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Two days after their drunken escapade, Yoichi and Keitaro must put the finishing touches to Hiro's surprise birthday party hosted at Camp Buddy! All the scouts are back for a great reunion!
“O-OH! H-Harder! W-We have to go soon!” Pitiful whines escaped from me as Yoichi put his full weight into piledriving me further in the bed, my toes curling as his gruff grunts echo in my ear. I do not know what happened but ever since we woke up groggy and aching from the alcohol we consumed, Yoichi had entered his rut. We practically did not leave the cabin at all yesterday as he claimed me repeatedly, only relenting for a short while to help set up the Mess Hall for Hiro’s birthday party, before dragging me over behind the nearest cabin and breeding me right then and there. I lost count after ten, heh. The wet slaps and schlicks of our love filled the cabin, I tried to be quiet but when Alpha gets this way, it is very hard! “O-OH! Y-YAS! ALPHAAA!” Fireworks went off in my vision as another weak orgasm was fucked out of me, hardly a dribble dripped its way onto the smeared Picasso on my abdomen.

My tight vicelike clenching must have set him off, digging into the last bit of his reserves to knock the wind out of me each time he slammed down, biting at my neck as he howled out for all to hear. I could feel the powerful throbbing of his wolfmeat as he unloaded deep inside me, more and more cum being stuffed into my leaky hole. He collapsed on me, all his weight pinning me down as he caught his breath, teeth still firm against my skin. It truly was one of the best feelings in the world! I laid there underneath my Alpha, basking in his virile warmth.

“Fuuuuuuuuck…” He had finally let go of my neck, twisting enough to observe then lick at the puffy new red bitemark. He brought his arm around me, squeezing with all the force his beleaguered body could muster. “Ya know… I could go again…” He drug his fingertips over my shin, making me shiver until they stopped at my nipple.

“Y-Yoichi! Th-The party s-starts i-in an hOUR!” Moaning out as he tweaked my nipple between his calloused finger and thumb, brow arched playfully. He ground his hips against my rear some more, instinctively making me clench on his soft but still formidable cock. “N-No fair! W-We have to g-go!” He huffed but stopped with his teasing, mostly. He reached over to the small end table Scoutmaster Yoshi had made for him, pulling out the wolf tail buttplug. In one smooth motion he pulled out, lifted my leg and inserted it inside.

He slapped my ass hard, watching with a smirk as it jiggled a little. “Never get tired of that~” I just puffed out my rosy cheeks and glared up at him, wiggling downwards to give the sleepy monster a kiss, as well as his two low hanging brothers. I glanced at my phone and almost fell out of the bed spluttering. “11:30!? W-Wha! H-How!?” He chuckled some at my reaction, shrugging. Smug meanie…

I debated on skipping the shower but considering I was drenched in sweat and cum, that was not an option. I started to panic, feeling my lungs slowly squeezed, tears welling in my eyes. I did not want to let Hiro down! Yoichi stepped behind me, took me in his arms, and gently kissed the top of my head, “Tis okay lil’ one, a quick wash and we can dash to the Mess Hall with time to spare!” I nodded, sniffling as we walked to the bathroom, taking a cold but brief rinse to get the stench of rut off us. He toweled me off as I shivered, bottom lip bitten as he finished himself. We threw on our clothes and dashed to the Mess Hall, the pups nipping at our heels in excitement.

“There you two are! I was about to go looking for you, but Yuri told me you were busy!” I opened my mouth to speak but closed it again with a blush, trying to find the proper words. Glancing at Ms. Yuri who was eyeing us like a hungry bubblegum haired vulture as the sounds of Scoutmaster Aiden swearing and Taiga yelling in the kitchen made her look away.

“Tch, Keitaro needed help finding something so we searched hard and deep. We found it, together.” Yoichi grunted as I elbowed him in the ribs, Scoutmaster Yoshi just shrugged and continued hanging up the birthday sign.

“Well now that you’re here, you can hang up the balloons outside. Make sure the puppies don’t nip at them!”

“Yeeesssss daaaad, weeee knoooow!” Yoichi groaned, rolling his eyes as he snatched both bundles of inflated balloons. They were all orange just for Hiro! I grabbed at the other bunch, running to and fro to tie them to some fences and cabin posts. We met up again at the entrance with one balloon a piece, tying it to either side of the arch. 11:44! Argh! Just as we were about to run back, a bright yellow car pulled up. Wow, it really looked like a lemon! It stopped and we stared at it as the two people inside seemed to bicker before the door opened. Out stepped Lee!

“H-Hiya! I tried to calculate the precise time to leave but my mom didn’t want to miss her show. S-Sorry…” He looked down, glasses glinting with shame.

“No worries Lee! I am glad you are here!” I gave him a hug much to his surprise, a shy smile crossing his lips.

“Th-Thanks… Do you require any assistance? I could triangulate the best places to put your balloons! Knowing you two, it was hapzard at best! Er… S-Sorry.” I just giggled at his statement, shrugging.

