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An old rich guy hires a young sexy woman as his housekeeper and personal assistant. She is always naked and having new sexual adventures.
Chapter 22

Mi Cha came today to do Maria’s nails. She appeared at the door wearing a fairly plain, white dress which had a zipper running the length of the dress from her neck to the hem. She normally wore very colorful dresses with bold designs that you associate with Asian women.

Maria brought Mi Cha into the house and gave her a hug. She looked at Mi Cha and said, “Are you going to get naked with me again?” Mi Cha looked down at the floor in embarrassment and nodded. Maria grabbed the zipper ring at the top of the dress and asked Mi Cha, “May I?” Again, Mi Cha nodded. Maria slowly unzipped the dress all the way down to the hem. As the zipper came down, nothing but skin was revealed.

Maria parted the dress and let it drop off of Mi Cha’s shoulders to see Mi Cha standing in front of us completely naked except for her shoes. We were shocked that she hadn’t been wearing a bra or panties. Maria grabbed Mi Cha into another hug, this one with two fully naked women, and exclaimed, “Mi Cha, I can’t believe you were naked under the dress! Have you ever done that before?”

Mi Cha spoke for the first time since walking in the door, “No, is first time. I wanted to surprise you. No one see; I was in my car.” Maria grabbed Mi Cha’s hand and the two of them walked up the stairs to the therapy room. Seeing those two fine, tight butts walking up the stairs together was a sight I’d never get tired of.

In the therapy room, Maria asked Mi Cha, “Are you going to let me lick you again? I loved tasting you last time.”

Mi Cha nodded her head and replied, “Yes. I want try to lick you, too.” As soon as she said that, she turned her head away from Maria in embarrassment. This was all new for Mi Cha but she was obviously taken with Maria from the start. Most everyone is.

Maria asked, “Do you want to try something different?” Mi Cha shrugged. “I’m going to get on the massage table, then you get up and lay on top of me facing my feet. We’ll be able to lick each other at the same time.” Mi Cha, I’m sure, had never done a 69 before, especially with another woman.

I was watching on the video monitor as Maria climbed onto the massage table and laid down with her head towards the door. Mi Cha climbed up and laid down on top of Maria with her feet towards the door. Maria grabbed Mi Cha’s hips and pulled her back so that her pussy was over Maria’s face and pulled her down to be able to lick her pussy. It felt so good to Mi Cha, that she, momentarily, forgot to bury her own head between Maria’s legs. When she finally looked down to the smooth, bald pussy underneath her, she tentatively stuck out her tongue to taste her first pussy. She must have liked it because in very short order she was burrowing her tongue as deep into Maria’s pussy as she could.

I couldn’t just sit and watch the two of them on the monitor. I wanted to get closer. Now, I normally walk around the house in a pair of shorts or boxers. Today, I slipped my boxers off in my office and walked down the corridor to the therapy room. I walked in the door and Maria must have seen me with her peripheral vision and looked over at me and gave me a wink. I sat down in the barber chair and swiveled it towards the massage table to watch the girls. I was, obviously, hard as a rock and so I started slowly massaging my dick while watching those two beauties eat each other. The sounds and the smells of pussy was intoxicating.

At some point, I must have emitted a groan or made some noise that alerted Mi Cha that the two of them weren’t alone. She lifted her head from Maria’s pussy and looked around and saw me stroking my dick. She must have tensed up or something because Maria quickly grabbed a hold of Mi Cha’s ass and said, “It’s okay. He’s just watching. Remember, he won’t touch you unless you tell him he can.” Mi Cha relaxed and went back to enjoying Maria’s pussy.

Maria, being the more experienced pussy licker, brought Mi Cha to orgasm before she got hers. Once Mi Cha got past her orgasm and resumed licking Maria, she tried to bring Maria to orgasm, but it just wasn’t happening. Eventually the girls got off the table and Maria came over to my chair and took over stroking my dick. Mi Cha was watching intently. Maria asked, “Mi Cha, do you want to touch his dick?” Mi Cha shook her head while looking at the floor. “Come on, Mi Cha, just touch it. Feel how it is hard but yet soft. Have you ever touched a man’s dick?” Again, Mi Cha shook her head. She was incredibly shy or embarrassed or fearful; I don’t know which.

