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An old rich guy hires a young sexy woman as his housekeeper and personal assistant. She is always naked and having new sexual adventures.
Chapter 19

Mi Cha came to the house at 11:00 on Wednesday morning. I had everything on hand that she had requested. Once again, she was wearing a similar dress to what she’d worn last visit. I guess it’s kind of a traditional dress. I took a chance and said, “Mi Cha, I have another offer for you. I am willing to pay you $200 a visit, if you do Maria’s nails while naked.” I could see alarm on her face immediately. “Wait, let me tell you. I promise, no one will touch you. I just enjoy seeing beautiful women’s bodies and I think Maria would feel more comfortable if you joined her naked. There’s no one else here but the three of us. If you really don’t want to, you certainly don’t have to. I just thought it would be fun and that you could probably use the extra money.”

“I don’t know, Mr. Sullivan,” Mi Cha said. “That not seem right. My mother would be so disappointed in me. Only our husband should see us naked. I would really like the money, but I think it wrong. I would be so embarrassed.”

“As I said, Mi Cha, you don’t have to, but if you try it, I bet you’ll find that you enjoy the freedom of being naked. I promise you are safe here. Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean that sex is involved. Look at how beautiful Maria is. It would be a shame to hide her beauty beneath clothes.”

“I need to think about this,” Mi Cha said. “Let me do Maria’s nails while I think this.” I didn’t want to push her too far, but I really wanted to see that little Asian girl naked. She looks to have really small tits that probably aren’t even a full A-cup, but Asians usually have really dark nipples and I wanted to see those nipples. “That’s fine, Mi Cha, think it over. I’ll tell you what, lets make it $250 for a naked nail job. Think it over. It’s fine either way.”

Maria led Mi Cha up the stairs to the therapy room. I went to my office to watch the video feed. Maria sat in the chair with her legs open and waited while Mi Cha went through the supplies. She was going to start with a pedicure so she filled the foot tub up with warm water and set it on the floor at Maria’s feet. Maria put her feet in the tub to soak while Mi Cha found the color Maria wanted to use.

Mi Cha got down on her knees in front of Maria to start working on her toenails. Of course, with Maria’s legs wide open, her pussy was right there in Mi Cha’s face. Mi Cha looked up at Maria’s pussy several times as she was working on her feet. Maria tried to convince Mi Cha to get naked with her. “Mi Cha, you should at least try being naked with me once to see if you like it. If you don’t, then don’t do it again. It feels so free and fun to be naked. It’s just the two of us here. We’re both girls. Try it. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t know, Maria. I’ve never done such thing. Do you really like people seeing you naked,” Mi Cha asked? “Yes, I really love it,” Maria replied. I had never done it before either until I started working for Mr. Joe a few months ago. Now I hate when I have to put clothes on to go out somewhere. I have more confidence in my body now and I don’t care who sees it or how many people see it. I enjoy making men hard in their pants.”

Mi Cha blushed at that thought. She looked at Maria and considered it. She then reached for the first button on her dress and fiddled with it still trying to decide. Finally, she undid the first button and then she continued down the dress until the whole dress was unbuttoned. She slipped it off to reveal a very slender lovely body. She was wearing a bra, but she clearly doesn’t need one. Her panties were just plain white but at least they weren’t granny panties. She hesitated to go any further but Maria encouraged her to take off her bra. Mi Cha reached behind her back and unhooked the bra but clutched it to her chest with her other hand. Maria nodded at her and Mi Cha lowered her hand and took the bra with it. She has very small tits; just bumps really. But on her tiny body they just look right. And those nipples! Just as I’d thought they were a dark brown and seemed erect and very suckable. I think she may wear the bra just so her nipples don’t show through her clothes. She should let them show; they’re beautiful.

She was standing in front of Maria topless and was obviously conflicted about taking off her panties. Maria asked Mi Cha if she wanted her to take of the panties. Mi Cha shook her head and hooked her fingers in the waistband and slowly pulled them down and then stepped out of them. She was completely naked in front of Maria. Mi Cha had that fine, wispy, sparse black pussy hair that looks so good on Asian women. It looks so soft; I’d love to rub my face in it.