“Yeah, sure! You have,” I checked my watch, “14 minutes and 53 seconds! Go!” He sprinted off, or well sorta heh. Yoichi just snorted and we jogged back to the Mess Hall. Scoutmaster Yoshi had finished hanging the signs and was talking to Scoutmaster Aiden about the cake that was laid out on the head table. I wanted to get a closer look, but we still had things to do! As we ran back outside, we failed to notice Ms. Yuri with a coy smile on her face, watching our backsides as we left.

In short order Natsumi, Hunter, Eduard, Seto, and Felix arrived in a limo! Wow! After giving them all hugs when they walked up to the Mess Hall, I gave them party whistles to blow when Hiro showed up with his mom. I bounced from foot to foot with budding excitement, double checking that everything was perfect. 11:57. Ugh! So close! Out of my peripheral I saw Hunter step closer, his voice soft, “Uh… Keitaro?”

“HE’S AT THE APPROXIMATE LOCATION! T-MINUS 23 SECONDS TIL ADVENT!” Lee spouted as he ran towards us before leaning over to catch his breath, Eduard gently pat his head.


“As if! Why don’t you? Can’t break a nail, I just got th-“ He snapped his mouth close when he saw the fire in my eyes, wordlessly handing over his to Lee before grabbing another.

“Thank you!” I smiled, jumping up and down, he was going to be here any second! Scoutmasters Yoshi and Aiden came out with Ms. Yuri and Taiga, Eduard pre-emptively gave them whistles just in time. The sun caught the two bright yellow acorn barrettes, highlighting the fiery orange hair as Hiro trotted up with Ms. Akiba behind him.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” We all shouted, blowing into the whistles as a cacophony of horrendous sounds tumbled forth. Hiro had a great beaming grin as he full on burst into a run, tackling me, I squeezed him back with a giggle. He rolled around and off me, not missing a beat as he hugged Hunter and Natsumi too. Yoichi looked to the side with a huff as I got up, wiping the dirt off my clothes. Hiro glanced at Yoichi then at me, wiggling his nose a little before stiffly walking up to Yoichi.

“Hey Wolfboy!” Yoichi narrowed his eyes, grunting some but not responding. We all stood there as the awkward silence began to grow. I am not sure whether Scoutmaster Yoshi or I would have been the first ones to do something if it were not for Yoichi himself. He wordlessly stuck out his hand, looking away towards the Mess Hall. I felt my heart swell in happiness as Hiro shook it, moving on to hugging the rest of the scouts.

“Hey… Keitaro?” I turned to Hunter with a smile, about to respond when a loud crash echoed throughout the Mess Hall. Scoutmaster Aiden ran inside swearing up a storm under his breath.

“Keitaro! Thank you for the awesome birthday party! I am so happy to see all of you again! What do you have planned?” Hiro hopped over, hands on his hips with a bright smile, his raccoon tail swaying wildly behind him.

“Hehe! It’s no problem Hiro, I would happily do it all again for you!” He blushed a little, glancing away just for a second. “Well, I figured we could have another day at Camp Buddy! We would go hiking,” I braced for Eduard’s indignant scream that was right on cue, “to a picnic site I picked out, hangout and play there, have dinner and open presents at the Mess Hall, then go to the cabin for some spooky stories!” I could not help but giggle as Hiro just grew more and more excited as I listed off each thing.

“Heck yeah! Let’s go!” He pumped his fists into the air, posing just like a superhero. Ms. Akiba smiled and waved at me as we went to join the adults, Ms. Yuri seemed odder then usual as it looked like she was about the say something before Ms. Akiba bowed to her. Hiro grabbed my hand and tugged me towards the hiking trails.

“Heh wait silly! I need to grab the baskets! I need help carrying them!”

Yoichi moved forward, “I’ll help! I could carry more than all of you anyway!” I kissed his cheek, moving inside as we picked up the four baskets, Hunter slipping in and grabbing the water bottles as Yoichi struggled to balance them.

“Keitaro! I need to tel-“

“Hurry up! I can’t waaaaaait! I get to hangout with everyone again!” It made me so happy that Hiro was feeling better considering his mother is still sick but getting better. I know he helps her out at home all the time, barely having enough time to finish his homework and get okay sleep. We strode out, Hiro lining up besides us, “Form up everyone! Time to go!” All the other scouts followed us while the adults waved and went inside. Hiro took one of the baskets from me after my arm got tired. Natsumi helped Hunter with the bottles after Yoichi refused to relinquish a basket. Hiro pestered me about what happened to my bruised lip but I brushed it off, just saying Yoichi got too rough and accidently split it with the baseball.