“Come here, Mi Cha. At least come closer. Watch me stroke his dick. Watch me lick and suck his dick. Tell me what you want me to do with Mr. Joe. Do you want to watch him fuck me?” That got to Mi Cha and her head snapped up. Maria continued to press her. “Ah you want me to ride his dick? Have you ever seen people have sex?” We could barely hear Mi Cha say, “No.”

Maria turned her back to me and climbed into my lap. She grabbed my dick and pointed it at her vagina and started sliding down to my lap. She got about half way down, rose back up a couple of inches, and then dropped all the way down to my lap. Maria spread her legs as wide as the chair would allow so that Mi Cha could see my dick sliding in and out of her pussy as I lifted her up and dropped her back down repeatedly on my dick. Mi Cha’s eyes were open wide, well, as wide as an Asian can open them, and she watched in rapt attention.

Because Maria didn’t cum from Mi Cha’s licking of her pussy, she was ready to shoot off pretty quickly on my dick. As she was getting closer and closer, Maria started talking to Mi Cha to excite her. “Mi Cha, can you see his dick going in and out of my pussy. Oh, it feels so good. Watch my pussy Mi Cha. I wish you were licking my pussy while Mr. Joe’s dick was going in and out of it. I’m going to cum, Mi Cha. Watch me cum, Mi Cha. Oh, here it comes!” Maria’s pussy clamped down hard on my dick and it pushed me over the edge, too. Maria’s orgasm lasted so long that she was still twitching after I was done even though she started hers first.

I looked around Maria to Mi Cha and found Mi Cha was kneeling on the floor in front of Maria. She had been watching me fuck Maria from inches away. She was probably close to licking Maria’s pussy when Maria asked her to. I think if Maria could have held her orgasm back just another minute, Mi Cha would have had her tongue on Maria’s clit for her orgasm.

Maria jumped off of my lap and knelt down next to Mi Cha. They were now both looking at my wet and wilting dick. Maria grabbed my dick and held it up. She leaned forward and gave my dick a lick. She turned to Mi Cha and kind of pointed my dick at her and asked, “Do you want to taste it, Mi Cha?” Mi Cha shook her head. “Come on, just try a little lick. What you’ll taste is my pussy. You like the taste of my pussy, don’t you?”

Maria continued to hold my dick out to Mi Cha who inched forward and was really close to my dick. She slowly stuck out her tongue and gave my dick a small swipe. She tasted our combined cum and must have liked it because she leaned forward and gave my dick a bigger lick. “That’s it, Mi Cha. Lick Mr. Joe’s dick. Doesn’t it taste good? Can you taste my pussy on him? Put the whole thing in your mouth and suck it like a popsicle. Just try it. You’ll love it.” Maria is so good at breaking down people’s barriers. This extremely shy and proper Korean girl in just a couple of sessions went from never having been naked with anyone before to licking pussy and now sucking her first dick.

I wanted to make sure Mi Cha knew I was enjoying it and said, “That’s wonderful, Mi Cha. That feels so good. Your mouth is so warm. Lick it. Suck on it. Touch me wherever you want. It feels good.”

Maria wanted to press Mi Cha even further and took one of her hands and placed Mi Cha’s hand on my balls to cup them. Mi Cha tried to pull her hand back, but Maria held onto her hand and cupped it around my scrotum. Soon, Mi Cha was rubbing my balls on her own. I have the feeling that it won’t be long before I’ll be able to fuck Mi Cha. I’m sure she’s still a virgin at 23. Maria and I could make her feel real good for her first fuck.

Mi Cha licked and sucked me for a few minutes. I wasn’t going to cum again, because, I am an old guy and I’m lucky if I can get hard a second time. Expecting to cum a second time is usually too much. But the first steps have been taken. It will be easier to get her to let me touch her now that she’s already touched me. The more sexual fun she has, the more she will want. Just think, she’s 23 and had never been touched by anyone other than her own fingers. And I’m assuming she has, at least, masturbated. She has to have a lot of pent-up sexual urges waiting to come bursting out of her. And Maria and I are just the ones to help them bubble out.