Mi Cha was naked and started to go back to work on Maria’s nails. I thought that might be a good time to go in and check on how they’re doing and see what Mi Cha does with me seeing her naked. I left my office and strolled down the corridor to the therapy room. I opened the door and immediately started talking like I didn’t notice the nudity. “How’s it going in here? Oh, Mi Cha, you decided to try it. How wonderful. You are a beautiful woman.” Mi Cha’s hands were trying to cover pussy and tits. She was okay with Maria seeing her naked, but having a man seeing her naked was certainly out of her comfort zone.

“Relax, Mi Cha,” I said. “It’s okay. Really. You are lovely. Don’t hide your body. I promise I won’t touch you. You’re safe here. What a lovely sight to see two such beautiful naked women together. I’ll let you get back to it.” I turned and left the room and went back to my monitor.

It looked like Mi Cha was shaking. Maria tried to comfort her. “It’s okay, Mi Cha. There’s no reason to be scared or embarrassed. Mr. Joe is the kindest man you’ll ever meet. You are beautiful. It’s okay to let him see you. He won’t touch you unless you tell him to. I can tell that he’d love to touch you, but he’d never do it without your permission. You can trust him to just look and enjoy your beauty.”

“But I not beautiful. Look, I have almost no breasts. I look like boy.” “No, Mi Cha,” said Maria, “look at me. I have small breasts too and Mr. Joe loves them like they are. Trust me, you’re very sexy and you have the cutest pussy. If I had such fine hair like yours, I wouldn’t shave my pussy. It looks so soft I bet it would feel really good to rub one’s face against your pussy hair.”

Mi Cha surprised Maria when she said, “No, I like your pussy. It looks so smooth and soft. I bet Mr. Sullivan really like it.” Maria agreed, “Yeah it is really soft and smooth. I can’t keep my own hands off of it, let alone Mr. Joe’s hands or tongue. He licks me so good almost every day. It’s his favorite thing.” At that, Maria put her hands down to her pussy and spread her labia and put a finger on her clit and started rubbing. Mi Cha stared at her transfixed. I’m sure she’d never seen a woman masturbate before.

“Just thinking about Mr. Joe’s tongue gets me so wet,” Maria said. “Can you see how wet I am?” Mi Cha nodded her head. “I can’t blame him, though. Pussy tastes really good. I like my own, but I’ve tasted a few others and it really tastes good and it’s so warm and soft. Have you ever licked a pussy, Mi Cha?” Mi Cha looked clearly embarrassed at the conversation and shook her head. “It’s okay, Mi Cha, it’s not something to be embarrassed about. It’s fun to lick pussy. I assume you’ve had guys lick your pussy though, right?”

“No, Maria,” Mi Cha said, “it not right to do until married.” “Geez, Mi Cha,” Maria exclaimed, “it’s freaking 2021. No one waits until they’re married before having sex. What would happen if you married a guy and then had sex with him and he was lousy? Even worse, you wouldn’t know he’s lousy because you’d never been with someone else. What if he had a really tiny dick and couldn’t ever give you an orgasm? You got to have sex with a few guys to know what feels good and what doesn’t. It may be your culture, but you’re here in America. Leave those traditions for the old country. Have fun here.”

“I don’t think I could have man lick me between my legs. It just not seem right.” Maria caught the significance of what Mi Cha just said. “Does that mean you’d let a woman lick you to see how it feels,” Maria asked? “I don’t know. Maybe,” Mi Cha replied.

“Mi Cha, think about it while you finish my nails. When you’re done, if you are willing, I’d love to lick you pussy and give you an orgasm. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it if you let yourself. Just think it over and let me know. I’d love to rub my face in your soft hair.”

Mi Cha smiled and went back to work on Maria’s nails. It took at least an hour to get done. I had even bought one of those lights that manicurists use to cure the polish on the nails to make them dry faster.

“So, Mi Cha,” Maria said, “do you want to feel a tongue on your pussy? It’s just us here. No one will know.” “I just not know, Maria,” Mi Cha said. “Do you really think I should?” “Of course, Mi Cha. You deserve to experience pleasure if you want to. Look, get up on the massage table and part your legs. I’ll start and if there’s anything you don’t like just tell me to stop and I will. You have nothing to lose, but I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Mi Cha got up on the massage table and sat on the edge and opened her legs. Maria got between her legs and told Mi Cha to lay down, relax, and enjoy. Maria nuzzled her face in that fine pubic hair. I was so jealous; I’d like to be doing that. When Maria’s tongue made her first swipe on Mi Cha’s pussy, Mi Cha visibly tensed up. Maria very gently licked up and down Mi Cha’s tight pussy lips. Maria used her fingers to part the hair to get to the pink inner parts of the pussy. She licked around Mi Cha’s vagina several times and then tried to stick her tongue inside. Mi Cha’s hands came down to her pussy to push Maria away but Maria didn’t stop licking. Mi Cha finally started to relax and even moan a couple of times.