We finally arrived at the grove where Yoichi and I had set up the massive multiple blankets Scoutmaster Yoshi stitched together. After we set the baskets and bottles down, we all divvied up the food. Pasta and pizza just for Hiro! Plopping down, I had Hiro on my left and Yoichi on my right, everyone else forming a circle around the food. “I missed Bro Aiden’s cooking! He gave me his recipes, but I can’t get them just right!” Hiro pouted, his cheeks full of pasta. I poked them which made him smile, slurping down the noodles, “I really missed this!” Nodding, I nommed away on my pizza slice, seeing if everyone was settled in. They were which made my heart swell with happiness.

After we ate, Hiro pulled out a frisbee from the bottom of one of the baskets, “Whoa! Bro Aiden really thought of everything! Who wants to play!?”

“ME!” Seto jumped up and ran over to Hiro.

“As if! I can get my last tan of the year on!”

“My hand-eye coordination skill is lacking initiative…”

“Hah! I’ll beat all you losers! I can throw the furthest with these muscles~” I giggled and rolled my eyes as Yoichi started to pose. Hunter and Felix seemed a little intimidated but with Natsumi’s help I got them to line up as well.

“Dweebs! You are all going down!”

It made me happy seeing everyone having fun and being together again, Hiro tackled Yoichi often which made them almost get into a fight! Thankfully, Natsumi was able to calm them both down while I ran over.

“Geez! When do you shower? Stinky Wolfboy!”

“Tch! I showered with Keitaro just before you got here!” Hiro scrunched his brows together at that and huffed, looking at me with a hurt expression before bounding back with the insults.

“Yeah, well clearly you didn’t do a good job! Ogling his ass like a pervert!” I blinked, putting my hands on my hips.

“Hiro! Stop! We are here to have fun, not get into fights!” He grumbled and pulled away, Yoichi looked like he was itching for a fight. “Yoichi, please don’t…” He took a deep breath and let it go, his fists unclenching.

“Yes, my Luna…” He ran after the frisbee as soon as Seto launched it, Hunter and Felix were off to the side staring at Natsumi and I.

“Luna? Huh? What does that mean?”

Hunter moved closer, voice soft, “It means moon, Yoichi thinks he is a wolf, and all wolves howl to the moon every night.” I felt my cheeks get rosy, crossing my arms.

Natsumi stared at Hunter for a few moments before shouting out, “Oh! Heh! Well, that’s what I thought but why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“I… Uh…” I gave a sheepish shrug, staring down at my feet when all of a sudden Natsumi tackled me to the ground.


“O-Oh sorry…” He held the frisbee in his outstretched hand, smiling at me. “You were looking down and I figured you didn’t want a frisbee to the face…” I laughed as we both untangled ourselves and got up.

“Hah! See Wolfboy! Your aim is off and you almost hit Keitaro in the face again! Nice job!”

“GAH! Stop it! I wouldn’t hurt my boyfriend like that!” I sighed softly and did not need to look to see Hiro’s reaction. Hunter gently touched my arm as Hiro started to sniffle, glaring at Yoichi whose look was one of growing confusion.

“O-Oh! I see how i-it is! What? W-Was I too s-skinny huh? T-Too clean!? F-Fine then!” Hiro wiped his face, shoving Natsumi who stepped forward to comfort him, running off into the woods.

“H-Hiro wait!” I shouted, chasing after him as best as I could.

“Draaaaamaaaaa boooomb~ OW!” Eduard rubbed his ribs where Taiga elbowed him, grumbling to himself about how the T was too good not to comment on. I ran behind Hiro, losing him now and again but the spending time with Yoichi taught me what tracks look like and how to follow them. Broken twigs here, fresh leaves ripped off there, and of course the crashing and cursing as Hiro had no idea where he was.

“Hiro! Please stop! Don’t hurt yourself! I-I wanted to tell you but… Please stop!”

“N-No! A-All I ever did w-was love you! Y-Yet you chose h-him! Leave me ALONE!” My heart sunk even further than I thought it could, my best friend since daycare did not want me anymore, and I was the one who caused it. I was determined to catch him and explain to him even if it cost me everything. After another five minutes of running, Hiro tripped over some roots and tumbled down, thankfully onto a soft pile of moss. I reached down to help him, but he smacked my hand away. “N-No! G-Go away…” He wiped at his eyes, tears running down them freely.

“Hiro… Please… I love you, you are my best friend, let me help you…” I sat down next to him, he tried to scoot away but the burst of adrenaline had faded, leaving him weak. He refused to look at me, but I did not let that dissuade me. I gently put my hand on his arm, his body shuddering from the silent sobbing. I pulled him close, resting his head on my shoulder and squeezed him tight.

“Hiro, I do love you! You are my oldest friend, my bestest friend in the whole world! I am sorry that things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to, but I will still be by your side no matter what!” I kissed the top of his head, giving him another firm squeeze as he settled down. He pulled away and wiped his tears, staring at me with wounded pride. “Hiro… I know you have liked me for a long time, but… I love you as a brother, I want you to be happy!”

