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Elements of truth, but facts have changed to protect their privacy.
Living in a new country can be difficult. It’s not hard to learn enough of the language to go grocery shopping and interact in public, but when you want to have sexual conversations with a woman, this needs a lot more vocabulary than I have learned so far.

Striking up conversations in public is easy enough in the States, but even if I have a few lines memorized in this different language, it all goes out the window when she responds with words that you don’t recognize. This brings me to the internet, where I can use a translator to get to know a woman.

Unfortunately the website that is their version of what Craigslist used to be is completely useless. You can spend months writing to women and making ads, and come up with nothing but fake robots or men posing as women because they have nothing better to do.

I did come across a swingers website that seemed a little more promising. It was free for women, but cost money for couples, and was even more expensive for men. I decided to take my chances and made a membership. I wrote to a hundred different women, and cuckold couples to see what my chances were. I acted fast because I would be back in the States in 6 months.

I love mature women, and women with curves. It took days to read all of their profiles and send messages to the women that seemed promising. Unfortunately there were dozens of women that simply ignore you, some that immediately block you, some that want you to jump through hoops before they would consider having a meaningful conversation, and a few that would write for a few days, then just ignore you when you are not interesting enough in a text to convince them to meet you in the real world. Corona definitely did not help my situation, as most people were to scared to have any real meetings.

A few times I got my hopes up, because it would just so happen that a woman would write back to me in English. This is rare among the mature women I favor. The locals learn English in school, but if you don’t use it, it goes away after a few years. They like to practice their English with some online chat, but they have no plans to have any real fun. It wasn’t until I offered a compromise that my luck started to change.

I have always enjoyed photography, and I had just picked up a new camera with lots of features that I would probably never need to use. I changed my profile to start looking for women that would enjoy having a nice set of pictures made for their online profile. Lots of women seemed interested in the idea, but Tina was the first one to actually accept the offer. Tina was in her 50s, and had some lovely curves that belong on a mature woman. Large breasts that fill out the clothes she was wearing in her profile pic, and a nice round belly and rear, with wide hips.

She had lots of questions to make her feel safe before meeting. We wrote in English for days, and agreed to meet face to face after a couple weeks. The bitter winter stopped us from sitting outside on a park bench. We agreed to walk around a shopping center so we could stay out of the cold. It was a little awkward that we were talking about such an intimate topic in public with face masks on. After half an hour, she had run out of questions, and we finished our shopping. We made our purchases and walked out.

Tina seemed comfortable with me, so she asked when I would like to arrange the photo shoot. I travel a lot for my work, so I told her I was leaving tomorrow, but I would be back in a couple weeks. She asked what I was up to right now... I told her I had a few hours free, and my camera bag was in the car in case she had wanted to see what kind of camera I had. She gave me her address in case I wasn’t able to follow her car.

When we got to her house, she was standing outside her door as I walked up to her. She said she would feel more comfortable if there was someone else there with us. That wasn’t a problem for me, so she waved to a car across the street, and another mature woman got out of the car and walked over to us. Thoughts in the back of my mind immediately got dirty, but I didn’t get my hopes up. The woman was introduced to me as Anita. Anita had a body that closely matched Tina, but she was a little younger, maybe late 40s. She was blonde, while Tina had dark brown hair. Anita apparently didn’t like to speak English, because Tina would switch languages when she talked to each of us.

Neither of them were wearing masks, and as we walked into the house, Tina said I didn’t need to wear mine if I felt better without it. We went inside and walked to the kitchen. Tina gave Anita and me some drinks and we continued to talk a little while we went to the bedroom. I opened my camera bag and started to put my camera together. Anita followed Tina into the next room to change into her first outfit. I had my lights set up and my camera ready when they came back into the room.

Tina was in a very sexy outfit with a long skirt and a corset laced up tight. Anita sat off in the corner, and Tina and I went directly into the photo shoot. We did poses in all positions, all types of light, and made her feel very sexy. The skirt came off, and she was wearing mesh stockings and some skimpy underwear.