Maria licked up to Mi Cha’s clit and swirled her tongue around it and then played with it by flicking it back and forth and up and down. It’s when Maria put her whole mouth on the clit and started sucking that Mi Cha really started to moan and get excited. Maria put a finger at Mi Cha’s vagina and just circled it around the outside. She assumed Mi Cha is a virgin and didn’t want to risk poking her hymen with a finger. In just a few more minutes Mi Cha was having her first orgasm induced by another person. I assume she’d at least masturbated before, though even that may be a big assumption. Maria gently licked around Mi Cha’s clit and up and down her labia while she came down.

When Maria finally released Mi Cha she stood up and looked down at this lovely Asian and said, “Well, I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. You taste so good; I could lick your pussy for days. Mr. Joe would really love to taste you.” Mi Cha finally found her voice and said, “I never knew it could feel like that. I now understand. I try to be more open in future.” She sat up and Maria gave her a hug. This was clearly another first for Mi Cha feeling another naked woman press her tits to hers. It was really sexy watching those two together. I’d love to have them both in bed with me.

Mi Cha got off the table and started to reach for her clothes. Maria said, “Mi Cha, please don’t get dressed yet. Carry your clothes downstairs and let Mr. Joe see again how beautiful you are. Just let him look at you. It will please him a lot.”

Mi Cha nodded and gathered up her clothes and the two girls walked down the stairs. I waited a bit and then I came down from my office to see them. Mi Cha’s pussy hair was still damp with Maria’s spit and her own pussy juices. I wanted to bury my face between her legs. I pulled out $250 and handed it to Mi Cha. “You are very beautiful and it’s worth every penny to see such loveliness in my home. I hope you’ll be naked every time for us, but it’s always your decision. And Maria’s nails look beautiful. We’ll need you to come back at least every two weeks. We’ll see if her nails last that long. If need be, we can change it to a weekly polish if you’re up for it. Thank you so much for coming and for sharing your beauty with us.” I turned and left the room.

Mi Cha got dressed and Maria hugged her again. This time only one of them was naked. Maria gave Mi Cha a kiss on the cheek and thanked her for the manicure and trusting her.

After Mi Cha left, Maria came looking for me. “Did you enjoy watching us,” Maria asked? “Hell, yes,” I replied. “I was jealous as hell. Is she as tasty and soft as she looks?” “Oh yes, Mr. Joe. You’d really like her pussy. It would be fun for the three of us to be together.” “Well,” I said, “keep working on her. You did a great job breaking down some of her barriers today. It was surprising enough that she got naked. I couldn’t believe you talked her into letting you lick her pussy. I think she likes you more than she’s letting on. She stared at your pussy pretty hard when she was working on your feet. I bet you can get her to lick you next time. She’s going to be fun to play with.”

Chapter 20

The gardeners came by today. Maria did essentially the same thing to them that she did last time except in a different order. Manuel came back to her first and she let him fuck her and fill her pussy with his cum.

When Juan came back, she told him she was sorry he didn’t get to fuck her for a second time last time so she was going to cheat with him this time to make sure he wins. He bought her story and licked her pussy, unknowingly licking Manuel’s cum out of her.

When both guys came back together, Manuel was surprised to see Juan get naked and hard before him. He watched Juan fuck Maria rather than starting to work on the yard. Juan filled Maria with cum and was happy thinking that he’d pulled one over on Manuel.

Once Juan got dressed and he and Manuel took care of the yard. When they were done, and started to leave, Maria called them over to where she was still laying naked with Juan’s cum running out of her pussy. “Ah, guys, I have a confession to make,” Maria said. “I’ve kind of cheated with both of you guys both weeks. The first one of you to come back to me fucked me and filled me with cum. The next one of you came back and licked my pussy clean of all the cum. Because the second guy didn’t cum, he was the winner and got to fuck me. So, each week I fucked both of you and each week one of you each licked the other’s cum out of me. Neither of you complained about my super wet pussy, so I have to assume you didn’t mind the taste of cum. I love when a guy licks cum out of my pussy, whether it’s his cum or someone else’s. I hope you’re not pissed at me. We won’t bother with games any more. You guys can both fuck me each week, if you want. But I would like to get my pussy licked between fucks. I don’t care if you lick your own cum out or each other’s but fucking a cum free pussy feels better than sloppy seconds. I hope you’ll take care of me.”