“How could you choose that Wolfboy over me, Keitaro?” His bottom lip pouted out as he stared down at the forest floor, kicking at the dirt with his heel.

“Hiro… I… I love him, I’m sorry that won’t help you understand any of this, but that’s the truth. I genuinely love Yoichi, he may be rough and doesn’t have manners, but… he is sweet… and kind… and just… he loves me too”

Hiro’s nose wrinkled some at my faraway look, huffing before turning to face me fully, “So you really do love him…?” I nodded, staring into his amber eyes. He sighed and surprised me with a fierce hug. “Well… I built us up in our head, I should have asked you years ago… I am sorry for yelling at you, I love you too Keitaro.” I squeezed him back, tears in my own eyes this time as we held each other. I heard some a twig snapping, glancing over to see Yoichi standing there, a brief smile let him know everything was alright and he faded back into the woods just out of view.

“Besides, aren’t you married to pasta or something?” I giggled and Hiro snorted, pulling away, rising to brush to dirt and leaves from himself before hoisting me up.

“Hush, or else I’ll shove some smelly socks in your mouth! Well… You might like that since your boyfriend is stinky wolf!” I rolled my eyes but teased him by licking my lips. He flushed pink heh. We made our way back to the glade where everyone was standing around awkwardly while Natsumi tried to cheer everyone up.

“Oh thank goodness you’re back!” Natsumi exclaimed, smiling wide as everyone rushed over to check on both of us. Yoichi walked out behind us, moving off to the side with his arms crossed. After everyone was reassured that we were fine, Hiro moves past us to Yoichi who did not acknowledge Hiro.

“I… I’m sorry Wolfb-er, Yoichi… I should not have reacted that way and got either Keitaro or myself lost.”

“Tch! I taught him these woods! He wasn’t lost at all!” Hiro frowned, taking a deep breath.

“ANYWAY, if you every hurt him I will beat your ass!” I was surprised when Yoichi gave his signature smirk, holding out his hand which Hiro shook.

“Deal! I promise on Yuki’s memory that Keitaro is the moon of my life, and if I ever hurt him that you can kick my ass after I kick it first.” Hiro chortled but nodded in agreement. I ran over and tackled them both with the strongest hug I could muster. They both were reluctant to be squished together but as long as they were with me they suffered through it in silence.

“Alriiiiight fine! Sheesh! You can’t expect a fashionista to not want the T! OW! STOP IT!” Eduard shuffled over, looking away and mumbling something before Taiga shoved him closer. “I WILL PLUCK YOUR NOSEHAIRS DAMMIT! ALRIGHT! I AM SORRY FOR MAKING LIGHT OF THE SITUATION! BEYONCÉ FORGIVE ME!” I gave Eduard a hug to let him know it was okay. Everyone was still a bit shaken up but after I tossed the frisbee and Hiro caught it, everyone kicked back into gear. Time flew by and the sun was close to setting when I checked my phone and told Hiro we needed to get back for dinner and cake! Hiro was a chatterbox the whole way back occasionally letting everyone catch up with each other.

“Well, I am talking to someone at my school...” Natsumi was cagey about who it was when we pestered him, “It’s no one you know! I dunno if they even like me…”

Hunter added in, “I’m taking new art classes that are fun, I made a friend.”

“Heh! That’s great Hunter!” I ruffled his hair which made him stick his tongue out at me, causing us both to giggle.

“Me next! I can’t wait for baseball practice to start next week!” Hiro blurted, I giggled and nodded.

“Yeah, me too!”

“Oh my gosh! I am talking to this fantabulous boy! He’s a senior quarterback and I am just dying to get in his pants! #TakeMeAway!” We all let out a snicker as Eduard kept going on and on about him.

Lee piped up. “I was allocated in advanced courses that can finally match my superior intellect! The scorches on my brain wrinkles are unparalleled!”

“Brain wrinkles?! EWW! Lee you need to moisturize them!”

“My Buttreon has over a thousand new supporters for a new visual novel game I’m making! It’s about the boys who go to cam-“

“Tch! Gross! Who likes reading?!”

“I-I am going out every S-Saturday to experience new things…” Felix stammered, looking away afraid we were going to judge him.

“You all are dweebs!”

“Well, what about you Taiga?” Smiling at him, I nudged him as we were walking.

He rolled his eyes, muttering, “Well I have been keeping a journal and it’s been helping my anger issues…”

“Aw! Great! I’m proud of yo-“

“Shut it!”

Yoichi, of course, was obnoxious as ever, “Well I’ve been busy ‘goin’ to poundtown’ every weekend hah!” I huffed, blushing some while everyone giggled at me. Hunter tried to speak up but was squashed when I deflated Yoichi’s bubble.