Maria finally settled in the manicure chair and Mi Cha got to work taking care of Maria’s nails. I stayed and watched from the barber’s chair. I thought the longer I was naked in front of Mi Cha, the more relaxed about it she’d become.

After Maria’s nails were done and everything was cleaned up, the three of us walked downstairs. Mi Cha started to go for her dress, which was still laying on the floor where it had dropped off her body, but Maria grabbed her for another naked hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then Maria looked into Mi Cha’s eyes and leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. Mi Cha didn’t flinch. She kissed Maria back. When Maria let Mi Cha go, I went in for a hug. I felt Mi Cha stiffen in my arms when I grabbed her. This was the first time she’d ever felt a man’s naked body against hers. I held on until I felt her start to relax. Before letting her go I said, “Mi Cha, today was really fun. I hope you enjoyed it. Maria and I really enjoy having you here. And we love you being naked with us. Thank you for joining us.”

Mi Cha hadn’t said a heck of a lot the whole time she’d been here. She finally spoke. “Yes, Mr. Sullivan, it was fun. I never thought I do something like that. I now know why people enjoy sex so much. I just hope my mother never know what I do here. She be very disappointed.”

“Mi Cha,” I said, “no one will ever know what you do here unless you tell someone. Remember, you are always safe here and no one will force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You are just now discovering sex. It’s up to you how far you take the discovery. You can do whatever you want here. We enjoy being with you a lot. I hope you will allow yourself to explore your sexuality further as you’ve started to do already. It’s all about giving and receiving pleasure. There should never be anything wrong with that.”

Mi Cha stepped into her dress and zipped it up looking, once again, like a virginal Asian woman. If her mother only knew!

Chapter 23

I decided it was time to give Maria that package the UPS driver had delivered. I had a special outfit in there that I’d ordered on line. I wanted to take her out in public as close to naked as possible, but be legal.

I gave her the package and told her to put it on along with some nice sexy heels. Watching her walk down the stairs in that outfit made my heart race. It was a sexy bra and panties outfit in purple. The bra was a half bra which just did hold in her nipples. The top half of her lovely breasts wiggled in the bra as she walked. The panties were simply a purple thong just wide enough to cover her labia with just a string in the back. I couldn’t wait for her to turn around so I could see her look almost naked from the back with nothing but a bra strap and a string between her ass cheeks. Her legs were sheathed in purple thigh-high stockings. That purple against the light brown of her skin was simply stunning.

We went out and got in the Jag. I put the top down to make sure that any taller vehicles we passed would provide a good view of the nearly naked Maria sitting next to me. I could tell she was somewhat nervous but also very excited. We have certainly found the exhibitionist that was hiding inside her.

I took her to one of our best and biggest shopping malls. One of the reasons I picked that particular mall is because, in addition to their regular parking lots and garages, they have a valet service. Imagine the surprise and delight the valet got when Maria’s sexy purple-encased leg swung out of the car and presented the tiny crotch of her thong to his gaze. Then she swung the second leg out and offered her hand to the valet to help her up out of the low car.

I enjoyed my view of her backside as she got up out of the car. She has this tight, firm, round ass that you just want to squeeze or bury your face in. As she got up, all I could see was skin and a band going across her back. I never knew a woman’s back could look so sexy. Her skin is so smooth and unblemished with a narrow waist and that gorgeous ass.

Maria grabbed my hand as we walked into the mall. I don’t recall her holding my hand like that before. Maybe she was just nervous and wanted to make sure I was close by. Walking the mall with a near naked woman was exhilarating. Obviously, she got a lot of looks. Quite a few men literally stopped in their tracks to watch her walk by. Maria was loving the attention and her walking was turning into more of a strut.

We went into a few stores and it made it quite easy for her to try on clothes without bothering with a changing room. At one point, I noticed we had a group of three boys trailing us, undoubtedly admiring Maria’s behind. We made it a point to go up an escalator and the boys waited for a couple of steps to go by before getting on behind us. They wanted their faces level with her butt. Part way up, Maria bent over keeping her legs straight to adjust a strap on her shoe and smooth her hose by running her hands up from her chin all the way up her thigh. She straightened back up and then reached behind her and pulled the thong out from between her ass cheeks and let it go as if it had been wedged in too tight. I’ll bet the boys were hard. She’s a delightful tease.