The guys were surprised and initially disgusted, but they had to admit they didn’t even realize they were licking up cum. Maria’s pussy juice is so tasty you barely taste the cum. They weren’t sure if they were more grossed out about licking up cum or licking up each other’s cum. Next time will be interesting. Maria is pushing people to their limits the same way I try to push Maria to her own limits. I haven’t found her limit yet.

I had gone to our local grocery store a few days back at around 3:30 in the afternoon. It took me a bit to realize why there seemed to be quite a few teens in the store. Just a block and a half away from the shopping center is a high school. Apparently, a lot of the kids come to the store after school to get snacks or drinks. That gave me an idea for another adventure for Maria.

I explained my plan to Maria, and as expected she was all in. She is so eager to please me I can’t figure out what she wouldn’t do for me. The plan was for me to take her shopping at that grocery story after school lets out wearing really sexy skimpy clothes. I would drive her there in the Rolls and act as her chauffeur. She would try to pick up a teenager and we’d take him for a ride while she played with him.

We got to the store a little after 3:00 and we could see kids walking down the street towards the shopping center. Maria was wearing a very short crop top and a very short skirt with her cork soled heels. She went into the store and I went in separately and kept an eye on her.

She took a cart and walked around looking for a victim more than for groceries. She finally came down the candy aisle and there was a boy there looking through the choices. Maria stopped several feet away and grabbed at something she didn’t really want from an upper shelf. To do it, she got up on her tip toes and reached up with both hands. This made her crop top rise up above her nipples. She was standing in the middle of the store with her tits showing.

She purposely struggled a bit with what she was reaching for to make enough commotion to draw the kids attention. And from what I saw, she certainly had his attention. She pulled down the item and put it in her cart and wheeled it closer to the boy. Now she found something of interest on the bottom shelf and squatted down with her knees apart and her pussy pointing directly at the boy. He was spellbound. He hadn’t moved a muscle. I’m sure he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Once she got up, she looked at him staring at her and she said to him, “Did you like looking at my tits a bit ago?” He tried to stammer out that he didn’t know what she was talking about. “You mean, I purposely showed off my tits and you didn’t even look? Did you at least see my pussy just now?”

The boy was clearly flabbergasted to not only be caught looking but to know she intentionally showed her goods to him. She walked closer to him. “Now tell me the truth, did you like seeing my tits?” “Yeah,” he said, “I really like your tits. I can’t believe you showed them to me on purpose.”

Maria said, “Well, I thought you were cute and would like to see some tits. I like showing guys my tits and my pussy. It makes me wet every time. Give me your hand.” She took his hand in hers and brought it to her chest and slipped it under her crop top and right onto her right breast. “Shit,” said the boy. “Wow, I can’t believe this. It’s so soft.”

“Let me ask you a question,” Maria said, “have you ever ridden in a Rolls Royce?” “Heck, no,” said the boy. “I’ve only seen pictures of them.” “Well,” said Maria, “then I guess it goes without saying that you’ve never ridden in one with a naked girl on your lap. I have a Rolls with a driver waiting for me outside. If you help me with my groceries, I’ll give you a ride and let you play with my tits, if you want.”

“No shit,” said the boy. “I’ll be glad to help you.” “What’s your name,” Maria asked? “My name is Maria.” The boy said, “My name is Leo. Are you really going to get naked in the car?” “You bet,” said Maria, “I think it sounds like fun.”

Maria took Leo around the store a bit and she picked up some things whether we needed them or not. She went to the meat department and bent over to check out the meat for sale so that her shirt would fall away and Leo would be able to see her tits. “You can rub them if you want,” Maria told Leo. He looked around and no one was near them so he reached out and cupped her tit under her shirt. “That feels good, Leo. I can’t wait to get naked for you.”