“Yeah, well someone is grounded from ‘poundtown’ until he finishes all his homework!” Yoichi let out a growl, looking away as he kicked at a rock. This time everyone snickered at him. We arrived just in time as Scoutmaster Yoshi yelled out for us, he soon spotted us and waved for us to hurry up. We ran excited for cake and ice cream! Inside on all the tables were plates with a slice of marble cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a glass of lemonade. I knew from my talks with Scoutmaster Yoshi that Ms. Akiba’s budget was tight but that was alright! Hiro, Yoichi, Hunter, Natsumi and I sat at the ‘Birthday Boy’ table, with the rest of the scouts and adults at the other tables. Hiro practically inhaled the cake in two bites, Yoichi just a step behind him as well. We all laughed at their insatiable appetites.

Hunter leaned over, “Keitaro, uh, I have been needing to tell you about your tail!”

“WAIT! A TAIL! WHOA! YOU HAVE ONE TOO! LEMME SEE!” Hiro shouted out, practically bursting at the seams. He clenched his fists and started looking underneath the table as lemonade burned my nose as I choked on it. My eyes were wide as Yoichi froze, I could tell he wanted to do or say something but had no ideas that were not outing. I was about to dismiss Hiro’s inquisitive nature when suddenly Ms. Yuri piped up.

“Yeah Keitaro! Show us your new tail! Where did you even get that from anyway~? It must be a clip-on right~?” My eyelids twitched as I pushed at the table, scrambling away as fast as I could. I heard them yell after me and Yoichi yell something back, giving me just enough time to escape the Mess Hall. I ran to the cabin, dropped my shorts and undies, and took out the tail. How could I have been foolish enough to leave it in!? It is just so… natural now… I felt my cheeks turn a ripe pink as the tail dropped onto the bed with a light thud. I yanked my shorts and undies back up, waddling out as I rezipped. Yoichi was about halfway to the cabin when he saw me, Hiro and the others at the doors to the Mess Hall. My Alpha ran the rest of the way and scooped me up, kissing me all over as I sniffled. I took a deep breath, pulled away, and with a bright beaming smile walked back to the Mess Hall.

“Keitaro! What was all tha-“

“You okay?!”

“What in the world di-“

I politely smiled at them and went back to the table, sitting down and taking a bite of my cake. They descended like a flock of vultures, asking me over and over what happened.

“Wow Hiro! This is a really good cake! I hope you liked it!”

“Y-Yeah I did, what happened Keitaro?”

I just gave him a bright cheery grin and continued to eat, Yoichi snorted and resumed eating too. Everyone looked at each other in confusion, I could tell Ms. Yuri was having the time of her life all giggly and flushed. I swear in my heart of hearts that one day I will get my revenge on her with a prank of epic proportions. They stopped asking questions when I just politely smiled back at them, eventually everything returning to normal before Ms. Akiba announced it was time for presents!

Hiro got a lot of cool stuff, a handmade picture frame with a collage of our time at Camp Buddy, some mittens knitted by Scoutmaster Yoshi, some drawings of Hiro and Raccoons from Hunter, a day pass for an indoor swimming pool over in Natsumi’s town, autumn themed hair accessories from Eduard. Though the main surprise was Felix’s present, or well really two presents.

“B-Before you open them Hiro, I wanted to tell you something…” Felix shyly stood up and moved closer to Hiro and his mother. “U-Um anyway! Hiro you were always nice to me here at Camp Buddy, teaching me how to cook for myself even if I burnt everything…” Hiro laughed and a few scouts snickered making Felix blush, “You made sure to include me in your group when Seto and I were around. I know it isn’t really my place but uh… I told my father about you and your situation.” Ms. Akiba blinked, looking down in shame. “Ms. Akiba! N-No I didn’t mean to insult you! I-I just… oh gosh! I always ruin things!” Felix frowned and looked down as well.

“I-I think he meant that he was touched by how strong you are for Hiro, Ms. Akiba. You are always so selfless and caring, even though you are sick. I know because you have always been like a second mom to me…” I felt bad when her eyes watered up and she went to leave but thankfully Hiro grabbed her arm and hugged her tightly.

“Y-Yeah… That’s what I meant! Thank you Keitaro! My mother died when I was little, and all I ever had were nannies. To hear how much Hiro talked about you made me wish my mom was around, she isn’t sadly, but you are! Please just open the two presents!” On the table were two plain white envelopes. Hiro grabbed the first one, reading Mr. Clermont’s cursive on the front.

Dear Mr. and Ms. Akiba,

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your kindness in treating my son with respect and friendship. Hiro, you truly are a great boy from what I could tell when I briefly met you, and Keitaro’s glowing remarks. I apologize for any embarrassment or loss of face Ms. Akiba, but know that I do this out of gratitude. Felix talked about Hiro quite often, along with the other Scouts. You have raised a truly amazing, kind, passionate son. This is but a drop in the ocean of my thanks.

Inside this envelope are two tickets to one of my resorts in the Mediterranean, where you two will have a wonderful week of relaxation and warmth during this wintery season. I have provided for every expense, Ms. Akiba shall have an entire spa day to herself. Massages, pedicures, manicures, the works! Meanwhile, Hiro will have cooking lessons with the restaurant’s world-renowned chef.