This is the mall with a Tiffany’s store where I buy a lot of jewelry. I know I told her I’d be giving her jewelry and cash on a quarterly basis as bonuses, but I can’t stop myself. I just want to shower this woman with gifts and when she is sparkling in jewelry, she is even more stunning than ever.

I took her into Tiffany & Co. and we browsed around. I intend to buy her a diamond tennis bracelet for the next bonus which is only another month away, so I was looking for something else. I thought an ankle bracelet would be good. A salesguy that had been hovering over us since we walked in, was glad to be of assistance.

He showed us several gold ankle chains and one had a couple of diamonds set in it. Maria liked that one and asked if she could try it on. The salesman handed her the bracelet, but she gave it to me and asked me to put it on her. She was sitting in a stool at the counter and so she swiveled slightly and held up her foot to me. I grabbed her foot and placed her shoe against my stomach to stabilize her. Her legs were now parted quite a bit and, I think, Maria moved the other leg further away intentionally to spread her legs further than necessary. The salesman moved to his right a bit to get a better view of what was going on. He wasn’t looking at her ankle. He was looking at that bit of floss called a thong that was now wedged between Maria’s labia. The bare soft skin of her labia was clearly visible on either side of the thong.

I purposely fumbled a bit with the clasp of the chain to keep her legs spread open as long as possible. I finally got it clasped and Maria raised her leg even higher as if she was trying to see how it looked. She swiveled towards the salesman with her leg in the air so he was now looking directly between her legs and asked his opinion of how the chain looked on her. After stuttering and stumbling with his words he finally was able to tell her that he thought it looked good on her.

I told him we’d take it. The salesman said he needed the tag off of the chain in order to ring up the order. I asked him to do it because my eyesight isn’t good enough to handle it. That was a lie, of course. I just wanted him to hold her foot and be able to stare at her pussy for a bit longer. I also wanted to see how nervous he was in dealing with the tag trying to undo the strings.

We walked out of the store laughing about the drooling salesman. Maria didn’t fix the thong and left it wedged into her pussy so that the material was just covering her vagina and not her labia. Maria was feeling so naughty and sexy by then she stopped for a second and pulled up a bit on each tit until her nipple just peaked out of each bra cup. If she walked too quickly, her whole tit would pop out. She enjoyed walking around with her nipples and her pussy on full display. It was as close to being totally naked in public with a lot of people around as possible.

When we ran out of ideas of how else we could expose her, we made our way back to the valet station. I handed in the ticket and waited for the car to be brought around. Maria’s nipples were still on full display. While we were waiting, I gave Maria a twenty to give to the valet for a tip. I watched as she rolled it up.

When the car came around, the valet jumped out and helped Maria into the car and ogled her nearly naked body and then ran around to my side to get his tip. I told him that my lady friend had his tip so he went back around to Maria. She asked the valet for his hand. He held it out and she grabbed it and placed his hand flat on her chest and rubbed it over her tits. In doing so, one of her tits came completely out of her bra and she rubbed his hand over her nipple. Then she began lowering his hand down her stomach and then down her right thigh. She moved his hand to the inside of her thigh and moved his hand up to between her legs as she spread them as wide as the car seat would allow. She rested his hand on the little string of her thong until he realized there was money sticking out of her pussy. Maria had stuffed the twenty into her vagina when she got in the car and left it hanging out for the valet to find.

She let go of his hand and he left it there for a second and then pulled his hand away with the cash. Not to waste the opportunity, the valet immediately held the rolled-up bill to his nose to smell Maria’s sweet pussy. As he stood there smelling the bill, I peeled away and we left.