They got up to the cashier line and unloaded the cart. Maria told Leo that she wanted him to put his hand on her butt and rub it the whole time they are at the cashier. Leo was nervous but he stood close to her and reached out and grabbed a butt cheek and squeezed it. He rubbed and squeezed it until they got up to the cashier who started to scan the groceries. Maria whispered to Leo to grab some of her skirt and lift it up and tuck it under her waistband so that her butt was showing and then rub her bare butt.

That really made Leo nervous but he did it. He was standing there at the register rubbing Maria’s bare butt. Maria paid the cashier and started pushing the cart out leaving her skirt up and letting everyone see her bare butt as she walked out of the store. I hurried out of the store and got back to the car.

Maria got to the car and I popped the trunk. Maria intentionally bent over as far as possible to stow the groceries and give Leo a nice view of her ass and pussy. She closed the trunk and they both got in the back. Maria played it up well and said, “James, please just drive my new friend and I around for about 15 minutes and then return back here to drop him off.” “Yes ma’am,” I replied.

I started the car and drove off. Marie raised the privacy shield and then turned to Leo and let him watch as she lifted her shirt off over her head to show him her wonderful tits. She unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt and dropped it to the floor. She was naked in seconds except for her shoes. She said to Leo, “Leo, I don’t want you to cum in your pants and I’m not a cock tease. So how about I give you a blow job before I climb on your lap so you don’t shoot in your pants.” “Fuck, yeah,” Leo said and started removing his pants and pulling down his underwear.

Maria got on the floor in front of him and started sucking Leo’s dick. It was probably his first blow job so it wasn’t a surprise that he barely lasted two minutes. If she hadn’t blown him, he would have surely cum in his pants when she straddled her naked body on his lap.

She swallowed all of his seed and opened her mouth to show him it was gone. Then she got up and straddled him and leaned forward and put one of her tits in his mouth. He didn’t know what else to do. He clearly didn’t know how far he could go with this woman so his hands were just laying on the seat and he was sucking her tit. “Leo,” Maria said, “you can touch me wherever you want. You can play with my tits, rub and squeeze my ass, rub my pussy, you can even put your fingers in my pussy if you want. Go ahead and touch me, Leo.”

Leo put one hand on the tit he wasn’t sucking and his other started on Maria’s thigh and traveled up to her pussy. He hesitated just a bit and then cupped her pussy. I’m sure he’d never felt one before. I was having trouble keeping my eye on the road while also checking out the video monitor I had from the concealed camera in the back seat. I just drove around aimlessly to give them time to have fun. At some point, Maria climbed off his lap and flopped onto her back on the seat next to him. “Look at my pussy, Leo. Touch it. Put your fingers in me. You can even lick it if you want. Whatever you want Leo.”

Leo was in heaven. Maria pulled her labia apart to show Leo her vagina and her clit. She guided his fingers into her vagina and let Leo have some fun. She urged him to taste his fingers after he pulled them out so he could taste her pussy. I let them play for a few more minutes and then headed back to the shopping center to drop Leo off. I stopped the car and Leo pulled his pants back up over his now hard again dick. “I’m sorry we didn’t have more time or more room, Leo. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime. I know you’ll want to tell all your friends about this, but I wish you wouldn’t. Someone could check the store’s security camera and see this car. If you tell anyone I could get into trouble. Please keep this as our secret.”

“I will,” Leo said. “Thank you so much, Maria. This has been the best day of my life. I would never forgive myself if I got you into trouble after what you’ve done for me. I sure hope I see you again sometime. I’ll sure never forget you.”

“That’s very sweet, Leo,” Maria said. She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the lips to seal the deal. Leo got out and I watched in the rear-view mirror as he stared at the back of the car until we were out of sight before he started moving. Maria had certainly made his day.

“Did you have fun,” I asked? “Yeah, he was a sweet kid. He could have done a lot more to me but he was nervous and shy. It was really pretty cute. This was fun.” I said, “Yeah, it’s just too bad you bought a bunch of crap we don’t need.” Maria stayed naked and played with her pussy all the way home.

Chapter 21

Mecum Transport delivered my cars today. I didn’t know which one to drive first. I drove the Ferrari first and it was exhilarating. But it was a Volkswagen in comparison to the Aventador. That is one wicked car.

Bill called to tell us that he’d be here on Saturday. Apparently, his son is excited to see the new cars. He has no idea that he won’t even be thinking about the cars. That fifteen-year-old boy is going to get his brains fucked out by Maria.