I also know Ms. Akiba, that you are a tireless mother, one who is also inflicted with a terrible sickness slowly draining you day by day. My wife was gone before we even knew that she was sick. I never want to let that happen again. I have informed the local hospital that all visits, bills, and treatments are to be billed to me. Inside, the other envelope are the proper papers you need to sign. As a further token of my appreciation, I have paid off the rest of your mortgage. The paperwork is also in the other envelope.

I kindly reject any declines.


Mr. Maximillian Clermont

We all stared in shock as Hiro read out the words, his mother now fully crying as he hugged her tight, the letter drifting to the ground. Felix gave a small smile, unsure of how his father’s gift was to be accepted.

“I am proud of you Snowball,” Felix and I both blinked and turned to Yoichi who nodded solemnly. Felix’s fair skin flushed a mighty scarlet as he rubbed his arm in embarrassment. Seto came over and gave him a hug while Hiro whispered to his mother.

I got up and gently took her hands, “Ms. Akiba, you deserve this. All your life you worked so hard, please don’t reject this.” She pulled a hand away and wiped at her tears, looking into my eyes with a faint smile.

“Keitaro, you are such a wonderful boy. I know Kara is proud of you.” She pulled me in for a hug, Hiro joining in as well. I closed my eyes as I imagined my big sister and how soon enough I will be able to help her more than she could ever know! All thanks to Felix’s dad as well! Who knows, maybe with the royalties I could take my big sister, Yoshi, and Yoichi on a trip to the Mediterranean as well! I felt Ms. Akiba kiss my cheek before she gently ushered Hiro and I to the side, seeing that Felix was still being mauled by Seto. He let go and shirked away when Ms. Akiba strode over, kissing Felix atop his head and lifting him up with a giant bear hug. He giggled and hugged back before she set him down, breathing hard. Hiro launched forward to guide her back. “Sorry, drained all my energy heh… Thank you from the bottom of my heart Felix, I need to thank your father in person as well.”

“Y-Yeah! Of course! He’s in Europe right now though, I promise he wanted to be here in person but there was a manufacturing catastrophe…” He gave an erstwhile grin, rubbing the back of his head. Yoichi held my hand when everything settled down, finishing up with the rest of the cake and ice cream before it was finally time to go back to the cabin for spooky stories!

“Damn Wolfboy! It’s freakin’ musky in here! Do you ever shower!?” Hiro swooned and coughed with drama that could rival Eduard.

“Yas! It’s like the senior’s locker room after practice! Though… It is kinda nic- OW! TAIGA! I SWEAR TO SHAKIRA!”

“Yes, too many pheromones! I concur with the raccoon!”

“Tch! This is how a real man smells! An Alpha~!” With a playful roll of my eyes, I nudged Yoichi and kissed his chapped lips before turning to the others.

“Trust me, he showers. He’s just…” I clenched my jaw tight and huffed when he smacked my ass so brazenly in front of the others, feeling my cheeks heat up as the sting radiated. Hiro looked like he wanted to either punch Yoichi or laugh, he did the later. Hard. He fell onto one of the spare beds, holding his ribs as he cackled like a hyena. Soon enough, we all were. It was so good having them all back!

Taiga brought out his duffle bag, throwing it into the center after we all sat in a giant circle. “Here, I figured that since the birthday party had a budget that I would get us some snacks. No offense Hiro.” Hiro did not seem to mind at all considering his face was already stuffed with pilfered Doritos. Natsumi went to the small partition where the linen closet was, getting all of us some blankets to cuddle with. I let out a small squeak of protest as Yoichi’s hand slipped under my shorts and into my undies, rubbing my rear, when he declined Natsumi’s offer and grabbed his sheet for us. His stained sheet. His cum stained sheet. Thankfully, the lights were off at that point and a small electric lantern was in the middle of the circle.

Natsumi, Hunter, and Hiro huddled under a blanket. Taiga, Eduard, and Lee did as well, and finally so did Seto and Felix. Doritos, Takis, Kit Kats, Twinkies, and half a dozen other snacks were being devoured at a staggering rate.

Hiro took a pause to say, “Alright! Anyone who isn’t Natsumi can tell a story!”

“HEY! What did I do?”

“Tch! Your stories are always lame moralistic fables!”

“Uh… Did you just say moralistic fables?” Natsumi tilted his head while everyone snickered at Yoichi, I felt him stiffen up.


“Heh, Yoichi has been being Home School-“


I sighed softly, “Camp Schooled…”

“Ha! Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!” That was how Hiro got a marshmallow to the face.

“Guys! I promise it won’t be lame! Give me another chance!”

“Yas! We never heard one of his stories~!” I giggled at Eduard flippant demeanor, shrugging once and nodding at Natsumi who squirmed in excitement before settling down.