Maria left her one tit completely hanging out of her bra the whole way home. We no sooner got in the door and Maria dragged me into the great room and started taking off my clothes. She was definitely in heat and needed to be fucked immediately. I was so worked up from her hours of displaying that lovely body that as soon as we were naked, my dick was inside her. There was no need and no time for foreplay. This was one time that we just fucked. I normally prefer to make slow gentle love to a woman, but we were both so turned on that we fucked like a couple of rabbits until I filled her with my cum. And then, as I know she loves, I got down and licked her clean and kept going until she begged me to stop after her second orgasm.

That was a really fun day. Who says money can’t buy happiness? I’m paying this lovely nymph and she’s making me extremely happy.

Chapter 24

Maria’s father has come over a couple of times to fuck her. I kind of expected him to come more often. I told him I’d give him $5000 per month if he comes over at least once a month, but I thought he’d want to come over and fuck her without needing to get paid. If that was my daughter, I’d be with her every chance I got. Maria has never mentioned being disappointed in that. She does clearly enjoy being with him, though. Clearly, she got over the ‘I’ve never thought of him that way’ issue.

I finally got a call from Jerry. We hadn’t heard from him or Jamal in a few weeks. I was worried that I’d scared them off with the last assignment I gave them. The boys came over a few days later. After getting naked, I interviewed the boys again like I did the last time.

I asked Jerry if they’d completed the assignment. He said they did but it took them a long time to get it done. Not only did they have a hard time being totally alone at one of their houses, but they weren’t too sure they wanted to do what I had asked of them. They finally decided that getting to fuck Maria was worth it.

They had finally gotten together at Jerry’s house when his sister wasn’t around. They decided Jamal would go first. He started stroking his cock until it got hard and then Jerry took over stroking Jamal’s cock. He kept at it until Jamal shot his cum onto his stomach. They really didn’t want to touch each other’s cocks, but I made that the assignment. Jamal was more hesitant in stroking Jerry’s cock and that’s why Jerry went first.

I asked if he had tasted any of Jamal’s cum and Jerry said ‘No’. I had made that an option to lick up some of each other’s cum. He said he would have, but Jamal didn’t want him to. Jamal felt jacking each other off was gay enough without licking up each other’s cum.

It was then Jamal’s turn to jack off Jerry and he reluctantly did it. Jerry said he was surprised that it felt so good. He realized that it just feels better if someone else jacks you off even if it’s another guy.

Jerry said they got together one other time and did pretty much the same thing but it was easier the second time. He complained about his sister always hanging around and having a tough time to get alone time with Jamal. He thinks his sister has a thing for Jamal.

I asked about his sister and he told me she’s about a year and a half younger than him and has only recently begun to sprout some tits. He says they’re little more than bumps but because she doesn’t wear a bra yet, he’s seen them several times when she has worn a tank top. And if she wears a white T-shirt, he can just make out her nipples. I get the impression that he has been having some sexual thoughts about his sister. This may be something to explore in the future.

I brought Jamal in and he gave me essentially the same story as Jerry. At least they don’t sound rehearsed so I believe they’re telling me the truth. I told him that Jerry said it was easier the second time and asked if thought so, too. He agreed. He still thinks it’s weird, but he has to admit it feels better than jacking off yourself.

I asked Jamal about Jerry’s sister. He agreed that he thinks she has a thing for him because she always tries to hang around when he’s at their house. He says she’s kind of cute, but that she’s too young. He’s also seen her little tits as he thinks she tries to show them to him on purpose. He could probably scare her away by showing her his big cock.

Jamal went back to the great room to see Maria stroking Jerry’s dick. Maria told the boys that she wanted to start them off with blow jobs again so that they’ll last longer for their second orgasm.

She came over to Jamal before he could sit down and she kneeled in front of him. She took his cock in her hand and started licking around the crown. She asked Jerry to get next to her like she’d done last time. Jerry probably assumed he’d have to rub Jamal’s balls again.

Maria sucked Jamal’s cock into her mouth and sucked and licked it for a couple of minutes. Then she took it out of her mouth and pointed it at Jerry. Jerry froze. He looked at Maria in terror and she nodded and said, “Do it, Jerry. Go ahead. It won’t bite.” Jerry looked up at Jamal who just shrugged. Jerry leaned forward and licked the tip of Jamal’s cock. He realized it didn’t taste bad so he put his mouth over the whole head.

