eyes. “You take his cock so good, you want me to use that toy on you like that?” A nora vibrating through Jaune’s cock was a sign of approving that idea. “Want me to stuff you full every night? You should have just asked sooner~”

Ren got behind her friend, pulling down and undoing her top until Nora’s heavy wobbling tits bounced free from the confines of her braless top, swaying with the brutal thrusting into her throat.

Leaning in, the black haired girl started to lick up her friend's face, gathering the messy splatterings of precum onto her tongue, savoring every droplet. Making her way, trippingly on the tongue towards Nora’s slender ear, her tongue dove forward, licking tight little circles around the rim of her lobe, dipping in and making sure she could hear every wet slithering sound of the dexterous appendage right inside her well fucked skull.

“Fuck that’s hot.” Jaune groaned, feeling his orgasm building to a powerful tidal wave. His balls swaying wildly with each powerful thrust. Crashing against her chin each time her nose pressed hard into his pelvis. “Get ready!”

Pulling back, he was a little late, pull out game weak.

The first heavy rope of spunk went right down her throat, coating her tongue in a thick viscous salty spray. It was heavy enough she already felt full. Like she’d eaten a full meat. The second was mostly out of her mouth but it shot out like a canon hitting her upper teeth, nose, lips, some spilling into her mouth and along the flat of her well used tongue letting her really get a proper taste of the baby batter covering her pretty features.

Ren wasn’t spared either, cum splattering all over the cute asian’s face, making her hair more white than black as it shot over their heads and landed in a long strand in their hair. Then more against their cheeks, chins. Covering Nora’s breasts in his creamy seed, dripping seed spilling off the supple curved of her pink puffy nipples and onto the mixed mess of juices staining the floor.

“Holy shit Jaune, it’s a fire hose too?” Nora asked wiping her eyes clear of the white creamy goodness he’d covered her in.

“Mmm so creamy.” Ren licked up Nora’s face again, collecting some of the jizz still clinging to her pale skin. “I could eat this all day.”

“How about I give you a direct injection?” Jaune teased, grabbing her wide hips and hoisting her up onto her feet and onto a desk. Bending her forward and sticking that fat wobbly ass of hers up into the air, keeping her head pressed against the wooden surface. One of his hands holding her head down while the other worked on taking off her leggings, though instead he got inpatient and just tore them down the center, reeling her dripping wet folds and only the smallest strand of panties to cover them up.

Pulling them off to the side Jaune really didn’t have to worry about lube, cum and spit still covering every inch of his pallid shaft. Placing his cock between her wonderfully fat ass cheeks, grinding against the twitching rosebud of her asshole.

“Fuck her Jaune~” Nora practically purred, putting her chin on Ren’s lower back to watch Jaune penetrate her friend. Her eyes greedily drinking in the sexy sight of Jaune’s monstrous cock spreading the fat ass asain woman.

“Don’t worry I’ve been thinking about fucking this perfect slutty ass since the day I got back.”

Ren felt a shiver run up her spine, body overcoming with desire, she was going to get fucked first.

Then a pause.

He said ass.

“Wait you don’t-?” She was cut off by the head of his sloppy cock pushing against her starfish, spreading it around the tip and forcing her quivering back door open. The amazing stretching feeling causing her to arch her back hard. Luckily Nora was holding her down else she would have pushed herself off the table and onto the floor. In contrast though, her ass relaxed and greedily took more of him in the second she started to thrash around him. “F-fuuck, oh, it- Its so fucking tight!”

“Mmm looks like she likes it up her ass?” Nora giggled, leaning forward and licking from the lip of her friend’s ass to the base of Jaunes cock, letting her tongue tease both thor sensitives organs.

“She’s right though, fuck this is tight.” Jaune let her head hang back, just enjoying the sensation of such a tight hole wrapped around his cock. Rearing back with his hand and giving it a powerful smack. Her ass rippling from the impact, the pain causing Ren to moan while the view makes Nora join her sentiment.

“Do that again~” Ren begged in open mouthed gasps of desperate need. “F-fuck me har-harder and sp-spank me more~”

Delivering another powerful smack to her ass, jaune couldn’t help but grind his fingers into her fat ass, watching it pillow out around his fingers. Nora picking up where he left off and delivering slap after powerful slap into her friends ass while Jaune bucked faster and faster into her tight back door.

