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This is a fictional story between myself and a masseuse, where fantasy morphs into horror and where the villain views horror as a sexual fantasy all at once.
Being a mechanic for many years I have slowly developed aches and pains in my back and various joints, I have always needed to see someone who could gently rub me down, someone who is well skilled and proud of what they do. I'm working in a small garage in a back street area where a young woman in a Ford car pulled up and she had an issue with the car accelerating. I lifted up the bonnet and had a look noticing it was a turbo diesel engine I noticed one of the boost pipes had a hole in it. I quickly rang up parts to obtain it and said "it will be hear by lunch time."

"May I take your name please" I asked.

"My name is Katherine."

"Nice to meet you Katherine you are obviously new around here."

"Yes I have recently opened up a fitness gym and have a small massage parlour at the bottom floor." she said.

"Really, awesome I have been needing to see a masseuse as I have few problems with my back and my shoulders."

Katherine pulls out her card and says "well here is my number give me a call and choose a time you want I'm open till late." Flashing a naughty smile at me as I take her card.

Katherine had a short petite skinny body, with nice shaped butt, perky medium sized tits, dark hair and she always wore tight trousers and t-shirt where I could see her figure.

After I had my lunch the boost hose arrived and quickly bolted it and test drive the car, the repair was perfect, looking at the address on the card I thought I'd be the nice guy and drive the car back to her fitness centre, as soon as I saw Katherine glanced out the window and came outside saying "Oh thank you for this you are so sweet for doing this."

"Youre welcome the repair cost in total wasn't as high as you thought it was my boss is printing out the invoice come see us tomorrow and settle up." I replied.

As I begin to walk back to work she places her hand on my shoulder and says "you deserve a nice warm cup of tea would you like one." Staring at me with eyes in sexual way.

"You know I cannot resist good cup tea."

Going inside her fitness centre there were exercising machines a large Swiss ball and a huge mirror, of course the massage room was at the bottom floor which I had not seen yet. We sat down and had tea together I asked "so tell me where are you from?"

"I'm from Taiwan"

"Wow nice place"

"The island is nice full mountains and plenty of terrains to look at."

"I'd like to go there someday, enjoy the outdoors with you if you are with me."

She looked at me with her sexual staring eyes saying "you are so cute but cheeky."

I chuckled back at her "Oh by the way I'd like to book my appointment with you."

"Sure when and what time."

"How about tomorrow at 8 in the evening."

"That will be perfect for us both I'll see you then."

Making my way back to work I finished my shift and went home.

Meanwhile Katherine was at her apartment in massage room preparing it before I arrive, next to the massage bed there was her bed where she slept, she pulls a lever and the bed slid over revealing an entrance to a stairway to a hidden room. Removing all of her clothes she walks downstairs into the hidden dark room where their was fuck machine and bodies of previous clients all facing the centre of the room like an audience watching a show. "How are we today" said Katherine.

Walking up to a body with a severed head picking its head up off the floor and taking to the centre of the room she mounts on to the machine in a doggy style position and places the head beneath her clasped in both her hands, switching the machine with her right foot it fucks her pussy hard and fast. Gazing at the severed head and licking her lips at the same time she turns the machine to full speed causing her to cum as she crushes the head and it splatters everywhere. Turning off the machine she blows a kiss to her audience and leaves the hidden room.

Come following evening I was ready for my massage and could not wait, meeting at Kaths apartment she takes me downstairs and gets me to strip to my shorts, just before i get on the bed she walks back to the room having quick perv on my meaty torso then quickly runs back to her bedroom to change into a dressing gown. Soon as I lie on the bed her hands are now rubbing all over my back, shoulders, head and neck and I'm enjoying her soft hands on my body, I soon commented "your hands are like magic!"

With a cheeky laugh she replied "thank you, you are sweet one."

Now her hands were getting lower to my butt squeezing and rubbing it vigoursly, she lets out a discreet moan. Her pussy was getting wet with, cum slowly running down her leg to sole of her foot I had no idea that she was cumming. Kath knew how to hide her sexual acts very well.

With my back finish she tells me to roll over to lie on my back, still in a state of relaxation I shut my eyes as she massages my head and collar bone, she notices a bit of built up tension in the side of the neck. "This one seems a bit hard to press out would you be ok if I use feet to deal with this one."

"Sure" I replied without thinking and trusting her.

Katherine gets on the bed holding two bars bolted to the ceiling pushing her foot onto my neck the tension slowly forces off. "Tell me if its too rough."

"No your fine."

Looking at me with a sinister smile she places her butt on my cock discreetly rubbing it causing it go hard she uses both her feet to squeeze my neck hard enough choking me within a few seconds she lets go saying "You ok."

As I lifted up my head gasping for breath I could see her dressing gown slid back revealing her legs and her pussy and now my cock rock hard and I'm horny as fuck. Kath gets gets off the massage bed places her finger on my lips and whispers, "shhh thats enough massaging its time for something else, undo my gown now!"

Shaking and excited I remove her silky white gown and seeing her naked petite body, medium perky tits and her pubic hair shaped like a heart with horns her skin was soft and young like she never gets old. Looking at her face her smile was beginning to frighten me her sexual tension was causing her to huff and puff, taking me by the hand I am led to the bedroom and pushed onto the bed, Kath shoves her hand into my shorts and rips it off as she licks her lips placing her foot over my neck and forcing down on it, my cock is sucked viciously within a few minutes I cum all the way into her throat, as her foot is pressing down on my neck her wet pussy juice can be seen running down her leg. Katherine slurped all my cum without wasting a drop. I was now drained and exhausted but Kath was up for more.

"Stay here and rest for now I still want sex" she whispered. Walking out of the room she dimmed the lights, within a minute passing by she returns with an instrument of some kind, still trusting her she places her hand on my head and strikes my neck with a long machete blade, as her face and tits showered with blood she hits again until my head is severed. Holding my head in the air Kath guzzles and drinks my blood before using my severed head for oral sex pleasuring her self then climbing back onto the bed having sex with my headless corpse. Kath let out orgasmic moans as she climaxed smearing all my blood over smooth skinned body she stood up and cum ran down her legs.

Now I'm added to her collection of her clients where i will be used to pleasure her constantly when she needs it, dragging my body into her hidden room of dead male appetites, she continues to have sex with me all night long, blood still running from my neck and my severed head placed in a position to eagerly watch.


2021-02-16 18:21:36
I have noticed this is categorised as diary but for some reason i did not put that as a category, this is a fictional story, that contains horror violence and necrophilia

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