On Friday, the UPS guy came by to deliver a package of sexy clothes I ordered for Maria. I realized that he hadn’t had a reason to be by in the last three months that Maria has been with me. I told her what I wanted her to do and, of course, she executed the plan perfectly.

As she has learned to do now automatically, before opening the door, she closed the front gate. This prevents us from being disturbed when we have a visitor since Maria is usually busy with any visitors. She opened the door wearing the long shear coverup which doesn’t cover much of anything.

Maria accepted the package and signed for it while the driver stared at her near naked body. Before she handed the tablet back to the driver she asked, “Do you think I look good in this gown?” The driver said, “You look incredible in that gown.”

Maria countered with, “Do you think I’d look better without it?” Before the driver could answer, Maria opened the gown and let it drop to the floor so that she was standing in the doorway completely naked. “Definitely better,” the driver said.

“In that case,” Maria said, “this is how I’ll answer the door for you from now on. And just so you know, whenever you see me naked, you have my permission to touch me wherever you want, however you want. And by permission, I mean I desire to be touched. If you would like a blow job, simply tell me to suck your dick. If you want to fuck me, tell me you want to come in and fuck me and I’ll invite you in for some fun. Notice I said tell me what to do. Don’t ask. I’ve already given you permission. You never know, if you ask, I may refuse. Just tell me what you want. I know you guys are usually on a tight schedule, so I hope you’ll work it so you have a little time to spend here for your delivery. Do you have time now for a blow job? I love the taste of cum.”

“Holy shit, are you kidding me lady,” the driver asked? While that sounds very nice, I’d probably lose my job doing any of that.” ‘How would you lose your job,” Maria asked? “I certainly wouldn’t report you. This house is extremely private and secure. What happens here, stays here. Unless you blabbed to your coworkers, no one else will know. I’m standing in front of you naked. Are you interested, or not?”

“Damn, I wish I had time for a blow job or something, but my schedule is really tight today. But the next time I make a delivery I’ll try to make it just before my lunch break so there’ll be some time.”

Maria wanted to cinch the deal and grabbed the driver’s hand and put it on her breast. Then she slid his hand down her body all the way to her pussy and cupped his hand on her mound. “I’ll be waiting,” Maria said as she let his hand go.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that driver ended up jacking off in his truck on the way to his next stop. He had to be hard. How do you walk away from that kind of an offer from a stunningly beautiful young woman?

Maria was all worked up after that and was dripping wet and left hanging. She’s not used to anyone doing that. Luckily, I was there to take care of her. I normally take her wherever we are in the house, but I felt like taking her to my bed. I took her hand and led her to the elevator and pressed two. The elevator was opening and we were standing there making out like a couple of kids.

I took her to my room and pulled back the covers of the bed. Maria hopped on and laid in the middle of the bed on her back with her legs spread. I got on the bed, grabbed her ankles and flipped her over onto her stomach. I pulled up on her hips and had that ass in the air with her head on the bed. I entered her in one stroke. She was so wet it didn’t take any finesse to drive into her and pull her hips back to my thighs. While stroking in and out I was looking down at her little star of a butthole. I thought again about taking her in the ass. The problem is that I just can’t pass up her pussy. Why fuck an asshole when a perfectly fine, wet pussy is available? I wish I was younger when I could keep my dick hard for an hour or more and get hard two and sometimes three times a night. Those days are long gone. I’m lucky if I can stay hard for twenty minutes without Viagra and I’m one and done; sometimes for a day or two. Even with a hot woman like Maria who will let me fuck her whenever I want, I can’t do it as often as I’d like to. I fill in using my tongue on her pretty much every day. On this day, I lasted long enough for her to cum before I did, so it was a win for both of us.

On Saturday, Bill drove onto the yard and pulled up at the maintenance garage. Instead of going out there naked, Maria wore her baby doll nightie and the shear coverup over it. You could still see her body through the two layers but it wasn’t as obvious. Bill introduced his son, Paul, to Maria. Maria handed the keys to the new cars to Bill and went back to the house. In the house, she got naked again and went up to one of the guest rooms to get it ready.

I waited a while to allow Bill and Paul a chance to drool over the cars. Bill had pulled the Ferrari into the garage to be gone over first. I went out to the garage and Bill introduced Paul to me. We talked about the new cars for a while and then I asked Paul if he’d like to see a tour of the house. I told him about the pool table and the home theatre and that sparked his interest.