“Fu-fu- Ahh- shit, so- so ti-tight!” Ren managed to stutter out. Jaune knew exactly how to lean forward, slamming his cock into the thin wall separating her anal pass fromt he the vagininal one, smalling his length into the bundle of nerves that is her g-spot through all those layers, giving her a numbed more teasing sensation through her entire body while she got to feel so utterly full from the vascular monster in her ass.

Ren felt her ass cross, the pleasure welling up inside her. All that teasing proving too much for the anal virgin, her ass clenching down on him “Fuck!” She roared, her body spasming and convulsing around him “Fuck! Shit! I’m cumming!”

Jaune didn’t really have a chance at that, the sight of Nora licking his cock while fucking one of the fattest asses he’d ever seen, it was too much. The first rope of cum shoot deep into her guts, painting her insides white before he managed to pull back, another two thick ropes landing across her perfect pert cheeks. Then Nora’s face, in her open mouth, all over Ren’s torn up leggings, a splattering over her quivering little twat.

Somehow the quantity of his load hadn’t diminished at all. Both of the girls reveling in the sheer volume of white spunk covering them. “Fuck, Jaune~” Nora moaned, savouring the flavour of him on her tongue. Ren wordlessly whimpering pleasant nothings as she crumbled onto the floor, spurts of white cream leaking out of her still gaping hole. “Mmm looks like she enjoyed herself, c’mon now me next!”

Nora flipped Ren over, both of them laying in the messy puddle of juices and spunk on the ground, Nora having long ago taken off her pants. Opening up Ren’s shirt and tearing off the bindings that hold back her massive perky tits, pressing both of their reasonably sized busts against each other.

Both of them looking between each other, reaching behind themselves to spread their dripping folds apart, giving him a wonderful view of both their tight, dripping holes presented to him. “Come on Jaune, fuck me up~” Nora bade.

“Fill me up with cum Jaune~” Ren begged, still breathing heavy below her busty friend.

Jaune couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride welling up in his chest, this was his return, his phoenix moment. What a fucking view, and it was all his. Ren and Nora weren’t his friends anymore, that shipped sailed a long time ago, but now his team had two new toys to play with while they were at Beacon, and judging from how close the lovers were, tongues dancing with each other while they eagerly waited for him to fuck them, he’d say they were better off for him being here too.

“Don’t keep us waiting~” Nora moaned, kissing her friend on the neck, sucking on the tender skin with eager intent.

“Just can’t decide who first.” Jaune confessed, kneeling down between their legs, pushing his cock against Nora’s dripping cunt lips, then dragging it to Ren’s tight quivering hole. Teasing both of them in tandem.

Who knew an apology could feel so good?

~To be continued~


Glynda Goodwitch was a good professor, a good teacher. Why she was hiding in a broom closet of her own classroom, a toy still buzzing in her tight snatch while she watched and Ex-student fuck two of her current students in her own class room, was beyond her.

She hadn’t intended to be in this position, fingers pinching her nipples, furiously pistoning a toy in and out of her tight mature hole, she had only been relieving some stress when she heard them walking towards her door, quickly hiding out of sight and hoping they would leave.

They did not.

Now she was touching herself to her tenth orgasm, watching Jaune fill up Nora’s ass for the third time of the night, fucking her up against the blackboard while his other loads leaked out of her used holes.

Lia Ren’s barely conscious body covered in spunk, ripped cloth and some of Nora’s girl-cum from she Jaune had fucked the redhead while Ren ate her out. That one got the teacher good, nearly crying out in pleasure but holding back her voice.

She wanted them to keep going, or to leave, she couldn’t tell which.

Her body pressing against the doors as both she and Nora came at the exact same time, both of them quivering and going limp.

The doors parted and she fell face first into her classroom.

Jaune passively looked over at her, the other two women hardly moving to the sudden person in their midst.

Goodwitch and Jaune met gazes, eyes looking at each other, Jaune with impassivity, Glynda with surprise and lust.

“This- I- You-.”

“You turn next then?” Jaune asked. Stroking his still wet, jiz covered cock in front of her.

Glynda tried to look indignant despite her desire, the toy between her legs clattering to the ground. “That’s prepost- I’d never- How dare you!” Her words fell on a disbelieving face. “Yes please.” She finally muttered.

Crawling up to the mighty member before her and reaching for it to taste his salty viscus batter, she hoped he still had enough to put her as comatose as he’d made her students.
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