Jerry started to get into it and licked and sucked it like a pro. When Jamal was getting ready to cum, Jerry could tell and started to take the cock out of his mouth. “No, Jerry,” Maria said, “take in his cum and then snowball it with me.” Just then, Jamal let out a groan that he was cumming and started firing his cum into Jerry’s mouth. Jerry was trying to keep it all in his mouth but some was dripping out the sides of his mouth. He probably had to swallow some of it because Jamal’s big cock uses a lot of volume in a mouth which doesn’t leave a lot of room for cum.

When Jerry pulled off Jamal’s cock, Maria leaned to him and licked the cum off the corners of Jerry’s mouth and a little that dripped to his chin and then planted her mouth on Jerry’s and they shared Jamal’s cum back and forth.

When they were done, Maria asked, “So, Jerry, what did you think? It’s kind of fun, isn’t it?”

Jerry said, “Well, I’m not too sure about swallowing the cum but I like sharing it with you so that made it worth it. It’s not the most fun thing to do, but it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be. As long as no one at school knows about this, I’m okay with it.”

“What about you, Jamal,” Maria asked? “Did Jerry give you a good blow job? Was it as good as I give?”

Jamal answered, “No way it was as good as you, Maria. It’s not bad though as long as I don’t look down to see who’s sucking my cock. It’s better than my hand and it was better than Jerry’s hand. Like Jerry said, as long as no one finds out we do this, I think we can handle it.”

“Good, Jamal,” Maria said, “because now it’s your turn to give Jerry a blow job. You okay with that Jerry?”

“Heck, I did it, the least he can do is return the favor. Go ahead Jamal. It’s not bad and no one’s going to find out.”

Jerry stood up and Jamal got on his knees next to Maria. Once again, Maria started it off to get Jerry’s dick good and hard and then handed it over to Jamal. Jamal was much more tentative about licking Jerry’s dick. Eventually he took Jerry’s dick into his mouth and sucked on it. Jerry’s dick is considerably smaller than Jamal’s so he should have had an easier time with it. I was surprised that Jamal accepted Jerry’s cum without pulling off. I didn’t think he’d go through with it. But he ended up with a mouthful of cum and then made out with Maria to share it.

Maria and Jamal swapped that cum for a lot longer than she did with Jerry. I think Maria just likes making out with Jamal. I know she is looking forward to having that big cock in her pussy. Today is the day it’s going to happen.

“Well, guys,” I said, “I am surprised that you passed this test. I know it was a big step to suck a dick. I wanted you guys to be able to explore your sexuality. There’s nothing wrong with being bisexual. I don’t mind sucking a dick once in a while. I’ve even had a dick in my ass before. I wasn’t real thrilled with that, but it was okay. I definitely draw the line at kissing a guy. That I won’t do. But like you’ve both found out, if a woman isn’t around, having another guy jack you off or blow you is better than jacking yourself off. And, of course, that means you need to be able to return the favor. Another reason I had you guys do that is so that you’ll be comfortable being naked and hard in front of each other and me. Guys usually are somewhat uncomfortable being naked in front of another guy and being hard in front of another guy is usually really embarrassing. Now you guys are comfortable being naked here and doing any sexual acts in front of each other without embarrassment. The final reason for all this was to show you that swallowing cum isn’t that big a deal. And that’s because if you really want to be a good lover, you should be willing, at least some times, to lick your woman’s pussy clean of cum to bring her to an orgasm. There will be times when you cum first and the woman hasn’t gotten her orgasm. You can’t leave her hanging. Bury your face in her pussy and lick your cum out and keep licking until she has an orgasm and she’ll be a happy camper.”

I continued, “And now your reward for this is that today you will each be able to fuck Maria. To make it extra special today, you will be able to take Maria up to one of the guest bedrooms and have sex together without having an audience. The main thing you need to keep in mind is that your partner’s pleasure is more important than yours. Do your best to bring your partner to orgasm and don’t worry about yours. Listen to your partner. If she makes sounds of pleasure when you do something, remember what that was so you can do it again in a while. If she doesn’t like something, be sure not to do that again. Each woman will be a little different, so pay attention to your partner and learn what turns them on and what doesn’t. Let Maria guide you today. If there is something she wants you to do or to change, she’ll tell you. Do your best to please her and I guarantee, she’ll please you. Have fun.”