I walked him to the house and showed him the downstairs and then we walked up the stairs to the first guest room. I stopped him and said, “Paul, your dad says that it’s your birthday today, so happy birthday. Your dad actually brought you here to give you a special gift. Before you can have the gift, however, you have to promise not to tell anyone about this gift, especially your mother. We like to say our house is like Las Vegas. What happens here, stays here. Can we trust you?”

“Yes, sir,” replied Paul. I asked him, “You met Maria a little bit earlier, didn’t you?” He nodded. “And did you think she’s pretty?” “Oh, yeah,” said Paul, “she’s beautiful. I couldn’t believe what she was wearing out there.”

“Well, Paul, your birthday present is behind this door. Maria is lying in bed naked waiting for you and is willing to do anything you want today. Are you interested?”

“Am I interested,” he exclaimed? “Are you serious? She’s willing to have sex with me?” “Yes, Paul, she’s waiting for you and will do anything you want. She knows you don’t have any or very little experience so she will teach you what you need to know to become a good lover. Don’t worry about trying to bring her to orgasm. This is your birthday so it’s all about you. She’ll help you to have a really good time. Just keep it a secret. Just your dad and us know and know one else can know.” “I understand, Mr. Sullivan. This is incredible.” I opened the door as I said, “You haven’t seen incredible yet.”

Paul walked in and I closed the door. Paul went over to the bed and looked at Maria lying there with a stick-on bow on each nipple. “Happy birthday, Paul. Are you going to open your present, or what,” she asked?

Paul bent over and pulled each bow off of her nipples and just stared at her in disbelief. “You appear to be way overdressed, Paul. Hurry up and join me, I’ve been waiting for you.”

Paul got undressed and got on the bed. Maria immediately grabbed his dick and started sucking on it. She played with his balls while sucking his dick. It was obviously the first time anyone had touched his dick, let alone sucked it. He came within two minutes. He immediately started apologizing for not lasting very long. Maria raised up on one elbow and looked at him and said, “Paul, every young guy cums fast his first several times having sex. Luckily, you’re young and will get hard again in a few minutes and we can go again. This is your birthday. It’s all about you and giving you as many orgasms as we can before your dad finishes with the cars. Each time you cum you’ll last longer the next time so we have plenty of time for you to enjoy yourself.”

She put his dick back in her mouth to work him back up to another hardon. Once he was hard enough, she got on top of him and straddled him and rubbed his dick across her pussy to get his dick wet and then eased down onto him. For the first time in his young life, Paul had his dick in a hot, wet pussy. She bounced on him a couple of times and then leaned forward to put one of her tits into his mouth and he started sucking and nibbling at her nipple. She ground her pussy against him, rubbing her clit against his pubic bone. She kissed him and put her tongue in his mouth. He, at least, knew how to kiss and their tongues played tag in each other’s mouths.

Maria was able to get him hard three times during the two hours they were together and she tried as many different positions as she could. I saw on the monitor that Bill was getting close to being finished with the cars. Now came the sticky part. Bill still wanted his time with Maria. I went over to the guest room and rapped on the door and told them to wrap it up soon. Maria knew Bill would want her and didn’t think he’d want her to be filled with his son’s cum so she took Paul into the shower. They had fun soaping each other up and rubbing their soapy bodies together.

When they got out of the shower, Maria told Paul that she needed to spend some time with his dad now. She asked him though, if we wanted to stay a bit longer today, if she can get his dad to agree to come back for him. Of course, he was eager for that. She told him to stay naked and wait for her. She’d be back in a while.

Maria left the room and went downstairs and out to the backyard where she and Bill always had sex. He showed up just a few minutes later. He asked how it had gone and she told him that they’d both had fun. She said, “Fuck me and I’ll tell you all about it.” Bill jumped out of his clothes and slid his dick into Maria’s perpetually wet pussy and she started telling him about her having sex with his son. She told him of each time they’d had sex and the different positions they’d tried.

As they started to fuck, I went to the guest room and walked in. Paul was surprised to see me and, being still naked, tried to cover himself up. I said, “Don’t worry about it, Paul, we’re always naked around here. I guess you know that your dad is with Maria right now. You have to promise to keep everything a secret. Your mother can never know that he’s been having sex with Maria. It would break them up and your relationship with your dad would never be the same. Your whole family depends upon you being cool about this, understand?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Paul said. “I can see how Maria would be pretty hard to resist. I don’t blame him, but he is cheating on my mom. That’s not really cool.” “I know,” I told him, “but you know it’s just sex. It’s not like he’s going to fall in love with her and want to leave your mom. I know it may be weird for you, but do you want to watch them fuck?”