“Alright! Everyone quiet!” A crinkling of plastic made Natsumi grab at Hunter’s Twinkie causing it to explode cream all over his poor innocent face. Yoichi snorted and burst out laughing which stopped his impromptu food fight with Hiro.

“HAH! The Twink got Twinkied!” I could not help but giggle at Yoichi’s joke, Natsumi apologized and wiped Hunter’s face clean like a baby even though he was protesting.

“Okay! So the story starts out with two boys in highshool~! They had liked each other but didn’t know exactly how to convey it! Well one of them got brave enough and passed a note to his crush asking to meet him under the stairwell of the 3rd floor that afternoon! Both boys snuck out and he confessed his feelings for the boy, and they started to make out~”

“OOOO~ What did he look like? Was he a handsome hunk or a shy nerd~?”

Natsumi paused for a moment, smiling a bit, “Hmmm… I say one was into sports and the other was a nerd.”

“Ah~! Jock and nerd~ Cliché but adorable~!”

“So after they made out, the older boy gently began to rub his loves rear-“


“Shush Yoichi!”

“Y-Yeah… He began to rub his loves ass, feeling how full and plump it was… Then he felt him reach and unzip his zipper to-“

Lee scoffed, “Is this a porno?”

“N-No! Hush! A-Anyway his big cock was pulled out of his shorts and was being rubbed up and down slowly, sensually, until-“

“Definitely a porno!” Eduard agreed.

“You know what! Fine! They got caught by the principal and got detention! The End!” Natsumi slumped back and crossed his arms with a pout, Hunter gently rubbing his back.

“Tch! Told you it was gonna be lame!”

“Guys, stop! Natsumi was trying his best and you kept interrupting him!”

“Thanks Keitaro…” Natsumi smiled some as Hunter laid his head on his arm which made my brow raise until Taiga started yelling.

“Alright dweebs! I’ll go next! Quiet down or I’ll kick all your asses!” Taiga pulled the lantern close, dimming it to where it was almost off completely. “There was a boy named Jimmy and a girl named Suzy, they were dating and wanted to go up to Make Out Point. Suzy had heard that there were mysterious sightings there but Jimmy wanted his dick wet, so he drove them up anyway. On the way there it started to rain so he had to pull away his hand from her lap-“

“Ew! Vaginas are so gross~!”

“Eduard…” Taiga glared, his red eyes shining in the dim light sending a chill down all our spines, Eduard squeaked and nuzzled against Taiga for forgiveness. Taiga gently ruffled his hair and continued, “Suzy wanted to go back home after lighting was seen in the distance but Jimmy was determined to get off. He had waited long enough! All the other boys in class were bragging about what girls they banged, and while some were making it up, others were not. Jimmy was going to lose his virginity, and nothing was going to stop him.”

Yoichi pulled me closer to him, shifting my hand to his bulge and gently rubbing at my rear, one of his rough fingers circling closer and closer to my little hole. I bit down on my cheek to hold back any sounds, shifting a little as we all started raptly at Taiga.

“Jimmy pulled up to the famous cliff overlooking the city below, the rain was coming down hard and they could barely see anything outside the car. He told her it was all the better, no one could see it to see what they were doing. He pushed back the arm rest, took off her sweater, and crawled into the back where they would have more room. ‘Come on baby, give daddy a lap dance~’ he told her. She was shy at first but soon enough they were all over each other, he laid down and she straddled him, taking out his cock when AHHHHHH!” We all clung to each other as Taiga screamed, “She screamed out! ‘W-What is it babe?’ ‘I-I saw something outside! It was pressing against the window!’ He looked and nothing was there, ‘Oh come on babe, I know you’re nervous, but don’t you think I waited long enough? I deserve this~!”

Yoichi’s breath hitched in my ear, he put more weight on me as his fingertip just barely grazed my pretty pink hole. I involuntarily shuddered, trying so hard to not let out a squeak to gain any attention. “She agreed, he had been an excellent boyfriend after all. He had never been too demanding, always politely asked for his after-date blowjobs, made sure to get her to orgasm at least twice when he rubbed her clit, complimented her all the time, especially her rear.” Yoichi took a large palmful of one of my cheeks and roughly kneaded it, I could feel his cock straining his shorts, yearning to be free. I understood perfectly well as my Alpha not only would have gotten off another time by this time of night, but he was in rut. I felt bad and after scanning the room, I angled our blanket to cover us more and gently unzipped and fished out the drooling monster.

“He had just sunk into her tight warm pussy when he thought he had seen something on the other side of the car, but no… it couldn’t be? She had just worked up his nerve but down she was working them down nicely… God how could she grip his cock with such silken tightness?” I tightened my grip on Alpha’s cock as the story unfolded more about their sex, Taiga went all out in describing how thick and long the boy’s cock was or how wet and warm the girl’s pussy was. I noticed Alpha started to put pressure on my little treasure box whenever he mentioned pussies, it was so infuriating I wish I could have screamed out to finger me already!