Since the guys wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Jerry, he got to have the first fuck. He and Maria went up the stairs to a guest bedroom and closed the door. Since I was with Jamal, I didn’t get to go to my office to watch on the monitor. I started talking to Jamal and I told him how much Maria is looking forward to feeling his big cock in her pussy. I told him I’d never sucked a black guy’s cock before and I have actually wanted to suck his cock from the first day I saw it. I asked him if I could suck his cock and he said for me to go ahead and go for it.

I got between his legs as he sat on the couch and wrapped my hand around it. It wasn’t super thick; I was able to wrap my hand around it, but it was so long there was still another four inches at least sticking up past my hand. When I put my hand on my dick only the head is still sticking out. I licked from the base all the way up to the head and then swirled my tongue around the head. I licked it a few times and then held his cock up and lapped at his balls. They look like they’re almost twice the size of mine.

I proceeded to give him a long, slow blow job. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked him if he would still be able to get hard and give Maria a load of cum if he cums now in my mouth. He assured me he could go several times a day so I went back at it and started sucking his cock with gusto. It’s not something I’ve done very often, but that big, black cock just seemed to be begging to be sucked. When he fired his cum into my mouth it was a pretty big load. I tried to swallow each jet of cum but he was firing faster than I could gulp it down.

I gently licked the outside to get any residual cum and he was still somewhat hard. My dick would have been all shriveled up by now. Even in my youth, I didn’t have a cock like that. What a lucky son of a bitch this kid is. Maria is going to love fucking that cock.

We just sat and talked while waiting for Maria and Jerry to get done. I offered to play some pool with him, but Jamal didn’t think playing pool in the nude sounded good to him. I assured him playing pool in the nude with a woman is really good. I love seeing Maria bent over the table with that great ass sticking out. She’s lucky to get off a shot without me poking her from behind with my dick.

Maria and Jerry eventually made their way down the stairs. Jerry had a big grin on his face. Apparently, he enjoyed losing his virginity to beautiful Maria. She grabbed Jamal’s hand and led him up the stairs for his turn. I was wondering if Maria had taken a shower after being with Jerry or if she had a pussy full of cum for Jamal. I’ll find out later.

I asked Jerry how it went and he was over the moon happy. He said it was the best day of his life. I didn’t tell him about me sucking Jamal’s cock and I didn’t offer to suck his. His dick is smaller than mine. Although it is a good size for sucking, I didn’t feel any urge to suck his dick. I wished I was watching Maria with Jamal. I’d have to watch the video later.

Jerry and I just sat around and talked while we waited for Maria to finish with Jamal. It seemed like it took a lot longer than with Jerry. Maybe it was longer or maybe it’s just because I didn’t use some of the time sucking dick. We did talk about his sister some more. It sounds like he’s interested in her and that she is becoming quite curious about sex right now. I told him to try to arrange a time when his sister could accidentally see him naked to see if that breaks the ice. Maybe leave the bathroom door open and be naked in there hoping she’ll walk in. He said he’d try it and let me know how it went.

When Maria and Jamal came walking down the stairs, this time it was Maria with the big grin on her face. Jamal’s cock still looked pretty firm as it swung between his legs as he walked down the stairs. Damn, I wish I had a cock like that.

The boys got dressed and left and Maria took me up to my bedroom to lay on my bed with me and tell me all about the day’s activities. She thought Jamal is going to be a real stud as he gets older. Apparently, he’s already pretty good with that weapon. She can’t wait to fuck him again.

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2021-02-20 00:35:09
I set chapters 19-21 and 22-24 to publish at the same time, but they only posted 22-24. chapters 19-21 will be out in the next release and I'll only set one at at time to post from now on.


2021-02-19 07:48:38
ohhh.. great story.. look at the photos and videos of sexy girls.. -


2021-02-19 02:46:37
We’re are 19-21 ????


2021-02-18 18:30:11
What happened to 19-21?

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