“Geez, I don’t know. That would be weird. But I think I’d like to witness my dad cheating on my mom.” “Okay,” I said, “follow me.” He started to grab for his shorts and I stopped him and told him to come as he is and that they’re outside and won’t see us. I took him down the corridor to the gym. The gym has big windows which overlook the backyard almost directly above the chaise where Bill and Maria fuck. We stood at the window watching and I was surprised to see Paul get a hardon watching them fuck. “It’s cool to watch them fuck, isn’t it,” I asked?

“Yeah, it actually is. It’s sure a different way of seeing my dad.” I took a chance on something and said, “Keep watching.” I then got down on my knees in front of him and he was too busy watching his dad to notice. I leaned forward and took his dick in my mouth. I hadn’t sucked a dick in a long time, but this just felt like a right time to do it. He looked down at me and said, “What the fuck?” I took his dick out of my mouth to say, “Go with it. Just watch your dad while I suck your dick. I think you’ll love it.” I put his dick back in my mouth and sucked and licked it. I could feel him getting harder so he was going with the feeling and not thinking about who was sucking him.

I reached up and started playing with his balls and he was still staring out the window. I suddenly felt him start to tremble and his dick got even harder and I knew he was going to cum. I tugged on his balls as I sucked him and he started shooting his cum in my mouth. I hadn’t had cum straight from the source in a long time. I usually get my fill from Maria’s creampie pussy. He’d already cum several times in the last couple of hours, so it wasn’t a huge load and I swallowed it easily and then licked him clean.

He looked down at me as I was cleaning his dick. “This has really been a day of firsts. You can bet I certainly won’t tell anyone about this part. But I’ve got to admit, it felt pretty good. I’d rather it was Maria, but it wasn’t bad.” He looked back to the window and saw his dad getting up off of Maria. “It looks like they’re done. Maria was going to ask my dad if I could stay a little longer to be with her some more. I hope she convinced him.”

We went back to the guest room and waited for Maria. She came in and went up to Paul and kissed him on the lips. “Your dad said you could stay for a while. He’s going to go to his next job and when he’s finished, he’ll come back for you. Do you still want me?

“Oh, hell yeah, I want you. I’d like to take you home and keep you. This has been the best birthday ever and something I’ll never forget. I’ll take every minute with you that I can get.”

I said, “I guess you guys don’t need me hanging around then.” I walked out and went back to my office to watch them on the monitor. Maria got on the bed and held out her hands to Paul. He got on top of her and they started kissing and touching each other. I was surprised to see Paul kiss his way down her body and start licking her pussy. Apparently, he didn’t stop to think that her pussy was full of his dad’s cum. Maria grabbed his head and pulled him into her pussy and made sure he cleaned her out.

They had another hour together, but he’d already cum four times and was pretty much done. He wanted to go more, but just couldn’t. I can relate to that feeling. They eventually got up and took another shower. This one wasn’t as much a hurry as the first one. I wished I had a camera in the bathroom.

By the time Bill came back, Paul was dressed and sitting with Maria on the couch in the great room. When Paul saw his dad he said, “Dad, this has been the best birthday ever. Thank you. And don’t worry, I won’t say a thing. We’re cool.” Bill responded, “I’m glad it went well, Paul. Maria is an incredible woman. Any time you want to talk about today or any other sexual adventures you have, feel free to talk to me. I think we have a special bond now. Just don’t talk to anyone else.”

“No problem, dad. I understand. Thank you, Maria and Mr. Sullivan. It’s been a great day. I was stoked just seeing your cars. But they’re nothing compared to Maria. I hope I can come back again some time.”

Maria said, “As far as I’m concerned, Paul, you can come back every time your dad comes here. Just talk to him about it. You’ll always be welcome in our home and in my pussy.” “Fuck me,” said Paul. We all laughed.

They finally left and Maria was worn out and collapsed on the couch. It’s a good thing she washed out the last batch of cum in the shower or I would have been on her again when she wanted to rest. She wouldn’t have refused me, though. I don’t think she’ll ever refuse me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; what a woman.
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