“CRASH!” We all jumped, I let out a yelp as Yoichi in his fright had pushed his finger fully in, thankfully it truly was a scream of surprise. Everyone giggled and I turned my head to bury it sheepishly in Yoichi’s chest, taking in his warmth and masculine musk. Gosh, I love when he works out and just lets it sit. For all my pestering on getting him to shower, I truly love the moments when he makes me clean him off with my tongue beforehand… “The window above his head burst and they were blinded by the shards of glass and rain and wind howling in. A flash of lightning illuminated a strange silver object. A Hook…”

Half of us giggled and the other half shivered in fear, too wrapped up in the story telling, meanwhile I was losing my sanity with how slow Yoichi’s finger was. How it purposely avoided my button, how great the roughness contrasted with his smooth cock. “The hook slashed down, taking locks of her beautiful blonde hair with it. They tried to untangle themselves, only to succeed in delaying their escape. Jimmy yelled for her to climb back to the front seats while he scrambled, trying with all his might. She screamed again but he couldn’t look back. He twisted the keys and the engine… spluttered… He heard a door open, looking back she was gone, but not in the direction the hook had come from! She went out the other side and left poor Jimmy to his fate! His cock was shriveled from how scared and cold he was, he tried again and again and again to no avail. TapTapTap… Jimmy looked to see a large silhouette standing outside, the gleaming hook touching the window.”

Yoichi bit at my hair, adding another finger to my tight little hole, scissoring them and this time over my button to make me squeal. With all my willpower I resisted and turned the tables. As Taiga screamed and yelled out Jimmy’s death words, I leaned over and took my Alpha to the base. Suckling as hard as I could which made his leg kick out and grip my head, bucking through his orgasm. Heh. A nice heavy treat to finish off the day~

I pulled back, wiping my lips, glancing to make sure no one had seen only to catch the bright blue eyes of Hunter, his face flushed pink. I gave him a sheepish smile, blinking when a hint of cum dribbled down my chin. He looked away and I could not help but curse myself. Yoichi flopped back as only a satisfied Alpha would, I gave him the stink eye but his violet eyes were closed with a dreamy look on his face. The way his purple hair framed him it an almost angelic innocence. Silly Alpha~

Everyone started clapping, hooting, and talking over each other as Taiga stood to take a bow.

“Taiga’s the best!”


“Wow, that was so much better than mine!”

Seto grabbed at the lantern, “Me next! Me next!”

“Hey Scouts!” We all froze as Scoutmaster Yoshi had come in unnoticed during the commotion, “I wanted to let you know your rides are here! Lee, Taiga, Keitaro, you are riding back in Felix’s limo. Mr. Clermont insisted when he found out neither of you were picked up.” I blushed and nodded, smiling at Felix who smiled back. We got up and cleaned the cabin the best we could. Most of us gathered all the wrappers, while Natsumi swept, Taiga taking the blankets and putting them in the hamper. Yoichi tried to argue but I just whispered to him he could take it out when Taiga left. He called me a smart Luna and kissed my face all over. We were the last ones out of the cabin when Yoichi had me stay back for just a moment.

“Here! Don’t say nothing! NO! HUSH!” I spluttered when he shoved something at my chest, looking away which was unusual. I looked down to see a pair of his Camp Buddy undies in a plastic bag, I opened my mouth only to close it again.

“Uh… Thanks…?”

“GAH! It’s my cumrag dork! I think of you too much to hold back during the week anymore and figuredyoucouldthinkofmewhenyousniffitorsomething…”

“I… Heh! I love it! Thank you Alpha!” I pounced on him, squeezing him and he grumbled about mushy romance but hugged back.

“I put in a bag, so you know… seals the scent and stuff!” I nodded, pecking his lips before Hiro yelled for us to hurry up. I put them in my duffle bag and we went out to give everyone their goodbye hugs.

“Thank you so much Keitaro for the awesome party! I’m sorry I had a bit of a meltdown earier…”

“No! I should have told you sooner! All of you sooner! Well, I mean Felix knew… and Hunter guessed… but that’s not the point! I love you very much Hiro, and you deserved to know first!” He smiled and we hugged each other, surprisingly Yoichi came over and hugged the both of us as well. I could tell Hiro wanted to say something but let it pass.

“Heh, thanks, even if you are stinky! It got worse too! Go shower!”

“Tch! Fuck off doofus!” Yoichi grinned and pulled at one of Hiro’s barrettes, “Now you have to come back to Camp Buddy to get it!” Hiro snorted.

“Nah! Eduard got me new ones! But… yeah! My mom gave me these!”

I gave Yoichi another kiss goodbye as well as each of the pups before we got into Felix’s limo. I waved at everyone who stood by the entrance as we pulled out of Camp Buddy, we settled in after looking at the cool amenities it had.

“So Keitaro… About that tail…”
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