We finished all of the poses, and both of them left the room to do an outfit change. This happened a few more times, each outfit was a different color and pattern. We changed the poses to get a good variety of pictures. I was focused on my camera, but I could swear that I saw some suspicious movements out of the corner of my eye. When I would look over at Anita, she would be perfectly still, watching Tina. Her hand was dangerously close to her breast or her pussy each time I would look over...

I continued with my work until we had exhausted all of the poses I could think of. I asked Tina if she was happy with what we had done, or if she would like to continue to some nude poses. She didn’t answer me, and got a concerned look on her face. She looked over at Anita, who simply stood up and walked over to Tina. She got behind her and started to loosen the corset. I didn’t skip a beat and continued to snap pictures as she was helping her remove the corset.

We continued to shoot with Tina’s breasts exposed, and her cupping them, and showing them off for the camera. Anita didn’t go far, coming back to remove Tina’s panties. I was thankful that the days of film were over, because I was snapping more pictures than I could count as the action continued to evolve. Anita started to help position Tina’s legs for different poses. When she tried to hold Tina’s butt in a position for a picture, I had an idea.

I asked Anita to roll up her sleeves so they wouldn’t be in the picture. Since I was saying it in English, I also started to tug up on her sleeves a little to get my point across. She started to slide them up her arms, but when they got too tight, she pulled them back down and began unbuttoning her blouse... jackpot. She opened her shirt, revealing a soft bra holding up a very large pair of breasts.

Once her shirt was gone, she went right back to putting her hands on Tina’s ass, to help show it off for the camera. I made sure to back up a little bit to include Anita’s breasts in some of the shots. Tina turned around, and spread her legs. I was surprised when Anita moved the lighting and then got down to spread the lips on Tina’s pussy. Tina looked very uncomfortable at this point. I wasn’t sure why, because her online profile said that she had some bisexual curiosity.

I switched to video when Anita got very close to Tina’s pussy. When Anita heard silence, that my camera had stopped making pictures, she turned around to look at me. I searched my mind for some words to say that weren’t English. I finally gathered some words that amounted to: “Too much clothing for the camera”.

Anita reached behind her back and released her large soft breasts from their cradle. I watched the beautiful flesh sway as she quickly stood up and opened her jeans, pulling them down with her underwear in one motion. She kicked her shoes away, followed by her pants. I could see a very clear mark from her wetness, changing the color of her discarded panties.

With her beautiful curvy body in full view of the recording camera, she turned around and dove back in between Tina’s legs. Without hesitation, she spread Tina’s lips and sucked her engorged clitoris into her mouth. Tina’s worried look left her face as her head fell back with the sensations that were pushing through her body. Anita pushed a finger inside of her as I started to snap photos again, while keeping the hot video recording.

My cock was straining at my pants while I watched the activities before me. Tina started to scream with orgasm while Anita licked and sucked her clitoris, and fingered her pussy. I turned on an extra light to come in close and watch the action clearly. I could see two of Anita’s fingers on her small hand rubbing in and out. With how fast she was moving her hand, it would have been easy to miss when she extended a third finger into the very wet pussy, and then a fourth.

It seemed to be noting for Tina’s well lubricated pussy when Anita folded her thumb in and began pushing in a little further on every stroke. Soon her whole hand was inside of Tina’s pussy, and Anita had stopped licking. She was aggressively pounding her fist into Tina’s pussy, and Tina couldn’t stop screaming as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

After a few minutes of punishment, Tina’s pussy couldn’t handle it anymore. She reached down and grabbed Anita’s arm and gasped some words, telling her to stop. Anita pulled her hand from Tina’s pussy, and I recorded as the drops of Tina’s wetness fell from her fingers.

Anita stood up and gave Tina a passionate kiss, before excusing herself and walking to the bathroom. I stopped my recording and sat down next to this beautiful naked mature woman who was completely worn out from her orgasms. I didn’t know what to say at the moment, so I tried to think of simple small talk so I wouldn’t be too aggressive.

“How long have you known Anita?” I asked.

Tina blushed even more than she already was from the heavy activity. ”I’ve known her since she was born. I’m the older sister by 10 years.”...


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